Jennifer Aniston on Being The "Lonely Girl" and Loving Long Hair

08/04/2009 at 02:35 PM ET

Courtesy Elle

She’s one of America’s most gorgeous women, and next month Jennifer Aniston will be getting the beauty recognition she deserves in the coveted cover-model spot on Elle magazine’s big September issue — and has a first look. In an exclusive interview inside, Jen dishes on her love life, friendships and life in Hollywood. “I’m not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room,” she says of the media’s insistence that she’s lonely. “It’s fine. I can take it. If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.” And she’s happy to help others who find themselves in a similar position. “I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward,” she says. But if you are more interested in the star’s style than her love life, click over to now for an interview with her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan, who dishes on the secrets behind star’s much-imitated tresses. “I’ve been doing Jennifer’s hair forever. When I first met her, she had long, one-length hair with bangs, and she was like, ‘Don’t cut my hair — I want my hair long,'” he reveals. “I cut a couple inches off and layered it from her bangs down to the ends…The next thing you know, her bangs were down to her chin, and the rest of her hair was at her shoulders in these long, loose layers that sort of flipped out — and that’s what we called the Rachel.” Click here to read more about Jennifer’s hair how-tos — and her must-have products and hair styling tips at Tell us: What do you think of Jennifer’s Elle cover?

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Pamela on

Jen is beautiful, classy and very humble. Any guy would be lucky to have her. (I do have to say her smile is kinda strange…but she’s still gorgeous.) I wish I had her hair!

ami on

Not her best pic, still a beautiful woman.

bren on

I agree about the smile, it looks airbrushed or something. Beautiful!

viviana on

Here we go again with that whiny woman. whine whine whine. i’m so wonderful and yet betrayed. look at me. tell me you like me. tell me i am cute. tell me anything! whine whine whine. do you like me better than angelina? please say you do. whine whine whine. i have a pretty chin, right? even if it’s huge? i have a nice nose, right even if it’s big and boogery? I have nice lips, right, even if they are thin and dry? whine whine whine…

bren on

where is the whine??? I think the media puts her there and she has to deal with it. Truthfully she’s not the poster child for the “lonely” woman, she’s moved on, I think it’s the media that hasn’t.

Patty on

Jennifer anniston sucks!

Tb on

I say good for Jen. I don’t understand why people are pressuring her. She has been married already. You don’t have to marry everyone you date. I don’t understand that sort of mentality in Hollywood and elsewhere. People should get married once and then leave it alone. Date everyone else, this whole marry everyone you love mentality is what has the divorce rate so high in this country.

Rebekah on

yea! Media sucks (( sorta )). When they “exaggerate”…….UGH. She’s NOT lonely. She has moved on……..Angelina – eat your black heart out……UGH.

Robin on

I love Jennifer I wish everyone woman in the world had as much class as she does.

lehua on

What happened to Jen’s tan on the picture at Elle?

It doesn’t really look like her at all.

bev on

Better if she wasn’t airbrushed or photoshopped into plastic oblivion. What’s wrong with the REAL woman?

Jude Jazz on

RE: Jennifer Aniston: She is gifted with extraordinary talent, she’s smart, clever, beautiful and rich. She has amazing friends that have been in her life for years, this in itself is cause for celebration! I simply don’t understand why the tabloids continue to paint her as heartbroken. So her first marriage didn’t work out, more than half marriages in America don’t. Why do you insist on printing the same old pap related to her? Perhaps you could focus on these things in her life and teach women that leaving a loser is NOT failure but the best action to take.

Megan on

Jennifer Aniston was beautiful when she was married and is still, if not more, beautiful being single…I love her!!!

Amy on

The cover does look airbrushed… Jen is much prettier than this. It’s the media that needs to get over the whole “poor Jen” thing. She’s moved on!

Zira on

Botox rules!!!… she’s so cute, she’s so sweet…so very very kind… but here is a pickle – looks like it’s not what men want. Romancing – yes, getting serious – never… and where would she be if Brad would not marry her? In all movies she’s always the same.

Erin on


joyce kaimowitz on

This is a very bad photo of an adorable, very
pretty lady.She doesn’t look real …she looks

Catherine on

Stunning! She is gorgeous and charming as always. So cool and so classy.

Hannah on

I have to say that although I’ve always thought she was beautiful, classy and kind, the cover of Elle is a poor one of her. Her face is either poorly photoshopped or her makeup artist needs to rethink what she did. Sadly, it doesn’t do her justice at all. :(

Elda on

She’ll find a good guy, i was by myself for a year and a half until i met this really nice guy i’ve been dating for a while now. Sometimes it’s good to be a lonely girl for some time. Go Jen!!

Rena on

Love Jen more each time I see her.

joeblow on

oh please. all she does is go out with her next movie co-star for like a month, then she’s by herself again. she’s so not a singles role-model. she’s just trying to f$$$ every guy in hollywood before she’s 50.

missy on

I like Jennifer much better than psycho angelina

Zaza on

‘One of America’s Most Gorgeous women’ … give us a break! The reason People magazine features her so much is … SHE’S A NEWS WORTHY MESS! Gorgeous … let’s re-set your priorities!
I stopped reading your rag when she became your poster girl (or tried to make her your poster girl). Ms A is a needy insecure and totally out of touch with reality and I’m not following her leads except for WHAT NOT TO DO with a life.

Helen on

Jennifer is a lovely person and very classy. I truly wish her the best of luck and maybe she will find a man that will understand her and click with her. Jen your soul mate is out there. You will find him someday. You are a great actress and I look forward when you make a movie that doesn’t pertain to comedy. Perhaps a movie about a tough lady fighting for her life for those that want to hurt you or perhaps saving the world or something. :}
Enjoy your life and stay happy.

MT on

Jen contributes to a lot of charities, the diff between her and AJ is she does not need to photographed, interviewed, or pimped out when doing it. Jen is an inspiration to me, when you get knocked down, hang with your best gf’s, cry, pick yourself up and move on.

Jackie on


Why the name calling. Tell you what, when you help worn torn countries, speak to the U.N. and donate millions to those in need, then you can throw stones!!!!

Daisy on

Patty, learn how to spell! Last name is Aniston.
She is one of my favorites, very classy and always looks GREAT!!

KJ on

LOVE Jennifer Anniston! For all these people perpetuating the myth that she is always whining about her life-grow up! The media wants to keep putting her in this role so they keep asking her about that stuff…she is just responding to the constant questions and comments that she gets. She is the epitome of class and I think she’s fantastic! I’d love to see pictures of some of the people on here criticizing her appearance-let’s pick you apart & see how you stack up!

Marissa on

VIVIANA your a tool

Sandy P on

I think she is a gorgeous woman and needs to meet a guy outside of actors and comedians. She is too smart for most of these guys.

Tone on

What a beauty she is – inside & out! I enjoy her movies & anything else to do with her! She is one of the few women in Hollywood who are so NON-Hollywood! Great for her with her independence! It shows how secure she is in her confidence & unlike many other women is strong enough to do things on her own! That’s classy & beautiful!!! GO JEN!!!!

Shannon on

Sounds like some people are mighty jealous of Jennifer. She is a beautiful woman who deserves to live her life the way she wants without everyone’s criticism.

Steve on

Jen is a beautiful woman, but this picture is poor. Looks like a composite with her face attached to another body shot. In this picture, her face is not as attractive as usual.

Marcia on

Beautiful woman … But, I agree, not her best cover, though. I wonder who picked it? Stevie Wonder?

Jill on

Does anyone ever stop to think that maybe her attitude sucks.. not the one WE see, but the one that men that hook up with her see?

carol on

Odd looking cover. Her mouth is strangely unnatural. The bust of the dress looks so oversized – she is tiny in it/behind it. Was it photo-shopped on?

cj on

JA reminds me of the girl next door who refuses to accept that is exactly what she is…average looking at best, usually with nice hair, and always a sucker for the wrong men. They usually seek pretty boys because they feel this will make this stand out in a crowd. Something they didn’t do as kids…sorta feel sorry for her!

Tanya on

I love Jen. She is great and beautiful in her own way and not everyone has to be with someone. If you can not find the right person it is perfectly ok to be alone and content. I think she is.

cj on

I do hope she finds love tho. She should choose someone that is just as ordinary as she is. There is nothing wrong with ordinary looking people…besides…they age better!!!

sara on

She has imo a very good life, I would want to be like her when I am that age. She is BEAUTIFUL! And who needs love? Having fun with friends and dating is really more fun imo…

Abigail on

This picture reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character

nelco on

Just this morning a saw french issue of ELLE magazine, with Jen on the cover. She looks just
GGGGREAT! I dont like very much the picture on the
american issue of ELLE though. She liooks kind of
plastic and artificial. But who cares,she is just
Beautiful and a very loving person.
PS. Hey Viviane, just shut up!

alice on

She’s my all-time favorite actress! Love her!!

Rose on

Even with all the tanning, all the makeup, all the airbrushing… this is the best she can do? Seriously, poor girl, well at least her own Mother was honest with her. She has pencil lips, nothing sexy there. She has a honker of a nose (even after surgery) nothing cute there. Oh my the never ending chin?? How on earth can you call her one of the most beautiful women. We have people out there like Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie that on off days (no make up) they still force you to take a second look. Those women are blessed with natural God given beauty!! Wow give them a tube of mascara and they can own a run way! Poor Jennifer, no matter how hard she tries, she is still just pathetic looking. Going on about her personal life does not help her either. People are tired of hearing her poor me stories! She was not ready to be in a married relationship with Brad, or a relationship period. She thought she had better things going for her. Little did she know that a real woman can do it all, be sexy, get pregnant, be hot, get great movie roles, be a great mom, a goodwill ambassador, and KEEP A MAN! Now that she is forty and ready for the serious relationship, and maybe even a family, by her own most recent admissions. Well good for her, but she needs to date outside of Hollywood, this will be her only saving grace. I also would like to see her comfortable in HER OWN SKIN… I mean, no excessive tanning, no makeup, hair up, she has so much potential, but she really needs to learn to love herself first! Beauty comes from within, if she stops her complaining and nagging, and obsessively not wanting to be seen with out the mask, she will do much better in life. Good luck to you Jennifer.

cj on

She’s a role model for all of us plain girl next door types that got lucky. Besides, how many people can move from being a member of a preppy sitcom to one of the best mediocre actresses of all times!

lopez sal on

aniston have alway been a beautifull, atractive woman and will remain this way for years to come. i just hope one day the rite MAN sweep her off her feet. best wish jennifer

Jackie on

As attractive as she is in her own way (not a great beauty) she can not take a cover shot, try taking a candid pic of her, they tend to look much better. Even if you look at her naked GQ pic she looks frozen and stiff, and whats with that hand in the GQ Shot, looks so un-natural.

cj on

Rose…you’re mean. mean but honest!

cj on

Hollywood is to blame for all of this. They even tell us who to consider gorgeous. If you look in the corner of this web page you will see a picture of Tori Spelling hawking her “beauty secrets” right above JA…something has got to give!!!what the heck…with women looking like this even “I” can be a beautiful movie star…we won’t even comment on their acting abilities or lack thereof.

Angie on

I like the outfit. It must be hard for men to come onto her; she has alot of hollywood baggage and seems to wear it around which may intimidate men. I believe she puts Brad Pitt on a pedestal and perhaps is waiting around for him. I don’t know of any movies she’s been in I’d buy a ticket for. Perhaps she should complete her college degree and learn a new profession; lot’s of great men doing great things in the world can be found on a university campus.

Corey on

i want my pic posted on here so y’all can critic me ! Humph.

ANN on

Jen is beautiful sexy and got it all!!!
The picture on Elle isn’t the best I have seen of her and it is the smile?? The cover is great.
One classy female!!! Go Jen………..

renee on

that viviana seems really mad about something. it can’t be jen. i think jen is doing a great job of recovering from an really bad situation and she looks great.

Rebecca on

She is sooo boring and selfcentered
seriously is only about me me me me and me
luckly Bratt got bored to and went for real women
who see others dispear and want to do something
about it
.He’s not only make his live meaningful but also probably
safe his soul
great choice Bratt
Jennfer you are soooo lame

Jackie on

We could all be hollywood beautiful if we could afford personal trainers, chefs, hair stylists and make-up artists at our beck and call.

Now lets see her actually earn her money by doing a decent film for a change.

mara on

I like here…face looks rather odd in this photo

Mary on

Am I the ONLY person in this world that has never seen anything that Jennifer Anniston has been in but People? Gotta give her..she’s beautiful but this tragic thing with her has been and still is over the top and boring!! People get dumped everyday..why this comparison with Angelina Jolie? Angelina evidently had something that Brab Pitt wanted that Jennifer did not. Jennifer is about like Kate hopping and it’s not too cool or flattering. Wonder what Angelina and Brad have to say about her in all the covers of magazines, etc. Angelina/Jennifer are 2 different people. The perception of Jennifer from the people is pitiful. She needs to get a life as Brad & Angelina have done. Put her “energy” into stuff that matters and not fleeting leading men. If she spent some of her money helping causes in the much good could that do? But then there’s the $10,000 hair do, manicure, pedicure, spray tan that I guess makes her broke and stingy.

isabelle on

You sooo rigth!!!Aniston has no capabilities to love
narcistic people are only in love with themselfs
All world knew how Brad wants children,but she was worry
about losing her “figure’ Thank God,she will be lousy mother
Brad was saint to stay with her yhat long,look all her mens now!!!Pathetic women look at ANGELINA and try to learn something,

Amanda Heuke on

Jennifer Aniston has got to be one of the classiest women in Hollywood. Hats off to her for picking herself up after being beat down so many times.

Lindsey on

The smile she gives kinda makes her look sad and putting on a happy front but it is still a great picture and an awesome outfit she is wearing

manni on

wow awesome cover where can u get the outfit =]
&& thats great for her shes moving on wit lifee!

Brittz on

I think it’s hilarious that you all talk about her like you know her!

VKG on

I think her looks are over-rated. She did get robbed for not getting an Oscar nod for her role in The Good Girl, however. Great work Jennifer.
I just don’t think she’s pretty at all.

Ali on

I am an admirer of Jen. She has gone through heartbreak after heartbreak, and I can relate, which is probably why I like her so much. She’s a good girl, and from the interviews I’ve read, I gather she has a lot of insecurities that NEED to be resolved before she can step into a relationship. I have battled (and continue to do so) my insecurities b/c of the jerks I’ve dated. At long last, I’m seeing a super guy, but some of my insecurities creep up now and then. I recognize them and am working through it. I hope Jen works on herself first, and that she finds true love, as we all deserve to love hard and be loved in kind. Sorry for the blah, blah.

overrated on

Way overrated ! Boring, superficial actress with no real talent.Her movies depicts her in the same role- love torn and lonely.She messes with all the available guys in Hollywood who does not want anything to do with her after a few weeks.

P-Low on

I just realized, Jen is not that good-looking.

BarCadiz on

She has been photoshopped too much, she isn’t that pretty. Ridiculous, and she is such a bore.

Bobbie MGee on

WOW.. Jen is beautiful person… has accompished a lot in her life… she has been through a great
betrayal and come out on the other side.. those of you who think so badly of her.. let’s see what you look like and/or have accompished.

This certainly is not her best shot.. but who cares.. she is on the cover.. none of us are…

lindsey on

jennifer aniston is gorgeous, talented and one of the classiest women on this planet. I wish the media and all the haters would move on with their lives because she certainly has. yes she was married, yes she was cheated on something that is common in america but what isnt so common is having to deal with it in the spotlight and jen has done incredibly with it. and last time i checked jen has friends and a booming career, just cause she doesnt have a man doesnt mean she is lonely or that she cant get one. jen, you go girl, you’re a strong classy and inspirational woman, dont let anyone bring you down!

Huh? on

They photoshopped half her chin off?!?!

Sunshine on

She is so boring and so yesterday……pleaze, more of today’s gals….

Amanda on

I have always loved Jennifer. She seems like one of the most down to earth people ever and looks absolutely gorgeous in anything she puts on.

Heather on

Jennifer is a strong, amazing woman. I don’t understand all these judgmental people out in the world, saying she’s whining when she’s not. It’s just so mean spirited.





AmandaB on

While I think many of the negative comments posted are cruel and not constructive, one has to ask, “Why can’t this woman maintain a lasting relationship?” There’s a flaw there, somewhere. And neither we nor she knows what that is. If she finds it and deals with it, she’ll be able to find someone to be happy with in a lifelong relationship. Hopefully, that will be soon. She is forty-something, now, I believe. Good luck, Jennifer! I wish you well.

Tammy on

Jennifer Aniston is not beautiful… she’s pretty at best. But she does have a hot bod and she is rich. I doubt very much she’s lonely. Some of us don’t need a man to complete us.

Mason on

Stop judging her she looks faboo for forty she is perfectly fine the way she is luv ya jen-an

Sara on

Vivianna, you sound like a real classy lady. Though I don’t know Jennifer Aniston personally, I do think she has shown grace under temendous pressure…how would any of us handle it if our love life were under a microscope and our looks a subject constantly scrutinized? For me, action speak louder than anything, and this woman has maintained her dignity while being dragged into a drama created by the two most narcissistic people on the planet.

Helen on

The media is the one who exploits her and makes her comments sound like “whines.” She doesn’t deserve any haters who are actually influenced by the media’s overwhelming coverages of her life.

Jennifer deserves a praise. She’s such a classy and beautiful woman. She looks better than ever!

elvorie on

how horribly cruel people can be.i hope the best for jen. these people that say these things must be really insecure people themselves.and they always talk about her age ,well angelina will be forty some day soon.

Miss B on


Cindy on

I’m so tired of this woman. All she ever does is talk about her lonely life in interviews. She started this garbage years ago when she cried to VF about her divorce.
Why doesn’t she try talking about the actual movie? Or some interesting projects she’s working on and not her lame rom-coms. How about talking about situations in other countries?
It’s always her yoga, her hair, her love life and people suck it up as usual.

Laurie Cassidy on

Can you say “photoshop”? Maybe Adobe should hire her for their spokesperson!

Lisolio on

The question we were asked to comment on was whether we liked Jen’s Elle cover photo… so, sticking to the purpose of this posting… no, I don’t much like it. She should not be wearing black, as it totally drains colour from her. Or, if she is wearing black, she needs to have colour on her face. This picture does absolutely nothing for her, unfortunately, as she is a lovely looking woman.

iris on

she is very gorgeous

Sarah on

Love her, and she is sooo classy. Anyone who is ripping on her probably is just very jealous, and those saying comments about her smile, her tan, pleeease like you look even remotely as good as her. Grow up! She gets to look great while Angilina is shoulder high in dirty diapers:)

LN on

I wish i knew Jen’s secret for keeping it together as well as she does in the public eye.I can’t imagine being in her shoes and having my personal life on display.I respect Jen way more than Angelina.The girl has class,and knows how to use it respectfully

amanda on

love her! she’s beautiful, classy, down-to-earth, and lives her life her way with no apologies. she’s a cool chick.

Mallory Sharp on

Jennifer is a beautiful person inside and out and doesn’t let outside negativities affect who she is as a person. Love her! I hope I look like that when I’m 40!

Debbie on

She’s all class and cool like that. Luv Jen!

lisa on

her mouth looks funny

Denise Head on

give me a break, she is so air brushed in this picture, its like she is 20 something again. I don’t get it, why can’t they just look like themselves!!! She had her chance with Brad and blew it because her career was more important. Now she is alone and who is to blame? But hey, she has her hair and all her money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

viviana on

She is not a beautiful woman. She is not a pretty woman. She is an average looking woman at best.

L i l y on

She is pretty,smart,funny and she is alone. What´s the problem? Every woman in earth has to appear with a man and children? I simply don’t understand all this media pression about Jennifer. Surely, AJ could teach everybody how date a married man, get pregnant (some women did it for centuries), and even so, be loved by the mass media.

But, I don’t knew a lot of women that act the same way Jennifer did. I think she represents properly a real and modern woman.

Jen on

My first thought when I saw this cover was “Damn, she looks good! and she’s sticking it to Angelina!” I know this comment is supposed to be about the picture, but I CANNOT stand Angelina Jolie…
I think Jen is a beautiful person and the epitome of grace under fire.

Marilyn on

Jennifer does not portray herself any other way than what she is…which is classy, honest,true friend, lovable, funny, and is about the most down to earth famous person there is. The right guy will eventually come along and he will be one lucky person to have a loyal and loving woman.

Sheila on

Jen is beautiful,classy and amazing. Remember, the person who laughs last,laughs the loudest!!!

Karen on

Jennifer Aniston is the most over-rated actress in Hollywood. She is the exact same character in every part that she plays. Courtney Cox is the one who really shined on “Friends”, but the media was so blinded by Jennifer’s relationship with Brad Pitt, that she got all of the attention. She has zero depth to her talent. Let’s move on already!!

Sarah on

Ummm…”Viviana”, you are the only one whining. In that little snippet of her interview she sounds strong and proud to be whomever she wants to be, single, or coupled. If you hate her so much, why did you click on the article about her?

Claire on

If Brad Pitt have never married Jennifer Aniston we would have forgotten about her long ago. He MADE her. She is overrated and over-exposed.

amanda on

Jen is beautiful inside and outside what I luv most is that she brings out the monster in jealous women who fail 2 carry themselves like classy womwn shoud,
Viviana & other haters get lives and stop hating I bet u r all miserable hahahaha

amanda on

Enough with judging her as far as relationships are concerned,1st of all she is a nice,humble person and the paparazzi make it seem like every person she eats out with is her flavour of the month,haters be real and honest 2 yourselves cos u know that’s a smear campaign,secondly thumbs up for dumping whoever is not worthy of her”That’s what I call “BEING TRUE 2 HERSELF”
Jen shines especially when u try 2 beat her down bcos she is one of God’s favourites…..

Angel on

Phhbbbbttttt! That’s not long hair. When it gets past your waist, then it’s STARTING to get long! LOL!

sweetpea1221 on

I like her so much since I watched “friends”.
Then I saw a movie–i forgot the name.
But I knew she was in “friends”.
Afterwards, the movie “he’s just not that into u” came out. Gosh. I was so enjoy it.
I like her style.

tyd on

god she´s starting to bore me,she´s always on about the same thing, and its always when she´s doing a film o promoting something…

Susan on

I love Jennifer but this photo does nothing for her lips. Very awkward looking…..

angel13 on

Beautiful NO.

..wait…a thousand times no.

Comedy-quirkiness and appealing personality on-screen. Mehhh…yeah.

Friends LVr on

Hey Patty, suck it. TEAM ANISTON. She is beautiful and classy.

gingerscorner on

Jen rocks! Perfect body; perfect tresses. Perfect.

HP on

absolutely beautiful. She is a class act.

Cecilia on

She is an example of independent woman! She is gorgeous and most of the people who talk about her or feel bad for her, is because they might be unhappy themselves! Jenninfer Aniston really knows how to enjoy life, without depending on a man!
You rocks Jen!

Linda on

Jennifer Aniston is cool – period! The media just won’t leave her alone. Enough already.

carrie on

she is absolutely GREAT and if she seems like whiny or sad and always talking about the same stuff is because the press always ask her the same kind of things. she is fantastic, beautiful, funny, classy and amazing. how can you watch friends and not love her?

Tiana on

Rose you tell the truth as it is. Jen is OVERRATED and OK looking. She looks beautiful with the makeup, nice skin, beautiful hair, baby blue eyes, and nice smile that she has. Without all that, she is just Plain Jen. I liked her in Friends. But it’s been 4 years since her breakup with Brad, and in the last magazine interview with Vogue, she still played the Sympathy Card and the “It’s Uncool what Angelina did”. Oh please. It was UNCOOL that she still hadn’t moved on and TRIED to make Angie seemed like the BAD guy here. Aniston SUCKS!!!

deanna on

viviana seems a have drank a gallon of some hater-rade!!!!!:-0~

lizzy on

i think tiana is drinking the same stuff!! u get over her, she has know idea u r on this planet…

Carol on

This is probably the ugliest picture I’ve seen of her. I don’t hate Jen but don’t see what the big deal is either. She’s mediocre in both looks and talent. The only things is she’s rich and famous and dates famous guys. I never read that she’s lonely so I didn’t know people were saying that. Maybe Jen should stop googling herself and reading what people say about her. Then she wouldn’t come across as desperate.

RQ on

I absolutely adore Jennifer Aniston and think that she is gorgeous and can say that I’ve seen many good pictures of her but I don’t think that this picture is one of the better ones. I think that she needs more color to her face. For what it is worth I’m in her corner and I wish her all the best always.

Virtue on

The biased media deleted my in-depth explanation and comment. I don’t have time to retype it but Jennifer is a liar, fraud, and master manipulator.
She was not betrayed, victimized, wronged, or even dumped. She played along with false storyline caused by well-calculated gossip that created a misportrayal which has millions of people living in a delusional world of lies and contradictions. Trying to describe the magnitude of this corruption and perversity is too much for words. She continues her brainwashing and mind games. There is nothing authentic about her. People are even blind to the fact that she has gotten work done. Even her appearance isn’t natural. She didn’t display an ounce of class, dignity, integrity, and morals. She is a neurotic narcissist who continues to profit from a lie against an extraordinary man and reformed woman much like the corrupt media who she has under a lot of control. She uses her friends to do her bidding and serve as lackeys for her dirty tactics and campaigning. Pitt hooked up with Jolie unexpectedly despite the gossip nearly 3 months after they split up and Jolie was NOT the cause. Only the truly insightful who understood Pitt and Aniston’s real personalities understood why that marriage fell apart. If they understood, they knew Pitt would never, ever cheat and they wouldn’t be blaming him or an outsider for anything. Her golden girl image is a sick farce and she got that perfect lovable image, high status, utmost respect, blind trust, worship, and
extreme power and popularity from marrying Pitt in the first place. God knows the truth and she will pay the price for her negative influence on the world one day.

Deon on

People are crazy thinking she’s whining. Uh duh..she didn’t even mention being “betrayed…or tell me I’m better than Angelina…” She’s happy being a positive role model. Read between the lines…if you can.

Deon on

And by reading some comments that vomit words that have nothing to do with the article is funny, and confirms that there are nuts in the world. So pop a pill and chill out!

CB on

There is an honest beauty with Jennifer. She has class and poise that is hard to find in current actresses. She isn’t fake and isn’t shy to show the real her. Don’t believe everything you read in the media. We all know that it’s just gossip for all the gossip lovers out there. She is one of America’s sweethearts. She has a strong heart and must have a thick skin to deal with everyday media attention for all these years. It’s not fun to have your marriage end, but to have it all over the media and to have a progress report on how well you are doing, or not doing, is embarrassing. It doesn’t take a real woman to steal a man, and it doesn’t take a real man to leave a woman. Cheaters and liars can’t build a foundation for a sincere relationship, and honestly I think those two deserve each other. Jenifer is an incredibly classy individual and has inner beauty as well as outer beauty. I admire her strength and her willpower to live her life the way she wants to instead of how everyone dictates

Ujvara on

I agree! Any guy would be lucky to have her! She is gorgeous and an inspiration.

Leah on

I think she’s really really pretty (don’t get me wrong), but I wouldn’t call her “one of the most gorgeous women in the world” or whatever they said. Has she ever had short hair? It might look good on her.

cj on

I agree. she is cute, but you can really tell she has had alot of facial injections. whenever she smiles lately, her face looks different. in my opinion she was waaaaaay cuter when she weighed more AND had the ‘rachel’ hairdo. however, I still like her & feel her pain with the whole “brad” thing. anyone else think it’s ironic that jenn aniston’s initials are JA………..and Angie Jolie’s are the exact opposite…..AJ ??? hmmmmm

Joana on

The cover does her justice. She has always been my muse.

H*A*G on


oana. on

I don’t like her lipstic and don’t like this airbrushed photo. But I like her

S.C. on

Jen always looks great and very classy.
I think she is a creative actress and artist.

Nikki on

What happened to lipsticks?

Joanne on

I love Jen. Always have…likely always will. Kinda funny how the chatter always seems to be about her love life. If she defines “lonely”, then bring on lonely!!

JammaBeanz on

The girl is *boring*! Most gorgeous? Ummm noooo…

It doesn’t help that this is probably the *worst* picture I have ever seen of her, I can’t believe they approved this! Makes her look horsey.

Brigitte on

First of all I think Jennifer should be left alone for at least 3 FULL MONTHS. Even though bad publicity is still good publicity she needs time away from the spotlight.

She needs to have ONE interview where NO ONE ASKS ABOUT HER LOVE LIFE! The world has been privy to her every move and ruins things for her before she ever gets started. WE ARE MAKING HER THAT LONELY GIRL!

Every time she wants to enjoy the company of a nice man or women the rags go and put labels on it and mess everything up for her. Imagine the pressure on someone who just wants to have an easy going lunch or a casual date with her.
GOSH if you can get over the insecurity of her being more beautiful than everyone she has ever been with (including you) and still have your own confidence, GOD BLESS YOU because the press will rip up what’s left of your confidence if they ever find you with her.

The simple makeup with nude lips is so understated and sexy. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE it lets her natural beauty shine so the leather can go POW!

As for her smile…
You go Jen, with your subtle self.
PEOPLE WAKE UP! That is not a smile but a smirk.
To me it says… VICTORY, I am woman hear me ROAR!

People just WISH THEY WERE her with ALL her PROBLEMS.
As for the comments as to people that don’t like her… hummmm how shallow can one be to judge someone they now NOTHING ABOUT! So, you don’t like who the press tells you she is. Have you ever met her or is your opinion based on your own inadequacies or ENVY the BIG Green Monster. Grow up and get a life that you have the time to HATE an entertainer.
Hate is a wasted emotion and does nothing other than occupy our conscience when we should be focused on hating things like war for profit (our current state of affairs) or child hunger and child pornographers.
Lets give Jennifer the break she deservers.
PS. It is my opinion that Brad still loves her and knows he messed up a wonderful thing.
He is with AJ because she got pregnant.
He wanted to do the right thing and be a good Daddy…
USA Standards (US) say he needed to leave the wife no matter how much he loves her and take care of the Mistress with child.
He still looks back…

Shame shame on us.

Brain on

Let’s use our brains people…
It is the MEDIA ALWAYS asking her about her personal life! THEY bring it up not her! She has to answer the questions. Whatever she says will be damned if you do or damned if you don’t! Let’s face it. They were the prince and princess of Hollywoodland and the world loved them together. The world just won’t let it go. I think it took alot of courage to remain dignified when your husband, in front of the whole world, throws his affair out there the same day you file for divorce with a photo spread. And oh yeah..they separated in Jan 05, filed March 05 and the divorce was final in Oct 05! It hasn’t even been 4 years!!! Does anyone out there never hurt from a divorce and knows that it takes time to heal??!! From day one she carried the burdun(spelling ?) of Brad and Anj throwing themselves out there with a prenancy before they were even divorced. We all have suffered a break up but thank God didn’t have it presented before the whole world. She has never slammed Brad and he has called her a sweetheart and that they meant alot to each and always will. “That’s life man” quotes of Brad Pitt. After a breakup you have rebounds, make poor choices, get rid of slugs and keep moving!
As far as the photo on the front cover..well..I’m in the business and it all depends on the photographer. If you check out, on other sites, of the bare chest /jacket shot.. WOW!!!! HOT!!!Different photographer. And she is ADORABLE with a fun approachable personality. She’s only 6 years older than Anj who at Caans looks older than Jennifer and horrible. Let her alone! She’s just a gal….an awesome one at that but still just a gal trying to make it in what was, as far as I’m concerned the most difficult situation and the press continues it!

Jen on

She is more beautiful in person both physically and in character. Though I did not have the nerve to speak to her myself she was so nice and pleasant as well as graceful to those who did approach her. A shining example for those of us close to 40 who are working, single and just trying to do our best each day. She also does a lot of work with charity behind the scences – a true example of how to stay grounded when you are at the top of your game. A big fan, always have been always will be.

Stacy on

Viviana, excuse me? Why don’t you try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s called empathy. Please get up from the computer and go live a life that’s worth writing about : )

Z on

I think Jennifer should have shown some teeth in the photo.
Other than that, I do not believe Jennifer is being true to her Greek heritage. If you look at older photos of her, you will see that her natural hair color is darker and her hair is actually naturally curly. I wonder why she felt the need to become more caucasian in appearance. But that is her choice and her business. LOL.
It is really funny that people keep saying they wish she will find a good man. Why? People can be happy alone and not be “lonely”.

How To Style Long Hair on

Trying to figure out how to style long hair is a bit more complicated for men because of their limited choices but with a little experimentation a great style is easy to find. It is also important to remember that long hair.

Wayne on

The only people who criticize Jen are Brangeloonies, and they only do it because they need to put Jen down in order to make Angelina look better. Also, probably to make themselves feel better. As a guy, I’d choose Jen over Angelina any day of the week and twice on Sundays. She’s adorable.

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