EXCLUSIVE: Sara Rue is the New Jenny Craig Spokesperson!

12/02/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Alison Dyer

Valerie Bertinelli and Nicole Sullivan are about to be in even better company as Eastwick star Sara Rue joins them as the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig. The 31-year-old actress tells PEOPLE that she can’t wait to start the program. “My weight has fluctuated my whole life, and because I’ve been on television since I was 11 years old, everyone has seen it,” she explains. “I think like so many women in this country I have a problem controlling what I eat sometimes based on my emotional health.” Bertinelli, who lost 40 pounds on Jenny Craig, tells PEOPLE that Rue “is me three years ago. She’s every woman who’s ever started a diet.” She will be a good spokesperson because, “she’s real. She’s honest.” Rue’s initial weight loss goal is 30 pounds. Then, she says, “we’ll see how my body looks, how I feel, and go from there.” Her first post-weight loss goal? “Rock climbing or wind surfing!” Rue says. “The things that I’m just too intimidated the size I am now to do.” But the big question remains: Does she want to follow in Bertinelli’s footsteps and sport a bikini? “If I look half as good as Valerie does at the end of this, maybe, possibly,” Rue says, smiling. “I don’t know if I’m more scared of sharks or being in a bathing suit. Maybe sharks, depending on the day.” For more on Rue, pick up the December 14 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.–Monica Rizzo

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ariana on

wasn’t she big, then lost a ton of weight? why is she big again?

Amy on

I have the same body as Sara. It will be interesting to see her transformation. Go Sara!

Amanda on

I have an idea….how about Jenny Craig actually use REAL people, not celebrities. Celebrities can afford to go on Jenny Craig on their own. Real people have a much harder time paying for the prices of the Jenny Craig food. Anyone can lose weight when someone else is paying for it!!! Duh!!!!

Beth on

Couldn’t agree more with you Amanda.

To Ariana on

It’s easy to put the weight back on. Sara wasn’t super skinny when she lost weight, she’s a plus size not looking to be super thin.

Nannette on

I went on Jenny Craig years ago. It cost an arm and a leg then. The so-called counselors used abusive language toward me, but because I was determined to givie my weigh lost a jump-start, I stayed with it for awhile and lost 35 pounds. As soon as I went off her food, which was not very palatable, I gained it all back and more. Money lost; arm and a leg lost – the only thing gained by the experience was my weight back and more.

Lisa on

Girls, I couldn’t agree more. I would love to be able to afford the Jenny Craig diet…good luck to Sara though. Wish it were me..!

Yvette on

I so agree Jenny Craig what about reaching out to inspirational real people. I would love to do Jenny Craig but with my recent job loss that is not possible – Good luck Sara but what about using the real people in your ads also.

Vicki on

Aw, I fully support any person’s quest to be healthier, so “Go, Sarah!” But, I’ll admit, I’ve always thought she looked fantastic with a bit of weight on her. I’ve seen a few photos of her thinner self, and she really looked unrecognizable.

Kayla on

She doesn’t need to lose weight. She looks beautiful in this picture… beautiful and NORMAL. I am so sick of people thinking they have to be skin and bones to be beautiful!

Karen on

I have always thought she was adorable.

Nicole on

Couldn’t agree more with you Amanda.

Kathy on

Using celebrities isn’t selling anyone on the plan. They get the food for free. Most of us can’t afford it.

sa on

I’ve heard from many people that Jenny Craig is really expensive, that’s why I never bothered to try it. I like Sara, she is “every woman” too when it comes weight fluctuations. Good luck! Maybe Jenny Craig is keeping the prices high because they are giving the money for celebrity endorsements. Nutri-system works and is cheaper so if you don’t like to cook, unlike me, try that instead!

debbie on

You can do Jenny also if you really wanted to change your lifestyle!!! Jenny’s weekly cost of food is less than going out to eat with your family once a week. Priorities people!!! stop whinning and get off the couch and do something about it!!! At Jenny you learn to change your eating habits and if you learn nothing and dont continue on that path you WILL gain your weight back!! Try it you will love it!!! I do!!!


ty on

I did Jenny Craig but I wasn’t really that serious about it…I definitely lost weight cuz it had me on schedule and the portion control…It’s expensive but at the same time it wasn’t like I was making my own meals before so I was probably spending a lot eating out also the food was good. Sticking with it is tough.

Kris on

I agree with Amanda, as well. Of course I would love to try Jenny Craig…but I am a stay at home mom who cannot afford the high cost of the products…I would love to look like those famous people…but if I had their money, I could afford the program, a personal trainer, some one to cook the meals….you get it, why don’t they?

k on

I like her…but I don’t like Jenny Craig at all and don’t support celebs that advertise there food. Honestly I have a hard time believing that they actually are losing their weight by eating the JC so called food. I know people that tried that, they would bring it into work…the frozen pizza…it literally only had a few tiny sprinkles cheese on it, co worker ate one bite and threw it out. So all of JC claims of how you can continue eating your favorites, including pizza, is a joke and so misleading.

No doubt that Valerie B. looks great now, but I’m sure that’s due to personal trainers and chefs, not JC cardboard food.

Nicole on

I think Sara is beautiful, big or little. It sucks when you loose and gain, loose and gain. GO SARA

Beth on

I think she looks great in the photo.

Cynthia on

I agree with everyone that commented Jenny Craig should use real people. I’d love to try either Jenny or NutriSystem but can’t afford that food on top of food for my family. I wish Sara well on her very public journey.

Ferretlover on

I love Sara – if she feels she wants to lose weight, that is her decision. You go, girl!

Tina on

I do remember her losing a lot of weight. She looked a little strange that way, to me. I think she’s very attractive just the way she is. But good luck to her, if that’s what she wants. Some people are not meant to be thin. It’s not their body makeup. Take The View’s Sherri Sheppard. Now I like her & she’s attractive but her upper body doesn’t match her lower body. She’s got these broad shoulders to support her ample bossom and then a tiny, narrow bottom. It’s weird. Lover her though.

Katie on

To those of you who have tried just the DIET route, may I offer, that NO diet alone will ever help you get in the shape you desire. EXERCISE and eating healthy food is your best bet to achieving your goal of being healthy…NOT SKINNY!! Start a strength training program and mark my words, you shall achieve a fit, toned body that does not rely on special costly foods!!!
My thoughts are with all of you who searching for the answer to a more healthy body!

Beth on

I completely agree Amanda ! Celebrities can afford Jenny and they get it for free for doing commercials… Well it makes it hard for us normal people to afford jenny. If they would offer it on small monthly payments then that would make it so ALOT of normal people could afford to CALL JENNY….
I called and it was going to be 300 $ and I said no thank you…

They think just because they get celeb’s that people will join WELL I hate to be the one to bust the bubble BUT when you can’t afford it you just can’t join Jenny. And you have to loose weight on your own… Like I have…

Justin on

I think that she is absolutely gorgeous just the way she is. Im sick and tired of people that are normal in size saying they need to lose weight.

Coug Girl on

I don’t see where she has 30 pounds to lose. Does she want to disappear? I always thought she looked good no matter what her weight, her personality really adds to her beauty. I also think Jenny Craig should reach out to real people, just like Jared and Subway. He was just a normal everyday guy looking to lose weight. Why can’t Jenny Craig do something like that?

kim on

I woul like to try Jenny Craig but as you see they do only use famous people. What about the real people that spend their money to keep Jenny Craig afloat?!! What about the non famous woman that just wants to get a healthy start?!! Give her a try!! Pick a few REAL women (not saying famous women are no real)to try this, who can not afford it. I’d like to see that happen. When it does watch what happens. More women will be more likely to try it.

trsquare on

I think she looks gorgeous as is! If she wants to lose the weight, then I wish it were her choice, and not because it’s a publicity ploy. C’mon, Jenny Craig! Help us REAL people out and share our stories.

Anonymous on

Weight Watchers is much better than Jenny Craig in my opinion. There’s no food to buy, unless you want to buy their line of foods and they teach you how to eat in the real world. You don’t even have to go to a meeting if you don’t want to since they have the online program. I used the WW online program with points values for food about 4 years ago, never went to a meeting, & I’ve kept the weight off.

Jenna on

I think she looks so much better heavier. She is gorgeous just the way she is! Too bad she thinks she needs to be skinny to look good.

Alissa on

I wish people would realize you DON’T need Jenny Craig to lose weight. You need to learn how to cook and portion control yourself. Otherwise, you’ll gain it back once you go off the program. I lost 30 lbs on JC and gained it back plus some. Once I started cooking my own meals, watching my portions and exercising…I lost it all and have kept it off for 3 years. It can be done without expensive plans!

SusiQ on

Oh, sure, you can continue to eat your “regular” favorites!! If you’ve found a pizza place that makes mini-mini cardboard circles with a little tomato sauce & a few chips of cheese and calls it “regular pizza”!! And when you reach your desired weight and try to go back to “everyday” food, what do you think will happen to your weight then? You’ll baloon up like a Macy’s parade float. I worked with a woman who lost 65 pounds on Jenny, started eating real food and gained back the 65 PLUS 30 more. ONLY a healthy diet & moving your body will result in permanent weight loss. You MUST retrain your eating habits.

Kim on

I think Sara should lose the weight if it’ll make her feel better, but JC isn’t always necessary. I’m w/Alissa. It’s all about what you eat, portion control, and exercise. I did Tae Bo in my living room just 3 times/week and ate fairly heathier (whole milk to 1%, no soda, no fast food, no late night snacking, etc.), and lost 20 lbs. in 3 months. I still had my desserts because you shouldn’t deprive yourself, but the small, common sense changes make a BIG difference!

Ashley on

To Ariana – People gain weight back, not everyone can keep it off.

Anastasia on

Good for Sara! I’m on Jenny Craig and it does work. And, despite the negative nellies on this comment board, it does not cost any more than I spent on groceries prior to joining. In some ways it costs less because rather than eat out all the time we eat at home more. The food is good, not everyone likes everything, but there are plenty of delicious healthy choices to pick from to make up for things you may not like. The Jenny food is only a small percentage of the overall program, every meal includes foods that you buy at the store and prepare, such as fresh fruits and vegetables or dairy items. If it doesn’t work for some people, it’s probably because they are not sticking to it. It’s not a quick fix and anyone who uses it as such will fail.

To Ariana who questions how Sara could have been big, lost weight and then gained it back, you have obviously never had weight issues. While it may seem like it would be easy to stay slim after dropping alot of weight, that’s just not reality for alot of people. It’s hard work and a daily struggle. Just like people who try to quit smoking or drinking and fall off the wagon. Only when talking about food its all the harder, because we need to eat to survive.

Diane on

I agree with the others, Jenny Craig is very expensive. They should use every day people and lower there prices, so that its more affordable

Missy on

I am on Jenny and I will tell you it does work, I started at 249 and now Im 190. It is expensive, but it has been the best money I ever spend. I would love to see a real person as a spokesperson as well. I guess Jenny Craig feels if we see a celebrity losing the weight we will try. I must admit when I read Valerie’s book, I joined. lol

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Olga on

Hey ladies, don’t get on the Jenny Craig hype – don’t be lazy remember this is a life long plan that you practice everyday. Count your calories, walk, or do some form of exercise. Remember it took a long time to gain and now we have a life time to take it off. One day at a time. It does work. I did Jenny also and gained – now I am on the right track!! Don’t put yourself down. There is no magic bullet.

itseasy on

how about working out and eating healthy. everyone wants an easy way out..but the fact is looking good takes work..and exercise is a big part of that.

Christie on

I hate when people use plus size as if it were a common thing. You are plus size because you want to be unless you have some type of medical problem. If she doesn’t have any medical problems that affect her weight then she is not considered a plus size. She is a plus size because of the way she treats her body. People who use the term plus size are probably plus sizes themselves. Stop eating the McDonalds and ding dongs and get active! There’s no excuse for fat people unless there is a medical condition involved. I have no pity otherwise :)

Ashley on

I think she looks great!!!

Kate on

I actually happen to be a Jenny Craig consultant & before I worked here I felt just like all of you about it, but i love my job. you’re right the cost is high and you can obviously do it on your own, but by the time ppl come through our door they’ve tried everything and are fed up. I have helped women and men transform their lives, I have one client that is down 110 lbs in a year. And they obviously get celebrities cause its a buisness & celebrities get attention. And I agree that you dont have to be thin to be beautiful but you should be happy with yourself.

Jamie on

Weight Watchers is the way to go! They teach you how to lose weight eating regular, every day food. You don’t have to purchase anything and, after you’ve gone once or twice to learn the principles, you really don’t need to go to the meetings. It’s the only program that’s ever worked for me. But I wish Sara the best of luck.

Bernadette Derry on

I agree with Amanda why don’t they use everyday people as spokes people for Jenny Craig.That would be more impressive to me.I think Sara Rue looks good just the way she is.That said I get that it is a personal choice for everyone to lose weight or not.

tonya on

good luck. why don’t they choose me? I am plus size, poor and cannot afford the food…I am not famous, but I can look good in the clothes. Pick me, Jenny Craig, Pick me!

Tracie on

Love, Love, Love Sara Rue. Best of luck to her on her weight loss. The comments about the wealthy being given weight loss products is ridiculous. Most of the women complaining would eat the free Jenny Craig if it was free and their regular meals also. Anyone that puts their minds to it can loose weight. It has nothing to do with income. It comes with sheer determination and will power. So stop sitting on your butts envying those that are out there making life work for them.

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girlnextdoor on

You either want to lose weight or you don’t. How can people lose so much weight, look great, feel healthier then gain it back? Especially celebrities? I’m for GC to use real people they’d be more grateful and stand a chance. I’ve always been thin, but when I gained weight after my son, it was just mind over matter. I feel better and look better thin. It’s not rocket science. And you don’t have to pay for weight lose, just do it.

Tabitha on

I think that is is wonderful for any person to persue a better fitness level and a healthier livestyle. Go Sarah.

Debi on

I totally agree with Amanda. The program would be SO much more credible if Jenny Craig used REAL middle class people as spokespeople. Valerie Bertinelli didn’t pay for the Jenny Craig products and she could certainly afford to.

How many families are there who could spend approx $100 per week on Jenny Craig – apart from their regular grocery bill. The whole world would be on Jenny Craig if it wasn’t for the price

Tracie on

Why do people have to use a program to loose weight? You would save tons of money by not eating as much. Therefore cutting down your grocery bill. Not wasting money on bad for you foods. By starting the Jenny Craig program you are set up for disaster. “Oh I ran out of money and can’t afford my food from Jenny so now I am gonna eat everything I can find”. Get active cut out all unnecessary fats/bad foods for the long haul and you will loose weight. Doesn’t require a team of specialists kissing your rear end. Just do it and I am not promoting Nike.

Vicki on

Honestly, I think I’d rather celebrities endorse Jenny Craig than real people. The reason? Whenever I see ads with real people, I always question the authenticity of the before/after shots and scenes. (Sometimes, they look too fake to be the same people.) With celebs, thanks to the media, I know for certain how they looked like before and after and can see if it works.

Lisa on

I agree that it’s backwards for a celebrity with more than enough money to get JC for free…but that is the way it is with everything! Like designer clothes: the designers want celebs to be seen in their clothing, so they send it to the celebs for FREE. That way it makes regular people like you and me want to buy the clothes, which we can not afford. It makes no sense!!!

Karen on

I am currently on Jenny Craig. I have been on it since mid July and have lost just over 30 lbs. I love their food and to me it isn’t that expensive, I pay roughly 250.00 every 2 weeks, which would be what i would spend on groceries anyway. I think Jenny Craig works, but you have to follow it through and go on the Maintenance part as well to learn not to gain the weight back. GO SARA GO

Christy on

well if someone paid for all my meals… and kept a check on me since i was an investment for them… and probably paid me to be in tv ads I could probably do well also… but i can’t afford the meals, much less anything else.

— TV Tattle on

[…] If the Comcast deal goes through, Versus might be transformed into "NBC Sports Cable." Sara Rue is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli says her "Less than Perfect" successor is "real," […]

Barbara on

I remember Sara from “Popular” and even the less than great show “less than perfect”. I get how she feels, but she was beautiful then, and is beautiful now. I loved it when she won Homecoming Queen as a size 10 or so (which, by the way is NOT FAT).

I understand her wish to be smaller, especially in her line of work. I just hope she does not fall into the usual unhealthy traps.

Barbara on

Oh, and sorry, I forgot this:

What about Kirsty (sp? sorry) I was never a fan of hers, especially, but she was a recent spokesperson, and she started eating normally and gained it all back etc. Does this make her a failure? HECK NO! But I have not seen much of a mention of her, and let’s face it, celeb. or not, she has had similar experiences to most people who go on a pre-fab diet. I wish them all well, though. This is just my experience/opinion on the subject.

Laura on

I’m a Jenny Craig client and love the program and my consultant – she makes all the difference during my weekly consultations. I wish Sara luck and know she will be successful with whatever she sets out to accomplish!

Debi on

I’ll bet that the posters here who are on Jenny Craig and are ‘happy’ with the price are single women who do not have to purchase ‘regular’ food as well for their family. My grocery bill averages $150 per week. If I joined J C the weekly cost would almost equal my grocery bill for the rest of the family! To the lady who commented that it equals going out once a week with her family…. where are you eating?? At the Ritz?

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Erma on

I agree use people like me that can’t afford the food, instead of stars, I would love to loose 100 lbs.

James on

Sara looks great. She doesn’t need to lose weight.

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Alissa on

Oh, and not only do you have to buy the JC food…you also have to buy ALL of your produce dairy and one snack a day. That’s on top of the grocery bill for your family. When I did JC, my grocery bill with JC food included was roughly $300 a WEEK. $1200 a month in groceries is ridiculous when I could cut that in HALF and still eat healthy and lose the weight on my own. IMO, people are just looking for the ‘easy’ way out with these programs.

Liz on

I think if losing weight makes Sara happy then she should do it. It isn’t about what we think it is about what she thinks and makes her happy and healthy. Anyone who has been overweight (yes me too) understands. It is hard work but well worth it. Jenny does use real people but lets be real honest to get attention and us looking and talking about it real people only go so far.
Just my 2 cents. :)

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mindy on

Good for you. I lost 22lbs. on Jenny Craig and it was SO easy with all the food provided. I am actually eating more now than when I was heavier.
The variety is great…and I get to eat all my favorites. I look forwards to morning when I get to have my blue berry pancakes WITH syrup, and I look forwards to the evening when I get to have my triple-chocolate cheese cake !!! What more can a girl ask for?
Good luck and I’ll be watching you on Eastwick, another favorite.


mindy on


For all you nay-sayers out there, I am a ‘real
person’ if, by that, you mean not a celebrity.
I’ve lost 22lbs so far and I know other ‘real people’ at Jenny Craig who have lost a lot more than me, or Valerie. But I guess Valerie is not a real person according to you. Valerie actually inspired me ( the not real person ) and I love the way I feel. Thank you Valerie, if you are real, that is.



Kate on

Honestly, if I looked that good, I probably wouldn’t be worried about my weight. She’s probably a size 12, and she has killer legs. Also, she’s GORGEOUS. So…I don’t understand why she doesn’t just try to be healthy. Her looks are better than average.

Dach on

This is so sad. Sara Rue is one of the most gorgeous women on TV right now, and she won’t be as cute if she’s not curvy. Well, at least my Gypsy 83 DVD will remind me of her cuteness potential.

brandi on

I did Jenny Craig a long time ago and it was worth it, not for the weight loss alone but it taught me a lot about calorie counting, portion size,and the way your body uses food. The program is good for people who are uneducated about nutrition and balance. I wouldn’t recommend an expensive formal program. It’s unfortunate that this country thrives on anything related to celebrity endorsement. Instead everone should educate themselves with real nutritionists and listen to their OWN bodies/metabolisms. EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT!!

ZC on

I wish she’d stop trying to lose weight. Genetically-speaking, she’s meant to be big, and you know what? She’s SEXY when she’s big. She’s a beautiful woman, and she’s incredibly sexy. Any man who insists she needs to lose weight is a fool.

She’s my idea of a truly sexy woman; Smart, funny, beautiful, and cunning (have you seen her play poker?) — I’d go for her any day of the year.

She needs to stop with this weight loss quest. She was gorgeous before her weight loss, and she’s gorgeous now. When she loses weight, she just becomes another Hollywood chick, and that’s SO boring and unappealing.

She sends the wrong message to women by doing this. I wish she’d be happy with her body, because I’m telling you– A lot of men certainly enjoy it as-is.

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eva on

Hi Sara
Congrats on the weight loss, Can I have the clothes that are to big for you now ?

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Frances on

Three cheers to using REAL honest to goodness down to earth people… oh that’s right… its much more statusy and influential using a starlet than a regular person who just couldn’t influence that many people. Why does everything always have to be so darn political? :(

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Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ | Weight Loss Data on

[…] are she’ll be smiling. That’s because the actress has lost 50 pounds since signing on as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig last December. “I have such a better relationship with food than I’ve ever had […]

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[…] Well, I guess losing a lot of weight didn’t magically kickstart her career; but she gained some of the weight back and is now working for Jenny Craig. […]

Peddimsetty on

I just bought meafidst and though it was tough to start during the holidays I’m proud to say that even with the holidays I lost a few pounds, this month I’m starting Medifast 100% on Plan and am looking forward to it. I have had friends on nutrisystem who have gained all the weight back but the ones on meafidst have maintained because they teach you to cook for yourself and pick food outside rather than solely rely on meals.I did South Beach diet first and lost 35 lbs, but I got so tired of counting and tracking I decided to switch to meafidst to lose the last 65 lbs I want to get rid of. Hopefully I’ll lose it much faster with Medifast Was this answer helpful?

Destiny on

I lost 30 pounds using the Nutrisystem prgarom. Is it gourmet food? no. Was it tasty, YES! Did I expect it to be gourmet? no! Last time I checked, Jenny was more expensive, so that could account for the slightly better taste. I was very happy with the taste. I just had a Nutrisystem hamburger for supper, with a generous salad, 2 big glasses of water, and a brownie all of which was very yummy! There are some food items that I don’t prefer, but there are so many yummy choices.

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