Katy Perry Is the New (Acne-Free!) Face of Proactiv

01/13/2010 at 01:57 PM ET

Sara De Boer/Startraks; Jason Kempin/FilmMagic; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Proactiv Solution, the world’s best-selling pimple-fighting beauty regimen, probably also boasts the longest and most renowned list of celebrity spokespeople—especially with the just-announced additions of Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Jenna Fischer to their lineup. WWD reports that the trio of stars will join Proactiv’s famous pitchpeople — which already include Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julianne Hough — by touting the acne remedy with televised one-minute, two-minute, and 30-second commercials launching later this month. They’ll be compensated handsomely in return, as company exec Ben Van de Bunt confirms, “We are paying people consistently with what we have done in the past, which is millions of dollars.” Perry, Lavigne, and Fischer’s new gig will last at least a year, and expect to see the ads airing worldwide, as the line is carried in more than 58 countries. Visit wwd.com to learn more about Proactiv’s latest partnership. –Emily Hsieh

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lindsay on

that would be cool if proactive actually worked. i tried it for 2 months and all it did ws make my acne worse. talked to other people who say the same thing too. don’t waste your money, i’m sure these celebs never actually used it either.

Charlotte on

Another set of additions to the “Pimple Posse”.

Debbie on

My daughter used Proactive for a while. It didn’t work for her. However, Acne Free does. I think you need to have a very bad case of acne in order for Proactive to work. I know people who use proactive and it works wonders, however, they had a really bad case of it.

kate on

Proactiv does work, but you have to stick with it in the beginning. It works by clearing out your pores first so it gets worse before it gets better! Plus you have to use it regularly to see the correct results!

Marsha on


T.S on

I work for Proactiv and IT REALLY WORKS! You all are probably skipping steps and using it wrong. It usually gets worse before it gets better. Quit bashing our product!

Ella on

Proactiv doesn’t work, that’s true. Also, a real spokesperson for the company wouldn’t come on a website and accuse users of ignorantly skipping steps, then end with ‘Quit bashing our product!’ That’s far to immature to be the words of an actual employee.

Denise on

Proactive did not work for my step-daughter but works for my son, and works FAST for him! Everyone is different. They sure have lots of money for advertising huh?! Guess the economy doesn’t zits!

Mistie on

I used Proactive when I had back acne in my teens, due from caked on makeup- I danced. It made my skin extremely irritated and break out even more. When I called to cancel, they told me that what it does, brings all the “imperfections” to the surface then works its “magic”. Funny thing..NON of that is said in their ads. All you hear is people talk about how in just days it was so much better. Yea, I am sure it was given you probably used that major top of the line stuff only celebs seem to ever be able to get their hands on…and air brushing. P.Diddy was reported to only be supporting them if he had a jet provided…so it’s only about the money…

Ashley on

Lindsay just because proactiv didn’t work for you doesn’t mean its a waste of money for someone else! Everyones skin is different and there for it may react differently as well, duhh!! I started using proactiv when I was 14, I didn’t have super bad acne…more like mild or moderate when I was stressed, but it was nothing over the counter products could heal so I tryed proactiv and it worked wonders for me. I use to get so many compliments on how beautiful my skin was! However, Im 23 now and proactiv has seemed to have lost its touch after almost 10 years. It seems I’ve become immune to it after so many years of using it and it no longer keeps my face clear like it use to, it worked great up until about 2 years ago!! I think its defintely worth a try though!!

erik on

Great marketing…too bad it didn’t work for me. They should spend more time improving their product and less time on these pricey celebrity endorsements.

I tried the clean and clear kit and I seriously only used it for two weeks tops–that stuff works. I just use the spot treatment thingy now.

Emily on

I’ve been using Proactive for about 4 years now and have loved it! I never had bad acne, just some problem spots every once in awhile. While using Proactive regularly, I saw great results and never had any increase in my acne or irritation. But every person is different, so I’m sure it doesn’t always work the same for everyone.

Breann on

You know I have to agree that unfortunately Proactiv does not work or rather did not work for me either. I tried it once. The first time I thought it was a coincidence that it appeared I was breaking out more but I still used it about 3 weeks and nothing so I stopped. Then a couple of months later I picked it up again and bought a new batch and started using it and again within days I was actually breaking out more. I thought it was only me but then my niece started using it and without telling her anything she told me the same thing that she was breaking out more so it’s def the product and I’m sorry but I wouldn’t recommend it either.

melissa on

I just read a quote from Kate Perry saying…”there are only a handfull of singers like me right now…the rest are pimping skincare…”
meow Kate…guess money talks and Bull Sh@t walks…

Marcy on

What’s with Katy’s eyes?? I wonder if the left one is huge due to screw ups during airbrushing!!!

vc on

I’m surprised at the number of folks that say it doesn’t work. Few things:
1. Did you use the right quantity? Many people use too much (thus REALLY irritating the skin) or too little (not effective.)
2. Did you use the product both day and evening DAILY?
3. Did you know that for people that need less chemicals, they make a gentler version?
4. Did you read the booklet that comes with the products and states in effect “YOUR ACNE WILL GET WORSE FOR 2-4 WEEKS AS PROACTIVE IS CLEANING OUT YOUR PORES?

I’ve had severe acne, I’ve had moderate acne and everything in between. Proactive is THE only thing that works. But it doesn’t work unless it’s USED RIGHT..as with most things in life, user error to blame.

Kena on

Like a few people said it’s not for everybody. Proactiv works for some but not for others. It did wonders for me but I didn’t like the way my face was left looking greasy/oily. I use an all natural treatment called Zyporex now. Be sure to use a toner (for removal of dead skin and impurities) and apply an oil free moisturizer if you decide to use it.

Sarah on

People who think ProActiv doesn’t work are people who give up after two or three months. I was one of those people. I gave up,then tried a ton of other products. I finally went back to ProActiv,and I stuck with it,that was a long time ago,and my face now is flawless save for a breakout once in a blue moon.

july on

Proactive didn’t work for me. my roommate uses it and a friend as well and they keep using it just because they are scared the acne might come back.
that’s how proactive makes the money they need to pay those stars.

So it works for some but it’s not magic..(I prefer Neutrogena)

Zoe on

I suffered from acne most of my life. I used accutane and my skin cleared up for a while but it came back. I started using Proactiv a year after my accutane treatment and I LOVED it. I had used it for 8 years. Yes I would get a breakout here and there but it was nothing compared to what I had experienced. Now that I am 27 I thought, hey I think I have grown out of this and wanted to try something else…. well that was a mistake to say the least. I am now using Proactiv again. It’s been about 4 weeks and I feel like I have gotten a bit worse but I do understand that this is the process of acne treatments. I hope in a couple weeks I can come back and say I LOVE this product again! Fingers crossed.

Coutney on

I used Proactive for a little longer than a year. It worked great up until the end, when I noticed that when I did break out (about every other month) it wouldn’t be a lot but I would get one or two really deep, painful zits that wouldn’t go away for a week or two.

Marie on

Proactive did work for me…but it also bleached out all of my pillow cases. And if I wasn’t careful with application my dark eyebrows would turn brassy. I stopped using it because anything that was bleaching cotton fabric couldn’t be good for the skin. If you still choose to use it…sleep on old pillow cases.

Elena on

i think it’s funny that t.s. is assuming that all of these people skipped steps. i used it for about a month during the summer and first, it dried out my face, and then it made my face red after each wash. after the first time, i tried it again to see if i’d done anything wrong, and the same thing happened. it’s not that great of a product, i prefer clearasil.

Juniper on

Benzoyl peroxide, the effective ingredient in Proactive, can be extremely drying on the skin. Most dermatologists recommend salicylic acid instead. That’s what works for me… Proactive was way too abrasive and harsh on my skin. Also, your skin shouldn’t feel “squeaky” after washing it, and you shouldn’t use a scrub on your face everytime you wash it… it irritates the skin and you can break out more. For those of you who have had good experiences with Proactive, I’m happy for you, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Candy on

Proactiv does work – its been around for 15 years and made my skin amazing. I’ve used it since i was 13 ( I will be 29 this year)

laura on

I had acne all my life and proactive in the ONLY thing that worked.

Erika on

My husband used pro active and it didn’t work for him. It turns out when he went to the dermatologist his acni was cause by internal bacteria and they gave him pills and his face cleared right up. I think pro actvie will only work for people that have mild acne. If your case is serious you should consult a doctor. Oh and keep in mind to drink lots of water when using any acne medication since the treatments usual dehydrate the skin making your acni look worse.

ellie on

After a few weeks of using Pro Active, I began to develop what I can only describe as a chemical burn. After visiting the dermatologist, I was told it is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. It is simply too harsh for most people.

mm on

I used Proactiv for about 5 years, starting when I was 25. It worked very well for my moderate acne. The one thing I hated, was how it ruined the color on my pillow cases, towels, and even the collars on some shirts. I also didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t just go to the pharmacy to get the stuff. I never ran out of the various steps at the same time and always ended up being without something for a few days, awaiting an order.

nora on

Wow! how exciting to have these ladies on the Proactiv team now!

As a Proactiv user I can honestly say it WORKS! You of course have to be completely consistent with it, and not skip any steps. It also comes in handy to add a couple of other Proactiv products to the rutine. The zit creme is excellent! It really rids of the zits right away…and the Refining mask is even better! Add those two together and bye-bye zits!

As for the user who said that it “only helps people with severe cases…that’s not the case at all. Mine was about average, and the results we’re very effective!

Kim on

I had really bad skin when I was younger and it kinda followed me through adulthood. I started using Proactiv and started seeing results after about 2 months of steady use. Yes, it did dry my face alittle, but eventually it went away and now my skin is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone with acne.

Raf on

ACNE? Use Diane35! Works like a bomb, you wont have one pimple.. only con is it makes you pick up a little weight.. but for a pimple free life is worth it

MrNiceGuy on

Can she get her husband a gig with Gilette or Norelco?

gv on

okay, proactiv does work. i have used it for a while now. acne takes time to heal just like anything else. so what if it takes a little longer? that is what happened to me. proactiv, if you use it for long enough is like prevention. it will keep your skin clear, just use it every day. my skin reacted TERRIBLY and got really dry, so i just cut a few things out until it calmed down. in a few weeks it did calm down and i was able to use the full system again. it just takes time.

Taylor on

Just like foods and medications, people can react in different ways to many things. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have Proactiv be the ONLY thing that worked to clear my skin. If you are considering trying Proactiv, but have been convinced it will not work for you, keep in mind that most people who were not so lucky with Proactiv did not use it the way they were supposed to. You MUST make it a priority to use Proactiv twice a day, morning and night, and things such as using warm water and not scrubbing too hard make a world of a difference. I spent so much money on other products..even more on makeup used to cover my acne, and finally went for the big one…Proactiv…thinking it would burn and sting my face, I was hesitant to try it but did…I have now been on Proactiv for over a year, and my skin has never looked better. Completely clear…even around that favorite time of the month when I would break out the worst. Try Proactiv. Make sure you use it the RIGHT way…and then come back to this site and thank me : )
Thanks Proactiv!

Hayli on

I absolutely LOVE Proactiv! It worked so well for me, and almost instantly. I’ve been using it for nearly five years now and it has never let me down. I saw such amazing results and it is a product I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Trust me, Proactiv works!

Evan on

It’s Kinda weird being one of the only Guys commenting on here. However, I will say Proactiv is by far the best Product for acnce problems. I serioulsy went fomr having blemishes and dark spots on my face, to nealry Perect Skin. I could not be thankfull enough to use a skincare product that woked magic on my face. It really is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is be consistent with the product and it will work fast. Follow the Steps and you will begin to see the amazing results. I encourage everyone out there Guys, ladies, aliens….ect., anyone that suffers from acne to use Proactiv. Seriously you have nothing to lose, but to only gain clear skin. It worked for me. So it can work for you.


Martin on


I USED TO WORK FOR the marketing company that Proactiv uses to sell their products. They SCAN THE INTERNET AND POST POSITIVE REVIEWS ON MESSAGE BOARDS!!! We used to have to do this when we had ‘downtime’. IT DOESN’T WORK AND IT IS ALL A BIG SCAM TO SELL YOU PRODUCT EVERY MONTH UNTIL YOUR ACNE STARTS TO CLEAR ON ITS OWN, then Proactiv can claim it was their product that did it. SCAM SCAM SCAM!! Go see a dermatologist!!!

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briahna on

ok look proactiv did not work for me at first. BUT i just got the new one, and i realized something. you NEED to stick to it, otherwise you WONT aee any improvement. if you dont stick with it, then its not worth it, an nothing will happen. what you need to do is continue the processes and dont give up on it. at first, it does make your skin worse (dry, red, itchy, irritated, acne worsens) but if you continue on with it, it will get better. in the first week of use, ur skin will be irritated, second week, it will be a little better, but still a lil irritated, third week, some people may be clear, but if not, its still working, fourth week and up, most ppl r clear. so you just need to stick with it and quit ripping on the product, because half of you out there who do probably never tried it and r just going on what others say. so stop, and use some more common sense when using it. trust me it will work :) and i wish you all a good acne clear. remember, acne is not clearable, but it is controllable, and that’s what proactiv does.

Ashley on

Pro Active worked for the first six months or so but it burned everytime i used it. After six months or so i stopped using it because i noticed that my pimples were actually getting worse over time and although the burning from Pro Active went away once my face was used to it that is when i noticed i was getting more and more pimples and the system was just not working anymore. Like if everything your body gets used to what you are taking or using on it. So i decided to take a few months break from it and started up again. The second time using it was even worse…i just said forget this. Now i am using Acne Free and been using it close to a month now and since the first time using the product i noticed a differance, it did not burn my skin like Pro Active did and my face has never felt so refreshed since i started using it.

If considering on trying Pro Active, ask your friends and family members if they tried it out…Do not trust the commercials Pro Active most likely paid a pretty penny for those celebs to speak on their behalf.

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Alease Edgmon on

I have acne for 4 weeks currently. Informational read, but can you write one concerning acne removal

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