Kim Kardashian Goes Back to Black! Love It or Hate It?

09/08/2009 at 06:02 PM ET

Charley Gallay/KD/WireImage

Just weeks ago, when Kim Kardashian changed her raven hair to blonde, she told PEOPLE, “I’m still trying to decide if blondes do have more fun!” And it looks like she’s found her answer. Just a couple hours ago, Kim took to Twitter to post a final blonde photo of herself and tell fans, “I’m going back to black, everyone!! Take one last look while you can ;).” And she quickly debuted her newly brunette look on the streets of Beverly Hills this afternoon. Are you glad that Kim is back to black, or did you like her better as a blonde?

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Lacy on

That’s better! Though she looks gorgeous anyhow!

belinda on

i think she looks better with her blk hair….

Gina on

Why is this news????

Tina on

SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Much slimmer, younger and classier looking. The blonde was too PR/Mexicana.

K-Goody on

I like it both ways. I think the lighter made her look a little more fresh faced while the darker makes her look like her old self. When she had her lighter hair she didn’t look like herself, but that was ok. It went well with her. :)

jaynie on

i think she looks better with black hair though she looked ok blonde

Nette on

I love Kim’s dark hair but she would look awesome sporting a baldie!

abir on

She definitely looks better with black hair ..

TR on

Much better darker :-) she is beautiful no matter what, but the darker is gorgeous on her.

Sonya on

Yeah, why is this news??? She’s a beautiful woman who changes her hair color.?.

Steph on

She’s got such an exotic look, so the dark is much more fitting!


she looks better on black

mlg on

She has dark brown hair and not black. I find it interesting she would call her own hair color black. Not too many people have genuinely black hair….Think goth, black hair looks like shoe polish.

Liz on

Who really cares when we have everything else going on in this world!

Shawn on

I think she looked better as a blonde, maybe only because it was different… and she looked like a completely different person! With her dark hair, its just the same old thing… stuff gets old after a while; you need to keep changing it up to keep things fresh and not change it right back after a week. I like that she has been trying out a bunch of different looks lately, but then she just goes right back to the exact same hairdo (long and parted in the middle) with dark makeup. Keep one of the looks for a little while!!

I wonder what she would look like with auburn hair… I think the dark hair is too dark and plain for her. This ended up being a really long comment lol

mommaof2girls on

that looks WAY better!!!!!!!!

Meezy on

I love her with any color hair, shes the bomb but i think the brown is best

cr on

Looks great either way, but a new style (haircut) would do wonders! Tad too long!

erin on

Go Kim! So glad that you are back! You always look great though.

Jenna on

The black looks MUCH better. The blonde made her look too much like Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls or JLo. Then again, anything would look fabulous on Kim. She’s the hottest girl out there now!

sasha on

black is where it’s at! you are gorgeous with black…nomore blonde!

Zulie on

Kim is gorgeous so she looks good w/ any hair color BUT black is her color! She rocks it and shows it’s better to be a brunette!

Marcela on

TINA!! What is wrong with PR/Mexicana anyways?? They are very beautiful women!

Leslie Paquin on

Who really cares??? There are more urgent matters facing the country than the color of KK’s hair. Get a life!

lucy on

either way, she’s stunning
but raven compliments her like blonde cannot

Marsha on

really ladies who asked “why is this news?” Is it not you who is on, and aren’t you reading these posts? Maybe you should ask yourselves what you consider newsworthy.

kiki on

I like her hair much better dark. But she’s gorgeous either way. To everyone asking why this is news: it’s because Kim is a celebrity!

cristina on

blonde was so much nicer, it made her look different in a good way .
kim go back blonde

Nella on

Dear poster Tina:
Being blond and with that skin color doesn’t mean that she looks like a Mexican; he is gorgeous anyway, and so are mexicans!
In regards to the comment about looking like a Mexican.. what is the problem with their look? Are you jealous or feel envy? You should think before writting anything!!!

KM on

Why is this news??

Jessica on

About time!I hated her blond hair!!

Mason on


alma on


gigi on

Who cares? She is a no talent and is only known for X-rated video’s with Ray-J and dating Reggie Bush.

Jenny on

LOVE IT! it is her natural color and she should stick with it! she is so beautiful just the way she is!


I think she is BEAUTIFUL no mater what color her hiar is, but Ilike her better w/ dark hair….She is a perfect 10 and not afraid to have some curves……Go Kim

alma on


Dylan on

Why does ANYONE care what color Kim’s hair is? Why does ANYONE care about ANYTHING the Kardashian’s do? The last People article about the pregnant one made it seem like she was the first person to ever carry a child.

They are famous for even less than Paris, and she doesn’t deserve any attention either…

daysee on

I like it.

allison on

Way to go Kim. Black is where its at. You look muuuuuuch better with your original black hair

Meghan on

To Tina,

I’m offened with the to PR/Mexicana comment. I’m PR nad very proud of it I think everyone is beautiful no matter what race. You are very ignorant for making such a comment!!

Allie on


KF on

Brunette! Generally, people tend to look better au-naturale. Totally was not diggin the blonde Kim.

Lisa on

This section is calles Style News. If you want World News go to Fox or something. You must be confused, bless your heart! I think fashion news is fun! After a hard day at work voting on someones new haircolor or whatever is just fun, stop being so serious!! Anyway, Kim is gorgeous! Love the darker on her!

Caroline on

Because you are on If you want to read something else try

CB on

Hey everyone…I have natural grays in my hair!! DO YOU CARE? I didn’t think so, and why should anyone care what color Kim’s hair is??? What’s she famous for?? Oh yea…a sex tape!!! Who cares!!??

msfabulous805 on

soooooooooo much better, blonde didnt work for her

Julianne on

Once again, who cares?! What has she done?

Ella on

Oh, so much nicer. Blonde made her disappear.

hope on

she’s always gorgeous but she looks much better as a brunette!!! can’t wait for keeping up with the kardashians!!!

Sarah on

I love it! Kim looks absolutely beautiful and stunning, just the way nature intended! Never change those gorgeous raven colored locks, Kim!

Amanda on

I didn’t like the blonde look for her. Her black hair was gorgeous and she should keep it that way.

Natasha on

Kim looks WAY hotter with dark hair. Love ya Kimmie

Georgi on

I agree with Gina, Why is this news?

casey on

better with black hair . but the blonde looked good on her too , and was perfect for summer

Katherine on

This is news because it’s! If you want real news, go to Kim definitely looks better with dark hair!

Kelly on

I agree with Gina – why is this news?

Carmen on

She looks better with black hair. Plus everybody in hollywood wants to be a blond. Its better to be diffrent. She is sooo beautiful dont change.

Burgundy Haze on

I’ve never seen her as a blonde. But still, I would have to say I like her current look better, just because usually I like black hair better than blonde. But in this picture her hair doesn’t look black to me. More of a dark brown.

Martine on

Black, definitely black.
If you want news go to CNN or Fox dahling.

Kristen on

I think that it’s beautiful. i mean,she’s gorgeous either way. And her hairstyle is so pretty

Leslie on

i think she looks like another person when she went blonde, she looks so beautiful with both hair colors!

Lisa on

She is going to change her hair color every week if she knows that that’s all that she has to do for publicity. Between Kim’s hair color and Kourtney and her creepy boyfriend’s baby, it’s all Kardashians 24/7 on the “entertainment” websites.

Juls on

She looks Amazing

annie on

Well, that’s much better! She’s beautiful any way, but now she’s unique – and stunning!

moondancer on

Good. Now it looks like her. Before, she could have been mistaken for several different celebs – and I hate to say it, the girl that her boyfriend supposedly cheated on her with (look at Kim w/ blonde hair next to the girl). She’s beautiful- why mess with perfection?

Al on

Looks like her hair is brown to me….definitely not black.

Tiffani on

It lookss better dark,prettyy Kim:)

mary on

I love those people who post ‘why is this news…who cares?’…yet, they’re reading about it, writing about and obviously have an opinion about it. You dingbats, just fess up that you are into pop culture and get over it. P.S. I like Kim’s darker hair, think it’s much better on her.

Melaney Jordan on

Who the heck cares? Is this still “People” magazine or has it become the playground of the Kardashian’s? If we come to this site we’re treated now to a daily update on Kourtney’s pregnancy (“mood swings” Really? Newsworthy? “Planning her shower” Hasn’t even happened yet and you’re reporting it?)

Now it’s a big news flash that Kim is back to black. Please stop being lazy and get out there and report something newsworthy (or at least fun to read!)

Joanne on

prefer the darker look on her…..that girl is stunning either way!

A on

MUCH Better Kim! you’re gorgeous with any color but dark hair suits you perfect….

mc on

She looks great, no matter what, but the black complements her features so much better. The blonde washed her out a bit. Love it black! Only like it blonde.

Lisa on

I agree with others – Why is this news????? She just wants to act out because she is jealous of all of the attention that her sister Kourtney is getting because she is the first one to be pregnant.

Amy on

MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmin on

She would look beautiful with a bald head..but I do love her with Black hair instead!!

Shels on

Who cares! Who cares about the whole Kardashian clan!!!

Kim on

I think she looks good no matter what but I really liked the blonder side. Either way, she looks great blonde or brunette :)

Kathy on

It’s news cuz you’re on idiots. LOL. She is stunningly gorgeous with ANY hair color!! She also needs to get back with Reggie and make some stunningly gorgeous babies.

Jo on

Who cares??? I got downsized from my job and can’t even afford to go to a salon to get my hair cut, let alone colored!!! So why should any Kardashian make news? Have they ever done charity work or donate time or money to help sick children, elderly, homeless, poor people….they are as self-centered as the Hilton women!

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RLG on

I think Kim looks so much better with dark hair. She’ll have much more fun as a brunette!

Maggs on

she looks way better, but a comment for Tina… not all Mexicanas die their hair… please inform yourself

lola on

Why is this news worthy? She looks good either way she is a very beautiful woman. Big Deal. This isnt news.

veronica on

Thank goodness. Her natural is so much more amazing!

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CoCoDeluxe on

The blonde, IMO, was too harsh for her olive skin. Because she shaved her nose down again, it gave her a cat-like appearance, especially with that hair color.

Joi on

Looks much better with black hair.

BTW, for all the haters who just bounced off a produce truck, is not a news website. The headline for this story was not code for “Commentary on Healthcare Reform.”

Leroy simpkins on

look great!

Barb on

Who Cares??!!!

JawesDulie on

“Why is this news?”

We’re on None of it is news! You don’t come here for news, you come for gossip. Period.

kmt on

way better black!!!!!!!!!!

Sam on


Gabby on

Glad she’s back to black!!!

Lisa on

If she doesn’t quit dying it sooo extremely – she’s gonna need to borrow Tyra’s old weave..chill out Kim!!

vanessa reyes on

Kim-k looks beautiful no matter what..=)..she can pull off both colors..but for the winter she should stay black.

destini on

I think the blond made her look older. The dark hair, I feel, suits her much better. It’s sexier, classier, and makes her features stand out. But kudos to her for trying something new and totally unexpected.

lita on

Though she’s cute as a blonde, the black hair gives much more contrast with her skin tone and therefore highlights her face. Plus, the black hair shows off her gorgeous features!!!!
I really wish she would learn how to act/sing so that there could be some substance behind her perfect face:)

Brandi on

I love her as a blonde

Lisa on

I think she looks great either way, I just think the drk hair brings out her features !!!! She’s just HOT !!!! U go GIRL

Lori on

I personally liked it better with the soft brown and highlights – it still looks good black, but it gave her a totally different look, and I thought she was even more beautiful with the brown, highlighted hair.

dg on

She looks way better with darker hair. That’s pretty damaging to go back and forth betweeen colors like that though!

Shelby on

She looks so much better blonde! Dark hair makes her look paler and more washed out. The blonde tones gave her a gorgeous sunkissed glow!

Kassi on

I like her hair both ways!

Darlene on

I thought she looked pretty as a blonde, but her eyes and lips stand out more with her black hair. She’s a beautiful girl no matter what color her hair is.

Daria on

I like it better dark. Blondes are a dime a dozen.

Gina on

This is not news. I come to people to find out about real news…I love gossip just as much as the next, but Kim’s hair color is NOT news…I guess if she got a pimple that would be “news” as well!?!?

Melissa on

Black is so much better on her–she’s very pretty.

Jennmgd on

I’m glad Kim is going back to the Darker hair. I didn’t mind the blond but having dark hair myself, i say brunettes have more fun.

Renee on

I am glad that she went back.She looks much better brunette.

chelsea on

I’m so glad she went back to dark hair she looks so much better!

Angelica on

She looks better with black hair because it’s her trade mark

Jay on

Do you people not understand that not only is this but it’s under StyleWatch? If you don’t like Kim Kardashian just say so; it makes you look like an imbecile when you post ‘Why is this news” on a gossip website under the style section.

Lisa Forsberg on

Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous either way. I’m Armenian also and even though I’ve lightened my black hair to blond for years, there’s just something about Kim that looks stunning with black hair!

Joie on

Actually Jay, it may be under style news now, but it was on the front page like it was news.

Nikki on

And it’s not black… it’s brown! And yes, why is it news?

Marnie on

She is so beautiful! I did think the darker hair suited her much better than blond locks :D

April on

I love her with dark hair!!! She looks more exotic!

Maggie on

@ Tina September 8th, 2009 who said “SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Much slimmer, younger and classier looking. The blonde was too PR/Mexicana.”

What’s wrong with looking latina ?

Heather on

Does anyone in the world care at all?

Simwatalana on

Kim is so bewitchingly beautiful, at first, I thought her change to blond would take away from her exotic, dark comeliness. However, she still looked enchanting, but just a bit boring.
There are so many blondes in this world, real or not, it has been very tiresome for very long.
I love her ebony tressess now! She’s back to being her true winsome self. I wish her family the best on their blessed new arrival! When that new baby enters this world, her sister will surely know the meaning of the true, unconditional, happiness called LOVE. Yay to the Kardashians’!!!

KIM on

She looks much better with black hair!! She is gorgous, and got to love her fuller figure!! Keep rockin it Kim

ena on

Thank God..she went back..she should never have her hair color changed, like this she looks like a goddess.

Katharine on

I think it looks beautiful! She can wear any look. The dark looks the best!!

toni on

Who cares and why is this news?

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Mag on

Much slimmer, younger and classier looking. The blonde was too PR/Mexicana. by Tina

What is that suppose to mean? PR/Mexicana, Latinas in general happen to be some of the sexiest women on this planet………and for the record most of us are Brunettes and classy. May want to choose your words wisely for future reference. Some of us may take it the wrong way. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian can easily pass for Hispanics and are gorgeous. Kim can rock both hair colors very well, but I do like her with her natural color.



Pimpy on

Last time I checked that colour was called dark brown, not black… Anyway she looks way better with her natural colour, blonde made her look like J Lo, and not in a good way…

toni on

BLONDe iS BEtter

Lena on

I have black hair so I am glad that she went back to black. It gets old seeing the same old blonde hair.

mischa on

who cares… let her do her. better black then blonde it made her look old.

Ashley on

whats wrong with looking Pr/Mexicana.?????????
your just jealous

Ashley on

whats wrong with looking Pr/Mexicana
sounds like a hater to me.!!!!

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Didn’t she just have blonde hair?But,yeah black def suits her.

MzLLoydB08 on

For you people asking why this is news, obviously you’re on the wrong site. If you don’t like it then why would u even bother to look at it or better yet comment on it. But N*E ways Kim looks stunning darker, she did look nice blond, it made her features more natural, but overall she is gorgeous anyways :)

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[…] Kim Kardashian Goes Back to Black! Love It or Hate It? – Style … […]

C7 on

This is better the other way was just blah…!

Andrea on

She looks better with darker hair..she looked like one of the Lowrider magazine chicks with her blondish hair..

dan on

all about those tits

Jessica on

I like this hair color
but it still doesent look like her natural color that I LOVED!

missy on

what dress is she wearing

gio on

i love her hair1

Lo Lo on

love my girl kim ! she is looking beautiful as alwayss:) love the black hair it just brings out more of her natural beauty. loveyou girl. keep doing what you do best–be fierce.

khloe on

is her ass still fat?

Amy on

I don’t really care.She is a pretty girl.She can do whatever she wants.I am not a fan.

Donald Coscarelli on

She is definitely a brunette! Her black hair is beautiful, that is a head of hair I would pay just to run my fingers through. Might sound a bit like hormones, but I really do think everything about this remarkable woman is beautiful w/class.

kendall on

thanks, that was a informative post to go through, I look forward to reading more of your stuff

loll on

raven hair is black, but does it have a tip of red in it?

Grow fabulous hair on

A fast brown

How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow It The Natural Way on

The quick black

Liliana on

I know what you mean about the nickname. Isn’t that what they used to call Katherine Hepburn? Now there’s a clsasy lady! No, wait: that’s what Cary Grant’s character calls her in The Philadelphia Story. Remember?

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