REVEALED: Lindsay Lohan Channels Marilyn Monroe for Spanish Vogue

07/17/2009 at 03:18 PM ET

Courtesy of Vogue Spain

From reenacting Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 nude photo shoot for New York Magazine to inking herself with a famous Monroe quote, it’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan idolizes the iconic blonde bombshell. And she’s at it again! The starlet recently channeled Marilyn Monroe for a Spanish Vogue pictorial shot by photographer Alix Malka in the Hollywood Hills to run in the magazine’s August issue. Andy LeCompte, who styled Lohan’s blonde wig for the shoot, told PEOPLE at the time, “Putting on a character is very inspiring for her. She loved it. She was putting on such a character. She’s always game to experiment with that.” Tell us: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe shoot?


Courtesy of Vogue Spain

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G on

Can someone say ewww?

k on

what is with her and always doing marilyn monroe photo shoots?

Gabby on

she being who she is should really stop trying to channel a beauty.

tina on

Barf-she is not attractive AT ALL.

l on

I think she looks great. I’m not her biggest fan, but the photos are beautiful.

Viv on

Lindsay please. How about work on your “acting” career and stop trying to imitate icons whose shoes you will never fill OK?

Brittany on

Why does she always have to rip someone else off? Get your own damn ideas L. LO! I wish People would boycott Lindsay like E! did with Speidi.. enough is enough already!!

Anthony on

Can someone please give this girl a movie to do. I know she made some mistakes but more than 50% of actors and actresses in Hollywood made the same mistakes are they are still making movies—Robert Downey Jr—so why can’t Hollywood give Linsday another chance because unlike most of the young actors in the business she is actually talented. Please give her a movie and Lindsay if you get a movie please don’t mess it up.

erica on

She’s too skinny to be Marilyn…Marilyn was a size 14…not 2. It’s time she starts acting like herself and not everyone else



m on

i didnt know imitating dead starlets repeatedly was considered a career perhaps she should put this wasted energy into getting a real job

LBW on

I guess she needs the money.

JJ on

They airbrushed out all of her freckles on her chest, arms and face. Why not photograph someone else instead of all this fakery.

Tricia on

Note to Lindsay Lohan: You’re NOT Marilyn Monroe, so stop pretending to be!

lake on

Someone commit her already

Dominique on

She’s always trying to be someone she’s not or imitate someone else.

Denise on

How sad, all she’s famous for is poor behavior and posing as real stars. She’s just not attractive or charming. Why is she still around?

Tammy on

I really think that chick is off her rocker.

Gin on

I didn’t realize Marylin Monroe had implants and was a size 1, hmmmm.

Becky on

Why does she think she looks like Marilyn Monroe? A blonde bob doesn’t instantly make you Marilyn!

ModRepub on

Sorry, but Marilyn Monroe had a beautiful figure. Lindsay Lohan – not so much. I think sticks should belong to trees only.

brian on

who are these idiots who keep hiring her for these shoots? this moron needs a wake up call

CAS on

not that she doesn’t look …lovely… but Marilyn Monroe wore a healthy size 8-10 with a beautiful body while Lohan looks like about a 2 on her best days.

amy on

Is anyone as sick of this woman as I am?

Rachel B on

It would help a lot of Lindsay gained about 35 pounds. THEN she might exude some of Marilyn’s sexiness.

Yuri on

She looks fab

Jlyn on


MoJoMom on

Aside from the fact that she doesn’t look like Marilyn for the many reasons previously stated, aren’t her stockings on backwards? (Check out her right leg) I thought the seams were supposed to run up that back of the leg not the front, or is that some sort of shadow?

Leigh on

I think Lindsay looks smokin’. Plus, she’s probably not the one that got to choose what the photo shoot was – i’m sure that the magazine, and photographer, and also director decided what kind of shoot they were going to do!

GEP on

Looks hungry to me. She’s much too skinny. Monroe was voluptuous.

caitlyn on

Marilyn Monroe had a beautiful body, not a sickly unhealthy body. Lindsay give it up. Gain some weight, being that skinny is not attracting for anyone

Ozzi on

Wow. I’m not a big fan either. But she is stunning as a platinum blonde. But please quit with Marilyn, Lindy. She didn’t make it past her thirties. Quit being self-destructive. Choose Life, Lindsey!

cindy on

I’m just not sure why she’s on the cover. She’s not really doing anything other than some silly spray tan.

Carlos on

She is WAY too thin to be Marilyn, and the hair is SO not complimentary to Lindsay’s natural beauty. I give it a 5.5!

Staci on

She is talent-free and seems to be a real pain in the a$$…why does anyone care? I wish she would go away. SO. SICK. OF. HER. Blech.

Allison on

HORRIBLE!!!! she holds nothing to MM and it’s horrible to watch her play dress up… Putting on a blonde wig and giving a distance pouty lip stare does not count have ‘channeling’ Marilyn! Come on… Stop giving her jobs people….

Elizabeth on

I think it’s ridiculous and she needs to just drop the whole marilyn thing. Marilyn was beautiful, open, elegant, and very soft. Lindsay is a nightmare.

new zealand blue on

Wow! How original! Remember when she did that last year for Bert Stern. And then again a few months later in yet another publication? Please… someone tell her publicist that this concept is over. Move on.

Ellorysgirl on

LiLo is much thinner than Marilyn – Marilyn had real curves, not stick legs and arms.

Plus, Linds looks exactly like Liz Taylor, not MM – she should be channeling Liz – AFTER she gains some weight. ‘Course, she couldn’t be blond – she’d have to be a brunette.

Callie on

I’m not impressed. So tired of seeing her worn out mug in magazines.

Val on

She kinda looks like a drag queen in these pics…

Barb on

Can someone say loser!!

A on

She looks like Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock. Really? There isn’t much similarities between Marilyn Monroe and Lindsay except that they are human.

Savannah on


Sandy on

Lindsay Lohan is no Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn had a lot more class. Lindsay is a poor sad confused little girl. She needs to grow up & focus on herself. Be the strong respected woman/actress she can be. I know she can do it!

Clare on

I really fail to see why Lindsay Lohan gets the amount of attention that she does, let alone appearing on yet another magazine cover. Does anyone recall the last film she was in? What has she done lately other than making a fool of herself and running around after her girlfriend. I guess the only way she can get herself noticed is pretending to be someone else. Surely there are more interesting and talented people out there to aspire to – goodness knows Lindsay Lohan is not one of them.


Spanish Vogue how sad.

Jessica on

Ok? …. Is it me? or does she always “channel” old movie stars?? Can we please find something original … PLEASE find a personality.

Marly on

She needs to stop channeling and get a real job.

Anna on

AAAAAA sick I hate her

someone on

i saw her out at a show in hollywood two nights ago and based on these pics, man the camera does wonders. i say if it looks like a crackhead and acts like a crackhead then by golly it’s a crackhead. big news flash there.

npmp on

All I can say is only in her DREAMS could she EVER be REMOTELY close to EVER being as gorgeous, talented, sexy and as one of a kind as Marilyn. Madonna is the only one since who has barely come close. This chic is such a loser and has nothing original of her own to do so she keeps trying to echo Marilyn to revive her pathetic corroding career. She needs to go home, go to rehab and get herself together and start to like herself FIRST before trying so desperately to get the public to like her. She doesn’t get it. None of these superficial copycat celebrities (i.e. LL, paris hilton, all the other ones that look alike) do.

Wallace Beery on

It’s kind of gay, but so is she.

DEE♥ on


Bodhi on

LL really really needs to stop trying to be Marilyn. Just because LL perceives herself to be as emotionally conflicted as MM was doesn’t make it so.

LL might well die of a drug overdose at a young age like her idol, but if she does, it won’t make her iconic.

Susan Beemer on

She looks like Marilyn Monroe?? Who are they trying to kid? Guess she just needs to keep her name in lights or we’ll all forget her….

Bonita on

EEEEWWW Yea she looks like a major base head these days. Hey lindsey! Lay off the CRACK PIPE!

Justice on

Tell her to gain 30 lbs, MM was a size 16 and beautifully curvy…

ama on

I don’t feel she is even channeling Marilyn Monroe, more like Madonna. Puh-leaze! Maegan on

ugh, she just tries too hard ..and would be so much better if she was just authentic.

DM on

Ummmmmmmm NO! LOL………….Looks nothing like her!

joe on


Regina J.. on

Omg she is so far from Marilyn its sick!

Mandox on

Super Hot!!! Can some one say: TWO THUMBS UP!

j-j on

If Marilyn saw this she would be furious with Vogue. Seriously I HAD alot of respect for Vogue.

Amy on

Monroe had a woman’s body and aura. Lohan is just a slip of a girl. Lohan is tempting fate by invoking monroe all the time.

MissDay on

Are you kidding me! Incredible how the negative perception of a celebrity can taint the beauty of the image.

julzz on

it’s an insult to compare monroe to lohan!
any bimbo who wears a blond wig thinks they can
be like monroe!

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Hilary on

Marilyn had curves, not limbs poking out of gorgeous clothes. Lindsay, if you really want to be more like her, upgrade from the lettuce leaves.

Linds on

Why does she always feel the need to play Marilyn Monroe. She’s done it before, get over your weird Marilyn Monroe obsession already Lindsay!

roxxar on

margann on

not something any girl should ever look up to!
the only good thing from her was parent trap & that is it.
Go with sam and hide please

Mal on

Uh you’ve done this waaaay to many times LiLo…STOP. Be original. Dump Sam!

Amanda on

When was the last time she tried being Lindsay Lohan instead of Marilyn Monroe?

Wendy on

I love how she looks! :)

rikki on

I love it alot a lindsey!!!

America on

She has really killed her career. The difference between her and Robert Downey is that the guy is one of the best actors on the planet and she is not. She should just realize that her time is up.

susan on

she’s already done this photo shoot.. move on!

elizabeth on

She tries WAY TOO HARD to be something that she’s not. Poor girl looks absolutely ridiculous!

maritza on


Suzanne on

She should become a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator in front of the Chinese Theatre in L.A. At least she’d be working.

tammy on

come on lindsey,,be urself..ur a beautiful woman.

linda on

i think i threw up in my mouth

Shannon on

Her 15 minutes of fame were over years ago…She’s just another washed-up child actress. I actually feel sorry for her, she was a really good actress at one time.

Liz on

she looks like a skinny drug addict on her way to the Amy Winehouse look….yuck

Addilico on

Sad thing is she’s a great comedic actress. I love her in Mean Girls. Pull your head out of your butt Lindsay..123..pull it together:)

Nikki on

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful young woman and I admire her for her hard work with her tribulations! It seems she is doing much better in life, and deserves everything she works so hard for. Who are we to judge her? Im sure if you were famous and in the spot light 24/7 your smallest flaws/mistakes would be exaggerated 100 times more than it would be if you were living your average life in whatever town or city you reside in. She is a gorgeous person who’s personal problems, unfortunately, have become her reputation. We have no idea who the “real” Lindsay Lohan is and we should not be the ones who judge her.

GG on

Lindsay Lohan looks beautiful in these photos but it worries me that she seems fixated on Marilyn Monroe. Monroe had such an unhappy ending to her life. I hope Lohan gets her career back on track since she’s a talented actress and deserves another chance.

marie on

Lindsey darling, you look like Liz..not Marilyn. Sorry dear. Think Taylor…not Monroe….

K on

Oh god get her out of those clothes… Bad @!!!

GG on

is it just me or does it look like shes crying on the cover??

Sonya on

She needs to stop acting like everyone else and just be herself for once.

gazetna on

She’s too skinny to be Marilyn…Marilyn was a size 14…not 2. It’s time she starts acting like herself and not everyone else

Chelsea on

As if Lohan could ever be the next Marilyn. One of the great things about Monroe is that she proved you can be a size 14 and still be sexy. Lohan is, what, a size 0? Maybe smaller? I don’t care how much she idloizes her, Lohan will NEVER be the next Marilyn, if not for any reason than for the sake of women everywhere who also idloize Monroe. They don’t need a skinny bi-otch like Lohan coming up and claiming that 0 is the new 14.

Melerna on

Is that what she does now?

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Carolyn on

Quick, Lindsay! Name me five Marilyn Monroe movies! Can’t do it? Thought so.

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Kayli on

Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote ionfmrtaive articles.

robertode52 on

Love lindsay-great picsxxxxxxoooo

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