Bye-Bye Mullet, Hello Long Locks! Is Kristen Stewart Better as Bella Swan or Joan Jett?

09/01/2009 at 01:46 PM ET

Bauer-Griffin; Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

While filming the Joan Jett biopic, The Runaways, this summer Kristen Stewart really got into character. From the rocker T-shirts to the jet black shaggy haircut, Kristen was the spitting image of a young Jett — in fact, when the starlet and the rocker were spotted hanging out in L.A. we could hardly tell them apart! Now, Kristen is back on set in Vancouver to shoot Eclipse, the third installment of Twilight, reviving her role as high school coed Bella Swan. Gone is Joan Jett’s mullet and back is Bella Swan’s long luxurious mane of thick brown locks. We’re just impressed with how versatile Stewart is! But what do you think? Tell us: Do you like Kristen Stewart better as Bella Swan or Joan Jett?

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Melissa on

Definitely looks better as Bella Swan! I’m sorry but I think longer hair complements Stewart more.

LBW on

She looks cleaner as Bella, but Joan Jett never looked like that. She is cute and petite and you never saw sweat marks. She almost went for opera over rock because her voice is that good. Joan Jett has more class than this girl gives her. on

Bella Swan and Joan Jett are so cute ^^

I love Kristen

Jeanell on

Huge fan of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. Didn’t grow up in the Joan Jett era so maybe it’s a little biased. I think she is the perfect Bella Swan. No one could play such a quirky, clumsy Bella and still be endearing like Stewart.

Hayley on

Kristen Stewart look way better with long hair, and she looked horrid with the mullet it just wasn’t for her. I was almost scared looking at her with the mullet. She looks way better with long hair.

Hayley on

Kristen Stewart look way better with long hair, and she looked horrid with the mullet it just wasn’t for her. I was almost scared looking at her with the mullet.

Lillian on


Lauren on

I love love love her as Bella Swan!!! I mean she looked great as Joan Jett, but it just the look just didn’t say Kristen to me! I think she looks amazing as Bella but I’m glad she’s such a versitale actress that she can do any look :-)

Jorie Lemming on


Jorie Lemming on

Is the brown hair now a wig?????????

eileen on

she looks way better in bellas hair style.I mean she looked cool and styleish with joan haircut but only for a little while. she looks way better in the bella hri cut :]

JB on

Definitely Joan Jett!!! Joan Jett is BadA@@, and LBW if you say that Joan Jett never had sweat marks and never looked anything but cute and petite and was not a total rocker you were not paying attention…. Joan Jett is a hardcore rocker and she was always drenched in sweat, just google her image. I think Kristen pulled the look off well!

CC on

She looks better with the lighter hair, her complexion is too pale to pull off the dark look. And whoever does her makeup needs to lay off the black mascara and eyeliner. It makes her look washed out and makes her look older. Keep the more natural look, or if she needs eyeliner, do a light brown, light gray, blue-gray, gold, or maybe a green. But stay away from the dark stuff!

Ella on

oh my god i can’t believe it! o.O
although kristen looks way better

Dawn on

LBW, I think you are getting Joan Jett mixed up with Pat Benatar. She studied at the Julliard in NYC for Opera but dropped out because of the rigorous training. Not Joan Jett. Joan Jett was a little rough like she is being portrayed..

Valerie on

LBW, I think you mean pat benatar. She almost went opera. Anyways, my vote is for the bella look.

Kaitie on

Bella Swan all the way!!!

lydia on

I think that her long hair looks best for her. I don’t like the other look on her.

Girly on

Hey i dont think that the brown hair is a wig. She has a gorguse face so i think as bella it compliments more her bod and her face! wat do u think peeps?

Roberta on

Definitely, as Bella Swan. Sorry, Kristen but you look horrible as Joan Jett.

Lisa on

I say Bella, she looks more her age.

Lisa on

She looks fine either way. Prob better as Bella with her real hair instead of a wig though. But when she took on the Joan Jett roll she started looking like a grease-ball…which is too bad because she’s a pretty girl.

Caren on

to LBW, you obviously never saw Joan in concert. I saw her this past 8/21 and she did sweat. To put on the kind of show (she was awesome) it would of been unnatural not to sweat.

Amber on

Quite frankly, she is neither but herself. I prefer Kristen Stewart as Kristen Stewart.

Kate on

I think she did wonderfully as Bella, she looks a lot like Joan Jett and the movie is going to be awesome, but as far as the hair goes I’m have to side with the Bella style, I’m not a fan of the Joan Jett style on Kristen.

lori cherry on

LBW are you thinking of Pat Benatar? Anyway she looks better as Bella.

Kim on

LBW, you’re talking about Pat Benetar. She almost went into opera, not Joan Jett

Kourtney on

definitly bella!

Merideth on

The long brown hair is not as harsh as the black mullet. I vote Bella.

LBW on

You are right. I was thinking of Pat Benetar. My bad.

jeannine on

neither dont really care for her

Jessika on

Definitely looks better as Bella Swan! The business in the front party in the back look is NOT hot by any means ;)

jaye walkup on

Absolutely Bella Swan. That roll is so her, and
Robert Pattison is so in to her. Even the look of pain on his face when something is about to happen to her. That is a real feeling and you just can not fake that. Perfect match.

Betsy on

I think she looks better as Bella with her real hair, not a wig. The mullet is weird, but I have grown accustomed to it, and the jet black really sets off her eyes.

jello on

she better at bring bell swan then her self so 4 year go…..

Tasha on

I loved her hair :( So I like her more as Bella Swan :)
As I saw her as Joan Jette, I was shocked :O ( But she looked in some way pretty good ;D )
And by the way, she looks in New Moon much better than in Twilight. In the first movie she didn’t look like a 17-year-old girl more like a 15-year-old girl :D haha..
I love Kristen :)

Lisa Ashby on

I like Bella Look

annie on

Kristen Stewart is fantastic in The Cake Eaters, if you haven’t seen her performance, rent it now. She looks great in anything – she’s an actor. But why does Joan Jett warrant a movie about her life?

Rennie on

She looks much better playing Bella, but she’s a horrible actress either way.

Jennifer on

I think Kristen looks better as Bella Swan than Joan Jett. I don’t like the choppy hair cut. I like the longer hair better.

R Reese on

She looks better as Bella Swan.

jess on



lisa on

I do’nt think kirten stewart is right for the role of bella. To be bella you have to sweet and inocent ,and kirsten is much bader, but she does look better as bella.

loveghost on

Bella is way better for Kristen, more clean.

Tori on

Bella! Definitely. That mullet style haircut she has makes her look too skinny and washed out. She looks natural and gorgeous with the bella style haircut.

Samantha on

i think the hair looks better as bella but i dont think she can act tel part. i am in love with the books and know evey line frome the movie and i just dont think she can do it she seems so emotionless and in all these interviews shes sayin how shes trying to get the emotion right…. well being a plain emotionless person is not it

i'mahippieatheart on

i think kristen looks great as joan jett AND as bella – she’s perfect for both movies. i can’t believe how similar she looks to joan jett! = ]

Meghan on

I think Kristen Stewart was the wrong choice for Bella; she has missed the mark totally with that character. I hope she does a better job portraying Joan Jett.

Nat on

Bella !!!!!!

AJ on

Bella looks best. There is only ONE Joan Jett, kristen is NOT it.

sabina on

OMFG! Definitely bella look works on her ass I love her and all but that joan jet look looked HORRIBLE on her!



tiffani on

i think she looks cleaner and happier with long hair, not that hair length has anything to do with it but the short hair does make her look pissed

dipsy on

i love the Joan Jett look!

brandi on

To the person who remarked that you never saw sweat marks on Joan Jett….she probably did sweat. She also wore a lot of leather….which really doesn’t SHOW sweat.

I think Kristen Stewart looks much prettier as Bella, not a big mullet fan, but she is rockin’ it well for her role. I highly doubt she would have chosen that kind of a hairdo voluntarily. I highly doubt anyone would nowadays!

Asheley on

Bella, by far.

mm on

She looks way better with the longer hair. Of course, I personally don’t think anybody looks good with a mullet. Hair aside, she looks best without all that makeup too, and those tweezed-to-death eyebrows!

Sandra on

Bella. Long hair and natural make-up look great on Kristin.

Kristin on

I think she looks great as Bella, just as I’d imagined her in the book. The style for the Joan Jett role was more edgy, just like the real Joan Jett. But I’d have to say the Bella look gets my vote.

cal on

er, acting skills.

Anna on

Devinitly long hair she is ment to be Bella Cullen not joan :):):):)

Susan Lewis on

Visually, she’s prettier as Bella. She looks so realistic as Joan, though, I am curious enough to go see the movie

Lydia on

definitley long brown hair is better on kristen

ror on

bellllllla swan and im a huge fan of the twilight saga cant wait for new moon and eclips and breaking dawn i LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE THEMMMMMM

Carly on

I don’t really care as long as she doesn’t go Hannah Montana!

Actually, I don’t care just bring me a bucket of fried chicken.

TyraBanksFan on

I’m not a over-reactive fan of Twilight but I like it a lot, and Kristen is defintely better as Bella! I like the smirk on her face, lol. If she were to be with R Patt, he would prob like her with long hair too lol.

dmarie on

Kristen is awesome both ways. She looks hot and sexy with rough edges with JJ hair. She looks beautiful,sweet, with subtle strength with long lockes. I love her!!!!

me on

At least it’s not Miley Cyrus. God I hate that girl.

me on

BTW…love kristin stewart, she’s one of my idols! love her style, and she looks great either way :)

Aimee on

I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART! she’s looks so much better as Bella. I think the Joan Jett look makes her seem to hard and gothic. The Bella look is more her. don’t get me wrong she looks amazing as both but I think the Bella look portrays the real her better!

linda on

I am most impressed with her acting and her ability to make these two competely different characters real. She can be fragile and soft and then tough and rock it. How can you compare the two. She would look fab bald.

Savannah on

i like he better as bella swan

Kardors on

She looks better as Bella. Her natural hair dyed black and cut looks like a dog got hold of it and chewed it off. Plus she doesn’t know what to do with it. It never looks combed.

Agel Gamboa on

I do agree! She is very versatile! I love Kristen Stewart! She’s so HOT!
(The Runaways!)

Agel Gamboa on

I love her as Bella.But I love her more as Joan Jett! Go ROBSTEN!

Cindi on

She looks much better with long brown hair!

Hmm on

Gotta say…I totally dig the mullet!

jhen on

i want her being isabelle marie swan look..hehehe…
she is so bella…

jhen on

i want her look as isabella marie swan..she really a bella..kristen ia bella

natalie on

she is so much better as bella
as joan she looks messy

luis on

I think she was bella i could not stand watching her with that mulet

yashika on

kristen definately looks better as bella swan….
she looks more sensible n charming when she is in bella’s avatar

ashley on

With the wig Bella looks like a werewolf. The wig you can tell is fake. She should have worn a wig for the Joan Jett movie and kept her hair for the twilight movies.

Neet on

It was Pat Benatard not Joan Jett that almost went opera. And yes she would have had sweat on her T-shirts. She has been a rock star since she was 15. Rock Stars sweat.

jana on

i thing she is much better with short hair
i really don*t know why? but it*s truth.
and this black hair like in rockstar makes her like girl with character!!! AND BLACK HAIR IS IN STYLE NOW

Stacy on

I definitly prefer the long brown locks, she looks more her age the long hair.

Lena on

I love her as Joan Jett. She looks sweet and edgy. It’s a departure from a somewhat boring Bella.

twinutter on

joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett joan jett ….what the heck, she’s just too great to portray both!

Anna on

Ofc I like Kristen as Bella!!!!! She is more beautiful and it looks younger!!!!

Kasee on

Cutting one’s hair and piling on eyeliner doesn’t mean you suddenly possess versatility. She still acts the same way no matter what role she’s in (and it’s not different from how she acts in real life, either)

Rich D on

Kinda Disturbed by the last poster’s comments, kinda acts like they personally know her. I have been following Kristen for quite a few movies now and granted she has almost the same way of acting. I think that is what makes an actor unique and keeps bringing that audience back to them. I think she looks Beautiful in both pictures and in most of her movies but then again, that is just my opinion.

Mackenzie on

Bella Swan TOTALLY! I dont like her hair as black and messy….I like it brown!

angels on

joan jett

Fatham on

That’s easy.. bella

Domi on


Joanna on

kirsten looks so much better with her long brown hair, she looks like a man in her scruffy mullet!

laura on

she looks awesome in either. I can’t wait to see what else she does with her hair, her amazing career, and talented skills. i look up to Kristen so what she does with her hair really doesn’t matter. the way she handles the stresses of her current life, and the generosity she shows is definetly something to look up to. and i hope that will never change.

Emilee on

I think she is so much better with her long hair because im a huge Kristen fan and I grew my hair out so i could macth her

Nessie on

Its funny how when she’s bella she’s more smiley. as joan jett she’s ready to jump at you and bit the shyt out of you
but i think they should’ve gave her a better wig. look better as bellla still

Chloe on

Neither she sucks at everything, i dont know how she has a career she’s the worst actress ever the only reason 95% of people are gonna watch new moon is becuase taylor lautner goes shirtless!!!

goldflop rakeback on

Kristen is a beautiful woman and talented actor. She was amazing in Adventureland and I cant wait for the next Twilight movie!

Diana on

Neither! Most actors improve with each film and are different in each genre. If you look at her body of work, she’s the same character, same acting, every single time.

Irene on

Several people here have stated that Joan Jett almost went into Opera in her youth. Wrong. You are thinking of Pat Benatar, a contemporary of Joan Jetts.

Joe on

I thought Bella was supposed to be very pretty. Kristen is just a little better looking than an average girl her age. She does look better as Bella.

incognito on

moon faced kristen stewart. blah

Erin on

sorry but she looks like a druggie now
i really hate her hair like this
she looked infinatly better with the longer brown doo

stefanie on

no one could have looked better playing joan jett except joan herself. i think the mad rocker look is a great change for kristin. i also think she looks great as bella. she is an actress that can do both sweet and sassy and crazy punk…….shes awesome

Leah on

I hate her either way.
Horrible acting, a disgrace to the novels Stephenie Meyer wrote.

Leah on

Um, I think all you demonstrated is that she has a good hair stylist who knows how to weave. Because her acting is pretty abysmal. I mean who gets paid that much to be the same character over and over again… oh that’s right, Keanu Reeves. Another AMAZING actor with a HUGE range and multiple hairstyles.

kristy on

she sucks at both

Susan on

Kristen definitely looks better as Bella Swan!!!

Sarah on

Neither way. I’m not a Kristen Stewart fan at all.

cherrys wifey on

i think she looks good either way….she looks beautiful as bella but rocks it out with jett….either way she pulls almost everything off…but if she were to go bald weo the bwuahahahaha whoah ther too far…but who knows she could probably pull that off too…!
go team Jacob…no i mean Edward nah i mean sefo!

Bianca on

i love that mullet sooo much on her. It complements how edgy she is. Keep doing your thing kristen.

mohammed on

she looks awesome and pretty in both style ,,

E on

Better with the mullet, actually.

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[…] star transform from Bella’s girl-next-door tresses to Joan Jett’s rocker-cool mullet and back again, we have to admit that we might love seeing Kristen’s screen-siren side most of all. Tell […]

mariana pera on

I think she looks much better with short hair It complements her style long hair not.
she looks hot with short hair!:)

mariana pera on

she looks much better with short hair I like that style It suits her perfectly. She looks hotter now

Sophia on

Kristen Stewart is amazing no matter what. I like the Joanie look. she rocks it just like the real Joan did. i mean, sure her long hair is pretty but her short hair is different.

Sophia on

oh, not to mention you guys and EVERYONE is just too scared and not used to the idea of being different and unique and not neccisarily “pretty” so please try to take it in

Esther on

Okay lol everyone is just Copying eachother saying Bella. That’s why I’m happy to have my own mind. Obviously Kristen Stewart is a very very beautiful girl I mean I admire her. But Ima have to go with the Joan Jett look. I think even off set where she just had the short black layered cut hair she rocked it! She’s very versatile. I just adore her as Joan I think the black hair cut makes her more edgy and fierce! I mean especially the way
It was in her interview magazine shoot. I’m definitely going with the Joan look , she looks fantastic and for the record lbw I doubt that that was sweat , it definitely had to be water or something. 

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