POLL: What Was Lady Gaga's Most Outrageous VMA Outfit?

09/14/2009 at 01:31 PM ET

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From arriving on the arm of Kermit the Frog in a dramatic Jean Paul Gaultier gown complete with beaded neck brace and half-face mask to accepting her first VMA for Best Newcomer in a sheer, masked, red lace dress, Lady Gaga kept the audience guessing with her outrageous outfits throughout the telecast. And don’t forget her belly-baring white performance costume and space-age Jean Paul Gaultier lavender leotard she donned for backstage interviews. Tell us: What was your favorite Lady Gaga look from last night’s VMA’s? Click here to vote on which was the most outrageous!

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crazyj on

i just think lady gaga has some issues

G on


Tara on

The red outfit. -shivers. Horrid.

Ani on

She’s scary looking!

kscountrygirl on

too bad that such a talented young woman can’t just let her talent get people’s attention…that she has to use her so-called “style” to get it instead.

kmb on

Also, I think the weird straw wreath around her face towards the end of the night was the most outrageous. What is wrong with this “woman”?

Carrie on

I just really don’t understand her choices… she scares me, lol….

Jorge Paez on

That’s not your mother, that’s a man, baby!

Mia on

I have to say the first one. the girl has some Balls though

Thoughtful on

I think she’s great. She can truly just mess with the public because of everyone’s obsession with celebrity. I think she is really quite deep in her challenging of the everyday esthetic. You go girl!

Lucia on

She is really scary looking. most outrageous is the red outfit. She is very scary. Did I say that already? she is scary – oh and not that talented. Whatever happened to…..

Shannon on

This chick can be crazy, let’s face it all the time. Who are we to judge her. I say be who you wanna be and dress how you wanna dress. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Brooke on

the red one…ugh…creepy

.steph. on

Omqqq haha, this qirl is SO crazy. iThink she’s cool && unique, even if she is kinda scary lookinq at times..!!
but yup she does have some balls for even wearinq it, iGive her props.!

iWould totally NEVER wear that..!! xD

anonymous on

She is really scarry and leading wrong way to many girls.

Trish on

I like the surprise of what this woman is going to wear next! She is very unique and not afraid to be different. Way to go, Lady Gaga! :)

Miss Tonic on

I loved the Black Gaultier dress but sometimes too much outfits on one night can overkill, shame she doesn’t see that, if she wants to be here for the long hall than she has to slow down a little bit because people can’t keep up with her.

Theatrical1 on

Lady Gaga is a beautiful artist with more courage than most artist would have. She’s the epitome of a performance artist and I think its sad that people have to put her down for being innovative and introducing something new. In the short time that she’s been a popular artist, she already had about the same number of transformations as Madonna. She’s destined to be an icon. My favorite look of the VMA’s was her performance ensemble.

SwordsWoman on

I can’t believe that someone talked her into wearing that red outfit. Then again…she is Lady Blah-Blah!!!

jam on

Certifiable is all I can say.

Jessica on

Everyone is always so quick to judge!!!! I think if she feels like expressing her artistic abilities through clothing what a way to go!!! She has a great voice, good starting career and alot going for her. I like when people are different and not like anybody else!!!!

gagirl on

Why does it mattter what she was wearing or if you think that she is wierd… remember people that is the same reaction that was given to the great Michael Jackson and well we need to be better people for him.. we are all unique and thats a good thing lets don’t think of it as wierd or crazy but look to the person beyond the exterior and im sure your opinions will change and if not then i feel sorry for the ones that judge, you are the ones we need to pray for.

Tammy on


Shooter on

the red outfit makes her look like she should join the band slipknot

POLL: What Was Lady Gaga’s Most Outrageous VMA Outfit? | Living with style on

[…] POLL: What Was Lady Gaga's Most Outrageous VMA Outfit? – Style … […]

Aleigh on

Is it just me or does the red outfit remind you of a sour patch kid? I expected her to go onstage and do something sour then something sweet.

Shea on

I hope I never need attention that badly! All her outfits were horrid and the red was ghastly.

Pam on

Definitely the red outfit is the worst, looks like she is being regurgitated by a giant red squid. But the black outfit is a close second.

skye on

i think her stylist is playing a joke on her

Melissa on

She is an idiot and is dying for attentin. God knows she wouldn’t get any attention without doing that stuff because there is nothing special about her and she isnt pretty or anything.

Lauren on

All of the above… and everything before and after the event… could someone please get this girl a stylist!!!!!!!

Tessa on

If she wore a normal dress with normal hair, and showed up with a normal date, no one would be talking about her, and what’s the point in that?

Melissa on

gagirl please dont compare michael jackson to lady gaga. there is nothing similar about the two. Michael Jackson was the king of music not just the king of pop. and lady gaga is nothing and a nobody.

Amanda on

For people that still comment that she is a man, did you not see her in her performance outfit where you can clearly tell that she has woman parts.

karen on

THE FIRST! Scared me when I first saw it on her last night.
Then came the red dress which i said omg what is she wearing…

PK on

It’s sad because the lady really has talent. Too bad she’s so insecure that she has to hide behind all her obnoxious costumes. She’s got some real issues.

Jim on

She has some serious issues. She needs to seek help. She need attention and I guess this the way she is getting it.

notafan on

Not a fan. There is a difference between making a statement and just plain bizarre. Looks like she has her . in the second one. I’m sure it’s for show, but seriously?

Jody on

She is wierd. She has some mental issues

Sarah on

The red outfit… with the headpiece, she looks like the member of a cult. Downright creepy.

notafan on

I would also say the red outfit is the most outrageous. haha. You know she is having fun with these outfits, that’s for sure.

Kay on

Gaga’s fashion amazes me, she really is on her own level. Its working for her. I really don’t have a favourite.

Tricia on

the red one is creepy

Thats Silly on

she’s braver than most….i have to hand it to her. Not everyone can pull off outfits like she can….its all in the personality. I say Good For Her!

Thats Silly on

I must add though…..the red lace mask thing was kinda scary to me.

Yvette on

Which outfit was most outrageous? You mean I gotta pick one? They were ALL equally outrageous.

Jeri on

She’s doing what it takes to get noticed. She leaves us with gasps and wonder but we all remember what “she” wore. We don’t remember Taylor Swift, Shakira or Beyonce wore. We may not like it or agree with it, but it is her way of getting out there and making us remember her.

den on

Youngsters wearing crazy outfits is nothing new. Let the girl have fun! Life’s for the living of it.

marco on

Go Go GaGa!

Serena on

it dont matter what she wears her choices in make up and clothes scream drag queen! I must say she does look a bit masculine! ekke she needs hlp!

Heather on

This isn’t even all of them because I saw her sitting in the crowd wearing at least one more that looked like she had a white bird’s nest surrounding her face.

kelli on

gag – a

Miranda on

She is trying to get a rise out of you people and apparently it is working!!!!!! I LOVE Her!!!!

terry on

That outfit at the VMA’s last nite kinda looked like the Tazmaninan Devil and a cat were having a fight on top of her head!! LOL! not sure why-but I’d still “bang” her. She’ll make a great ex-wife someday!

kennedy on

she is wacky she has some problms

andre on

I think she looks awsome in all of the them and I love hows not afraid to be diffrent

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[…] POLL: What Was Lady Gaga's Most Outrageous VMA Outfit? – Style … […]

Kate on

People used to call Britney Spears the next Madonna, but if anyone is going to dethrone the Material Girl it is Lady Gaga. She is crazy talented, a great songwriter and like Madonna, she knows how to shock. She is great!

caroline on

Um, what about the weird lion-mane thing she had when she was sitting behind Beyonce? Was that her? If so, then I vote for that one! Of the outfits above, I’d say I literally did not want to look at the red one. It reminded me too much of nightmares. Lady Gaga has such a pretty face it’s a shame she covers it up with too much face makeup and costumes. Clearly she does not care about her music career as much as her fashion career.

Andy on

I liked her first one but then again all of them are fabulous! Lady Ga Ga is a true artist in Song Dance and Imagination and of course Fasion. She can get away with wearing what ever she wants. I think it’s all great!

gagirl on

melissa… im not comparing them as in their status because i know that there is and will never be anyone to even come close to michael jackson i am talking about the ridicule that people go through just because they are being themselves. What does it matter what one wears or even what they look like that is what i am getting at… people are so fake now a days they are all against someone till something bad happens then they are there well its to late then. Just be kind to all and the world will be a much better place we need that now, we need to rise above and be the better person.

evan on

HEY!! Lady gaga is the Madana of our time! she is sexy, talented and beautiful in her own way and if she ever had the chance to meet me i would just melt because she is my female idol! Lady Gaga if you see this i love you sooooooooo much

your #1 fan of all time
Evan Tim O’Shea
14 years old
Hampton Bays NY

Lily on

I liked the white one. But the red was a bit much. It kinda scared me. D:

Heemz on

I would smash Lady GaGa anyday…idc bout her weirdness…The mask was a lil far but otha den dat shes sexii…

Malibu on

they missed an outfit.. she was sitting next to Beyonce with a bird nest on her face LOL

i love Lady Gaga, she has so much effin’ balls to wear the outfits she does and she give a eff

Malibu on

she doesnt give a eff**

Tyler on

I think they’re all absolutely gorgeous. <3 She's a beautiful woman and can pull anything off. The red lacey one is my favorite: very pretty.

micheal on

ithink lady gaga is a great singer nd perfomer.! ilove her,,,,but ido think her outfits can be a little crazy lolz but atleast shes not afraid to be her self nd look at all these comments.?! ithink shes better than many think….nd SHE IS A WOMAN. K? umm look at the perfomance outfitt….um isee nothing so yupp ppl stop hatin…shes a good singer nd who gives a f*ck if shes a little wired or different? would it be better if she wore a little silver nd black dress?? haha .GO GAGA

lisa on

Absolutly fabulous, …she is amazing, her crazy outfits are what people remember and brings attention and attention sells…I luv them all!!

Skillz on

Well I didn’t really like the red one but I’m a die heart fan and you people need to learn what a real creative artist is and that what she is she’s not werid your just not used to seeing real creative things by some these artist out there half of them are wearing the same thing she’s different and that’s why I and other people love her

Jordan Enriquez on

I like the red one, it looks pretty darn cool to me. Lady Gaga will be the second album I’ll ever buy! <333/3333

Dustin on

I love them all you people just don’t appreciate true original fashion.

Lady Gaga’s VMA Outfit: The Most Outrageous : In Entertainment on

[…] People.com have been running a poll as to what we thought was her most outrageous outfit, and we certainly had plenty to choose from. Lady Gaga arrived in the arm of Kermit the Frog wearing a strange looking Jean Paul Gaultier gown. The outfit also came with a beaded neck brace and half-face mask. […]

pompanochic on

I think all her outfits where crazy the one wit the birds nest on her face waz bad but the lace one waz cute after she took the crown off n the mask

Rondelle on


Dani on

Horror! Horror!

Noggie on

The red lace one… nightmarish cross between the Devil and tribal fertility celebration.

Amy on

Obviously, she doesn’t like her own face, which is why she keeps covering it but showing off her body. I hope that she gets over this phase so that we can concentrate on her talent, but her drag-queen style is certainly getting her a lot of attention. Or maybe that’s an insult to drag queens – they are often more elegant.

delia on

she claims that shes follows fashion, but i highly doubt that people will walk around in outfits like that…maybe for halloween…so thank you Gaga for giving me an idea on what to wear to frighten the neighbors when I hand out candy.

Sarah on

There’s out there and then there’s really out there. Cher was/is out there. Lady Gaga is just on another planet. I applaud her for being original, however, I think that she must have low self esteem to feel the need to be that outrageous.

E's Mom on

They are all pretty sickening. But I have to wonder if she was dissed in high school…….because the red outfit instantly made me think of her being “Carrie” at the prom and being doused…..ugh! I agree, she has issues.

Cynthia on

What a sick puppy…

merj on

It’s not shown here but when she had that white helmet thing on her head that looked like a birds nest and all you seen where her eyes…. She has a great voice but she has lost her mind… I think she dresses like that because of all the rumors about her being a man..

ladysahra on

I think the red outfit takes the cake

imari on

She is creative, but those outfits, she kind of took it toooooo far. she can sing, she should have wore that minnie mouse outfit in paparazzi.

Allison on

The red one is pretty outrageous w/the fiery crown coming off the full face mask. I have to say, though-all of the wierd costumes do make me much more interested in her. I thought she was just a relatively generic dance-music singer until I started seeing her performances. She’s very theatrical.

Karen Smith on

This woman needs serious therapy. Sorry, hon, Madonna already did it all.

nanis on

well i think she has HUGE issues it amazes me what celebrities are willing to do to get attention..i mean she actually feels comfortable in these ridiculous clothing..i mean isnt better to be remmember on how good your music and talent is other than these scary and embarrasing outfits i mean Cmonnn!!!!

jess on

for sure the red one. creepy!

Sonnie on


Nikole on

I think she just has a love for fashion and is absolutely fearless with her choices. I think she is incredibly talented.

AJ on

She’s an entertainer!!! Madonna did and still dresses crazy too. She is very talented with an edgy look. Some of the veiwers need to worry about what they wear on an everyday basis before judging Lady GaGa!

JS on

Yeah I dont know what is wrong with her, she deff. has some issues and needs to work them out.

Amanda on

i think i see camel toe?? does anyone else see that?????

George Gabriel on

Its a shame people are afraid of something different, something fresh,original, and new.
Gaga scores at having thee most ambiguous and universal style and sound the world has seen as of right now,we need more artistic and and daring women like this,aside from Katy Perry, Pink, and a few other fellow Pop Stars there,Gaga is a once in a lifetime artist that you will never see ever again… Enjoy her while you can.



Devon on

Gaga looks like a hot mess– and she is certainly no Lady!

Robin on

I think she is gusty…she is elegant in her own way…she is not scared to be unique. She is a beautiful woman, and she expresses herself through her clothing and music. I like it, it is who is she. We should embrace her talent and her personality versus her clothing.

lake on

Lady gaga its should be Lady Caca.

sarah on

she needs mental help.
anyone who wants that much attention needs help.


Lady GaGa is the most inventive, outrageous artist toay! She goes with what she wants and doesn’t conform to what is or isn’t “accepted.” Yah she was crazy, but she owns up to her craziness and embraces it.


Curious on

I would love to see her in jeans and a t-shirt some day. Without a mask.

Lindseyj on

Most Deffinately the red outfit is the worst…. what is it a giant sock dress with lace.. i know the vmas are supposed to be a lighter, less dressy affair but that is just outragous

Trent on

I haven’t heard much of her music yet since I primarily listen to prog and metal but I think it’s cool she is original, at least she designs her own stuff, writes her own songs, actual SINGS live. I’m not sure why people keep saying Cher already did this, Madonna already did that. So a female is never allowed to dress “crazy” ever again because some other artists did a long time ago? She has already said she is influenced by David Bowie..etc..
She appears to be herself whether on stage or not, I don’t see what is so weird.
With the whole designer/fashion thing, who do you see walking around with that weird stuff that is normally shown at the fashion shows anyways?

CarolynM on

They are ALL HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Who told her that any one of these looked good???

Gretchen on

Gaga has some definite issues! I think her garrish outfits are designed to distrsct attention from her dissatisfaction with her nose!
She may be laughing all the way to the bank but aq trip to the plastic surgeon could help!HMMMM… maybe she has issues with undergoing the knife!

Trent on

doubt anyone did, it seems to me she doesn’t care if other people think it looks good or not. I think it’s hilarious how a lot people say music should be about music but people sure are obsessing over this chic’s clothes, how she is not as pretty as other artists, and she has a “horseface” and has to hide her face (even though I’ve hardly seen that from pics and videos I’m checking out right now..wtf)

Josh on

I agree that she is in awesome shape vocally and physically, real nice bod, oh NOES she has a big nose (lame pun intended) oh golly she doesn’t looks exactly like all the other hot fake singers!!!!! Let’s make fun of her At least one thing should be certain for all these people now, she does not have a dong. Nice camel toe and ass though.

Melody on

she may dress weird but she can sing amazingly and she is very artistic and not your cookie cutter artist thats why i love her

Col on

i think that the red one is plain scary…after her performace and they showed her i was like who is that? her performace was a little nutty to. also the outfir where she was wearing a straw wreath around her neck was just insane

danalynette on

I don’t think she’s talented or original!
All this s#!+ has been done before…her music stinks.

Natalie on

her music is great, but her outfits are creepy. she’s just hiding her real personality and style behind those weird outfits.

tiffany on

you forgot the ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN outfit she wore towards the end of the show!! THAT WAS THE WORST haha when russell brand said “lady gaga turned into an eskimooooooo” hahahha

Miss Kitty on

What the h@*$# was she thinking?? I’d like to know who is her stylist so I don’t go there! Obviously she is anit-mirror…

chicken wings. on

they all failed so it doesn’t really matter.

Sel Jim on

the red lace one is gonna give me nightmares…

Cheryl on

the red one rules, reminds me of something from hmm that movie Legend or something.

Guy above has a good point, so because there has already been a couple of artists that dress crazy and do weird stuff, no other artist can do that type of stuff again?
What would be original in this day and age? All I know is it’s all the same (*&# out there. At least this chic is doing something different (even IF SOMETHING SIMILAR HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE) than all the other clones out there right now. I wish she wouldn’t have lame rappers in her songs though.

charlee on

I don’t think her outfits are outrageous however, i do think they are unique, in a pretty bad ass way. People shouldn’t judge her by her outfits anyways, she’s a very talented person, and has good music, don’t hate just because you can’t be her, that’s not getting you anywhere, anyways.

Britney on

well the red one is kinda creepy?? the black one is kinda too, It looks like sumthin you would wear to a funeral. the white one is more Madonna styled and the silver is more Gaga styled!!!
love ya GAGA!!

Jenn on

The outfit that’s not on there. With that weird white spiky christmas wreath on her face!!!!!

have sex with me lady gaga on

mmm shes yummy

kinggjoseph on

i love all of her outfits, fantastic!

samy on


NjDiva on

i don’t understand whats wrong with someone wanting to be different. Just because you don’t understand a person or why they like to dress how they do doesn’t mean they are crazy or weird. they are being an individual and creative with what they choose to do with themselves! I thought GaGa’s performance was creepy but not weird. I can appreciate her talent and her wanting to be different and edgy.

Clearly a lot of people want to act like they are supper conservative when they do not understand something. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

jalisha on

i think either that is her style or she just doesnt want to show her entire beatifulness yet so she just be looking not the best n @ the end banng she will be the baddest b***h

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madonna4president on

remember gaga’s biggest mentors are andy warhol, david bowie, queen, prince, madonna and michael jackson!

tori mikal on

it doesn’t matter what she is, she’s doing something with her life, and THAT is all that matters. and her ‘style’ is something that i know no one else would have the spine to do, she wants to break from the mold, so let her. and she hasn’t pulled any stunt like letting whatever she has to offer to the world show, so she’s an idol to younger girls to be who you want. people just need to get away from judging so much

it’s so sad that a 17 year old can understand this but a 30 and + year old can’t.

Jo on

does she even look in the mirror after she gets dressed

taylor on

she stared her period in the wite outfit look

Lala Lucy on

I think that Lady Gaga is ridiculed for being unique. You people are such hypocrits you say that you’re unique and then you bash someone who is simply doing the same thing you are so shut up and get on with your life!!!! Leave Gaga Alone!!

gaga fan on

i reckon lady gaga is a talented artists and i also like her outfits go gaga!

converse :D on

DEFINETLY THE RED DRESS!!!!! *eye twitch*

Kanan on

I think that lady gaga has a great style she just stands out from all the other artist and thats whats so cool about her.

Reese on

I Think Lady Gaga’s Very Talented And Has Great Taste In The Odd Outfit Department. Shes One Of A Kind, And Refuses To Change, Whether Or Not Shes Famous. She Knows Shes A Weirdo, And She Intends On Staying That Way, And Thats What Makes Her And Her Outfits So Incredibly Awesome…

Aleajndra on

FAntasticcc!! the best!

jaqui on

you are all just so unknowingly dying to be her!!
its so sad how cruelly you all talk about her
what makes you so damn perfect and special
you thumb-sucking conformists!!

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brian on

leave her alone your just jealous , she is way more talented than you ever thought of being and her so-called “style” is unique something you probably don’t have so before you start running your mouth you better get your facts straight , she amazing in every-way . love ya lady gaga

Brian B.

brian on

leave her alone your just jealous , she is way more talented than you ever thought of being and her so-called “style” is unique something you probably don’t have so before you start running your mouth you better get your facts straight , she amazing in every-way . love ya lady gaga

LadyGagaFan ^_^ on

Wow now that I’m looking at all these old comments I can’t believe how hated she was :(

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