VIDEO: Watch Kate Gosselin's 20-Hour Hair Makeover

01/09/2010 at 06:00 AM ET

Talk about star treatment! Kate Gosselin skipped the salon for a private, 20-hour session with celebrity stylist Ted Gibson and his dream team to transform her super-short cut into movie-star worthy locks. From the color and cut to the tedious and time-consuming task of adding in her extensions, we have the ultimate behind-the-scenes peek at what went down during Kate’s glamorous makeover. Watch Kate’s hair transformation here!

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barbee on

she has now proved she is every bit the @#$%^&*&^ we have always thought she was. And what was with the juvenilish screeching when they were washing her hair? Cute? Not so much! Then the unveiling, Cute? Not so much! And THEN, why have there been NO sightings of her out in public with this mass mess? It can’t be that she is intelligent enough to have realized she made a HUGEish MISTAKE. The biggest question we have to ponder over (and reaching an answer could well take the rest of our combined lives) WHY are THEY pampering, catering to, feeding into the EGO of, and GIVING to this annoying, abrasive, obnoxious broad (I won’t even call her a woman because that is an insult to all of womankind).

Billee W on

I think she looks nice. It took a little bit to adjust to the new look. To me she looks younger and slimmer. When I face change in my life (I change my hair style-sence of control over something!). Long hair always make me feel like a beautiful woman. Why is being a strong woman seen as being a b!$*h?

Angela on

Ummm, $7,000 for some completely obvious extensions, you could totally see the line where here short hair met up with the extensions, also it looked really bulky and shapeless IMO. I mean this must be the same guy that does Britney’s extensions, I am still in disbelief that this guy is supposed to be one of the best…

Sandy on

Sorry but I really don’t like the long hair. It is just too fake. She looks much better and youthful with shorter hair. But if Kate wants to go longer then she should let it grow out naturally and slowly.

Melssa on

Way to go, Kate! Ted Gibson and his team are amazing.. I firmly believe my 2010 is going to be awesome (and it looks like your’s will be, as well!).

Happy New Year!

meja on

Kate, just go away. Go back to being a mom who is always there for your suffering little ones and quit trying to stay in the limelight. I do not want to see or hear about you anymore, nor will I ever watch whatever TV show is being concocted for you now. Those 8 kids of yours need to return to a normal life, and obviously you can’t depend on your immature ex-husband to help you out. Invest the money you have made and please refrain from your pursuit of celebrity for the sake of your children’s mental health.

Audrey on

I think Kate looks amazing!Great look!New Beginning for the new Year!Maybe a New Show?! or a New Man?!

Amber on

Good for her! I am sure it feels great to look amazing when your single with 8 kids! It’s hard to feel like a mom that comes with baggage. I wish I had that kinda money to refresh my look. When your ex is parading around with 22 year olds you need something to feel good! Way to go Kate!

Aimee on

The hair extentions look HORRIBLE!!! Should of spent that $7,000.00 on her children. And she questions why people don’t like her. She is what is wrong with America.

Jeff on

who cares , this lady does nothing .

michele on

was this necessay an who [ad for this did she use her childrens college funds with all her moaning and complaing about money and it does NOTHING for her makes her look older nd her screaming and hollering ws so childish she has truly shown her withcy side no woner jon left her

tonia on

This stay home mom, wants long black hair and would love to be able to afford that! Along with a personal trainer and chef. For the people who don’t like her, don’t judge. some people are made to make in the limelight of entertainment. she fits the category, just like the gal on 20/20 last night, who’s face was burned, some have the personality and it factor that is appealing to america’s entertainment.

Karen on

It just looks like a long version of her mullet!

Jo on

It is nice to see, she is still spending money on expensive things,what about the children? Jon liked blondes, and I think she is just doing it to make Jon notice.

carley on

Hmmm… 20 hours in the salon chair. Really? How about spending that time on the poor 8 kids she has a home.
I don’t know, that might sound crazy but who really cares if Kate changed her hair? or who Jon’s new girlfriend is? I watched that show for those cute kids and as soon as the show decided to focus in on the the parents and the crumbling of their marriage I stop, because they forgot about those kids.
So what I would really like to see from PEOPLE is to stop focusing on these two desperate people(you can’t tell me that a bad hair makeover is a cover worthy story), cause maybe if we all stop looking Jon and Kate will focus their attention where it needs to go… to there kids.

Katie on

Has anyone heard the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Your parents must not have taught you very well. THAT is what’s wrong with America today, not some woman that decides to get hair extensions.



Susie on

Those extensions look horrible in my opinion. And I can’t stand Kate, why is she famous?? She has no talent.

sunshinersl on

I like the short hair better. I’m with spending the 7,000 on your kids. That’s a rediculous amount of money for hair.

Jen on

WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! The extentions look horrible! You can obviously tell where her hair ends and the extentions begin. She would be wise to get them out ASAP!

Cheryl A on

When I first saw the picture of her new hairstyle, I have to admit, I thought it was becoming. Now, that I’ve watched the the video, I’m not really liking it. In the back, you can literally see the extensions. There’s an almost ‘shelf’ where the bevel of her cut begins, and it is very visible with the extensions.

Honestly, I thought she looked really pretty with her existing hairstyle, softly curled. I thought that was very becoming and made her look softer, younger.

Kate, go back to that soft curled existing hairstyle — it was truly pretty.

Sheryl Brainard on

I think Kate looks great and as a mom and wife and someone who loved their show she needed a change especially after all the $%#@ Jon put her thru last year. I loved her comment “Clean slate Kate”. Don’t we all need one every once in awhile.

Marilyn on

I don’t like the new look. It does look too fake. She is just loving her new fame…it’s what she has wanted the whole time….

Renee on

Really?? 20 hours? $7000?
I agree with Carley, how about you get your ass off that “keep me in the spot light train” and spend that $7000 on some QUALITY time with your kdis? How about putting 20 hours in with THEM? Instead of sitting with those stylist who could really care less about you.
So many Moms could do SO much with 20 hours and $7000.

Cesa Udler on

Kate looks fabulous! I am delighted she took time out for herself. Having children does not mean you must be with them every waking moment. It’s not good for them nor the mother.
You go girl.

april on

ya know my mom always taught if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all some of you never heard that i guess if you don’t like her don’t watch or comment on her get over it. Anyway Kate I LOVE IT!

vicki on

it was amazing that a few months ago you were
crying you didnt have enough money to pay the
bills and take care of the 8 kids…but all of
a sudden you have the time to be away from them
and the money i think you shouldnt of wasted
the money….the hair sylest is wonderful….
and does a fantastic job…but i think your
income should go back being a nurse……

wendy09 on

Kate you are hilarious – this video made me laugh and I am glad you able to laugh and have a good time – you also look great

Cathy on

This is just not her style. My daughter says her hair looks like Britney Spears’ hair. It looks too wiggy for me. This hairstyle is not for a mother of 8 kids, or even 2 kids. Upkeep would be ridiculous. Short hair is just more becoming to her face, which is pretty. I’m sure People magazine paid for the whole thing. It is just too fake-looking. Yack!

S on

And where were her 8 kids during her 20 hour makeover?

MJ on

Please quit writing about Kate & Jon, they both need to grow up, for pete’s sake they have 8 children to raise, I can’t stand to see anything about them, so what, she got extensions and new hairdo, big deal, they need to quit pampering themselves and deal with their children which is the most important thing to them (according to them) Kate needs to spend her money wisely not on her hair. Get real both of you. If the magazines would quit writing about you, then maybe you would go away!!!!

Organic Horse Hair? on

Let’s be honest. Whatever anybody thinks of Kate that was 20 hours wasted. Or somebody accidentally added a 0. Those are some huge chunks of hair! The stylist didn’t even try to layer and blend the extensions in with Kate’s natural hair in a convincing fashion.

What’s scarier, 20 wasted hours, 7,000 wasted dollars, or the fact that a whole bunch of women who hurried to copy Kate’s old look are gonna rush to get the new look? I’m going with the third option. YIKES!

Patty on

Kate I think you are beautiful, go girl, Life after divorce can be wonderful, so be happy and enjoy, also people out there judging you get a life you have not lived in her shoes and you only seen what happens on TV not when the camera stops. So if you ever read this Ms. Kate Beat Wishes to you and your Children and I hope you have peace and happiness always.
Your Fan

Renee on

This woman is brutal…..right from her hair to her parenting skills. Give it up Kate, your 15 minutes are long over!!!!

kristina on

I think Kate looks absolutely amazing. Every mom especially a single mom deserves sometime by herself without the kids to get some her time. There is nothing wrong with her getting extensions. She is now a single mom and every woman needs to do things to make them feel good about themselves. Everyone needs to back off of her.

Pamela Negulis on

I think she looks much younger. Which is always a good thing. But come on people, she didn’t pay for it. I’m sure the services were either donated in exchange for advertizing or the magazine or “new show” covered the cost. I wish her good luck. She’ll need it since Jon has shown his true colors. Why so many women are haters I don’t understand. Support one of your sisters. Next time it could be you.

Karma on

Kate Dirt!!!!!

Josh on

“My kids will always come first” — really?

Denise on

I cannot understand why people do not want Kate to have a life. Just because she has children. Let’s see there were the Jackson 5 and The Osmond’s, and others. But for some reason they get upset with Kate. The children seem fine. So go get a LIFE people.

SS on

Thanks BArbee you put it very perfect. Just what i was going to say

Debbie on

I don’t get it. Is she ever going to go away? $7000 for hair, next think you know she is going to be complaining about money.

Rosalind on

I like the new hair style and color. I may not agree with everything Kate does but a mother should pamper herself from time to time. Kate is a celebrity now -like it or not. She pays the price for her fame already and if she needs to pay big for a new hairstyle than so be it. I think I am more concerned about Jon’s behavior at this moment! Yes, I do have concerns about the kids but they may all want to go to college and that will cost a ton. She is thinking ahead I bet and maybe this is why Kate does all of this right now.

Judy on

No and NO! Come on already, 7 grand for hair?! You have 8 kids and you spend 7 grand on a bad hair weave? I don’t care if this guys testicles come covered in gold, that was not 7 grand worth of anything. I have seen better weaves done for about one tenth of what was spent on this mess. I am embarrassed for all involved on this one.

Annie on

I too am tired of all this Jon and Katie stuff. I used to love the how when they were together.Sure she mad mistakes, but Jon’s action since then have been appalling and embarrassing to himself and his kids as well as Kate. But maybe the did the hair pro bono or someone besides Kate paid for it. I don’t agree if she paid thousands of dollars for a hairstyle and is having a hard time providing for the kids at all. It is pretty but it seems too young to me like teenager hair or something. I thought her other style looked nice .Also, this could be her time away from the kids when Jon was actually being a father to them. She can do something for herself you know. It is okay for Moms to have time away from their kids.

Jenny on

She looked a lot younger with shorter hair. Not many people can pull off short hair to begin with but she could. My bet would be we will see short haired Kate back in no time. What a waste of time and money :(

Helen on

Back when! I was a single Mom.My worry and always first on the list was my kids!!! I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to be sure they had food and roof over their heads. I didn’t get my hair done, I didn’t get new cloths. Many a dinner I went without but you can be sure my kids had all they could eat!!! Can you do that Kate?? p.s. the hair is silly that time wasted could most surely have been put to better use. It’s not “all about ME” Katie.

shannon on

I am not a man person but can this women please just go away. We are such a celeberty orientated people and she is so desperate to be in the limelight. I have heard nothing except her poor kids her poor self. Where are those poor kids or wait living in a million dollar house. Koodoos to those other parents of multiples who chose to go wo work stay home and take care of there kids with out television paying there way. Many kids would love all the trips and perks that family got but can not afford it cause they need food, shelter etc. Spend your time with you kids Kate they may not need a nannythen and please folks lets send her away.

Betty B. on

I watched the video and I started to throw up in my mouth. I can’t stand that woman.

Bella on

I think it’s a good new look! It makes her look younger & sometimes it’s good to have some change! I’m not so sure if she actually paid $7,000 for her hair rather than it was done for free in exchange for the advertising it will bring the stylist. Being that her hair has commonly been in the media, it’s fair to say that the stylist knew a new look would cause even more media. And for all of those who say “who cares” or that “she’s nobody”- by you commenting you are in essence showing that you care enough to comment & that while she may not be an A lister in Hollywood, she clearly is somebody.

Sarah on

Oh grow up you selfish, egotistical, whiney, immature baby. You’re so much of a B**** that you don’t deserve any sort of star treatment. Spending that much money on hair that looks like the butt end of a horse it ridiculous, especially when you have eight children to care for. You are a sad, sorry excuse for a mother.

Laurel on

Fake Hair, Fake Tan, Fake Enhancements(Kate knows what we mean)==Kate Gosselin!

Crystal on

Um…am I missing something here? Why is she so famous? New hair extensions WOW!!! I wish I had 8 children and the luxury to spend that kind of money on my hair or have them given to me. Is every person with multiple children gonna get such things? Wouldn’t that money had be better spent on her kids? So she’s starting a new life in 2010. Aren’t many people? Lot’s of marriages broke up in 2009 I’m sure. Both her and Jon have faults. Kinda sad to see footage of Kate being mean to her kids yet everyone runs to see her smiling face on the cover of a magazine. If she was treated as she is a regular nothing special person people would be ready to call CPS on her. She is no better than that other woman using her innocent children to fill her pockets.

Ellie on

Who cares? It must have been a really slow week for People to put that on their cover! The cost is ridiculous as well, I’m thinking that money could better be put to use purchasing scarves or hats for either cancer patients or homeless people who are freezing right now.

Sara on

Are you kidding me? Does anyone here have a child, a small child? My 4 year old would wear you out. I can’t imagine 6 of her. I’d be a mere husk of a person if that were the case. Doesn’t Kate deserve the chance to redefine herself? She needs to shake off that doormat loser ex, and move ahead.

When you’re a mommy it’s so not about you anymore.

Judy on

Wow. That looks really bad. Someone said it & I agree: It looks like she’s wearing Joe Dirts wig. Sorry. =( I do think, however, it’s a good step to change. She’s got 8 kids! Anyone would do the best they could to provide for their own kids & I don’t think she’s a bad mom. Perhaps she was a not-so-great wife but no one who isn’t in her shoes should judge her character.

Reba on

So that is 20 hours she did not spend with her 8 kids…all for long, fake hair. There is no reason why Kate and her Ex should be in the news, magazines or TV any longer. No good is coming of it. Those poor kids are going to end up in need of major counseling. Her main focus should be them and dealing with everything they have been put through and exposed to this past year.

Bonnie on

Look to me as if this is another desperate attempt to stay in the news. Give up Kate! Your gravy train is over. Get a job

Jennifer on

I love Kates new look.

melissa on

I don’t know about everyone else but i’m SO tired of hearing about these people. If you’re going to have 500 children, make sure you have a job to support them,preferably not on television especially when your marriage is in shambles. you’re job as a parent is to protect your children, not publicize their every move & to put them through a public divorce to boot. People need slapped. I agree that her ego is being pampered even more. The day that people don’t pay attention to their nonsense is the day that they’ll maybe pay more attention to the poor children & not themselves. Oh and Jon has a new girlfriend, what a way to keep your promise & start thinking about the kids & not yourself, way to go daddy! Geez…poor kids, that’s all i have to say.

Sara on

“Fake Hair, Fake Tan, Fake Enhancements(Kate knows what we mean)==Kate Gosselin!”

That’s 99% of what Hollywood has! Rhianna has them, Oprah has them. Hair extensions are the norm.

People are monsters, so ready to criticize, yet think they’re perfect.

Fran on

She needs to seriously grow up. The hair looks like exactly what it is – short hair with very bad extensions. Absolutely grim. Time for her to get rid of all the hangers-on and not believe everything they tell her.

Kendra on

Good for Kate! I think she looks GREAT! After a divorce everyone needs to do something special for themselves. I bought a car. Kate choose a new hairstyle.

Donna on

Why do I even Care !!! ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

Jay on

She is a good looking woman, and I think she looks fantastic! Even with no makeup she is attractive. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have to pay for this anyhway. Good for her!

Stephanie on

I wonder how she decided which child’s college fund she should rob?

Mom of 5 on

WOW! I always thought she was beautiful but this is incredible. With all she has been through over the past year she needed something for her. We give everything of ourselves to our kids that we tend to forget about “Mom”. Good for her. Growing up it always made me happy to see my mom do something for herself. Her kids should be so proud of her for weathering the storm of the past year and keeping her head high. I wish her all the best. Know, she is doing all of this for her kids as Jon is doing nothing to help support them. I only feel bad that the kids must see all the embarasment he has put them through. Keep your head high Kate and know you are beautiful inside and out. Raising kids is hard and I think you are doing a great job. We all see how beautiful the kids are and it is because they have a great mom to show them how to navigate this world. You Rock!
Hugs from California.

Alex on

All the women with long hair have extensions, too lazy and vain to even grow their own hair. She looks real good tho.

Carrie on

Who is taking care of your childern during this and is this RELLLY the best way to spend $7000 when you are unemployed and have 8 children? HMMMMM?! I think Kate needs to stop thinking of herself as a celebrity and needs to start remebering herself as a mother of 8. She is famous for nothing. She has contributed nothing. She is uneducated and it shows. If we show no interest in her, she will go away.

dudette on

Kate, you look fabulous!! Dont pay attention to all the negative Nellies out there. You go, girl!! :)

carol on

How many single moms of 8 can take that much time for a makeover? Who’s paying attention to the kids? How does another show help those kids? I think they’ve been through enough. Give them a normal life.

kim on

Whats with all the haters! Kates new look is fabulous!

Caroline on

Ohhh Lord have mercy ….. do we really have to watch this?!

Can’t just this woman go away! Who cares if she changes her looks. Whatever she looks like she will never look nice because she’s not a nice person, it’s her attitude that needs changing!

Stephanie on

*points to random unsuspecting child*

“You pissed mommy off today by liking daddy’s new girlfriend more than me! You’ll spend a lifetime in retail now!”

AJ on

I like it shorter.

Annette on

WOW!! Why do I get the feeling that the ex Jon and company are posting on here! You go Kate!! (from one Single mother to the other)Because you are an ambitious woman you deserve to pamper yourself! And for the posters worried about the kids and where were they? Have you not heard of other parents visitation? It is also not illegal to allow them to be cared for by a responsible person (some people have nannies all the time, its just that they don’t live in the limelight for you to hear or see). OOHHHHH DUH!!!!!

Sherry on

Please enough of KATE already. Has anyone stopped to think that the &7000. she paid for the extensions are just a start, she will have to pay for monthly maintenance on them,they have lots of upkeep! I too think she has had her 15 min of fame and they are WAY over extended. She needs to focus on her children and go back to work as the trained RN that she is.I am sure that she would make PLENTY of money,with the money she made from the show, I am sure she will make it fine!! BUT NO MORE KATE,PLEASE!!

Beth on

I think the new hair style on Kate looks great! She is an attractive woman who was married to an obnoxious baby. She deserves some really strong man who can go “one on one” with her personality. I hope the kids can recover from this family fiasco – at least they are young enough to have a happy future in front of them.

Greg on

Cheapest looking hair extensions and cut I have ever seen. It looks like a wig with extensions. Sad… like a cheap child’s doll

Lisa on

She’s just too fake for me. And the new long hair looks ridiculous.

Hann on

“Barbee” you have got to be joking!!!!! lets see you take care of eight kids and be cheery and polite all the time…..ignorant.

kelly on

don’t you people maybe think that she had her hair done while Jon had the kid’s. They do take turns with the kid’s. She has primary custody but Jon does get the kid’s too.

Amanda on

I really love kate, but i agree with some of the comments They did a horrible job on her extentions, and he must be the guy who does Britney spears’ hair. & it seems like kate doesnt really like it. I dont blame her though.
Anyway shes a good girl, let her get her hair done.

Sherry on

Unfortunately,so many seem to think Kate takes care of her kids alone..HEEELLLOOO!!! She has had nannies and housekeepers from the time she brought them home,although they never showed them or said anything about them. So anyone with 8 kids could manage with two nannies, a cook, & housekeeper!!

lance on

here we go this is the lady that had no money to feed her children and pay the bills?

Berenice on

Ugh, fake hair to go w/her fake a$@ personality. I went ahead and watched this video on mute…

jen on

And, where were her kids for this entire self-indulging, self-centered 20 hour time period? She is STILL the self-cnetered, ME, ME, ME princess. Annoying as EVER!!!

stagger lee on

probably the biggest waste of money i have ever seen… and now she looks like ‘joe dirt’. lol

Sandy on

I like that she made her hair longer but the bangs f@#%ed it all up. Maybe she shouldnt have made this new do such a big deal. Her have cameras there and everything just showed me it really is just all about the fame to her.A real woman would have just gone and had it done and not tried to make it in to a top story! I think she should leave the cameras alone and just be a mom. And get a real job!!!!

Erin on

I can’t believe that someone who has said repeatedly that her focus is her kids would turn around and sit in a chair for TWENTY HOURS to get the nastiest looking extensions I’ve ever seen.

And the screaming while they were rinsing her color? Seriously?! Are you five?!?

As a mother of four, I find it very difficult to look at her and think that she’s truly putting her kids first. Tanning, haircuts, manicures….who has time for that when you are taking care of your children?!? I don’t have HALF of her free time and she has TWICE as many kids as I do!

Lorijun on

I’m sorry, Katie’s old look is way better than this new look! Thumbs down!!!!

Ele on

Looks great Kate! All the best for 2010…ignore the negative…it’s all good:)

any_city_usa on

this was a magical transformation. beautiful inside and out.

twitter: any_city_USA

Freedom Blue on

She Is So Self-Absorbed And Has No Respect For Anyone But Herself… She Was Not Apprecative Of All The Time Spent Wiping Her A?? To Thank ANYONE!!! She Really Needs To Just GO AWAY FOR GOOD???

CHris on

Gag Me !
Enough of her already, the only reason this was done to keep her in the spot light & People is doing a good job of it for her !

Kat on

Go kate….don’t care what other people say – u deserve a good life – just be there for your kids!!! Best of Luck to you in your FUTURE!!! hugsssss

Alexis on

Kate looks fantastic! Like her or not, she does look really good. Who does not deserve a make over? Everyone can use a change. I sense a bit of jealousy out there. So much anger to spew at Kate. She is a Mom with a childish ex-husband and while she is not perfect, she has committed no crime. Why be such a hater!?!?

Beth on

Just watched a special that for $240.00 and 45 minutes doctors can operate on children with cleft palet and in doing so, change their lives for the better. $7000.00 could certainly help a lot of kids.

heather on

i think her hair looks nice and it will be easier for her to grow her real hair out with the extensions, it wont be so awkward also who cares that it cost $7000? she makes her own money she should be able to spend it how she pleases, im pretty sure her kids dont lack for anything. They are always dressed nice, attend good schools and already have college funds set up so why should she spend it on them? im sure every mom out there does things for themselves wether its $7000 hair or $20 pedicure.

Peanut1957 on


jack on

AH, The emperor’s new clothes.

She looks like Kendra from The Girls next Door. Maybe, she can hook up with Hef now that he’s available.

Koala108 on

I think she looks GREAT with longer hair, it makes her look younger. She deserves to start off fresh for the new year :]

Unbeweavable on

Guess her little plan of getting rich off of having multiples worked…way to go, Katan!

Janice on

Kate you look awesome!!! I miss the show a lot. Why does everybody think this is a big deal she is changing and wants to start the new decade with a bang, I just wish everyone would leave her alone.

missjen on

When they go to look in the mirror, you can see the individual pieces where they’re glued on.

He did not do a good job. It’s not sexy, it’s not cute. It’s sloppy and badly done.

Katie on

This woman is too arrogant to even HAVE kids. Raising kids is a selfless duty. She thinks the world revolves around her.
Couldn’t that $7000 been put to better use? Way too excessive.

Jan on

Now her hair suits her personality – FAKE.
At first I thought it was bad she isn’t ever raising her kids, but then I realized they are better off being influenced by their nannies..they will have a better chance at turning out normal.

b on

Do us all a favor and stay off the magazine covers. You and your hidious extentions are an eye sore.

adogzodessey on

The hair must have looked better in person than it did on camera, because the extensions were visible and she looked aged. Maybe the team had a hard time working on such a HUGE HEAD. This video just proves my opinion of her LOOK at ME! attitude that ruined her marraige and the reason I stopped watching their show, despite the kids. I will have nothing to do with any Kate or Jon show in the future. It’s been so nice having them out of the news! Why did you have to bring her back?!

Mia on

Wow…are these people for real? Those extensions look like a bad Miley Cyrus wig even worse. Get a clue. This really takes the cake. Your hair looks like an out of shape mullet. You have great, thick hair grow it out. I can’t believe you would pay to have someone wreck your hair so bad. Good luck trying to get out those extensions. It will take alot longer than 20 hours. Get real Kate.

Mia on

The extensions do not match her hair. If you want long hair and for it to look right then let your own hair grow out. Guaranteed that it will not cost $7,000 to do that, take 20 hours of sitting in a salon away from the kids and will look better. If you do that then we will not have to listen to your childish screeching on a video. Who acts like that???

roe on

Another freebie for Kate ,why is that ? She gets so much and is still a miserable person..She needs to growup and start acting like a woman and stop parading around in front of cameras ..

Stacy on

The hair is okay, better than her previous hairstyle. Although, I can’t see spending $7000 on hair. (wtf?) But, overall, she looks good, and it’s an improvement. Way to go, Kate.

kathy on

Why are people still talking about this woman.? She is ridiculous. Arent her 15minutes up yet? Seriously Kate Gosselin you are pathetic and so are your followers. Just sad people with nothing better to do..Im so disgusted at looking at magazines and seeing this woman..who is she? WHY is she ? Oh yes..she used her children to make $$..dumped her husband when he stopped OBEYING her dog like commands and boned her bodygaurd all the while pretending to be his wife’s friend! I cannot wait until your children grow up and see you for the witch you are and always have been?! Where is their family!!! Aunts, Uncles, grandmothers…Grandfather!? You have isolated them from everyone…hope you get back to work, you’ve got years of therapy bills ahead.
Get a grip people and give props to a woman who really matters in the world..someone who GIVES back and does not just TAKE. This monster is a disgrace. I wont ever buy People magazine again..waste of a cover.!!

Kori on

My honest opinion on this situation is that the hair used could have gone to someone who really needed it. Now after saying this, i would have to say good for her!! i hope that everythings works out nicely for her. Now her focus needs to just stay on her kids!!!!!

Alex on

Looks hot! she looks better then most in celebrityland! with their phony hair and everything else.

patty on

Looks like she has a mop on her head!!

amartinez on

Kate, just go away. Go back to being a mom who is always there for your suffering little ones and quit trying to stay in the limelight. I do not want to see or hear about you anymore, nor will I ever watch whatever TV show is being concocted for you now. Those 8 kids of yours need to return to a normal life, and obviously you can’t depend on your immature ex-husband to help you out. Invest the money you have made and please refrain from your pursuit of celebrity for the sake of your children’s mental health.

marie on

I am just curious were are her 8 children during her 20 hour make over

Kathy Goranson on


Ms sarah on

you look beautiful

Crystal T. on

Who really cares. She has 8 kids to raise. All this emphasis on looks across the country, not too much on character. then we wonder why we have all these weird news stories.

Heather on

I thought this video was adorable. I am glad for Kate that she is getting on with her life without that LOSER Jon! Congrats on your new look. I cracked up on the part where she tells her kids, “If you heard what I said, tell me your name.”

Just Me on

Thank you, Meja, for saying the TRUTH.

Wow, Kate – are you going to tell the world that you did THIS for your kids too?? “I do everything for my kids”. Ya… blah blah blah.

You make Jon look like a saint.

sharon littlefield on

did not watch….do not care….only real celebs please….

Ms sarah on

haha there sure is a lot of jealous women of you kate. god will be waiting in heaven for you my love the negative will pay one way or the other. so leave kate alone we all love her

Barbara on

Why not let your own hair grow and donate it to charity for someone with cancer. Or better yet, take the $$$$ it cost and help someone in need. I think it’s time for her to realize that her 15 minutes are up.

Jenn on

Kate Gosselin did NOT PAY for the new extensions! Its another one of those “approtunities” (FREE stuff) that she will miss. Thats all she cared about when her show went tits up! No more free tickets to everything and anything her and her kids were given. Its really been alllll about Kate. It always was.

tracy on

Good for her. I used to think she was a witch but she is just an aggressive woman who loves her kids. She is proving to be the better of the two in that parental unit. I wish her the best. I would love to meet her someday. It would be a good way to understand her. All you people bad mouthing her, I bet if you were given the same opportunities you would take them. Stop sending out your hate and support her for doing what she can for her family. Good luck to you Kate

Mari on

Wow. That’s 20 hours her kids missed out on so she could look absolutely ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong-I’m sure she deserves some time to relax although it’s probably pretty difficult to relax wheb you’re screaming like a banshee while getting your hair washed. Incredibly annoying. “Don’t make me get my powdah!”

Stephanie on

Seriously, Kate, your 15 minutes are OVER, you are embarassing yourself. Please, move on with some dignity.

Adriana on

The stylist/salon that did this is smart because they have just gotten tons of publicity. Kate gets a free makeover and the network gets viewers, but the stylist is the real winner. Look at how many comments have been posted on her hairdo. I have seen at least 12,000 comments between this website and the one on Yahoo. That is some serious publicity!!

Jon Gosselin on

I might even consider taking her back now, providing she lets me keep my current girlfriend.

Cidaier on

I think that Kate has gone through a lot in the past year – and personally, I think she looks fabulous! Go Kate! Can’t figure out why women would bash other women who have an opinion and a voice – think about your written judgements the next time you raise your voice and express your strong opinion directly to your husband, children, boyfriend!

Elaine on

Sadly she cheats at growing hair like she did at child-bearing. Hopefully she will never return to nursing as an occupation. Just get her off of my television and out of my magazines.
Where is the common sense? This woman needs help not attention.

AtlVol on

Wow Barbee…why so bitter? This is hardly a crime against humanity…or any woman for that matter. Good for her for making a fresh start!

Cindy on

Its not about whether they look good, bad or fabulous – it’s about the symbolism of a ‘fresh new beginning’ – jumping that sorry, fat and lazy *&^! was the best thing she could have done for herself for 2010! Honestly, stop complaining about the money aspect – surely it was paid for so this hairstylist could get his name attached to the ‘new do’. Its amazing how many people want to proclaim…’what about the kids’ – for goodness sake, she has thought of nothing BUT those children since the day she agreed to try and provide a better life for them but going into ‘Reality TV’ – honestly, would Jon and IT specialist be able to provide for 8? No way! Not even on a Nurses salary and his combined! All I can say – APPLAUSE – She isn’t living off the tax payers with food stamps and welfare checks!

Annie on

Why the screaming during the shampoo? Hasn’t she ever had her head washed before? I think the nicest style was when her short hairdo was softly curled by the staff on The View. She looked sweet, approachable and like someone with a good sense of style. Now she looks like every no talent Hollywood blonde except she has an additional ten years of hard livin showing on her face.

Lady on

When I watched the show I always thought she was rough on Jon and I’ve continued to see both sides. What I don’t understand is why so many people tell her to stop trying to have a career and go be a mom. Did anyone say that to Katie Couric, Meryl Streep, or any of the other celebrity women who are moms? If it was a man, would you say the same? She has the right to have a career! The opportunity is there, is she supposed to say, no thank you, I’ll just go on without an income? As to Jon, well, he’s a lost soul at this moment. And frankly, I’ve been around others who’ve gone through a divorce and they all react a little differently and either go crazy wild for a while or retreat, either way, the only difference here is that we’re seeing their reaction to a divorce in public.
Also, Kate is much more savy and knows PR better, I say go for it. Last time I checked women were allowed to have careers and be mothers.

Donna West on

Just go away.

AtlVol on

Wow…why are some of you so bitter? This is hardly a crime against humanity….or women for that matter. Good for her for making a fresh start!

Annie on

Lady, gee I can’t believe you just compared the body of work Kate Gosselin has given us on Jon & Kate plus Eight with the work of Katie Couric or Meryl Streep!!! I guess you consider her as important to our great Nation as Michele Obama or Hilary Clinton? If you enjoy watching her, go for it but don’t demean accomplished women by comparing her to them.

Madie on

is it just me or does shelook like one of the five year olds at the mal with hannah montana wigs! yeah kate ur cool…. if u were one of your daughters!!!

Christina on

20 hours stuck with Kate? I think I would die being with her for that long and hearing nothing but her mouth yap and yap. She screamed a lot, too. But I gotta say, I love the new hair AND she’s know where near as bad as Jon. I would just get exhausted of being with her for 20 hours.

debrad on

I can’t believe she is complaining about not having any money, and she spends 7000 on hair extensions. I think she really isn’t making very sound decisions. I agree that she should make her kids her top priority, and use some of that money she got from her book deals to make sure they are taken care of. I know she has some “Deals” in the works to continue on tv, but I think that is the wrongchoice for her kids right now. Anything she chooses to do should be out of the limelight so her kids can recover without having to see her on tv also.

vicky on

I love Kate, you go girl, you can do all you want! do not listen to all this haters!!!

Melissa on

Oh my! That hair is a mess! Didn’t the stylist see the extentions don’t even match her real hair? Look at her crown when she whirled around! And he should have layered those things better to blend in with her cut as it grows out! It looks like a mullet Kate!!!!!!! Have them removed and get your money back. He jacked your head up girl!!!

Rita Mildon on

I can’t believe the criticism Kate is getting. She can’t make a move without negative input from someone out there. It is perfectly obvious to me that there is a double standard when it comes to strong women. Compared to Jon, Kate has kept a pretty low profile – trying to start a new career, make money for the family and taking care of her kids!

To all those detractors out there making all the negative comments, I’d like to see how all these people would take the criticism and being told what to do with every facet of their life. There and old saying – “you can’t satisfy everybody all of the time”.

dl on

Really? Why is it okay for John to change girlfriends like most people change socks, but its not okay, or selfish for Kate to try a new look? LEAVE HER ALONE!!! She is a good mom. She is there for her kids!!! She’s not running around France trying to market a clothing line, she’s not publicly feuding or staging publicity break-ins. She is being a mom and taking some time for herself. Cut her some slack. She is a better mom than most.

Irene on

Pleas stop with the Kate & Jon stuff….we’re totally sick of it!!!!!!!

Susan on

You have to make your self happy before you can make someone else. I think it is great! If you have the time and the money go for it.

beth on

GAG I can’t believe I watched the whole thang.My eyes, my eyes!!
Oh Khate, you are sad sad sad.

Kate Gosselin New Hair (Photos, Video) | Bitten and Bound on

[…] 2010: Kate Gosselin has yet another new look.  She spent 20 hours getting a total hair makeover by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson.  Check out the old and new looks for Kate – including her […]

cate on

I hate the long hair on her. It looks ridiculous. Some people just look better with short hair, and Kate is one of them. She seriously needs to get rid of the extensions and go back to looking groomed and well styled. I have never understood the obsession with extentions, they never look good, or natural.

Kathleen on

I think all the negative women are just jealous!!!!! and the negative men….well, I cant say that out loud. You have a choice to watch and read……so stop your complaining!!!!

kimmy-star on

why on earth did she spend that much money on that kinda hair,its cool dt she wants to start afresh but seriously did you have to blow $7000 on hair. if she had sent that money to help any foundation it wld have totally been worth it, but hair…thats just silly

Sarah on

And who was watching her 8 kids while this 20 hour process took place? I’m sure it wasn’t the other parent, who (by reading the next article) was clearly out getting a new girlfriend.

Now, that is what is wrong with America. These 2 need to stop being in the limelight and go spend time with their kids!

Gina on

I don’t understand why People is wasting a cover on “Kate Clean Slate”…should be more like “Kate, What a Waste” (yes, I know it doesn’t rhyme, but IMO, more appropriate). This is the first issue in over 10 years that I will not be purchasing, because Kate is on the cover. Her fifteen minutes were up a long time ago, and as long as she is the covergirl of my favorite magazine, I will not be buying it. :(

Carrie on

It took 20 hrs to put in hair. That is 20 hours away from her EIGHT children… for hair. Seems extremely selfish to me. I understand the need for change but there are other ways and means. Her children need more one on one time with Kate than she needs to have hair.

jessica on

for anyone dissing kate i think she looks great. i also think she is doing a pretty good job being a mom with 8 kids i myself have two kids and being a mom is a hard job just wonder what it would be like having 8 kids with a dumb a## exhubby that cant keep it in his pants if anyone is going to be dissing someone it should be jon on being a parent.

tammy on


Leann on

This is the same woman who cried on camera a few months ago that she had no money? What a backward message to send to America. This money could have been spent on charity or donated back into the community.

lizelly on

wow that looks fake

tammy on


Alexis on

I think the extensions look really sloppy – especially in the back. I don’t blame anyone, as I’m sure it would be hard to put extensions in hair that short. However, I wonder how long she’ll be able to maintain them as the Woe-Is-Me “Single Mother of 8”. Are her 15 minutes up yet?

Jon on

Love the video, and love the hair! Congrats Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean, on getting engaged to his girlfriend, and glad Jesscia Biel & Justin Timberlake’s climb up Mt. Kilamanjaro is going great so far, etc.

crazyhaze on

Wonder what she will do next to be in the news. I think her and Jon should get back together.They are both attention wanting and self centered. They were made to be together. Who else would want them.

Jon on

Sorry, I meant Emile Hirsch!

Amalia on

I thought TLC was finished with them. Why are camera crews following her to the hair salon? She was pleading poverty when Jon withdraw money from their account but suddenly she can afford $7,000 for her hair? Do they honestly think the public admire this shallow woman who only cares about being in the public eye and was a horrible wife and shrewish mother that caused her children immense emotional pain they will bear the rest of their lives.

Shar on

I agree with the other posters, this hair job looks choppy, flat and not at all natural. The color did not match and there was no style to it.
I bet she has it redone!!!

MyLife! on

Sweet!! Looks like everyone had fun! Katie looks younger & softer like before she met jon!
Enjoy the new year, new life!!!
-Geez Peepz! If you don’t like Katie just stop reading & writing about her, it’s HER Life!
*FYI she didn’t ‘leave her children’, it was jon’s time with them.

j.daccini on

Why People Magazine, keep posting this woman on the cover? in 2009 she got like 3 covers… I mean, come on… She is not even that interesting of a person. This is just my opinion

Harriett on

Man! You did a great job! Can I be next? Kate do not let the negative things people say penerate your heart for some, it is way of life. You look great! I wish you many blessing for the future.

Turtle on

Why is everyone so concerned about what the extensions cost? Don’t you all realize that TLC paid for this? Get a grip people!! Doesn’t she deserve some tlc, it’s not always about the kids for goodness sake!! A woman has to feel good about herself and she should keep herself up as well as she can in order to be a good mother to her brood. trust me she did not pay for her extensions. Now, can you all stop complaining about the $$???

Rogue85 on

Whoa can Barbee be anymore of a hater! Its a cute hairstyle in the video but the photos do not give the style justice lol

colleen on

i do not understand why people think she is famous, tell what she is famous for . this women is all for money and wants to be no 1 . she is so broke ,till it something she wants , go home and be a mom , you never had it and never will,

Shannon on

I am a stylist myself and they did a wonderful job. To me though, this prove’s how materialistic this woman really is! I am sorry but, $7,000.00 for a new hair style? I understand the wanting a new start, new look, fresh slate after last year. I have been through divorce and I was every color, a different style every week, practically, but, I went thru the changes naturally with the growth! I was trying to find a new me!! Why couldn’t she grow at least some of the back out tho match the front, go through different stages, that are always fun and then possibly have extension’s? That money could have paid for a semester or part of a semester for college for those precious kids! Who, by the way, made HER that money in the first place. AND, OMG, the screaming in the bathroom, give me a break you big whiner! Honestly, the look is not her. It’s too much too fast. But, they did a wonderful job with what they had to work with!

MrsD on

The new style looks great – younger and prettier than ever! GO KATE!

Christina on

Wow.. Coming from someone who was “So worried about her finances and keeping a roof over her children’s head” Spending that kind of money on yourself, how fake can you be?

Jill Wiltberger on

My extension expert, Angela G, completed TWO major extension installations today in a total of four and a half hours! Star treatment? Kate doesn’t KNOW what star treatment is if she had to sit through 20 HOURS of agony to look that poor! Shame on Ted Gibson and his “dream team.” Ha! More like a nightmare team, if you ask me. Come to Cincinnati, Kate. We can fix that mess for you!

~*~Donna~*~ on

She looks great, I only wish people would put their claws away. The women has a right to change her looks just like everyone else. Kate would not have thrown away $7,000 on her hair people, it was done for a show so move on.

barbee on

Hann: Nowhere did I say she isn’t always cheery and polite (that would be redundant, we all just know that), what I said was annoying, abrasive and obnoxious and ‘she’ showed that she was those on every show, appearance, comment she made.
AtlVol: it’s not a crime against anyone BUT her kids and even herself.
The nice thing about blogs is that if you keep if clean you are allowed to post your opinion EVEN if it might offend some of her kool aid drinking followers. Thank goodness she didn’t actually pay for the DO(n’t) because it is a bad job, sort of like her bad tummy tuck with the misplaced belly button, her over inflated ‘boops’ and her wonkie eye. And that’s not bitter, it’s the truth, and I AM allowed to tell that too. So there, that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it (something Kate sure doesn’t know how to do, she is the undisputed Queen of Contradictions).

Vicky on

This is a dito comment from above. Kate, just go away. Go back to being a mom who is always there for your suffering little ones and quit trying to stay in the limelight. I do not want to see or hear about you anymore, nor will I ever watch whatever TV show is being concocted for you now. Those 8 kids of yours need to return to a normal life, and obviously you can’t depend on your immature ex-husband to help you out. Invest the money you have made and please refrain from your pursuit of celebrity for the sake of your children’s mental health.



laura on

What kind of mother of 8 leaves her children for a 20hr hair appointment?

hilda on

Who is this person? (not that I wouldn’t know) but who cares what she has been doing, wearing, shrieking etc?

What’s wrong with you people?

Ginger on

looks like a lady on a show years ago – Mary Hart, Mary Hart!! lol Short stuff on top then long strands. There is no blending of any of it. Other style more unique, sophisticated. That hair dresser really missed it. Like a flute player in the high school marching band!

Jen on

KATE DID NOT PAY FOR HER EXTENSIONS! Think about it — would you pay for hair (and makeup) if you were on the cover of People? And especially if your hairstylist was getting loads of publicity? (More effective than any infomercial, that’s for sure). They’re just saying this process cost 7K. Duh!

TLC paid for it on

TLC paid for the extensions. This special filming will be airing on TLC, Clean Slate Kate soon. So stop griping about her hair, it looks great. The rest of her photos in People are gorgeous!!!!!!



Grumpy on

Why would’nt you spend that money on your kids!? All she has been doing is complaining about how she cant afford to support her children without the reality show, and here she is spending 7 grand on a hair do that is an obvious hair-dont! What a joke this person is! She needs to grow up and be a mother to her children and stop trying to be a celebrity! You have to have talent to be a celebrity. Anyone can spread their legs and pop out kids! Get a job so we tax payers dont end up paying to take care of your kids!

Erika on

Enough already…..get back to reality Kate and be a mother again….enough with the nanny’s and assistants….

Your time is up, it’s over….face it….I think the world has had enough. Let your children have a nice normal life.

Jo on

I’m sorry, but since when is “private” with a bunch of cameras rolling?

And, no I haven’t watched it, I refuse to give her any attention and am actually annoyed with myself for even looking at the post. I was just confused about the whole “private” thing.

And, while I’m at it, if Jon or Kate have a date, or even 2 with the same person, that doesn’t make them their girl/boyfriend.

Josh Madison on

How about give the lady a break!

#1 She did not pay for the makeover it is a promotional style for the stylist. This is a marketing event that will pay him over and over for the small amount he invested.

#2 The date the makeover took place was a weekend John had visitation of the children.

What is she suppose to do when she does not have the children? I guess many people are just jealous!

Lynn on

Kate is such a fake lets add it up
fake hair…fake body….all makes for a fake attitude…you know if i was jon i would leave her too all she did on camera was hit…belittle…and boss him around like he is a child tho he is no angel either but yea kate is a fake and just proved it with that U..G..U..L..Y

kelly omara on

Kate cries poverty….cries on national television how she can’t support her children…cries about Jon stealing money… yet spends $7000 on her hair?

Lee on

Her hair doesn’t even look that good.

Susannh on

I agree with Katie. I do not think anyone has
heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? This is EXACTLY is what’s wrong with America today. We worry about things that are ridiculous.

karyn on

Kate-I support you 100% but you look so much better in short hair. But good luck in the future since you deserve the best! Your childern are lucky to have you as the sole custody.

Emily on

Pro Kate ALL THE WAY, she needs some ME time other than when its with work. From a mom of only 2 I couldn’t imagine what life would be like with that many kids…So I understand her excitement with her makeover, not that often do mothers get to experience that so you go girl! Show these people that “think” you do nothing all you can do :)

Katie on

I’m sorry to say this but that was a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong she looks awesome but the hair looks really fake.

Kim on

Actually I think she looks pretty nice, and I think it is an improvement. Everyone keeps saying that she should spend the money on her kids. I doubt very much that her children want for anything, she is very fortunate thanks to all of you that watched the show so quit your whining.

hannah on

I loved the color they used on her BUT, when she turned her head it was totally obvious she had extentions in because you could see them and her hair was poofed out. I guess she just wants to try and stay in the public eye so when TLC launches her new show everyone will love it, (or not)Don’t worry folks, she will fade away like a dye job does, soon.

Becky on

Really is this worth a top story on people? Who gives a *&*T!

Kim on

What is wrong with someone having cosmetic surgery if it makes them feel better. It IS her money. I was just wondering what was wrong with that one person Barbee? Why are you so vicious?

Molly on

She always amazes me. Honestly, just go away. We don’t miss you what so ever… go be a good mum to your kids, thats what matters… please :)

angela on

sorry buy i totally think 7 grand was way too much for that look! i do extensions every day and those dont look good at all! wonder if she really paid that much? kate come see me!!!!!!!!

S Cole on

Kate needs to grow up. She is acting like she is single with no kids & no responsibilities. She would gain more respect from people if she were more mature acting. She had no respect for her husband and now she has show no respect for her kids or herself. The only reason the show was flying was most people like the rudeness and abnormal behavior she showed on the show. Had she been a respectful and mature acting wife, mother, it would have been boring. It is a shame she thought herself to be entertaining. People watched just to see if she, her marriage would fall. It did!

dawn on


Tammy Davis on

Kate looks beautiful! I so love the hair and admire the mom she is even more!!

Lucy on

Just because a woman has kids– regardless of the number, she should give up caring for herself and getting her hair done? Give her a break, she did not pay for it herself, obviously they are just using her to get some exposure and publicity. I have to agree though that the new do is not very natural looking– they really could’ve done better.

Elizabeth Miskiewicz on

Congratulations Kate ! You deserve it!

Elizabeth Miskiewicz on

Ah ! One more thing: Kick out this name starting with a G, perhaps Kreider fits you better.
A new look and name as well !

Melissa on

i’m sorry barbee, please have some respect, this is about her nenw look and obviously she is showing it is a new point in her life and time for change. i think it is great. kate looks beautiful

Hayley on

BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally fake, I didn’t think anything could be worse than her OLD haircut………wellll, I was sure wrong.

Megan on

WOW!!! I never knew hair could look that bad!

Eve on

Ok I’ve gotten a weave before and the whole point is to make it look like you don’t have one. But it looks like a weave. You can clearly see the short pieces of her real hair. 20 hours and I heard she paid like 7000 dollars for that. I’d be embarassed if my hair looked that way and I would have asked for my money back.

Jax on

I can’t believe she likes it! I’m totally team Kate, but for this one NOO WAY!! It looks like a really bad hair cut!!! *GASPS*

Den on

Although I believe EVERY women deserves to be made to feel pretty and good. This looks fake and sad not to mention she has how many kids and extensions cost a lot of money and the money could have been spent on much better things then this!

Why does reality TV always ruin people.. ;o(

JR on

…and a mother of 8 has 20 HOURS to invest in her hair? You must be joking. That is half a work week. Get a grip, Kate.

JR on

…hmm $7000, divided by 20 hours is $350 AN HOUR. Please, please pray this woman grows a proper perspective for the sake of her kids.

Athens on

If you really think People didn’t pay for the film crew/hair/promo shots ect you’re out of your mind. No way she spent 7k on that mess. They fact that you are watching and talking about it means People is making back their money.

Sereen on

I totally agree with Angela.The xtentions look fake.I wonder where she left her kids for 20hours,is it really worth it????

Katie Harrington on

I just have to say, I am so SICK of hearing about Jon & Kate Gosselin. They have both had their 15 mins. of fame. I cannot believe the dumb story about Kate Gosselin made the cover of people!!! Instead, the article about army families should of been on the cover!!!

Kayla on

You have overcome many things in the birth of your multiples, but I have to say that there is absolutely NO way that you could possibly conquer this hairstyle. Your hair is tacky, too short, and you look like an 80’s rocker.. specifically, what one of the stars from the animated “JEM and the Holograms” series would look like in real life.. and $7,000? Couldn’t you spend it on something else like a charity or even perhaps your CHILDREN?? I know every woman wants to be pampered but this is ri-gosh-darn-diculous!!

KJW on

….has anyone ever heard of Mommy Dearest??? She is so unbelievably selfish, self-centered and not only a horrible person, but a horrendous parent. Please please please make her go away! And take John with her! And will someone please step in and help those poor children??

selftaughtlearner17 on

Who’s taking care of the kids? I really hate that no one seems to care about them anymore; their parents’ divorce must be having a huge effect on them, and if Mom’s busy getting useless hair extensions for 18 hours or co-hosting the view and Dad’s out sleeping with a bunch of twenty-somethings, then their lives aren’t going to be getting any easier. Stop trying to become a celebrity, Kate, and get back to being a mom, for God’s sake!

Karen Chambers on

Kate is trying to find herself and if it takes these hair extention to do so then all the power to her isn’t it wonderful that she has the money and time to do so. Go Kate !

Amie on

I LOVE Kate’s new look! She is such a stong and beautiful woman.

jmr on

Kate is naturally pretty. Let’s put the green-eyed monster back in his cage girls!!! I hope that she can get a lot of good counsel and give herself a chance to recover after being in a relationship that was very dysfunctional. She deserves to someday have a mature man who loves her wholeheartedly. I wish her well and encourage her to keep the faith.

marce on

I think Kate’s hair looks horrible, too fake.
And $7,000 on that, wow, she should have donated that money to a charity, her hair was just fine the way it was, she just not only waste the money but she wasted 20 hours that she could have spend with her children. Bad for her

JJ on

Someone said Katie Irene wanted to start the new year off with a bang. I think she already did .Steve was with her on new years day….

Chelsea on

Not that I think her hair looks great, but I think everyone should cut her a little slack. For those commenting that she should spend that $7k on her kids, tell her d bag ex that, and ask him how much all his Ed Hardy clothes cost (now THOSE are unattractive!). Besides, her kids wear all Gymboree clothes. For 8 kids, that’s far more than $7k. The kids DO have college funds set up (that’s part of the money Jobless Jon stole from them). For those commenting that she spent 20 hrs away from her kids: have you noticed that most parents spend MORE time than that away from their kids? When they were filming, she probably spent MORE time with them than a mother who has a normal job, and she’s taking better care of them, now and in the future. Why don’t you guys all check out your own parenting skills and life choices, and then start worrying about hers. You go, Kate!

horrible extensions on

So she gets mad at John for spending money on random expensive things, yet it’s ok for her to waste big money on horrible hair extensions?

And why is the hair so bad in the back, was it just because people were only going to see the front of her in more annoying magazine shoots?

Josh on

Love the long hair Kate!
And for those of you who are talkin s***…ur just jealous you cant afford a $7,000 hair appointment…she has the she can spend it

Ella on

That video equals 3:37 of my life that I will never get back. I think I would have bought a Birken bag, instead of hair extensions. :) best of luck to the kids. they’re gonna need it.

Gina on

Wow! I can’t believe she spent 7,000 on that hair job. Why are we still pondering over this family? Omg for petes sake her show got pulled of the air for a reason!

Lori on

It doesn’t look right. Kind of choppy.

India on

Those hair stylist should be shot and so should she for letting them convince her that hairstyle is worth $7,000. Also, extentions dont take 20 hours unless your stylist are whack. She need to take that 7,000 and take care of all those damn kids. Maybe invest in a cream to tighten up her V b/c after 8 kids, it probable looks more like a U. lol

tat on

Anyone who praises this witch for her “NEW LOOK” is about as shallow as she is. She talks about how she’s broke and john did this yet she takes her ass out and spends $7k on some of the ugliest extensions?!! Something is seriously wrong with her.

desai8 on

Seems like she just want to be famous. Take care of the children to make herself look good and then have fun at it by not working a real job but by having her own show to make millions. This is what she is really after. I just hope no one pays attention to her. She needs to do the job at hand…take care of the 8 that she created with her soon to be ex-fat slob and live life out of the spotlight. Shame on you! $7000 for a new hairdo? Give me a break. I hope when your children grows up and found out about this that they despise you and their dad. You exploited the situation (which is about the 8) for your own selfish gain…SICK!!!

Courtney L on

Leave Kate alone! I don’t like all the news about her and Jon either…but we should all take time out for ourselves to get a break or whatever. So what, she got her hair done…do you NEVER leave your children??? Are you all with them 24/7?? You go Kate, but stay off the air, no one wants to see you or your lousy ex spouse anymore…

linda on

I think she was having a good time, doing the whole thing, good for you Kate…I miss your show and watching your wonderful kids.
Life is short so have as much fun as life will allow.

Teri L on

Kate isn’t paying for this herself, dimwits! It isn’t like someone handed $7000 and said, “Waste it on a haircut and extensions!” It is a hair style that, for some weird reason, is VALUED at $7000.

Kate had beautiful, long blond hair when she got married. She is beautiful in her wedding pictures. She cut her hair when the kids came along, probably because long hair was so high maintenance with babies at home. Now her kids are in school and her marriage broke up, why not have a change. She sure took alot of flack about her short haircut!

Connie Brooks on

I for one am glad to see Kate picking up the scattered pieces of her life and moving on in a very lady like way. And not paying any attention to the ex who continues to screw around and forget his 8……..You Go Girl!!

cabochica on

worse case of extensions I have ever seen, especially for $7K…her kids could have done the same thing with crazy glue and doll hair! and really WHO CARES!

Brian on

Sorry Kate, the look is not you, and as far as the show goes…not gonna watch. sad to see a person get rich off of exposing their children to the world. i guess the word “Divorce” means nothing these days. your children have NO IDEA what is happening to them, but again, its all about the money, and what feels right for “KATE”, right?

Sharon on

I feel that this was a bad PR move for TLC, you have Kate who keeps saying it is all about her children, but than sits in a chair for 20 hours for 7000 extensions, this is what gets people to dislike her. I realize she will be starting her new show, but I feel they started off on the wrong foot.

justme on

Where were the kids during all of this?? She has spent countless and countless hours on her “looks”…..poor children!

jenn on

It looks like her wedding video. Good for her taking time for herself. Her kids always look great too so it’s not like she is taking anything away from them to feel better about starting over.

susan on

A video of 20 hours worth of HAIR? Please, may I have a root canal at the same time?

jenn on

Thank you Teri!

Molly on

I love how everyone is trying to decide where she should have spent the 7K (if she even really paid it) rather than on her hair. If it’s her money, she should be able to spend it on whatever she wants!

cheryl on

20 hours?!?!?!?! Shouldn’t she be home with her kids, (who she claimes she loves and doesn’t want to be raised by a nanny?) And why does she get a free make-over for the past 4 years everything this women has gotten has been free and all she does is yell at her kids on tv for it.

Trish on

I like her with long hair but the extensions are not very good. you can see where they are hooked in. she should have kept her hair short and let it grow out in time. As for Kate. she has changed so much and not for the better. she has gone from a nice person to a stuck up snob.its sad that she let fame change her. Im not saying it couldnt happen to any of us. when you start getting spoiled with having everything given to you I quess you start acting like that.

Em on

WHO CARES! This woman has how many children and she spends an entire day getting a hair re-do, give me a flipping break, she and everyone who is interested in her life, needs to GET A LIFE. Where in the world are people’s priorities these days!

Katie on

Kate should be at home with her children. I wish she would leave TV world and really take care of her children.

do not wanna reveal on

I think Kate Gosselin looks a-mazing!! I think it is a nice change for her. I cannot imagine having people mess with your hair for TWENTY HOURS! That would be insane. I think she needs it for herself. New start. Fresh start. in 2010 she will start fresh and have a new show, and not be haunted by her divorce. Or the ongoing drama of whatever Jon comes up with next. There will always be a next for Jon Gosselin. No lie. It’s the truth.

Leah on

Kate says she is all about her children….then why is she away from them for over 20 hrs and why is she spending so much money on extensions. Kate complains that without the show she won’t have money to raise the kids……but spending recklessly on hair is contradictory to what she says about Jon. She is just as bad as he is, however I believe she made him into the person he became. Any person as controlling and mean as she was to Jon (as seen in past episodes), will start to treat the kids the same.

elaine bailey on

so what about her hair, especially on the front page, i am not even buying it this time, she was bossy to jon not saying he was perfect,but youu know who wore the pants,why either of them get the publicity still is beyond me,poor kate,but she needs to start being real,she is not a celebrity,they both made money off their kids, times up,

susan galea on

Kate does reasonably well considering the stress of raising eight children and the concomitant issues of expenses and their welfare being paramount. There were times,especially in public when out with Jon when she should have bitten her tongue but you know his passive agression and constant sniping was, equally, deeply unattractive. He has revealed his petulance to be a little more than that and he has not behaved decently by any stretch.. I hope she finds another, more mature and kind man to partner her and wish her every success with her ventures on tv or wherever. Happy New Year.

sara on

really? 7g’s on hair wonder if thats the money she was hiding?…..but was she not on a show CRYING saying she had no money to pay bills? what a fruitcake

meme on

Is this woman ever going to go away? Enough with Kate already surely someone else out there is more deserving of this kind of attention

Nicole on

I think Kate looks great! And every mom needs to pamper herself a little! Jon has but that women through so much and if people don’t like it then don’t watch her! I think that women is incrediable in so many ways! And untill anyone has eight kids two sets of mulitpules no one has a right to judge her!

Mac on

It’s more of a younger person’s hairstyle. She should have gone to Nick Arrojo!

Colleen Walker on

Until you have walked in her shoes…….

Good for her to have a new look, I have done the same after a break up. New Year, new change, new life.

Mary on

She is possibly the most annoying female ever. She is so full of herself and acts as if she is deserving of all that comes her way. Where were her children when this 20 hour procedure was being done. She is not special, she is a greedy, self serving, selfish person who needs to start thinking about others instead of how she can get her face in the tabloids. Take care of your very lonely children and their emotional needs and then you will become important. To them not us.

Jason on

She looks great! Better then most out there. Especially the younger ones who look like they have rats nests on their heads.

Alex on

You what amazes me that she cries about having no money to pay bills but she can afford a 7,000 hair extensions. That money could used to pay your bills. So many people list their jibs and are struggling to make ends meet. I’m so upset when people get their 15 minutes and just take advantage of the situation. I hope in the long run you realize the blessing God gave you and now you are taking it for granted. How selfish to think of yourself and not your kids. The same for Jon.

Jennifer on

I like the change on a whole. Sometimes people go darker but I’m glad she kept it blonde. Definitely an improvement. I think she could of gotten a better weave job. For what she paid I shouldnt be able to tell the difference from her hair and the extension. It was also too bulky.

Becky on

This does not look good. I really don’t think there’s any way around that fact. Hair that was that short can’t get extensions and look normal.
I think that hairstylist is probably fantastic at what he does but this looks like a bad wig. She needed to let her hair grow out naturally for several inches and then add some fake length.

sandra on

She clearly spent too much money when she always crying about not having enough money, enough with her already. I am all with a new year, new look but what a lousy job on her hair. She needs to go away and find a regular job for her sake and the sake of her adorable children.

Kay on

I really like Kate and think those that don’t just have never had any fun, like the joking around when the water was too cold. Ever heard of laughing people?? I also think her hair looks amazing on the cover photo but not at all in the video- great extensions shouldn’t have that line where your real hair starts and the extensions begin- especially with Kate already having such thick hair.

tammy on

Well I think she should be taking care of those kids. I think it is more important to be a movie star and not have to work a real job ever again. I wonder if she will meet a new man who will look to be in the spot light himself and then he can tell the whole world what a real b—- she is and get a book deal of his own….. lol come on I could so see that happening.

cbear on

$7000.00 for hair for a woman that is capable of growing it herself. People how bout donating &7000.00 to a cancer victim that would love to have hair after going through a life saving treatment. KG is the most self centered egotistical woman around, wasn’t she just crying on the Today show a few months ago that she could not pay her bills. The woman has contributed nothing to society except 8 children that thanks to her and husband will need plenty of therapy. I hope her career dies and she disappears with it.

Tara on

She didn’t pay for the 7k herself. she’s really good at spinning deals – I’m sure the hair people are getting their names out there (ie this retarded mini-video, her show, the People Mag) and she got them for next to nothing.

cheesehead on

When will we finally hear the last of this waste of time and her ex-husband. They are both a total case of non-talent and money hungry jerks. I didn’t bother reading the article or any comments (and don’t bother reading anything on them) – I and 99% of the world don’t care what they’re doing – I’m just sick of having to see their faces and names. Neither one has any talent and are horrible examples of parents. Please – just allow them to crawl back into nothingness. I feel so sorry for those poor children who have been used so much. How dare any “parent” do that.

lisa on

Once again NO class! 7,000.00 for head and 3 months of paid morg. for me and my kids. Do the math Katie or better yet let your kids do it for you.

Pam on

Jon and Kate are two of the biggest egotistical jokes ever! They think they are the hottest things on TV and they are really pathetic losers.
Enough of them already!!!!!!

Claudia on

I think she looks fantastic. I think a makeover is a fresh start for her following her traumatic divorce and her ex-husband robbing the cradle. She is a beautiful and strong woman and I wish her the best in everything she does.

Marie on

I’ve definitely lost respect for PEOPLE magazine and won’t be buying it as I usually do. Never did have respect for Kate since she and her ex started airing their dirty laundry in front of cameras and to magazines. Their kids will be embarrassed of them some day if not now.

jessica on

Next there will be a People exclusive on her breast implants. I bet she didn’t have to pay for them either. People, you have disappointed me with your choice of this shallow, self absorbed, child exploiting narcissist as your cover girl. I certainly will not be wasting my money buying this issue. Focus on real celebs or real people who have accomplished something other than using their children to garner attention for themselves. She says her focus is on her children but anyone with eyes, ears and a brain in their head can see she cares mainly for herself. It says sad things about our society when we reward attention seekers like this. GO AWAY KATE. Take a good hard look at yourself and take care of your children who have had their family shattered because of you and your ex-husbands selfishness and delusions of importance. You should both be ashamed of yourselves.

Carrie Colter on

Isn’t wonderful being so judgmental?!

Betty B. on

I think she looks like Joe Dirt too!!! I’m sick of her. People is loosing credibility when they run articles like this. Her 15 minutes of fame is over. Go away Kate! (I mean Joe)

Sheila on

Heard KHate is ready too start dating again.
Have the right man for her,Tiger Woods..

Amanda on

Not liking this on her, kinda looks like a ragged dog… Honestly cant beleive this guy is famous for his hair jobs. Wouldnt let him touch my hair.

Sofia on

omg her hair looks horrible
it looks so fake and soo bad she made a bad choice letting them do that

Betty B. on

If you look up looser in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Kate with her Joe Dirt hairdo.

jessica on

In regards to people saying no one should judge Kate, get real. She has put her self way too far out there to demand privacy and has certainly not shown a sincere, decent side that would elicit sympathy. If you flaunt yourself around the way she does, you get what you deserve when it comes to criticism. Jon too. Now the children are another matter as they did not ask for any of this and people who make cruel comments about their behavior or appearances are out of line. They are the innocent pawns in this whole mess. I wonder what will happen to Kate and Jon when the public finally lose interest because it will happen eventually. Then they will really be in for a “reality check” and I doubt Kate will handle it well at all.

joyousness on

I think she was beautiful with her own natural hair, but if it makes her happier, than that’s what matters.

Sandy on

What do u mean this is what is wrong with Ahy are u so hard on her she was making a great living and u would have to for 8 kids,she sure can’t depend on him.She carried the weight of the whole family on her shoulders maybe that is the reason she is eritible More power to her if anyone can make an improvement they should then everyone would be easier to look at. I thinks she looks slim and young. What is the diference between her and Miley Cyrus or the guy on Leave it to Beaver these kids never had a chance to grow up and many more child actors,Brooke Shield.

rachel on

SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!!! Enough of her already! That hair looks so fake and I just heard that she is broke. Why would she spend all that money on herself if she doesn’t even have any? Oh yeah, because she wants the attention like a small child.

corey on

SICK,SICK. SICK of this vapid woman. Can’t wait until her 15 minutes are up and she crawls back under her rock.

Kathy on

this is a woman who cried on camera in front of the whole county that she was worried about feeding her kids and now she spends 7,000 dollar on a hair do please. she is a no body if we just forget her maybe she will become a good mom again.

mikayla on

hey i like her new look she should make a new show and get a new man because jon was mean to his kids and did not payuntenshion to them

corey on

Any man who would consider her as a mate after the way she treated her husband on camera would have to be an attention seeker as well. Jon has certainly acted immaturely to say the least, since the split but honestly, I think her shrewish behavior and the disrespectful way she treated him was just as bad. Imagine how bad it would have been off camera. Why anyone in their right mind would want either of them is beyond my comprehension. What on earth could her new show be about and who will watch it? I think that TLC are really rapidly becoming a joke of a channel. One contrived “reality” show after another and show after show about people who don’t know they are pregnant, weigh 1000 lbs or are simply having dozens of children. I am sure this hair fiasco will be featured on Kate’s new show along with her crocodile tears and new plucky attitude.

toni on

Kate, just go away enough of this woman already. People please stop writing about her and her dumb ex husband.

heather on

I like her old hair better…it was part of HER! That being said, the cattiness and jealousy of people who want to begrudge her for getting them is just ridiculous. Her kids are taken care of, and if she wants to take a day off to go pamper herself, she is entitled to do so. Some of these folks need to get over themselves! Do your thing Kate! Can’t wait for the new show!!!!

Carolyn Dunn on

I thought just a couple of months ago she didn’t have money to mail her bills. this is a pretty hefty price tag on this new makeover.


sheri macpherson on

I hardly think that the people who aren’t Kate fans and don’t like the new do are jealous. That is cliche and hilarious. I personally do not envy her as a divorced mother of 8 young children with a ex-husband who seems to be reverting back to childhood himself, an oddly unnatural looking new hairdo and what is becoming an increasingly negative public persona despite all of the desperate attempts at good PR being made by Kate and TLC.

Steph on

Kate looks so horrible with that long hair. I agree that her old style needed a change, but this updated look is just as bad.

On another note, Kate really needs to lay low and be there for her kids. It seems she will do almost anything for attention. I just have a hard time liking her these days when she can sit for 20 hours to have her hair done (as well as attend other major outings) and leave the kids with their nanny. I do believe that she loves her kids and wants the best for them deep down, but she seems distracted by her fame and all of the attention she gets instead of focusing on the kids.

heatherrk on

Good for her! Everyone deserves some time to themselves and to spend some money on themselves. She works for her money, she’s not getting it from her ex. All of you parents out their can’t say that you don’t spend time away from your kids, or spend money on other things. Yes, $7,000 is A LOT, but I’m guess she got that amount x 10 for being on the cover of the magazine.

Elaine on

Kate, you are not a DIVA!! No wonder your children are having a difficult time. Between you and your vanity and Jon and his promiscuity and immaturity, where is the stable life for these children? You’re spending money like it’s water and taking away from your kids. We have watched your children from babies and now they are split between two immature parents. How sad. Grow up you two and do what you have to do to provide a loving and stable life for your kids and stop concentrating on you!!

Melissa on

How sad. She could’ve spent that 20 hours with her kids. Or donated that money to charity. “Clean slate”? Yeah right. More of the same, self-absorbed, Kate.

Hopewell on

If we don’t stop reading this garbage Kate will never go away. She is a pretty, self centered, unhappy, money grabbing, attention seeking woman.
Long hair or short hair does not make a difference. She is what she is.

Barbara on

Good for you, Kate! Good for you. It was nice to see your personality again:-)

hayden on

The personality that we see is an attention loving, sycophant demanding, narcissist one. She likes to be fawned over and it shows. For the life of me I will never understand what her admirers see that they find appealing. She is not strong, she is demanding, abrasive and self pitying, she is not organized, she is anal retentive and to top it all off she plays favorites with her kids openly. When the show started, she was much more appealing but has morphed into something scary in both looks and personality. It is amazing what undeserved notoriety can do to a person.

Carol on

Why does anyone care?? And who was taking care of her EIGHT small children during this 18+ beauty session? IMO she is self-centered, self-indulgent and obnoxious.

miblue on

I am sorry but 7 grand when you whine about not having enough money to keep the power on and feed the 8 children you brought into this world.Besides those extensions looked really bad- you could see the break in the back of her head-and what was with the screaching????? 7 thousand would buy a lot of groceries and all that hair would have mad a lot of wigs for kids at Shriners.What a complete witch she is and very selfish.

Kendra on

Her hair looks a mess. He must do Britney’s ratty weave too. Too much $ to be looking like that. It doesn’t blend whatsoever and looks cheap.

Why are people tripping about the cost? Most likely she did not pay for it, they gave it to her for free advertising, and if Jon can spend his money and time gallivanting with 22 year olds, I dont know why there is such an outrage about Kate getting pampered for the day.

nibbyboi on

she looks aight

Isabella on

A good stylist would have told Kate to grow our the back more before adding extensions. It looks horrible and obviously fake. Hmm..kinda like Kate. Should a put the money away for the kids future, because at this rate you’ll be broke!

Jill on

I like Kates hair she deserves a new look and a make over.Shes been through alot. I think every mom should be able to get a new hair cut or somthing for themselves if it makes them feel good about themselves . she takes care of the kids very well and this was her days to do somthing for herself and everybody needs that somtimes.
She looks very happy with her hair and that all it matters. Thats why God put us on earth to be happy.

jenn on

she looks great. the longer hair is cute. she looks younger and more full of life. i dont care if you hate her or not after everything that she has been through she deserves to be pampered. my god the woman has eight kids!!!!! she has taken several bad situations and used them to her advantage. she may not be perfect but i think people give her too much bs. a lying,cheating, thieving husband who doesnt treat her like the mother of his children chould be treated. good for you kate….happy 2010!

jenn on

i meant should not chould

Lynnsi on

I think that married or not when you are a Mother… it is sooooo important to keep a piece of yourself. So much time and patience, and not to mention $ go into raising children whether it be 1 or 8. It is sooo important to feel good about yourself and and your life to be good for your children. I see beautiful Mothers everyday who look great and have personal changes, and are still wonderful parents! Good for you Kate! Personal worth goes a long way and will reflect on your children. They will see confidence and its an amazing thing to have this day in age! Kudos to all women who take care of themselves and aren’t afraid of change! Besides love her or hate her… someone will always be jugding her, whether it’s her divorce, children or looks! Jealousy and Vanity runnin from some loose lips, is all it really is! Peace and Love!

josee on

Of course all mothers deserve “me” time and from the looks of her Kate takes plenty of it. Her nails are acrylic, her tan is fake, she works out. These are not insults to her, plenty of people have fake nails and work out. She has nannies and assistants and is not trapped in the house with those kids by any means. Even before the move they had lots of help from friends, relatives, the community. I think that the negative reactions people are having are totally derived from her personality. She says one thing, that it is all about the kids and her actions exhibit a totally different truth, It is all about Kate. No one would have a clue who she was if it were not for those kids and she seems to have forgotten that. Many, many mothers raise large families and never complain and they do it with non-celeb perks and salaries. To defend her as needing to take time for herself seems naive which again is not an insult as ir is good to give people the benefit of a doubt, but calling people vain, jealous and loose lipped if they don’t like her hair, which does not look natural and will require a huge amount of time to maintain is silly. Saying she should focus on her little children who she says are having a hard time only males sense. Both Kate and Jon seem to have forgotten the plus 8 that made them household names. hated by some and loved by others. They both need to put those kids first and get out of the public eye, otherwise, the criticism will never stop. Neither one of them is acting in the best interest of the children and Kate’s parading herself around at photo shoots like she is relevant is just as bad as Jon’s immature behavior and bag judgment.

juli jones on

i have got to say that this hair, for 7,000.00 looks like doo doo! she cant possible think it looks good either. Honey take that hair off and get your $$$$ back. From someone who thought they wanted extensions until now! Thanks kate for saving me the money!!!!!

Jennifer H on

I think her hair looks beautiful.She needed a new look and a fresh new start!!! Time for new things and hopefully someone special to treat you the way you deserve to be treated!! You GO Girl!!

ugh! on

ummmm is it me, or does she look eerily like Kendra formerly of GND? EW… Don’t like her, don’t like her new hair!

tina on

I really think Kates hair looks awful. Looks like my little girls barbie dolls. After they have played with them for like 3 years. Bad bad choice kate .!!

Diane S on

It really looks bad . . . cheap and cheesy. Which is rather appropriate for her anyway. She loves to be the one who “takes the high road” and “is the adult” in their family. But right now she needs to try to be the supermom she puts herself out there to be. Be there for your kids, be their mom, be normal, be like anyone else. If she put their finances in order while they were raking it in like she says she did she can afford to wait a bit to put herself out there. Put the kids first.

Lori on

I didn’t know mullets were back in style….

Lindsay on

this looks ridiculous. Anything for her to boost her “career” where were the kids at this time. It looks like she has a mullet. The whole point of extensions is to look like it’s your hair and this definitely doesn’t.

LeAnn on

OMG she looks just like Kendra Wilkinson now Baskett(Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend)!!!
I agree the hair looks bulky in the back and you could see the extensions start/stop but am sure that was all fixed.
I think it made her look very young and absolutely great~love the new look.
Expensive extensions are period!
Smart move!

pam on

I think Kate’s hair looks awesome and I loved the video! The haters just cannot say anything nice…when the water was cold she “squealed”…I would have too, but it was all in fun. I think she’s a stitch and I admire her as a Mom and as a person. She is great. I loved her short hair too…she is a beautiful woman and I adore her! Go “Clean Slate Kate”…make 2010 your year to shine!

nancy on

She looks so gorgeous!! I love love love her. She has kept the extensions. She has been photographed recently with the extensions. Not to mention she was out and about with a cutie of a man here is the link

sasha leblanc on

It is funny that all the Kate fans call people haters and say that anyone who does not worship her are jealous. Fawning over people who have images that are carefully constructed by PR people is not a smart thing to do. Even with all that is out there, the public for the most part see through it. I do not wish the woman any ill will and was one of the rare people who thought that while her former hairstyle was a little odd, it suited her and made sense for someone with a lot of kids and who was busy. However, you would think that someone wanting a “Clean Slate” would be trying to simplify and not add a huge amount of maintenance to their routine. People with hair extensions aren’t going to want them messed up and tugged on and with 8 kids, that is a given. It doesn’t look like the choice of someone putting the needs of her kids first. Self worth is not expressed in how glamorous you look but in how you treat others.

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kim on


alexa on

Go ahead and support Kate but you might want to consider leaving out the accusations of “haters” wanting to be her. Who in their right mind would want to be her? She has some die hard fans left, but for the most part has become reviled by a huge segment of the American public, even with a personal PR team.

tonja on

she is whining about not having enough money to pay the bills in her purse,i wish i had 7 grand to spend foolishy,but i don’t,she really needs to think about her kids a little more .i would of loved to have had 7 grand for my kids and granddaughter for christmas .

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[…] HAIR • When Ted Gibson made over Kate Gosselin with hair extensions for the cover of People magazine, the process took him twenty hours to complete. [People] […]

Diana on

Wow…it appears there are a LOT of messed up people in this world who are either too lazy to read the truth or too dumb to understand it. First-now try and let this sink in you complainers: Kate did this while it was Jon’s time with the kids, second-she did not pay for it-it is fantastic free advertising for the hairstylist and he works for TLC and, third, she is doing this WHILE her short hair grows in!!!! (Therefore they are temporary extensions UNTIL her hair grows!!!!) That pretty much stops all the ridiculous whining and complaining you “strangers to Kate” are repeating and repeating and repeating. Whether you like her hair or not-totally irrelevant because everyone has different tastes and, last time I checked, here in America we can wear our hair how we want to.I give any woman who has been thru the mess with Jon a huge credit for keeping in a positive forward direction. Woman should be supporting her-while he drinks, drugs and sleeps with any under 25 year old who will have him.If your big issue is that you do not like Kate’s hairdo-your life is very sad and I feel sorry for you.

alexa on

Aren’t we lucky to live in a free nation where we can express out opinions and aren’t we all, myself included. dealing with too much time on our hands to be worrying about someone like Kate Gosselin ? Whether we like her or not, her hair will not impact anything in the world for better or worse other than maybe increasing her hairdresser’s revenue for the year. This woman is an incredibly polarizing person and that is not really a good thing in general and especially when discussing on blogs where mudslinging is anonymous. People either really dislike her or blindly love everything about her no matter what she does. It would be nice to see some perception coming from the middle.

tammie on

that is not a good look. the choppy different lengths. it looks so fake & so unhealthy. you can tell even she didnt like it. or she would have screeched or something. that guy is a professional?? thats awful. id want my money back & go back to the reverse mullet if i was kate. or let it grow out naturally like somebody else mentioned. extensions are just bizarre to me.

Meara on

I’m not crazy about the haircut, but she definitely looks better with the long hair. Others may say she looks younger with the short length, but I beg to differ. But long or short, it’s nice to see Kate with a NEW and fresh look. It’s about time! You go Kate! Glad to see you making positive changes for 2010. And about her personality..she may come off a bit blunt and abrasive, but what to you expect from a mother of 8?! We also can’t forget to mention that her husband has left, and she is trying to keep things together for her kids (all under the eye of the media.) She has no choice but to be a strong woman. And that doesn’t make her a B****!

dessertgirl on

$7,000 would almost pay for textbooks for the 8 kids for one year in university. Oh, well, she will ask the taxpayers to take care of that after all she did have 6 kids at once so that makes the government responsible for her.

eliza on

Looking at it from another viewpoint, being a b***h doesn’t mean you are strong. Abrasive, blunt people have a tendency to not care much about how they make other people feel which is very emotionally immature. Some of the softest spoken, kindest people I know have shown great strength during a crisis. Whether she is trying to hold it together or not, I hope she is able to treat her children with a kinder attitude.

Robert on

So typical…when she gets married she no longer cares to impress her husband and so she cuts her hair into an atrocious short style with no appeal what so ever and now that she is single again (if you can ever be actually be single again after giving birth to 8 children)she has her hair in a much a more attractive feminine longer hair look in an attempt to appeal to men…however knowing what her true nature is like, and how she treats men, would be enough to turn most guys off…long flowing hair or not.

Carrie on

Kate got what is known as fusion extentions. With a hair color as light as Kates they should have never put them on her. If she was set on them they should have darkened her hair as a darker color is more forgiving with the shorter layers in the back.That would have disguised the line where her hair meets the extentions. Also, it looks as though they did not pair down the extentions before adding them to her hair. They should have cut them in half before adding them and that would have fixed the bulk look that we all see. If in fact she paid $7000 for those she should ask for her money back. I have seen cosmo students who could do a better job than that. Kate had the right idea…it just was not executed well.

Mimi on

She cried how Jon had stolen money from her and she couldn’t pay to feed her kids, BLA BLA BLA. Well she just got robbed 7000$ from under her but this time she stole it from her kids lets see how she defends herself on this one.

Johanne on

What Meja said. Couldn’t have said it better.

Grace on

I have to say that I am not digging this look at all. It was pretty obvious from the cover that this was extensions. This was money not well spent. They should have donated the money on animal shelters instead. I’m sorry. I’m all for a good make over but this one is not!!!!!

Megan on

Love it! I am happy for her! It is difficult to make so many changes and keep face=)

alexa on

Apparently now she hates it. Maybe she is the type of person who not satisfied with anything. She may look happy on the cover but looks miserable in almost every other photo before and after the new hair. Extensions are hard, lots of people who get them find them awkward to deal with. Sometimes when nothing makes you happy you need to sequester yourself and take a long hard look at your life. Maybe clinging to the spotlight is not what is best for her after all.

meanjean on

she looks just like hailey glassman.
is she trying to get that winning jon back ?
is she trying to beguile the bodyguard ?
what man would want a b**** w/ baggage
she’s a man hater
she wants a ca$h cow
k8 wants $$$$$$$$

mia on

I dont like it. For 20hrs and $7000 it should look better than that. You can see exactly where her stops and the extensions begin.

Tabitha on

There is nothing wrong with a mother wanting to pamper herself every now and then. But her hair looks aweful. The cut needed to be blended and it is too bulky. She paid $7000 for that? I need to start doing hair extentions since apparently it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

Ms sarah on

Kate you look great. There sure are alot of people jealous of you. You go girl my whole family of 100 loves you. I hope you get your own show. i am your biggest fan. don,t worry about hateful people.They just wish they had your looks

Kim on

Kate, I think you look GREAT!! I was shocked when I saw your picture. You look younger and more beautiful. Good for you for making the change for your new start in life!!

maryssa on

Kate looks BEAUTIFUL!

Kimberly Cavanaugh on

I miss the show and watching those adorable kids growing up. Leave Kate alone, she’s trying her best to support those beautiful children. Jon eat your heart out. I will be watching DWTS and hoping she goes all the way.

Robin on

Way to go Kate. You look great!

Kim on

The new ‘do’ is disastrous. Looks like a bad wig; doesn’t accentuate her features AT ALL. Waste of time & money.

Kate Gosselin’s Hair Makeover in People Magazine on

[…] Watch Kate Gosselin’s 20-Hour Hair Makeover! […]

Skeans on

Great Post

Kate Gosselin: What Should She Do Next? - Geo Fail on

[…] hairstyles – she’s gone short and she’s gone long! – get her as much attention as anything else she does, which is why Kate Gosselin’s Beauty […]

Kate Gosselin: What Should She Do Next? - on

[…] hairstyles – she’s gone short and she’s gone long! – get her as much attention as anything else she does, which is why Kate Gosselin’s Beauty […]

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