The Kardashian Sisters Turn Jewelry Designers!

11/17/2009 at 12:17 PM ET

Seth Browarnik/Startraks

Not only will the Kardashian sisters’ clothing line for Bebe hit stores this spring, but Kim, Kourtney and Khloe will also be launching a jewelry collection for hip L.A. brand Virgin Saints and Angels. “The collection embraces our unique style…. Romantic, edgy, and classic vintage… of at least we hope so :). Our Armenian culture is very important to us and we tried to incorporate that in the jewelry also,” Kim writes on her official website. The Kardashians’ collection will hit stores like Santa Barbara’s Blue Bee, Sparkle Fred Segal and Nordstrom on April 15, 2010. Tell us: What do you think of the Kardashian sisters’ jewelry line? Will you buy it?

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Catherine on

Uneducated morons who sleep around and pretend
they are someone. A disgrace to watch!

dee on

Who are these girls? I am sick of hearing about them. Can we just move on and forget these 3 morons (I agree with description above).

david ballard on

I bet there dad is rolling in his grave. To think Bruce Jenner puts up with this. I hope he protects his kids from the BS these girls bring. They are horrible

Karen on

These girls have no talent. The are riding on the coat tails of their parents name. They have the morals of an alley cat. Please go away. Hope they have a nice life but I don’t wish to watch them. Spoiled brats!!!

ANNA CAlzadocruz on

No i would not buy anything from these girls! Why are the even famous? For a cheap sex tape! Enough said!

Lisa on

If their father were alive they would have never strayed into the limelight, marriage in 1 month, pregnancy, scott, and esp no tattoos.

Lena on

To Dee:

Probably, these girls have something that make you talk. Regardless of the personal life, can you say something constructive?

Louis on

I love the Kardashians. Good for them!

Alicia on

What gives people the right to say that others are talent-less? Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful socialites of all time. She is no angel, maybe not even a role model. She never claimed to be people!! Maybe I should go to your house and critique your lives …

I love Kim Kardashian out of them all. It makes me ill to see people wishing bad luck on anyone else.

You go girls!


I think this girl’s are great love their show

Mandi on

I think some people making some comments on here are quite jealous. I don’t think anyone would complained if you had the same opportunities as the kardashian sisters. They are just trying to make a living and make a name for themselves. They aren’t selling anything that is going to harm anyone. You can choose to buy their stuff or not. I think it’s tacky to dog people that you don’t know. They aren’t using the government for services like the octomom. She’s another story.

kg on

Why get on hear and read the article if you dont want to hear about them the girls have more talent then any of you so stop being jealous and worry about your own lifes

Mildred Gaebe on

I agree with the other comments…these girls are morons, nothing else to do but spend money…please Hollywood get back to real talent! so sick of all the Hollywood fake, no talent people they have. Very few are worth even mentioning. like go to school girls, you look and act like hookers.

Shannon on

They are called socialites. They do not have to be famous for any specific reason. They do not have to be talented to be famous. Look at Paris Hilton. They are famous behind their parents names and are trying to do something with that. Who cares? They got a show out of it and trying to expand it. Kim was able to do it faster b/c of it sex tape. They never claimed to be angels. I love watching their show b/c they are acting like themselves and not denying anything. They know they are famous b/c of their dad and Bruce.

Laura and Sienna on

All of you would die to have their money and all the success their family has achieved. They are fun to watch and a such a loving family to one another. The are good business people who have taken something and ran with it. More power to them. Stop hating. You are all just jealous!!!!

Maria on

I think these girls work very hard for everything they have. To sit back and call them names just shows how negative people are about their own lives. These girls are smart and beautiful and good for them for all that they do!!!

denden on

In life you will hear or see people dont like you, but you all keep up the good works because you all are bless , many people in you positon are not down to earth like the kardeshian families

Ls on

There are too many haters that come on people magazine, there are only a couple good messages…. sad, what are all you haters doing anyway? No matter what, the Kardashian girls are successful, can all you haters say the same for yourselves??? i didn’t think so!

Karla on

…and you wonder why AMERICA is DUMMY DOWN. Where are the REAL HARD working citizens of AMERICA…Teachers, Social Workers and First Responders. It’s not GLAMOROUS enough for The Boob Tube Generation. Do any of you READ BOOKS? I’m sure they DON’T. Who is the Congress person representing your district or county? Man what a WASTE!

EN on

FYI Mildred- Kourtney graduated from the University of Arizona.

Terry on

Hi All,
You really have to get a life and stop being so jealous of these girls. It is so obvious that the green eyed monster has got a hold of you when it comes to the kardashian sister’s. Go girls !!!! I think you are very talented and very ambitious!!!

Karla on

To LS: You only know what they are PRESENTING TO YOU. Why is this GENERATION so full of REALITY TV? Who is Hating? We have a right to state our opinion like you. It’s the First Amendment. That’s how they got you FOOLED!

Elle Navarro on

**Its not that were jealous of the Kardashians, it’s that its wrong how they play tricks,fake events, & play the fans. They claim to be as real as real can get but yet they lie everyday to the most important people (the people that made them who they are) which are the fans all for the dollar dollar bills that they love. We all know if it wasnt for Ryan Seacrest they wouldn’t have anything & he’s as fake as fake can get also but nothing real gets ratings right? LOL I rest my case

Dawn on

Whoa! What harsh comments. I wasn’t a big fan of the Kardashian’s, but they aren’t that bad.

Patricia on

LOVE the Kardashians! Some people are just so jealous of others.

romartini on

why do all you haters even post a comment? you must be intersted if you take the time to bother reading about them.

Karla on

Ella – Kudos to you.

amy on

You people are some haters! If you hate these girls so much then why do you waste your time reading about them? Because you yourself are miserable?! Get a life and get over it, they are not going anywhere anytime soon so suck it up and get over them! Who care what they did to get famous, maybe you’re just jealous because your hating ass isn’t famous for nothing! I’m sorry but every time I open a story about them I have to look at all the negativity and hatefulness, IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM…KEEP IT MOVIN!

romartini on

why do all you haters even post a comment? you must be interested if you take the time to bother reading about them.

Kelly on

I love these girls…they are great..even if they are riding on their parents coatails so what…they have their own businesses and make their own money…stop being haters…if I was given the chance to meet them I would jump at it…


The Kardashians are immoral in their family portrayal. They are in a position where by they COULD be role models but are not. Because they are “business” women doesn’t make them moral in the least. The mother is the same. How Bruce Jenner does it (and you can see the disapproval on his face constantly) is beyond even himself, I’m sure.

Amy on

OK, HATERS! Does it really matter who their father was? There are plenty stars/celebrities who got their break on someone’s coat tail. STOP HATING – these woman – in all their glory are living the American Dream and making money!



Jenn on

why do they look egiption

meee on

okay people if you not going to say anything nice then dont say anything at it that hard to just say to yourself not publish it. The kardashians are gorgeous..and yea they make mistakes but who doesnt. how hard is it to just not say anything. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney…keep up the great work.. dont let all of these people who are jealous get in the way. Love yall.

Suzy on

Geez people….if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all! If you don’t like the Kardashian’s, then why are you reading the article, NOT TO MENTION taking the time to post a comment? How immature, jealous and bitter most of you sound. I think they are fabulous…and FAR FROM riding the coattails of anyone!

laura love on


Ashley on

I love these girls and think that people shouldn’t judge them because they don’t know them!!!!! They are very close and love their family and that is what really matters in life….family! I am sure their father would be very proud of that!

Nicole on

I love Kim Kardashian out of them all. It makes me ill to see people wishing bad luck on anyone else.

You go girls

brenda lyttle on

I am not buying anything of theirs

brenda lyttle on

I am not buying anything from these people

Matty on


Sharon on

It looks like something one could pick up
from Wal-Mart. Why???????

tanya on

i think kim and kourt are super prettyy

Cindy on

I have watched the show and it is so unreal. Same with Kourtney and Khloe show in Miami. The episode where they run out of gas? Come on the camera men were there why could they not get them gas? Also, Kris makes me sick. She is raising her family to think that money is the most important thing!

AM on

Yes if there is something unique especially rings.

Kim on

OMFG. What have they EVER done?

kristen on

you should probably research them before you say such ignorant things. kourtney went to asu.

amy on

who are we to judge this least they dont hide what they are going thru..maybe people shouldnt throw stones at glass houses…kim and reggie are ment to be..klohe and lamar are happy in love..and well with a baby on the way no scott and kourtney arent ment to be but we cant judge..females are going thru what they least they have balls to show it to all of us…leave them alone and let them be..

sarah on

good to see the sisters doing business don’t care what they do in their personal lifes they are business savvy

Kathy on

ew ew ew ew ew and a thousand times ew

Christine on

Get a life all you jealous losers who are HATERS … love them !!!! Ever heard ” If you don’t have something vice to say they don’t say anything ” !

Christine on

Im meant nice to say …. I know all you a – holes are going to love that one ….

CC on

ps…yes for all the haters out there who dont like them..guess what dont watch…your just so so jealous that your not living their lifestyle cause you know you would if you could…girls get a life of your own and you wont hate so much…

Angelica on

Talk about some Jealous people!! I’m sure you don’t have your own company, clothing line, perfume and the education that they did .. Now talk about some morons.. But you sure do comment and “waste your time” talking about them, even posting about them.. don’t hate because your not them…..

Kara` on

The Kardashian girls are absolutely beautiful. They make their choices baed on what they think is right for them and no one else. I think that is what is important. Women today need to stand up and do the things they feel are right for themselves and their families and no one else.

Screw you haters!

xo kardashian lover

Toni on

1st off noone is jealous of them or their money! the truth needs to said about the Kardashians! 2nd a “socialite” is someone in high society who is extremely wealthy and usually involved in charitable activities and making connections with others in their social status! so to classify them as socialites is disrespectful, they are in the same category as Heidi and Spencer! please give tv time to people who actually went to school for their art! they are beautiful, but what have they contributed or done that gives them this much press other than sleep around and be like a regular dysfunctional american family! just shows you where society has it’s values at!

Deborah on

Love these girls. I think Kris has done a great job loving and supporting them to be independent Beings. Bruce is a great influence too. I hope to work with them some day. Their hearts are in the right place. Bravo for the new bling line. Why not? They have the IT factor now and why not milk it for all they can? Go gurls!!!

Deborah on

Wow, I just read some of the comments…such haters. Gee, jealousy over someone elses success is so petty. Ugh. K-gurls dont never no mind!! :) Extra shout out to Khloe and Lemar. xxx

anon on

they are pretty dumb, I dont know if its an act or their mom really didnt make them learn. And kim is not hot…kourtney is way cuter..and khloe needs a new do..she looks fatter with her hair the way it is.

Jennifer on

These girls are rich and famous for no reason that is true, but can you blame them? Who wouldn’t make the most of it while they can? Would you turn down all the fame and fortune?? Hopefully their 15 minutes will be up soon….

Mindy on

Ahh, just a bunch of haters! Do you thing girls!

Larisa on

Khloe is still married ?? ….:))

lisa dias on

jealous jealous jealous its too bad but there are alot of jealous people in this world. i think they are great, love the show.

lisa dias on

jealous jealous jealous its too bad but there are alot off jealous people in this world. i love them and their show

Britt on

I love the Kardashian’s and there show ROCKS. Keep it up Girls!!

Lori on

Can you Kardashian supporters use another word besides “haters” when describing negative responders? I’ve also noticed that their supporters do not have any sentence structure or correct spelling. That, alone, shows the intelligence level of their fans.

However – good for Kourtney to complete her college education. As for the other two ladies, high school was where their education stopped.

Tricia on

The girls have never claimed to be perfect, the last time I checked!!! They owe a lot of thanks to their mom, she is the one that got them the success they have!! They are beautiful and not your average American family but they are enjoyable to watch and seem as down to earth as they can be for the lives they have!! People need to keep the very negative things they say to themselves. Obviously if you have time to write hateful things you have the time to watch them to know what you are talking about!!!

vikki on

Good for them.At least they are bringing in income and not living off of their parents like most well to do’s ,do.

They have as much right as anyone else to make a living.

me on

don’t hate….if you don’t like them don’t read or watch them. lol get over it!

Elizabeth on

I love them soo much. FYI: they have rich parents, they started modeling and being personal shoppers for celebrities, went out with Paris Hilton and became famous and now they have TV shows and many other deals going for them. They also own cool boutiques. They are smart, funny and entertaining. And they are famous despite not being actors or singers. So shut it already people!

katie on

complete waste of spaces. these 3 no talent idiots will do anything to extend their 15 mins. its pathetic.

tim on

I wouldn’t mind banging either of them!

kelsey on

i don’t find anything wrong with them. i think they’re gorgeous girls! so serisouly if you are going to sit here and think of every negative comment in the book, you obviously have WAYYYYY too much time on your hands! GROW UP PEOPLE!

Lisa on

I wouldn’t buy those earrings…they look they could poke someone’s eye out …like a boyfriend’s when he is kissing your neck…ouch!

violetct on

Like their dad was a real hero..he defended OJ who was guilty as sin! Karma though…

Tish on

If there stuff is cute and affordable in my opinion I would buy there various products. I think they are apart of new whirl wind of celebrities that aren’t celebrities in the traditional way. Every one has there opinion though…
@Mandy -do you know Octomom?

Samantha on

My goodness there are a bunch of haters on this thread. These women are not perfect but please, introduce me to someone who is. It sounds like the majority of you who hold such disdain for them have watched an episode or two of their show. At the very least you opened and read an article about them – all of your own. You have the option NOT to watch and NOT to read about them if you are really so disgusted by them. Make smart choices people.

sam on

I love these girls! They show that you dont have to be blonde and fake to get somewhere!!!!

Fan on

To Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney! I just wanted to apologize for the ridiculous comments left by some of the haters! For your information, Kourtney graduated from college and although Khloe and Kim didn’t go to college they have built themselves from the bottom up! They truly deserve all they have! ~ God bless you all for your talents and drive to succeed.

bb on

Kim did claim to be a role model on Hannity….I do think that Khloe and Kourtney have no class but I love Kim and Kris

Yadira on

Okay People, you all sound like a bunch of jealous immature children. They have a successful show with ratings that top most shows. Their is someone watching the show and “alot” of fans buying their merchandise. For you all to bring up their father is just so dis-respectful, you should be ashamed of yourselves. No one is forcing you to buy anything from them, but I will and so will others. Beautiful, successful and yes talented. We have all made mistakes, so those without sin cast thy first stone. Keep up the great work, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, Love ya and have watched you all for years….

natasha on

hey i happen to like the kk dolls. don’t be hatin. they doin what they do an they makin money while they doin it!!! wats wrong with that?

kassie on

“It’s a pain to see we are in a sad situation, suffering in the land. The rich is getting richer and the poor…”

Jimmy Cliff

Kerry on

I LOVE the Kardashians!!! The wedding special was awesome…Kourtney, Kim, and of course Khloe were beautiful and I was surprised to see how grown up Kendell and Kylie were! Kris and Bruce are such as cute couple as usual and Rob is hotter than ever!!! Yay Kardashians…don’t pay attention to the haters!

Bless on

I am very surprised at how people could just sit at one place and try to pull hard working down. pleae bear in mind tha humans as we have our individual faults,however, we should strive to look at the positives. These girls are working hard to make sure they put monies into thier pockets and some of just sit back and dwell on their private lives as if we do not have some bad sides of ourselves. All those who think the Kardashians are morons will quickly jump to the opportunities these girls have and want known as they are. Please leave these girls alone to live thier lives the way the want it while you also live yours how you want it. While you try to pull them standing at a point, they will be moving forward.

SLW on

You have to be kidding me with these comments, they’re brilliant. They are multimillionaires who have totally banked on all their ideas!! Good for them!

Sasha on

No, of course not.

These girls wants to be famous for nothing. Go and have a life!

bugz on

I love the Kardashians! They make me laugh and are fun to watch! =)

janet on

I like to read about them anytime they are in the them.

Meghan on

all of yall are just a bunch of haters the Kardashian sisters a great role models and you know that some of yall wished you had what they had and you dont by the way kim is a model and a celeb makeup artist oh and how did nichole richie or paris hioton get famous? you cant answer that so keep your ungrateful thoughts to you self

JJ on

I LOVE the Kardashians! I’m so sick of people dumping on them all the time. They are normal, everyday women whose mistakes just happened to be plastered all over magazines and television- they didn’t ask for that. They are young, beautiful and intelligent women who run their own company- don’t be rude because you don’t have the same business savy mindset. I have one word for all you haters…Jealous? (in my best Kim voice! LOL!)

A on

We live in a free-enterprise society and they are getting their hustle on !! I love the Kardashian girls, they’re milking their 15-minutes of fame while they can,and everyone who’s bashing them would do the same thing if given the opportunity. Go Khloe, Kim, and Kourt !!

Katie on

I agree with all of the above that say these so-called personalities are a no-talent, sleezy, cheap looking bunch. I am sick of seeing their photos, trying to glamorize them!

Vanessa on

Love those earings!

hannah on

uhhhhhh if you dont like them—-dont read about them, your on this webite, so obviously you have nothing better to do with your time, like the rest of us

amy on

People dont understand them at all..I look at my life and see what they are going thru some people arent ment to go to college..Some people like myself went to work right after i got done with high school..My single mother couldnt afford for us to go..Kim and Khole have showed that you dont need to go on to higher education to get what you want..They are wonderful females and all rounded..I am now a manger of a bank and no I didnt go to college so keep up hateing them it wont bring them done it will only make them stronger..

Hollt on

kim is the only cute the others woof!!!!!

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k on

Good for them! they are capitalizing on whatever fame they have and working hard.
All you people that write mean comments would do the same thing!!!!

Heather on

I think that everybody is entitled to their destination of choice. Even though I feel that some get there alot easier and faster than others. But it not good to hate on others success just because of what they have done or said. Its time to grow up America.

sandra on

no, i don’t buy anything with a celebrity’s name on it. why do we want to make these people richer? i think i’ll keep my money and make myself richer.

Deborah on

Isn’t it strange how woman can be so critical of other woman that are successful. Regardless of what happened in the past, its the future we all strive to do better in. To become better sisters, mothers, and friends. The best about these sisters is that they have ambition and dreams. Remember when you had dreams? Its time you take action and make them come true, because writing jealous hurtful comments here isn’t going to improve your life or make you happy ladies.

Danuka on

I wish her all the best, It’s just kind of unfair how easy some pelope have it in live, but I’m not resentful and not too bad either. She sure is a cute girl blessed with beauty and charme.

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