EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Kellie Pickler's New Pixie Cut

01/22/2010 at 05:20 PM ET

Courtesy Kellie Pickler

First Kellie Pickler shocked fans by debuting new auburn hair at the CMA Awards, and then just a month later she was back to her signature blonde. Now the country star is giving PEOPLE readers a first look at an equally bold new do — a short crop! So what prompted Kellie to try a pixie cut? “My hair started falling out!” Pickler explains. “It was so damaged I looked like a scarecrow so I chopped it off!” During her recent USO trip to the Middle East, where she entertained and visited with troops in Iraq and Kuwait, her hair began falling out as a result of transitioning from blonde to red and back again. “I had two choices — look like a scarecrow or cut it,” she says. Though the style was dictated out of necessity, Pickler says that she’s pleased with her new look, which recalls one of her own country idols. “Having short hair makes me feel like I set my self apart [style wise] from the other women in country music,” she says. “I remember being in love with Lorrie Morgan’s hairstyles growing up. I’ve always thought she was beautiful and confident.” And what does her boyfriend, Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs, think? “Kyle could care less. He’d love me if I was bald, and vice-versa,” she says. “What he and I have is very special. Unconditional. God blessed me with a good man.” And now, also, a very good haircut! Tell us: What do you think of Kellie’s new cut?–Eileen Finan

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Amy on

I LOVE it!!! Although I admire Kelli’s desire to experiment with her look, sometimes a girl just needs to find a look that works and stick with it…

Fred Ruthke on


Chris on

I love it!!!

Laura on

I love it Kellie!!

Lauren on

She’s always beautiful!

Hanna H on

It looks great!! I love the style!!

Penni on

Very cute!

Sherry Hendricks on

She is too cute! I think it rocks!

Dianna on

wow….she looks gorgeous as ever!:D

tina on

I love it thank god its blonde again…

Dana on

Beautiful Kellie! It suits you well and it does set you apart from the rest. :)

veronica on

i love the hair cut u are beautiful no matter what

Javier on

i definitely love it the new style is so original of her of her and says kellie with the background story i could already her her explaining her process on ellen

Tara on

Love it! It looks great on her. :)

Joe on

you are such a cutie

Ken on

Kellie you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Girl you could steel my heart with or without hair.”Didn’t you know how much your fans love you? “Am I cheesy or what? lol

Kaci Fuller on

As a hairstylist I love how she is willing to try new things! Its great! Just hope she keeps it up! I love seeing her show a new look!

jake thorn on

i love it it looks so good

Bill on

I like it Blonde but it is to short you look better with long hair

Nina on

Love the hair. Just confused as to why anyone would call that a pixie… it’s a bob (that’s angled longer in the front).

Cindy Quinn on

Hi Kellie,
First of all I love you, your music and what you do, you are an awesome person inside and out!! Now on with your hair…its so cool!!
LOVE LOVE,LOVE IT!!! I got all my hair cut off today and believe it or not…its almost the exact same cut!! Whoot, Whoot, good choice! But of course you are beautiful anyway!
Love U Lots!
Cindy Q.

Anika on

Wow.. I so wish I could pull off that look!

Brooke on

I absolutely love it Kellie!!! You look adorable.

Lola Gaga on

Yes! Yes! Yes! She looks absolutely beautiful as a blonde! When I saw her last she was a brunette, and I like this hairdo much better.

Ken on

Hair looks hice. Like you said – its just hair. Just dont change your voice11 Love it

Sara on

This may be the best she has EVER looked!

Amber on

Super cute but it’s not a pixie cut. It’s an inverted bob. If a gal goes in to get a hair cut, asks for a pixie and expects it to look like this, she will be in for a pretty huge surprise. A pixie cut is very VERY short.

Kat on

Love her hair, I had my hair like that for a while, but I did not like that I had to keep it down all the time.

Linda on

I love the new look Kellie You look better as a blonde.
God bless

Kate on

She could start something…Pixie Chicks!

Tamra on

She is too cute and her hair looks great!

Tamra on

She is too cute and I love her hair!

CindyLou on

I love this hairstyle on her. But, it isn’t a pixie, it’s a short bob. A pixie cut is really, really short! I remember when she had a longer bob right after AI and thought it was very flattering, as well. She looks great as a blonde and should keep that color, too.

sara on

I love the hair but this is NOT a Pixie cut. It’s an angled or inverted bob. Halle Barry has a pixie cut.

Damian on

Love Kellie’s sleek new look. Definitely stylin’ and profilin’. Awesome that she visited the troops during the holidays. They’re so far away from home and their families. Her presence, graciousness, and beautiful voice definitely lifted their spirits. God bless you, Kellie!

Krystal on

ummm….yea it kind of reminds me of Kate Gosslins old hair…

Kevin on

I like it but i think it gives the impression she’s trying to copy Katharine McPhee

Pat on


cheryl on

The cut is very much 2 years ago. Move forward as this style is soooooo over!

Kelly on

It’s cute, but it’s not a pixie cut by a long shot!
See Twiggy circa 1967 for a reminder. This is a short bob. And it looks great.

Gina on

It looks similar to Kate Gosselins hair did.

Peggy on

Kellie is a beautiful woman. From the time she appeared on American Idol I knew she would go far. The look is great Kellie. Keep up the good work.

dee on

It looks great, but as other’s posted, it is not a pixie, it is a Bob. I have a pixie and looks nothing like that. Sure the stylists know what the’re talking about

Gordon Smith on

Kellie has always been in style,I love her new
hair style.Thank god for Kellie looks.

Debbie on

Love it! She needs to stay with blonde and keep her hair short! Matches her personality!

Mary on

I, too, would love Kelly even if she were bald. My family fell in love with her during her audition on Idol. She is one of us.

Lesa Vornehm on

Cute cut, but this is NOT a pixie!

Selah on

So cute! Love it. She’d look cute in any style.

Bev on

Not exactly what a pixie cut really looks like(very short and somewhat able to spike) more like a short bob…but looks great on her!

Christina on

Looks Great!! I think she would look good no matter what haircut she had!

Valerie on

So cute, although I wouldn’t call it a pixie. Halle Berry, J. Lee Curtis have a pixie haircut.

John on

Kellie has such an overall natural beauty there is no need to change what God intended. Why mess with what works?

Jacquie on

It’s not a pixie cut, thats a bob…

Kat on

Am I the only one… This is a bob, not a pixie haircut. It’s cute but a pixie is much shorter than this.

Amy on

Love it! She looks beautiful! So simple and classic!

avery on

Kellie always looks great! And this new hairdo definitely sets her apart. How awesome of her to visit the troops overseas! She has got a beautiful voice and a beautiful personality. She is so cute!!!!!!!

Ruth on

I love it!!!! she is so cute.

Tara on

Ummm cute cut but that is a bob not a pixie. WOW style watch and you can’t even tell the difference between 2 very common hairstyles! And she needs to stay blonde. A it suits her and B she is the stereotypical DITZ giving all other blondes a bad name.

Jean Marie Kennedy on

Love it – I like how she’s not afraid to change her look!

jenn on

Yeah, just wanted to add that, as others have stated, it’s not a pixie. Yes, it’s cute, but a pixie is SHORT-short. Think Gennifer Goodwin’s haircut.

J Lawrence on

Kellie could shave her head and she would still be one of the prettiest(inside and out)women in the music business.

Red on

Beautiful as always. Kellie said she feels like a “Pixie” because that is her hairless crested dog’s name is. She was comparing the fact they both have very little hair.

J. J. on

Kellie will you marry me?

MD on

very pretty but thats technically not a pixie cut….

Valerie on

Im a hairstylist, and I think it comes a time after plying with our hair it will eventually become brittle and break off. I think Kellie looks amazing with her new look!!!

Kat on

That’s cute but that’s not a pixie cut. A pixie cut is what like Halle Berry has or Victoria Beckham had. Kellie has an A-line.

Melissa on

I love it you are a very pretty girl and I think if it was bald you would still be beautiful cause it come frome within and you are very beautiful inside..God Bless keep up the good work

Lacey on

i absolutely LOVE it!! she is gorgeous and i very much prefer her as a blonde!! but newsflash People.com that is NOT a pixie cut!! it’s more of a shorter version of the inverted bob!! i was expecting to see a cute little spiky “PIXIE” cut… not a bob! duh!

th on

Verycute, although, I thought a “pixie cut” was super short like Victoria Beckhams when she chopped it off? I think THAT would look super cute!

Manda on

It looks great and I’m glad she’s back to blonde but, that’s not exactly a pixie cut. That’s more of a jawline bob. Either way, it looks great.

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Mel on

I couldn’t care less about Kellie Pickler. The only reason she got so far on American Idol is that she was so perky, and apparently the people like perky over talented. She has absolutely no talent. She belongs in the same category as Heidi Pratt.

Jessica on

Sorry guys, but that’s not a pixie cut – she’s got a bob a la V Beck’s early days when she started that trend.
Looks good on her though!

Libbyrose on

Kellie is a winner…Looks good ‘anyway’..Kyle is right..She would be beautiful even if she were bald! Your Adoring Fan, Libbyrose

Jack on

This comment is for Mel …. Didn’t pass the AI auditions, is that the reason for your anger? Kellie Pickler is one of the most beautiful and talented singers to hit Nashville in a long time, reminiscent of the Loretta Lynn/Dolly Parton era.
Oh yes, the hair only adds to her already good looks.

harriet flauaus on

I love Kellie’s hair it looks so good.

Karie Ann on

That is not a pixie, it is an A-line bob. Cute though!

Traci on

Kellie I love your new do. It looks great on you.

Sarah on

I like Kelli Pickler, but I have to disagree that this is a pixie cut. Pixie is severely short, a la Halle Berry. This is still a bob-version and versatile that when she gets sick of having short hair, she can slap on some extensions and fool the rest of us that her hair grew back so fast!

Joanne on

I love it! It’s so cute on her!

yoosahasa on

It’s really cute but that’s not a pixie cut.

peggy sheets on

Kellie’s hair looks great.She is a beautiful person….pegsheets

amanda on

yeah..its cute but it is not a pixie cut. People should really have someone who knows that wrtie the story! This is more of a graduated bob. Pixie is more like Alyssa Milano or Jamie Lee Curtis. (sorry, as someone in the “hair biz” AND someone with a true pixie it bothered me lol)

Liza on

That is not a pixie cut. See Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby. The style is cute on her, pixie or not.

Carla on

Very cute! She looks good in short hair! But…somebody needs to figure out what a “pixie cut” is..because this is NOT a Pixie cut.

Cheryl A on

I love it! It is so cute, but chic, too! What a great style!!

Julie on

Who’s her stylist? Hair should NOT fall out just because of a few colour changes. Sure, it will be brittle and “scarecrow-ish”…but fall out?? No.

Neen on

I’ve been a fan of Lorrie Morgan’s for YEARS and every time I see Kellie she reminds me of her! In fact Lorrie did an autobiography years ago and I keep saying that if anyone should play Lorrie it should be Kellie! Hairstyle looks great on her!

Kellie Pickler New Hairdo PHOTOS on

[…] told People magazine that she decided to change her look out of necessity.  Her damaged hair started breaking […]

Neen on

Sorry meant to say if anyone should play Lorrie if they make the book a movie, it should be Kellie! And very true, it’s a bob, not a pixie, pixie is short all over…love it though! Not too many people can pull off the short hair styles and whether she’s a blonde, brunette or red head, Kellie makes it all look good! Lookin Good Kel!

Teri on

That’s not a Pixie cut!! A Pixie is MUCH shorter and layered. And why does Kellie Pickler’s haircut make news??

Paula on

that’s not a pixie cut, that’s a bobb. Think short Wynona Rider, that’s pixie.

Connor on

That’s a bob not a pixie cut….another wonderful People reporter moment.

Nicola on

That’s not a pixie cut, that is a bobb. Think Halle Berry and Wynona Rider, that’s pixie.

No pixie here on

Cute cut, but it’s a graduated bob, not a pixie cut :)

Cathy on

Beautiful…cute….adorable???? What???? This girl has had so much cosmetic surgery since she was on Idol she looks like a plastic mannequin. She’s only in her early 20’s and easily looks 40. Yikes, it’s scary to think that this is people’s idea of beauty.

Tiffany on

That girl is cute no matter what’s going on w/ her hair. I love what she says about her boyfriend… so sweet!

Fran on

Not even close to a pixie cut, but I still like it.

newsie on

it looks great!

Nicole on

She looks awesome with that haircut! Very cute and really shows her facial structure! Keep it Kellie! It is beautiful!

Miranda on

First of all let me start by saying, I LOVE it! This is NOT a pixie cut though!

Diane on

Cute, Love it

Janis Alanis on

that is not a pixie cut. that is a bob. really? to report on haircuts ok, maybe that is pertinent to gossip, but man, that is just retarded.

Johnny7 on

I like long hair.

Men like beautiful long hair.

I don’t want to feel like I’m kissing a dude.

Let it grow out again.

marye on

kellie is a tiny lil thing i think the new do suits her..so proud of the life she has made for herself after idol..

Zach on

Cute hair cut. I think you should let it grow back until it gets to chin length.

rachel on

It looks great, but it isn’t a pixie.

Darlene on

Very Cute”’

jessica miller on

I love the new hair cute. Kelli is a beautiful strong woman no matter what her hair looks like… good for you girl!

Sarah m on

Cute, cute, cute!!! Love it

db on

Cute but not a pixie! Mia Farrow made the pixie chic in the 60’s…..

Lisa on

Love it….Its perfect…

Lisa on

Love it……..

Jennifer on

Ummmm, that’s not a pixie cut.

Stephanie on

Very cute hair but not a pixie cut. It’s an adorable bob. get it right Eileen.

Bailey on

Love it! She looks so pretty! :-D

s on

this is not a pixie cut. it’s called an a-line

avery on

She got far on Idol because she can sing and she’s way more talented than Carrie! And, at least she has a personality and isn’t phony! She is her true self.

Tinkerbell on

Umm….not a pixie cut…but still beautiful.

kikiCO on

Sorry. That’s NOT a pixie cut, not even close. That’s a BOB. What’s the big deal? It’s nothing special. Neither is she. She was dumber than a 3rd grader! Good grief.

Molly's Mom on

That’s not a Pixie cut! It’s a short bob. People Mag, you can do better.

Eileen on

I love it! Pixie’s are all the rage this season. A new company called HerCut even makes a Pixie Styling product called The Pixie Catalyst. Power to the Pixies!

Roland on

Did she develop a brain with it. She could do with spending the money on geography lessons

Erica on

Kellie looks adorable and I love her. I don’t even like country, but I like her. I liked her since the first day she said “pick Pickler” on American Idol. She looks great as always.

Kathy on

It looks adorable but it’s not a pixie cut folks. This is just a very short bob….for a view of a pixie cut is more like Rhianna’s old short cut.

Bob on

I’m one who does not like short hair on Kellie. This is a little better than the medium length of late, but not terrific. BTW, I always HATED Lorrie Morgan’s short haircuts. Yuck! Hair length has little to do with the person, but damn, I loved Kellie’s old long hair!

Linda on

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Wish I could have hair like that.

sandra on

I love it. I want mind like hers that is how much I love it. You go girl! Good luck on your trip overseas and be careful!

Miki on

It is so cute. But I do like it blonde better. But I love her however she looks.

Wendy on

I think it’s beautiful and since I’ve also been looking for a new style I am considering that particular cut for my hair.

Amber mann on

Oh my goshh Kellie I’m soo sorry.

maureenaus on

I love this look. She stole my heart and as an older woman would love to be her Nana! She is adorable but this look totally does it for her. She is beautiful anyway, but this just gives her that added edge to make her totally 100% knock dead gorgeous.

maureenaus on

One thing I forgot in my comments, I agree with many comments that this is definitely NOT a pixie cut. Mia Farrow now that was a pixie cut. So I think the People needs to get a little more up on hair styles and report what it really is.

Melanie on

That is a bob, not a pixie.

Mrs J.P. on

LOVE IT. That is a great hair style and so easy to manage and take care of.

Gp Kellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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april on


N.P. on

Mom cut. Very boring and makes her look old.

Susan on

I love the new haircut and also admire Kellie for entertaining the troops so many times…she is a gem!!



Mack on

Pixie or bob, this looks great on Kellie Pickler.

This look, especially in blonde, really suits her facial features, coloring and size. It’s a good choice for her.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her in person several times at concerts and other events through the years. So I know Kellie is a naturally beautiful woman.

Lisa on

Very cute, but that’s not a pixie cut. It’s an angled bob.

gigi on

That is not a pixie cut. Think Genifer goodwin. That is a pixie cut. This is more of a layred angled bob cut.

e on

That is not even a pixie cut. a pixie cut is what Mia Farrow had back in the day. She would actually look much better with a pixie cut, and much more fashion forward. What she has is a silly outdated graduated bob. Ick.

1GrayGal on

Classy and timeless- two thumbs way up!.

Linda on

I think this would be great for any of us gals, younger or older. It looks like very easy maintenance too.

teresa on

That’s not pixie cut. It’s a bob, something I’ve worn for years. Hally Berry has a pixie. Either cut is really cute and a much needed change to all the long blond hairstyles out there in Hollyweird.

Steve on

I don’t care for it at all. Makes her look older and it’s just not very attractive to me, but what do I know…I’m just a guy!

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Elizabeth on

I am a hairstylist and although her hair looks cute, it is not a pixie cut. Halle Berry has a pixie cut. Over the ears and really short.

mlg on

This is a very nice hairstyle but it is not a pixie! It is a diagonal forward graduated bob.

Shannon on

I got scared when I saw pixie cut… but it actually looks really good on her!

Judy Nash on

You are blond at heart and i know the feeling of hair falling out! Love the new style and would love to try it myself if my hair dresser had the nerve to cut it! Stay true to yourself.

Lisa on

I think it’s great.She could wear anything,and look good.
Being a hairdresser though,that is not a pixie cut.

col on

love the hair cut

KG on

I think it is a cute and very flattering style or cut on her. I have mine in a shorter when I let it grow out some I would style mine the same as hers.

tim on

Ummmm This isn’t a pixie cut….can you say bob

xtina92 on

I love that cut I wish I could get it but my hair is too curly for it

Kat on

Someone at this magazine needs to learn the differences in hairstyles. What Kellie Pickler has is a bob, not a pixie. Check out pix of Carrie Mulligan if you want to see a true pixie cut.

Lynn on

It suits her!! Very cute

Carol on

Kellie would look good with her head shaved, she is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. Have loved this girl since I first laid eyes on her at AI, husband does too.
Kellie has managed fame very responsible also, she’s a great person, love ya Kellie

Karen on

It’s very cute, but it’s not a pixie haircut. A pixie is more like Halle Berry’s closely cropped ‘do. Kellie’s is an angled bob.

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brandy on


Roland on

does nobody worry that this girl has never heard of hungary or several high profile european countries and that a ten year old is smarter than her. Yes she’s beautiful but beauty doesn’t get you through life when you don’t know where you’re going when you put one leg in front of the other. I’m just glad that iphones and blackberrys have maps. Maybe she can use them

Thomas M. on

I hate to burst anyone’s balloon, but every kind of style, whether it be hair or clothing or tastes in music or food, are constantly being re-cycled over the years. That which was popular and “hip” back in the 70’s is suddenly hot and in demand all over again…including (good grief) paisley. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that it all seems so familiar.

Lori on


Kate on


UGH.... NOOOO! on


Rick on

Love it kellie but you are beutiful from inside out.Only started watching Idol because of you.

Toni on

I love it….It looks really good on you, Kellie…

cindy on

I love the do and you look better as a blonde then the red you supported at the CMA’S Sorry it damaged your hair but it suits u well now the way it is. HUGS

Ashley on

I love it! I just got my hair cut similar to this! :) It looks great!!

hollie p on

It is not a good hair style for her. ={

Gordon on

I love Kellie no matter what she looks like. Anything that makes her happy, makes me happy. She is an amazing person.

Robbie on

I’m just saying, Kellie is sooooooo HOT, that I believe that she would even look good bald. Please don’t do it, I’m just saying.

ItsMyOwnOpinion on

Kellie can rock any style, so long as she stays blonde.

cj on

That is called an angled bob…not a pixie! For all you ladies that like it and want to try it …do not ask your stylist for a pixie…angled bob is want you want!

ItsMyOwnOpinion on

Roland, darling, worry about yourself. Kellie is laughing at what you perceive as ignorance all the way to the bank and back.

Helen Ruland on

It’s adorable on her. Shes adorable anyway.

Sally on

I love it. She is cuit no matter what. I love her singing also. My husband thinks she’s real hot and loves her singing. Stay country.

Rosemarie on

Glad she’s back to blonde. Love the hair. Then again, that girl can look good in any hairstyle. Way to go Kelly!!

Elaine Blake on

Cute, chic and very flattering. I love it! It suits her perfectly.

Dave on

Beauty is on the inside. She has more than enough of that. She would be beautful bald.

Pilip on

Kelli what did you do No NO NO!
You looked so cute with longer hair

Sharon on

Kellie …

I Love It … Excellent Choice …

rcalcasola on

brava!that she did it but it could have been a signature cut instead of a dated bob.something more personalised.i wish i could have styled it.shes beautiful.

Delores Somers on

I love her hair do! I think Kelly made a good choice. After all, we women do like to change our hair from time to time to get a regenerated assurance of ourselves.

Jennifer on

Boring, a short bob! Everybody has it! I refuse to do it to myself! Get orginal!

Debbie on

Kellie you are beautiful no matter how you wear your hair. Now I have to say that I was not real fond of the darker color on you but that’s because you are such a little bubblu blonde and you are a doll baby! I have admired you from the first time that I saw you and the more that I have read up on you and watched you that only gets better. You are awesome and keep up the good work!

patty on

I think it looks great. she back to sweet young looking lady she was and should stay that way. don’t try to grow up fast. enjoy your youth

Peter Mozzone on

Kellie Pickler is the greatest! THANKS KID for doing your USO SHOWS! Hope you know HOW IMPORTANT THAT WORK IS! Love the new hair…back to your roots…the Kellie I loved on IDOL….Be well, and this old fan wishes you every happiness and success! God Bless Kellie Pickler!

Pete Mozzone / Taunton MA

Lori Pennington on

I love Kellie’s new haircut!! Her hair is cute long or short but I especially like her new do!!”
Kellie is a such a doll!!

Bill on

It’s not the hair style that does things for her it is her selfishness and big heart, she is amazing. God bless you Kellie.

Ruby on

I think she is a doll no matter what hair do!!! Awesome looking Kellie!!!

Pat Schatz on

PIXIE CUT? I’m a hairdressing teacher for OVER 40 years and this is NOT a PIXIE!! By misnaming this cut you could cause readers to end up with a Jamie Lee Curtis or Halle Barre hairdo instead!! This is an Angled Bob, a pixie is SUPER short compaired to a bob. Ladies will be crying walking out of the salon UNLESS they bring along this misnamed picture.

Greta. on

I find it hard to believe that everyone likes this bob/pixie hair do. I don’t find it attractive at all. She was much cuter when she first came on the seen.
BTW, does talent matter at all anymore? Most women are so caught up in how other women look. There is very little mention of talent in the posts.
What an embarrassment to our gender……

Stacy on

She has worn her hair this way a few years ago. It was darling then and now…

I love it!

Vanessa on

I love her hair.. I think she looks adorable. If I had the guts, I’d do the same thing. Good call Kellie..

Phil B on

Looks Great, but she always does !!

kyleb on

Oh! Excuse me, I thought for a moment that was Kathrine McPhee.
I wonder who is copying who.

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Lindy Edwards on


Lola on

I actually like it a lot. it’s her best hair style yet.

fellizzity on

Enhances your beauty, Kellie. Thanks for being so darn kind to our troops.

Patti on

You are so beautiful. Love you hair style!!

Mom of 5 kiddos!!

donetta on

I love it…….
she looks great

Dom on

I liked Kellie with red hair so much better. she looked very very pretty.

Carolyn on

Sooooo Stylish!!!!

adriana on

i love it,i think it looks great on Kellie!

Anonymous on

I’m not a fan of short hair and this cut has been done so many times before. She should have went for a fresher look.

Millie on

I like it very much I would like her any way she has been the best idol for me ever

john on

i love the new look. it looks great on you . glad your back to blonde .

Tiphanie on

Looks Great!

janet on

love kellies new hair do!

Jaime on

i like it but i have always thought her hair looked better longer

Marla on

I just love it.

Marcie on

Kelli is adorable and would be if she were bald. Her sweet personality just shines through.
MJ 1-3-2010

kim saylor on

i like hair cut short kellie pretty

Casey Jane on

It looks very good! It works with her facial structure SO well! :)

jb on

She’s much prettier as a blonde. It fits her bubbly personality.

carolyn on

your new “do” is too cute..

Jessica Simpson’s ‘In Flight Hairdo Fun’: Which Look Do You Prefer? : PopLunch.com on

[…] side-swept cropped wig (nicknamed “Aunt Vikki”), very similar to Kellie Pickler’s new pixie. Tell us: Which look do you prefer on Jessica? Or should she just stick to long hair? –Janet […]

Jessica Simpson’s ‘In Flight Hairdo Fun’ « Frankie Hollywood and The Morning BOUNCE on

[…] poses in a side-swept cropped wig (nicknamed “Aunt Vikki”), very similar to Kellie Pickler’s new pixie. Tell us: Which look do you prefer on Jessica? Or should she just stick to long hair? –Janet […]

Geraldine Skipper on

Kellie, I think your hair is cute but with it long you are beautiful. Short hair is cute but when your hair was long all the men flipped please let it grow. and love the blond but rememb er long hair long Geraldine

evea on

Looks great on her but it’s not a pixie cut it’s an inverted bob.

real estate agents on

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