Angelina Jolie No Longer the Face of St. John

01/08/2010 at 02:04 PM ET

Gilbert Flores/CelebrityPhoto

While Angelina Jolie hasn’t appeared in an ad for St. John for some time, the luxury knitwear company is speaking out on the absence of her famous face from their campaign. The label’s chief executive officer Glenn McMahon tells WWD, “[Jolie] overshadowed the brand. We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blondes and cleanse the palette.” So while other luxury brands have hired the likes of Madonna, Emma Watson, Eva Mendes and others to star in their upcoming spring/summer 2010 campaigns, St. John turned to red-headed model Karen Elson, a decision McMahon sees as a step in the right direction for the brand. “We needed to show a modern point of view of St. John,” he says. “We have evolved.” And according to the label’s website, executive vice president of design for St. John, George Sharp, who also directed the new ads, views Karen as the “epitome of the modern day woman…the St. John woman… strong, confident, sensual and approachable with effortless glamour.” Tell us: What do you think of St. John’s decision to drop Angelina Jolie from their ad campaign? — Andrea DeSimone

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annie on

Angelina is hot, St. John is yawn. Yeah, I only looked at her beautiful face and not the clothes in the ads so they’re probably right to get someone who doesn’t overshadow the outfits.

Ashley on

I’m not sure if this was the wrong move for St. John, but I’m not very fond of it. I felt that Angelina Jolie did a beautiful job of representing them. The ads were so clean-cut and made you really want to look as good as she did. I don’t feel like she overshadowed the company, although it is a valid concern; rather, i felt that she enhanced its quality and widened its audience range. Perhaps it was a good decision business-wise, but, on the other hand, the company may have lost a handful of admirers.

lola on

I’m very Pleased that, she was, dropped!

people = the new tabloid on

People magazine you know this is OLD news. I’m surprised PEOPLE magazine has news about real stars. WE NEED MORE NEWS ON JON GOSSELIN, PEOPLE MAG! ~rolling my eyes~

mari on

i think that St. John’s was correct in that Angie is too famous for their ads. I loved looking at her in the catalog. She made the clothes, not the other way around. I only looked at the clothes after I finished admiring her beautiful face. Some of the clothes were OK but not great. A little stuffy yet elegant. More like clothes for Queen Elizabeth and not a sexy icon like Angie. It’s St. John’s loss if you ask me!!!

lola on

I’m very Pleased that, she was, dropped! They should try getting Jennifer Aniston to wear it.

pinkcashmere on

I guess St John knew they wouldn’t get enough press without AJ so that had to drag her into their press release. She stopped being their spokesperson for almost 2 yrs. Since mid 2008 they have used have used another model who wasnt a celeb. They made an announce in 2008 that they had parted ways but Glenn M being moron had to take digs at AJ even though she helped the brand $ wise

~~&~~ on

Angie wasn’t modeling for them in years

oath on


Sup on

Huge mistike to let her go.

Jenn on

HA! Jennifer Aniston SHOULD be the model for St. John’s because SHE is as BORING as the clothing they sell, so it would be a perfect fit! Angelina has better things to do with her time. Jen Aniston, not so much.

H-aylo on

“St. John woman… strong, confident, sensual and approachable with effortless glamour..”

that’s Angelina Jolie – her pictures were timeless!


Eveyone wants a piece of Angie.

Jen A. on

St. John had INCREASED sales with Jolie as their rep. They had MILLIONS in free publicity from her red carpet appearance for the Golden Globes. They used her and now that its over they’re using her name to remind you they still exists. I hope Jolie goes with a company that actually understands they have a star. Not some reality show star but an actual movie star.

And of course she over shadowed them. She’s a multi millionaire movie star. The clothing line is for old people and you hired a youthful movie star. And you bad mouth her? Please.

lisa on

I hated the overpriced label anyway!!! Now, I’m really not going to purchase their overpriced wannabe “Chanel” suits.

Bobbi Walker on

Biiiig mistake. Angelina is a very busy mom that is still very sexy. Karen who????

j'aime on

The legendary Angelina Jolie does not care for that.

Liberty on

Don’t care about AJ; still love the clothes…but the new gal’s red hair is overpowering in the photos. YUK! I don’t connect with that at all.

444 on

Angie is too good for them.

Lorinda on

I don’t like the new model–overshadows the clothes…. looks like a vampire with the super white skin and too red hair–i guess that’s in now…..

Carla on

Never heard of St John, but I’ve certainly heard of Angie!

Pea on

I don’t like their clothes.Love you,beautiful Angelina.

skalambakal on

Who cares? Angelina already helped them a lot. Angelina is so stunning as ever!!!!

Ann on

St. John is a credible label, I like their clothing and Angelina just isn’t a “classic” person for their campaign. They needed to go in a different direction. I would have preferred their going in the other direction and hiring someone over 35 or 40, such as a well-known model, maybe the likes of Paulina Porizkova or Christie Brinkley or Vendela. There are women out there over 35 and 40, St. John!!

Sue on

What is St. John?

tally on

Sounds like they’ve spent some time trying to negotiate a new contract — she hasn’t appeared in an ad in a while, but they only now are naming a replacement — and that she was asking for too much money. That makes more sense than that she’s too famous. (And I think it’s past time to return to nonpolitical models instead of celebrities with different political points of view that do reflect on companies too. Not that I’m against anything about Jolie in particular, I’m speaking generally.)

Sarah on

Angelina Jolie is too pretty……… She hardly needs anything to enhance her looks :) I have never cared about their clothing but it takes balls to admit that the chick is just plum to beautiful to be seen in them ! Big compliment if you ask me. *YAWN* on the clothes I’ve seen thus far…… I will look again, but only @ the clothes they put on Angelina in the past *snickering*

A. on

I but St.John’s, I don’t buy Angelina Jolie!

tammy on

I definately agree with many pple above that Angie was too good for their campaign and if they asked me who the strong, confident, not blonde,sensual and more approchable with effortless glamour woman was that just defines Angelina Jolie for me she all those things they mentioned. Its definately not that red haired scary looking woman. I can understand the fact that Angie overshadowed their brand coz me too I am one of the people that would just look at her and not the clothes over and over. The pictures were too beautiful. But anyways its business and they have to do what they have to do to survive so good luck to St Johns.

Lois on

Good for St. John. What’s so great about Angelina Jolie. I’m sick of looking at her and reading about her.

win on


she on

St.John = bad chothes

meg on

Angie is all those things they mentioned they are looking for. Not sure with the new model. Even though I respect their decision which I am sure doesn’t affect Angelina because thats not where she makes her most money from. But I think they could have gotten a better looking model not that one. That model does not look morden to me.

Small on

I think they let Angelina Jolie go because she was refusing to wear their bad clothes.

Oly on

@Small Ha!!ha!!!haaa!!!ha!!!!thats funny, you made me laugh. But I couldn’t agree more with you. I just used to look at their ada because of Angie and now I have a reason not to look at their horrible expensive for nthing clothes. I am happy too that Angie is no longer associated with their bad clothes.

ann on

Angie is all used up….Brad and her both always look so unhappy…..time for her to retire and tend to all those children…she can’t act so what is the big deal about her?

Colette on

Could care less that they dropped Angelina. I will say that I don’t care for the new campaign. I really don’t dig the photos – the hair just doesn’t work. I can say that being a red head.

Frann on

I can’t stand the sight of this woman and I don’t feel she has talent except that men are men and will oggle any female that lets it hang out.

Cynthia on

Angelina face was too beautiful for St. John’s clothing. Nothing she wore in those ads ever caught my eye. Just a bunch of drab & boring knits. They should count their blessings that someone like Angelina could bring attention to their granny suits.

SeiuC on

Angie is everything to which St Johns says they’ve evolved – and to which, of course, they have not. They still represent boring, old fashioned, school-marmy,librarian, which Angie is not. She’s lucky to be rid of them. They, however will be sorry she’s gone.

admirer on

St. John’s clothes are a bore. Angelina Jolie made their clothes look fantastic. It’s unfortunate and a publicity stunt to announce dropping her since she has not modeled in a long time.

Tara on

Checked out the St. John website. That new model is scary! Last I checked most women aren’t six feet tall and 90 lbs soaking wet either. Huge mistake!

Alllie on

Really, who cares. The new ad is great and the model is BEAUTIFUL!

Italia on

“Angelina overshadowed the brand…” Well of course she did. Angelina is SMOKING! I can understand why they would say that, however, I see it both ways. Of course, she’s Angelina, but she also brought quiet glamour to the brand. I paid attention to the St. John’s campaign when she modeled their clothing. Since she hasn’t doen the spread, i haven’t paid much attention although I own several pieces of the St. John knit brand. I have a wonderful pale, yellow and white knit suit, I wore to my interview for the Federal Government, I paired with a sheer navy blue and white top from Brooks Brothers-Women’s line…and I got the job. I was SMOKING in that suit I must say myself! And when deciding what to wear on that interview, I took a page out of Angelina’s book. However, I think that it keeps teh brand fresh to use new talent so I don’t feel bad about them moving to a new model. But I do think the choice of Angelina Jolie was spot on. I loved the campaign, it was fantastic! The black and white ads were very “MadMen” I loved it! I am an Angelina Jolie fan big time.

Hallee on

Highly over-rated (Angelina) that is.

Linda on

I can understand why they would say the persona of AJ would overshadow the clothing – but I am not sure that I agree with the direction that they took. Checked out their website and well the ghost white anorexic scary looking model with hair between carrot and burgundy is not doing their clothes any favors. It may be more haute coture of a look but it was a real turn off for me. Hard to see past the model to see the clothes because she is so out of the normal range.

II think the clothes look lovely but total turn off from the ads!

Tavia on

Well, I can see how she would have overshadowed the brand, but on the other hand, isn’t advertising there to raise awareness of a product? I had never heard of St. John, or at least had never paused in flipping the pages to look at a St. John ad, before she was in them.

fem on

Angelina Jolie is the only female actress in Hollywood who can take on a role originally intended for a man. She doesn’t care for St John

SeiuC on

I agree with those readers … Jennifer Aniston would be the better spokesperson for boring old St. Johns.

st.who? on

maybe I would know who/what St. John is if they would have kept Angelina Jolie as their spokesperson.

jenfraud on

Angelina doesn’t have to model for clothing lines. It was St. John’s honor to have her agree modeling for their very boring clothes. Although I have enjoyed their catalogs for the first time because of Angelina’s beauty. Good riddance OF ST. JOHN. Now go back to hiring no-name no-character everyday models.

Nancy Carson on

She needs to be dropped from everything. I do not like her and never have. She may be beautiful but there are a lot of movie stars just as beautiful and they are not “over-doing” it as she is. She was nothing before she started being an “ambassador”.

Dantea on

She is going to overshadow anything commercial that she does. Angie is meant for bigger and better things than consumerism.

Mom Of Twins on

Dumb move.

Mom Of Twins on

St. WHO?

jeanne on

St.John are getting the attention they wanted because the news is the all over Internet.

cindy on

i heard angelina wouldn’t renew. St. John is in financial trouble. So they’re probably happy. They’re a has been brand, only old people wear it.

c stone on

St John Knits are classy and women with tatoos I am sorry to say are not classy

Stella on

Huge mistake…Angelina is an US ambassador who does fantastic charitable work. St. John underutilized her and now they want to blame her as not being modern! If SJ had been smarter they would have dressed AJ in SJ for all United Nations events etc. Who cares about Karen Elson…they should have used someone like Cloris Leachman….she’s more like their customer.

Anonymous on

credit PT re St. John —–

Angie DID overshadow “the brand.” She also made them a buttload of money and saved their asses from bankruptcy. They went from running in the red the year before he adds started running to being back in the black with over $400 million in annual sales. All the while Angie’s ads were plastered all over the world – from billboards to magazines. Funny how the company’s prez forgot to mention that little item. Plus, they promised Angie they’d create a children’s charity with her, but never made good on their promise. The final year of her contract they made a large donation to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation instead. Yet another little item the prez forgot to mention.

Ann on

One looks as unreal as the other, and neither represents most women, and so the absurdity that the CEO made — the St. John woman… strong, confident, sensual and approachable with effortless glamour — what an utterly absurd comment! Elson, nor Jolie looks in the least bit approachable. They should have gone for America Ferrera, or Janine Garrafallo (sp) or Nia Long, or Ginnifer Goodwin, or one of the female astronauts, or just somebody known for their character, accomplishments for the world, philanthropy, and known for it, and not looks! Not a model. How shallow and absurd!

Dawn on

I only looked at their clothes because of Angelina – They should make better clothes.

soon on

St. John are obviously just using Angelina Jolie to get a free publicity.

skalambakal on

Dumb move from St. John.

Hawk on

I think that she still look,s good in all clothes. So all the people that donot like her, Angela is Beautiful so stop and work and your self .

Jade Smith on

Lola why r u glad they dropped Angelina?

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