The Scoop on Kim Kardashian's "Twilight" Look

07/16/2009 at 02:32 PM ET

Courtesy Troy Jensen

Kim Kardashian “loves experimenting” with her hair looks, and now, it seems, she is moving on to trying out new makeup looks. The reality star posted this sinister picture on her website, where she appears pale with a dark lip and no eyebrows. Kim teamed up with her friend and makeup artist Troy Jensen to create a vampire-like look. “This look was inspired by Prada’s fall 2009 runway show and it is so unlike anything I’ve ever done!” writes Kim. “Pretty creepy, right? I call this my Twilight look!” But don’t worry, Kim didn’t actually get rid of her eyebrows, Troy used an eyebrow concealing wax to hide them. Tell us: What do you think of Kim’s Twilight look? Would you try it?


To achieve Kim’s look, Troy started by covering the face with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Porcelain and setting it with Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. Next he dusted the pale complexion with Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antiqua. For Kim’s bold goth lips, Troy applied a Bobbi Brown clear lip balm, then using Bobbi Brown cream eyeliner for lip color, he filled in Kim’s lips. To matte it out and give a hint of color, Troy added Bobbi Brown eggplant purple eyeshadow over the top. Check out Troy’s blog here to get the scoop on all the products he used.

Check out how to get more star beauty looks here.

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Showing 141 comments

Gayatri on


Pickles on

This is awesome for a photoshoot, and her face looks beautiful! But, everyday, no–ha ha.

J on

I think she looks beautiful! What a difference from her “normal” look!

Melissa on

I don’t understand the ‘no eyebrow’ thing. I didn’t realize vampires have no eyebrows?? Weird.

AJ on

Why? What’s the point of this look?

Sam on

First look i thought it was Marilyn Manson.

vero on

i thought it was Marilyn Manson.

Jessica on

Wow, gorgeous!

betty on


Not pretty on

Is she going for a Marilyn Manson lookalike because she achieved it.

Deena Smith on

…she needs just to quit trying…seriously….

C on

Even Vampires have eyebrows.

alex on

naa, that doesnt even look like her, kim is soo hot
*thumbs down on this picture*

Gina on

I think she looks really pretty.

Stephen on

Looks more like a Harry Potter character to me, female Voldemort?

1brichick on

Holy cow she looks like Pete Burns from Dead or Alive (circa 80’s not today-he doesn;t even look like Pete Burns anymore). And sorry but this ain’t goth!!! I do love her though and think she is usually stunning.

Kathy on

She is drop dead gorgeous no matter what!

karen on

I’m with the Marilyn Manson crowd here.

Cheryl on

the makeup is flawless..looks good…

Mel on

She looks like Marilyn Manson!

Blah on

I don’t really care

Lane402 on

She would look better with a bag over her head. Can’t understand why she’s famous. Her 15 minutes have been up for a long time.

DEB on

Kim is beautiful no eyebrows and all

tyra on


Monique on

I think she looks AMAZING!! Makeup is a wonderful thing and this is just proof that you can and should try new and different things!

christine Houser on

I think Kim looks awesome she would be perfect in any of the Twilight series. She makes a perfect Vampire

Krystal on

Not a fan but great makeup and photography.

Monique on

Marilyn wishes he looked half as good!

xaviera on

WTF!!!Kim has nothing better 2 do with her life.Like come on. She needs 2 stick with what ever she does. She looks horrible!!

Nicole on

She must be bored…? Famous for doing nothing.

b on

she looks like scarlett johanson

PeopleReadingHousewife on

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Jamie on

She looks like a tranny…. big time…

sarah on

I thought she was Marilyn Manson at first too!!! UM EW

Melia on


Amy on

She looks so fake… *shudders*

sandy on

is that cher????

Robin on

I agree, at first glance I thought it was Marilyn Manson.

Demetrice on

I think she looks gorgeous. I actually did even notice that her eyebrows weren’t showing until I read the story. I looked again, and was like, oh yeah, they are gone. She looks pretty in a goth kind of way. Maybe the make up and wardrobe staff of the Twilight Saga should take pointers from Kim’s look for their vamps.

Jennifer on

creepy, shes really a pretty girl though. make up does do wonders. creepy creepy picture though. but yeah, i really dont care about her either, good effort on her part though. I mean compared to what others have done who are also famous for being famous (naming no names here)…next…

Chilly on

Lol…she looks like Marilyn Manson’S twin!!!

Liz on

I think this girl has too much time on her hands!!

B on

Aside from the no eyebrows and the couple shades darker than normal lips and what looks like her face is being hit with a very powerful camera flash, how is this different from her every day look. Or I should say her look from any photoshoot or red carpet that she’s done. She always has the eyes done, some kind of lipstick and her hair curly or pulled straight back.

They should have put a wig on her, a different length hair, different eyeshadow and eye look and a different shape to her lips, like a Clara Bow or something.

Sara on

Is this cher :-)

Mina on

I don’t know why has breaking news about Kim Kardashian everyday. She’t not that important.

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no Manson on

Marilyn Manson? Her eyes are the same and she’s pretty how do you get Marilyn Manson from this?

Candy on

She’s always beautiful.

sweety on

ew, tf? forget twilight, more like a marilyn monroe look-a-like. the resemblance is uncanny.

isa on


Dora on

It does’nt even look like Kim, She is pretty no matter what she looks like.

Kim on

Love the long dark hair, hate the black lips, and she needs eyebrows, and a tan. Then she would look perfect.

jp on

gee, my first thought was Cher? not Marilyn Manson. does she have a guest shot in the movie or something (like a face in a croud at Vampire court or something)?

Ethan on

she looks hott. love you kim!

jp on

if the look catches on I hope the ‘rich thick curly hair look’ comes back style.

Alicia on

I think she looks better here than her everyday look

Jan on

I don’t like it and I just think she is trying to get in one of the Twilight movies. Please don’t let it happen!!!!

Jeanell on

I think she is beautiful. I may be the only one to not notice that her eyebrows were missing! She looks beautiful(for a photo shoot.) Maybe I just love Twilight!

J on

Normally, Kim’s pretty hot. But this is just UG-LY!

Anonymous on

Why in the world would anyone want to look like this?

Samantha on

Ummm…. why?

Elizabeth on

She looks like marilyn manson!



Amanda W on

I love how Kim takes chances with makeup,clothes and hair. She’s a curvy girl who embraces that she’s not a cookie-cutter blonde Hollywood celubutante! If I had the money and friends she has, watch out!

CCole on

The whole no eye brown thing scares me….like Whoopi Goldberg! She still looks gorgeous

Dawn on

I agree…I don’t understand why Kim has to be in the headlines for People everyday. None of the things she does are interesting. She seems to be willing to do just about anything to get attention. Last time it was, “oh look how do I look as a blonde?” When will her pathetic 15minutes of fame be over. She is so worthless. Nothing intellectual to say, nothing admirable to do.

Karen on

ew that doesn’t even look like her. i honestly thought that was marilyn manson

kristy on

very cool. Definitely good for the runway or avant garde fashion spreads but obviously not an everyday look.

Vanessa on

UGH, this girl is so annoying. She just wants to mooch the spotlight off of anything that’s big at the time. Twilight is HUGE, so of course…there she is. YOU DON’T EVEN MATCH UP. KNOCK IT OFF. She does too much.

missjay on

I think she looks like Cher on

Jesus Christ!!! Marilyn Manson with LIP INJECTIONS!!!

gabby on

psshaa she looks nothing like the twilight vampires!!! she looks like an alien!!! hahaha very very strange!!!!!!!!!

DarJem on

Who cares.

cake on

okay…a bit scary…am I the only one who didn’t know vampires didn’t have eyebrows?????

Amy on

Like the eye makeup which is a refreshing departure for her but the rest is…ewww!

Estie on

I didnt recognize her at first!

Sue on

I Honestly thought this was Marilin Manson

mariella on

thats definitely an insult to Twilight

Shorty on

she looks like marilyn manson!

Ann H on

Would someone please tell her that there is more purpose to life than photo shoots and having people look at you! Go to college and become a person of substance.

Kelsey on

Umm… the vampires in Twilight have eyebrows… Why’d she decide to go without them?? I like the pale, chalky, and flawless skin, but I’m not sure about the lips…

Amanda on

She has no talent so she makes drums up false activity to garner publicity. Fail!

Tia on

She looks a little like Cher not that its a bad thing but this look really isn’t working for her.

Jackie on

WOW! She looks horrible. How can anyone think this looks good. It’s not even a twilight look she just looks like a goth or an emo! She’s an idiot!

Lucy on

Eureka! I knew she always reminded me of someone and now I know…Marilyn Manson.

Megan on

I think Kim is stunning in any look she takes on. She is one of the most beautiful women ever! I also think her mom is gorgeous. What an amazing gene pool:)

JLJ on

She is a very pretty girl, she rocks it well.

Karen on

What was she thinking,not attractive at all.She has long and lovely lashes that’s it.Sorry.

leahfu on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought she looked like Marilyn Manson!

Dominique on

Wtf?she has no eyebrows!but otherwise she looks gorgeous.

Gina Longo on

I guess they have forgotten that Robert Pattinson definitely has eyebrows!!

Batch on

Is she like goth or something now?

li on

More “Queen of the Damned” than “Twilight” hahahaha!!!! Twilight had a real, modern feel, like vampirism does not have to be uber-Goth and dark and overdramatic. Kim TOTALLY missed the boat on this one! Did she even see the movie? Did she even read a page of the books???

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helen ford on

That’s not a “Twilight” look…..It’s a Marilyn Manson look…..Yuck!

08girl on

a TWILIGHT look? um one small problem . . . the vampires in twilight are all at least HALF decent looking. She looks absolutely horrible. Worse than usual, which is pretty bad. Okay, now I’m being mean, but seriously, she is annoying.

Gina on

Why did she ‘remove’ her eyebrows??? Whats tht hav to do with vampires?…..oh and……ewww it looks weird…. but it would be a good halloween costum.

juju on

its just for fun she looks great

j-j on

Cher is that you?

Christy on

And we care why?

Nicole on

This is not a Twilight Look it is a goth look. She is such an idiot and a loser. Making a sex tape does not make to a celebrity.

Top Posts « on

[…] The Scoop on Kim Kardashian’s “Twilight” Look Courtesy Troy Jensen Kim Kardashian “loves experimenting” with her hair looks, and now, it seems, she is […] […]

Lisa on

she looks like a drag queen

vj on

Mark my words, this is the next new look.

Bella on

She needs to get over the fact that she will NEVER be a part of the movies nor do we want her in the movies.


That’s twilight? NO!

Jenna on

why does everyone think goth/creepy is “twilight” i’m pretty sure no one in that film looked anything like this…..

pug on

she looks like a tranny

pug on


jaime on

I love it…I think it is interesting and different. I, obviously, don’t recommend it unless you are at a photo shoot. She has a beautiful face and these are beautiful shots. Very different!

Lena on

I didn’t even recognize her.

Maggie on

How is this a Twilight look? Those vampires look nothing like this. Has Kim even read the books or seen the first movie? Obviously not!

penny on

she looks like Marilyn Manson. yikes

Grace on

She looks like Marilyn Manson.

Hidy on

i realy don’t like the way she looks

Free Software on

very nice

shannon on

she looks like marulyn manson’s sister!
i <3 kim but this is NOT a good look for you sweetie, even if you were just testing the waters.

teri on


Susan on

I think makeup should be used to enhance, not overpower. Her lips have a scary life of their own on this one. I think she looks best when she has a more natural look. You can’t hide beautiful, and she is, but I’d say this makeup doesn’t improve or enhance her natural beauty.

Allison on

I applaud her for taking the risk, but I don’t really like this look on her.

Trisha Woodside on

I love it, I think she looks beautiful and flawless. Marilyn Manson, sheesh, don’t be ridiculous! It probably doesn’t hurt that I’m in totally engulfed in the twilight series right now and am in love with the love story.

amanda on

ok… the look is weird but Twilight way- no

aestar101 on

It looks so creepy!

infamousqbert on

i love it! i don’t think it should be her everyday look, but if you have the money and talented friends to do your own experimental photo shoots, why not??

Ashlee Simpson y Bronx Mowgli - Gossip Links!! | Farandulista on

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Suzy on

hahaha! She looks like Brandon Lee in “The Crow”-

mis on

kim is so beautiful with any look…this picture is amazing

sandra on

When the title said KIM’S new look I looked at the pic and said “KIM WHO” I had no clue it was her ….FUN!

randi on

she shouldn’t have done that. it doesn’t look good on her. a twilight look wouldn’t be like that.

lynyrd on


A Bit Creepy « House of R and R on

[…] Magazine explains why Kim Kardashian transformed herself with this look.  They also give steps on how to achieve […]

Arlz on

i personally think she looks like a drag queen and i love the “alternate” look, but not on her. Leave it alone Kim,you dont suit it!

k on

Kim looks amazing in any and everything she does. I love on her show when she doesn’t wear make-up…not a lot of celebrities do that and I applaud her for doing unique things. You people know it will not be an everyday thing to look like this picture. But if she can have fun messing around with different ideas then why not? Kim keep on doing what your doing!

lezlie on

EWWWWW Manson Look alike!!! Need to bring the shade down a tad on the lips so they look bruised or deadly, not mansonish! or Gothic.. cuz it makes her look like him!

kopns on

the lipstick is a definite no for an every day look. however, in 24 hours i’ve seen two differnt things about girls without eyebrows, and neither time did i even notice until i read it. therefore, i think i’d be fine with it. i’ve even considered it in years past. mostly due to Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, who shaves her eyebrows, and draws on little designs in their place. i think, if i didnt have an office job, i’d totally try it.

Sue on

She always wears a quart of makeup (as does her Mom)I truly wonder what they look like without. However this is no less than usual except she looks like death warmed over.

rheiyachen on

she does not have eyebrows right??

jazzman2952 on

Sexy no matter what she does, well maybe if she keeps the lips down a bit

Z on

one word. ew.

tried to hard.i think it will look better without the lipstick and loosen up on the fluffy curls.
but thats jus me.

Sasha Gonzalez on

Um I love Kim Kardashian because I think she is beautiful butjust not like this.

bk on

she looks like a drag queen……
NO KIM that is not cute

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