The Details of Jennifer Lopez's Nearly-Naked New Year's Eve Bodysuit

01/04/2010 at 07:13 PM ET

Mike Coppola/Getty

When Jennifer Lopez first showed her longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes her sexy catsuit the day of her appearance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, she asked him, “Do you think it’s too much?” But, there wasn’t much doubt she’d be wearing the daring look, designed by stylist Paula Bradley. “She said, ‘It looks cool, right?’ She was so excited. She said ‘I like it!’” Barnes explains,“She was having such a good time and it really showed. She has confidence about her body. She’s not hiding behind any insecurities.” And Barnes marvels at her incredible shape, considering she is the mother of twins! “She is 40 and she’s had two kids,” he says. “Her body looks better than ever. It was so hot!” Husband Marc Anthony also approved, according to Barnes. The catsuit however, wasn’t quite as naked as it appeared on TV. “It was nude with black mesh over it,” says Barnes. “She wasn’t that cold. It was like having a ski suit on underneath.” And her bodysuit wasn’t the only sexy thing Lopez was sporting — Barnes highlighted her eyes with smoky makeup including charcoal eyeliner, several coats of mascara and Swarovski crystals sprinkled over her lids, paired with nude lipstick from Lancôme layered with pink gloss and a little highlighter on her cheekbones. “There was enough going on,” he says of balancing her out-there catsuit with a lighter makeup application. And lest this look be soon forgotten, Barnes places it with J. Lo’s most iconic look. “The bodysuit is right up there with her Versace dress [from the 2000 Grammy Awards],” says Barnes. “After a decade in the public eye, most women wouldn’t have the guts to wear something like that but she is so confident. She’s a woman and she celebrates it. Everyone else is trying to be a size zero but not her.” What do you think of J. Lo’s look? Vote in our poll below!–Liz McNeil

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Kelli on

Loved the catsuit…but the coat she had on before she sang? Horrible! It looked like Morticia Addams had donated her hair and they made a coat from it!

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Vonnie on

Love her. Love her confidence! Don’t love the bodysuit. Appreciate her guts though!

Vonnie on

Oh yeah. Love her body, too.

Juana on

Regardless of how good her body might look, still she is a mother and mothers should cover up!!

Patricia on

She is not all that to look at. Yes she is pretty but she needs to be top heavy to match her big lower half. She needs to put her clothes on.

missy on

She is beautiful and so what she has the body and

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Ehyse on

For a so-called ‘confident’ woman, J-Lo tries way too hard to be seen as sexy; especially after having the twins. We get it J-Lo, you are soooooooooooooo sexy!!!!No need to keep trying to put ‘it’ in our faces all of the time!

Grace on

Umm…no, not pretty, not good at all.

hotmama26 on

Jlo, I love that you sang an old song, but you are too old to wear these things! She’s so beautiful and sexy, but this was overkill. It made me sad for her.

liz on

This suit makes her stomach look very round. It also may be expensive but it looks cheap. A black suit would have been better, or leather. But she is too fat for this anyway

Rebecca on

As women, we should all support each other. She is a daughter to someone, she is a mother to two children and she is a wife. Let her be strong in her self, let her be proud and spunky and have fun in life. It was New Year’s Eve, it wasn’t just another day. She didn’t wear it to a dinner party, to a restaurant, or to the movies. She’s an entertainer, and there are times they wear different styles than we would in everyday life. I’m sure she was well aware there would be discussions. But I feel as women we should support her and her right to wear what she wants to wear.

Tiffiney on

Loved the suit BUT yes she is 40 with twins .. dont assume that body is natural.. Im just sayn..

Katie D on

Seriously, if I look THAT good at 40, I’m calling her peoples to try and buy that suit so I can wear it! lol People need to stop criticizing, it’s probably because they could never look that good. Jennifer Lopez is absolutely stunning, she has a beautiful family, an amazing body, and confidence…we should all be so fortunate!

john love on

The Purrfect disaster outfit. Jenny from around the block got it wrong. Had twins, who cares. She looks like a crazy siamese cat looking for her litter.

cyndi on

be real ladies. she had twins. she also probably had a team of doctors to give her liposuction AND OTHER COSMETIC procedures. what you ladies need to realize is that she has the world at her disposal. everything she wears she gets for free while young girls are saving weeks of paychecks so they can wear what Jlo is wearing. She could care less about each and every one of you.

Vee on

She looked amazing! People don’t know what to criticize anymore… she looks phenomenal, a woman who is confident, sexy, and clearly makes sacrifice in the gym to look good!

seymour on

I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s wearing Spanx!! She’s way too smooth.

BB on

Yeah. Don’t care that she has a hot bod after twins. That was a disaster. You can be totally sexy with a classy look and vamp up the makeup and accessories. That was just some kind of PR stunt – must be a new album or something coming up.

Sherri on

While I admire the fact she is “confident”, the suit did not look appropriate. It showed all of her baby “kangaroo pouch”, and since she has now had a pregnancy, her body no longer seems in proportion. She did not look sexy. It looked more like she was trying too hard. A confident, really sexy woman would not need to wear something that looks like Longjohns of Hollywood just to show her body. And she wouldn’t have felt the need to look like this.

Marcia on

Patricia if you’ve seen her recently she rly doesn’t have much of a backside anymore. And saying that she should put some clpthes on she was totally covered that’s what a catsuit does lol. She def does try to be sexy way too much and I am over her. Her singing isn’t very good nor was it ever and her acting. Let’s just let that speak for itself as well lol

Lillian on

Women who say J. Lopez looks bad are full of envy because they do not have her body and curves.So what if she is 40, good for her. So what if she has children, that should not stop her from continue to be feel great and sensual. Life does not end after you have children.

avery on

I did not like it at all! She may have a good body but that just wasn’t her greatest fashion moment.

ashley on

You are 40+…dress like one. Pathetic you are trying to get attention this way.

Rob on

Anyone who will EVEN put on a cat suite at age 40 and look that good – all the power to them. I think she looked hot and rocked the stage!! Go JLo!!!!!

Twink on

I love J-Lo but that was way over the top. It wasn’t flattering to her figure. She could have looked so much sexier with something not so reavealing. She is a mom , too okay.

Lois on

Leaving something to the imagination is a lot sexier than wearing that ridiculous outfit.

Jlofan on

Jennifer is the epitome of beauty and her confidence radiates when she is in crowds. She is healthy, talented and worked very hard for her success. I think that the other women on here criticizing sound bitter and cynical and I dare YOU to wear something like that with so much confidence. No wonder we have such a dysfunctional culture that worships waifs and are the ones with unresolved issues. How about a resolution? Be kind and thankful you have your health and don’t judge others by the outside…she is happy and has done nothing to you!

nsbur001 on

J.Lo is hot but not in this outfit. Perhaps it’s the photo? She looks like the 40-year-old at the club TRYING to look hot, which is never cool.

Tiffany on

Haha! I only voted I love it because she has confidence in herself as a woman. I’ve got to celebrate that! Go J. Lo!

Christi on


Not sure why Marc would approve his wife out in public dressed like that.
You would think he would want that for himself.

The outfit was way out there and not even someone with a perfect 10 body should wear something like that in public if they had ANY love for themselves.

bilinder on

It’s amazing how jealous ppl can be.Having a body like that after giving birth to twins is reason to show it off and be proud. Go JLo..make them die with envy !!!!

Amy on

She is a married woman and a mother.That outfit is very inappropriate. She has beauty, wealth,loving family,and fame. what else is she looking for. Totally uncalled for.

Christi on

SHe is always trying to prove how sexy she is, and the more she does that, the less cool it is.
I am by no means jealous. Sure I would love to have the perfect body but what is the perfect body?
Marilyn Monroe was a fantastically sexy woman in the 60’s and her photos were sexy yet not too revealing and she was a size 14.

So what is the perfect body?
I don’t think there is one, except on paper or with photoshop and other than that, it all depends on every ones distinctive taste.

She needs to stop trying so hard.

Christina on

I do agree that J-Lo looks good for having twins. However, she has trainers and nannies and anything that money could buy to get a perfect body! I also have twins and I know that I could not do all that she does because I do not have the staff that she has. I am 5’11 and a size 10 and I think I look great for having twins too- but I did it on my own. I think she sends the wrong message to people because the average mom cannot do all that she does and she acts like we all can. She forgets her Block upbringing.

maryanne durland on

She is sharing what should be very private. It was a bad judgement call. It seems also a desperate attempt for attention. Really kind of pathetic.

Christi on

She also has had cosmetic procedure(s). I bet you it is in the double digits)
They all do it because they have the money.
Not sure I want to envy women who let doctors cut them up to look good anyway.
A sexy woman does not need to reveal everything.
A sexy woman can dress in sweats and still look sexy.
The catsuit was innapropriate (even with the under wear which I agree was probably spanx)

adrienne on

I like J-lo but I don’t get why she needed to wear something like that. I thought she was past all that splashy stuff after the Versace Dress? If another star wore it , they’d probably be sliced and diced.

Christi on


I cannot believe you said she was fat.
give me a break, how big are you?
88 pounds with your fingers down your throat?

em on

Some people think that they need to outdo each other in order to shine. She does not have talent in voice or acting, just happened to be at the right place at the right time when people realize that face/ body types other blond/ blue eyed, can “represent” beauty, or in this case, sexy. Sadly, another reminder that money cannot buy class. Cannot believe that good ol’ Mike left a Miss Universe for this tramp.

Sarah on

her body is amazing. She looks like she is in fantastic shape but that catsuit was just inappropriate and unflattering. Someone should have told her no!!!

MissDee on

J-Lo is hot! The woman has a sexy figure, a beautiful face, a beautiful family, loads of money, an awesome job- if I didn’t like her so much, I’d be a hater too!

Jim on

Jennifer Lopez has so little going on these days that she HAD to wear something like this to get noticed. And that’s pathetic.

Celia on

she’s pretty and her clothes suit her perfectly

patidee on

Jennifer seems to be getting more and more beautiful as she is getting older … and she finally got the RIGHT man by her side … you go girl! any negative comments come from the green-eyed monster!

Victoria on

She does have a good body, but I really did not like the catsuit. I don’t think anyone should wear a catsuit. She is happy and confident, she doesn’t need to prove that to anyone.

Ana on

It’s more the woman who’s wearing the outfit than the outfit itself that impresses me ;)

angie on

okay, i think jennifer lopez looks nice enough, but i hate it when people say stuff like the makeup artist did….”She’s a woman and she celebrates it. Everyone else is trying to be a size zero but not her.” Okay, so she’s not a zero, but she’s not “average” either……i am sooooo sick of hollywood acting like the super thin actresses/singers who have personal trainers are normal and curvy. she may not be the smallest out there, but she’s still really small compared to an average woman.

Mia on

don’t look good at all, not attractive and made her looked cheesy

Liza on

I think this was a horrible choice. I was embarrassed for her when I saw it. Forget the fact that she’s 40 something and just had twins, yes her body is in pretty great shape after all that and for her age. But, I have the same curves she does, with a butt, and would never feel appropriate slapping on a nude catsuit, performer or not, and I’m 24. I feel like she was trying to create a diversion so people can continue to forget she can neither sing nor act. I felt really bad for her and for her makeup artist to keep giving her a high-five for this huge mistake, just goes to show she keeps paying people to tell her she looks good regardless if she does or not.

Jean Marie Kennedy on

It’s not that it is ill-fitting, it’s just not a flattering look. She could have been a knockout, but she chose to look kind of desperate and mostly average.

Renee on

EWWWWW! Boob sweat is not attractive. So defeats the “look” she was going for.

Chris on

The pose from the picture and everything…she looked like ozzy obourne back in the day when he wore a similar suit. She was really rocking out on stage. I still love her though.

Nik on

I’m not a fan, but she looks good!

betti on

Patricia, if you think she is heavy, you have a major body image disorder. Do not mistake curves for being heavy.

Sarah on

She is so annoying. Her outfit, her voice, her husband. No one likes her anymore so of course she has to wear that to get attention!

Why Not on

Showbiz Tonight commentator says she is ‘too old and mother of two’ to wear something like the catsuit…. EXCUSE ME?
Check out Lady Gaga if you want ‘out there’. Check Madonna if you think J-Lo is ‘too old’ and then say that again with a straight face.
What a bunch of two-faced hypocrits! They are using negative commentary to stir controversy, to drive their website. Give it up, you jerks!
Jennifer looked good and she rocked the outfit!

Lili on

most of you people are real haters. the fact is more than half the u.s. population couldn’t or shouldn’t wear this type of outfit because we lead the world in obesity. she may not have one of the best singing voices, be the best actress but she is definitely a beautiful, fun entertainer.never mind that she had twins approx. 1 yr ago. Kudos to you J-Lo for putting it all out there for the world to see a 40yr old rocking it. couldn’t take my eyes off you!!!

kitkat on

jennifer lopez is classy beautiful…she is very exotic..has curves in all the right places..she looks marvelous

Cardiokickdiva on

Hated it! Something about it looks off. I think she’s too short and it makes her look stumpy especially with the huge hair. Maybe if she put it up in a tight ponytail, it would’ve given her more height.

kat on

too old for that, JLO. sorry!

Diana on

She’s not Lady GaGa, she should drop the unitard. She has a great body, but she can’t pull off the look.

brad on

as a mother is this right in the eyes of your kids?? by the way is god pleased with all that NASTINESS in wife would not dare go so far..its disrespectful..she should be fined!!!!!!!!!!

md/nyc on

she has a great body, but the catsuit made her look like a salamander. the catsuit created strange lines.

the way Diana Ross wore her bedazzled bodysuit at her 1983 (?) central park concert is the hot way to wear the catsuit. (look it up on google images)

but, no matter. this is a rare J.Lo miss. she usually gets it right. there’s next time (she’s presenting @ the Golden Globes).

also, i like that she’s a size 6. hot, yet attainable. that’s good for young girls to see.

anya on

Jennifer looked great in that bodysuit. Love her confidence. I think anything she wears looks good on her. I don’t know why some people just hate on her.

Manny on

She may have a great body, but the body suit is age-inappropriate and makes her look cheap. Pretty soon she will look like all the cheap latina starlet-wanna-be’s that you see on Univision.

Bettie Rooosh on

Okay, this has to shut you jealous ladies up. For one, her proportions are very desired proportions. I would be able to keep my husband with curves, not at 90 lbs like I am right now. Another thing, those talking smack are fat wives at home. Another thing, if you are saying she is too old, and a mother shouldnt do this, then ladies watch as your husbands look for sexy meat because you turned into Mrs Brady. Keep it sexy after kids, or lose your man and marriage. Stop making excuses! Youre just jealous!!

teeps on

Was she wearing a diaper?

Tamra on

Lopez seems very insecure in my opinon. And by wearing this barely there catsuit, she seems to be “screaming” for attention and she is getting it. Even if she is in decent shape, she is now 40 yoa and a mother and for me, that’s just wrong.

areapal on

Is this a skin dress or a naked one funny girl.

Terrie on

Remember the story The Emperor’s New Clothes? As long as there are people out there ( especially paid staff) who say she looked good in that suit, she’ll never know the difference. Yes, she is beautiful but tacky is not classy. Bring it up a notch JLo!

Helen on

Terrie,loved the “Emperor’s New Clothes” reference. So much of what “People” promotes can fall under that category. I usually peruse this for respite (like candy for the brain.)
Yes, she needs to be a bit more classy; suit more suited :) for a 25 yr. old regardless.
At 40, I can say-just because of inherited genes-that I look great & am taller/thinner than J.Lo, but for me, it was luck & watching my diet & exercising. [I have a 12 yr. old child.]
[I support women, am one, & would hope one day that
many would not seem so desperate to seem ‘hot’ as they age. How do YOU feel about yourself?
I’m happy that I don’t require the approval of others.]

Lily Poo on

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annie on

i dont get it, wheres the nude all i see is a load of brown material… it looks to cover over 90% of her body.. i think jlo is a beautiful woman but that cat suit was U-G-L-Y it did nothing for her figure other then make her look totaly bloated. and like her boobs were heading south. for a beautiful woman that outfit was a fashion no no… what was she thinking?

spike on

I don’t know what all the fuss is all about?
I have that same out-fit!…Doh!…LOL.

joy love on

Still tryin to be Jenny from the block but your soooooooooooooo Yesterday!!! Let it go honey

Sean Mcaddam on

An other old broad fighting old age

TMC on

I think she looked absolutely ridiculous. Horrible outfit JLo, horrible!!!

Nina on

Hey I just wore the same thing last week. She looks hot. More power to her

Dawn on

She looks great! I don’t understand all the fuss. No boobies hanging out; no hot pants, no peekaboo holes, no mini skirt – just a pretty cat suit and she has the body for it.


I think most of the people commenting on JLO are haters! And to say she is FAT is ridiculous. Most Latinos and Afro-Americans have curves not breast. Our body’s are proportioned differently. I think she looks great and I don’t even care for her that much. I didn’t think there was and age requirement on wearing a CATSUIT. Most of you are mad you can’t get your FAT ASS into one! Go to the DAMN gym and stop hating on JLO! My body is proportioned like JLO and I’m far from fat because I do believe in working out.

Jessica on

Love it, but it could use a belt! You go Jennifer.

doloresburd on

Jennifer Lopez is and will always be a multi-talented actress, singer, and designer. Yes, this is your opportunity to place your very own comment, but let’s face it, most of you sound jealous as all get out. I say she has got “it” to flaunt and do so woman! You “haters” especially the idiot who stated something about being “FAT” needs to re-evaluate what it means. You people are way too picky about others. Jennifer is who she is and doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not.

Harmony on

J-Lo is fearless and fierce and the catsuit was great!! She’s young she’s gorgeous and still has a great body after having twins. She should be commended not dissed. Jealous much haters!!

Sarah on

Looks good but not as nice as if she had worn a pretty dress. Then again, she always wears a pretty dress so I guess this is different.

Sue on

I think she is pretty but she’s always going to have a big butt, big hips and big legs. At 40 and having had twins, she looks great. I hope I look that good at 40 but that catsuit does nothing for her whatsoever. Good for her that she has the confidence to wear it but it doesn’t look good on her.

Blah on

blah blah

Stacy on

I think she is a very beautiful women. However, I don’t think it is proper for a women of any age to wear something that literally shows the lips of ones lower half!! Don’t get me wrong…she looks great and has a great body. I just think some things should be left covered up.

Jennifer Lopez Looked "So Hot" in Ridiculous Catsuit, Friend Says | MxPit – News and Directory on

[…] Scott Barnes begs to differ. The star’s make-up artist spoke to People about his client’s fashion choice and […]

Jennifer Lopez Looked “So Hot” in Ridiculous Catsuit, Friend Says | Celebrity Gossip Cafe on

[…] Scott Barnes begs to differ. The star’s make-up artist spoke to People about his client’s fashion choice and […]

6877SS on

The outfit is a bit sexy. She’s got the body to pull it off, but the sad truth is that it’s just an attempt to get more attention due to her insecurity. The “personality” and “confidence” you see is nothing more than an act.

Jennifer Lopez Looked "So Hot" in Ridiculous Catsuit, Friend Says on

[…] Scott Barnes begs to differ. The star’s make-up artist spoke to People about his client’s fashion choice and […]

christine on

SERIOUSLY,she needs to put some clothes on.Jen,u r a MOTHER now,SERIOUSLY

repete on

SHE LOOKS FABULOUS!!!! Anyone who would disagree must be envious and jealous. It is amazing how some responders “think” that after becoming a “Mom” ALL PERSONAL LIFE MUST END, as though THAT is all they want out of life!!
“GO J-LO”!!! Show these Idiots how to LIVE!!!

Doreen on

If I could wear it and look that good, I would. More power to her!

Elvis on

Its the 21st century and ppl are still closed minded abt body exposure. The catsuit was not revealing at all, j-lo has always made her mark in the fashion industry for being daring and this was the cream of the crop. She has a great body and looks great at 40 and just becasue she is a mother does not mean she needs to cover herself up, she has great self esteem and loves her curves very much.YOU GO JLO!!!

Yeah on

She looked like an idiot who needs to realize she’s talentless. Pay more attention to your kids, it’s over.

George William Gockel on

Me and some other people make sure that Jennifer Lopez will divorce Marc Anthony for good. I love Jennifer Lopez’ outfit. Someday Jennifer Lopez and I will meet each other on purpose. And someday Jennifer Lopez and I will marry each other for good.

Eden Lords on

Jennifer Lopez Is 40 & Hot

Fashionmom on

40 years old and twins!! Damn!! I wish I looked like that at 35 with two kiddos..:). I love J Lo’s confidence!! She’s hot an she knows it!! Go girl!!

Min on

It seems to me and others that Jennifer is not confident at all with her body.

What was she thinking, oh yes great body after the twins – Well think again, oops to late (again)what’s done is done. Just being honest.

gene borrego on

Are you kidding me! It was hot. Hey, dont be a hater! If ya got it, ya got it! It’s very daring and Jennifer is a very beautiful. Hey, Mark, whatch out buddy! I’m single!

Ace Films & Celebrity News » Jennifer Lopez Looked "So Hot" in Ridiculous Catsuit, Friend Says on

[…] Scott Barnes begs to differ. The star’s make-up artist spoke to People about his client’s fashion choice and […]

Lou on

Great Post

nicholas on

jlo you are hot babe i wanna see u naked and have sex with u and kiss yur boobs girl!

John on

Most people who commented are girls so they are probably jealous that they are fat and some will be fat when they’re 40. She is HOT.

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Anna on

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Joel on

After all she and her PR people have done to try to put Anthony down, the only point she proevd on Sunday night is that Marc Anthony is still in her system. NOBODY does all that to upstage someone that they don’t give a you know what about. And the iront is that Anthony is quietly and surely doing his thing and getting on with his life.

Ciudadano on

Thast so great!!! Your book is so amazing our filmay recently got it in the mail and weve already cooked and definatly enjoyed at least three recipes!!! Love, Briana

Diego on

Hi Marte-I fell in love with the pattern for the prsinessetf8fler but am not seeing it on your website anywhere. I would be happy to pay for it if you have decided not to have it available as a free download any longer. I hope it is still available in some way! I know it was in Norwegian, I would be so happy with that as I can read norwegian patterns and have a good friend in Bergen who helps if I get stuck :)I look forward to hearing from you! Tusen takk

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