Rihanna Goes Blonde: Love It or Hate It?

09/23/2009 at 02:56 PM ET

Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Never one to play it safe, Rihanna hit the streets with a daring new look, and we don’t mean her minidress and laser-cut thigh high boots. Check out all those heavy blonde highlights! It’s almost the flip of Drew Barrymore‘s dark tips on her blond bob. We always enjoy seeing what Rihanna is up to next, and we love that she’s lightening up for fall. Tell us: What do you think of Rihanna’s blonde streaks? Do you love them or hate them?

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Mrs J.P. on

Her hair do is HORRIBLE as is her taste on clothes and hair styles.

Talented at singing yes but taste on hair make-up,clothes NO WAY, she h=needs help in that area, big time.

cajun on

Ok, that looks really bad!

Kim on

oh YUCK!… What was she thinking?!

leslie on

That’s a DON’T!

Jade on

Hate It!
The idea of highlights are great! However this is not the right color for her!!!

cajun on

I Agree big time Mrs.JP I think I do the “hit or miss” just to see what goofy thing she is wearing now.

Jenny on


Giselle on

I dont know … Im not loving that shade of blonde … I like her better dark haired..

christine on

Eiyah!I understand youthful exhuberence for self expression but you’re whole ‘look’ lately has been screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME

mclovin on


annie on

I love Rihanna’s music but I cannot handle her hair!

mel on

She looks Horrible

ella a. on

am I the only one who misses the young Rihanna with long hair? or even the one who came out with Umbrella with the asymmetric bob? that was my all time favorite. that being said, she should be able to do and wear whatever she wants. go, girl!

k2 on

I guess it is rock-and-roll; it fits her job. To each its own ~

Jane on

How do they call that blonde? It’s yellow and it’s not becoming of her at all. Go back!

jo on

what a waste of an otherwise pretty girl.

Ivy on

i actually like rihanna’s style like she not following the glamour style and clearly she aint no follower in fashion i love wat she is doing..

Marsha on

h8 n it!

Stephanie on

one word: Eww!

Kris on

Yuck. I know stars need to reinvent their look to stay in the public eye, but this looks terrible.

Lola on


LBW on

I don’t like it, but she is so young and wealthy. Celebrity can be a fleeting thing and she is enjoying it to the max which is the way it should be. She is loving life.

Tara on

I think she is fashion forward, not afraid to take risks. I like that!!! I think she look great!! You go with your bad self.

Corine Fairley on

I do not like this style. She looks better w/black hair. Take another look Rihanna please. Go back to your original color and style.

Tina. on

that pic look fake to me. i really like Rihanna but blonde hair does not suit her.

Susan on

This do gets a thumbs down for sure, as do those shoulder thingies

nmrk on



Hate It!! Girl, what are you thinking?!!



lbwright on

I think her hair looks nice!! No hate congratulate!!

Jenny on

EWW… she needs help NOW! Her choices over the recent years have really made me annoyed by her.

Ana Arce on

What was she thinking….!! I like her…but.. that style definitely not for her.

Love on

What ever happened to the pretty Rihanna with long dark hair and nice outfits? Like her first CD Rihanna

Meezy on

not the bomb

Denise on

Her hair colour is disguisting,she is a really beautiful girl but her hairstyle and colour is horrible.

Thats Silly on

Thats a whole lotta YUCK!

Pamela on

I wonder what happened to this girl…her fashion choices used to be fierce. She used to stand out in a good way…but these days, she looks ridiculous all the time. I miss the old Rihanna.

Candy on

Hate it. It looks like the cheese wagon attacked her head.

Samantha on

ask a bunch of hateful internet folks what they think and of course they will be hateful. I think here new hairdo is cute. its fun to experiment

Cynthia R. on

If she’s happy, I’m happy for her. I bet they’re extensions anyway.

mochababe73 on

Rhianna’s hair looks as though I did it for her in the kitchen of her house. I am no beautician.

Joy on

its not even blond its yellow

Mama Dee on

Love you Girl, but hate the do!!!

marie on

don’t like it!

Leanne on

The blond color itself is horrible to begin with, and her hair is two-toned which makes it much worse…

Lauren on

I hate it. If the highlights were smaller and more blond (which is touch to do with hair that dark without damaging it) it would look better. Because she has such dark hair, it is tough to get really blond highlights without it looking orange or brassy!

Colleen on

Not so nice!

Bella on

Rihanna what did you do? This is def a HATE IT!!

DDavis on

I do believe it’s just clip in color extentions.

Candace on

I guess if she put a bucket of extentions and go bone straight everyone would think “HOW BEAUTIFUL”…..im loving the originality…and how she obviously doesnt care what everyone thinks of her…unlike every other cookie cutter celebrity…go rhianna for stepping outside the box and for taking risks, i for one am tired of the same old same old

Heather on

tha color isnt all that good, it doesnt match her skin color. tha shades dont really look good either…shes just trying to hard to push on these new styles of fashion..

Taylor on

Its not bad but then again its not good :( bad choice rhianna!


MC on

Hate it, I haven’t really liked it or her though since she had it long, basically since her first CD.

Jackie on

Oy Vey! Doesn’t she own a mirror?

jenny on

Beautiful girl, horrible hair.

Kell on


Alecia on

Rihanna should have stopped when she was still ahead.. This new hair isn’t doing anything for her.. It makes her look tacky..

Veronica on

Of course shes gorgeous in anything i just wish the blonde wouldnt of been so oragnge but not bad like i expected

Ella on

YUCKSSSS!! Doesn’t look good on her!

Mandy on

It looks like a skunk tail on her head…

Fry on

What a hot mess! Yucko!!!

Maggie on

A MESS! Thats just extremely horrible. Im hoping its an I want attention thing instead of her thinking that looks good! Thats just wrong for someone to let her out of a salon or her house looking like that!

LadyK on

What is wrong with her? I’ve never seen more bad hairstyles on one individual. She looks like a man and her bad hair isn’t helping to make her look more feminine. Someone call the style police!!

Dominique on

Seriously?Ew,Her hair looks more yellow than blonde to me and her lipstick totally clashes with her hair.

Renee on


Grace on

Why do people call her unique, when all she does is copy other celebs like Kelis, Grace Jones and Prince

Every other day she has a new hair style and they look bad

She is trying tooo hard..

Halle has such a laid back style, she doesn’t have to try hard for attention

melissa on

She’s such a pretty woman, why ruin it? Go back to your other color. You looked awesome on Jay Leno!

Nic on

I love it i wish the blonde was lighter because her hair is so dark but I love it…Had the blonde been lighter then it wouldn’t of been a problem but overall its hott…She need to take the spider ring off her finger its not Halloween yet…

Monica on

Wow, that’s bad hair!

Oh and are those epaulets on her t-shirt?

Overall Yikes!

Tammy on

Arrrrrrg. It’s absolutely horrific!!! Now I need some eye bleach.

sarah on

she has a huge hard and fore head and the longest fingers i ever seen on a woman

Soni on

I don’t like it! Mrs. JP is right…although I must add that Rihanna isn’t a talented singer either.

thaone on

Ri-Ri’s hair is bangin! Back-off people, she can rock florescent hair if she wanted. Go Rihanna, you did that girlfriend. You got some haters on People Style Watch.

OMG…Hi Haters :-)

D.R. on

Worst hair I have seen in years!

I have no idea what she was thinking.

I just hope others don’t have her same thought process.

Harriet on

Seriously. . .It’s not that bad, change is good.
She can do what she likes its HER hair no one elses so I don’t really think why people care or a complaining.
And working in fashion myself I see things like this time and time again.
Personally it’s not amazing but I don’t dislike it and who am I to say I do not like it, she can do what she likes.

Harriet. xo

Gabby on

I love it! She is such a style chameleon and isn’t afraid to go bold, and she hit this one! Good job Rihanna!

Sally on

What on earth was she thinking???!!??

Tenn on

It’s just hair!!!! Give her a break. When you are a beautiful you can try anything… and that she is. Oh, and rich… yup.

Celia on

OMG! Hate it. What was she thinking?

R.B. on

Not a good look……YUCK!

julie on

not a fan. lighter colored highlights would have worked better?
p.s.- also not a fan of that lip color!

Jennifer on

Well, what can i say? It doesn’t look bad on her but whomever did it 4 her did a bad job. It looks like they slapped the dye in their hand and smudged it on her hair..that shade is not very appealing either.

sandy on

That’s not blond. I would call it “bad attempt at streaking”.

jen on

I just realized what a HUGE forehead this girl has and she’s trying to hide it with long bangs. The blonde streaks really made me notice this.

Pat on

Wow…that is bad times right there

KDA on

Not cute!

R. Santiago on

Rihanna Diva…i love her.

acp on

ahhhh no way! that does not work for her

Maria on

That shade of blonde is wrong for her skin tone. Good for her for taking fashion risks and never playing it safe.

Claudine on

OMG. That’s horrific. As a hairdresser, I want to say, whoever did this should have their license revoked. I guess you take it where it comes from. Bad hair, clothes,and of course her choice in men. If you could call “IT” a man. i do like her music though.

unoit on


steph on


Eily on

Whoah! Man…her style was once to be admired for back when she first surfaced – classy and beautiful. But NOW…yuck!

Star on

Her taste has gone down ever since she cut her long hair and went wild with her fashion! Yuck!!! No class!

Scott on

I’m sorry, but I love this! I love Rihanna and I think that she can do no wrong in my eyes. I think her fashion sense is so crazy, that it works. She is the only one that can pull off the looks that she does! No one else could do it and look good. Sorry but I think it looks great!

Amanda on

It looks like someone sprayed mustard in her hair!

Amanda on

her hair is horrible !
but she looks good anyway

Jen on

It’s horrible. This girl is just one step away from going down a dark, dark road.

Sarah on

I really like Rihanna’s hair. It goes really well with her skin tone and added edge results from her natural color peaking through. Also, it complements her gold necklace as well as the purple lipstick.

taya on

Ewwww… looks like someone peeed in her hair !

tweety on

Ella A- u r not the only one that liked her long hair. I don’t get into girls or anything but she was much cuter with the long hair then she does now ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the blonde does her no justice

Shayla on

I think she looks kinda scary…i mean i normally like all her hairstyles but i dont know about this one….

mollyb on

Run don’t walk to get this mess fixed!!!

mollyb on


Jessica on

It looks like she took a bottle of yellow mustard to her hair

Jules on


Scarlett on

Her hair is really bad, what was she thinking?

Dee on

I’ve never been a fan of Rihanna’s style and this blonde hair thing is exactly why. I understand the want to be different, but why look bad while being different, it’s not needed.

Barbara on

Hate It!!!!!!

SallY on

if her hair was all done up then i wud like it

Sara on

I don’t like her hair. It looks like her do went wrong. Yuck!

Lynn on

Her hair looks bad! She should’ve left it black.

Sam on

Rihanna always looks like an idiot. Her blonde hair looks exceptionally bad on her. She needs to learn what works for her and what doesn’t instead of taking all of these risks, risks are only good sometimes not on an everyday basis. I feel like she thinks she’s hot and she’s not.

Connie on

Rihanna is a very beautiful girl. Either way, I love her and will always be a fan not matter what color her hair is.

Trezha on

the androgynous/ punk style doesn’t suit her well; she’s got a bit of masculinity in her facial features and it’d be better if she played it down to avoid the tranny look. as to her wardrobe, she does dress better than Britney Spears and all the other pop stars. if only she wrote her own songs, she’d be one of the greatest.

adrift on

Well from most opinions posted you’d think her choice of hair colour parallels her choice of boyfriends but I disagree. She looks beautiful and I wish her well.

toobusy on

She looks adorable. Americans will relate to her more with nicer hair.

MEgan on


Person123 on

I dont even like her hair now! What makes her think that blonde is going to make it better?! WOW!!! That hair-do is horrible!

gapeach on

HATE IT! Definately not a good look for her.

jo on

haha since everyones saying that it sucks IMMA SAY I LOVE IT!!!! because it GOES with her style. the hair and the style and the music is who she is. Like it all or dont like any of it.

Ga-Ga on

I think it’s awesome. Rihanna is not the status quo when it comes to style and she shouldn’t be. It looks good and very fast forward. Give it time…Everyone will be rocking that style.

valentina on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what was she thinking about?????is she crazy or what????????????I COMPLETELY HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie on

umm no no.. that is horriably bad.

Lampheung on

It’s horrible. Rihanna, go back tpto blCK

shashank on

i think she got screwed up………………….

shashank on

i think she got screwed up……….

kkkk on

love it. she always looks great

Keri on

I love it. I think I will get the same thing. I love Rihanna more than life itself. I want to be her.

ClassicHeelz on

That is NOT HER STYLE..SHE IS NT PINK OR LADY GAGA..BUT A PUPPET. Just because you IMMIATE EDGY CHICKS dont make you one. That has to come naturally…and when she first hit the scene she was not edgy. This is what the industry has turned into. To help her stay relevent because shes pretty.

Daina on

I like it!!!

Shea on

By the time this is typed she will have changed her ‘do’ again, which is awesome to see in an artist, but this look…um, did the paint can hit you in the head when it spilled on your hair? JMHO

Valerie Lipford on

“Love It!”

irish on

What the heck is she thinking!!!!

NoName on

Hate it. Very fake looking, she’d look nice with something more subtle and natural, though she seems to get a thrill out of impressing others with her outlandish looks.

Mai on

Not Cool.

angela on

Can someone please tell me how do you write a question to style watch to ask them to find a item for you that a celebrity was wearing, i am trying to find the boots that Kourtney Kardashian had on while babying shopping with her sister and I don’t know where to go to ask.

tan320 on

It looks like a cat pi**ed on her head ^.^ Bad idea to do that to her hair I’d say.

S. on

call me CRAZY but i kinda like it .. :)

Casey on

I think the blonde could have worked nicely for her.
But she went too far. A few streaks here and there would’ve looked nice.
But not all over like it is in this picture.

Alex Axx on

hate it! :P

naj/mori on

i honestly think that it works for her! its not about what me or you would wear but what fits her. She is a wacky persona with a wild sense of fashion. Her flair reflects her wild side and conveys to me the adventurous person that she is. She is not afraid to step out on the edge and say look at me. I say go for it Ri Ri



Samantha on

HATE!!! ewwww.

Mary on

I like it. You know anything this beautiful young woman choses is striking on the positive. Stop hating. You know we’ve seen a lot worse on others, like “Lady GaGa”

Nina on

Wow blinding ok need a new do and fast.


OMG!!!! She is crazy!!! Her hair it’s really bad!!!I HATE IT!!!

Sandra on

HAHA uhh…. no I don’t care for it I think she looks better with long brown or black hair maybe a really dark redish brow. ( : Just Smile

Rissa on


Melanie on

Yes, she is daring. Daring us not to look at her. The blonde just does not do it for Rhianne. Please streak back to the salon ASAP and we can all pretend this never happened.

soumya on


Junebur on

Oh How I Love This Style On Her, It’s Something New And Exciting, Why Not?

soumya on


dr on

eeeeekkkk…..it’s horrible!!! What were you thinking???

Lexie on

Ughh. this is really horrible! i hate it!

Ted on

Isn’t she best friends with Amber Rose? Amber, help!!!!!!!

petunia on

HATE IT!!!! thats the ugliest look of hers yet! and thats saying ALOT!

Joan on

She changes her hair for attention and doesn’t care what people think. I’ve not liked any of her hair styles.

janice on

EWWWWW.. Rhianna you’re hot, but your hair is just not!

Marteezy on

fire the hir stylist! IMMEDIATELY!

Bari Seidon on


imani on

ii hate diis gurl

makes gud music

but like like ii luv chris sooo

she culd smd

Headlines This Week 10/2 | oligoville on

[…] Never one to play it safe, Rihanna hit the streets with a daring new look, and we don’t mean her minidress and laser-cut thigh high boots. Check out all those heavy blonde highlights. People.com […]

kellee on

It ok.it more have a golden look than blonde tho.

amy nicole on

OMG !!! phahaha…lmao…!!!!
thats soo funny and soo tatally NOT

rachael on

Loves it

Mrs.R.B. on

Women who are black are never naturally blonde so it looks HORRIBLE blonde!!!!!

ariesbarbir on

Wtf y is every 1 such a hater….& for those saying she looked better with long hair are wrong every girl dosent need long hair to be beautiful she looks 10 times better with short hair….neway if she likes it I love it….

Jenny Davila on

Rihanna is the best singer in my opinion, she has a very good voice, a beautiful face and a very sexy body.

meliah on

to many haters in this world, to many people get there fix from slagging other people off to make them self feel better. If Rihanna want’s to do her hair like that, then thats for her bussiness. Damn u people give other people bad complexes. Stop ur bytching…!

rihanna on

Hate it

B-Nardo on

WoW!!! she went from being a 10 to being a 5 or a 6 just because of that hair

Rudy on

An utter fashion disaster!! Whatever possessed her to wear that style? Not looking good!

Trihanna on

She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

shanice on

I like the hair……..but not really clothes

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