FIRST LOOK: Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana's New Fragrance

08/21/2009 at 10:30 AM ET

Courtesy Dolce&Gabbana

To debut their luxe cosmetics brand, The Makeup, Dolce & Gabbana would settle for nothing less than one of Hollywood’s modern muses. And when it came time to launch their new scent Rose The One, they turned again to Scarlett Johansson, and are sharing with the sultry star’s print campaign. The actress couldn’t be happier with the appropriately rose-hued results, which were shot by Jean Baptiste Mondino, explaining in a statement that Mondino and designers “capture all of a woman’s graces, our quiet moments. That to me, is what makes this campaign so special, and it feel wonderful to have been a part of the collaboration.” The floral fragrance, which is the final launch in The One trilogy of scents for the Italian designers, will debut next month with prices starting at $60 for a 30 ml eau de parfum spray. Tell us: What do you think of Scarlett’s sexy campaign?

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Clair on

I think she is so dull.

Jami on

I just don’t get the attraction.

jan on

I think this is lovely…beautiful shot of her and very elegantly done….love it!

Susan on

You people are nuts! She is beautiful, and incredibly sexy.

Courtney on

Pssh – I wouldn’t mind looking like her. That girl is beautiful.

catshy on

not a very innovative campaign -or sexy for that matter -she looks ok

Miriam on

Absolutely stunning!!!

Frosty on

The people making negative remarks on her are OBVIOUSLY jealous… She is one of those absolutely stunning beauties, naturally beautiful.

Anne on

Never cared for her. Never thought she was even the least bit attractive. Josh could do wayyyy better.

BettyBoopAHolic on

I guess I’m somewhat of an “oldie”……I think this is a beautiful shot of her with an understated sexiness. Why do we have to have “everything hanging out or on the show” to be sexy? Ridiculous!!
I think she is a beautiful girl and this is gorgeous.

Kate on

I don’t really like her hair in this shot. Skin, face and outfit look so nice, though!

shan on

who’s josh? she’s married to ryan reynolds. and she’s beautiful and extremely intelligent.

emoriver on

I love the ad! The tone of it quite emulates feminity, luxury and grace. Scarlett is somehow reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, very classic..

Ed on

My son had the pleasure of being her military escort when see toured the middle east. He said not only was she beautiful, but the total package… class, beauty, brains and personality. She was very patient and kind to all the troops.

Tim on

Would you note where the company put it’s name? Right where all of us guys eyes are drawn to. Pretty smart….

carlo on

I’m not one of those sistahs that refuses to acknowledge beauty in all races. This woman is absolutely beautiful, and anyone who thinks she’s ordinary is lying to themselves.

Rebecca on

Love her, think she’s great. This picture is great overall, although the hair is a little too much for me.

Pamela on

I love it! (Except the hair is a bit strange.) I love how it’s sexy in a classy way.

Nicole on

Eh, I think she lacks appeal- as an actor and a person.

Jaime on

This is just like any other perfume ad to me. It is a pretty picture..although I am oddly distracted by the dark eyebrows. LOL Don’t know why….just am.

She’s pretty in a girl next door kind of way. I liked her in the nanny diaries. And ANNE – Josh who? She’s married to Ryan Reynolds. Did I miss something? Did they divorce already?

cw on

I think she’s pretty but I just don’t think she’s all that like people say. I think there are many girls in Hollywood who are prettier. Everyone has the right to their opinion. I hate when people try to shove their opinions down everyone’s throat and say you’re jealous if you disagree. I think both her looks and talent are overrated. Who I think is beautiful is people like Penelope Cruz and Natalie Portman. Not pasty white bleached blondes who get roles for their looks. Just my opinion. She’s nothing special.

Maybee on

From day one this woman was a star! SHe’s beautiful, funny, sexy, and interesting. She seems to avoid too much press and is a great actress too.

chandi on

First of all, Anne her husband is Ryan not Josh, and she is very beautiful, jealousy is evident in any of the negative comments, beauty is each individuals enterpretation. She looks lovely.

Carol on

Tim – where else would they put the logo? On top of her face? It’s a perfume for women and that is not where most of our eyes are drawn to.

Meg on

Perfect colors on every score – and she is beautiful. It will stand out as classy and understated. I love it. I just hope the cologne lives up to the ad.

Trish on

She is a very pretty woman. I think the shot works with the product. Understated and feminine like a rose. Love the colors in the shot. I find her expression a little awkward, but what I dislike the most – and I get that it was to make her hair look almost like petals – but I really don’t like it. No issues with the rest of the ad and anyone that says she is unattractive needs to check their glasses.

June on

She’s breathtaking – truly old Hollywood. Anyone who can’t see that is obiously uninspired by subtle beauty. She’s sexy – yet kittenish and her body right down to her finers are beautifully proportioned.

Rachel on

She is overrated. I don’t this ad is sexy at all.

Dave on

One word: WOW!

Kim on

Hey Anne, come out from under your mossy rock. Scarlett has been married to Ryan Reynolds for about a year now…

anyway, Scarlett is stunning, per usual.

Dlvme2 on

Lovely photo – she looks great in it. Just enough of everything – not over the top.

Jennifer on

I think it is a beautiful picture, but she is not particularly attractive. And no, I am no jealous in the least, I just don’t see what all the hype is around her. Plain Jane in my book, I think they could have gotten someone prettier.

Sarah on

It’s not that I think she is ugly or anything. She has just gotten extremely BORING! I don’t understand D&G’s obsession with her anymore.

j-j on

Great ad because they don’t completely focus on sex appeal, more just a subtle classy appeal!

Scott on

Wow, she is one of the sexiest women in film…beautiful shots.

clarissa on

Very nice and classy she did better than Mariah…

Helen on

I wish she’d close her mouth

Carla on

I love it, I think she is absolutely beautiful.

Lisa on

I don’t think people are crazy just because they don’t find her as beautiful as someone else. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to each his own. I love the picture though and think she is very beautiful.

AutumnBottom on

She is really beautiful but I am so tired of everyone getting their pictures taken with their lips parted in that faux sexy way.

She looks like a mouth breathing retard, like at any time she is going to lick a piece of bologna and stick it to a window.

Kate on

Josh??? Isn’t she married to Ryan Reynolds? Who’s Josh? Do you mean Josh Brolin, who is married to Diane Lane, or maybe Josh Duhamel (sp?), I think that’s his name…he’s married to Fergie.

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Squeater on

I think she is gorgeous! She seems very down to earth and that makes her even more attractive. Plus she is married to a super hottie! I don’t care what anyone says, she is a beautiful woman!

Valerie on

She looks beautiful, but I thought it was Kate Winslett

Kathy - Houston on

Get rid of the new tat on your right arm that you have hidden for this ad – it cheapens you and D&G

X on

I just think she used to be sexier a couple of years ago.

Mary on

I dont get the attraction. I think she is average looking and there are many women in Hollywood that are far more attractive.

Evelyne on

Kathy Houston and all the others who claim that Scarlett is cheap and not pretty its called jealousy. The color of the add is fad, but represents what the company wants it too. Scarlett looks cheeky, a little, `like ya, you like that huh? anyway, I think shes a natural beauty. Why is it that whenever there’s a beautiful intelligent girl women always bash her down. Calm down ladies, ur husdand is allowed to think that someone else is pretty.

Sandy on

I agree with another poster that it is not a very innovative ad but Scarlett is a natural beauty and she looks great as always. She does resemble Nicole Kidman a little here; maybe because of the very pale skin.

April on

You people just don’t recognize gorgeous when you see it. This woman is completely hot and absolutely beautiful! She’s so classic. I am so jealous of Ryan right now, and I’m a straight, married woman!

April on

And by the way, Anne, her husband is Ryan Reynolds, not Josh! That’s Fergie.

Dorothy on

i think she is attractive but i think she is being overused. she is endorsing EVERYTHING!

AJ on

Maybe Mariah Carey can get some tips from this.

Mrs Upton on

She looks a little like Kiera Knightly in this photo. Love the hair, nice colouring. Overall, very pretty.

Tammy on

Yeah, I like her as a blonde. And I know she’s young but she looks especially young in that pic. I think she’s beautiful.

goodtxgirl on

Ok if beauty if up to each individuals interpretation then it is certainly NOT jealousy that causes me to say that I have NEVER thought she was pretty – I think anyone can be airbrushed to a certain level of perfection but I just simply don’t find her pretty at all.

Jordan on

I think she looks really nice, but the photo itself is very dull. I understand the theme of it, but it really just blends in the background.

Pooh on

All this photoshopping is actually making her face look weird. This is better than the previous add but I don’t like this because it doesn’t look like her.

keren on

i think she is extremely beautiful. it’s the least favorite shot of dolce & gabbana campign, but it still nice. i love the pink shade of the photo

Melissa on

I think this is a really pretty photo of a superb actress. :)

Lena on

While Scarlett Johansson is not your typical celebrity beauty, she is not dull. These pictures of her are stunning.

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The Wrestler on

Beautiful as usual.

Tina on

Anne, she isn’t with Josh anymore. She is married to Ryan Reynolds lol

darla on

She looks lovely. The pic reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. The understated sexiness is very classy. Who says you have to use a stripper’s pole to sell perfume ?
I’m sure Ryan Reynolds, her husband, loves it !

bella on

She is lovely. She looks like an angel. Dolce & Gabbana made a wonderful choice. The rose tinted photo is perfect. I love it.

piewu on

what does the advertisement say!
something with, you’ll never forget the one?

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