The Details on Ivanka Trump's Spectacular Wedding Jewels!

10/26/2009 at 12:08 PM ET

courtesy of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue…no word on what all of Ivanka Trump’s bridal must-haves were, but we do know what the something sparkling was — thousands of dollars of diamonds from her own jewelry collection! At her Sunday wedding to Jared Kushner at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., she wore a platinum-diamond hairpiece to accent the veil (worth $45,000), platinum mixed-cut clustered diamond earrings (worth $130,000), and an Art Deco link platinum-diamond bracelet (worth $90,000), all in addition to her lace Vera Wang gown. Her bridesmaids were suitably encrusted as well, with assorted pieces from the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection to set off their Carolina Herrera gowns. While the groom did not wear share in the bling, he was suitably stylish in a Brioni tuxedo. Read more about Ivanka’s fairytale wedding by clicking here.


courtesy of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

courtesy of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

courtesy of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

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Vickie on

Is this young woman related to Donald Trump? That would explain the huge success and huge diamond inventory in this young woman’s business.

Brad Pitt on

Ivanka! I thought you were going to wait for me! I am on the verge of a big divorce!

Jonny on

It’s beyond me how some people can sleep at night when there are homeless and hungry people. $1000 could have prevented my home foreclosure. Trump could have helped over 200,000 people like me for what she has invested in what she wore on just one day. That’s sad.

Lisa on

Jonny, they’ve earned their money, AND the right to do with it as they see fit. The only one who will help you is yourself. Standing there with your hand held out isn’t going to get you anywhere, obviously.

Iris on

Vickie – she is the Donald’s daughter (with Ivana).

Jane Q. Public on

While I am a person that could use the hand up due to the economy, I’m going to have to disagree with you Jonny.

Since when is it the job of those such as the Trunps to save the rest of the world? You make it sound like they’re sole purpose in life is to amass a fortune to save the little people – but forget that THEY amassed that fortune, not for us but FROM US!! Why in the world do you feel it’s their responsibility to help 1 or 200,000 people??? How arrogant are you? Or should I say IGNORANT!?!?!

Meg on

Right on, Lisa!!

Jane Q. Public on

Okay, in my haste, I wrote Trunp instead of Trump… and They’re instead of their…. Get over it!! LOL

Hilda on

Ivanka looks beautiful. Beautiful pictures of both of them. They make such a lovely couple. This is for Jonny. You do sound very immature. Why would you even think the Trumps should give you some money. I myself will be losing my job at the end of October 09 and just recently 3 weeks ago purchased a house. Yes I am very worried, but you know what I plan of busting my butt searching for a job. I do not think of others helping me. It is my responsiblity to take care of myself and my family and staying positive. If you’re in a need of money, get your lazy ass up and search for JOB! and I mean any job. It’s that simple. Anyway Congratulations to Ivanka and Jared. I wish you the best :)

clarissa on

I agree 100% with lisa

mary on

What I want to know is where Vicki has been living all her life that she doesn’t know that Ivanka is Donalds daughter.

Kim on

I am tired of people always saying “go out and get a job” I have been unemployed for almost 2 years now. I have even applied at McDonalds to be told that I am “over experienced” This week alone I have 20 more apps out and have sent several resumes online. If going out and getting a friggin job is that easy then why am I still unemployed? I go out several times a week and follow up weekly on the apps I have returned. Finding a job is not that simple anymore. Give the poor guy a break.

Dee on

God helps those who help themself.

Zia on

Thank you Lisa!!

Johnny as a business owner I employ about 60 people, I make a very good living and pay my employees well.

I am tired of being asked for freebies.. you have no idea what the trumps give and the fact they want to spend money on their daughters wedding is their business.. so take your bleeding liberal heart elsewhere.. I get so tired of this attitude!

Carol Dijkhuyzen on

Ivanka dear…you are so gorgeous ….from all of us here in Monaco..

C on

VICKIE: This is Donald Trump’s daughter. Duh.

Christie on

Looks like Ivanka married her “best friend”–***DIAMONDS*****

Bobbi Walker on

Donald Trump made his money by smart investments. Who better to spent it on than his children? In contrast there’s Bill Gates the multibillionaire who has gone overseas with American jobs and keeps asking Congress for more visas for foreign laborers. He’s the guy that could help the American people and all he has to do is keep jobs HERE – he doesn’t even have to give any of his money away, just keep jobs in the U.S. where he made his billions. He’s a rich jerk.

Jenny on

Its better to give than to receive.

Trish on

This is a response to JOHNY who left a comment before me……I feel sorry for people who are in hard times with possible foreclosures…BUT this is AMERICA. Why is it if someone has money- earned, inherited, or married into THEY are suppose to give it away. These people already give millions to charities. It is like it is a crime to be wealthy in the USA. Isn’t that the basis of how our society began? Land of dreams! You work hard- you make money. If you want someone to bail you out move to a socialist country- why not try China!!! Seriously, go there or Russia and see how you like it! Ditto goes for government health care! We are heading DOWN THE SEWAGE DRAIN!

Jenny on

I work very hard and am not wealthy, but I give as much as I can go people who need it. And if I had any more, I would rather foresake buying myself diamonds and give to the poor.

Sharon on

I’m just wondering if this is a marriage or a merger. I hope there was a prenup!

Jillian on

Thank you Lisa. Well put! This is America and while many of us May not have been born into financially privileged families, we all have the ability to change that. If you don’t like your financial status Johnny…change it.

Best wishes to Ivanka and Jared!

Sharon on

Jonny can’t be that hard up – he still has a computer and internet service! You see, the people who have negative things to say about this are the ones who would also be on here with negative comments if Ivanka was a drug addict and living on the streets. This is one celebrity who made her family proud and made something of herself. She obviously works hard and is a chip off the old block. At least she’s not another Paris Hilton!!

gloria on



Leatha on

People do you really care! Just another kid born with a gold spoon in her mouth!

LBW on

She is the total package of class and wealth. No Pam Andersons or Lady Gagas or sex tapes and police mug shots. I have loved seeing the pictures. I wish her complete happiness.

Brooklyn on

I agree with ALL the wonderful people on here who have commented to the fact that this is AMERICA, the wonderful USA, and those who work smart and hard and don’t expect the rest of us to hand them everything when they are down will reap the rewards of their efforts.
Coming from a father who was dirt poor, and as a child I remember eating eggs for weeks on end…but I remember how he instilled in me the ultimate work ethic and how to NEVER GIVE UP!!!
My Dad now owns his own business, and so do I……and hopefully will never again go hungry. I do contribute to my community in charity efforts and believe wholeheartedly in doing so….as I’m SURE the Trump family does as well as most wealthy people I know.
However, when you are a beggar, you will be treated as such.
Stay positive, motivated, and get out there and MAKE YOUR OWN WAY IN THIS WONDERFUL, FREE COUNTRY!!!
The economy is cyclical…don’t use it as an excuse to give up or stop trying. Do your part to rev it back up and stop complaining!!!

Congratulations to Ivanka and her new husband! I respect people like her who have been taught by her parents to make their own way in this world and be damn proud of it. I hope they have a happy and long marriage and teach their children the same values they were brought up with!

Shamare on

I am with Jane Q. Public on this re: Jonny. People need to realize that their financial problems are theirs, and not Donald Trumps to worry about. He generously gives to charities.

Mrs. T.K on

Dee where is that in the Bible? I have never read that. It is difficult for people today who are suffering, no fault of their own. It is not that people are jealous or envious, but the wealthy should be in a position to help those who are less fortunate. What is wrong with helping one another? You cannot not take your money with you when you die!!

Mindy on

Mazel Tov to you both!!

Lisolio on

Oh dear, I think many people have put words and meaning into Johnny’s post that he didn’t intend. I think this article about Ivana’s wedding is just such a contrast to the way most of us live, that it stands out as so glaring that Ivana wore $130,000 earrings (one example). It just seems like such excess. No one is saying that the government should “look after” people who find themselves down and out. America’s problem, though, is that we do not act as a community, where we help each other out, and that is sad. There are many nations that do better than the USA financially that are NOT communist (different from socialist!), and there are rich and poor there, too. Think Germany, France, Canada, Holland, Belgium… the list goes on. It should be our duty to assist people to help themselves. That’s humanity. Anyhow, Ivana works hard and she looks lovely, but why on earth anyone needs to spend that kind of money on a wedding is beyond me. You can still have an amazing wedding for far less than half of what was spent, and it is just consumption for flash… which is very sad.

Lisa on

The Trumps contribute to many charities, so they are “assisting” people. For those who point to someone’s wedding, what they spent, and say “they shouldn’t have spent that, they should do this with that money, what *I* could have done with that money”, it’s showing nothing but pure jealousy. Once again, stop standing there with your hand held out and do something about your individual situation. This is America, people! Get to work and quit whining.

Donna on

Ivanka works for a living! She has earned her expensive wedding. Donald has worked hard for his riches. I wish them all the best!

Miss P on

I think that Ivanka looked stunning! And, however much money they decided to spend is their business and theirs alone. I spend my money how I see fit and they have that right to. Blessings and happiness to you both, Ivanka and Jared!

Rae on

Lisa, Your comment on how the Trumps ‘earned’ their money is ridiculous. Do you know the story of Ivanka? She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and wanted or needed for nothing materially. She went to college yes but didn’t have to consider what most ‘working’ Americans think about – ie food, shelter or clothes. Ivanka earned NOTHING – her life’s security was given to her. The Trumps have money because of the middle and working class – that’s how they ‘earned’ their money. Also, it’s not looking for a HANDOUT if we discuss the obvious inequalities.

Julianne on

Jonny, Ivanka Trump or anyone else is not responsible for getting you out of your financial troubles. You got yourself into them, you’re a big girl, you can get yourself out. Sure, she has access to money most of us can only dream of, but her wedding day is HER wedding day, and she should be allowed to spoil herself without whiners like you posting such a ridiculous comment.

Judy Gold on

Just remember that florists, caterers, bakers, wait staff and many others earn their livings honestly by providing services. It is not for others to tell people how to spend what they earn. Go to Russia if you don’t like our system!

Nancy on

FINALLY! A bride that didn’t wear the boring, cookie cutter strapless dress. Hope this starts a new trend. I think she looks so elegant! Nice looking couple. Best wishes to them!

Q on

you’re all insane, bickering and squabbling over a young couple’s right to life .. sure, their familys got rich by exploiting the weaknesses of others but try to be bigger than that and pretend that you don’t care about a fortune in worthless rocks or trappings that will turn to dust and face up to the fact that God’s plan is for this couple to have a fabulous life.

Me on

I don’t get the impression Jonny is lazy, just one of millions in need. She isn’t asking for a direct handout. Simply observing that while beautiful and earned, some extravagances could be put to better use.
I’m not in need, help as much as I can, and wonder how my friends who spend $50 on kid’s shoes that will be worn only a couple of times, purely for fashion (not required in any way) can sleep at night.

Barb on

I wish them the best of luck. Enjoy each second with each other and your new life together.
Now tell me about the ring, it’s beautiful.

dele on

Nice comments everyone i think u guyz are right,jonny you should not have said that cause its their money and they have the right to use it for what ever thing they like!!!!!!

Annie on

The wealthy don’t pay the same percent in taxes as the middle class, so it’s really not fair to say that people like The Donald have earned their money. I’m middle class and don’t have financial problems, but I could have EARNED more too if the government taxed me at the same rate it taxes the rich.

D.K. Heath on

Married In Love
By D.K.Milgrim-Heath

Both of you were married in love,
God will bless your union from above.

May you both have God light up your days-
For the rest if your lives and always.

May you teach others that you shall meet-
True love is everything you can’t defeat.

sandy t on

Ivanka is such an elegant lady and deserves the best. Hope they are happy and I commend her for converting to Judaism. She must really be in love and they make a beautiful couple.

katie on

Im sure they paid a ton of money for the photographer…Their official wedding picture is nice but couldn’t anyone fix his bow tie??? It is crooked or is it just me???

Tammy Lynn on

ur house problems are yours not anyone elses. Why should the trumps pay for your mistakes! u shouldnt have got a home u couldnt pay for…. its ppl like you is the reason we have welfare, always thinking someone owes you something!

msmerlin on

I don’t understand why some of the posters here think the Trumps should be giving their money away to people who say they’re needy. How would the posters have them divide it up? Who is the most poor and the most needy and thus the most deserving? X might think he needs the money, but Y and Z might need it more. Who will be the judge? I personally think that the Trumps have the right to spend their money however they please. They have a beautiful and accomplished daughter who them celebrate with good reason. I second the poster who said, go to a socialist country if you want to live on government handouts!!

Jody on

I have never seen her look so happy or beautiful, best of luck in years to come.

Douglas on

She is gorgeous, I actually work at the Trump Tower and she is very LOVELY. Though it is not the Trumps job to help us, who are not as wealthy, but honestly if they didnt help anyone ATALL. Im sure you would all look at them as selfish fukks. so dont jump on johnnie. gosh

deedee on

Ivanka is the epitome of class and glamour. While young hollywood has partied and boozed their lives away, she chose an ivy league education and to follow in her father’s footsteps. I wish her and her husband the best that life has to offer.

sarah on

Jonny, why aren’t you responding? It’s pathetic. People like you got our country into this mess, buying houses that you can’t afford. I mean seriously, you foreclosed over $1000??? If you can’t even come up with $1000 then it shows what a complete moron you are for even thinking you could afford a house. Quit whining that the rest of us owe it to you to pay all of your bills just because you don’t want to. But let me guess, you’re probably on welfare now and getting just that, aren’t you.


Дай Бог этой девушке женского счастья!! Через …… лет будем обсуждать развод века, дележку детей, замужество ее бывшего мужа на молодой, рождение потомства у ее же бывшего и т.д. Ничего нового в семействе Трампа!! Все по графику))) Новобрачные вне конкуренции!! Пожелаем им такой же совместной жизни, т.е. лучьшей из лучьших!!! И родить Иванке без проблем, и “забить” на мужа после родов))))!! Мама у нее молодец и красавица!! Надо только надеяться, что Иванка пошла в нее!!

t on

yeah lady beggar why should ivanka spare anything for her big day because u f…ed up on your life…u speak like a very bitter lady…very bitter! ivanka deserves the best she worked for it

t on

jonny! its beyond me why people like you never get anywhere you are a have not because u r a loser and r jealous of the people who have more than u, get a job!

Guy wm Vogel on

It should be made clear that when one is born into wealth they will never know the true value of it. Hence they will spend it on lavish items without the thought of what it took to earn it and even harder – save it. It is imperitive to get your hands dirty, work 15 hour days, sweat and struggle so as to get a feeling of the effort that is required to earn your own money. This is called success. Anyone can be given money. Even Donald from his father and now Donald to his children – to start a business.

If Ivanka owns a business – or two – it was because of the capital fronted by her father. This does not count, especially if she is not required to pay it back.

The importance of this comment is to let your child work and then fail once, even twice so that s/he learns. Let them feel and taste the grit, the grime and the dirt that is required to keep a business afloat. Only then will they learn something.

I can almost say that the ‘Trump empire’ will fall by the next generation of children.

Better to work hard at what you want to do and learn by the experience of failing then to have someone near you to bail you out when you make foolish mistakes.

Think about it.

Mr. Vogel

Rose M Bentley on

Que belleza de diamantes, que disfrute toda la fortuna y la belleza que el destino le ha dado. Especial su talento para el diseno de sus joyas.
Rose Bentley
Orlando FL

karen on

She is so beautiful. Such class. And to think a beautiful wedding and in love. It’s so nice to read about something so special. Something that shows some values. It’s just refreshing. She works hard and deserves so much happiness. I wish her well.

donna on

Ivanka is a highly educated and successful business executive. She didn’t sit at home pouting for daddy to give her a good job and/or money. She EARNED it for herself.


Leave Jonny alone. This is America whatever happened to freedom of speech. Why are you people bashing Jonny l understand her stance. Yall taking what she said all out of context. Im not on public assistance and lve been in the work force for over 25 years and l find myself at times needing help. Yes the Trumps give to charities some that probably benefit them more than the charity itself. Ivanka did look beautiful but now what? The cost of her dress could feed a small country and dig wells for clean water. We do have to give an account one day…and 2 the person who spoke about Jonny having a computer & internet how do you know she could be on her cell phone. Therefore l reiterate “Leave Jonny alone”.

Wendy on

Ivanka is just a georgeous as her Dad! (her Mom too!). She has her Dads brains for business and she looks really happy!

Johnny Johnny Johnny, I know what you were trying to say…you see it far too often with Celebrities. You see them donating Money and time to charities and then spending 200000k on a wedding. You look at what they did give compared to what they do have and it is almost like a smack in the face…but atleast they chose to gave in the first place. She and her Dad have worked hard and built an empire…she EARNED those georgeous gems she wore.

Bottom line, if you want it bad enough, you will get out there and find your way to get it. The only one that keeps you from success is the person you see in the mirror everyday.

Mel on

Marie, you’re an idiot too!

Kendall on

THIS GOES FOR VICKIE ASKING IF Ivanka is related to Donald Trump serioues? thats her father

Abby on

No what is sad is people like Jonny who think they are entitled to receive money from people who worked hard for it and are successful. STFU Jonny its people like you who are ruining America, get a job and stop making people with money pay your taxes.

Mom of 3 on

Anyone even notice that his tie is crooked?

Mom of 3 on

All attention is on the bride, nobody’s looking at the groom.

Amelia on

In defense of Jonny, who seems to be getting the brunt of everyone’s anger: I can understand how it would be so frustrating to know there are people out there with so much disposable income when I can barely keep up with mortgage payments on my tiny townhouse.
I totally agree that the Trumps earned their money and can do with it what they will. And I know they give a LOT to the underprivileged and to the world, more than most people in their situation.
But it is a difficult thing to see people “throwing away” more money than I will ever see in my lifetime, money that could feed a small country or educate thousands of children.

Tina on

Leave Jonny alone, not everyone born with gold spoon in there mouth. some people born under a lucky star, while some people have to work very hard for what they have.

LindaF on

Jonny – Maybe you should be writing comments on CNN..or you’ve been listening to YOUR president and his pals too long – the Trumps owe you nothing, nor do the tax payers (although you’re currently getting plenty). Get over the I deserve some of what you’ve got mentality that’s overtaking this country. Go in peace my man!

Staci on

Have to disagree w/Jonny. Was loan a sub-prime? If so you really should have been smarter or done your homework. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is!!

marilynn on

I still get past his crooked tie!!!!

littlewing on

Man……how harsh can you be to a human being. ok, Jonny maybe looking for some assistance and maybe, being on this web site and not looking for a job isn’t helping his side of this. His comments I’m sure were more related to how BIG is maybe too BIG when it comes to celecbrating ones BIG DAY, in Donald Trump you expect this kind of all out skys the limit tretment. Why not, he has money to throw away, they are famous for their over whelming amount of money. Is is fitting that they have this lavish wedding. But man people, can your commnets be a little more respectful when dealing with others comments and options. And show a little kindness.

LindaF on

Little Wing, I’m compassionate but I don’t like people telling me because I or they have something, I or they must give some to him! They have a bajillion dollars and can do with it what they want! It’s THEIR money. Jonny can get help if he/she needs it! Who are we fooling here?

mel on

I wish the newlyweds many years of happiness. The two of you look lovely and happy and you should only experience happiness as you spend the years together.
Mazel Tov!

MJR on

The bride and groom make a beautiful couple. Yes Ivanka is a Trump but she works hard and earns her money. Also she is not one of those rich spoiled hoes like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan. Ivanka has beauty and class. The Trumps have worked for the wealth that they have and for someone to think that they owe them anything is crazy. This was Ivanka’s special day and she planned a low keyed wedding and look “spectacular”. Sorry no freebies for anyone. Go out and get a job. I too will be losing my job on 10/29/09 due to reduction in force but I do not expect anyone to give me handouts. I will find a job and take care of myself.

TM on

Is Jared’s bowtie a bit crooked, or is it my eyes?

Kristen on

johnny if u won the lottery would you help 200,000 people to get out of debt hmmmmmm I don’t think so bye hun they deserve it

Anonymous on

I have to give Ivanka kudos. Even though she comes from a wealthy background, she works for her money as a VP of Donald’s company. See so much better of a role model than spoiled little snots like Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters.

Joyce on

I think everyone took Jonny too literally. He (she) was simply making a comment, not asking for a hand out. It would be nice if there wasn’t such a huge divide between the haves and have nots. But then, that could smack of socialism, couldn’t it? I’ll take democracy. And I’m sure many have benefitted from the Trump’s charity foundations and gifts.

middle income on

How is everyone taking Jonny too literal when she said “It’s beyond me how some people can sleep at night when there are homeless and hungry people. $1000 could have prevented my home foreclosure. Trump could have helped over 200,000 people like me for what she has invested in what she wore on just one day. That’s sad.”??

middle income on

I would also like to add that those diamonds are from HER own business.

Everything is relative, some people frown at others for buying a new car in this economy, others feel that going on 1 week vacation with the family is extravagant. To each his own. Just spend your own money “wisely” according to your own disposable income. If others had built an empire, and a few millions are not much to them, then they are entitled to do so.

Liz on

Jonny for your information this couple has asked that all quest attending their wedding and party donate the gifts to 3 different charities. So yes they are helping the less fortunate.

Vincent on

This is a beautiful wedding. Two young people are starting their life hopefully with a wonderful future in store, To all of you feeling in despair about the economy, don’t be because this is an opportunity for you to start over & due better than before and maybe your daugther or son will have a more lavish wedding then is one! The important thing is you sees the opportunity & not let them pass you buy like so many do. Learn how to create jobs and you will be successful. Every thing is relative if any one of you were in the same situation would do the same for your daughter and i have! So stop crying about you houses & your jobs and and learn how to make your future like these people have.

Debra on

I get what Johnny was trying to say and he is probably in a dire situation. What a heartless group.

I just love the way most of the bimbos and wannabes on this page had words of praise for the Trumps (who they don’t even know or will ever even come close to their status) but not an ounce of compassion in their heart. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

Grow up. Let’s hope you never find yourself looking for help.

Debra on

And, one more thing do you even have a clue how many times the Trumps have filed bankruptcy and wiped the slate clean.


The groom is to pretty he looks gay. Maybe he is. What a surprice .Not at all as long as he is rich and pretty its all alright.

Myra on


I am poor, as compared to the Trumps. These wealthy people work much more hours than we do in a day/week. That is the reason they are RICH. They use their talents, energy and time to be where they are. I do not envy them but admire them. I do not expect them to pay my bills. I spend what I can afford and live simply because I know what little money I have to spend wisely.

I stopped using my credit cards 7 years ago after paying them as I went crazy using them. It was hard the first year but I survived. lol Now I do not owe the banks any money from using my credit cards.

Stop your self pity. Be strong. Move on. Work harder.

sally bragan on

Ivanka and Jared are a great looking couple, smart and beautiful. They will make beautiful “babies”. Grandpa Trump must be very proud and happy for the two. Sally

Betty Lyons on

A stunning couple for all the eyes of the world to
see. I think America should be proud there are
young people regardless of rich or poor status who
display such elegance, dignified adornment and
making their families proud. I know because my
daughter and her husband were married at the Empire State Bldg. in Feb. of this year and I wept
with joy for the two of them. We flew to Paris, France for a birthday/wedding celebration in May, that brought more joy,love, and respect for all.
My son-in-law’s grandfather and my daughter were
born on the same day – May 17th. I’m so proud.

Carey McAlpine on

I completely agree with Jonny, & I find Lisa’s, Jane Q Public’s, & Hilda’s remarks agressive, arrogant, & extremely ignorant!
The famous German economist E.F. Schumacher said
There’s enough for people’s needs, but not for people’s greed!!! So true!!!
You Jane, ask Jonny why he feels it’s their responsibility to help people. Because their is an unspoken yet well understood ethic among those who are decent & good, that with privelege comes responsibility! That principle was so graciously understood and practiced by the late
Princess Diana, a great example of someone who
cared about people and certainly earned her title The people’s Princess, as she worked very hard to advocate for the less fortunate!
As far as your comment Hilda wherin you tell this person Jonny to get a job, it’s obvious you’re a very critical, judgemental person, since you have no idea whether this person has a job or not, yet you assume he doesn’t so that you can use something to attack him on! This isn’t about this person asking for a handout because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to work, as the 3 of you want to make it out to be, he is simply stating that they could of helped 200,000 people that are in his position of facing foreclosure and at risk of losing everything they own, instead of spending that much for a dress that will be worn only once, and he makes a good and valid point!!!
It’s people like Jonny, who has a social conscience, that make this world a better place for everyone ! Thanks Jonny, good for you !!!
As far as the newlyweds are concerned, congratulations on your marriage, I wish you both a happy & productive life together, and I hope you will choose to follow in the foot steps of so many wonderful good people like Princess Grace & Princess Diana, Micheal Jackson, & so many others that were able to find a balance between using their wealth for both their own enjoyment as well as for helping those who are suffering enormously due to a lack of even the basic neccessities in life! Being as you are, in a position of being able to give to others, is a wonderful, special blessing, and you seem to be a person that is good hearted and intelligent enough to understand that, I certainly hope so.

terri on

I am disappointed Ivanka chose Judeism over Christanity how could she deny Christ after knowing him for as long as she has????

Helen on

Ivanka looks beautiful – very classic and understated – just the right balance. If only her mother could learn from her!
Great photo of the couple.

anna on

“Jonny, they’ve earned their money, AND the right to do with it as they see fit”Lisa
Only in America theft is considered to be work. Why don’t you check how their criminal parents make their money. The most immoral society on Earth.

anna on


Ling on

Trump is their worst nightmare. His views pterty much mirror those of middle-class America, he’s a terrific communicator, and he’s honest to a fault (but that’s kind of person is needed right now to counterbalance the weaseliness we’ve seen in the WH since about Harry Truman), and he’s very electable.

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