Soccer Stud Takes Place of Becks (and His Pecs!) in Emporio Armani Underwear Ads

01/14/2010 at 11:02 AM ET

Courtesy Armani

It’s the changing of the models at Armani this week. First Megan Fox made her sexy debut, replacing Victoria Beckham. Now, the design house is offering a sneak peek at their new men’s campaigns, featuring David Beckham‘s hot, new replacement in the Emporio Armani Underwear campaign as well as the Armani Jeans ads. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo strips down for print ads and billboards rolling out in February. ”I am very flattered to be asked to represent Armani,” Cristiano said in a statement. “I am very pleased with the pictures we have done together — they are certainly striking and are full of an attitude and spirit that I can relate to.” We couldn’t agree more. Tell us: What do you think of the new ads?–Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

Courtesy Armani

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martha on


trapeach on

he looks gay to me!

Megan on

He’s not Latino, he’s Portuguese.
The pictures are amazing, he is so gorgeous.

Nia Mote on

Martha, Cristiano is not a Latino; he’s Portugese! lol But i agree with your sentiments!

As much as I love Becks, Cristiano Ronaldo is smoooookiiiinnnnnnn.
However Megan Fox replacing Posh…… Ehhh.

Kimberly on

Very hot, but I do think that the eyebrows are a little overdone…

Patty on

hay papacito !! estas Rico !!
Beckham who!!

Christy on

OMG.. What a hottie!

Geiorgina on

He looks gay.

Erica on

I agree. He does look gay. I think his it’s the eyebrows. Maybe that’s the market they are trying to attract. As a woman, I definitely preferred David Beckam’s ads…very masculine, very sexy.

Frederika on

He does absolutely nothing for me – especially with those eyebrows – WFT?

shay on

I thought being Portugeuse qualified as Latino? The culture and language are not very different from it’s neighbor Spain. Who makes these rules anyway?

JD on

Hope the young man keeps his cool. Just goes to show you there are changes in the modeling world. Good luck for his future.

Kelsey on

Good body but wayyyy to clean cut, he looks like a girl for god’s sake. NO ONE can beat beckham anyways…

Fabiana on

My Gaydar just went off. Are these ads geared toward men or women I wonder? Bring back the Beckams’!!

Ronnie123 on

Sorry….but I love David Beckham way more….he is rougher and way more sexy!!!

Jenn on

He’s hot and I prefer the clean cut looks as opposed to being covered in tatoos, but I don’t care for the second pose at all. He looks very uncomfortable.

j.daccini on

To the woman who says that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t Latino that is Portuguese, She should get out of the US more often. Portugal is consider a Latino contry as well as Italy and Spain. So Cristiano es latino you idiot

misia on

Really? Who cares whether he’s gay? I like Beckham better.

Carolina on

I also think these ads are geared towards men – as a women I don’t find these ads attractive at all…The Beckham ads were SMOKIN HOT.

E on

He looks really GAY!!!

Latoya on

It isn’t about whether he is or isn’t gay. I couldn’t care less about his sexual orientation. It’s that he “looks” gay. He is too manicured for my taste. I like a man who looks a little rough around the edges.

NK on

Like Beckham much better!!!

Hilary on

Looks too false, not nice at all

Stella on

Metrosexual is it? This ad is definitely geared toward the men of the gay community. This guy is too pretty for me.

sonja on

does nothing for me… kinda reminds me of Adam Lambert?

Madeira on

Hey j.daccini,the fact that Portuguese people speak portuguese (a language that derived from latin) doesn’t mean that they are “latinos”. Ronaldo is from Madeira – he’s Madeirense!
He’s HOT! Viva Portugal! LOL

Erica on

Difinitely too girlie. yuck!

T on

WOW!! That’s all I’m going to say

Beth on

I liked Becks better.

francis on

Ronaldo is certainly not gay; a flip thru Brit tabloid archives will show that. But he looks gay…an inevitable result from years of playing futbol.

Jen on

He looks Gay, They need to get the Beckhams Back.
This is so sad we go from a great looking family man and wife to this. What has this world come to.
We are in a Recession, now a Depression.. Nothing to look up to…

leslie on

He looks gay!

AJ on


leslie on

Actually, kind of creepy looking

True Latin From Europe on

To Martha and the rest of the clueless.

Armani has had many Latins as their spokes models, these Latins happen to be mostly Italians like Armani himself. Am true Latin is to be a descendent of Ancient Rome and not from some Spanish speaking country in the Americas. True Latins who originated from Europe include Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians, and the French . Educate yourself regarding who Latins truly are and that in the Western hemisphere they are merely Hispanics.

Claudia on

Is he channeling Spock? He’s not gay…..but rather bi-sexual giving himself a larger pool to chose from… if you ask me.

Brandee on

Love Beckam, but wouldn’t kick this guy outta bed either!!! As long as he stays looking this way…who cares if he’s gay, latin, portuguese, or from the backwoods of Alabama !!!!

sandy on

His eyebrows make him look like some ancient Egyptian or something! He’s got but the eyebrows are to perfect for a man.

cec on

ehh, he does look feminine with those poses. face is gay looking too.

Jenni on

Cristiano doesn’t have those eyebrows when he plays soccer. If he did, I wouldn’t have been salivating over him for the past three years when he played for Manchester United. Always loved when he would rip his shirt off after scoring a goal. He’s hot, hot, hot … but I definitely would nix those exaggerated eyebrows next photoshoot!

Sharon on

I’m sorry but I’ve seen many, many pictures of Cristiano and he doesn’t look like this! He does look sort of gay here. What’s up with his face? Go check out his soccer pics – much more handsome than this! I’m not impressed with the stylist or the photographer at all!

Jeanette on

The first picture is HOT! Don’t care for the second one. I thought Latino was from the south like Cuba or in one of the Latin countries in South America. Spain is on another continent and is Spanish not Latin.

mdolan on

he looks a little uncomfortable.. Nice body, but Becks definitly has a better face!

Johanna on

He is stunnigly gorgeous and the pictures may have a different theme then Davids the pictures are still great… I would hang him on my wal any day ;) Megan Fox was good as well but I think I liked Victoria better…

Diane on

I am tired of the fake, airbrushed photos.

Shannon on

I could care less if he is gay. The man is HOT! I can over look the eyebrows also!!!

Rhonda on

His face is VERY feminine, the eye brows, the makeup, the hair. But the body is hot. They should have given him messy hair without all the oil.

Soccerfan on

First, he looks like a little boy pretending to be a man, and second, he’s the biggest, whiniest cry-baby on the field I’ve ever seen! Although Ronaldo’s got a great body, Becks is still hotter hands-down. :)

karen on

Damn ill have me a piece of that to go please!!!
and beckham and christiano both look good to me!

brroks on

Bring Becks back! He does not have anything on him!

ayleen on

Hmmmmm… Delicioso!

brroks on

He has nothing on Becks! Bring back Becks!


goood gah!!! i’ve been waiting for a fashion designer to get ahold of him!! absolutley stunning!!

Amanda Fernandez-Leon on

To you all the Portuguese ARE Latin!! If you knew anything about their cultures you would know.

MM on

What is up with the eyebrows??? Yuck!

ab on

ok face – his eyebrows looked painted on! HOT, HOT, HOT BOD!

Sheryl on

Love the body! Fix the eyebrows! And what is up with the slicked hair, I prefer the messy look!

Tina on

Beckman is soooo hot and so manly – this one, not so much – gay looking I agree mess his hair a little and the eyebrows do something

Beth on

He is no David Beckham, not even close

Deborah on

I loved the Beckham’s, but I certainly am not opposed to someone new. I think Ronaldo is very sexy. I don’t understand some of the above comments or why it matters where he is from, he is sexy and I feel Armani made an excellent choice by using him in their new campaign. WOW!!!

gangstaaa on

hes blazzzzzinnnn

soccerstarlette on

No. If you cut off his head then yeah he looks great. But he looks gay. Reminds me of Adam Lambert. I like my men looking like men. Those eye brow look more trimmed then mine. David Beckham is so hot.

Iris on

I prefer Beckham because he’s not full of himself. Ronaldo knows he’s hot and the arrogance shows in a very unflattering way. Easy on the eyes though!

LGon on

Latino refers specifically to people that are from any Latin American country, whether they currently live there or have immigrated to the U.S. The only reason the region is referred to as “Latin” America is because the Spaniards and Portuguese introduced their European Latin based Cultures and Languages which became the dominant influence when they colonized Latin America. The modern usuage of the term “Latino” has very little to do with the original European Latins which include Italians,Spaniards, Portuguese and French. Just to clarify!!

j on

Portuguese are latin. Cristiano is smokin’

Savannah on

OMG….. what eyebrows? I haven’t gotten passed that beautiful physique. What a gorgeous body!

Madeira on

Perfect explanation LGon! Very well put.

Morgan on

Wow. Look at that hip. That’s the best.

Rebecca on

Wow!Who cares if he’s gay or not, he is hot to look at!

erintippin on

OMG!!! This guy is sooooo much hotter than David Beckham even if his eyebrows are a little odd. But to be perfectly honest. I hadn’t even noticed his eyebrows until I read someone’s comment and went back to look. lol

Tully on

Athletic and gorgeous. His body and facial features are perfect, like a Greek statue. Wonder how much airbrushing was done?! Love the vertical shot. His pose in the horizontal shot feels uncomfortable
like a crunch.

Pamela on

Gay or straight, he’ll definitely help sell the Armani brand. Enough said.

lisad on

A Latino is a native of Latin America….Ronaldo is european…However you want to describe him, he’s yummmmmmy!

Barbara on

Nothing hot about him – and his eyebrows – huh?
He needs them thinned down big time. But about time
Becks and V are off the chart – sick of them. Please go home.

plow on

I like!

Heather on

What does ‘Gay’ look like?? He just looks polished.Of course these ads are geared towards men,they are advertising mens clothes! I think both Christiano and David are beautiful just in differeny ways.Come on ladies, embrace the change!

what on

hey Martha he is not a Latino. he is from Portugal and does not speak Spanish he speaks Portuguese.



clove on

He looks to be a nice drink of water…however he does look like there may be a lil sugar in the tank. He is toooo perfect! I prefer Becks but he is easy on the eyes that’s for sure!!! lol

Ann on

Too bad he is a crybaby who likes to take dives

Jen on

Cute, but the metrosexual look is too much….bring back Becks!!

research on

Who’s looking at the eyebrows…not me! No tattoos! Beckham always looked dirty with his tattoos!

dallas on

He’s very cute!! Finally someone new. Tired of David Beckham. He’s cute too but has too many tattoos.

Aria on


Cynthia on

Becks who?

While I wouldn’t turn Becks away no matter what he is (or isn’t wearing)I think Cristiano’s photos are incredible. Just wish he had seen Anastasia for his brows, but hey just goes to prove that totally hot doesn’t mean totally perfect!

Sassy on

Seriously what is up with the eye brows?!

sierra on

all i can i say is, THANK U ARMANI!


Who care for the eyebrows!!! Look at that booty, that face, that body!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

Jennifer on

The eyebrows are definately weird but he is HOT !!!! Those abs are to die for – YUMMY !!!!!!!!

julia on

Okay, Portuguese people are Latin, the reason people are called latin is because we speak a latin language so yes it includes Portugal and cristino was born in one of our Portuguese Islands called Madiera. And by the way he looks hot and as far being gay…why dont you send him a bone and see if he bits.

Rebecca on

Lisad study culture before giving your thoughts..A Latino is not a native of Latin America. the term “Latino” has very little to do with the original European Latins which include Italians,Spaniards, Portuguese and French.Good try though!

jared4ever on


Sarah on

Lisad a latin does not mean a native of Latin America, the correct term is “Hispanic” orign from Europeans, french and Spain. Latin is geography not a meaning!

DD on

He definitely looks like a pickle smoocher.

Evy Mojo on


marie on

he has a nice body, but not a nice face, his expressions on his face are too stiff. he does not appear to have much in his package like David seemed to have. :)

Cristina on

We the Portuguese people, we are “Latinos”, history my friends….
His eyebrows are not like they are in the picture.
Is sexy, I don t think he is gay, but….

cynthia on

so fabulous!! cristiano is so sexy!!

olga on

Shay, being latino is mainly considered for south american people, you know brazilian, colombian, mexican, etc, portuguese people are considered european not latino. i was born and raised i portugal we def dont consider ourselves latinos.

to comment on cristiano he’s super hot!

Kat on

Okay, he looks like he is trying way too hard. I agree on those eyebrows, they look overdone.

Dee on

I think my eyes just burst into flames from viewing such hotness!! I don’t care if he is Latino or Portuguese…He is raw HAWT!!

Jules on

The term Latino (feminine Latina) in the Romance languages, such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, literally translates as “Latin”. (The cognate French term is Latin, not Latino.) Portuguese dictionaries define the demonym Latino to refer to natives of Romance-speaking nations influenced by Roman civilization, and to the natives or inhabitants of ancient Latium (modern Lazio).[34][35] Italian dictionaries define the demonym Latino as: the ancient Latins and Romans, and their language, Latin, as well as the neo-Latin nations.[36][37] The dictionary of the Real Academia Española defines ten meanings for Latino, including the ancient peoples of Latium and the modern Romance-speaking European and American nations.[38] In these languages, Latino, just like any other demonym, is by convention not capitalized.

nicole on

How beautiful is he… Dear God, he’s hot.

edna on

I personally do not like this kind of a man. Fat men are the way to go. More lovin’. He kinda looks like a drag queen. No big deal.. he probably likes that kind of thing.

setswakae on


Maria on

For those commenting he is not latino… the real meaning of a latino is a person of “latin” descent as in the language! Many people assume it is only for Latin-americans…
Italians, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. people with languages derived from latin are latinos!

colleen on

not attractive. overly photoshopped.

Rocki on

When I heard that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to be the new face of Armani I was SOOOO Ready to see the pictures. He has modeled before for designers but I knew this was an underwear ad so wanted to see the goods in less clothes and was not disappointed. His hair and his makeup are however disappointing and yes, on the field he is a great actor and spends way too much time laying on the field but then again he was FIFA player of the year so that proves something. But yes, I will be licking my lips and looking forward to seeing more of his ads. YUMMY! Gay or not- the ads sell SEXINESS! GGGGOOOOAAAALLLLL!!! And many ppl mistaken defining “Latinos”, “Hispanics”, “Spanish”- get over it. Be proud of who you are and allow your character to define you. Not a title.

Rita on

I agree, very hot. The eyebrows are overdone. He ususaly does not look like that.

Teresa on

Between Beckham and Ronaldo, i pick Beckham. I agree that Ronaldo looks gay. On the other hand, if it were up to me i’d have Italian captain Fabio Cannavaro take over…he’s all kinds of sexy. If you don’t know him, look him up. :)

natalie jones on

I like the second picture. But i have to agree about the eyebrows…Little too thick. Gay or not he’s really nice to look at :) Becks isnt hard on the eyes either though…and he never looks anything but straight. lol

Sherry on

THAT MAN LOOKS GOOD!!!! Better looking than Beck. Everyboy thats hating on him is just jealous, that they don’t have that man or that body.

holly on

I think he’s gay…nice abs though.

Amanda on

Bring back David!!!
Yes, he has a nice bod… but the face is nothing compared to David!

whewww on

Holyyyyyyyy Smokesssss he is HOT HOT HOT!

Heather on

What does ‘Gay’ look like?? He just looks polished.Of course these ads are geared towards men,they are advertising mens clothes! I think both Christiano and David are beautiful just in differeny ways.Come on ladies, embrace the change

America on

Damn he is sexy!!! But the arched eyebrows just screams Metro! Never thought a person could look too perfect :-)

America on

I thought Portuguese were considered Latino too? I can never keep up with all the political “correctiveness” :-)

Steph on

He looks fine! in the second pic his eyebrows are way overdone, the only thing i dont like. and by the way, he is European, he is from Portugal!

Tim Chisholm on

Thank God for Gay marriage in Canada! I think I’ve just seen my future ex-husband. Talk about your high maintenance boy, those eyebrows are incredible.

soccerhottie on

people that are saying that cris is not latino, do u have any idea wat genes are????
wat do u fink latino are descended of- eastern european that settle there long ago, they are mix of portuguese, spanish n so on…
that y spanish n portuguese are said to have the latin fair….
N the pics are amazing, mayb the old ones whre bit over photoshoped bt the new ones are smoking!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo Emporio Armani Underwear Ads | on

[…] Spring/Summer 2010 (more photos below). ”I am very flattered to be asked to represent Armani,” Cristiano said in a statement. “I am very pleased with the pictures we have done together — they are certainly striking and […]

Lin Dinert on

He was all good til you mentioned the eyebrows. My eyes weren’t focused there.

Aleona on

Hmmm sorry to say this but some of you need a little bit more of education.. Cristiano is Latino … Because he is Portuguese… All languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc… That are derrived from latin are considered Latino … :) learn One new thing everyday right..!? And he def. Looks good! ;)

robin on

definitely NOT gay. he’s had a girlfriend for the past year and that s just how Europeans look.and no Portuguese people are not Latino, because Portugal is not in Latin America. and im glad theyve changed it to cristiano, hes a much better soccer player and doesnt sound like a woman

Constança on

Just to make this clear: I’m from Portugal, I’m a latin girl, OK? Stop saying Cristiano isnt latin cause he is, like spanish people, italians, etc.
And the pics look fine, he does have a great body – no tattoos! – and a very nice face, although they ruined it with to much photoshop.

Anne on

Thank you Armani!!!!
Cristiano doesnt dissapoint.

Chad on

He remindes me of an ex I once had. I think they maybe related.

SY on

I prefer David Beckham…. like look at the photos he looks gay!!!what’s with those eyebrows? c’ommon?????

Jan on

David Beckham looks more manly to me.
Prefer his ads!!!!


Headlines This Week 1/15 | oligoville on

[…] It’s the changing of the models at Armani this week. First Megan Fox made her sexy debut, replacing Victoria Beckham. Now, the design house is offering a sneak peek at their new men’s campaigns, featuring David Beckham’s hot, new replacement in the Emporio Armani Underwear. […]

HK on

is he …? what’s up with those eyebrows?? yuk!! he does nothing for me… maybe, if he stops limping on every game, stop being a princess….

Afrin on

OMG!!! he came out of the closet??!!!

Bren on

Mamma mia!!!!!

bernie on

It’s still David Beckham he’s verile good looks and lean muscled body were only part of it, he had a raw animal grace a magnetism that was something apart from his physical attractiveness.and which was very powerful,the more so because he was genuinely unaware of it.they aren’t in the same league,Beckham have a lot of class,cristiano look like a GAY.

Levaughn on


kiki on

He’s not gay!
He’s still very young and they put too much makeup on him….. For everybody that prefere Beckam…. I’m sure you never heard him talk….. that girly voice, lol!!!

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Jerry Carrier on

Forget the underware, were can we buy one of him.

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[…] campaigns including the Portuguese bank Banco Espírito Santo, Pepe Jeans, Nike, Coca-Cola, Emporio Armani, Castrol, and Clear Shampoo. He is also featured in his underwear on the July 2010 cover of Vanity […]

xroadstech on

This guy is hot on the playing field so why wouldn’t he be hot in front of the camera. Nice job.

Luxury Industry News Roundup: 01/15/10 on

[…] the battle for consumer attention by hiring global (and much younger) soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to replace David Beckham as the Emporio Armani billboard model. The photo images are already flooding fashion, celebrity and […]

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[…] in the footsteps of David Beckham’s 2007 Armani campaign, Christiano Ronaldo appeared in Emperor Armani ads in 2010 and video ads that are quite a bit different than prosaic Hanes commercials.  A few lesser-known […]

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