Kate Gosselin Is Keeping Her Locks Long -- And Her Options Open

01/13/2010 at 02:53 PM ET


Anyone expecting to see Kate Gosselin return to her former notorious, asymmetrical short hair style is in for a long wait. The reality star says she is loving her new, longer locks. “I love my new hair,” Gosselin tells PEOPLE, adding that she’s particularly enjoying it now that she’s embraced a more naturally curly style. “Curly hair is definitely more ‘me’ and more manageable,” she says. “I learned that almost all hair extensions are curly and by ‘going with’ the curl and adding some more curls, it’s easiest.” The new look, created by celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson and his team, reminds Kate of the last time she had long hair — when she was still in her twenties. “My last long hair endeavor was crazy curly — just like it is now,” she says. “So this feels like the younger me — yay!” Now Kate has almost gotten used to her newest incarnation. “Every day, my hair feels more like it belongs to me, and I am soooo in love — with my hair and Ted Gibson and his awesome staff!” Yet rumors that Kate is set to make another big change are premature. Recent reports that her new reality show with TLC will involve Kate being thrown into various fish-out-of-water scenarios — or, according to other stories, that the show will document Kate re-entering the dating world — are not true, says a network representative. “This is just the latest speculation,” says the rep. “Last week everyone was announcing [that her show would be] ‘Date Kate.’ We are still in development and looking at a number of ideas. When we have determined what the show will be, you will hear directly from us.”


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Megan on

I hate the long hair! It makes her look 10 years older than she is! TAKE ‘EM OUT KATE!!!



alethea garrett on

so what

Tara on

TEAM KATE, you go girl!

alethea garrett on

really do not care about nothing seh dose

Mary on

Let it grow, no longer than shoulder length, naturally.

alethea garrett on


Beth on

I agree with Megan, but I don’t think it is the extensions that make her look older….it’s the bangs! I mean c’mon, who has bangs these days?! Only “older” women. If they would have just let them alone and swept them to the side with the rest of her hair, she’d look great. I still can’t believe this guy gave her BANGS!

jesi on

I dont think it looks bad ….it just doesnt look like her…wonder what her kids think ?

Mishy on

Love the hair…she looks so much younger…Megan you must be blind

Della on

Yikes! I can’t decide….drag queen or English nanny? :(

Megan on

Not blind… just call ’em like I see ’em.

sarah on

um she looks like a drag queen… :)

Nancy on

TLC is following NBC right over the cliff with bad business decisions. Kate’s die-hard fans, as loud as they are, do not add up to the necessary base for a successful show. TLC has managed the Jon & Kate crisis as well as Tiger Woods team has. TLC has some great shows and their retention and attention given to Kate is doing some serious damage.

Mishy on

I’m not a fan…but at least she looks like she’s in the 21st century…all Haters

sarawara on

Uh, hope she didn’t pay for those. They look so fake. But then again so is she, so I guess they’re perfect for her. Fake hair? Check. Fake nails? Check. Fake personality? Check.

Della on

Seriously…for the money spent on this “do”, it is not good work. The bottom long lengths are stringy and totally scream out “extensions”…polyester? lol. And the top layer (her real hair) is so feathery and short compared to the bottom part that it looks unnatural…all you can picture is her with her short hair. Not enough layers were evenly spaced from top to bottom. Just not natural looking at all.

V on

Her hair is so fake, just like the rest of her!!

Mindy on

Am I the only one who thinks her new hair screams “MULLET”?

Valerie on

I think she looked better with short hair! The longer hair just really doesn’t look right on her.

dvia on

This is not a good look for her at all. The style, as a whole, ages her by at least ten years!

Della on

Yes, that crossed my mind also…mullet lol. definitely, mullet.

kenny on

love how it brings out her 3 chins!

Nikie on

I kind of think she looks like a drag queen with a bad wig… Dont get me wrong, I wasn’t a fan of the short cut either, except when they made it wavy and more natural looking on The View… Good luck with the extensions Kate, but, like I said, you kinda looka-likea-man…

lindee on

You know the country is morally bankrupt when someone’s fake hair can make headlines. Wake me in 15 years when the sextuplets write their version of Mommy Dearest.

Pat on

I think her new add ons look like a bad wig. She is NOT attractive in long hair. That is something for kids. She is way past that. Go home and be with your kids, they need you.

Lindseyj on

This hair is cuter than the dead porki pine she had b4… got to give it to her it is kind of cute… it is growing on me

olga on

Looks terrilbe, like they just attached all this fake stuff in the back, but the top part is till short, and i agree she looks much older.

melissa on

Im not a Fan at all, but, I think she looks 100% better with the longer hair. And why not, she is the one acting like a parent. She deserves to do something for her self.

Not a Fan on

How can she afford extensions? She said without the show she was “just getting by” with monthly expenses…Just wondering

Patricia Morda on

Style is not flattering-she looks much older. Hair does not match-bad do.

Alo on

Come on people, with everything currently happening in the world, who cares about this non-talented person, I mean really!

2Cupcakes4U on

In my opinion, the fake hair just confirms that there is nothing genuine about this woman! Her hairstyle is both unflattering, and aging. And, I think she gets MUCH more attention than she deserves. Let’s focus on someone doing something worthwhile. Her 15 minutes expired last year.

Sheryl on

Who cares about her hair. Her focus should be on her EIGHT kids, not herself!

Suz on

Ted Gibson replaced Nick Arroio on What Not To Wear. He is really old fashioned in his styles and to go from short short hair to this ridiculous long length is oh so bad. Not becoming at all

Florida on


Norma on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guyintexas on

Oh my God, can you just go away already? I’m tired of seeing you AND your crazy ex. Your 15 minutes were over a long time ago. Now go home and take care of your children.

Sylvia on

Why is she still being covered by you guys. She got extensions, so what. Why is that news. Is it because how long it took and how much it cost (I heard it cost $7000.00 to get it by that guy)

laura on

love it kate were fans

ria on

she looks like a drag queen

heidi on

nope! that long hair looks fake and HORRIBLE really ages her.

Melissa Kirkland on

Kate live your life girl! You look great! Ignore all these opinionated harsh things people say when they don’t even know you! Good luck with your new life!

Lisa on

Just bad…sorry they should have kept her bangs long and blended it with extentions she looks like JOE DIRT!! :(

hannah on

i dont think her hair is that good and jon is a man hor byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye.

Stewart on

Kate is behaving like so many other newly divorced people – she’s trying to recapture the years prior to the marriage. The long hair is not flattering, in my opinion. I think she’s a train wreck no matter what her hair style is. Her constant loud-mouth, over-reacting remarks to anything (even having her hair rinsed) is extremely irritating. Get a grip, Kate!!!! Your 15 minutes of fame are way over!!!

Samantha on

good lord, if she painted her fingernails a different color some of you would attack her. 95% of you are idiots.

Heidi on

The longer hair does make her look younger as it does on most people, that is just a bad picture.


Too bad her and John aren’t concerned about those beautiful kids her with a new look worry about the kids did they do that for free I thought you were crying poor mouth

John really needs to get a life with his kids and forget about the women it is not all about you and Kate take a look at those kids no wonder they need therapy..
Sorry but I have watched your show from the beginning it use to be about the kids, and then off you two went changing your lives, hair plugs,teeth whitening tummy tuck etc…and it hasn’t stopped, you two need a real LIFE in the real World

hmmmmm on

And who is watching the kids while she has maintenance done on weave? Oh yeah…that’s someone elses problem……she’s gotta get her freebies………



Jasmine on

GAG!!!!!! This long stringy hair is a mess. It is sooooooo fake – it looks like someting from the corner drug store. Get over yourself, Kate. Your self-centered fame game is on barrowed time! Go take care of your 8 children.

danielle on

hair all done … nails all done… wonder how many mother’s of 8 kids look like her? must be nice to have all that extra time on her hands!

Missy on

I don’t love them, but I like better than her short hair. I think it’s better she changed everything up rather than staying with the same hair forever. I love Kate so whatever she does is ok by me.

kristy on

I think her hair looks awesome long and straight on the cover of People magazine, but I don’t like it curly that much. All you guys act like she’s the only one wearing them. 50% of actresses are wearing them right now. I think you all are jealous because you can’t afford them. Haha

aokcj on

Um, Beth, they ARE side-swept. And, no, it isn’t only “older women” who have bangs. It’s women who are independent enough to not follow the masses and adopt the cookie cutter, flat, long bang, side part hairstyle every teenybopper in the country is sporting. BORING!

tessa on

I think long hair suits her better, but the extensions look way too drastic when combined with the short length her natural hair is right now. It would be better if she wore a long wig IMO until her hair grows a bit longer. It just looks too mullet like and fake right now. I’m glad she wants long hair again, the short spiky do was getting old, but please please please, those layers with the extensions look SO unnatural! Wig or shorter extensions until that hair grows out!

jean on

Maybe it’s the picture but I too think it ages her. Maybe it needs to be shoulder length and not as long.

Karen on

Who paid for the new locks? She whines about having no money in the bank to pay bills, or buy food for her kids….stopping spending Kate!

laura on

My daughter just posted, she’s 9. We’re not illiterate. We’re definitely on “Team Kate” with TARA! She is a lovely woman, probably prefer her with short hair. I think it will take a while to get used to the longer style. She may have been better off waiting for her own hair to grow and donated the $7,000 to a good cause :) GO KATE!

Ashley on

Personally, who really cares what she is doing with her hair!! She use to be down to earth and someone people could relate to. A big reason why that show was so succesful now she blows $7,000 on extensions and seems to be more interested in spray tans and getting her nails done. Money and fame ruined that family and she is a perfect example of someone who forgot what was truely important in life. I don’t know why her or John keep getting face time I am so tired about hearing about them both.

Amber on

Ouch…she looks like my dead grandma

Meg on

She looks horrible with long hair! I like her with short hair! She looks REALLY OLD with her hair like that!

Tiffany on

Who cares its just a hair style, people change hair styles everyday.


who paid for this make over?

Alisha on

Kate looks great! You go girl! Bangs..no bangs…long…short…older…Screw the haters and pissy people!

LAG on

Why this woman keeps getting attention is because her PR people are on overdrive getting a HUGE amount of money to keep her in the news! It just goes to show you what a lot of photoshop touch-ups magazines like People(and all of the rest of them) do to make people look nicer, when in real life(like the photo above), Kate seems to have lots of wrinkles and a double chin. The hair now definately looks like a mullet.

josie on

oh my god WHO CARES!
the woman is going through a divorce.
it’s a depressing thing to go through and
if the woman decides to get extensions then
she can get extensions!
change is good.

Bee on

Kate love the hair you do look like your in your early 20’s YOU GO GIRL!!!!

HilLesha on

I’m sorry, but this does make Kate look a bit older.


NOT liking her hair. At least not this style of long.

Is this suppose to woe Jon back??

Ferretlover on

Whatever makes her happy.

Bee on

This picture they have is not the best and she is outside with the wind . I cant believe all you haters out there maybe your all a bit jealous?????

S. Cole on

Makes her look older!

SUE on


dooozie on

I agree – Kate looks like a hag with that long hair.

Adriana on

I really like this color on her. It compliments her skin tone.
She looks happy. I think the divorce has been good for her.
I hope that she has a great experience on her new show and that the kids have lots of fun.

Rachel on

I like the long hair! Who cares what she does with her hair, nails, make up etc…It shouldnt matter what other people think…It should only matter what she thinks of herself! I think it looks good and I can see she is just trying to give her life a new start!

Maureen on

Mom of the year my ass, I get my haircut at night while my kids are asleep, 20 hrs? WTF? who has the time for that – take that time and spend it with your kids – you look like your trying to look 20 again – NOT….get your old dumb ass home and get a life – loser!

Suzanne on

i love the new look, she looks like she is having fun with it. Go girl!

Kennadi on

I Like it but it doesn’t look like u i thought i think u look cute with curly hair=) P.S. I am a bigggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Fan of ur show i think it is cute i am sorry about u and Jon i am on ur side.Ok well i will wait until u get a chance to reply tell Mady Cara Colin Hannah Alexis Leah Joel and Adin i said hi if thats ok

Tami on

OMG!!!! makes her look way older and gives her a “hard” look.

scottitude on

Aren’t her fifteen minutes up yet?

her “new locks” look a bad photo-shop.

Hair extensions are the female equivalent of a sock-in-the-jock. Maybe this Ted Gibson guy can become a celebrity jock-stuffer, too.

Helen on

Not wowed by the new locked. But my q. is Don’t you have something better to do than sit in a chair for 20 hrs. I would think with 8 kids something pertaining to laundry, making beds, vacuuming just the daily everyday life things need to be done. So while your in the chair who does all this? And to think just a few weeks ago you were in the fetal position crying about how were you going to pay your bills. I guess the $ Jon returned came in handy.

brata on

She has a mullett! And why is HE still getting attention on People for what???

GayLynn on

Don’t like it at all. Looks like a mess. A bit too blond also. Makes her look washed out.

Diane on

NO NO NO Kate please cut it. Long hair is not good on you. It makes you look older.

Kathryn on

I think what Kate is doing with her new look is great. She deserves it! She just went through a huge divorce, has 8 kids, and is only in her 30’s. I say, let her live the way she wants while she still can! She should do what she has to to keep those kids happy and healthy.

SMB on

LOOKS HORRIBLE! (not that her old style was any better). Makes her look a lot OLDER.

Julie on

Good for Kate – she needed a change. All women do when they go through a trauma like she did with that loser of a husband. Give her a break.

janis on

WHO CARES!!!! People please stop reporting on Kate and Jon. No one cares. Is Kate sleeping with someone at People magazine? I don’t understand why you keep reporting every little thing she does. Please stop!!!

Deb on

The long hair really ages her. She looks like she trying to appear younger and I think it backfired.

lucy on


meme on

Will this woman ever go away? Her fifteen minutes is up.

Ammie on

am i the only one who liked her hair short, either way team Kate!! Jon is such a loser!! go see your kids you dead beat!!!

not a dallas fan on

She looks like a drag queen.

Jan on

Oh yeah the frown lines look great. She needs Botox!!!

cris on

my fav is the people who take the time to read the article, put the effort into making a comment… but reeeaaally dont care about kate or what she does. actions speak louder than words.

Kristi on

It looks like it’d be hair for a much older lady that does have time just does it then ok. I still don’t get how that hair cut would be 20 hours something like that! and who pay for it-her body gaurd Steve!?

Andrea on

Long hair, short hair, spiked, smoothe, who is going to take her and her baggage on. Good luck though maybe someone like a Brad Pitt or….wow, who else adopts or takes on by the dozen

sarah on

you can totally tell where her hair stops and extensions start, not good.

Lori on

Her “hair” looks horrible. It’s not the bangs, it’s just all of it. Bad, bad, bad.

Katie on

Kate be a mom. That is why the people like you. Go put on some sweat pants, and color with your kids. Eat some frozen yogurt.

mary on

$7000 & 20 hrs to do Kate’s hair!! (who watched the kids?) Come on Kate go back to the day when being a mom wasn’t glamours and you cut coupons !!!

Ashli on

That picture makes her look as if she is really wearing a wig.

Callie on

The curl looks great. Kate is beautiful and I love this look!

Grace on


Cathy on

I think it looks terribly fake (which it is). I think she looks silly!!!! Does not make her look younger to me….

Leanne on

Both Gosslin’s need for publicity is too much. Please do us all a favor and spend as much time on your kids as you do yourselves.

Cathy on

Still looks fake and wiggy to me. How is she going to pay for the upkeep for this phoney baloney hairstyle? And when will she get a real job? She has to support her kids somehow because her deadbeat ex-husband isn’t going to do it.

SusiQ on

thank goodness for this article!! I’ve been up nights, worrying about Kate & her hair. Now, perhaps, I can sleep again. No need to worry about earthquakes in Haiti and all the people who don’t have a home or enough to eat; at least we have the update on Kate.

Marie on

Losing so much respect for PEOPLE. I’m sure there are more interesting things to write about that people would actually be interested in. She’s nobody.

Cathy on

She looks like a big-haired male 80’s rock star!
When will she and Jon fade into a bad memory? Just go away please.

Tami on

There’s a time and age for long hair for every woman. Although for some women they can wear long hair into their 40s, it’s a rare thing. Kate will be 35 this year, I believe, which is about the age where women began to shorten it, as our hair changes with age as well as our face. I keep my hair short now. I’m about 10 yrs older than Kate, I found some time ago that long hair no longer looks good on me. I’ve seen footage from the show of Kate with long hair in her 20s, but it no longer is suitable for her.

Sara on

At first, I thought the new hair was a refreshing change for her, especially compared to her previous porcupine cut, but the more I see it longer like this, the more I think it ages her. Her hairstyle now reminds me of a Dinah Lohan or an older Britney Spears…it’s all one color, which looks artificial. My favorite hairstyle for her was the wavy style she had on “The View.” I konw it’s old-fashioned to say that women shouldn’t have long hair after age 35 (and I know Kate’s 34) but this new hair makes her look harsh and older than she is. A shorter cut (even shoulder length) would be more becoming, in my opinion.

Heather on

Again..what about the kids??? Anyone???

Tracey on

Go Kate!!! She looks great, everyone stop hating already!! I think she is doing good and I am sure that everything that has happened in the last 2 years has made her grow and learn!!

Go Girl :)

erica on

Kate looks like a total hag with that long hair. Not good, not good!

Jason on

She looks fantastic, here she has no make up on, looks better then most the celebrities with or without make up, like her or not, she is a good looking woman.

Jeff on

You just can’t polish a turd.

bunny on

I like her better with short hair. This really does make her look older. She looked classier with short hair. Grow it out a few inches Kate and stick with short hair.

suzieo. on

GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY!?!? it’s not your hair or your life! let kate live hers and get back to yours! your spending your time leaving pointless comments on a website that no one important will ever see or will ever care about. who are you all to judge her when 1. as much as you think you know her life you DON’T! and 2. you all make mistakes too! so instead of being so foccussed on her mistakes . . why don’t you start worrying about your own life.

Cynthia Hagood on

we do not need a tv show with her on it. Let her stay home and take care of the children and spend the money she hid from Jon

Derek on

I hated that short 1980’s lesbian haircut she had before. It was so dated and butch. Older women like it cuz they have forgotten about sex. They want to repel men. Long is better but natural not fake hair.

Di on

Actually, she looks awesome with long hair. Makes look much younger. She is better off without that looser Jon. Hope her children are adjusting well.

laura on

she needs to stay out of salons and off of tv and start raising her kids!

Nick on

Go kate love the new hair, TEAM KATE

Ashley on

i love the hair i think it gives her confidence witch she needs. that sleezy jon should be jelous. she looks great she feels great she is great. GO KATE!!!:)<3

Ashley on

i love the long hair. it gives her confidence witch she needs. that sleezy jon should be jelous. she looks great she feels great she is great. GO KATE!!!:) <3

Dan on

i think she needs botox.

JennyPenny on

NOT a flattering picture.

cyndy on

she really looks bad!! i can’t believe she looks in the mirror and doesn’t see how bad it is. whover paid the $7,000 for this mess (i doubt it was kate) really got ripped off!

Jenn on

I don’t think the extensions look good at all. They do not blend well with her own “real” hair and it is obvious. I wasn’t a fan of the spiked in the back-long in the front look, but it actually looked better than this does. I agree with the previous posts, it makes her look older.

Jen on

I think Kate looks like a 40 year-old trying to look like a 20 year-old. The hair does not suit the woman…

Amy on

I would definitely watch this new show. Kate was always at her best when she and the kids were trying something new. You go girl!!!

Amber on

Say what you will about the woman, but she appears to be the only parent trying to find some sort of gainful employment to take care of her children. She gets credit for that! If changing her look makes her feel better or be more marketable then good for her. I don’t hear any reports regarding her ex getting into a new suit and hitting the pavement looking for a job to provide monetarily for his family. While he appears to be living out his 2nd childhood, she is getting bashed for doing what she feels she needs to to care for her family.

Annelle on

To Beth who said “who has bangs?” ah,um… loads of ladies do–they can be very flattering and you actually look younger. Not sure where you reside, but in the big cities, sideswept bangs are still requested , AND popular. As for Katie, I don’t think its the hair that changed her looks as much as her newfound Confidence. She doesnt need that loser of a so-called husband-she can be fabulous on her own.

violetct on

Can she go away far away??? Team Kate seriously??? A sucker born every minute comes to mind…

violetct on

Um Amber You mean her kids are gainfully employed. HER KIDS. This is the woman who said her kids were distraught because the cameras were gone. Seiously??? She is full of $hit! She would sell her kids souls to get her greedy hands on more money… Maybe John’s a big A$$ but guess what so is she, she is no better…Two peas in a pod if you ask me.

katie on

So many willing to bash Kate . . . . how pitiful! She is raising 8 children without the help of Jon, who never really did anything without direction and it is obvious now to see that his choices are not good ones. Kate carries the responsibility of her family and will continue to do so, as she must. So what if she gets hair extensions! I think she looks great and I don’t think some pictures are as attractive as others but that is true of many people who are being photographed at every turn. Give her a break. There are so many hate-filled comments on someone you really know very little about. Kate will succeed at whatever she does and can hold her head up with pride. I’d like to see how most anyone else would handle the life she has; eight children take a lot of work and she puts in her time, despite the comments that say she doesn’t. Does she have help; of course she does. Does she deserve to have some time to herself? Yes, doesn’t everyone? You go, Kate. There are many behind you who want you to find success and happiness.

barbee on

Kate’s new hair won’t make her a better mother, actress, person, whatever. It just gives her one more reason to be away from the kids more often (maintenance on a hairstyle she cannot take care of herself will be time consuming, don’t worry about the cost, Kate Can Do Clean Slate doesn’t pay for stuff-it’s gifted to her, as it should be – NOT).Jon hurts his kids by his irresponsible actions (brought about by Kate). Kate hurts her kids by her neglect (when has SHE walked in HER shoes like some say WE should do, how are her kids her main focus when she is flitting about from appearance to appearance). Kate is in love with getting whatever she can FREE, that’s not being FRUGAL, that’s being GREEDY! They earned enough money in their 2 1/2 years (doesn’t sound like as long as 5 seasons, does it! So NOW she talks about their life in SEASONS which she totally reamed Jon out for doing). They SHOULD be able to live comfortably for a very long time off that money or better yet, GET A WORKING JOB, you know, where you don’t park your saggy blue bikini bottom butt on your white resin throne in your STARish sunglasses barking orders at everyone, husband (now ex, lucky guy), kids (can’t be ex’d until they get old enough to go for emancipation), family, friends, crews….. well, actually everyone who isn’t a Kate Koolaid Kwaffer. She has declared herself “kate clean slate”, well, clean slate means bare, empty (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KIDS, OOPS, YOU MUST HAVE ERASED THEM TOO). And Miss Kate Kan DO, We Can Do WITHOUT YOU! Please let us hear that great line (paraphrased), KATE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!! The party’s OVER!

Tara on

I LOVE HER NEW HAIR! she looks 15 years younger. GO KATE!

Cate on

It looks like a mullet. LOL

Reader! on

I think the long hair definately makes her look older! Its really bad. It also makes her look like a man a little bit…kind of creepy.

May on




Jennifer on

Who cares how she has her hair. It is her choice not anyones elses.



saleana on

well i think she look more like a regaular mom with long hair and her other hair style made her likke like a stuck up mom . so go kate and look good dont let anyone else tell you other wise why every one so bagger her yes i know she was mean to jon but he was stuip and need her to yell at him like he was a kid too dang i yell at my husband too casue he at like abig kid. so i have to put him in his place gee she had to get a new job so she can make money to suort her kids when we all know jon not going to make enothe money to suport his eight kids so kate got to do it adn i think he has to pay her allmoney too . u all know her food choice that she feed her kids are not cheep . and we all know she make to much to get welfare . give up and give her a breck

canes on

All the years Jon wanted her to get long hair and she does it afterwards…and btw it looks like utter s**t! it’s so obvious that it’s fake.

Lindsay on

I think the extensions look horrible. you can clearly tell where her natural hair ends and the fusion extensions are put in. And a new show for her why doesn’t she stop focusing on herself and thinking the world revolves around her and remember she has 8 KIDS she is supposed to be taking care of or are the nannies doing that. You used to see all the pictures of them interacting with their kids and being a family and now, it seems like the kids aren’t even there anymore. She is too focused on herself and getting her own career. Grow up and realize no one cares!!!!

brittany on

she looks like a man in a wig.

missy on

I think Kate is very pretty and I’m a person who prefers long hair but something just seems off about this style. I’m not sure if it just doesn’t fit her or like someone else said maybe its the bangs.

Lori on

I love the way you look Kate, any style looks good on you!

Loni on

Her hair looks like a dry cheap wig!

Roxanne on

Seriously…..who cares about her dang hair!! Why doesn’t she take that $7000 for her hair and donate it to the Haiti fund….after all…if she has that much money to waste, then at least put it towards something that matters!!!! I would rather see the Haitians get something to eat and drink to defeat death than to look at her hair and care about whether or not it looks good on her!

lostinny on

I love Kate. She is real and cool. Haters are just sour grapes. They are jealous and would rather see her lose everything because they don’t have it. Too bad folks. And by the way, Sheryl, people with kids are allowed to do their hair. It isn’t a requirement that to be a good parent, you must be frumpy!

Kate Gosselin Hates Her Hair Extensions? | Rouge 18 on

[…] on Extensionsg(K)ate! According to PEOPLE, Kate is loving her extensions and Ted Gibson (obv) AND his entire staff (obv)… AND […]

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