The Woman Behind Glamour's Plus-Size Buzz: "I Learned to Love My Body for How It Is"

08/25/2009 at 02:23 PM ET

Courtesy Glamour

For their September issue, Glamour put a refreshing spin on beauty, showcasing an underwear-clad 20-year-old plus-size model, who has the magazine’s readers applauding. After receiving many thank-you letters through the mag, the Wilhelmina model, Lizzi Miller, talked to about what it’s like to be garnering so much positive attention. “When I was young I really struggled with my body and how it looked because I didn’t understand why my friends were so effortlessly skinny,” she tells the magazine’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive. “As I got older I realized that everyone’s body is different and not everyone is skinny naturally–me included! I learned to love my body for how it is, every curve of it. I used to be so self-conscious in a bikini because my stomach wasn’t perfectly defined. But everyone has different body shapes! And it’s not all about the physical! If you walk on the beach in your bikini with confidence and you feel sexy, people will see you that way too.” But Lizzi isn’t the only woman in the magazine who’s dealt with body issues. Cover-girl Jessica Simpson is putting her own positive spin on her “mom jeans” experience from earlier this year with a new reality show that explores beauty obsessions around the globe. Click here to hear more of Lizzi’s story; then check out Jessica’s September Glamour cover.


Courtesy Glamour

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Trish on

It is great to see these magazines going in this direction. This girl is actually pretty beautiful. I wouldn’t call her really all that plus size – she has a little tummy but the rest of her is pretty lean looking. Still, I am happy to see the message is ’embrace and love who you are’. It takes guts to show the world your imperfections so I applaud this woman.

Melissa on

Thank you!

Pam on

It’s about time that a magazine photo portrays what most healthy, happy women look like. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this model and this magazine. THANK YOU!!!

Glenda Harris on

Thanks, Lizzie. You are definitely an inspiration. And thanks to Glamour to being a trailblazer. You have made alot of people happy.

mm on

She is beautiful

alabamagirls on

finally !!! a regular size girl. we are all sick of the size zeros and twos . come on the rest of you hire a size 14 so we can see how we really look in clothes. LOVE IT.
glamour starts a trend . Positive Pictures and thinking will help these teens who arent sure how to look. anorexia could be cured by a magazine !!!

Leslie on

Finally some stretch marks! I was getting sick of seeing “real women” advertisements/photo shoots with a little extra chub, but no stretch marks, cellulite, etc.

cindy on

She is perfect in every way!

Debbie on

Bom para você! Parabéns! Está importante para você amar se..

lisa on

I too agree that I don’t see that she is a “plus size” model. She looks fabulous! Look at those arms! Look at the rest of her body – Honestly, if that is plus size, I must be obese! Thank you to Glamour for placing a person that we can actually relate to! In fact, I may actually go out buy the magazine and if this “normal” accounting of real women continues – I will buy a subscription for myself and for friends as gifts! Let’s hope teens see this also. Wow. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! Thank you, thank you, thank you, editors!

Meg on

I think it’s sad that she’s what’s considered “plus size” because I don’t think she’s “plus” at all. Just goes to show how skewed our perception of the human body is in this day and age. She is beautiful and all that labeling her “plus” is doing is giving little girls more reasons to think they’re fat.

Just my opinion.

Diane on

FINALLY!!!! This is reality. Thank You

Mrs J.P. on

GOOD FOR HER. i hope this gives hope to other women out there, not to be ashamed of your body or who you are.

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lori cherry on

It’s about time! Maybe this will start a trend with the magazines so we really can see what the norm looks like.


FINALLY!! They show that us bigger built women are beautiful too! America has too tight of a vision… they think you have to be thin to be pretty! Not true it’s all about who you are and loving yourself!

Jaxs on

are you serious that this girl is considered a plus size model? what is wrong with people, she is far from plus size…this is why todays youth have such complexs’ about their looks…

mikie on

I would not call this woman plus size at all. She has a small belly poodge but she is not plus size

Terry on

I was stunned, amazed and quite pleasantly surprised by the photo. What a statement, what courage. I really wish that this would start a wave of more photos of “real people” with “real bodies” in magazines. I would really like to see what clothes will look like on people who have my body size,not size 0 or 2. Thank you very much for that picture. I do have hope that change is on the way. :)

Holly on

Finally!!! I am so tired of looking at perfect models. I am not fat by any means, but I have had kids and I look just like this women and I think that she is beautiful- every inch of her.
Her body represents more than just outward beauty, but rather the journey she has been on up to now- that’s what makes her so beautiful. I can’t say enough except- MORE PLEASE!!!

Kim on

This woman is NOT plus-sized. Let’s get a naked photo spread of Marissa Jaret Winokaur or Oprah–or even those BBW dancers on that show. THEN you’d see what a plus-sized woman REALLY looks like.

At least this woman doesn’t look anorexic which is definitely a step in the right direction.

MakeitWork on

I don’t mean to be rude, but to be plus-sized isn’t a good thing. Do you think heavier people can find clothes that fit them? No. They can’t. I have seen many and it takes forever. I think it’s great she accepts herself, but I know I couldn’t except being fat. I want to be fit and be able to find clothes, not to be the oppisite. JMO, No offense to anyone out there. ;)

laci on

I am so glad that she is happy with herself no matter what the fashion world says.

She isn’t exactly what I would call plus, but i am happy that Glamour is taking a step towards acceptance of all woman!

Jackie on

I do NOT consider her plus size, she looks great, maybe a tummy issue (in her eyes) but the rest of her looks below what I consider plus.

Either way as a mother of 3 very body conscious teeh daughters (sizes, 0, 2, 4) I am very impressed with her modeling for this pic, and for the magazine for running it.

Grace on

It’s about time!!!!

melanie on

plus size? i see her as NORMAL!!…..skinny girls take note…she has got a bod!

Sandra on

Hi, I am so tired of seeing stick thin women on covers of magazines when I believe the majority of women are a size 14 or above like myself. I am so happy to see this woman so confident in herself and I applaud her so much! She has made us women who are bigger than her to feel a whole lot better about ourselves! Thanks for getting the message out there that not all women are thin and beautiful, but full size and beautiful also!!

Joy on

i saw this and nobody wants to see this, if we wanted to see fat and stretch marks we could go to our mirrors. she could’ve at least laid on her back so her stomach caved in

emily on

Lizzi Miller is beautiful, and in my opinion, normal sized, not plus sized. Thank you Glamour for putting, at least one, real woman in your magazine.

MakeitWork on

Oh, I wanted to add, the only way you can find clothes is if you go to the plus-sized section. And that doesn’t mean your happy, it’s hard to see a store and have to walk in and see “14 & Up” on the size sign. It’s hard to know your not able to fit into the jeans you used to, and now your working out. If your in stretch pants. That doesn’t mean your happy with yourself! I went shopping with a friend of mine, and she isn’t size 14, she’s size 7, but with a bigger stomach. She considered 9. She doesn’t feel happy with herself. Why would anyone feel happy with thereself when they’re heavy? JMO, No offense to anyone. ;)

Renee on

She doesn’t look plus size to me…

nemesis on

Sorry, but this girl needs to work out. I agree that not all women can be thin, but even so, they can make an effort. I will show. That stomach is not something to be proud of, and it doesn’t mean that if many women have it, it should be celebrated. No offense.

elizabeth on

umm i would not call her plus size. plus size to me is a bmi over 24. her bmi looks like 22. i]unless you are VERY VERY thin-everyones stomach does that. my bmi is 20.3 i am 5’3 and wear a size 2 and my stomach does that. i would never in a million years call me plus size!! do i think a bmi over 24 is healthy-NO WAY. people need to NOT embrace unhealthy bodies and that goes for too thin and too fat. normal bmi 18.5-24…

MakeitWork on

Just wanted to say, you can be size 4 and not be stick-thin. I find that very insulting, the thing about 0-2 jeans. That is very insulting I repeat. You can’t help it if you naturally have skinnier arms. Yes, you don’t want to be size 0, but you don’t want to be size 7 either. It’s more like, you would want to be four. And, there are plenty of people I know, that are in size 2’s, and they look great, fit and toned. I don’t think they should consider this woman plus-sized, but I don’t think they should yell at naturally skinnier people at all. I eat a lot of food, yet I’m naturally skinnier. I don’t diet, I eat as much as possible in fact. I’m not anorexic, but I’m not fat either. I’m just a normal young girl who is very insulted by some of the things posters have been saying. It’s an insult, you know. On another site, there were some people yelling at photos of young girls who looked tone, and really they looked fine, but they said “Dang Amanda Bynes is fat.” Don’t say we’re skinny but then tell us to lose weight, it’s not fair. It’s important to be in good shape, it’s not healthy to be plus-sized and stay plus-sized. I don’t know ANY plus-sized woman who are happy with their weight, I remember in 5th grade I was 75 pounds kind of, and all of the heavier, 100 pound girls yelled at me. I am in good shape now but this is just unfair what I have seen.
Just My Opinion, and I don’t want to be offensive.

Jill Parsons on

Women shouldn’t be labeled “plus” or “anorexic” or anything like that. It’s damaging to women! I’m a size 4 and still have a roll in my tummy. Size means nothing! Lets celebrate body diversity!

Lisa on

How is this considered plus size? This is normal!! She looks beautiful. Reality is if you stand anyone next to a “supermodel” they will look obese. I prefer my 140 lbs to any hungry, sick-looking 95 lb runway model.

B on

I think she looks beautiful, we need more people like her.

Devon on

Go Lizzi! Now that is what I call real confidence– it’s being comfortable with who you are and not comparing yourself to others. Go girl! Confidence definitely comes from within!

Tracie on

ROCK IT!!!!!!!!! Not sure if she is aplus size, but she looks beyond great!!!!!!!! This is what we NORMAL women look like!!!! Glamour should a do a spread with 1 normal girl from each state, so that these young girls, know what they should look like!!!!!!!! Great job Glamour!!!!!!!

Kelli on

You babble on & on, you know no one cares right?

I am 5 4 & I wear a size 7. OMG I must not be happy with my body?! Give me a break.
I love my body. I don’t have to be a “size 4” to be happy with myself.

JMO, no offense

Lynda on

I think she is beautiful. Your need to make her the covergirl. I bet you’ll be getting lots of new subscriptions because of this. WAY TO GO!!!

Deanna on

Here here!! I love this approach. However, I would hardly call her plus size. I wish I was that small!!

MakeitWork on

Kelly, I understand that’s ur opinion but do you think anyone WANTS to be OBESE? Really. I think this woman looks great. I’m not saying anyone should be size 2. I’m not saying anyone should be size 14. All I meant was anyone can have a roll on their stomach. I know I wouldn’t want to be like that. If you feel good chowing down on food, so be it, all I know is I don’t. jmo, and this had nothing to do with Lizzy. (By the way, you go Lizzie! That’s great for you!)

Jenni on

This girl is absolutely stunning. So attractive–so confident, so incredibly beautiful. You have given me more self confidence. I looked at you and envied your curves, and how incredible they are. And your smile is stunning, you look like you enjoy life to the fullest. Your not empty. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You have changed my perception of only seeing flat-bellied, concave tummies that I thought were the bomb and you look 100 times more amazing than anything I have ever seen in a photograph of a girl…again thank-you.

maria on

This is funny. They are getting applauded for this stunt and, yet, on a cover is Jessica Simpson, photoshopped to the moon and back (you can hardly recognize her). Reminds me of Unilever launching the real beauty campaign with Dove and still broadcasting their sexist Axe commercials full of ridiculously thin models. You can’t have it both ways. Why are we encouraging this sort of hypocrisy? This is publicity and marketing at work, not change.

MakeitWork on

By the way, for all I know, most people eat when they’re sad or depressed.

DEE on

this is lovely and great! however… the model does not look like plus size to me! she is skinny from what i see. the only thing she has is a tiny belly…. Lets celebrate when a REAL PLUS size model is photographed from the magazine!

courtney on

it’s ironic that one of the titles on the cover says ‘3 flat belly secrets’.
you have a little farther to go, in the changing ideals department, glamour.

MakeitWork on

All I’m saying is that I would rather be size 4 then size 14… I know a woman who is 140-some pounds and she looks great!

Kelli on

You know people can be a bigger size due to bone stucture & health conditions.
If I were a “size 4” which apparently per you everyone wants to be, I would look anerexic.
It is what it is.
PS:size 14 is not plus.

MakeitWork on

Yes, but if the store is Catherine’s Plus Sizes, then I guess they consider size 14 plus size.

MakeitWork on

btw: this lady doesn’t look plus-sized at all… she looks great! She has a tiny belly but so what! She looks good, how can she say she’s a plus-sized girl?

K on

I agree! This model is NOT plus size and she is the most beautiful person this magazine could possibly show!!!! Kudos to Glamour!

MakeitWork on

kelli, i know what u meant by bone structure i had a friend who was like that. I’m saying, if you were on the runway you would want to look good and not fat am i right? How can you show off Louboutin and Gucci if your not looking good?

D.C. on

i usually don’t post comments, but…i wear a size 4, i work out a lot and still have a bit of a belly and stretch marks from having children. good for her. she is beautiful and perfect. i take great inspiration from her.

MakeitWork on

DC that is what I meant, anyone can have stretch marks at any size,even if you were size two.



A on

the fact that the woman CAN WEAR a bikini says she isnt ‘plus sized’ just because she isnt a size 0 they think theyve done something major when in reality its just another ‘see we like heavier girls’ trick

jodi on

I love this…..
she is so beautiful and inspiring

Jennifer on

I actually just canceled my Self magazine subsciption after the Kelly Clarkson photo-shopping. I didn’t think it was healthy for my mind to support the magazine. Hard to believe that this Glamour is from the same publisher.

Jessica Elmore on

Glad to see some meat on these gals!!! With that said, what ever happened to Emme & the real plus size girls. No offense but this girl barely looks big enough to shop in the plus size section.

Nicole on

I wish I had her body!! Although, I too agree she’s not all that plus size, she’s beautiful. And let’s face it standing up that belly looks even better. Regardless it’s about time a magazine starts using real women in magazines we need better images for us, our daughters and generations beyond. I would love to see real women on all magazine covers, even ones like Shape!

Melissa on

She is beautiful. This is how a normal, healthy woman should look. Not too fat, not too skinny. Makes me happy :)

H on

Beautiful!!!I don’t see plus size at all. She looks great. I wish more men would see that women are beautiful because who they are and not what we look like. Good for her. I wish I had that confidence.

GL on


Jodi on

I think Lizzie looks wonderful and I am happy that Glamour decided to showcase her beauty. However, I have to say that is seems kind of messed up that she is considered “plus size.” Are you kidding me? She is NOT plus size by any stretch of the imagination!

Pamela on

She is beautiful. But even though size 14 is the average’s woman size…a size 14 is actually large and could lead to health problems. I appreciate that people should accept their own bodies, but there is a limit. Size 14 is unhealthy and obesity leads to premature death. So embrace yourself…but realize being healthy is just as important…we should not encourage obsesity like we sometimes do.

Cindy on

It’s a nice attempt at trying to put “Plus Size” out there, but this woman is by no means a plus size individual. Plus is not a bit of a fat sack around the tummy. It’s being thick with extra meat in the tummy, the arms, the back, the thighs, the breast, and the butt. She needs some shapewear and she’s just fine.
Please go back to the drawing board!

cj on

OMG:this woman is NOT plus sized! She is a stunning, curvy woman.
That said: I sort of take offense to all of the comments about smaller women not being “real.” I have been small my entire life (even though I can out eat most of the people on this forum & enjoy food)and I am only 109 lbs right now. I still have my own curves and am quite happy with my appearance. No, I am not anorexic, I don’t eat like abird or turn down a meal of fried, fatty foods. I am just right the way I am am. Funny how folk stand up for fabulously full figured queens while trouncing on the self esteem of those representing the petite posse. (Hope I spelled that right, lol!)
We still have a long way to go, beautiful people (we all are beautiful); at any rate the model is gorgeous & that awesome SMILE sets it off!

diane on


Megan on

It is great that they are featuring women that are bigger than a size zero in a magazine. I just can’t believe that they are calling Lizzi a plus size model. She is smaller than the average woman yet they still call her plus size. She may barely have a tummy but she looks no where close to being a plus size model. This article is supposed to be uplifting for the normal woman but when you see them calling her a plus size model it makes you feel like you are obese…

ynop on

All you women on here must be seriously overweight, if you complain/comment about her not being “plus size”. Like seriously, compared to other models she IS bigger. My goodness…the point is to illustrate being comfortable in your own skin and you women keep pointing out the fact that she isn’t plus size. Get a grip. And I’m sorry, but if you’re over a size 12, your butt needs to be IN the G-Y-M instead of commenting on a website. And yes, I mean to be somewhat offensive, because too many people keep cheering that size 14+ is healthy/normal…NO it’s not! Get your big butt a trainer/YMCA membership and a diet plan.

Catherine on

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Kelli on

Did you just call us dump?

Nicely done.

Susan on

Amen for Glamour Magazine! I am very happy to see that a real woman who is not a size 0 featured. She isn’t a plus size, she’s the perfect size.

Meredith on

This beautiful photo is a welcome inch forward in the direction of reality, but it’s absolutely laughable that this average-sized woman with a mini tummy is considered “plus-size.” Just goes to show you how warped the fashion and Hollywood/celebrity standards are. Give us a break!

Rhiannan on

It was so good to see a beautiful girl proudly showing off her body that is so much more like the typical woman’s body. The amazing thing was, I looked at her and thought to myself “She looks good…oh my God, her body looks like mine! I must not look all that bad either!”

brihara on

I think it’s great that they put a bigger woman in a fashion magazine. But I don’t think overweight people should just accept and love their curves…it’s about more than just looks and beauty….it’s about your health

Boriqua on

Good for her. I get sick and tired of seeing all these skin and bones. I go to the gym I work out but and I have curves. Curves are sexy! This girl on here I give her a lot of props. She made my day. That’s real. You go girl and thank you!

sm on

This girl is gorgeous with a healthy body. The reason why she’s considered “plus size” is due to “modeling industry standards,” according to the article, but then 90% of women in this country would be considered plus size by those. Society/the modeling industry still has a long way to go in order to accept this figure as the norm, but at least progress is being made.

Nemesis, people can work out and still have a poochy gut that barely slims down due to genetics. I know from experience.

Melissa on

I agree she looks beautiful and its nice to see skin instead of just bones, but I definitely would not call her “plus-sized”. By what exact measures do we define a person to be plus-sized? If they weigh over 120 lbs? She looks to be a person of average weight and build. Just because she has some stomach flab? That’s ridiculous. Still, I applaude Glamour for having the courage for placing someone who most every woman in America can relate to!

Pamela on

ynop—–Thank you!!! I commented on that too…Size 14 is NOT healthy. It is normal…but unhealthy! And stop bashing thin people! Just because we’re naturally thin or we actually exercice does NOT mean we are not real…we are simply healthy!

Kelli on

ynop —
Lol. Do you realize this women wears a 12-14? Do you think she is overweight & needs to go to the gym? Please!

Oh & PS: who says “like seriously”

Tiana on

I am glad to see that this girl is CONFIDENT in her skin to pose this way but honestly her stomach is not attractive. This was not something I wanted to see. She is beatiful and there is nothing wrong with her size at all. Something the ladies commenting here regarding size 14 are forgeting to mention is their height. I am 5’5″, had 2 kids, a size 2 and I weigh 120 lbs which is IDEAL for my height. If I weighed 155 I would be considered overweight. Size 14 may now be considered NORMAL because sadly it has become the MAJORITY. I’m glad the magazine opted to make this girl a COVER but they should have dressed her. I wouldn’t want to see a 5’11” 95 lb supermodel naked either.

Pamela on

Yes, I believe this woman could go to the gym.

phyllis on

a real normal person not these bobble headed emaciated women…thank you glamour will now get a subscription to your magazine…keep it up!

A.S. on

FINALLY!!!!!!! I don’t buy Glamour, Elle, Cosmo or any other magazine that portrays woman in a size 0-2 as normal. I wouldn’t have even known about this ad, but for CNN. I am a mother of 2 and before my gorgeous babies, I was a size 4. Now I am a Woman and its refreshing to see a natural woman’s curves that are just beautiful!!!!

jerry on

This woman is smokin hot.A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman no matter her size.I’m glad to not see her hip bones and ribs sticking out. She is beautiful!!!

sarah on

I think it’s insulting that our culture judges someone’s “fitness” on the amount of stomach fat they have. I am physically fit and eat healthy. My entire body is thin except for my stomach which looks like an obese person’s, jiggles and hangs over when I sit down. It is something that is inherited and has never gone away, even when I was borderline anorexic in high school. I have been kept off of dance and cheer teams even though I fit all the requirements – I just can’t wear a cropped top because my stomach hangs over. I think that our society needs to stop focusing on one body part and look at the person as a whole.

Jeanine on

Please! That’s plus size? She looks fine to me, just has a bit of a tummy. After 3 kids, my body looks just like hers. I never thought of myself as plus size. I’m glad they’re showing a real women, but watch the wording, glamour.

chandi on

She is not PLUS size at 12, she is normal and we all have problem areas, even skinny girls, I have a very toned body, I’m a size 8, but the same belly as her, and without plastic surgery always will, I workout, eat healthy but I have the worst metabolism on the planet. I look at food and gain weight! So I like what she said about its not “easy” for all of us, some people think its laziness but genetics make up a huge part of how we are shaped. Im the smallest in my entire family and it takes constant work. I applaud the mag for showing a normal beautiful gal, but we also should realize that complacency in our soceity is an epidemic. However this article highlights that she does pay attention to her health and wellness and although she may not be considered “perfect” is beautiful how she is. KUDOS to the model.

GoddessLu on

I’ve always been a bigger girl but managed to stay a size 10 (5′ 8″) for many years by smoking lots of cigarettes. Once I quit, I settled into my size 14 and thankfully proportional body, though not very happily as I used to model for the nanosecond I was a size 8, until I was told to lose more weight (impossible to do as my hip bones kept me from going down any more in skirt/pants sizes). If it weren’t for my daughter I probably would have stayed a “skinny smoker” but I do it for love. Now I need to turn that love to myself too. This girls looks happy, pretty, healthy and has the little pooch that the majority of women have. Bravo Glamour. Anything that helps women see how most really are is fabulous.

ynop on

To Kelli…YES she def needs to hit the gym and tone up that sagging/unflattering pouch! Otherwise, her body looks GREAT. I didn’t say in my post that she needs to LOSE weight, but she DOES need to hit the gym and tone up. For people 14+ I said they needed to get a trainer and a diet plan because those women DO need to lose weight. Read my comment properly before you get defensive.

Tanya W on

Lizzi – Your pic is absolutely beautiful! I was so proud of your pic. I too grew up having friends that were tiny and I considered myself the “normal size” which was about a size 10 150lbs 5’8″. I have always felt good in my skin no matter my size & attribute that to my parents & upbringing helping me be confident from the beginning. My tiny 100lbs friends always astonished me thinking they were always fat, my reply was change bodies with me for 1 week and you’ll be begging for yours back! Beauty starts in your head and flows to the outside. I applaude you! Over the years I’ve gained a few pounds (growing up & babies :) and need to get into shape, but I do not believe in diets, rather healthy eating and portion/sweets control, and only like to do fun excercise too – volleyball, running, etc. I have to say when I lose the inches and weight I want to have a body like you!!! Thank you!!

Amy on

FINALLY! A woman celebrated for real beauty! I don’t buy glamour, cosmo, elle or any other magazing that portrays size 0-2 models as normal, everyday, average women. If it weren’t for CNN I wouldn’t even had known about this ad getting so much attention, but thank the heaven’s above for a real photo of a beautiful body that is not a size 2!!!!!

Shirley on

These are the kind of models fashion magazines should be showing.

Elizabeth on

Great to see this picture. Tired of the unrealistic body image that Hollywood/Fashion industry promotes. She is amazingly beautiful in every way.

Up Yours 'MakeItWork" on

To MakeItWork:

How can you say that NO plus size woman are happy with their bodies? I happen to be 6 feet tall and I am in a size 16 and am VERY happy with my body, I have NO complaints. So before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean first!

By the way, if you look around the world today, size 0-2 woman are the ones that are single and lonely. Remember: A good man likes a little meat on his woman’s bones, that is however if he is a vegetarian. (and we all know that men like their meat!)

Back off twiggy!!

brihara on

I agree with ynop.

A size 12 or bigger is not “normal.” It is considered overweight everywhere else except the US, because we have the highest percentage of fat people.

Everyone who is commenting on how there is finally a “real” woman on a magazine is guilty of the same thing they are accusing of magazines and the modeling industry (judging the size of a person)

Suz on

Ummm…I love that they are finally showing “real women” in the magazine, but not so impressed with the double standard “3 Flat Belly Secrets” article advertised on the front cover of this issue considering most of us have the same kind of buddha that this brave model is proudly baring!

Kelli on

I will never understand why people need to cut others down to make themselves feel better..

Pamela on

All the people here are soooo judgmental! You are all hypocrites! You hate everyone for bashing fat people…but then you go and bash skinny people! Being size 0 is too thin, I agree. But if someone can’t help but be thin (genetics go both ways) don’t judge us and call us unreal women. Fat hypocrites…you guys are just bitter you’re not thin.

Jeppa on

Yay! Real women making a mark on beauty. Even the glamorous girls are airbrushed, right? Why shouldn’t they be going in this direction? “Natural” is the new “GREEN” of beauty! :)

Tamra on

It’s about time!!!

Kara on

okay it still pisses me off that they call this PLUS SIZE!!!! That’s what my body looks like…I’m NOT PLUS SIZE. I’m normal and healthy!

Ellyn on

She is beautiful and what imperfections? If only the rest of the world could see what we see, that everyone isn’t soppose to be exactly the same.

Carolina on

Lizzi is a beautiful women and its nice to see a relatable women in a magazine and not some stick insect.
But I have to agree witha lot of the other posts -this women is nowhere near plus size! She has a little tummy but the rest of her looks lean to me. When I saw the caption “plus size” I started scrolling to see who they were referring. I really didn’t think it was the pic of Lizzi.
Overall, a great job Glamour!

Jerry on

Three cheers for Lizzi Miller. I am a guy and I admit I’m a sucker for for tall and thin women. However, in my life those women are non-existent. Real women are all around(me)us, but not in the media or on TV for the most part.

The reason there is a market for minority focused TV shows is because many minorities relate to folks that look and act like themselves.

Good genes are great, but Ms. Miller is the real deal.

Up Yours 'Pamela' on

To Pamela,

You were bashing “fat” people earlier in the comments so it looks like YOU are the hypocrite now! HA People like you make me chuckle! You know, when the world ends, the REAL WOMEN that have some REAL curves are going to be the ones to survive the longest. Remember that PAMELA! =o)

Kara on

A size 14 is normal for some one 5’9 and above I’d say. I’m a 14 and 5’11 and I don’t look fat. Actually my body looks much like that picture. I did just join the gym though last week to lose that pouch. :)

Pamela on

I was NOT bashing ”fat” people sweetie…i was bashing fat people. Notice no quotations…size 12 and up is fat. It will always be fat. And ps…I have curves. I’m a healthy size 4. I am healthy…im guessing you are not…youre probably fat and dont exercice…you’re the one who will die before me because of your health problems.

Lauren on

I don’t mean to be rude or to put down a story meant to be inspiring, but she hardly looks like somebody who struggles with her weight. Yes, she has a small tummy but she is still thinner than the national average and is certainy within a healthy weight range. I fail to see her as plus size at all…

Erica on

Plus-sized? Give me a break! Unless, of course, by plus-sized they mean a number larger than 0. Besides the tummy, she’s perfect!

I applaud her for being brave enough to be photographed like this. Good for Glamour, too. I wish we could see more normal women on magazine covers.

Sweet Tee on

I get that they are trying to show a “real woman”…but real women come in ALL SIZES…from thin to thicker. She is not a plus size in my eyes either but they should have def shown a more flattering pose for her…it made me cringe seeing her stretch markes and belly flopping over like that…not a good look! She’s still a beautiful girl though. Just not a flattering pose in my opinion.

Up Yours 'Pamela' on

As a matter of fact, I exercise 3-4 times a week and I feel great. So get your facts straight first before you start criticizing me “Sweetie!”

*Gag me!

Kara on

pamela…you have issues. I think you hate yourself.

ALI on

PS – – > I hate when overweight people tell themselves they have curves.. makes me chuckle

Up Yours 'Pamela' on

Thank You Kara! =o)

Pamela on

Kara—Actually…I’m quite happy with myself. All I’m trying to point out is that loving yourself is great…to a certain point. If you are size 14 and unhealthy, a life change might be in order. That’s all guys…bash me if you want. It’s reality: if you are obese, you are shortening your life. So get to the gym and get healthy. Don’t use the excuse that you are a ”normal” woman…so it’s normal for women to die younger now? Well, excuse me if I rather be part of the abnormal group then. I’ll be bringing flowers to your grave.

kathy on

tight and toned all over except her tummy.

Shae on

she’s beautiful.. and she looks happy.. in her own skin.. isnt that what beauty is anyway?

Up Yours 'Pamela' on

Pamela: You are definetly in the wrong comment chat considering you selfish take on life. You are extremely outnumbered here. I think you should leave. Anyone agree?

brihara on

I agree with Pamela..what annoys me about overweight people accepting their body is that they set an example for younger, overweight people. It’s not about looks or confidence, it’s about HEALTH. I guess if you don’t care then you deserve whatever health problems you get as a result of your weight

Lisa on

She is no where near a “Plus size” model. She is a beautiful woman who looks healthy. I am confused as to why a size 10 or 12 are considered plus size.

Pamela on

brihara—thanks! finally someone with common sense.
I’m actually leaving the chat anyways…happy sweetie? Go on and keep getting fat…don’t invite me to your funeral.

Up Yours 'Pamela' on

Take Care Sweetie!

Kara on

I have to agree that a size 14 and being 5 foot…yes very unhealty. Being almost 6 foot tall and a size 14…that is healty.

Kara on


Katie on

What is with “MakeitWork”?? You can’t even put together a coherent sentence or spell, so seriously, get off your high horse!
Being obese is not healthy, agreed, but starving one self isn’t either! This woman isn’t obese, I’d say she’s average! I’m tired of seeing stick thin women and having people out there think that’s how we should all look! I have 2 little girls that I hope will be happy with their bodies no matter what. We need more models like Lizzie to set better examples!

LBW on

I worked in the medical field over thirty years and I saw a lot of bodies. I have never felt a naked body was all that pretty. She is a beautiful woman, but her body is not. Clothes make a body pretty. The old statues are of rubenesque women and I didn’t think they were pretty either, but someone did because they carved them in stone. I’ve never understood the need to flaunt a body. Heart and mind are the most important to me.

Jb on

I think its great that they are featuring a real woman but she is not plus size at all. I feel like this industry really needs to know what a plus size model is because she is not plus size at all. She is very beautfil and I think its great that she is impowering real women. But plus size no.

Anonymous on

How can this beautiful young woman be considered an example of a plus-sized woman when she isn’t? Whose tummy doesn’t hang over the top of their panties just a bit, and where is there any sagging or cellulite? I don’t think the fact that she is not Hollywood skinny makes her plus-sized, and I bet she looks great in her clothes too. A good start, but not much comfort here for fat women.

Lauren on

im sorry but this is what is considered plus size?! thats absurd.

Helena on

The comments from people saying “I eat like a pig & stay skinny” You know that is just as unhealthy as being overweight, don’t you?

For example, I am a size 12, watch what I eat & workout. I am perfectly healthy.
My friend is a size zero & eats whatever she wants & never works out. She recently had to start watching what she ate be she had high colesteral.

Its not about pant size, it is about food intake & exercise

Billie Jean on

Helena, you are spot on with your comment about your size zero friend. Size 0 does NOT equal healthy! I had a friend who was size 0 (with size D breast implants, LOL) who ate whatever she wanted and drank like a fish. Well guess what? She developed diabetes — the really serious kind. But would she change her diet or give up alcohol? NO. So she ended up having wear an IV drip/shunt for her daily insulin. And all this could have been avoided had she changed her diet and habits.

As for Lizzi, I think she looks GREAT! Bravo to her for baring all in this photo.

MakeitWork on

cj- well said. I don’t know if you read any of my other comments, but I agree completely! I have been small all my life as well, and I don’t chow down on everything I see. But that doesn’t mean I’m anorexic. I think this is horrible how all these woman on here are encouraging plus-size.

When you get above size 12, I agree ynop! You need to be in the gym. I do understand that at a certain point, things can get out of hand. Obsesity isn’t something you should be proud of… it can lead to massceuline health problems.

Kelli- I understand what you were saying earlier, not everyone can be size 4, but I think that whether your size 4 or size 10, I don’t think it is healthy for anyone, no matter what size, to just sit on the couch and vegitate. At a certain point and time, things get out of hand… and like someone mentioned, can lead to premature death.

My point is, she isn’t plus-sized… but here is another point. I don’t think it’s right for the women on here to call this lady “plus-sized” and I think it’s horrible for people to call us that are slimmer then others, not real woman. That’s an insult to teens everywhere, and anyone else who is smaller then anyonee that’s commenting on this website. I think it’s horrible that all of these people on here to say that we teens that weigh only 100-120 pounds we are small. You do realize that there are some kids in middle school as well that are 95 pounds? Do any of you realize what your saying? Some of you people on here need to tone it down a notch. I don’t think it’s right for you people to call middle schoolers and high schoolers “stick thin”. You are the ones who wonder why teens are in depression, why don’t you take a look at what your saying? Your encouraging woman to be whatever size they want, to be plus sized, and then you call them fat in pictures. Teens are confused now days. They don’t know what to do. One minute, they’re boyfriends telling them he likes them when they’re slimmer, and then commenters here are saying woman are prettier with curves! I’m pretty and I don’t have much curves! I have been kind of tiny my whole life, and I think I’m beautiful! It’s ok to say your happy with your weight, but when you get all the way to size 14, we’re pretty sure you don’t like your body. I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone here I’m just saying what I think and Nothing else. I think that some of you people what you say on here you might want to watch it. There are some teens that might read some of this stuff and think of how you’re making them think! Just My Opinion. Good luck to all women out there! I know everyone on here thinks heavy women are pretty, but I think lean and toned people on here are pretty as well! This is my opinion and nothing else! Good luck women! :)

MakeitWork on

Kelli- ya I think this woman could use a trip to the gym. Maybe you could too, you appear to have been sitting on the couch all day while writing all of this.

MakeitWork on

Pamela and Ynop- I commented and answered both of your comments, I love the way you said what you did! You said it clear, unlike Kelli.

Kelli- It appears you need a trip to the gym, you appear to have been sitting on the couch all day writing this… you might want to tone it down. I don’t blame Diane for calling you “dump” as what you said surely needs to be “dumped” off this website. I don’t mean this in a bad way it’s just my opinion. ;)

Terry on

I don’t know who Kelli is, but makeitwork, it looks like you are the one who needs to get out more

MakeitWork on

Tiana: Bravo! It is sad that nowdays the majority size is 14 and that’s considered a good thing. I don’t understand it- but I do understand this: some people are small for their whole life, it’s just something that happens. That’s the way I am. I have always been small and I don’t want to be heavy. I don’t want to be 95 pounds like some my age are, but I don’t want to be 200 pounds either. That’s just what I think. Amen to what you have said on this post! :)

MakeitWork on

Kelli- if you were talking to me, fine, but size 12 and above isn’t what should be considered normal!

MakeitWork on

Up Yours- you appear to be a lil bit of a basta** judging by what you said! Pamela is right in everything you just said, you bashing me and her Why don’t you just go f*** yourself. JMO..

MakeitWork on

Amen Pamela! Size four is great! You got curves and you can fit into that dress! Yay Pamela!

MakeitWork on

Kara- your the one who has issues. You and up yours need to be quiet. shut the f*** up!

MakeitWork on


MakeitWork on

For your info, I won a spelling bee and sophisticated people speak like me!

MakeitWork on

fine with me but actually, i work out, jog, play soccer, and much more. I really think you need to pay attention. I actually am a fast typer so I can type it in only 2 minutes.

tammy on

it’s about time that the american women stand up and enjoy how beautiful that we really are. I’m personally tired of these stars having babies and being a size 0 two days later. that isn’t the message that we should be sending to our young girls that you can’t be normal that unless you are super skinny your not as good as the model size girls. i’m not saying that they should let yourself go, every needs to be healthy but come on these young girls are under enough pressure to fit in without having to try to be model thin like all the magizines protray. thanks!!!from us normal size ladies. the model in the picture just looks normal to me. very beautiful!!!!way to go!!!!

Pamela on

MakeitWork—Thanks so much for supporting me. I’m only trying to tell people the truth!

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amie on

MakeItWork and others who are saying only skinny people can be happy,

You are dead wrong. I am a size 18 and very happy! I enjoy my curves and I am healthy. You don’t have to be skinny to to be healthy. I am considered overweight by medical standards, but I am full of energy, eat relatively healthy and really enjoy my life. You really should think before you speak.

Just MHO

Domi on

Ew,okay we get the point:LOVE YOUR BODY!

Kari on

You Americans are really really weird….
I’ve just converted my height, weight and dress size to “american” and it seems that I’m considered fat.
I wear a size seven, weigh between 123-127 lbs and I am 5’3 and have a BMI of 21… but based on the comments, I’m Fat?????

I work out three times a week (martial arts) run twice a week (around 4 miles) eat healthy and make sure I have a balanced lifestyle.

Why should I be size 0-2? That is so thin its sick (unless you’re naturally that size)

Instead of worrying about your size, worry about your health.

Kari on

Just in case I got the conversion wrong:
I’m 163 cm tall, 56-58 kg and wear clothes between 36-38.
(I’m a perfect 37, but we don’t have a size 37 so I usually get my pants custom-made, I have a wide hip bone, and even when I was at my thinnest at 49 kg (I was going through a rough spot in my life and look really sick and unhealthy that thin) I still wore a size 36…)

Like I said before, worry about you health NOT your size ;)

Fran on

Geez, a lot of bashing going on here. As a few others have said, a dress size does NOT decide whether a person is healthy or not. A size 0 can be unhealthy and a size 14 can be perfectly healthy. Too many factors go into having a healthy lifestyle to base it on a dress size. I’m pretty amazed at those who base their arguments on that- sadly it just shows how uneducated this country is about good nutrition. As far as this woman, I think it’s fabulous that she’s proud of the body she has. Sure she could use some toning, but who couldn’t? Being happy and at a healthy weight for your height is what matters the most. It’s just such a shame that so many people can’t see that.

margaretsy on

These women look great and healthy! Trying to be natural, sugar-free, splenda-free and aspartame-free but still want a soda or pop sometimes? There is an alternative soda! Its Zevia, first all natural, 0 calorie stevia sweetened soda in the world! No ASPARTAME & no Splenda. It tastes very good and its at Whole Foods. Six delicious flavors including Cola, Twist, Root Beer, Ginger Ale and Black Cherry.
– Margaret
PS If anyone wants to try ZEVIA to review it on their website please feel free to email me at margaret at zevia dot com.

amanda on

she is very tall and i think her size compliments her height. i know plenty of other size 14 girls who are average/short height and look NOTHING like this. this young woman looks amazing and i applaud glamour for showcasing her beauty!

Sandy V on

Lizzi – You are gorgeous! Hopefully more magazines will take Glamours lead and continue to show real bodies and incourage young woman to love the way they look. The point is not to hate on any size but to respect all sizes. I am a size 3 and I have a belly and stretch marks. It’s beautiful and it’s mine and I OWN it!

RMRosario on

While on the one hand I am glad that fashion and glamour magazines are finally addressing the issue of abnormally skinny models (0-2). This young lady does not seem at all plus size to me.
At most she appears to have a tummy pooch. The rest of her body does not appear to have fat at all. Please showcase size 14 and 16 models which most women can relate to!

MakeItWork-RegardingMyEarlierComments on

Kari, your not fat at all, in fact I am around that size…. I’m not saying that anyone should be 0-2. All I’m saying is, some people can’t being the way they are.

Pamela, your welcome… I believe people should know what I think is right.

Kelli- as for what you have said I prefer not to say that much.

Up Yours- You don’t have to be rude about it.

My older sis as a teen was worried about her weight. When she was 14-15 she weighed around size 2… people told her she was fat. That she weasn’t skinny enough. I remember how she felt, and watching her go to a heavier weight, well was a little hard. She wasn’t happy with herself. Her boyfriend liked her the way she was, a little curvy, but everyone else told her she needed to lose weight. My sis, being 5’3 has been working out and involved with sports, and she is now the same size as Kari. I think it’s ok to be 123-127 pounds when your that size. In fact that seems to be perfectly healthy. Sometimes, people can’t help if they are naturally smaller or naturally big boned. I’m not saying it’s healthy to be size 0, but a lot of girls in high school weigh around there, and it’s kind of rude to say slimmer people aren’t real. That’s all I wanted to say. Sometimes, for your height, it’s healthy to be size 12, sometimes it’s not. Thank you… and Lizzie looks wonderful. :)

MakeItWork-RegardingMyEarlierComments on

Margaretsy, Whole Foods is a great store. :) on

[…] The Woman Behind Glamour's Plus-Size Buzz: “I Learned to Love My … […]

itsbaniu on

She is nice. i think this is magazine is a popular. i like this magazine because it has so many information regarding the beaty..

womanofworship on

your not the only one who is struggling with your body. . . just try to do the best you can do with your body. I haven’t gotten to the point of loving my body but when I get there somebody will know. .

angryton on

She is so beautiful, and as a guy I can guarantee that she is the type that most men really dream of.

SummonerWolf on

As expressed before, that is not a plus-size. But she is lovely, and I might actually buy magazines if I saw more like her.
There’s nothing wrong with skinny women, but they make up 15% of the population. I’d like the whole pie, thank you, not just that tiny slice.

China on

I’ve read just about all of the comments now and this is my opinion in 10 points- if it counts at all-
1. Lizze looks great!
2. Being beefy, big, blimp, bovine, brawny, broad, bulging, bulky, bull, burly, butterball, chunky, corpulent, distended, dumpy, elephantine, fat, fleshy, gargantuan, gross, heavy, heavyset, hefty, husky, inflated, jelly-belly, lard, large, meaty, obese, oversize, overweight paunchy, plump, plumpish, ponderous, porcine, portly, potbellied, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, solid, stout, swollen, thickset, weighty, whalelike SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!
3, Why does it “suck” being the above? Mainly because it’s unhealthy. Women who are any of the above shouldn’t kid themselves (and from the comments above it seems that many of them are)being fat is unhealthy. Have you ever seen a CT-Pet scan of an overweight person? They have a thick layer of fat “protecting” them.

Their ribs are deformed because of the fat pushing them outwards. All of their internal organs are layered by fat. And most importantly, you may be getting bigger, but your heart isn’t. Honestly it is disgusting- it truly looks like a thin person is trapped inside of them screaming to get out.
4. I am NOT saying that everyone should be a size 0-2. I’m not that size (I wear a size 6) but jeee being over size 12 is a problem- a HEALTH problem. And whether you like it or not it’s the truth.
5. Just a few medical conditions that come with being fat- obese:
congestive heart failure
high blood pressure
abnormal cholesterol levels
deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolis
diabetes mellitus
polycystic ovarian syndrome
menstrual disorders
and this is just the top of the iceberg. I am NOT saying that “thinner” people cannot suffer with the same conditions, because they do. But if your fat, you have a much higher chance of being UNHEALTHY.
6, Instead of rubbing each other’s egos join a weighless club.
7. Being above size 12 is unhealthy not „normal”
8. To all the people who will be offended by this post (and I know there will be many) take off your clothes, go stand in front of the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself. If your around Lizzies size, you are a beautiful women. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Just because you’re not a size 2 doesn’t mean that you’re not sexy. Because you are.
But if all you see in mirror is a women with her stomach sagging, large thighs and huge love handles. Stop kidding yourself. You are unhealthy and overweight and you are not sexy. Instead of spending a fortune on „learning to love yourself as you are” go to a gym, a doctor and do something about your weight.
But if you like carry on lying to yourself. It’s your life not mine.
Please if anyone who is reading this is overweight because of a hormonal problem, this is not aimed at you. This is for the women who stuff themselves with food and then act offended when somebody tells them that they’re fat.
9. To all the skinny women out there: good for you. If you’re not achieving your size by staving yourselves or by throwing up, hold you heads up high. (I’m not even going to start on the medical conditions of anorexia and bulimia, but they are just as bad as being overweight) You have no reason to be ashamed,
10. Being fat is not cool. It is UNHEALTHY. You live but one life and you don’t get a second chance at it.

deb on

How can someone size 12-14 be construed as plus size? This is no better than pretending that an acceptable size is zero! What kind of message to our young women is this: Plus gals, you’re still OK, even if you’re, God forbid, a size 12.

Kevin on

There is nothing wrong with Lizzi Miller’s figure, size or shape. She is very happy and looks stunning. People need to accept people for who they are, not just on looks. Well done, it’s about time.

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Lou on

Pamela, Make it Work, and ynop – shut up! You are just being annoying and need to stop commenting. No one is skinny bashing.

I agree, that a size 14 may not be healthy if you are 5’2″. At 5’11”, however, it looks healthy. I therefore would hesitate to call her “plus sized”. Size is completely relative. Lizzie looks healthy, and that is the key. At 5’2″ she would probably be a size 4 – 6.

Jason Presley on


Beth on

Aww come on!! You think just because you are “celebrating” plus size women by featuring a photo of a girl w/ a little bit of flab on her belly that you are somehow being progressive in the body image arena!!!! When you start featuring truly full figured women complete w/ back fat and a round belly…..then you will have begun to truly accept the plus size body and the fuller figured woman. Stop insulting my intelligence!!

becky swartwood on

gotta remember they are in hollywood that is plus size for hollywood…

Alette on

This is great, and I love the message, besides the fact that she doesn’t look plus-size at all. I think there needs to be a redefinition in the industry.

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