SPOILER ALERT! Designers Imagine Bella's Wedding Dress for InStyle.com

08/24/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier/InStyle.com

New Moon may not be hitting theatres until November, but our favorite vampires are already back in Vancouver filming Eclipse. To celebrate the start of the highly anticipated third film in the Twilight saga, InStyle commissioned ten of the hottest fashion designers in N.Y.C. to design a wedding dress for Bella (a garment referenced in Eclipse). We think Monique Lhuillier’s interpretation is breathtaking, but wait until you see all the sketches from Zac Posen, Max Azria, Lela Rose and more. Click over to InStyle.com to see all the looks, and click here to see all of our latest news on Twilight.


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TwilightFan on

She doesn’t get married in “Eclipse” – it’s “Breaking Dawn”.

Cissy on

Yes it is a spolier…for BREAKING DAWN! No one gets married in Eclipse, a wedding dress is referenced to Rosalie, not Bella. Brush up on your Twilight before you go against the Twi-Hard fans.

Tiffani on

Exactly. They only get engaged in Eclipse. I hope they are not going to make that big of a change to the story line.

Karen27 on

After looking at all the dresses, I think Monique Lhuillier’s is THE most amazing & beautiful. Lela Rose’s would be a close second. I want the Lhuillier dress for myself!

Trish on

Very beautiful wedding gown! I’d get married in that dress, I absolutely love it’s design! :)

Tarri on

She may not get married until Breaking Dawn, but at the end of Eclipse she gives Alice the go ahead to plan the wedding and Alice shows her the wedding dress.

RandomReetie on

I love the face on the Badgley Mishka. Looks like Cruella DeVille!! lol

Prozacmilkshake on

She doesn’t get married in “Eclipse” – it’s “Breaking Dawn”.²

mn on

actually during Eclipse is when Bella sees her wedding dress for the first time since Alice had it designed (towards the end of the book when she agrees to having a wedding planned by Alice), so yeh, the wedding dress has to be designed for Eclipse unless they do not film that part.

shjooon143 on

it’s not the dress that i imagened from S.mayer discription in the book.

Bri on

okay yes no one does get marrie in eclipse, when she agress for alice to be the wedding planner alice shows bella her dress & bella tells her she’s her made of honor at the end of the book. & after she sees the dress edward & her go to the meadow & the book ends when they need to go tell charlie about all of it.

alexis on

gosh the monique lhuillier and lela rose dresses are my favourite! so beautiful!!! i’d get married in those any day!

marjolijn on

In the and of eclipse alice asked bella if she want to see her dress already…

read people read!!!

Jamie on

My faves are the Monique Lhuiller, Erin Fetherston or the Lela Rose designs. To me they stayed the truest to the time period that Bella’s dress was supposed to represent.

OMG I am anxiously awaiting New Moon, but I am very excited for the others as well! Thanks for the article!

danni on

Yes, she gets married in Breaking Dawn . . . but at the end of Eclipse she goes and talked to Alice to tell her she can plan the wedding, but there are restrictions…then Alice shows her the dress she already had made.

B on

She gets engaged in Eclipse but Alice showes her the dress at the end of the Eclipse book so thats why they are making it for Eclipse.

Phyl on

Alice shows her her wedding dress in the closet at the end of Eclipse. That is when she realizes that Alice has planned a 1917 referenced wedding theme with a victorian flare. The wedding isn’t until the 4th book, but the dress is shown in book 3. Don;t be bashing people if you don’t remember what happened.

Jenn on

It isn’t the style I imagined either…I thought it was supposed to be Anne of Green Gables-esque? Not Cover of Wedding Bride weekly. Don’t Hollywood-ize it!

aek on

For all of you Twi-hards, you must not remember the book that well. Once Bella agress to marry Edward, and they go back to the Cullen’s to let Alice know. Bella goes upstairs with Alice to see the dress, and that is when Bella ask Alice to be her maid of honor.

Phyl on

I think the Max Azria dress is the closest to what Stephenie Meyer describes in the book. The Monique dress is amazing, but it doesn’t fit the description of the book.

Annie on

She gets to see her wedding dress in the end of Eclipse. Let’s be a little nicer, people.

Jane on

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one annoyed by this post. It would be ok with me if they did get married in the end of Eclipse if Summit does not plan to make Breaking Dawn. But as for this post… get it right. Maybe People should have someone actually read the books before they make any posts. It’s the same as last year when they kept saying Vanessa Hudgens was going to play Leah Clearwater in New Moon when she clearly isn’t in New Moon as a main character.

Lily on

At the end of Eclipse, Alice does show Bella the dress though. When she asks her to be her maid of honor.

Meitoshka on

It so gorgeous!
Defiantly a breath taker.

kiki on

calm down people! the dress is refered to in eclipse. good lord!


Calm down! It doesnt even say that they are making it for sure. It’s only sketches!!! And who cares if they do get married in the Eclipse movie? They haven’t said if they are making Breaking Dawn so they will have to tie up loose ends one way or another.
Lets all step back and take a deep breath….

Sara on

PEOPLE – DO you read? It says its referenced in Eclipse not that they get married in Eclipse.

If you remember Edward pops the question in Eclipse.

mesa mattress on

pretty design. i’m studying costuming, and i really like this design here.

cindy on

Love that amaizing designers are designing Bella’s gown.Monique’s dress is absolutely gorgeous!perfectly suited for the wedding of two hot, beautiful people. Yet I still hope to see the master-Vera Wang!!

lisa on

Yes, she doens’t get married in Eclipse but Alice already shows her the dress at the end of Eclipse. That dress above is very pretty I hope they chose a gorgeous dress for Bella.

Katie on

yes bella only gets engaged in Eclipse and not married, but Alice already has the dress! its the wedding dress for Bella, it doesnt say that the wedding is in this movie!

Mason on

Who cares? Twilight is so overrated. I don’t care one bit.

Emily on

They dont get married until “Breaking Dawn”. Read up a little before you write something about it.

Maria on

My vote is for the Lela Rose design 2nd would be Monique Lhuillier.

Now if they are talking about the dress that is referred to in Eclispe that would be Rosalie’s Dress and Rosalie’s dress would probably been like the Parabal Gurung dress.

So exciting I can’t wait!

Alli on

They Aren’t Changing The Story Line Alice Shows Bella Her Wedding Dress In The End Of Eclipse

brandi on

I think the Monique Lhullier dress most resembles the description in the Breaking Dawn (inverted calla lilly, buttons all the way down the back, high neck line) Not exactly what I envisioned but it is still a very pretty “modern” version. I would be interested in that Stephenie Meyer thought of it!

Edwardlover on

Ok i love the lhullier one, but i have to say the lela one seems more “bella.” I think they are going to combine eclipse and breaking dawn together and making it eclipse. They have said that there are going to be 5 movies so unless stephanie is writing a 5th one i think they are splitting breaking dawn.

Designers Imagine Bella’s Eclipse Wedding Dress for InStyle.com | Twilight Gossip on

[…]     Click over to InStyle.com to see all the looks.   Source […]

Dania on

The dress is beautiful. I believe it’s a close interpretation of wat is written. Silk closely fitted yet flares a little at the bottom. The veil is gorgeous. N yes they show the dress in eclipse when Bella gives the go to Alice n she says do u wanna see the dress! Oh I’m so excited!! I’m glad to hear that designers want to design the wedding dress! Thnx a bunch for posting!!

Miami Wedding Bands on

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S@mmy on

Try reading the article TwilightFan. It reads “a garment referenced in Eclipse” not a garment worn at Bella’s wedding in Eclipse.

Personally I don’t like it. I have to go and read about it again.

alli on

oh my gosh people (not the magazine the twi-hards)! get over it! one mistake and you go crazy!these designers were doing THEIR interpretation of the dress-which may not be the twilight authors one. twilight is NOT the be all end all of books so don’t make such a big deal.

Hani on

Bella’s wedding is on Breaking Dawn..
not Eclipse…
Definitely Spoiler!

Chinna on

oh wow that dress is gorge….but I wonder if Kristen Stuart would look good in it but the sketch looks great

JG on

I like the Lela Rose dress the best because I think it would look best on Kristen. Does anyone understand Brian Reyes’ sketch?

I don’t think the movie should have to make the dress look exactly like it is described in the book. If they put Bella in a more modern dress, I think that would be OK.

lori on

i love the books i love this dress but its not what i pictured bella in oh well lovely dress

Tori on

Well Bella and Edward get engaged and Alice shows Bella the wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end of Eclipse!!

Lynn on

Actually everybody… ALice shows Bella the dress in ECLIPSE,and there is a breif description about it.
page.614, Eclipse
It was my Anne of Green Gables vision all over again.
“Its perfect, of course, Exactly right. You’re a genius”
Alice grinned “I know”
“Nineteen Eighteen?” I guessed
“More or less” she said, nodding. “Some of it is my design, the train, the veil…” she touched the white satin as she spoke. “The lace is vintage. Do you like it?”
But yes, she does get married in BREAKING DAWN.

Ms Pattinson on

I like the Erin Featherstone and the Max Azria. They kept with the 1918/turn of the century with a modern twist theme that the book describes. If I could only pick one, it would be Erin’s design. I just love it. Although, if we could go with Erin’s bodice and Christian’s skirt, it would be absolute perfection. Maybe they could collaborate and give us the perfect dress!!!

Jessi on

Bella and Edward do get married in Breaking Dawn, but ALice shows Bella the dress in Eclipse! Has no one acctually read the books!
~Jessi Alex

Melissa C. on

ok i checked out all the dresses from the instyle.com and People choose the cutest one, I love it… hope this is the one bella wears in breaking dawn :)

Twilight addicted on

I thought it would look more old Fashion… I could see that as a design but I thought Bella wore Edward’s human mother’s dress so I would think of it more as wider than skinny but if it looks good on her thats all that matters haha :) I guess.

Madaline on

I wish they woulda all died at the end :3 bahaha i woulda loved to see all the twilight fans get pissed off <3

Shannon on

I think all the dresses are beautiful, but I would combine elements of two dresses. The bodice of the Lela Rose has the buttons going all the way up the back and the “skirt” of the Monique Lhuillier has the silhouette of “an inverted calla lily.” The combination of these two would depict Bella’s dress more accurately.

Taylor on

No way because the dress in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is waaaaaaayyy cute than that piece of s***! And I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE anything Twilight.

Remmi on

Well Done to Monique Lhuillier on designing by far the best and the most accurate dress for Bella.

Angel on

The Monique Lhuillier seems it might be the most accurate to Stephenie Meyer’s description that it reminded Bella of her “Anne of Green Gables” idea. Also, everyone is correct that they do not get married in Eclipse, but in the end of Eclipse when Bella agrees to allow Alice to coordinate her their wedding, Alice shows her the dress; there is a good reason for speculation as far as the dress is concerned in Eclipse.

Bella on

I agree with Karen27! The monique lhuillier and the lela rose are definitely my favorites!

Renee on

She only gets engage but in the last chapter called Needs. Bella tells Alice she can plan thier wedding and Alice shows bella her wedding dress.

Alexa on

Yeah but Alice shows Bella her wedding dress in the last chapter!

angela on

they get engaged in eclipse but in the book alice has the dress and bella saw the dress

Bridget on

Out of all of the designs – I think the Lela Rose design is the closest to what Stephenie Meyer had in her vision.

Isabella on

Hey this is the most beautiful dress i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!! I love this, i wish i had this dress!!!! Can i have it when i get married???!!!

izzy on

Is bREAKING DAWN! and it is burlifull

Martina on

they may not get married in eclipse but she sees her dress in tht book cause she finally tells alice yes and then alice asks her if she wants to see it.so maybe you guys need to brush up on your twilight.i no tht and im not a twihard.

yeny on

i love this dress its sooo cute haha i want something like that for my wedding dress. i love TWILIGHT GOOOO BREAKING DAWN!!!

Bananas on

Ummmm, those of you claiming to be “twi-hard” fans really aren’t because if you were you would remember that in the last chapter of eclipse Alice shows bella her wedding dress. It was bellas “anne of green gables moment.” If they are trying to find a dress now chances are that scene will be in the eclipse movie. The dress however, is more intricately described in Breaking Dawn. After looking at the sketches and remembering stephanie meyers design from the book, i think that Monique Lluillier’ design most closely represents bella’s dress with lela Rose coming in second. Summit entertainments wardrope designer would be smart to get the lluillier. Its PERFECTO!

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