Kim Kardashian: "I Love Experimenting With Hair Looks"

07/13/2009 at 03:51 PM ET

Freddy Baez/Startraks

Kim Kardashian is at it again, this time taking to her blog to discuss the ever-changing hairstyles she’s been rocking over the past couple months. “I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different Hollywood hair looks recently. First I tried out a long glamorous blonde look,” (shown above) she says, before taking a test-run of everything from a short, light cut to a short dark bob created by tucking under her natural locks. So why the restless tresses? “I love experimenting with hair looks!,” she explains. “It keeps things interesting and new, and thanks to the amazing and talented hair stylists who create my looks, I know I’m always in good hands and my hair will always look red-carpet ready! haha.” But the reality star wants to know which look you love the most on her. Click here to sound off on Kim’s blog. Tell us: Which style do you like best on Kim?

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Dee on

Can someone please tell me why this is important information? Who cares!!

Tricia on

I agree with you, Dee.
Seriously, who cares about Kim’s hair?

Glad on

I think Kim is a pretty girl but tries to do anything to stay in the public eye.

Jay on

SLOW NEWS DAY! You’ve got to be kidddddding me!

Jay on

SLOW NEWS DAY! You’ve got to be kidddddddding me !

mistyluv7 on

Looks like a JLo wannabe in this photo.

jen on

this girl drives me nuts?!! why is she always in the spotlight? she’s a nobody.

Stefanie on

I’m so sick of reading about her – and anyone else who is famous for being famous. Please!

Trish on

Hey, cheer up everyone! :)
We shouldn’t be complaining, atleast it isn’t another Paris Hilton article,right?
As long as it isn’t about Paris Hilton, you won’t find me complaining! *Smiles Wide*

Daisy on

Luv Kim Kardashian! Don’t hate! She beautiful, smart business women and knows how to use it all to her advantage! Go Kim!

Sharon on

C’mon haters! She’s beautiful. If this important to her than it is ok with me I love Kim.

Carla Sapp on

Did she complete her GED yet? What a MEDIA HOGGER and why aren’t you all more creative with your information than this? MEDIA, Pop Culture and FAKE REALITY shows are the cause of such craziness amongst our youth today. Kim is almost 30 years old why don’t she act like it! Ooops I forgot I’m talking about Holly-wierd. Carry on!

Connor on

Kim is HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!

karly on

I think its so funny if no one cares about any of it dont read it!

AJ on


brodie on

what the h**l is so special bout this chick……. her hair is a top headline? who cares

Kimberly on

It’s not important. It’s celebrity. I thought that is what this page was mostly about. Obviously you read it though…right?

Mike Nait on

I don’t understand why this woman is in the news so much. What exactly has she done? Nothing!!!!!!!!! It’s pathetic and the media should stop covering her.

CinCin on

For all of those that “don’t care”, why are you taking the time to not only READ the article, but to COMMENT on it as well? You really need to work on the attitudes!

Dawn on

She’s trying to get traffic to her website…nice try Kim…p.s. I like every still except the blonde.

Gina on

Does this gal ever believe in things that really matter? Does she have any substance? Does she care about what is happening to our world? There ARE MUCH more important things than her tangled hair, wigs and extensions. What a shallow person she is and I feel very sorry for her lack of substance.

diana on




Jax on

Haha, how can everyone be angry that this isn’t important news, you’re reading PEOPLE not the New York Times….

Jena on

I think Kim Kardashian is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would kill to look like her…okay so maybe you all don’t want to be reading about her hair, but at least we’re not reading about anyone dying or some sick sex tape. Stop complaining people!!!



Jacks on

Then why are you at this website? Lets be real.

jack on

its not that we are HATING on her.. ur right.. she’s beautiful..but really.. in the entertainment news.. this is the best PEOPLE can come up with?? Seriously?! Post pics of her or something..but don’t make a news story of her HAIR COLOR!! lol..

trina on

I luv kim!! she always looks beautiful, but I like the dark better.

Neena on

A very slow day, indeed!! How about growing it long like Cousin It from the Addams we don’t have to see or hear her?

Josh on

Is it just me or are her boobs sagging?

Mickey on

Saw the picture…didn’t read the article….just another spoiled little rich girl with too much money and nothing productive to do with her life. Maybe she should be volunteering to cut some of that hair and donate it to cancer kids or maybe buy them some wigs with all the money she doesn’t know what to do with!



Elizabeth on

Well in my eyes she is trying to show off and it is not working! i totally agree with Dee!:)

erica on

i think kim is really pretty and i love her hair, but, i do agree that PEOPLE magazine should talk about something a little more important than kims and i completely agress with trish!! id rather see a story on kim than paris hilton any day!! =D

ru on

sick of her and all the others like her: Kim, her sisters, mom, Jessica Simpson, etc etc etc etc etc

What happened to real singers and actors?

Is this what has become of us?

ME on

IF you dont want to hear about celebrities and celebrity gossip.. then DONT COME ON THE CELEBRITY WEBSITES!

Nicole on

I agree with the others – as long as it isn’t Paris Hilton. I can’t even believe she calls herself a star. Maybe a star with hmmmm – her mom and dad – because Paris has NO talent. NO personality and they keep showing her. Kim seems to have business smarts and I certainly think that she has earned her money by work more than by FAMILY.

Envy on

Well, I like Kim, she is so much better then khloe, khloe is RUDE. anyhow kims hair looks way better black! She gets her looks from her mama.

Carolyn on

If you want to read more “important” news than what hairstyle Kim is wearing, then maybe People isn’t for you. Just a thought.

Mo on

“I’m so sick of reading about her – and anyone who is famous for being famous”

Then why are you on

Shirley on

Although Kim looks great in any style, I like her long brunet locks best. The shorter styles make her look a bit older in my opinion

Lisa on

Please stop posting about the boring, lame Kardashians. We don’t care about them!

Steve on

natures diet secret is a grea web site!

Holly on

Why is anyone famous really? Stars years ago were much more glamorous, but the paprazzi catches some of the stars in than less than flattering light.

Veronica on

I totally agree with Lisa, who cares? Why is she even famous anyways?

Cheryl on

Oh come on you gotta love Kim, she doesn’t try to be anything but herself. she can laugh at herself and that’s a great quality. Give the girl a break.

Ellen on

Amen, why on earth do you think we care about Kim or ANY of the Kardashians?



TRV^!355V on

mistyluv7 you are so right i was just looking at the photo gallery and she looks like a cheap knock off ove JLo not that i like any of them anyways

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