Freshly Shorn Pete Wentz Declares the "Death of the Emo Swoosh"

10/05/2009 at 03:43 PM ET

Courtesy Pete Wentz

First he ditched the guyliner, and now Pete Wentz is saying good-bye to his famous raven boy bangs! The rocker took to his Twitter to show off a new buzz cut, tweeting “jay-z had the death of autotune. this is the death of the emo swoosh”. Without the signature locks in his eye, we almost didn’t recognize him! What’s next, baggy jeans? Tell us: What do you think of Pete Wentz’s buzz cut? Do you love it or hate it?

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Hannah on

i hate it!!! it looks horrible on him!

jordan on

Love it, totally different look for him but he rocks it!

jac on

looks good!!!!

Heather on

He looks like hes 12 years old and I dont recognize him at all. Its awful.

anna on

Looks great! I was hoping you would cut it off. It looked to femine before.

shan on

way better!!!!!!!

The Black Parade Follower on

PETE! WHAT HAPPEND 2 U?!?! lol its ok. i hope he grows it out again:)

Jessica on

Yummy, I wanna look 12 when I’m 30 :)

bill on

Who is Pete Wentz? Did I miss something?

judi on

Doesn’t Pete konw that his NEW look is OLD news? He needs to get a life or a bag to put over his NEW look.

Denise on

Much much better. His hair was ridiculous before.

toober on

Much better! Welcome to the current decade.

TJ on

Whatever Pete does ROCKS!!!….

Katie on

Looks great. He’s getting older and has a kid now. He needed an updated look.

Valeria on

omg how cute

Tara on

Looks much better. His hair always looked greasy before. I like the clean cut look much better on him.

Andi on

Daddy probably discovered that being a father doesn’t leave time for high-maintenance make-up & hair. At least he looks like a boy and not a girl.

Meghin on

I LOVE IT!! mmmmmmm! he could eat crackers in my bed!

Kara on

He had this same haircut before Take This To Your Grave came out and after they made the video for This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race. it’s nothing new.

Martha on

who cares??????/ who are you by the way????

fegie on

Love it. He is a man, aftr all and a Dad, guess he figured it was time to grow up.

Timmy! on

he looks even GAYER (if thats possible) with his hair short

Chris on

honestly i think he is still hot. id hit it =)

Timmy! on

Oh i didnt say i wouldnt nail him like jesus to the cross… pete is hot no doubt.. but he just looks like a TOTAL FLAME no matter what he does… tho his nekked pics were pretty awesome too ;)

Anne on

I think he looks great. Don’t like the make-up on guys anyway. Way to go, Pete, and I think Ashley will like it, too.

Marie on

He looks AMAZING. Note to guys: 9 times out of 10, you will look MUCH better with a buzz cut. I.E. Brad, Justin, Jay-Z, etc.

ElySummers on

Love it! He looks like a grown up.

leighlah on

honestly i could careless about his hair he’s just not that famous…to me at least!!! But he should really lay off the liner…SERIOUSLY…and no he didn’t ditch it!!!

Rosellen on

I hate it he looks like an emo teenager



Savannah on

NOOOOO ! Where’s the bangs ! ? ! ? D:

ALthough, Pete is hooot no matter what, but still. ): GROOOOW BAAAAAACK! <3

lyn on

I like it! The old look was getting.. well, old!

Pam on

Who cares!!!!!

Trish on

Much, much better. Don’t care for the funny expression.

hotwildflower on

A MILLION TIMES BETTER!!!! Thank God, he got rid of that horrid hair style and no man should ever be wearing make up, ever!

Boopsie on

He’s not much to look at no matter what.

Ashley on

It looks so much better…. He looked kinda gay before and now he looks more masculine.

Jen on

He looks great- not some teenybopper anymore. I see a man and not a boy.

Suzan on

It makes him look too young, don’t like it.

TT on


Me on

About time.

Me on

Now take the sideburns up an inch,

Laura on

Honestly, I think it’s much better. IMO, guys don’t look good with long/shaggy hair.

Richard on

Ladies, this is the first, OBVIOUS sign that the guy is losing his hair. Well, it’s better than a combover, I suppose.

thedevilsmacabre on


MIke on

he finally looks like a MAN! punk~!

Sara on

Thank God that emo look is gone!

Belladonna on

It was quite a shock! This will take some getting use to!~

Sonia on

It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eryn on

He looks a bit more manly now….but not much.He still looks gay.

Laura on

Much better!

Estocks on

Sweet, next goes the eyeliner! HA

Jami on

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck were you thinking, Pete??? hope it grows out FAST!

Melinda on

OMG… Welcome to manhood…
he looks 100% better, he is really handsome, he has beautiful eyes…
ashley look out girl..

Lola on

It’s fine. The eyeliner is what’s got to go.

Robin on

He still looks effeminate. I guess there’s only so much you can do with that face.

shea on

ditched the eyeliner??…that pic doesnt look like it… at least the shaving makes him closer to looking like a man… but hes got a lot longer to go…hes such a girl!

Jenn on

LOVE IT!! You Rock!

Leanna on

ANYTHING Is better than that mess he had before!!! :D

Narcissa on

NOOOOO!!!!! But his emoness is what makes him so awesome!!!

jayme on

WAY BETTER! I hope he starts a revolution, as he says for the death of the emo swoosh! About time :)

Nate on

much much better!!! HE LOOKS HOT!

i never liked his hairstyle before this, its ridiculous!

aduh on

Who is Pete Wentz???????

danielle on

love it and i was a witness to it last night at the concert!!!

Randa on

Looks Great, Change is good!!! He looks like a Grown up.. now if he could get rid of the “girl” jeans/pants that would be awesome!! you can still be cool with out going to the extreme.. it’s time to Age his look to reflect him now!!

jessika on

WTF?!?! dude, yuwhr gonna look like tom hanks, that’s not vrry pretty!! i <3 yuwh!! GROW IT BACK OUT!!

Joelle on

Who cares?

Pamela on

It looks good…i think it was time he grow up a bit, to be honest: he is a father, after all.

Chrissy on

tottally loveee it…he is rockin that new hairdo!

danish on

i hated his old hair. he finally looks like a man. hopefully all the other chicks sporting that emo hair will take a cue from him and shave their heads as well.

crystal on

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

Looks really good on him.. after all, we all have to grow up some time.

sandy on

I’d say “who cares?” but I guess some do. Sigh.

Amanda on

Big step for him…maybe if it wasn’t as short it would look better…but I like it!

shannon on

SSSOOOOOOOOOO much better!!! I hated his hair before. It was way too girly and effeminate.

abb on

nooooooooooo. first the guyliner, now this. what is this world coming to!!!! :D but seriously. he needs 1 or the other, otherwize hes just ashey simpsons hubby or that bass player

Danielle Lapointe on

I like it! He looks a lot more mature and looks like he’s actually a dad. Got rid of the 16 year old boy haircut!

Roxy on

Glad to see you’re growing up, Pete.

Sadie on

Pete who? What a bad do – what was he thinking?

Nyobee on

I think he looks like a DOOF either way, I think this haircut does him justice however. He looked like a chimp before.
-Sorry… you asked.

alicia on

I love that he is making a change. Good for Pete and if he’s happy then that is all that matters.

Candy on

It’s good, time for him to grow up.


Looks great! He’s rockin it!

dee brady on

Nice change. Looks good with both styles.

jaime mounteer on

i think he looks good. he was getting too old for that cut anyway.

Leean on

I like it. He is a new dad so this is more grown up look for his son to look up to then the eyeliner and long hair. Plus he looks cuter like this

Genghis on

“What’s emo?”

“It’s like Goth for wusses.”

NS on

Love it!!

troll on

Finally,his hair always looked so dirty and greasy

Kerry on

Looks so much better!

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Candy on

Love it!!

Joelee on

LOVE IT! looks so normal and you can see the REAL handsome Pete! Go getem Pete! Glad you’re coming outta that infantile phase!

CID on

Still HOT

Denise on

i absoutly love it, it looks really good on him i mean he’s been wearing his hair the same way for sooo longg. also it works for himm.

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Steve on

Love it, he looks professional and more than a potential tween crush but a respectable business man. Change is good and I think this can only help him. Everyone who swears this is bad, do you remember Eminem’s Lemon yellow hair? I think we’re all glad that dye job is gone, whether or not you wish the person who sported it is still around or not. Pete, nice buzz, it looks good man.

Rachel on


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lynn on

still looks like a woman with short hair

Amy on

HOPE IT GROWS FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenni on

OMG!it looks good on him,he reminds me of steve-o

Elf on


Marlene on

I think its looks horrible. He’s and awesome bass player though. But I think he should of left it. Hes still hot but was cuter before EVEN WITH THE GUYLINER. LOVE U STILL PETE BUT YA NEED TO GROW IT BACK OUT :)

Cheryl on

Who cares?

Rennie on

LOVE it! He actually looks like a normal person now instead of some depressed emo kid. It’s about time he grew up as he’s now a husband and father. Way to go Pete!

Lee on

WOW You can actually see his face….and he’s cute! I think it looks great. I hated the emo swoosh!!!!

Laura on

It was time for him to grow up……

amanda kay on

ummmmmmm yeah…not liking the new look…what did ashley tell him to get it cut? lol…JK!!!

yeah im not liking the new look there buddy…i found him much MUCH hotter with it long.

A mom on

Well at least he looks more like a “dad” should now…

ru on

who cares??

jac on

looks like the good old 04/05 peter I used to love.

Mary on

You are a man… glad to see you starting to LOOK like one…and not a female wanna be!

kara on

I LOVEEEEEE IT!!! he looks sexyyyyyy

Barbara on

It looks GREAT!

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Katy on

I smell a reunion of Arma Angelus……..? ;)


if this brings the end of the “emo” style i’m all for it.

Terri on

Love it!!! He looks even hotter. Love Ashley as well.

sasha lee on

it’s eerrrmmmm different……

Veronarat on

I love it! I think it plays more into the shape of his face. And besides, who wants her man to take longer than her getting ready. Low maintanence is good maintanence for a guy. I think he looks hot!

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jenni on

he looks great!!

jenni on

he looks great!

Susan on

Now maybe he won’t look soooo gay.

njoyinghim4vr on

I am a fan of uniqueness AND seeing actual facial features…so that’s a thumbs up from me! I have been waiting for the bandwagon to switch directions so my teens can figure out that they were ON one! LOL

Psyche on

I don’t like it. I just hate it when guys keep their hair this short. Pete was hotter when he had longer hair :(

Madeline on

I hate it
but I am happy hey ditched the guyliner

Shirley on

definitely not the first time diehards have seen
peet weiss without his hair on, regardless of how naked he looks. I think the the look is actually very becoming on Mr. Wentz.

Faith on

Im Sooo sad!!!!! i loved the emo swoosh thing!!!! hes hot anyway but still! o well maybe he’ll grow it back out

cwenrick on

i’m thinking he should lay off the eyeliner now

Kerinn on

i love it! it makes him look grown up because he can live without long hair, but he’s got to keep his style.

KVF on

I think it looks fabulous, way to go……whowho!!!

He should have done this a long time ago, now he looks like a real man.

kristina on

it is ok but i dont like it !!

Kelly on

Oh my god! He actually looks grown! Yuck when guys don’t stay well kemp. You know he’ll look so fly when he steps out next, all dressed!

Joe on

It’s about time.

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lola on

I think Pete is adorable no matter what he does. I am a short chick so I would probably be that height if I was a man. I also used to be punk so I loved his earlier style. I am an adult now, but I would still pursue him ;)

Courtney on

Are you KIDDIN ME!!!??!?! He was sooooooo sexy with his hair and guyliner. Now no one gives a flyinf f**k about Pete

dinoxcupcake on

i hate his new cut! it makes me puke

horangi on

thank. god.

RaireJule on

WTF??????He is so tatally not hot anymore ;(
I hate it..

Katie on

I was at the FOB/Blink 182 show where he shaved it! Looks so great on him!

Tika on

Ehh, he looks plain now =\

Kayla on


jerrica on

i personally don’t like it. i love pete wentz to death he’s amazing n’ everything but his new haircut is a fail.

Delana on

Still not cute!

Ashley on

well personally i don’t like it, but it should be his music that matters and not just his looks. but his looks made an effect on some ppl who listen to fall out boy. but ya he probably made a big mistake cutting his hair.

HAI. on

shave ur head?! what were you thinking.. oh i think ill make my fans cry today. GOOD IDEA.mission accomplished. congratulations. :(

gabbie on

he looks like he used to. like, before fall out boy got bad. he looks like he did when the recorded Take This To Your Grave. i like it and it makes him seem more respectable as an adult and a father

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Iman on

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Jaguar on

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