Heidi Klum Launching Two Maternity Lines!

01/06/2010 at 05:30 PM ET

Loved by Heidi Klum™ for Motherhood Maternity®

There’s no stopping supermodel mama Heidi Klum! Just three months after welcoming her fourth child, daughter Lou Sulola, the Project Runway host announces plans to launch two maternity lines next month. Lavish by Heidi Klum and Loved by Heidi Klum will debut online and in stores Feb. 12 for A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity, respectively. (Heidi follows in the footsteps of Nicole Richie, who debuted her own line for A Pea in the Pod in August.) In keeping with Heidi’s own sexy maternity style, Lavish includes 15 pieces of “iconic style and seamless fit.” One highlight? A slinky black maxidress, $128, worthy of a red carpet arrival! Loved will offer 14 affordable items made for comfort. Pieces include a loose-fitting floral print top, $40, and blue button-down tunic, $30. Heidi brings a heck of a lot of sartorial expertise (including a combined three years of pregnancies!) to her lines. “I experienced fashion challenges during my four pregnancies and combined my knowledge of what works in terms of style, comfort and practicality to create these lines,” Heidi said today in a statement. “Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable and feeling great about your changing body. It’s an exciting journey.” We can’t wait to see more!
Tell us: Will you buy Heidi’s maternity fashions? –Kate Hogan

Lavish by Heidi Klum™ for A Pea in the Pod®

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budget mom on

Even though my household earns a crazy amount of money, I still wouldn’t spend $40 on a maternity top!
It is so frustrating shopping for “affordable” clothes you don’t wear that often. And when you’re pregnant and just sitting at home, you’re not wearing nicer clothes. You’re probably in sweats.
Old Navy had really affordable maternity clothes, but unfortunately weren’t made for women who were skinny and pregnant.

CK on

I couldn’t think of a better person to do this than Heidi. She defintely is the woman for the job.


lana on

what exactly is maternity clothes?? when i was pregnant i never once stepped foot into a maternity store. sure i got bigger around the waist, and I just bought different style clothing that was looser and more comfortable at the same stores as i shopped before getting pregnant. what is this maxidress they’re talking about for 128 that u wont get to wear again? any maxidress would do for a pregnant person from any regular store and u’d wear it again after having your baby!

Pam on

Heidi Klum was the best looking pregnant woman I have ever seen. She is the perfect person for a maternity clothing line as she is a famous model and has several children.

Her walk on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk within a few weeks of her pregnancy was awesome. She looked better than ever!

I hope her line does well! She is in tune to fashion trends and understands the frustration of trying to find trendy clothing that fits comfortably when you are pregnant.

Jon on

I just want to wish Heidi Klum the best with her two new maternity clothing lines! And, I will not be buying them because I am a guy, if I were a girl & pregnant, then maybe?

Mia on

At least they have more options for stylish clothes and Heidi will definitely make pregnant women runway ready!

08girl on

Ugh. Who would wear a dress THAT tight when they’re pregnant? It just looks uncomfortable and really not flattering at all.

NB on

Budgetmom – 29 yrs ago I paid anywhere from $20 – $35 for reasonably fashionable maternity tops, at a maternity discount store. $40 is absolutely a bargain from a designer like Heidi!!! If you want Target prices…shop at Target – nothing wrong with their brand labels!

CK – couldn’t agree more!!

No matter what clothing line a pregnant women chooses…it’s all about her own comfort & budget level!!

Bella on

no I will not buy her clothes because the “normal mom” can’t afford anything like that

missy on

i’ve never felt more beautiful, feminine, healthy, and strong than when i was pregnant. i always made sure i looked put together because pregnancy appearance is a slippery slope and you can look pretty schlumpy pretty fast. i would absolutely buy heidi’s clothing in a heartbeat and 12 years ago prices were the same as she’s charging now. for you women who say you just buy bigger clothes, maternity clothing is cut to really flatter your body and they are created for comfort. go for it!

myfab4 on

I have two kids and am now pregnant with twins. If I could afford to buy them I would. So I’m stuck sewing my own maternity line. Again.

Karen on

Four exclamation points in one small blurb? Yikes. Yes, this is your English teacher speaking…

Cinigirl1 on

Budget Mom, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m excited that she’s launching a maternity line, but I wish she would have considered a more affordable outlet. Everyone is budget conscious these days, especially families expecting a child. Her customer base might double if she created a line for Old Navy or Target.

betty on

I think she will be very successful, as usual, the only thing thats not great is that she is selling through Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity. They have a rediculous return/exchange policy so you better get it right the first time. I so would have rather seen her go with a more consumer friendly retailer.

PM on

I am sure Heidi Klum will bring some really beautiful things at what sounds like a very reasonable price. Why are so many women so stubborn about not buying maternity clothes? Don’t they realize that their shirts look too short in the front and their pants are pulling (straining) around the crotch..??.. Not to mention that you spend money by buying larger or “looser” clothes, when you could spend that money on maternity clothes that actually fit and look right.

agnes on

I think that we dont need another celebrity to make more money. is it because you had 4 kids now you gotta support..ok..back to reality…um most cant afford target or kmart brand of clothes, and have to buy their clothes at resale. and im one of those people. i havent made it big yet..i have school loans. and im not jealous cuz im proud of where i came from. i would rather be poor than anything else anyday. even if i had money i wouldnt spent 40 bucks on a top. no way. my tops are lost 90 cents, $1.50 maybe 5 dollars tops

Carmen on

You gotta love Heidi. She continues to do her thing. Heidi I admire you because you don’t limit yourself. I wish you all the best.

Elizabeth on

I am a plus size pregnant woman and I can’t find ANYTHING unless I buy online which I will not do because I always end up returning it. I hope the clothes she makes for Motherhood goes into all the sizes they have just not the S-M-L section!!!! argh

Mindy on

As a working women who has to dress for the office five days a week I think it is great that there are so many celebrities getting into the maternity wear market. This gives us pregnant women more options for flattering, stylish clothing as our bellies grow. We shouldn’t have to resort to baggy shirts a few sizes bigger than our pre-pregnancy size and elastic waistbands for nine months. Pregnancy does not cause you to loose your sense of style….just your 22 inch waist for a few months!

Jill on

As a Plus sized mom, I wish they would find someone to make real Plus sized maternity clothes. Just because we are overweight doesn’t mean that we don’t have babies, or that we don’t have a “baby bump”. I normally wear a size 18W and with my last pregnancy, could not find any maternity clothes that would fit. Motherhood sells “Plus” sizes, but I couldn’t find any that fit. I ended up having to buy size 24W clothes just to get through, and at the end they were even getting too small. Let’s get some real clothes designed for some real women out there!

Kristi on

More power to her, but I still wouldn’t pay $40 for a maternity top. I rarely found anything comfortable in the maternity stores and just ended up buying larger sweaters and stretch velour pants, and I stole t-shirts from my husband. I would prefer she convince Victoria’s Secret to start a line of attractive nursing bras…there aren’t many out there that are even remotely functional or comfortable, unless you’re willing to pay $100 per bra!

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germangirl on

yes yes yes. She was a woman in style during all her pregnancies and I totally trust her taste

Rebekka on

Enough with Heidi Klum already! Does that woman have to appear everywhere? I am so sick of seeing her all the time!! She sells maternity clothes which were most definitely NOT designed by her but by some nameless taylor. So what. There are other people out there who accomplish greater things.

Jen on

Agreed-while the clothes may look nice, most mom’s to be have to find more budget friendly clothes. Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity and Target are some great affordable alternatives.

yarngoddess on

I wish back in the olden days – 40 years ago – styles had been what they are now. I would have worn a tight dress in a heartbeat and applaud her for designing and wearing these styles. Makes being pregnant and beautiful even more fun. Why shouldn’t you be stylish when you don’t feel like you’re that pretty? Can do nothing but bump up your self esteem.

Courtney on

If you can’t afford it don’t diss it. I can’t afford it but if I could I would so wear her clothes. Talk about a qualified maternity designer! I am glad she has two lines, think of it as Bannana Republic and Old Navy. $40 for a shirt really isn’t totally unreasonable, when compared to nice clothes everywhere else.
And if you are too fat for clothes, for the health of your baby, LOOSE WEIGHT!!

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Mary on

The prices in her line aren’t unreasonable at all. As it turns out, not everyone is unemployed/poor these days, and there are plenty of pregnant women with money to spend. Don’t diss those who can afford.

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Expecting_in_SF on

I can’t wait for the launch of the line next week. Heidi looked so beautiful pregnant on Prok Runway. I am 6 months pregnant and working full-time. So i need to look professional and pulled together. Going several sizes bigger is just sloppy. I still have my pre-pregnancy size 4 legs, bum and upper body. So why cover yourself with some shapeless garb? I got a few great things on Isabella Oliver website, but they are pricey.

Beth on

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be immune to designer clothing…. omg… yes… MANY big designers make maternity lines, and of course you have to pay designer prices if you want to pay designer… it’s funny, people who complain about a 40 dollar top are totting Louis Vuitton handbags… You don’t want a 40 dollar top.. then don’t buy it, no one has put a gun to any pregnant women’s head and said buy clothes you can’afford.. Whether you want to diss Klums line.. you ware still spreading the word, advertising her name… there are many people who are very excited about her upcoming line… in the cheap stores like target and old navy, buy your cheap clothes, that’s fine, but you get what you pay for… if i have the money then i will buy a 40 dollar top because i can and want to… target maternity is HORRIBLE. Yes, it’s cheaper… if you like it… then stick with it, but don’t diss something you have not even seen yet… yes pregnant women are allowed to wear designer too, get over it… Bailey 44, Western Wear, Hale Bob, True Religions, Velvet, Splendid… many more have maternity lines… and omg… yes designer prices…

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Lisa Landrum on

I can’t get over you people balking at $40 for a top. I’ve spent a lot more that that on tops and it’s worth it if it fits and is made of quality material. Buy fewer instead of cheaper. Trust me, buy Old Navy and Target maternity if you want to look like $10. And I’m sick of the bull about being on a budget – I bet you have a cell phone and a playstation. Give me a break!

Jayne on

wow i dint know there were so many maternity wear Mum sellers out there Im a maternity mum seller too ! I write maternity pregnancy news on my site Mother wear clothing

Alyson on

I have never saw anything like that! It’s stunning!

cheap maternity clothes on

I agree with what “Heidi said today in a statement. “Being pregnant should not stop you from being fashionable and feeling great about your changing body. It’s an exciting journey.” However, I do protest the price. It is very expensive for a maternity dress that you will only get to wear a couple of times during your pregnancy. I think that people and designers should keep in mind that in today’s society, a few people, especially the middle class can only afford cheap maternity clothes, as employment is hard to come by, especially for single mothers. If you are rich, then you can very well afford one but if you are poor, what then?

fishing guide on

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Nursing Clothes on

I agree with you. Clothing line as she is a famous model and has several children. Her walk on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk within a few weeks of her pregnancy was awesome. She looked better than ever!

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[…] or so other celebrities that have launched children’s lines as posted before on Bellyitch. From People: There’s no stopping supermodel mama Heidi Klum! Just three months after welcoming her fourth […]

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