Newly-Single Jessica Simpson Fancies Love for Her New Fragrance

07/28/2009 at 12:22 PM ET

Courtesy Parlux

Jessica Simpson’s heart might be aching from her recent split from Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the eve of her 29th birthday — but she’s still a hopeless romantic who’s about to unveil a new fall fragrance inspired by what else? Amore. In a June press release about the ultra romantic fragrance, Fancy Love, Simpson had said, “Romance has never been more important to me so I wanted to celebrate that special feeling with this new fragrance.” And that ardent attitude about love still fits with the singer’s approach to life. Says Vince Camuto, CEO and founder of the Camuto Group, which holds the license for all of her brands, “Jessica loves the feeling of being in love, She’s a romantic girl. The fragrance was inspired by love. And she’s inspired by love.” As for claims that passion for Romo was what sparked her interest in creating the new warm, floral scent, “I don’t know if it was inspired by him,” says Camuto. “She felt that this was the timeless fragrance of falling in love. She came up with that.” The newly single Simpson had a hand in every aspect of Fancy Love, from choosing what kind of scents to use to coming up with its name, “which adds a touch of Jessica’s whimsy,” Camuto says. “She’s very smart. She has a high taste level. She’s very particular and wants to make sure everything is right. That’s why the brand is working.” And how! Her first fragrance, Fancy, had one of the best perfume launches in 2008 with nearly $50 million in retail sales in its first year, says Camuto. Since her July 9 breakup with Romo, Simpson has been mending her heart by quietly spending time with her family and friends, hitting the gym and gearing up for her new docu-series, The Price of Beauty. “She really loved him,” says a source close to Simpson. “She realizes [relationships are] not easy. She’s one of those people who try to make it work. And she’s got a lot of people chasing after her…” Tell us: Will you buy Jessica’s newest fragrance?— reporting by K.C. Baker

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Michele Love on

I will absolutely buy Jessica’s new fragrance. She is my all time favorite and can’t wait for it to come out. Congratulations, Jess!!!!

Laura Chimuk on

I’ve loved Jessica and her music for ever since her first album was released and I cannot wait to buy her new perfume! Jessica is a good girl with lots of talent and I will support anything she does!
Lots of love to you, Jessica!!!

Pamela on

I’ll probably smell it, or try it on, but I already have a fragrance that I’m gonna stick to. (Nina by Nina Ricci)

Mayer the player on

No she cheated on Tony with John Mayer! And John is cheating on her with Scheana Marie Jancan…..

ashley on

dude maya the player??umm you have it all wrong.get with the media.sorry but that mess just aint true…..she is having problems right now but jess will bounce back!!we love you

JessFan on

Mayer the player July 28th, 2009

No she cheated on Tony with John Mayer! And John is cheating on her with Scheana Marie Jancan…..
and you know this how? were you there? did you see them cheat? LIAR… Rumors are bad and you’re gonna get your’s loser.

catshy on


Lauren on

Who cares! She’s a nobody, she has no career, no talent, and nobody is interested in hearing about her anymore!

janna on

No, I will not buy it. Furthermore, I will also change the channel if and when any spots advertising her products appear on tv. (The Macy’s one where she walked like a horse and played the dumb blonde (what an actress – ha) made me cringe.

I sure wish she would take a break, for my sake as well as hers. Oh, well, she’ll have plenty of time when her next series bombs.

toni on

will definitely buy it! love her..

Jessica on

Why can’t anybody just let Jess be…Jess and leave her alone! You people attack her for selfish reasons, what has she done wrong? Made a career for herself, got out of an unhappy marriage and continues to be a star!

Tammy on

I’ll have to check out her fragrances… I’ve never smelled one.

I don’t really pay much attention to JS but I do think dumping her on the eve of her birthday was sucky!

Julia Sugarbaker on

I wouldn’t buy anything of Jessica’s as
I find her rediculous and dumb! Her shoe line
is scary and dangerous…literally! The heels
are so high..who would wear them but a hooker?!!
Plus, who would want to emulate her career?
What a bust out!

jill on

Love her Fancy so I can’t wait to get this one.

Carol on

I have grown to like her…I think she has just had a hard time getting started-career wise and relationship wise to. I have her perfume called believe and I absolutely LOVE IT. I wish her all the best and to keep smiling…her rainbow is on the other side :)

Will buy on

I will always buy Jessica’s fragances. I’ve bought all hers from the vanilla cupcakes(Too bad they don’t still make that line)til the Fancy perfume. Love Love Love it. Hope she finds happiness soon. Hold your head up high and don’t look back Jess. Before long you’ll be saying “Tony who”. God Bless!!!

Minx on

I’m so sick of celebrities coming out with fragrances! Most them smell like hairspray and are overpriced! I’ll stick to the REAL designers! (My fave is Extreme by Bulgari)

tori on


Arica on

I cant’ wait to try it out!! I just love Jessica

Heather on

Fancy is the only perfume that I wear and I get so many compliments, so I would definetly try her new one.

Jess fan 2 on

Lauren wrote:

Who cares! She’s a nobody, she has no career, no talent, and nobody is interested in hearing about her anymore!

Lauren- And who do you think you are? Saying Jess is a nobody, no career, no talent. I don’t think that she is a multi-millionaire because she is a “nobody” all you jealous woman at there need to shut-up. Do you say bad things about people to make yourself better??? If so, find something else that makes you feel better…A life maybe, that might be a good place to start.

Jessica you are a great person! Ignore the rude media and hateful people like Lauren!


Well said Janna :D i couldnt agree with u more

Leyla on

No, I would never buy anything that has anything to do with Jessica Simpson. She has no talent. She dumped her husband like a piece of garbage and now every man since has done the same to her. Jessica Simpson is an insult to all intelligent women.

Just saying on

Have any of you haters read the new Forbes magazine. Seriously Jessica just made 20 million last year & is top five for money earners in her catagory. Not bad for someone you say has no You people are hilarious actually. You have no clue what your talking about. Don’t for one minute think Jessica is with Mayer. She is not nor did she cheat. The facts are TONY did & has been for sometime.Where there is smoke there is fire so date it back to Chicago last year & follow it with Him hitting some girl up in Jessica’s own bed to all the numerous rumours of him bootie dancing & hiting on women when Jess was not around & numerous women starting to talk. then you can discuss who the cheat is.
Jess is a wonderful human being witha very huge heart. What she really needs is a real man that loves her for her & not a user of her celebrity. he has to be a strong man emotionaly also.
Jess is smart wether you want to believe that or not & very giving & when she loves she is in 100% & loves deeply.
Give her a break. All this nastiness is uncalled for.

BB on

I love and wear Fancy, so I will smell this at the dep’t store-hope it’s as good as Fancy.

I feel bad for her, BUT she’s gorgeous so there will be another guy around the corner. I was never a big Tony fan & not because I’m a patriots fan :). I always thought she could do better..he’s not even cute!

Anyway, can’t wait to try the new perfume!

pat on


Jessica on

I can’t wait until her new perfume come out because I would absolutely buy it without a doubt.

Marissa on

Always the victim. I would never purchase anything with her name on it. She needs to say less & maybe people wouldn’t be so hard on her.
Less is MORE. And all the B.S. a few article’s ago about her & Nick, “her family” & “Jessica has no respect” for Nick. Um… right…I don’t think she will ever be that lucky to be loved the way NICK loved her. Her dad is a creep and its truly Jessica’s loss. Good luck Jessica Simpson.

AJ on

She looks pretty, but….it doesn’t sale the perfume for me.


I’m definitely not buying Jessica Simpson’s new fragrance or anything of hers, for that matter… I lost interest in her projects a long time ago. Both Jessica and Ashlee haven’t been popular since 2005. Times have changed and you have to keep up with the changes. They haven’t.

All of Jessica’s songs sound the same. All of Jessica’s performances are the same (mouth wide open and straining to hit those notes). All of Jessica’s movies have been the same. All of Jessica’s interviews are the same (“I am so in love with [insert name here] and I really think he’s the one!”). It is so embarrassing to see her continue on the way she has been. I feel embarrassed for her every time she goes on about being in love. She doesn’t realize that what she says is going to come back and embarrass her in the future. I hope she learns her lesson this time and SHUTS UP about whatever relationship she’s in!

What worked to make her famous back in 2003 doesn’t work anymore. You keep being famous if you’re really, truly talented. If not, you fade into the background. Ashlee and Jessica need to realize that their fame has long expired. They both are hanging on by a thread.

I also had to laugh at the “lot of people chasing after her…” comment at the end of the article. I’m sorry, but I don’t know ANYONE who wants to date a clingy, dependent, marriage-hungry, baby-hungry, DESPERATE girl like Jessica has acted. She’s going to have to change up the game if wants to keep a man. God bless Nick Lachey for being the only person to ever put up with it!

mm on

ummm no

mj on

yes, i will buy it!!
i think she is sweet lovely.

anna on

i would love a free sample! I love euphoria by calvin klein

Patty on

If it’s as good as Fancy, I will definitely buy it!

Elda on

not a fan but hey, does she give free samples??

Traci on

I’ve always like Jessica Simpson. I’m happy for your upcoming new fragrance and I hope it sells well. She doesn’t need Tony Romo in her life. He’s a loser to have let her go. Jessica you deserve so much better. Hold your head high.

Traci on

I’ve always liked Jessica Simpson. I’m happy for her upcoming new fragrance and I hope it sells well. She doesn’t need Tony Romo in her life. He’s a loser to have let her go. Jessica you deserve so much better. Hold your head high.

To all you haters, don’t you wish you had her money. HA HA to you all.

smooch on

love jess! stay strong you are beautifull and smart gal !!!!! haters get a life

kelli on

Aw I will definitely support her new perfume! I absolutely LOVE Jessica Simpson. You know, Its sad that people have to be so nasty towards her. Shes never done anything to anyone. SO WHAT if her and Nick didnt work…GET OVER IT! You were not in her shoes (which by the way are fabulous!), so do not assume their life was perfect together! She has a good head on her shoulders and instead of being in the clubs all night and snorting a line..shes getting her life together and focusing on herself again!

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ava on

let me put this into terms jessica would understand: NO, I WOULD NOT BUY HER PERFUME

Brandy on

I currently wear her Fancy perfume and I love it. I can’t wait for the new one.

bren on

GLAD Tony came to his senses! NO,will not spend my $$ on this.

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lisa on

the sooner she acts more grown up and not like a naive teenager, the more likely she’ll be to keep a man

Luv Jessica on



msmerlin on

I’d have to smell it to see if I’d buy it or not. But I find the name “Fancy Love” to be sort of off-putting.

Meg on

I don’t get why there are all these people hating on her. She is talented, ambitious, and fearless. At least she is putting herself out there and going for things. How many of us proud women can say that as well? Stop bashing on the ladies! Support them instead!

crystal on

Who cares how much money Jessica makes. I don’t have to like her perfume, her clothes, her shoes, her handbags, her music, or her for that matter. Money doesn’t make a person. If Jessica is that great, then why don’t men want to be with her. Money can’t buy love. It can only buy material possessions. What is her overhead??? What is her debt??? That 20 million isn’t all banked.

crystal on

Jessica doesn’t run the company. she is not college educated and not smart enough to do it. Her father hires people to do it for her. She has only sold her name. she has nothing to do with the designs, which are copied from other designers. So all you jessica fans need to get their fact straight. also, all you jessica fans are the biggest losers and haters of all.. You people need to get a life if all you have to do is sit there and admire a lousy singer, actress, and hasbeen.

Tiffany on

I absolutely LOVE “Fancy”. I am super excited to smell “Fancy Love”. It will be hard to make the transition if I do like it, because “Fancy” smells soooooo good. Keep it up Jess!

Elisa on

I got so many compliments from wearing “Fancy”. I will without a doubt be buying the new fragrance.

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caitlinh on

She’s got my full support!

Go JESSICA!!!!!!!!!

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CJ on

I’d where it for her in bed

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Sevcik on

Great Post

Nickie on

I will buy it!Aand you all of you who dis Jessica….. so she has made some dumb moves in her life(who hasn’t?), she has also made some really great ones. As far as the commercials go…… she’s on tv you are NOT. Way to go Jes! Many of us think you are Great!

click here on

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[…] It’s Jessica Simpson and her Fancy Love Fragrance. It’s not a fair question to ask, but Jessica is the new Dr. Love, now? After her divorce, she didn’t get any luckier in her relationships (she’s reportedly single even as we speak) so it comes as rather weird to see her promote a scent symbolizing the eternal love, as she said! Fancy Love! Jess, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for you! (on a financial side note – Jessica’s merchandising business registered a $50 Million in sales for 2008’s perfume, Fancy so she may not be lucky in her personal life, but that surely doesn’t stop the big dough from piling in!) (via) […]

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