Team Edward or Team Jacob? Twilight Clothing Line Revealed

07/23/2009 at 12:15 AM ET

Courtesy of Nordstrom

As photos from New Moon get Twilight fans’ pulses racing, there is a stylish new way to show your anticipation for the upcoming film. The exclusive Nordstrom collection of Twilight-inspired fashion, including everything from T-shirts and hoodies to dresses and jewelry, is debuting at Comic-Con tomorrow. But just like with the movie itself, we’ll have to exercise some patience — the collection won’t be available for pre-sale until October 1st (with a October 15th sale date) at Get the full scoop on the collection at

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Trish on

I’m %500 Team Edward! Robert is a very talented and yes, very hansome actor! He did an amazing job in that movie! :)

Tricia on

Yuck, I’ve seen enough of that stuff at Hot Topic. Is this Twilight thing ever going to end?

J on

I <3 Edward!

W. J. Wohlhieter on

Wouldn’t be caught dead in either one!

Amber on


Steph on

This is actually BY FAR the cutest Twilight merchandise I have yet to see. It’s actually stylish & subtle, as opposed to the square-cut, boy-fitting t-shirts at Hot Topic that scream TWILIGHT on them.

Elisama on

Edward 100% 4 sure!I’m sooo sad I can’t have one here in Brazil…

Tab on

What about Team Snape?!

Kat on

blech…. get over it already. This is a movie/book series that should have died out a LONG time ago!

Shyann on

Okay, Im sorry but the shirts are horrific!
Robert P is not EC’s although I do think Taylor whatever his name is was a good choice for Jacob.
The movie Twilight was horrible! I have no doubt the sequels will be just as bad, Bad acting, Bad directing, bad everything! If this is what we are now calling a great movie, we are seriously in trouble. Im not a total Twilight-hater, I liked the books, SM did a fabulous job writing them but they should have been left at that!

Julia on

Team Jacob <3

Carissa on

I hope not Tricia..I love Twilight and am so looking forward to New Moon.

Saundra on

Team Edward, baby!

Marika on

Bahaha ! :))) Tab, that was good !
“Team Snape”… :))

Jen on

Ok I read the books and saw the movies… but this is overboard. people need to chill out about all this…I was entertained by the books while I read them but I am not obsessed about them… clothing is way too much *shakes head*

Heidi on

Team Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa on

The shirts are not that cute and the author’s writing is little to be desired. However, the idea of the story and the first movie is fantastic. I am not ready for it to be over. For those that are, don’t click on these stories.

cinthya on

Ok…so Im 20! I dont think I would wear it but I would wear something “team edward-ish”I am team edward no doubt about it!

emoriver on

OMG! never have i imagined that this Twilight-mania would lead into a clothing line! Kudos to the creative people behind this idea! love it!

Pamela on

I think Robert was the worst choice for Edward…he is not a good actor, and he isn’t cute AT ALL. What the heck is up with his hair? It’s called a shower, Robert. Taylor Lautner however…now he’s cute, and it seems that he’ll actually be able to act…unlike Robert and Kristen. And Twilight fanatics…DO NOT bite my head off. I am simply voicing my opinion…and believe it or not, I’m actually allowed to have one.

joe on

team jacob !!

Rachel on

You can not be obsessed with the books and love the movie, unless you are a teenager. Any adult can see that the books are wonderful, but the movie at least the first one was a sham, the acting was horrible.

Bethany on

What about Team Bella?

KD on

Uhm, Team Carlisle.

I’m so sick of Twilight.

trica on

For those who keep saying they dont like the book or the movie and now the cloting line … please ask yourself “If i dont like this whole twilight thing ..why am i leaving a comment?”

Jess on

Team Edward!!! Team Robert!!!! Team anything RPATZ!!!! LOVE HIM. I’m buying the Team Edward shirt.

For all your Twilight haters, why are you even on this site. If you’re a hater, you’re just jealous. Period, end of story.

Back to the cuties. Both Edward and Jacob are awesome but for me, Edward is the cherry on the top!!

MO on

I agree 100% Shyann!

Emily on

1000% Team Jacob<3

Angela on

Team Jacob all the way! I’m so over the whole vampire romance thing!

Olivia on

Team Edward!! Love these books and the movie. I can’t wait until November :) AND I’m in my 20’s!

Alyssa on

I am Team Edward in the book….as for the movie 500% Team Jacob!!!…I do not like Rob…and i love Taylor!!!

Lisa on

Rachael, any adult who is a reader would clearly be annoyed and distracted by Stephenie Meyer’s writing. She isn’t very good at all. However, her creation of Bella and Edward is wonderful.

Pamela on

Uhhh Jess? Me, jealous? Oh you’re funny. Jealous of who? Of Kristen’s bad acting skills? I love the books, but I hated the movie and I hated the actors. I’m probably just jealous of the fact that you’re so obssessed with Twilight you no longer have a life.

Tania on

I think these shirts will hit big with tweenies, but anyone over 13 wearing these would just be weird. I love the books, though the movie was horrible. Robert doesn’t shower in real life, his acting was mediocre, and of course Kristin should be banned from the movie business altogether. Taylor was the only one who could act in that movie, and the only attractive one in it as well

Yvonne on

These post are HILARIOUS! Both books and movie have been great. Stop reading too much into them. Enjoy! :)

Anna on

Team Edward Talor is hotter than rob but I like Edward better in the books!!!!!

Krystyn on


Karen on

that’s actually kinda cute. REAL MEN DON’T SPARKLE TEAM JACOB

emoriver on

If you dont have anything good to say Pamela, just back off! Get a grip!!

Trendie on

I hate the “TEAM Whatever” theme. Also, Elisama, I am pretty sure that will ship the shirt to you if you really want one.

Ve on

Team Edward totally!! I love you Rob!!

Rachel on

I just can’t wait for twilight the new moon to come out. Robert Pattinson is so awsome & cute.

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[…] There are rumors Rob will play some of his own New Moon soundtrack songs and there’s even new Team Edward/Jacob t-shirts making their debut. We’re in SD for all the action, so keep checking in for updates on your […]

Lexi on


Beatriz on

haters keep on hating….

anyone with a good taste would love the books and movie.
i have to agrree do, taylor is way hoter than robert, but both great actors.
stephenie Mayer is the best..
Im so not ready for any of it to be over……
team Edward to the end

Meg on

I agree with most comments. I LOVED the book series but I was less than thrilled with the movie. Yes, I will probably watch them all but it was cheesy. The twilight merchandise is going way too far. But this is the next tween phenomenon. It’s just like Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Everyone wants their cut of the success of the series. And I’m actually a little sick of hearing about Robert and Kristen and whatever they are doing or not doing together this week. Let them be!

jamie on

team jacob. He’s so hot.

juli on


Jeanine on

How about team Emmett! Sorry but that man is hot! They all are and I am a 32 year old women that has no problem saying that….. To all you haters on this page…if you don’t like the book then get off this page….it is for people like myself that enjoy reading them…..!

Erica on

Team Jacob all the way!!! Why am I the only one that seems to feel that way?

Ashley on

Ok, so I would classify myself as a fan of Twilight but I would never wear Twilight clothing. Anyway, I still love the movies and books but everything just seems blown out of proportion somehow. That doesn’t mean I won’t be at the midnight release of New Moon. Oh and I’m 100& team Edward for Bella. She can have him, I want Jacob for myself. Haha. :)

Pamela on

emoriver…so if I don’t have good things to say about Twilight, I need to back off? It’s MY opinion, and I’m allowed voicing it. I am now being rude because people are bashing my rightful opinion. I’m not a twilight fanatic, and people are critizing me for that. I’m defending myself, so live with it.

Emily on

Team Edward because I don’t like losers, Edward won her heart. And Jacob’s a dog.

MelissaB on

This whole team stuff is so dumb. Jacob is the best friend period nothing more. I love him and everything, but obviously Edward is the one for Bella, bottom line…

Nancy on

OK, I’m 62 years old and I loved the books and movie as well.


SP on

give me a break with all of this twilight $hit please

May on

Tab, I’m so with you! Seriously, Team Snape!

Kelly on

I’m team Edward all the for these picks but I LOVE Jasper best, I also don’t get why ppl are so quick to judge Twilight and the saga, so what if it’s the new “it” thing, get over it, Harry Potter was that way, are ya mad? How about Lord of the rings? SAME THING so what we like Twilight, maybe if you ACTUALLY watch it or read the books you’ll like them and see were we are coming from, sheesh, so quick minded on these boards, let people like what they like!!

Sherrick on

Although the shirts are horrendous, Team Jacob for me! Edward and RP are both OVERRATED!


Tab… wrong movies! Snape is Harry Potter, this is about Twilight. Totally different subject. GET A BRAIN!

Sophy on

Team Edward <3

megashia on

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

megashia on

love it!!!!!!!!

araileney on

i like jacob more than edward but i like robbert better then taylor

Kara on

Team Edward<3

laura on

team jacob all the way … and im not sayin that cause of Taylor Lautner all though i love him too <33 TEAM JACOB

Chelsea on

im team edward in the books. but taylor l is way hotter than rob. but seriously this twilight thing is getting really anoying its every where.

Pamela on

Ok Kelly…then let people NOT like what they don’t like! No one is saying you can’t like Twilight…people are saying they can NOT like twilight if they want to.

juls on


Daisy on


Tab on

Well aware of which book this is addressing. I’m just saying TEAM SNAPE would be way hotter.

Rachael on


MJ on

Uhm, those look horrible.
No one should be this worked up about sparkly vampires and poorly animated werewolves.
Who cares?
If you absolutely HAVE to go gaga over a fictional character, go crazy over something worth the time you put into obsessing:
Harry Potter!

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[…] Twilight clothing is happening — it’s only surprising it took so long. The duds go on sale at Nordstrom in October. Selina Khan, on the right, looks like she just doesn’t care about Edward or Jacob, bless her heart. [People] […]

Amanda on

not fair :(

devonny on

Omg Team Edward all the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bárbara on

Team Edward, ever!!!!!!!!
very best than wolf Jacob

jazie on

i cant enough

Dominique on


Claire on

Personally, I’m Team Bella Dies and Edward and Jacob Hook Up (Team BDEJHU for short). It would’ve been a lot more interesting than the actual Twilight saga. Of course, what wouldn’t be more interesting than the actual Twilight saga?

Maureen on

I like the idea of twilight clothes in stores rather than just online. I’m totally Team Edward, but not a fan of Robert Pattinson… He needs to shower… He even admitted that he hadnt washed his hair in 2 weeks… So, I’m not Team Jacob, but i do love taylor lautner…. so its confusing. haha

Cali on

I like Jacob, but i REALLY Dont like Taylor Lautner. Jacob is supposed to be tall and Taylor Lautner is soo short. Robert Pattinson can sing, play guitar, piano, and he can act. HOTTTT!(: Ohh and robert pattinson is verryy tall and sexxyyyy and gott that british accent(: Jacob also interfers with Bella & Edward too much when clearly Bella & Edward are sooulmates. Im not a hater, i just want someone to agree that ROBERT PATTINSON ISS SEXXIERR(:

maddy on

OH im totally TEAM JACOB hes wild and out of control who needs some needy uptight vampire ha ha

soly on

I am for one making my own shirt supporting both!

Team Edward! on

omg!!!!!!!! i luv Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeep!

BreeC on

Personally im not on either side cuz i love Jasper and Emmett, but i actually like both of them!!

Alex on

Oh great, MORE Twilight stuff. Should limited too be selling this stuff? A couple Twilight shirts are okay, but perhaps Hot Topic should go back to the awesome punky rock style. It was much better shopping there with hearing ‘OMG Look at this! Edward!’…. yuck…

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Elena on

Really?! A clothing line? I maybe would have bought some of the stuff before I watched the movie and read Breaking Dawn. Now, yeah right. Oh, and by the way, my toaster acted better than Kristen. And Robert doesn’t look even close to Edward, I don’t know why everyone says he’s ‘hot’ he looks like Frankenstein. I think Taylor was good for Jacob, though. They screwed up a lot in that movie, I really don’t think they managed to make one damn scene right. And now they come out with a clothing line? The only people who are going to buy those are the people who watched the movie first and that they themselves want to become vampires. Or pretty much, people who need to wake up to reality.

Jojo on

Jacob is the obvious choice for best acting skills. Robert isn’t “sexy” really and he allways seems nervous or embarrased when he talks as “Edward”. he should’ve stuck with the cedric diggory from harry potter voice. i have nothing agaist him! but he needs some work and about 12 hours of sleep and a shave.

sauers on

I love edward!!!!!!!! So, team EDWARD for me.. Taylor is ok i think but not on his team.

s on

Team edward not taylor. He is ok i think. But,i like edward so team edward for me.


TEAMM EDWARD! JACOB IS AN IMMATURE PETAFILE. and cmon robert pattinson issss sooo sexxxxxxxY. he makess me sweat(: jacob is annoying and F.Y.I he looses. so why be team jacob when you know edward wins? cause edward is just better like that.

Cynthia on

Team Edward. I’m 51 and loved the books and the movie Twilight. Can’t wait to see New Moon.

sanjana on

i loooooooooooooove u rob pattinson…… i looooooooooooooooove edward even more<3<3<3

nicole rowles on

i love jacob so TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY



Hodlen on

It’s sooooooooooooooo hard to decide cause I love the vampires and would rather be with Edward but Jacob is so much hotter and has more mucles I cant really decide but in real life Id go with Jacob. I would want to be Enesmee that way I could stay with the Cullens but I also could be with Jacob!!!!

MM on

Why do they have to put the dark skinned girl with the team jacob shirt and the light skinned girl with the tean edrward shirt? Does this have something to do with race????

Cohan on

I have to agree with Steph, this mech is very well done and pretty cute. Though I’m not a very big fan of the series, in fact I couldn’t at all say that I’m a fan, I might actually wear the Team Jacob shirt. Nordstrom did a very good job with the line.

Jessica on

Bueno, no tengo palabras para todos Uds. son geniales… the love….

angie pop on

Team Snape!

ale:) on

100% LOVE edward hes suppppppeeeeeeeerrrrr HOOOOOOOTTT
I <3 HIM 100%

uvell on

100% team Edward!!!!!!!!!!! Although Jacob is super fine in “NEW MOON”!!!!!

Diully Nabelle on

Edward Cullen is a lot beautiful we adore the one movie aki at the Brazil has made a lot success

Isabella on

‘I love Jacob so i am so with him sorry girls you have got to be faster than that.

Isabella on

It’s me. nickname is Izzy bee i am oly 11 years old people come on .I know you boys and girls love team Jake i mean how doesent well i do of cross so ttfn my people dont forget team JAKE love you all bye.

sophia on

I am isabella’s sister same here i am oly 7 years old come on ppl love him like u love your moms and dads be sides hes HOT!!!!!!!!!! peaca my peps bye.

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Yareli=D on

Omg Twilight is the best movie/books ever! I can’t wait till New Moon comes out! It’s also about TEAM EWARD; Robert is the motherloving best!!!!!

ME on


morgan on

eww robert pattenson is such a bad actor uber monotone!! and not as hot as he is in the books!the last movie sucked ass hope the next one is better! im so team jacob 4 the movies!!now hes hot!

Brittany on

I’m totally 1000% sure Team Jacob

Rick on

Have you seen the new Twilight Tv show on the Reelz
Channel called Twilight Weekly spotlight?It covers
all things Twilight.

karina on

blah! nopee i used to be on the cullens. but nopees im all jacob now! hahah werewolves will tear apart vampires!!!!!!!!
oh and id rather buy the shirts at hottopic

maureene on

Twilight is simply the best movie and i am so much addicted to it. Kirsten Stewart is very pretty and Robery Pattinson is so handsome

Cassandra on

TOTALLY TEAM JACOB!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Alicia on

Edward all the way! Robert was the best, i think im in love!:P <3<3x

Lizzie on

I am on Team Edward!!!
I think that Edward is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, Jacob is cute and all as well, but Edward is who I am all about!!

Tammy on

TEAM EDWARD!!!! And yes, I am 26 and amazing.

Lisa on

TEAM CULLEN & TEAM WOLF PACK!!! Any one of them, any time… ;) You know you like it!

(Yep, you can be Team Both… because if you’ve read the entire saga, you know that EVERYTHING turns out the way it SHOULD BE!)

Hailey on

im team EMMETT!!!!!!

but if i had to pick between Edward and Jacob i would be team Edward

Amanda on


mariss on


Severus Snape on

Harry Potter!!!!

brittany on

i have to say TEAM EDWARD hes cuite hes funny jacob is buff but not cuite he protects bella by leaving her but them bella saves him robert pattison and kristien stewart are together or will be they look great together.ya hes not really edward but he ans she complete as one

Sam on

I am so Team Jacob he is a great actor and he is really cute. plus i love werewolves!!!

maddy on

I LOVE JACOBE………but i have to go wit team edward….jacobe has the body but edward has everything else…oh and edwards hair is just sooooo amazing!!!!

maddy on

I cnt choose….i love them both….,their both soooo hot and amazing actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maddy on

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG…..i love both…everyone in the movie is awwwesome except for the obviouse ones lik victoria…………………………..i love TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):))::):):)::)):

rapu on

why kristen stewart.why robert p. but taylor that sure an real actor

tayler on

i am a 100,000,000% team taylor i love vyou taylor

tayler on

i am 1,000,000% team taylor i love u taylor

deen on

go team edward (:
woop woop I.L.Y’s

mrs. lautner on

team jacob all the way he is sooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!

i’d rather la push edward of a cliff!!!!
ya dats right i said it. my futuer husband. cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeennyy (: on

TEAM JACOB !!!! I Love him xx

sara on

omg!! Team jacob duuhh!!
He’s soooooo hot…
I wish I could see him in real life…


Laura Lopez on

i think tha Edward is so cute and he is the best.

nissa on

i love talyor’s boby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs.Cullen on



kenayn on

team edward and team alice!!

Elide on

I like Hot Topic’s better, more my type of clothes and store. Do wish Twilight would fade out though.

Anna-cullen ;) on

OMEC!!!! I am Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson 1000,000% i am totaly obsesed and i would buy that shirt any day, its fabulous!!!! I love the character they chose for the role, he is gorgeous!!!! OMEC(Oh my Edward Cullen)

Ivanna on

i like twilight but they should really start getting like good quality clothes that actualy can cost a lot if its worth it like the jacket that bella wore in new moon or the red robe that edward wore in new moon,,,,,

also maybe like even a fake tattoo of what jacob black wears on his arm :)

buuuut if i had to pick between one of those shirts i would rather pick the edward one.

brittany on

<3Jacob+<3Edward!?!?!?>!>!> LOL!!!! caint wait for eclipse!!!!!!!!!!

Kammi on

I thought it was going to be things, like what they wear in the movies.. But just things that would fit us and stuff. Disappointing…

maggie moo on

team jacob for sure!! love the shirt its adorable!

Lillie on

i luv edward n jacob . . . . edward can bite me anywhere anytym lol n jacob can get me hot anywhere anytym lol goe they r effin hot

Emily on


Angel H on

For ALL you HATERZ: Twilight will ALWAYS BE ON TOP!
FRIEND: nxt 2 JB

Angel H on


breanna on

i’m team edward I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erna Lamarta on

i really love Twilight. this movie is super great that we watched it several times with some of my friends. “

jessica on

if u do not like the twilight saga you are a TOTAL MORON AND I HATE YOU 4 EVER AND ALSO TEAM EDWARD IS GOING ALL THE WAY SO TEAM JACOB PEEPS LOOK OUT WERE TAKING OVER and if you do not like the trwilight saga watch out cause im coming 4 u and ur dead

jessica on

twilight is never going to end ever and the shirts are the best things ever and you better start liking the twilight saga if you dont cause its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah on

Tricia What on earth are you talking about twilight is the best thing thats happened to this world since like the man walked on the moon btw TEAM JACOB wwwhhhooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XX:):):):)

Shannon on

what’s with twilight haters!!

if you dont likee the movie dont go on team e and j sites you’s are soo thick

stop saying its rubbish x if you havent got anything nice to say DONT SAT IT !!

keep your oppions to yourself’s

if it’s that bad stop wasting your time looking at the tops nd stuff god get a life !! and stop being horrible !!

oh nd btwz TEAM JACOB TILL I DIE xxxx

Shannon on

hannah xxi agreee 1000%

lydia on

10000000000% team edward!!!!!- hate jacob

Britishbabe on

I don’t read books
I jus see the movie
Team Jacob all the way
Taylor lautner is sexy

Sammie Hemlepp on

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Cisco ASA on

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