FIRST LOOK: Britney Spears's New Candie's Ads Revealed

07/07/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Courtesy of Candies

After showing some serious skin in Candie’s spring ads, Britney Spears covers up in chic dresses and jeans for the upcoming fall campaign. And that’s not the only place you’ll see the pop superstar sporting the affordable line. Britney will even wear Candie’s in her new music video, “Radar.” “I was so excited to wear Candie’s in my ‘Radar’ video,” says Britney in a press release. “I especially loved their jeans and cute dresses which were perfect for the theme of my video.” In her new video, Britney becomes intrigued by a handsome player at a polo match who ultimately gets caught in her radar. Footage from the video will also appear in a Candie’s television commercial which will debut later this summer along with the print ads in September magazines. Check out the video for “Radar” and shop Candie’s exclusively at Kohl’s department stores. Tell us: What do you think of Britney’s new Candie’s Ads?


Courtesy of Candies

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Angee on

I like her this way. She’s beautiful!

Snowball Le on

Loving the new fall look Brit-Brit!!

Snowball Le on

Beautiful, stylish and fun Candie’s Ad.

Brittany on

She looks like she is in pain or about to cry in that second one… not her best look if you ask me

Jennifer on

my goodness, this is great! MY GOD WHAT A TURN AROUND!

kate on

That’s the britney we like to see. Not the one who looks dirty and unclean.

nicole on

awesome!! I am so glad to see her doing better for both herself and her boys!

Diane on

She looks like Brooke Hogan, especially in the second photo.

Pamela on

Love those boots!!!

Christine on

I dont think it even looks like her. I think she should of kept the dark locks for the shoot.

Angie on

Are those boots from Candie’s

sam on

She looks stunning & gorgeous, as always! I’m so proud of her. :) Loving the new styles too! <3

Allison on

It doesn’t look like her… It actually looks some what like Brooke Hogan…. Altho it looks good… it doesn’t look like Brit

shopr247 on

her hair looks like the pink straw below! there’s not an ounce of fierce in the pics!

karen on

She looks nothing like herself, regardless of the style. What ever they did in Photoshop and with her make up makes her look like a different person.

Tina on

Great job by the make up artist, hair stylist and, especially, photoshop airbrusher. How much longer do we fool ourselves that any ad is natural? Come on girls, we all want to be sold a dream, just don’t believe this is real.

MW on

Way too photoshopped. Doesn’t even look like her.

Kristy on

I disagree, I think they made her look like Brooke or Linda Hogan! Hair’s too bleachy blonde. Just saying.

Nina on

Wow, she really looks amazing! Bravo, Britney! It’s good to see she is well.

Ashley on

This is so airbrushed it isn’t even funny lol.
I still got love for the crazy brit-brit though :)

maya on

She looks beautiful – and healthy! I really hope things in her life are better now.

KJC on

It doesn’t look like her… mind you, she does look better than she has these last few years.

While the Candies products she is wearing are nice, this ad does nothing to make me want to buy them.

TGorden on

She’s so pretty, you can see that she’s turning into a beautiful woman! Good for her.

Shauna on

Wow, Britney is heavily under the influence of airbrushing….. it would be nice to see imperfection instead of fake beauty..let freedom ring people!

Dena on

OMG. It looks NOTHING like her. The previous posters are right.. she looks just like Brooke Hogan in these pics. I can’t believe they would even publish these…If I didn’t know it was Britney and just saw these ads in the paper or magazine, I would not know it was her. HORRIBLE airbrushing.

LBW on

She looks great, but they cut off the shoes!

Blysse on

They seriously touched up the photos or she at least had a nose job. The second picture looks vaguely like her and she isn’t this skinny in real life. Yeah she looks good, but she doesn’t look real.

Brooke’s Gossip | The Ladies Room on

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bethy on

Will be buying these for my daughter this fall!!

Ali on

I am not a huge Brit fan, but she looks fantastic and I hope she is doing as well as she looks in her personal life. She deserves it.

Lisa on

How much airbrushing did it take for those photos – doesn’t even look like her!!!!

LiLa on

That might be Britney’s body but whose head is that?

Samantha on

Even if shes half crazy, one thing you can’t deny, she is an incredibly beautiful girl. Shucks, i’d kiss her just like Madonna did:)

Samantha on

You dolts, every ad is airbrushed and i’m pretty sure everybody is aware of that without you telling us. Still, shes beautiful and i detect envy among some of you sad sacks.

EB on

What an airbrush job! It barely looks like her. Thank God we have so many people employed to airbrush celebrities these days. (rolls her eyes)

j=ann on

Oh my, she’s the prettiest person I ever seen in my whole life. I’m jealous :(

tc on

She’s starting to look old. There’s a lot of airbrushing.

Matt on

Why didn’t they have her smile?? She has a gorgeous smile. In that second one, she looks completely uncomfortable.

angelaone on

Looks awesome! Keep the weight off Brit – if you do, you are the hottest girl on the planet.

AJ on

She looks good! I love the first photo. I don’t care for her facial expressions on the second photo. But glad to see her clean and clothed with her hair BRUSHED!

emily on

She looks good!! I’m so glad she’s getting back on track. Her hair looks really fake, but that’s nothing compared to her problems from a few months ago.

Whitney on

She’s absolutely beautiful!

Katherine on

where’s the hulk?? they turned her into brooke hogan, the poor girl

Lynn on

These pictures don’t even look like her! Especially the second one. I can’t believe they will run these ads like this. Horrible!! Not Britney’s fault.I think she looks great as she is. Why all the photoshopping????

lilsalgre on

I’m sure that they took a whole lot of pictures at this shoot and these were the best ones!? Can you imagine what the others looked like?! Too much airbrushing.

danielle on

she kinda looks like brook hogan

Robert on

WOW! I know there was probably some “Photo-shopping” done but She looks amazing! The best she’s looked in a while!

Cutie on

I’m not impressed…Needs a serious makeover…Reach out to Kim Kardash…

Kate on

I think Britney looks beautiful. Someone should fire her hair stylist though!

Lauren on

It doesn’t even look like her in the 2nd photo – definitiely too much airbrushing

toria on

photoshop much?

anita on

She looks great and goes to show you that even though she finally has on more clothes, she looks attractive and sexy than if she is wearing less!!

stacey Lu on

She looks different….much cleaner and more grown up. Something her boys can be proud of.

Tink on

Her face is so square it looks NOTHING like her…
OVER air brushed…
but she def does look better with cloths on en no guava for the world to see…

Denise on

She looks so much better. Classy. She finally looks like a lady.

Nicole on

I think she looks like a very attractive MOM.
She looks very pretty and the ads are great.
She looks so cleaned up and like a person her age.
Hope she keeps up the good work.

catshy on


amham on

I didn’t recognize her! I thought she was Brooke Hogan…

Leslie on

I thought it was Brooke Hogan when I saw the pictures.

viviana on

the person who said brit looks like brooke hogan must be blind. brit looks fabulous!!

a on

SHE DOES LOOK LOKE brllke hogan

A on

She is so photoshopped, it looks like a painting, not good

Lisa on

She looks so much better this way – classy.

Megan on

When did Brooke Hogan get a nose job? Ick.

Mel on

That looks NOTHING like her. Looks like a smaller Brooke Hogan…

erica on

i think she looks like Hulk Hogan’s daughter – brooke. her nose looks big in this pic. its nice that she finally has clothes on tho. =)

REN on

ok..everybody moans and groans when shes naked then moans and groans when she tries to clean up and look classy..i think she has come a long way and looks wonderful..keep up the good work!

Lisa on

She looks great in the first ad, but is at an awkward angle in the second.

Is it just me, or is her face photoshopped?

krh on

I think she looks really beautiful and put together in these adds. A great move. But I barely recognize her anymore. She’s aged so much. Definitely not the young Britney anymore. But she looks great!

AutumnBottom on

Those pictures are great but I am not so sure that is Britney Spears. The first one ALMOST looks like Britney but the second looks like a hot girl version of that dude Brooke Hogan.

Wendy! on

she looks good!! :)
She looks luke a barbie doll. :)

Tracy on

okay, too much air brushing, and way too blonde – she looks fake.

Courtney on

Very beautiful!!! LOVE BRITNEY!!!!!

leslie on

it looks nothing like britney spears to me…

Janet on

Wow she looks too airbrushed eeewww

camren on

She looks uncomfortable to me. Could it be the hot pink spray painted hey shes laying on?

Em on

it doesn’t look like her! what is up

liz on

is it just me or does she resemble brooke hogan???

Kathie on

Her face looks a little weird in the 2nd one…but I think she’s the perfect spokesperson for Candies! Great job Brit! ♥

MK on

ummm to me shes looking like carrie underwood?

Brittany on

I’m sorry happy Britney is doing better. She looks very pretty in these pictures. **I ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN YOU BRIT**

Valerie on

She looks like an adult… And I don’t mean that as a putdown… I like it :) She looks good and should stay blonde.

Cindy on

It does not even look like her. Bad airbrush job. She totally looks like Brooke Hogan (and that is not a good thing).

Frank on

I know it’s her, but I agree I don’t think it looks like her. I think she looks like Shannon from Danity kane.

Steph on

I would have to agree with Diane – She looks like Hogan in the second one – not really like herself. Pretty in both though, a better look for her!

sabina on

Omg britney looks beautiful LOLx she looks even more pretty than when I saw her in concert ! I love you britney !

Wakawa on

Someone posted below that she looks like Brook Hogan. ( a much smaller version) I totally agree. I have never seen her look like this not bad but her mouth needs a little color!

Showbizzlet on

She does look REALLY good!

Gen on

Yeah, it doesn’t look like her at all.

amrit on

Britney looks amazing and beautiful. Absolutely stunning, love this photoshoot. Yes they might of photoshopped some pictures a bit but I believe most of it is from her, she is a beautiful girl afterall. So everyone needs to stfu for saying she looks horribly photoshopped.

Mina on

Wonderful! She looks great and it’s awesome to see her turn her life around for her family, if not for herself!

AMP on

It’s amazing what make-up, some clothing and photoshop can do!

Kayla on

As much as I love Britney, does anyone else think this looks nothing like her??

Mina on

And to all of the people hating on her STOP. Every photo you see, even a lot of the paparazzi photos in tabloids are airbrushed or photoshopped. Just accept this fact and be happy for Britney, she’s working really hard to be a good mother and clean up her act. All these incriminating people are either jealous or take some sick pleasure in putting others down. If you can’t say anything nice, keep it to yourself.

Jessika on

What a nice surprise, Brit’s back to looking classy! Love it and want more of it!

Peter on

It doesn’t look anything like her.

chloe on

airbrush much?????

lisa on

she’s too old for candies

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Amber on

She looks airbrushed.

misangel on

i should say this look screams respectable and mature. way to go brit!

honestchitchat on

I love the sophistication. These pictures say I am beautiful and hot but respectable.

Andriel B Cervantes on

I think it’s her and she only looks different because of less make up and a serious expression. I love her all over again.

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kyg2 on

thats beautifull , britney is the best….

Karin on

Oh my god, do you seriously think anyone would look like that? They’ve photoshopped half of her weight away in those pictures. Her butt, thighs and feet look ridiculously small. She’s very pretty without any kind of manipulating!

Ana on

She looks very fit, but her face does not look like her…I guess she is growing up…

britneyfan on

they always use photoshop to make commercials

britneyfan on

they used photoshopped on those pictures
i hope you know that
it doesn’t even look like her
i hope someday Britney realized she don’t need photoshop tricks.

britneyfan on

i hope you people realized its photoshopped
BUT Britney is beautiful even without photoshop

Elizabeth Hollis on

i really like seeing her back on her game. Shes Beautiful, and is a great endorser, BUT, if she was smiling, she would have made the ad look brighter and more happier.

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[…] Britney said, “I was so excited to wear Candie’s in my ‘Radar’ video. I especially loved their jeans and cute dresses which were perfect for the theme of my video.” […]

Misty on

Dunno who invented Photoshop, but Britney owes that person A LOT.

josh on

she’s so beautiful , love her


i though it was brooke hogan…it doesnt even look like brit

Smash on

airbrush much???

MEL on


schneider on

She’s look so pretty!!!! love you!!! gorgeous!!!!

Lauren on

she looks old

Cassandra on

I love britney she looks beautiful

lukas on

Ela ficou muito linda, digno de uma rainha !!!

Pamela on

Wow. I thought it was Hulk Hogan’s daughter.

Dee on

My god! her face does not look the same….

carly on

WOW! Talk about photoshopped..this picture is ridiculous..looks nothing like Britney..i saw the orginal..he but was wider and her belly showed in the picture. She is a pretty girls so why would u change her soo much? Absolutely ridiculous!

Paul on

I love reading all the girls ranting about how it is airbrushed. Hey airbrushed or not, she looks great! Great for her for having such a turn around. Never been a fan, but so far she is proving everyone wrong. Keep up the great work girl!

Heidi on

why does she look like Broke Hagan here?

Halley on

whats going on with her face? The woman in the pictures is pretty, but I dont think it looks like Britney Spears at all. Too much airbrushing.

Ellie on

This looks horrible!!! There is no way that I would have guessed it was Britney by the photo. Whoever ok’d these to be released should be fired. At least when you airbrush you keep the person looking like themselves and not another celebrity. . .Brooke Hogan.

What a disaster!!!!

Yhonny E on


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spiderpoman on

Love those styles and boots!

violet on

I bet she wishes she REALLY looked like that!

Pau on


WhatOriginality on

“In her new video, Britney becomes intrigued by a handsome player at a polo match who ultimately gets caught in her radar.”

Dang, sounds JUST LIKE every other Britney video!!! Take away the polo, and you have the blueprint for a super-generic female pop singer video right there.

Evelyn on

I have never seen her look so good. I love Britany Spears, glad to see that she does again too:)

Arianna on

She looks fantastic!! She really should keep this look, some people may say she looks like a Bubble Gum Pop star, but its how she looks good. She begans looking like a train wreck when she dies her hair dark and gains alot of weight, here she looks amazing!

Ang on

It doesn’t even look like her……..Goes to show how superficial we have become.

dana on

she looks old vv old
and the werid thin shez werin a teenge girlz clothes :s
her make up rwined it

missladyluck on

wow she looks so mature in that photo, man it’s been a long time.

Ms Charles on

she looks like Brooke Hogan..too made up def fake looking

Dominique on

omg that doesn’t even look like her!she looks plastic.

Dominique on

omg that doesn’t even look like her!

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molly on

is it just me, or does she just look….different? i don’t know WHAT it is, but she looks a LOT like anna faris…

Kim Young on

im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since i was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. luv ya britney

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Jaimes Dunn on

there would be no other pop star that is as sexy and talented as Britney Spears. this girl is really amazing, she was popular in the 90s and even today.

brentthew on

can we do anymore airbrushing on the photo’s please.i remember they used to shoot the shoes in a photo shot. Whatever happened to that concept.

machula on

this is the best photoshop/airbrushed pic i’ve seen of brittany

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