EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Sullivan to Drop 35 Lbs. As Jenny Craig Spokesperson

09/30/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

Valerie Bertinelli, Phylicia Rashad and Queen Latifah won’t be the only stars officially whipping their figures into shape with Jenny Craig. Just six weeks after giving birth to her second child, Nicole Sullivan of Lifetime’s Rita Rocks plans to begin a new role, losing 35 lbs. of baby weight as a spokesperson for the weight-loss program. “Baby weight’s different than other stuff,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “You spend a year of your life eating what you want and enjoying letting the baby have what it feels like having — and I'[ve] lost track of what I’m supposed to be doing that’s right.” In addition to retraining herself about portion control, the actress (whose show returns Oct. 5) hopes that access to one of the program’s personal weight-loss counselors will keep her cravings in check. “If I could have done it on my own I would have,” Nicole explains, continuing, “There’s going to be someone I can ask questions — and someone to call me on my B.S.” To jump-start dropping one pound below her wedding-weight of 126 lbs., Nicole is keeping her goals real. “We all say we want to get healthy — and we do. We also want to look cute,” she laughs. “I want to put my jeans on and have my jeans look cute.” But beyond being able to slip back into her skinniest denim, “I want to be able to go snowboarding and have a fun day on the mountain without being out of breath all the time. I don’t want to feel like I’m too old,” she says. “I’m too young to feel like I’m too old to do stuff, basically is my motto.”

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corina on

But Queen Latifah still fat! She did no dropp any pound yet…

Mrs J.P. on

Corina, your a complete idiot and a moron! Queen Latifah is awesome and is NOT fat, she’s got curves. Maybe your the one that needs to lose some pounds, in your head!

And as for Nicole Sullivan GO GIRL!

Sophe D on

This is great!! She (Nicloe) is so cute anyway and real down to earth:)

Queen Latifah lost about 20lbs and that was all she said she wanted to lose? Her Aunt lost over 35lbs..Queen likes her body the way it is and just losing that 20 made her more healthy!!
Real women have curves!!

Amazon on

Corina, don’t be hater girl! Why don’t you join Jenny Craig and turn yourself into a hottie!?

E's Mom on

I think I remember Queen Latifah saying something about wanting to become healthier, losing weight was not her main concern. I love Queen Latifah and I think she is a stand-up person, not only for herself, but for the real women who DO have curves, but are not really “fat”. Good for her! TV, movies, magazines and the whole media mentality are for these itty bitty stick girls, that any women I know haven’t seen that shape or size since 8th grade!! They just look like junior high boys with fake boobs. Queen was awesome in presenting herself in such a manner that said ‘I love me, and it’s ok to have curves BECAUSE I am a woman!’
I don’t know who Nicole Sullivan is, and good luck to her, but if I was approached to lose weight on Jenny Craigs dime, I would do it. Wouldn’t you?

Kim on

I wish that people would stop focusing on the outside appearance and put as much effort into what they are on the inside…we have such a screwed up idea of what beauty is and isn’t.

The outside is just going to rot away anyway..diet all you want, zip into those zero jeans, but momma is still right… “it’s what’s on the inside that counts!”

Angela on

I just joined Jenny Craig and started a month ago (I’m on day 31). I’ve lost 12.4 pounds (and counting) and have actually done a whole new change to myself and my activity level. Nicole will get the weight off in no time and it will do wonders for her to be in the program.

Amazon on

I agree with you Kim, only it IS OK to want to be healthier and at the time look cute in your jeans…after all, when you eat right, looking cute is icing on the cake!

Star on

You can be curvy and not fat, unfortunately, Queen Latifah is not. She is both curvy and still obese. It is unfortunate, but she is. I love her, her personality, voice, and acting ability, i would just love to see less of her body. BTW, I am curvy, I have breasts and hips, but I keep my body weight within my correct BMI. (5″4, 130lbs, 34DD, size 4 pant) You don’t need to be a stick, but you do need to keep your weight down simply for heart health, considering heart disease in the number one killer of women.

Denise on

Fat Actress 2 has a weight loss show coming , can’t wait to follow her weight loss program, lose 70 gain 200 , hmmm..80)

ralph on

Just like Queen Latifah,Oprah is another fat ass that can’t keep the donughts out of her fat mouth.

ralph on

Corina you are 100% right she still FAT

Davie on

Why do we have such an obsession with weight? Thin does not equal moral, beautiful and relevant. Shouldn’t we work on our character as much as our bodies, or much more?

I am eating McDonald’s as I write this, LOL

SS on

i agree about queen…she looks great and wanted to get healthier. however, i’m sick of seeing, “real women have curves!” women without curves are real women, too…let’s just say women come in all shapes!

corina on

Wow Wow Wow, I’m not a hater, It was just making an observation. I’m a latin woman so believe me if I do understand curves, just does not make any sense to be an spokerperson for Jenny Greig and still with excess baggage.

jzimdars on

I wonder if they have to pay the weekly fees plus the 300+ a month for food? Probably not, Im glad it works, but its expensive!

gail on

Face it ladies–if you you good on the outside,you feel better on the inside.You don’t need to be pin thin, jus not a plus size.

Erica on

Oh another thing she did lose weight. She lost 20 pounds which is all she wanted to lose anyways!! Good job Queen!!

positive on

Stop bashing people because they are overweight.
It is true that when you loose the weight everything looks better on you (I should know, I lost 100 pounds with Gastric Bypass Surgery) but I also found out that the most important thing is how you perceive yourself. I believe that Queen Latifah has a very high self steem. She was careful not to mention weight loss on her commercials but rather feeling healthy. Probably she achieved her goal. She is a very successful entretainer and a great person.

Marlene on

Valerie and Phylicia look wonderful. They can afford to buy the program. Maybe Jenny Craig should give the program to “everyday” people and use them in their commercials. We would love to lose the weight but can’t afford to buy the program.

positive on

Marlene, they did, but JC has better success in their commercials with celebrity endorsement.

Sara on

Jenny Craig is too expensive for ordinary people! And what happens when you stop eating that, do you start gaining weight? Real people cannot spend $300+ a month on diet food. I have a family to feed on a budget, how can I possibly do that?

Must be great to be a celebrity and get all that free stuff (even when you can actually afford to pay for it!)

Brooke on

Star; I have to make a comment. Queen Latifah is built a heck of a lot different from you. For that matter … so am I! I weigh the exact same amount, am two inches taller, and wear a size larger in pants. What’s up with that? You have to take in account body fat, bone structure, and all that jazz.

Heidi on

“women without curves are real women, too”

AMEN! I’m sick to death of hearing women who are “curvy” saying that I look like a 12 year old boy because I’m a size 0. Not all women are trying to be a size 0, for some of us it just happens. It is just as hurtful to be told that you’re fat, as it is to be told that you look like a boy from the neck down. Women should unite and stick together and yet we are our own worst judges and enemies. Until that happens we will continue to have a problem with anorexia, as well as obesity.

Kelli on

That is a good point. I am the same height as “star” (5 4), I weigh 125.. I wear a size 6.

Brooke on

Right on, Heidi! I think you said it all right there and quite well at that!

Kelli on

To add to Heidi’s comment–
My BFF is 5 3 & a size zero & she DOES have curves..

Randa on

Queen Latifah Lost 25lbs.. she has always been a big gal.. she wasn’t trying to wear a bikini, she wanted to be at a healthier weight.. and that is what she did.. She has never been “Small” like the others were! (Kirstie Alley included..watch cheers!!LOL! )
Good luck to Nicole Sullivan.. I have actually considered Calling Jenny Myself!! LOL!!

Star on

I was only pointing out that I am curvy, not comparing myself to Queen Latifah who definitely has some height on me! I have a chest, I have hips, but I keep the extra fat off where and when I can (as I get older, it gets harder)
You can be curvy and not fat. But many folks have taken “curvy” and turned it into a way to embrace that they are in fact obese and in possibly in danger of dying from heart disease.
There is also a differnce between “feeling healthy” and actually being healthy.

Amazon on

So just to ask the public out there:

What can Jenny Craig do to make joining the program more affordable for “regular people?”

Teresa on

Jenny Craig works…I lost 55 lbs many yrs ago, only to gain it back when I had to go on steriods, due to a medical condition. Thankfully I lost it, again. Bottom line…if you don’t change your eating habits you will gain it right back, whether you’re a celeb or not!

Kathy on

Queen Latifiah has lost 20 pounds. Because of her size it’s not really noticeable.

Angela on

To answer the question about how real people can afford the program– again, I’ve been on it for 31 days and yes it’s costly to afford the food but the program has money saving options if you ask for them. The consultants will work with you and depending on how much you want to lose or what you want out of the program, will depend upon how soon you can then cut back on eating their food solely. It’s affordable, it’s just a matter of where you put your other expenses.

Again, they will work with you on this. Just look into it.

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Samoys on

lot about you

Sarah on

How about they try to make a real human being not a celebrity a spokesperson. Pay for them to do the diet but nothing more so they have no monetary value in saying it’s great etc.

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Hemant on

to whom concern plseae i would love to be on this show for new years i have 5 people that might be with me including me it will be 2 people in my family that have neva been to NY at all and will love too be on this show for this day plseae sooo can u help me if anything ill do anything too be on this show this day not any any anything but deep enough to get on this show i really need would love to be up here this day plseae thank u sooo much

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