Kim Kardashian Puts Her Closet On eBay for Charity

07/01/2009 at 10:39 AM ET

Gabriela Maj/Getty

Want to dress like Kim Kardashian? Well, not only can you snag some of the stylish star’s fashions directly out of her closet, but you can help the Dream Foundation, the first national wish granting organization for adults suffering from life-limiting illness. The star has put select pieces of new and gently used clothing up on eBay to help benefit the organization, which seeks to enhance the quality of life for individuals, and their families, at the end of their lives by realizing a final wish. Kim explains, “I love to be able to pass along some of my favorite pieces to someone else who will get to enjoy them as much as I have. I even have many items I never had a chance to where yet. A few times a year, I bring my outfits, shoes, and accessories to Auction Cause who puts them on eBay for me.” Click here to check out all of Kim’s items on eBay, and click here to find out more about the Dream Foundation.

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Penny on

I love when celebrities do something for the good of the world, and not just themselves! Yay Kim!

andrea on

It is really good to see people giving back and helping others. Good Job Kim!

btw…someone needs to proofread before posting these articles….. It should read ‘wear’ not where.

Trish on

*Hugs Kim* She’s another celebrity that’s sincere and has a good heart. Thank you Kim, for doing this!

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David on

No one has an ass big enough to fit in her clothes. Who’s gonna actually where Kim Kardashian’s jeans?

Shamaila on

Does anyone know the designer of the necklace Kim is wearing in this picture? I love it

jenn on

love the clothes however it would be nice it they weren’t going for $700. the average person would love to wear this stuff BUT can’t afford least i can’t and i work 2 jobs!!! good job though

Katy Ladin on

The word “Where” should be spelled “wear” in : ‘I even have many items I never had a chance to where yet.”

Asa on

She probably can’t wear them anymore since she claims she lost so much weight, so why not do it for a good cause if that’s the case.

steph on

She’s giving a mere 10% of the proceeds. This is an easy way to buy cheap publicity. If she really cared about the charity it would be closer to 100%- ebay fees.

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Lisa on

I just checked out the items for sale. Only 10% of the proceeds from each item actually goes to the charity. Only 10%!!! So I guess Kim gets the other 90%. What a crock. If you really want to do something for charity then ALL of the proceeds should go to charity. She lives the high life, why not?

Barbara on

Good for her, but can someone tell me why she considered a celebrity?

Bubbles on

I love, love, love, Kim. She seems to be so sweet and it is just like her to do something so helpful. Kudos Kim

Diamond on

Im a really big fan of kims. i think it is good that she is doing that for charity. I hope they do really well. Good Job Kim, forgiving back to the community.





Brett on

10%? What a bunch of bull this story is. I just cleaned out my closet and GAVE all of my clothes to MUST Ministries. She seems to be another I am better than you so you need to pay for my charity work person.

Katie on

She’s only giving a small percentage of the sales to charity, the rest goes to her. If she really cared she would give 100%.

cathy on

If you can’t afford the items on E-bay, check out Dream Foundations website and donate to such a great cause on your own to help fulfill a terminally ill persons last wishes for happiness!!

Tastemaker22 on

Thats too funny I just ordered that teeth whitening system from The Kardashians looks good

quynh on

How can she be in sizes 6,7,8,and 9 shoes? clothes’ sizes are different, I can understand. Is this a scam?

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[…] I love to be able to pass along some of my favorite pieces to someone else who will get to enjoy them as much as I have. I even have many items I never had a chance to where yet. A few times a year, I bring my outfits, shoes, and accessories to Auction Cause who puts them on eBay for me." […]

Jo on

Ebay says that only 10% of the final selling price is going to the Foundation. Kim is going to retain 90% of the price for profit!!!

maya on

Can’t she fork over more than 10% to the charity? If she really cared, she’d take less of the proceeds and donate the majority to the foundation.

L Cook on

It would be nice if all profits were going for charity and not a portion of the profits as the items state on ebay.

ME on


Ruth on

She is only donating less than 15% of the proceeds …. she gets all this coverage for ‘giving’ and it’s a scam …. People should be ashamed of giving her free press for such a paltry donation.

Frances on

Only 15% is being donated, so not really newsworthy if you ask me. A lot of people donate that much of their income and you do not see them getting publicity for it!

Sandy on

The Charity only gets 10% of the final bid on her offerings. If this really was a charitable donation she would of donated 100% of the proceeds.

Amy Davidson on

I think that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl. I just can’t believe she wears a size 2 or 4 or 6 for that matter. I was looking at some of the sizes and they are all small or x-small. She is not a small or x-small girl. This really puzzles me. I think designers sew in smaller sizes so celebrities won’t have to accept they may be bigger than a 2 or 4.

colleen on


Mee on

On ebay you can red “A portion of the proceeds benefit the Dream Foundation”! This article is a joke, I guess she har run out of money and is using the foundation to make a few more dollars. Why not donate all of your close?

killzone661 on

i relly wish more celebs would do more for for all the people who truley need it

killzone661 on

kim is showing how it is done to truly do something good

Callie on

Did anyone mention that only 10% goes to the charity??? So of her Chanel purse that’s currently going for $1035, only $103.50 will go to charity, the other $931.5 will go to her! Does she really need all that money? Even 50% would be better!

Barbara on

What a great gal….gives only a lousy TEN PERCENT, LESS ADMIN FEES to charity. The rest goes to her and her family. Give me a break!

daysee on

I am sure that someone has a ass that is a big as Kim’s to fit into her jeans.

carla on

I agree with the BIG 10% donation..the entire family and Reggie Bush sells junk they don’t want or get for FREE….can they be that hard up for cash..Give 100% to charity..I am sure Bruce Jenner is a millionaire ..I know Reggie is ..geezzz

Mary on

Some things to clarify here:

1) jenn: the reason why the Kim’s clothes are seemingly so expensive on eBay is because SOMEONE was willing to bid that much for it. The prices you are seeing represent the latest bid on an item. You DO know how eBay works, right?

2) No one wears the same size consistently in all clothing and shoe brands. A size 7 shoe in one brand may be a size 9 in another. Not all clothing is cut and sized the same–the same thing applies to shoes. Even sizing can vary within the same brand.

3) Like it or not, Kim is a celebrity. This means she most likely receives a lot of clothing as gifts. Unfortunately, gifts don’t always fit, and for celebrities, they are often in size XS or 0-4. Just because something was in her closet does not mean she has worn it. If you click through some of the auctions, you can see that some of the stuff is marked “New”.

she' on

Who cares if it’s 10% or 2% it’s sumthin. If she gave nothing u would talk about her too. And gave any of u seen her in person? Well I have and she is a very tiny girl. Curvy does not mean plus size! Grow up stop being so jealous!!

Meredith on

I was bidding on some of this stuff since it was for a good cause and the items have been cancelled by the seller. Now you can’t bid on anything.

HNA on

10% TEN PERCENT Minus a small deduction is what the Ebay listing says. This is hardly Kim doing something out of the goodness of her heart. She is probably MAKING more money on these items than she actually spent!!!

SHAME ON KIM and SHAME on for promoting her Ebay sales for her…..

I am very disappointed.

Meredith on


Everything I was bidding on was cancelled. You can still bid on the expensive stuff.

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thfire on

Though I wouldn’t waste my time bidding them, thats really a good thing to do.

Sara on

wow. i honestly thought this was katey segal when i first looked.

Dani on

I’d LOVE to see some of your comments when you see how much some of those USED clothing are going for…LOL I saw a 1,400 dress… Who here is gonna buy it? Charity or not…

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Jess on

I don’t understand how all of these clothes are a size 2, 4, or xs, s…she’s supposed to be a “curvy” girl. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks great, I just have a hard time believing that these clothes were actually hers. Additionally, her jeans come in size like 27…a 27 inch waist typically puts someone in a size 8.

cas on

Just a VERY SMALL % goes to charity. She is trying to make herself look good while making herself a pretty big paycheck.

Richard on

Kardashian should shipped to Alaska with Sara Palin.

Arthritistreatmentlab on

Kim Kardashian is super duper sexy. just check out her boobies and booty.

Arthur on

Kim Kardashian is so sexy. I love her exotic beauty and her voluptous body. I only wish that she was taller though.

Renee on

I agree with alot of you. She’s not donating ALL the proceeds, just a small percentage. I’m sorry but that’s just sad, she has millions of dollars and can’t donate it all, totaling probably a couple grand, big deal it’s pocket change to her?! SADDD if you really care about a charity, you would donate all of it.

Maurice on

thats real good.. maybe she should also sell reggie bush for charity, she would make some money haha; she giving him away for free.

Maddison Richards on

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