Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's New Role: Jewelry Designers

11/16/2009 at 11:17 AM ET

Courtesy of Asprey; PA Photos/Landov (inset)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have put their creative minds to something new — elegant serpent-themed jewelry! The power couple has teamed with a top British jeweler Asprey to come up with a series of designs for everything from earrings, pendants, bangles, rings to a silver spoon and egg cup. And, like so much of their life away from the cameras, the collection will benefit others. All the net proceeds will go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, to which the couple has already donated $1 million via the Jolie-Pitt Foundation in June 2008. For Jolie, 34, the inspiration for the collection was an obvious one. While she was expecting Shiloh in 2006, she was given a special gift — a protective snake ring. It was seen as a protector for mother and unborn child, and Jolie has come to view the motif as something of a family guardian. “Since then she has seen the snake symbol as a protective talisman for her family,” a source at Asprey tells PEOPLE. The series started out as something for children — 16-month-old Vivienne has already been photographed wearing bangles with the snake motifs– but has developed into the limited edition “Protector Collection” of high end jewelry and other luxuries, which does still include children’s items like a tooth box and silver egg cup. The collection becomes available tomorrow, November 17. —Simon Perry

Courtesy of Asprey

Courtesy of Asprey

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Patty on

The bracelet is gorgeous! And I like the necklace too! Hope they have affordable versions – would love one of each, especially if the proceeds are going to charity.

Penny on

How exciting! I’m glad that Angelina recognizes the power in serpent symbols. In ancient times, serpents were considered wise and powerful, and very protective. I’m excited that they are going to donate all of the proceeds, as well. What a fantastic couple!

Sandy on

The snake theme suites them.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous collection.

Trish on

I love them! I adore snakes so I want them already!. I’d definately buy them if I see them in a store! :)

{oh!!} on


Love on

Wow, beautiful!

Micheal Gatlin on

I am a big fan of Angelina (Brads not bad either). Reason being is amount of time they spend helping those who can’t help themselves.
Also Angelina; if Brads starts acting up I have your engagement ring on layaway.


This collection is stunning!

Leslie on

As with anything Brad and Angie do…it always focuses on benefiting others. They are great humanitians.

j'aime on

They look great.

Bo on

Angie, Love you!

RP on

I’m surprised, this stuff is actually really cool-looking.

Jerilyn on

Snakes, serpents, YUK!

Deborah on

Very nice I hope they do well for their cause.

Anonymous on


oath on

I love them.

carol on

not a big fanof snakes but a huge fan of brad and anjelina and again they proving they are more than rich celebrities

Dawn on

I just love this couple, but snakes – not so much? hummm? For Brange I’ll give it a try (especially so they can continue to help others).

Somjit Shartle on

It is stunning collection .And I love to buy them,i can’t wait.

angie on

The necklaces look like pretzels with snake heads on them.

Trish on

Angelina and Brad have hearts the size of Texas, how can anyone say anything negative towards this. They are helping others and I love them for it!

sean on

Flying pigs and flying snakes, oh my!

Daria on

I don’t particulary like serpents but applaud their continued philanthropic efforts.

C. Stevens on

How much will the pieces cost?

FAN on

No big deal ! They design their own looked only !

sean on

One could if one so desired display this at a stuterers conference for maximum effect.

sean on

as an action

LBW on

Snakes are creepy.

angel on

wow i would rock that

Mary on

Mark……. the only idiot here is you.

What sort of idiot opens a news link, reads it and then leaves an idiotic comment for two people he does not even like?!

I dislike Britney Spears. So I avoid any news links or celebrity gossip to do with her. So I suggest you do the same for AJ & BP. It will make you less bitter as a human being and less likely to look like a fool. Then we can all read the positive comments in peace.

This collection is gorgeous. Sadly Asprey is way beyond my price range, but I am sure someone will bring out a similar design.

It is fantastic (as per normal with this couple) that the proceeds are going to charity. Most other celebrities design something and then keep the proceeds for themselves.

I am not fond of snakes in real like (eek), although they beautiful creatures.

But I love the mythical ancient protective aspects surrounding them.

Dreaming of snakes may be scary but it is a very powerful dream full of life changing connotations

angel on

but i dont have the money:)

Elysse on

The collection looks great, plus has real meaning, as well. Hope it has great success.

Amanda on

I notice that negative comments keep being deleted? Is PEOPLE sensoring because Brangelina gives them the big stories? Wow……

snow on

I’m really tired of the magnificent stories about brangelina

Joy on

I am not a big snack fan, but these are actually really pretty. Honestly I don’t think this has anything to do with Brad. This is more Angelina’s style, I like it!

Joy on

ha ha ha I meant to say “snake fan”. LOL!

Lauren on

Their beautiful snake line is way out of my price range….perhaps something with a worm?

john on

Interesting how negative comments are removed. Let me repeat again….this is another pathetic attempt on the part of two immoral fruitcakes to bolster their fragmented egos. More scary how the public eats it up.

Andrea on

There they go doing stuff for others again! Love them for that! I have a huge fear of snakes….but i would buy one of each if i could. Wish they were a bit more affordable though. That way i can support my 2 favorite actors and their great cause all at the same time! You know, kill 2 snakes with one stone, lol…

Teddy on

Wow John, a little angry are we? Could it be that its as simple as, i dont know…. charity? You’re reading way to much into it. Haters do that though. And to think you wasted your time on people you dont like by re-posting it. Pathetic.

Kelli on

Angelina Jolie and a snake??? How fitting.

packer on

Its all very beautiful and very classy.I am glad its going to a a very cause for the children in need.

vikki on

The fact that she picked out a snake speaks volumes.

Glad the money will help others.

Christina on

The snake comes down wraps itself around you, slips into your mind, gives you beauty, intelligence, and steals your soul. Yes I can see how that would be something that would be a protector of children and families. I have been dupped. I thought they were altruistic. I have always told people how they are so caring, and giving. I can no longer admire them, respect them, because now I know who and what they are. There is a clear and precise view now of why they are so loved by people. I am deeply saddened by this news, and I know I do not know them, but I thought that at least one hollywood couple was true and genuine, but I was wrong obviously.

Christina on

Proceeds going to the education of children of conflict is a nice touch, although just FYI a frog should have been used. Fully Rely On God. FROG not a snake. Someone gave her a snake, if they had given her a cross, or a pentagram would that have been the theme? Seems like not a well thought out talisman. What will be the price of the protection from the snake, because it is not without a price according to all of the mythological legends. Just something to think about.

Christina on

oops one more thing. It seems like a high price too. :)

Lisa on

Boy, I know they are super rich but they didn’t have to donate the proceeds.. It seems they are super nice and do everything they can to help people…What an inspirational couple.

El on

The snake DOES suit them. The snake is the embodiment of lies and deceit. It is the enemy and the enemy has a name, evil. Read Genesis, the WHOLE book of Genesis. These 2 can do “good works” 24/7 from now until they die and it will not save their souls.

Rossie on

Wow I love the collection!


you people are reading WAY too much into the snake factor. its as simple as they like snakes and beleive they are “protective”. what they wanna think about the snakes is their deal. The best part about them doing this is that proceeds are going to CHILDREN, not themselves!

patty on

she is the serpent

donna on

What a beautiful collection. Brad and Angelina do everything from the heart, which is what I admire about them both.

sus on

surprising…. wonder if they realize that a serpent is a cursed animal, just want to put that around my neck, my wrists, in my mouth, on my ears, But, O’ yea, they like bondage. Nothing like having your ears,mouth,wrists, and neck bound up.Watch who you put in that idol position.

sic of em on

Great call one snake rusty and the other dusty mimics them 2 a t. They r so full of it. But the world has alot of suckers and i dont blame them 4 using them. Ms and mr snake have alot of kids in that family especially themselves. They seem 2 spend so much time pretending and being false and when the media and public backlash becomes 2 much they find a poor or 3rd world for propoganda.

greenpeople on

Funny how people who claim to be sick of Jolie and Pitt keep re-visiting articles about them and then take the time to lament and whine about how over-exposed they are. Maybe you whiners should quit Googling them then they wouldn’t be so prominent in the news! I, for one, enjoy how they reach out to the poor and try to make this world a little better. Heck, they’re also gorgeous to look at; esp. AJ! More eye candy for me, baby!!


[…] continue to give back to those less fortunate and this time their goodwill has bling! Brangelina has designed a pair of diamond serpent cuff links, as well as other beautiful baubles, for renowned British […]

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