JWoww of 'The Jersey Shore' Debuts Her 'Sexy Sophisticated' Line of Tops

01/21/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Francis Specker/Landov

The buzz about MTV’s reality series The Jersey Shore and its extensions-wearing, tanning salon-frequenting, hot tempered—and hugely compelling—stars has been growing at a rapid crescendo ever since its debut. Having established a loyal fan base (and even a celebrity following!), the castmates are now fully entrenched in the spotlight. Jenni Farley, better known as “JWoww” on the show, is capitalizing on her new-found fame, with a collection of skimpy made-to-order party tops so others can replicate her signature cleavage-baring look. On Farley’s site, jwoww.com, where the tops are shown in an array of colors, it says, “Jenni has created the ultimate in fashionable clothing. She will be reinventing the term ‘Sexy Sophisticated.’ Not only will her line be ‘Edgy’ and ‘Sexy,’ but it will make people of all ages and body type feel more confident in ‘the scene.’ This exclusive line will be limited and custom made to your body type.” People are also reminded that “you don’t want to be that person at the club that see’s someone else wearing the same thing.” Farley also offers up her email address for fans to share pictures of themselves wearing the top for her to post on her site. Eager shoppers be forewarned though, as prices aren’t listed and, as of now, technical issues on Farley’s site make the top seemingly impossible to order. Visit jwoww.com to learn more. Tell us: what do you think of JWoww’s new line of tops?Emily Hsieh

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Frederika on

Is this a joke? Wait…Is it April 1st???

NikiD on

Sexy and sophisticated? No.

Strip club ready? Yes.

Reem on

My god, what has this world come too?

Amy on

Granted I don’t watch this show – the advertisements make me sick – nor do I know this girl, but what on earth could she possibly know about sophistication or truly being sexy – not sleazy?

Nelly S on

Uhm…classy? Yeah Vegas hooker gear.

Andy Warhol said it best, Everyone will have their 15minutes of fame **3 minutes and counting**

Karen on

Those of us who have class—-and elegant sophistication would pass her on the street and move to the other side. Who wants to catch here bugs?????

Laura on

Where I love this show, mostly because it is a train wreck that you can just not stop watching, but I think that she needs to learn the meaning of “Sophisticated” but that it just my opinion…

JGrace on

wow is right. Something this classy could only come from Jersey…

erik on

please stop reporting on these people. You’re making people famous who don’t deserve to be.

Beth on

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth. This is sext only if you are working the corner.

jeff lavoie on

ah. i love jenni. sex. ah

taylor on

it’s just one shirt in a bunch of different colors! I don’t get it!!!

J on

I think the term “sophisticated” was used very loosely here.

Jen on

Birdman – your post made me laugh out loud! sooo true. looks like a strip club promo site.

People CanFan on

We need to go back to teaching ladies from a young age how to properly dress and how to demurely display our assets.

We need to show them to value their bodies in such a way that they would not think of going out in, let alone designing, a top which suggests they come with an hourly rate.

These tops are neither sexy nor sophisticated. This young lady should find other ways to “wow”

Lisa on

Jeeze..maybe I can wear this to the grocery store…think anyone would notice..What a waste

vm on

whoa! as an italian american i must say. this is NOT class. my father would have murdered me if i walked out of the house dressed like this.

Mick on

Wonder if the shirts come with Velco strips to glue on your boobs to keep the fabric in place. Of course if you’re wearing a shirt like this, you probably don’t care if people get a good flash once in a while.

blackhoney112 on

OMG this made my day forreal..just burst out laughing in my office……..the tops are sooo sleazy but I love the way JWOW stands up for her friends

cmw on

I can get better fashion tips at PetSmart.

Echaz on

I choose not to say anything mean. To each his own. However, if this girl gets people to purchase her tops, DON’T KNOCK HER HUSTLE! STOP HATING! Times are very hard. Let her make her money.

Erin on

What part of your boobs hanging out says sophisticated? Give me a break!

Rae on

One shirt in a couple of different colors…
I’m no fashion expert, but is that considered a line?

Carolina on

CMW – That comment just made me laugh—too funny!!

mary on

ARE you kidding me?? Does this WOMAN and her group even know what the word sophistication MEANS?? They are the armpit of america!! And that came from someone who lives in NJ that I know . LOL

Leigh on

First of all I agree with all the comments here! Definitely NOT classy. If fact I doubt she knows the definition of the word. However please stop judging NJ. She’s not even from NJ.. she’s from Franklin Square, NY. Just saying.

Jenna on

I agree with Leigh. Jwoww SO does not know the def of the word sophisticated. Also, I am from NJ and am appalled with this show. People who actually live here are not like that at all. It’s all the tourists coming in from other states that give us a bad rep.

nicole on

OMG!! that is just horrible!!! & should I mention the boobs have to be fake…

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