Joel Madden: "I Love Nicole's Style!"

10/28/2009 at 02:30 PM ET

Sara De Boer/Startraks

Nicole Richie‘s new contemporary clothing line Winter Kate doesn’t debut until February but she’s already got one customer lined up: boyfriend Joel Madden. “Her clothing line is what she wears — bohemian rock and roll, hippie, sexy and comfortable clothes for women. It’s cool, but it’s not forced.” And he’s not just a fan of the line. “I love Nicole’s style. She’s the coolest person I’ve ever met, and she doesn’t try at all,” he told PEOPLE recently as Nicole listened on with a proud smile, “Thanks, honey!” she replied. “I designed everything and picked the materials and prints. I put my heart and soul into it.” Read more about the line, which is named after the couple’s 21-month old daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden, here.–Lisa Ingrassia


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LBW on

They are such a cute couple and I truly believe he loves her. I hope they marry. Their children are adorable.

Bee Happy on

Nicole has grown up and matured so much! She’s such a beautiful wonderful woman now. I really hope they get married also, they seem absolutely perfect together! :)

A fan of both on

I wish the would get married already!!!!!!!

mary on

Please marry her Joel. Your family is so cute!!

Katie on

Nicole has a STYLIST that dresses her so maybe Joel should have said, “I love what Nicole’s stylist picks out for her to wear” not that she has great style. If I had someone picking out all my clothes I’m sure I would always look great too!

Lucy on

You don’t have to be married to be a “family”. They are happy they way they are, Bless them and their children.

Veronica on

Just a FYI Katie,

Nicole Richie doesn’t have a stylist she was with Rachel Zoe for a long time and they parted ways and she was never replaced what you see on Nicole is Nicole’s style not a stylist.


Jessica on

Wow Katie you sound pretty bitter. I think they are adorable and wish them nothing but the best.

Erica on

Yeah…Katie..what a hateful person. She doesn’t have her stylist any longer. I think she is a beautiful young woman who has changed so much. She and Joel are a super couple with beautiful kids…good for them and shame on you Kate for being so mean!

Darlene on

I think she is homely, he is homlier and the new baby looks like an old man version of him. Daughter is cute though.

Kristy on

Everyone needs to relax and stop picking on Katie:) I love Rachel Zoe’s style and Nicole Richie did too, hence why she used to be her stylist. I agree that Nicole always puts herself together well. I also believe she was influenced by Rachel Zoe. Either way, she always looks cute and she does seem happy and matured into a lovely mom. I think her daughter is the cutest thing ever!

Stef on

They just look so beautiful and happy together. Best of luck to both of them and their beautiful family.

Vet on

Nicole has grown so much. It seems that they bring out the best in each other and their children are soooo beautiful. I wish them nothing but the best in their personal lives as well as in the work (charities, music, clothing line) they are doing. God Bless them.

JessicaC on

These 2 are SO cute together! Not to mention they have 2 beautiful children. The daugther is the cutest celeb baby!!! Hope these two will last together….forget marriage. They can still be together and happy without the ring.

amcwhitney on

They are such an amazing couple. So devoted to each other and their children. That baby boy looks just like his dad, so darling! It is nice to read something positive about a family, how refreshing!

Virginia on

I thought they were married already??? Didn’t they just get married last weekend?

Jayde on

You’re so right, Jessica C. Why get married? Why bother with making a real commitment before God and everybody when you can just keep having illegitimate children and hop out of the relationship as soon as it isn’t fun anymore. They sure are teaching their children all the right things in life…..

Giselle on

I love the person that Nicole has turned into, they are a cute, stable & solid couple, their kids are super cute! Im so happy that Nicole better for the best, and her style is super cute & relaxed!

Riley Ridge on

Their relationship seems to work for them….and the children are just so darn cute!

Many years of happiness are wished upon you and your family!!


Why does anyone care of they are married? They probably have a better chance of staying together if they don’t get married!!

Aivlis on


Some couples don’t need to have their relationship validated by a God they may or may not believe in. Besides, having a signed marriage contract doesn’t keep married couples from divorcing everyday. If you need a piece of paper to keep your man with you than that is your problem. Just because they are not married does not mean they aren’t commited.

Also, you sound like a bitter b*tch calling two very loved children illegitimate just because their parents don’t feel the need to be a part of some archaic societal norm.

Mary on

Wow, Jayde, “illegitimate children”? This isn’t 1909 anymore, you know.

Lucy on

Really Jayde? I am guessing you are one of those people that claims to be a Holy Christian but yet you bash everyone else’s way of life. God isn’t judegmental, did you miss that part of the bible?

This is 2009 and the past and present has laid facts that marriage doesn’t seem to last and people treat divorce like it is an easy casual break-up, if you are happy in yoru relaitonship you don’t need a piece of paper saying you are married.

Back off the children, I imagine they will be raised better than you the hypocritical bit** will ever think about raising your children.

Hop back in your mini van and head to soccer practice.

Eden on

Jayde, marriages fail all of the time. Who’s to say that just because they’re not married they will not stay committed to each other and be two loving parents to their children? Look at the couples who have never been married, such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, or Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. They have both raised families and are still going strong after all of these years. Being married does NOT guarantee anything, and if they chose to do so, good for them, if they don’t then good for them for not giving into dogmatic verbal systems and leading their own lives!

Kelsey on jade & darlene! you guys sound like miserable old bi*chs!! I love nicole richie & her family, i think shes a role model for people, it shows people you can rise above anything!! and i think both of her kids are probably the cutest celeb kids out there!!

cindy on

they are already married but they ain’t talking about it. they got their marriage license and they had a quiet and a small ceremony wedding. thats what benji said and his other brother.

alicia on

I loved watching Nicole change her ways. She has a beautiful family and is now dressing beautifully.

Rachel on

Not that I am defending Jayde but actually Lucy, God Is JUDGEMENTAL!

Anita on

Darlene, you took the words right out of my mouth!

California Surfer on

Whoa dudes! Marriage is totally about what is in the heart and not about a piece of paper! It totally seems like Joel and Nicole have a good friendship and love eachother and I wish them and their little dude and dudette all the best!

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Amanda on

Eat already.

Jennifer on

Veronica, do you have something against using periods? Punctuation intolerant?

And maybe Nicole doesn’t have a stylist right now, but I don’t think it is just a coincidence that she dresses just like (and is as skinny!) as Rachel Zoe. Rachel obviously had a lasting impact.

amfunky on

Nicole & Joel, the best of luck, your girls are darlings, Nicole, you have matured so much, you make a wonderful mother & Joel, you have so much love for your family, all four of you look so adorable together. take care!

Marley on

Cute couple, and what an adorable family they have!! :)

dawn on

All i gotta say is if she wasn’t Lionel Richie daughter would it even matter? When was last time you heard him on the radio? So does any of this really matter? Only to there publicists.

Aimee on

Nicole is a beautiful mother, she has great style and I’m excited about her line. I’m not so sure why people always have to look down on someone because of the decisions are not ones you would make in life. i’m glad they are happy with or without the ring. I believe in marriage, but I also believe that it is YOUR CHOICE. People always throw the releigon out there and you know, if people would stop trying to FORCE their thoughts and opinions on things, just maybe you would have better impact on people. You will judge as you have judged others.

sandy on

I am very happy for Nicole, she is a beautiful young woman and does show great style and class. She has a lovely family. I adore the pictures of her and joel’s little girl, she is precious and now they have a handsome young man. As a mom I feel very proud of the way she has turned her life around and turned into a woman with class. I wish her and Joel all the happiness.

Enza on

I think Nicole has transitioned into a wonderful mother and a responsible woman. It can only please those of us who have watched this beautiful change. About her style: Sorry for the ones who say she has a stylist; her style is so unique – a mixture of elegance and wild hippy — that it is obviously very personal.
I hope they get married and continue to love each other, and raise a lovely family.

katie on

they are an adorable couple and i am so happy for them.. they seem very grounded and down to earth. also seem like great parents!

Lori on

I cannot believe some people on here. Judging others, talking about weight as if they themselves have bodies like Cindy Crawford….or better yet, Jessica Biel. She is thin, she looks great, if she was big she would still look great. It’s one choice to be and look how they want. And it’s THEIR choice to not be married. Not God’s and definitely not any of you.

jade on

I think that Joel & Nichole are a beautiful couple and have a beautiful family. This couple not only have a beautiful family but also have very good hearts & spirts as shown with the charities they sponser.

( MARRY EACH OTHER ALREADY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taye Elle on

LOL what kind of name is Harlow?

Tanya on

I am a huge Good Charlotte fan (Joel Madden’s band for those of you who don’t that) and I think Joel is absolutely adorable. I love him and Nicole together and I’m very happy for them and their two beautiful children. I’ve met both Joel and Nicole and they are sweet people. Everybody stop slamming them and get off the marriage thing already. This is 2009 people!!!!

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johndiperi on

stay the way you because if and when you do get married you be seperaded in one year.

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Denise on

Katie is NOT a “hateful person”. She is speaking the TRUTH. For some reason, nobody wants to see the truth, even when is staring them straight in the face. Nicole does not work a regular job, has a stylist, has 60 million dollars from her daddy, has past drug abuse and driving offenses (going the wrong way on the freeway), has an obvious eating disorder, has tons of household help and has a lot of time and money to spend on herself. There is nothing great about her. I personally feel she is a rather immature person pretending to be an adult. Wonder how long is will take for her to start drinking and drugging again? You people need to learn to think for yourselves and stop buying into the Hollywood garbage these people’s publicity people want to cram down your throat.

Taylor on

I think it’s so sweet how he compliments her and loves her style, they make a really good couple, they’re both cute and look good together too

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