EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian's Sexy New Fragrance Ad Revealed

01/05/2010 at 08:00 PM ET

Courtesy Lighthouse Beauty

Since Kim Kardashian first broke the news that she’d be creating a signature scent a-year-and-a-half ago, the reality star has kept us guessing about exactly what the fragrance would be like. But today she finally unveils a sizzling new campaign for the eponymous scent developed with Lighthouse Beauty exclusively to PEOPLE. Dressed in retro lingerie and a marabou coat, Kim swings from a circle that mirrors the smoky bottle, in an image that plays up her signature sex appeal. The scent itself mixes notes that were chosen to reflect aspects of her personality, with jasmine, tuberose and gardenia evoking her femininity and tonka bean and sandalwood suggesting an even softer side. For the time being, however, you can look — but not smell. The scent, which will range in price from $16 for a .33-oz. rollerball to $65 for a 3.4-oz. spray, won’t launch until February, exclusively at Sephora. Tell us: What do you think of Kim’s fragrance ad? Are you excited to try the star’s scent? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

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Lynz Catastrophe on

Welcome to the photoshop awards!!! Come on, her hips look like she is wearing an invisible corset! Her skin isn’t that light and dont even get me started on her face.

via on

I don’t get it…i like kim but this doesn;t do her justice really…she looks more glamorous in her everyday look than in this ad…sorry..

JJ on

Can’t she just go away already. Sad really.

marvelous on

So jealous, yeah you ladies down below! She’s beautiful and she is making things happen for herself. Don’t hate, congratulate OR if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all!

Sha on

Is it just me or does this remind u of Rihanna’s 2008 Gucci ad? Please be more creative, and she is definitely looking very Dita Von Teese in these pics. Either way she looks pretty.

lauren on

Loves how people are such in a rush to accuse celebrities for airbrushing when if you look at the picture of kim kardashian under the section guess the star bargain they look exactly the same. Obviously people need to start thinking of what airbushing is since a photo taken by paparazzi wont be airbrushed. People start fact checking before you accuse of airbruching.

marvelous on

whats so sad about it??? Im sure if you had opportunities to do some of this stuff like creating a perfume you would like to do it. Your life is probably lame and thats why you are so negative and mean spirited.

Hooja Booja on

Why does she look like she’s got a 5 o’clock shadow?

Anna on

I wonder what you two haters would look like in that outfit…. probably like the heifer you are! Stop the hate.

Mersiha on

I have nothing against Kim but be honest what is she really famous for? She made a sex tape and now she gets all these opportunities like she changed the world. I wish we would pay more attention to stuff that really matters and not the Kardashians.

tbone on

Wow! I’m not a hater but that doesn’t even look like her! Gotta love airbrushing and computer technology!

Ehyse on

Boy, she tries way toooooooo hard to outshine and/or outdo her sisters!!! Too desperate.

Jules on

I love Kim, but this pic does nothing for her. I agree that she looks better in her everyday look. Ha, she does look like she has a 5 o’clock shadow. Poor thing!

Regina on

I wonder how this Perfume is going to do, if its going to sell but i dont think it will do well like Britney’s and Jessica’s

lauren on

Wow people on here are slow. She came out with her perfume almost two years ago but because its just launching now shes in competition with her sisters? Duh obviously not since lets see two years ago her sisters werent nearly as famous. Dont post people unless you actually read the article.

Carolina on

I have to admit that I am a fan of Kim’s…something about her that I find likable…but I also has to say that I don’t particularly like this ad. She just looks strange and I can’t put my finger on what it is.

LB on

Lets face it, it comes down to whether you like the notes of the perfume, who she is is quite irrelevant

Kate on

So marvelous is probably a relative… can’t you understand why America is sick of the Kardashians? Having a last name people are familiar with does NOT entitle you to fame,, too bad most Hollywood kids don’t understand this. bKim has NO talent-she sucked on CSI-NY-don’t you get it? She needs to stick with sex tapes and posing for Playboy-thats it!

Lori on

Kim is way better looking naturally then in this ad……..

lisa on

ok, i have absolutely nothing again Kim but what in the world did they do to her face? I think she is beautiful and this picture is just horrible. Her body looks great but she looks like she is half asleep or high and her mouth doesn’t look natural and i am pretty sure she isn’t that pasty white either.

Princess on

Kim is a gorgeous woman! They have completely altered her look here, lightening her skin so blatantly sends the wrong message. I also do not like the fact that she’s wearing animal feathers.

melissa on

I’m not a hater…I just seriously thought it was Alyssa Milano. I think it’s really photoshopped. Sorry. I love her show–I think the ad looks nice–just not like her.

Brittany on

Is it just me or does she look like shes in pain? I mean, all of that make up of course she looks gorgeous but that face she is making looks strained…

Clalonde on

Why does People.com ALWAYS have to have a headline about her and the rest of them. Their whole family is a joke.
Really, People? TMZ is starting to look better everyday.

dancia on

She is very irratating. I can believe how over-rated she really is.

dancia on

And why does she seem to do everything Paris Hilton has done? She seems to have a jealousy problem with her former best friend

Scheran on

Kim tries too hard. First it was being Beyonce’ (single ladies) with her sisters. Now its her being like Rihanna’s ad for Gucci. That was my first thought when I saw this. Please get your own style. She’s such a pretty girl.

Dawn on

That ain’t sexy.

And she is only famous because she has a sex tape.

Eva on

It is obvious Photoshop was used in this pic….! What is she famous for? Oh yeah now l remember…she made a sex tape with Ray J..lol

lc on

She is a business, and she is successful at it…most of us should be so lucky to have this prosperity…she capitalized on her personality and assets…good for her.

armychick4 on

She looks amazing! CONGRATS!

Courtney on

Airburshed..this girl looks amazing all the time! AS far as her skin color…have you seen that she gets spray tanned on the show…she is not ALWAYS dark. SO many jealous haters out there.

linda on

boy oh boy i could care less about someone excelling.go for it.airbrushing who cares. i just feel alot of jealousy reading the comments here. you go kim or whoever.i like to pop in and get the flav for what people are talking about and this is about the big green monster rearing his head. good night all

Alice on

so she’s “reality” persona, sex tape star and now a clown on hu la hoop. she is showing you her underwear to try to sell her perfume, actually just water plus windex.

Dimitri on

Go away Kim.
You really don’t look like that.

litfern on

So who is she again that we should want to smell like her “personality”? She CLEARLY has some sort of contract with PEOPLE magazine, they’re constantly reporting trivial news about someone who isn’t even a celebrity?!

Robyn on

she looks like JLO minus the big @ss

Jennie McElyea on

I love the oils you say are in the fragrance, and as for the picture or AD well she can do it any way she chooses. Its HERS.

rhia disdat on

she is absolutely amazing!! i love her and her curvaceous look and i cant wait to smell the fragrance. to everyone who is bad mouthing her your just jealous !!

Cynthia on

Don’t Hate !!! Just keep your opinion to yourself… to start of Kim is a wonderful person !!! and regardless of her pass she is a human being and ever one makes mistake…. she just got lucky !!!! and know she is rich !!

Nik on

Yes, it’s true, she is famous for nothing. She, however, looks great! She’s a beautiful woman, maybe that’s what she’s famous for.


To the people who say ignorant remarks like ” if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all: guess what? this comment section does not have a law included where is says everyone must feel the same way and like kims ad or they cannot comment!
This comments box is for ALL opinions! not just yours!
If you dont like it then dont come here to read simple as that!
How sad also that anyone would lable people “jealous” because they dont like something, so if people go to a restaurant and dont like their food “they are jealous” hahahaha makes no sense!
Some people dont like this ad, IMHO this is by far NOT the best work of KK she can do much better. and NO IAM DEF NOT JEALOUS I CAN GUARANTEE EVERYONE THAT! I have a life, and better things to do than to stay on a site that I dont agree with others and whine about it, as some hypocrits do!

yanet on

Shes cool and her family is funny especially khloe, all my family loves the kardasians more power to ya

Shelia on

I think Kim is a beautiful woman but the lighting in this picture does not do her justice!

August Moon on

Her thighs and hips are much larger then this photo, more photocropping and airbrushing. Without makeup the woman is very unattractive, and why is she a celebrity anyway?????

Sharon on

Kim looks really beautiful!!!! I remember when they showed the clip on the show of her doing these shots and she looked good then!!! I will be buying her fragrance at Sephora in Friendship Heights.

April on

I think she is very beautiful but I don’t think this is the best shot of her face. She looks like Jennifer Lopez a bit too much.

crash on

Jealous people scourn other’s success.
This lady is smart and freeking hot. She didn’t get where she is by laying around, and that’s for sure!

rachele on

Exactly, ShaDita Von Tease called; she wants her ad back.

Susan on

“This lady is smart”? You have got to be kidding me. She barely graduated high school. She cannot spell and the only punctuation she knows is exclamation points. This trick hasn’t picked up a book in her life. If you think she’s smart, you seriously need to raise your standards.

Rachel on

@ crash “She didn’t get where she is by laying around”

Um, actually she did. Laying around, on her stomach, underneath Ray J, for the whole world to see.

Sideburns on

I watched the episode where she was shooting the photos for he fragrance. There were so many pictures that looked beautiful.

She looks so washed out here. Makes me sad.
Kim, you have a beautiful face and you’ve hidden it. You look more like Jennifer Lopez than yourself.

Lucky on

AMEN Susan & Rachel! … Thank you for the laugh ladies! Classic comments!!! hahahahahahahaha and so true!

gyn on

good god this is sad and pathetic. your 15 mins are up kim, go get a real job and stop being an attenton wh*re!

bibi on

her mouth is open again…..

Paloma on

Hats off to the creative people at Sephora who have captured “the essence” what Kim really is… a Cheap,Fluffy, Worthless Twat.

Raquelle on

Ha ha, I have to agree with Paloma. That coat is TRAGIC. I bet the wardrobe people were having a field day and were like ” Let’s use this road kill we found to dress her, no need to break the budget after all it’s only Kim Kardashian!”

Angela on

I think she looks like Jennifer Lopez in this add!?!?!?

olivia on


Josh on

Love Kim!

FormerWestHollywood on

Honestly, I don’t watch or keep up with Ms. Kardashian. As a photographer, I love the photograph because she is beautiful and the photo is extremely well done (Photoshop or not). What intrigues me most is the description of the perfume. It sounds truly wonderful and I will look for it at the perfume counter. I wish her well with her new venture. Certainly a step in the right direction from the sex tape…

datruth82 on

@Lynz Catastrophe: Don’t be such a hater. That’s not all PhotoShop on her hips. She’s lost a ton of weight recently. She looks like that in every candid paparazzi photo now.

Raquelle on

The comment from “FormerWestHollywood” almost certainly sounds like it was spun from Kardashian Media Control Central. They go on to say “What intrigues me most is the description of the perfume. It sounds truly wonderful and I will look for it at the perfume counter.” Honestly, who writes this stuff? Is that an attempt to prompt some sucker(s) into buying this overly-promoted horse urine. And the rest of you stop calling us haters. Just because we have opinions and have the insight to recognize real talent and merit instead of this bullsh*t does not make us haters.

Alegna on

I’m actually a fan of Kim’s but am so disappointed over this ad! Does her no justice, what was she thinking?? The barely there clothing parading around showing off her body is tacky & as the look/image she went for. So let down. I was expecting classy…like Gucci or Versace. fragrance ads. This just looks cheap, like a ad Wallmart perfume ad. She looks much better in her reality show or every day snaparazzi shots. Really let down for someone who usually has great style! The ad has put me off buying off it. I could’ve came up with a better image & ad for her.

Ishreya on

Is this what FAME-WHORING smells like?

Jane on

Very disappointed.
She look waaaay… hotter on People’s star track.
Totally not buying it. She could have done better.

Judy on

She is so beautiful, she doesn’t need all that touch up and to make her skin lighter. That doesn’t even look like her.

hmm on

how is this “EXCLUSIVE” when no one cares about this no talent nobody? she’ll slap her name on anything for a buck, its so sad!!

Joey on

Yet another celebrity perpetuating the myth that it’s sexy to wear dead animals. Get with it.

Kim Kardashian Goes Retro Glam For New Perfume Ad - YourCelebrityStuff on

[…] Kim Kardashian, 29, has gone retro glam wearing a shaggy marabou coat with a pale pink bra and panties on a circular silver swing in her new fragrance ad. […]

Connie on

She is beautiful and so are the other Kardaschians. Her real dad would have not approaved the Reality show though. A decent elegant gentleman but like I’ve written, I love the family very much. What you see, is what you get. Sometimes too much. Kloe tone your language baby.

DC on

No offense to Kim since she is pretty, but the picture used of Kim in this ad is absolutely HORRIBLE and whoever picked this photo should have picked a better image.

ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS PHOTO — I would NOT buy this perfume because this Ad is so ridiculous – it is not high fashion or anything though it sure is trying to be.

Is she suppose to be a little girl in pink on a trapeze a circus?

kimberly12025 on

I think Kim looks absolutely gorgeous…I love the double K logo on the bottle and I think the ad campaign is stunning.

t.j. max son on

its gonna smell like butt, after a long jog, in august.

Kim Kardashian Perfume Ad revealed | Kim Kardashian Fan on

[…] very first perfume. It reads “Kim Kardashian – The Voluptuous New Fragrance.” People.com has the exclusive and this is what they wrote: Dressed in retro lingerie and a marabou coat, Kim […]

Wahida on

KIM is indeed very beautiful, but not in this picture. Don’t like the face especially the mouth.

Why everybody (actresses, singers) wants to have teir own perfume?

I will stay with my D&G.

kristie on

I like the kardashian girls!! For those haters out there, like it or not, they are beautiful girls who are making the most of life’s opportunities and earning a living just like the rest of us.
As for the ad she looks great but not my favorite picture of her. Can’t wait to smell the perfume!!

Michele on

Why is it all the stars these days where so much makeup? Especially the Kardashian girls…they look like transvestites!

Lis on

Man what a bunch of whiners. She is here to make as much money as she can. I can’t hate on her whether they photoshopped her a@@. I’d prolly do the same thing. I think she looks great, you go girl. Do your thang.

Elle on

Her body looks great but her face!?! It doesn’t even look like her. And what a HUGE ego – naming the perfume after herself and the logo made up of the letters: KIM. What does she even DO??? Famous for being famous, I suppose. Why does our culture honor these people??

Steph on

She looks great. She is very pretty and if her fragrance smells good I would purchase it. Don’t hate on someone’s accomplishment. Thats why females are always fighting.

jcdap on

She is a gorgeous girl and I like the retro feel of this ad. And P.S. EVERY professional fashion shot is retouched and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of the process and doesn’t take away from how she looks in real life.

Kim Kardashian Makes it Look Good | Life Misled- Corporate Attitude on

[…] Kim Kardashian’s New Fragrance Ad Released Exclusively to People: […]

ginnie mills on

I think Kim is certainly a beautiful woman, but in this pic her nose looks like a pig’s nose! What is that about?



sahar on

kim and her family are getting a little annoying always being in the headlines. however, kim is gorgeous. she has lost weight and became more toned. i’m sure that there is some airbrushing everyone does it, rihanna, halle, kate moss. everyone. even bar rafaeli said so on the ellen show. however, kim is light olive tone. this is hardly pasty, she gets spray tanned in la all the time. she is always going to the spa. so you haters that think she was lightened don’t know what you are talking about. she is olive tone the add isn’t dita von teese white it is her natural coloring with oil and lighting. wow, you guys are ignorant. i am by no means a kim fanatic, but the girl is gorgeous even without makeup i have seen her in person.

Patricia on

YOU GO GIRL!! I love this girl, she is beutiful and has grace and class and good for her, how many girls are out there that look like drug addicts like Lindsay Lohan and people still put picture of them in magazine, I mean at least this girls do it in a more classy way, I’m Happy for you Kim, Congratulations!!!

Terry on

I love it…you go Kim….get it all while you are still so young….I love it!!!!!

joe on

Kim in normal life is so pretty – this pic does not capture the essence of her personality . Should be more simply and everyday kind of a photo

Lori on

I’d prefer to wear a classic fragrance anytime – Beautiful, Opium, Dolce and Gabana, L’Air de Temps, Cashmere Mist, to name a few. At least I know I’m getting a quality product designed by a quality designer/manufacturer. What makes Kim Kardashian (high school graduate) qualified? She is beautiful, but who isn’t when they have makeup artists, false eyelashes, and TONS of lipgloss?

Jill on

I think Kim is absolutely gorgeous- and her body looks amazing here…but I just don’t think this is a good picture of her face at ALL. Wonder why they liked it?

wtfnyc on

I fought the Kim love for quite a while, if only because she’s only famous, as Joel McHale succinctly put it, “for having a sex tape and a big a$$”, but after watching a few interviews with her and a little of “Keeping Up…”, I’ve finally given in. Whatever she’s famous for, I find her (a) gorgeous, with a fabulous, non-tiny bod and (b) absolutely charming, and I just dig her (and her HOTT bf, too!). I agree that this pic doesn’t really do her face justice, though — she’s much prettier in her every day paparazzi shots.

Margot on

Hahaha, Looks like the Sephora folks outed her for the Tranny she really is!

Tamara on

So Many Haters!

You know it’s not easy being Kim! Growing up wealthy, addicted to plastic surgery, making a sex tape, dating famous NFLers,then whoring and playing every last bit of your buttressed ass out!
What a tough life you live Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s hilarious ad for her perfume ‘Voluptuous’ on

[…] [From People] […]

Parisa on


If big Bird and RuPaul had a baby…this is what the finished product would look like!!

The Photoshop Awards: Kim Kardassian’s Perfume Ad « Gossip @ R Web on

[…] via People […]

Nana on

I think she looks beautiful.

Jacey on

What is going on with her face? She’s trying wayyy too hard to look sexy and it shows. I think she has some natural beauty that she’s always hiding behind 12 pounds of make-up. She looks like a drag queen half the time. What happened to less is more? You could tell that she is in love with herself. Which, I suppose can be twisted into a positive note. I just don’t get the craze. She made a sex tape, modeled some cars and now she’s suddenly a star? Why? Just another Paris Hilton. In any case, yeah, I’d like to see Kim with a little less make-up and not so sex kitteny. She’s a grown woman now, she should look like one. If the fragrance is good, I’ll buy it. Otherwise, Kim who?

Chrissy on

I think Kim Kardashian is absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup is always flawless. If she were taller, she’d be nearly perfect. Why are people always talking about airbrushing? Isn’t that almost always a given if you’re going to be in an ad or magazine? I like this picture, but the coloring on her face seems weird. She had a hideous sunglasses tan one time and posted it on Twitter. Maybe she posed for this picture soon afterward.

samantha on

I am sooo over those Kardashian women!! isn’t their 15 minutes worth of fame over with yet?? shallow spoiled and selfish people..what have they done for humanity?? take, take..never giving..Madonna is a woman they should try to mold themselves after…compassionate, caring and sacrificing…they wouldn’t get their feet dirty on African soil..or any place without hot and cold running money in their pockets!! UGGH!!

The Photoshop Awards: Kim Kardassian's Perfume Ad | on

[…] People [?] Share […]

Matty on


George William Gockel on

Someday Kim Kardashian and I will meet each other on purpose.

TBowie on

Let’s get one thing clear: She is beautiful
But that IS NOT HER BODY!! PLEASE.. HER HIPS COULDN’T FIT IN THAT HOOP IF SHE TRIED. Why would she agree to an ad that is such an obvious JOKE!

Clean and Clear Busted, Kardashian’s New Ad | celebrity news on

[…] Kim Kardashian Fragrance Ad Revealed Yowza! Kim Kardashian channels her inner Vargas Girl in lingerie and a feathered cape in the ad for her new fragrance. [StyleWatch] […]

Julie on

I like Kim, but this picture doesn’t look like her at all. She is much prettier in everyday looks than this. I think that they tried to hard with her picture.

Kayla on

Omg!!! So excited. I love her!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian's Sexy New Fragrance Ad Revealed – Style … » Sexy, Kardashian’s, Fragrance, Revealed, Style, EXCLUSIVE » Happylinecam Erotik seit 1999! on

[…] the original post: EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian's Sexy New Fragrance Ad Revealed – Style … Share and Enjoy: Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden […]

Swizzy on

Personally, I think it’s funny that Kim’s logo looks like a pair of spread lega with a big dong between them. How perfect is that?

Sven on

Yet another example of an absolute no talent extending her shelf life. (Unless you count the incredible talent she has for choosing a good publicist.) What has this woman done of any worth? Yet she continues to be featured in the press ad nauseum.

Christine on

Everyone of the Kardashian girls are absolutely beautiful, BUT I am not digging this picture at all. She is more volumptuous and sexy when her eye’s are smokey and natural lips. Whom ever suggested this lip color must not know the real Kim’s beauty because this does not look like her!

Clean & Clear Ad Banned in Britain; Charlize Theron Dazzles in Minimal Makeup for Elle Canada | My.BuzzCritic.com on

[…] • Kim Kardashian is wearing retro lingerie and a marabou coat while dangling on a circle contraption in the advertisement for her new fragrance, which she named after herself. The scent launches next month exclusively at Sephora. [StyleWatch/People] […]

Kim Kardashian: Signature Scent This February! - Ill Famed on

[…] the 29-year-old reality TV star will release her first perfume exclusively at Sephora stores, People […]

Kim Kardashian: Signature Scent This February! on

[…] the 29-year-old reality TV star will release her first perfume exclusively at Sephora stores, People […]

Kim Kardashian: Signature Scent This February! | Celebrity Wildcard on

[…] the 29-year-old reality TV star will release her first perfume exclusively at Sephora stores, People […]

Anna on

I don’t get the draw for her, and don’t think she’s attractive. But kudos to her for getting herself famous. Also, she totally looks like Jennifer Lopez to me in this ad.

Brenda on

i cant wait for kim’s perfume i been waitting for soo long……finally is goin to be out

Brenda on

i love kim nd i cant wait for her perfume i been waitting for soo long finally is here….

becca on

kim is so beautiful, i think her fragrance will be great, she knows what she is doing, i think this fragrance is a wonderful idea,you go kim!!! you look absolutely gorgeous in your fragrance add,cant wait for it too come out.

mg on

I saw the ad in a magazine and they have a sample page. It smells great!

Kim Kardashian dons retro lingerie for new ad - LingerieWeapon.com – Lingerie to kill for on

[…] retro lingerie set to sell her new signature fragrance that goes on sale in February this year, People […]

Charlotte Jones on

Leave Kim alone, none of you know what your chatting about. Clearly she is the most beautiful woman in existence, sort it out you bunch of rabid dogs. Ciao! x

Kim Kardashian unveils hilarious, farty commercial for her perfume on

[…] Ad for Kim’s perfume, courtesy of People Magazine. […]

WATCH: Kim Kardashian’s Hot New Fragrance Commercial | Living with style on

[…] week we gave you an disdainful hide look at the imitation ad for Kim Kardashian’s soon-to-launch eponymous perfume, and right away we have the star’s brand […]

Renee on

I smelled the fragrance it is nice, but i would of thought that it would have been put in a different bottle,.


Brittany on

I am a huge fan of Kim! but i agree, this ad is terrible. Does not look like her one bit! Every time I see her photos I always think she looks AMAZING, but in this one… not so much.

Cathy on

Agreed that she has done nothing to earn selling perfume. Just proves that people will buy anything if the right image is put before them. Hype.

This pic looks nothing like Kim. I wouldn’t even think it was Kim if I saw it. It’s airbrushed to death. There are some incredible photographers out there.

alma on

omg im soo excited im happy that kim finally brought this scent out ill defenately be buying it !

jessica sepulveda on

all u hating ass girl gotta stop all ur bs n stop hating on kim she’s beautiful she has a body u dream 2 have if ur not gonna say nothing nice just shush yo! haters!!!!!!! shes really pretty n the kardashians rock!!!!

Kim Kardashian Launches New Fragrance | Celebrity Smack: Gossip & Entertainment Blog on

[…] developed the scent with Lighthouse Beauty and it will be available at Sephora in […]

KellyNaglemakeup on

Old Hollywood Glamour reborn, wish I’d done the Mu, it rocks!!!!!!!!

InStyle.com What's Right Now : Kate Gosselin’s Longer Locks, Katy Perry & Russell Brand Engaged on

[…] 1. Kim Kardashian takes a sexy swing for her new fragrance ad. [PeopleStyleWatch.com] […]

Kim Kardashian lança fragrância nas lojas Sephora! on

[…] | Style Watch, Pop Crunch, Celebrity Gossip e Sephora Fotos | Celebrity Gossip e Style […]

tammy on

so what if she made a sex tape and became famous for it,,we all make mistakes and good for her for taking lemons and turning them into lemonade!she looks amazing and i hope her fragrance will be successful and bring her more blessings..!

Kaden on

S.F….I could not said it better myself.,lucy

Criado on

Great Post

Corinne on

I agree, she looks beter in every day life. This photo says she’s trying to be something that she is not. It doesn’t look like something Kim would be. The body is great, the face can be much better – photowise that is. I do look forward to trying the perfume though. But change the photo – please! :) In all seriousness… ♥

My Blog » Blog Archive » Kardashian Sisters Get Hands On With Their New “Kollection” on

[…] Kardashian might have lent her name to everything from fragrance to clothing collections–but just because she’s busy doesn’t mean she can’t be totally […]

Kardashian Sisters Get Hands On With Their New “Kollection” | Gossip Stars News on

[…] Kardashian might have lent her name to everything from fragrance to clothing collections–but just because she’s busy doesn’t mean she can’t […]

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[…] Swinton are a welcome relief from the usual diet of bubblegum pop singers, sweet tart actresses and reality TV flavors of the month, so I’m all for […]

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The Fussion of Fashion and Luxury through Perfume | Diressova on

[…] Via PeopleStyleWatch, Flicker, Perfume Shrine […]

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