Kate Winslet and Halle Berry Top Most Desirable Bodies List

12/31/2009 at 12:18 PM ET

J. Graylock/JPI; INF

While there remains no shortage of Hollywood starlets whose stick-thin frames continue to appear in magazines and on the red carpet, it seems now more than ever ordinary women are tiring of the look — and the possible extreme measures it takes to achieve that near-impossible standard. A recent survey, which polled 2,000 women aged 18 and over, found that stars with curvier, healthier figures were more desirable, reports the UK’s Daily Mail. Topping the desirability chart is Kate Winslet, followed by Halle Berry and Beyonce. Also making the list: Megan Fox and Lily Allen, while svelte Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss tie for last place. Could the era of too-too-skinny starlets be coming to an end? Tell us: Who do you think has the best body in Hollywood? Do you feel pressure to live up to stars’ body standards? –Andrea DeSimone

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RG on

Great choices. They’re both beautiful women with fantastic bodies!

aseret on

jennifer aniston has my vote!

KLM on

I’ll agree w/ Halle, but Kate is skinny fat and I think that w/out spanx on, she wouldn’t look so great. I’ll vote for Megan Fox over her any day.

Cherrie on

its about time people realize women like victoria beckham and kate moss arent normal size women. congrats to kate and halle for topping the list!

Sondra on

Thank God for women like Halle,Beyonce and Kate. I don’t know why Hollywood thinks you have to like a skeleton to be sexy or attractive. There is nothing sexy about seeing every bone in a woman’s body. No matter how expensive the dress is. Most men I know, feel the same way. NOBODY WANTS A BONE, BUT A DOG!!!!!!!!

lee on

what?! i love vb!

ers1977 on

This is a problem women have with themselves – we cheer when curvy girls top a list like this, but would we make fun of an actress who showed up on the red carpet with 15 extra pounds on her frame? My guess is that most people would, and that’s messed up.

Joe on

I would take a young, hot chick any time over these old ladies with kids. Women choose these women because they don’t like competition, and feel these has-beens keep the bar low.

Steve on

i’m a male, and i agree. Kate and Halle have bodies i find desirable. the victoria beckham, kelly ripa, kate moss body types are FAR from attractive

Tina on

Jennifer Aniston has my vote too!!!

Chris on

Um, desirable to .. women? That’s another thing entirely. Perhaps different word should be used to convey the real meaning of this story- like admired? Inspiring? As a man I also find them desirable, but in a very different sense..

Creativekat on

These are good choices. I think Jennifer Aniston should be on the top of list too. I like Kate Moss, but would bounce Beckham!

Nancy on

There’s a saying “Men like the meat, the bones are for the dogs”. I hope this will become the norm and not the exception. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for young girls to feel ok with their bodies, curves and all. Halle has always been one of the most beautiful women in the world. I think Kate is beautiful as well. That was a cheap shot about the spanx. No one is perfect.

ellen on

R u kidding Kate is fat? OMG u r y girls are anorexic. She’s a beautiful curvaceous and sensual woman.Shame on u for making girls think broom handle arms and legs is attractive.

Sylvie on

Joe,there is no way you are married, and if you are, I feel sorry for your wife! Grow up!

Keisha on

I am not a fan of Kate Winslet’s body, but I agree about Halle Berry. Men, she either has the best trainer in HW or great genes, maybe both. Nahla is one lucky girl if she takes after her mom. Jen Aniston also has a beautiful body but sometimes she looks too skinny, she does have an ass and the best legs in HW though.

Val on

Add Jennifer Aniston to the list of great bods.

Danielle on

Jennifer Aniston!

todd on

I’m also on the Jennifer Aniston bandwagon, in fact I’m driving it!

A on

Joe is an idiot – how can you assume we are jealous? With the life I lead and the way I look I have nothing to be jealous of anyone in hollywood. No, I am not bragging, it sounds pretty pathetic bragging on a site where i am known simply as “A”. Grow up jerk, I hope some young woman seduces you and takes you to the cleaner so that you can see that age has nothing to do with it. I say this as a 22 year old woman. The look beautiful, Marilyn Monroe looked better than Twiggy and the same applies today. This is not a beef towards those naturally skinny women, but to those who think that they should have this ideal of being under 100 pounds to be attractive

TR on

Joe is a tool and will probaly never have a decent relationship with that kind of idiotic attitude. Grow up Joe I can only imagine what you look like.

Kristie on

I agree with Kate Winslet and Halle Berry. I also think that Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Sandra Bullock should be on this list.

Adios, 2009. « Caffeinerd on

[…] This put me in a good mood on this last day of […]

Reese on

Great. Now maybe women will not feel guilty for eating. Women who starve themselves to look like 12 year old boys, are not attractive. Now those Women who are Naturally Thin..and Cuvy Women Work What Your Mama Gave You.

Cindy on

My vote goes out to Dita Von Teese!

Joe W. on

These are great choices. Kate Winslet and Halle Berry are two of the most beautiful woman in film today. I can asure you there are a lot of us men who prefer this look to the pencil thin look of Victoria Beckham. She is so skinny it is scarry. Curves are hot! Stick figures not.I realize some woman are naturally thinand that is O.K. but to make everyone think they have to starve themselves to be beautiful is as dangerous as it is WRONG!!

Sam on

Jessica Alba has a nice body too. We women tend to compare ourselves to the lollypop shaped women too much. Difference between them and us is they have a dietician, a trainer, and agent, public eyes contantly watching, time and a muliti-million dollar pay cheque to get them moving.

darla on

its about time that someone noticed that showing all your bones is not pretty

Louwho on

I’m not sure why it has to be either/or. Curvy or skinny, I think most of the women mentioned in the above article are beautiful.

DB on


SG on

I agree that Kate Winlet and Halle Berry are gorgeous. I would also add to the list Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Aniston look great and could go on this list.

me on

Kate Winslet is old and has a saggy body. Megan Fox should’ve won – she has beautiful curves.

SG on

Wow. Sorry. My post was almost readable. I meant: I agree that Kate Winslet and Halle Berry are gorgeous and would also add Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel to the list of women.

JJ on

Kate and Halle have great curvy figures, but where on the list is Scarlett Johansson??? She has a nice, curvy figure and still looks healthy.

Lex on

Megan Fox looks like a drugged up prostitute. She has absolutely no talent. It’s funny that she is on a list with women who are actually attractive.

TP on

Wow, Kate looks fabulous! Halle is a given. I think Eva Mendes should be on the list. Her curves epitomize sexy. I am so glad the bony, druggie look is out.

Sarah on

What is “skinny fat?” Is that a notion that if you are over a size 2 in Hollywood you can’t possibly look presentable without Spanx?!

It is these delusions that contribute to the body issues that most women in america face.

Applaud women like Kate Winslet who are REAL women who allow themselves a cheeseburger or to skip a workout out ever so often. Kate Winselt is a role model and unlike her contemporaries she can formulate and articulate a complete thought. Which is more than I can say for Megan Fox.

Sasha on

What about Eva Mendes!!!! Fabulous body!

Catherine on

These are two amazing women, but let’s be honest, when most of us gain a few pounds, it doesn’t go straight to our bust and hips and still leave us with 23-inch waists. Being “curvy” is a genetic gift, and is even less realistic for most women than being thin.

kt on

I agree with the vote for Jennifer Aniston! I’m so glad that Angelina didn’t make it…too skinny!!

Mark on

Jennifer Aniston blows them all away.

Mark on

Actually, the best body Ive seen in a long time is the girl that just won Survivor. Any of you see her in her bikini? Wow is all I can say.

DG on

Don’t forget to put Scarlett Johansson on the curvy list! She has the face and body of a Botticelli painting.

mack on

I dont’ agree with you KLM. I think that she looks good no matter what she has on. Spandex or not. She looks like a health woman. She is not fat, but she’s not pin thin. She looks like a girl that you can take out to lunch and won’t order a salad with a side of fat free dressing and a lemon water. She looks like a laid back burger and fries kind of person. Thats what I like about these two is that they look like they really care about their bodies but they don’t go to the extreme, they look like they know how to enjoy life without feeling like they have to be a size 00 to do it. They take care of themselves in a very healthy manner.

Dee on

My vote goes to Selma Hayek…. The best looking women is the one with the confidence to carry herself well. Whether married or single.

david on

Kelly Ripa and Nicole Ritchie both looked better when they had more weight on,by far.Kate Winslet looked her best in Titanic and Quills and also Iris.Margaret Cho a gay women with a weight problem blamed the skinny phenomenon on gay men who were dictating the fashions.It’s high time women of America rebelled and started to look normal again.Let’s not get carried away,there are women who are naturally thin like Audrey Hepburn and Callista Flockhart.

T.U.G. Digital Entertainment - Blog » Kate Winslet and Halle Berry Top Most Desirable Bodies List on

[…] While there remains no shortage of Hollywood starlets whose stick-thin frames continue to appear in magazines and on the red carpet, it … […]

karen on

One word for Halle,WOW!!!you look great-

Kristen on

Christina Hendricks has one of the most curvaceous and stunning bodies on T.V. (Mad Men) today….hands down!

Fred on

But they’re both still just sizes 2/4, which is still thin. They’re just not anorexic thin; they’re thin with big boobs. What planet are you people living on, where you think sizes 2/4 are “more like real women’s bodies”, or even “chubby”?!

Emmett on

Joe is a dumb-ss for calling these women has-beens. Methinks Joe likes donkeys!

lita on

My favorite bodies in Hollywood are Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Kim and Khloe Kardashian,Salma Hayek Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jlo, and other curvy ladies.
My all time favorite Hollywood figure is Sophia Loren!!!!!! Google her or check out her movies!

No, I don’t feel pressure to be thin. But I do wish that I had healthy curvy figures like the lady above. I am naturally curvy but I need to lose 37 lbs to have healthy curves instead of my overweight curves. Don’t get me wrong a little overweight isn’t wrong, just not 40 lbs overweight! But this is just my personal opinion:)

Jae on

sorry but although halle is no where near anorexic, she still looks like she can fit into a size 2 quite easily there, whereas kate says she’s usually a comfortable size 6. i think we should take a cue from some fashion shows and make a minimum standard for hollywood actresses, “you have to be no less than a size 4 to be in films!”

perhaps we can start to stop the low self-esteem, eating disorders, and untimely anorexia deaths this year.

Rae on

Im a woman- who appreciates other womens figures. (no competition.) being 5’3 and 145 Im comfortable in my skin. I love J.Lo and Kim Kardashian for their healthy, sexy and curvy bodies. I hope society is truly moving on to appreciate that so my little girl wont feel like she has to look like Kate moss to be pretty.

esme on

I think Kate Moss et al have beautiful bodies! That while I do not live under some sort of mystified thinking I should live like or have a similar body. Curves are good, curves-not are good too. Its about the beauty that comes from within AND being a healthy fit person with no unnecessary body fat. That’s right – I am tired of this “we all need to have healthy curves” — healthy curves are not a couple of love-handles or an excuse to have another diet coke and not exercise. Let’s get real, FAR MORE American women suffer from being OVER_WEIGHT than being underweight because of ‘skinny body image pushed by the media’…

Elizabeth on

UM, KLM, you are way too critical. Women like Kate Winslet because she looks like a beautiful, everyday woman. Her look is attainable. You are probably 19 or 20 years old, right? LMAO

Poll: Kate Winslet Has Most Desirable Body | Famecrawler on

[…] At the bottom? Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and Kate Moss. Beyonce came in third right behind Berry.  Don’t pass on dessert this New Year’s Eve, ladies! SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Poll: Kate Winslet Has Most Desirable Body", url: "http://blogs.babble.com/famecrawler/2009/12/31/poll-kate-winslet-has-most-desirable-body/" }); Related Posts:Victoria Beckham: Pre And Post-Motherhood […]

lisa on

with that attitude you will be spending it alone for the New Year! How dare you say that! I am 42 and have 4 grown boys of my own. And my husband thinks I am better than any 20 year old. I still get carded. I still get beeped at. I still turn YOUNG mens heads. So yes I prefer a REAL women to admire NOT a bag of bones with FAKE boobs, lips, hips, and mind!

lisa on

My comment was for JOE!

annie on

I believe that all the a-list celebrities are very concerned on how they look to the public eye. I believe that they are all beautiful, but being too skinny looks kind of distguisting, NOT PRETTY!! I do believe that the right people belong on that list, but i don’t believe that victoria beckham should belong there, isn’t she like a size 0 or something, that is just wrong!!

Frederika on

Joe, if you are reading this…..you are an idiot. and yes, this comment is coming from a 20 year old, size 2 “chick”…

Carolina on

I actually Halle and Kate are gorgeous women and deserve to be on this list….but where is Jennifer Anniston’s name?

Jessalyn on

Their bodies are quite healthy-looking, which is good news. The problem is that we’re applauding the end result rather than the process. We shouldn’t ‘encourage’ curvier women any more than we should ‘encourage’ very skinny women. As long as you’re exercising and eating well, then you should be ‘encouraged’ and accept whatever size that means for you.

Vicky Lewis on

I would choose Rihanna, she’s not skinny, well toned and her body is perfect, flawless.

dee on

althought I don’t like Jennifer Aniston or Scarlet Johansen – I agree that they both have great figures and should be on the list.

i would also add Jennifer Garner (did you see her in ALIAS?), Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively, and Brooke Burke to the list.

and i do disagree with some of the negative comments that have been made, but beauty is to the eye of the beholder and we should respect and keep these boards clean. :)

Tabitha on

Jennifer Aniston shouldn’t be included because she is a smoker, along with Kate Moss. All smokers should never be allowed as role models, even for their bodies. These smokers use their smokes as a means to keep weight off. Kate Winslet has a real attainable body that should be the most desirable by men and women. I think Kate Beckinsale has a great athletic body without looking sick. Just my opinion, but neither are smokers.

holly pahn on

ok i love kate winslet but what is so desireable about her body. You can see it in almost all of her movies she just shows it off. I think their are better canidates.

Trish on

They are both gorgeous. Kate Winslet is a class act, talented and stunning in a very womanly way. Nothing about her reminds me of a pre-pubescent girl – which is utterly refreshing. Love her hips in that dress! Nice to see she topped the list!

Trish on

I like Jennifer Aniston and although she is a little too slender these days for me to think she should be on the list I will say that she has a well proportioned body, incredible legs, and is lean and muscular – not just skinny and that is a good thing. Also, I thought she quite smoking. I think Scarlett J also has a good body and is a good choice. Unlike Joe, who stated women who agree with the list are just afraid of the competition from younger women – that is ridiculous. Like I said, Scarlett J. would have been a good choice and she is young. And for the record, Halle and Kate have been idolized for their bodies even in their twenties. They look like real women and most guys I know would prefer this body type. The fact is that most women on this post probably like curves just like I do. Even when I was a teenager I admired the hourglass Monroe figure.

Trish on

Sandra Bullock!

Jenny on

Selma Hayek, Dios mio!!

Jenny on

Sarah, quite the opposite, actually. Skinny Fat is referring to someone like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, they’re skinny, but that doesn’t mean they look very good. They still jiggle in places that someone who’s a size 2 shouldn’t jiggle. That’s because they’re just skinny, not fit, therefore they are Skinny Fat. The first time I heard it was from Jane Lynch’s “Candyman” character on Weeds the first season. Anyhow, take Beyonce. She seems to have a very Marilyn Monroe-ish figure, who was a size 16, so let’s pretend B’s a modest 10. She still looks way more healthy than the scrawny size 00 who’s diet is coffee and cigarettes.

MW on

I think Kate Winslet is stunning. I would also add Jessica Biel to the list. She is lean and toned but still curvy in all the right places. I would love to have her body!

Most Desirable Bodies on

[…] to pay any attention to is the Daily Mail’s list of Most Desirable Celebrity Bodies.  From People: While there remains no shortage of Hollywood starlets whose stick-thin frames continue to appear […]

Meg on

Halle Berry for sure – she’s healthy, fit, and beautiful!

Aimee on

I do feel the pressure to be thin, something that I as an adult can rationalize, and can decide for myself what is too thin for me. I have a 6 yr old daughter who already thinks her belly is too big. She sees these stick thin powerful popular woman everywhere and is already comparing herself, it scares me. Now there are woman who are naturally thin and can’t gain weight and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad either, but most woman in hollywood aren’t meant to be that thin. I think a strong body whether thin, curvy it doesn’t matter; strong and healthy should be in. Kelly Ripa is an example…she is really thin, but she takes great care of herself and is strong. At the other end you have Jennifer lopez. She is curvy but her body is strong. I think if woman spent as much time on charity or their children as they did getting and staying thin we would be a happier country. I am a little mirror obsessed myself and I have to remind myself that my mind needs to be just as sharp as my black stilettos!!

Rachel on

I am glad that people have finally come to their senses. I mean seriously, being stick thin is unhealthy and also causes your brain not to function properly and this causes people to be very moody. So to all the men out there who for some reason or other want your girl friend or wife to be really thin ask yourself if you want her to be sick and incapable of taking care of your kids or incapable of going to work. These women have amazing bodies because they are comfortable in their own skin. The bar we set for celebrities is unfair and we need to realize that they are people like the rest of us. Everyone needs to stop scrutinizing celebrities.

Lindsey on

I am glad that stick thin girls are out! I think that Kate Winslet looks awesome and is a good size to be. She may have a little pudge, but most REAL women do!

Tina on

Jennifer Aniston has had the body that I’ve always wanted for like the last 15 years. Kate and Halle also look incredible, but J.A. is notorious for being healthy and sticking to a strict yoga and/or pilates routine. She is toned, fit, and still rocks a curvy (NOT the “curvy” that is lately synonymous with “fat”) body.

SEG on

It’s nice to see that individual’s leaving comments here are just as bitter and hate filled as those on CraigsList. Their only means of pleasure and empowerment is come to places like this and put people down (Joe and KLM et.al.). Kate W. is a beautiful woman not only in her physical beauty but in her persona as well, combinded it makes her and women like her, more beautiful than any skinny B could ever be.

Mary on

I agree, how could they leave Jennifer Aniston off of this list – she has a perfect Body.

Matt on

Good choices..Halle has it all and my fav!. I’d put
Jen Aniston in there also.

aeharvey on

Could the era of too-too-skinny starlets be coming to an end?

One can only hope………

jes on

how about we be real role models to young girls and not vote on womens bodies like their slabs of meat.

amy on

I agree with what Sondra & Steve said. Kate Winslet & Halle Berry are gorgeous & they have great bodies.& so does Beyonce & Jlo. I also agree with adding Jessica Beil to the list. But Kelly Rippa looks like a 10 year old boy – no chest no anything but muscular arms. No man wants that boney type of body.

jared4ever on

Both Women are over 35! I love to see that! Go ladies!

Simone on

Victoria Beckham’s body is way too skinny. She looked much better when she was one of the Spice Girls. I am glad people are coming to their senses.

Mimi on

They both look gorgeous. Happy and healthy. I remember when glamazons like Cindy Crawford were the top dogs in the modelling game… they were super fit but not heroin addict skinny. Seems like we’re finally leaving the era of the junkie chic :)

l. on

people come in all shapes and sizes and they should carry a weight that is porportionate to their body / bone structure , if they look healthy they look good . beauty is , and always well be in the eye of the beholder . there are large people that look good , small people that look good , and medium people that look good . v.b looks great small , beyonce looks great a little larger , and jennifer aniston looks great in the middle . so , i therefore vote for all of them !

betharoo2781 on

I agree that “healthier” women look more appealing. They give average woman the feeling that maybe they can be comfortable in their own skin.

Kris on

These ladies are fab, but Scarlett Johansson also needs to be added to the list. Curves are in!! Woohoo!!

KP on

I completely agree with these choices! However, as a 5’8, naturally thin woman, it can be frustrating sometimes, too. I think we all know that men desire curves, but the truth is that some of us just don’t have them.

I’m naturally a size 4- I eat like CRAZY, work-out on a pretty regular basis, and drink lots of water. I’m a healthy weight for my height, but the truth is that unless I were to let myself go, I’ll never have curves.

Starving yourself is not beautiful at all, but I often get asked if I eat enough and that’s frustrating too! BUT! I’ve always thought that Kate Winslet is STUNNING, so this makes me very happy! :)

zoz on

GET OVER JENNIFER ANISTON.She is a homely female that is too skinny. You just like her cause you could polish yourself to look like her. An average looking girl with make-up and some fancy clothes. That is all. If she appealed to a wide demographic, all her movies starring her would not fail.

Farid on

I agree, no body desires bones. i love halle berry and considering shes 43 she is still able to defeat all of the other actresses younger than her when it comes to looks and she has never been accussed of every undergone cosmetic surgery like most actresses out there…she is a natural beauty.

ert on

You know you want money?

bibble on

i’m watching the holiday ^_^ i love kate winslet!!

fancypants on

to Tabitha:

BOTH Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale ARE SMOKERS!

Ladies Who Lunch « Cantankerous & Curmudgeonly on

[…] battled the bulge since her teens, and was also once over 200 lbs. Kindly note that she was just voted as having “the most desirable body” by the UK’s Daily Mail (you go, girl!). She and I could talk about our real breasts […]

jay blaisdell on

It’s almost unfair that the most beautiful woman on the planet, Halle Berry, also has the best body. And that means AT ANY AGE !
Am also kinda partial to Jennifer Lopez’ look. And why is it that Jennifer Aniston always gets mentioned but never Courteny Cox? Jen’s cute and all that, but she’s no real beauty like Courteney.

Curvy Celebrities Top the 2009 List of Most Desirable on

[…] Source AKPC_IDS += "7658,"; (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … […]

Valerie on

I totally agree with this list! Kate, Halle, Beyonce, Megan, and Lily all have great figures, while I’ve never thought Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss were attractive!

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[…] actress, who tops Glamour‘s ’50 Most Glam’ list for the third year in a row, did have her body confidence tested when she was younger. “When I was heavy, people would say to me — and it was such a […]

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