Wanna Get Adam Lambert's Pompadour? His Stylist Shares the Secrets

06/15/2009 at 02:39 PM ET


Adam Lambert rocks one of the most versatile heads of hair in the business, and when the singer hit the Young Hollywood Awards in L.A. last week, we had to know how he got his new Elvis-worthy pompadour. Luis Payne, senior stylist at the Hairroin Salon, for Sebastian Professional — and Adam’s long-time friend — touched up the star’s hairstyle before he hit the stage, and is sharing with PEOPLE.com the steps he used to perfect Adam’s look. First, Luis emulsified a few pumps of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber onto his fingertips. Starting at the ends of Adam’s hair, he worked toward the roots before sculpting the hair into a swept-back shape. He then created separation where needed with his fingers, and gave it hold with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray. Adam’s hair change-ups are nothing new, according to the stylist, who for years leading up to Adam’s run on American Idol, worked with the star for stage shows. “He always comes to me with some erratic idea that I need to implement quickly before his performance,” Luis says. Tell us: Which of Adam’s hairstyles is your favorite?

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bridgette on

As much as I love Adam, don’t you think it’s a little overkill of information, to interview his hairstylist. WHat is he going to tell us, that Adam has dandruff.

Mayte Cruz on

I love anything that Adam does with his hair, but this look is hot. It is just another way that proves how much of a chameleon he is. I cant wait to see more!

priscela on

love adam lamber-his voice?looks and his hair- hes so perfect human being -oh his good attittude asw ell.

Chris on

I absolutely adore Adam lambert, he is the hottest thing around and looks good all of the time, however, this is the only hairstyle that I have seen that I really don’t care for, but I think all of the other ones were awesome, definitely a big fan of Adam and hope he becomes the icon he should be.

eve on

i prefer his FINALE, “BORN TO BE ALIVE” or “FEELING GOOD” looks.

JudiK on

I like the spiky look the best, but he would look good bald!

Sher on

I love the look he did when he sang the Sam Cook song “change is gonna come”
He looked like a tall hunk of stardom. So rich and lush and and and….wow pow…. it was spot on.

Gab on

I actually really love this look on Adam. I mean, he looks sexxy in just about any hairstyle, and I especially love his finale hairstyle, but this suits him very well. I like the cleaned up look :)He sure has a good head of hair and I am absolutely in love with Adam!!

Nancy Digiacomo on

I think he looks good in all his hairstyles. This hairstyle is o.k. but I think The elvis style he had when he sang tracks of my tears was great because it was longer and swept back and also when he sang black or white where it was spiky and longer around his face. I also liked when he sang whole lotta love with that hair style. He looks good no matter what hairstyle though.

Tammy Test on

I think Adam looks good in all hair styles and I love the way he dresses. And his heart of gold. and the way he laughs.and his baby blue eyes.

Phili on

I like his hair more on his face. The pulled back look isn’t for me, but whatever.

Susan W on

1. The hairstyle he wore during the finale – from donning the angel wings to that magnificent Cavalli jacket. PERFECTION! 2. Love the longer, wispy strands around his face. 3. Pompadour – “If I Can’t Have You” and “Crawl Thru Fire.”

Mizzdawn on

The look I like best is when his hair is “messed up”, like he just got out of bed..it drives me crazy.

Elaino on

Really now we want to hear about Adam & music not hairstyles~~~boring~~~hope z boring stuff dies down, I mean love Adam b/ really this is not w/ we want to hear about~~~~

Rayna on

Adam is hot either way. He has the cutest baby face, beautiful eyes, killer smile, bangin’ bod… just look at him!!! My fave style on him tho is when he spikes his bangs over his forehead and it sorta covers his eyes. But no matter what his hair looks like, let’s face it! He’s a hot guy!

Arianna on

This guy is super hot! He is meant to be famous. He has a killer voice, beautiful eyes, a great personaity and an adorable smile! His hair always looks good! I loved his hair in “Slow Ride”, when he performed with KISS, when he sang “Black and White” and like a million other performances. He looks super good with his hair the way it is above, but come on, does he every really look bad?? Adam could look good bald!!

Christina on

I absolutely loved his style all the way around, when he sang “One”, by U2. He looked so pure, so sweet, so lovable and so innocent. And Adam, I don’t care what your sexual preference is. You’re tops in my book. And a word of advice, Please don’t change too much. We fell in love with the person we saw and heard sing in American Idol. Don’t lose that personality because that is the most beautiful part of you, aong with your voice that is. Lots of Love!

Carol on

I like the spike in your face look. The pompadour is okay but don’t really like it. Don’t overdo the eyeliner, you have such beautiful eyes let us see them. Please don’t change the way you are, that is what is so appealing. It’s sad when alot of the artists change from the first time you see them. Now, on to the music and the shows!!!

lola on

Elvis style of course. When he sang Tracks of my Tears. He was looking fine to go along with the great singing. The clothes were right on target also with the Elvis look. I love Elvis and Adam!

juliequinnell on

i love adam lambert, his hair his style, his voice, whatever he wears he looks great. He will go very far in his career and can’t wait to see what he does. He is an awesome person and the look i love the best is between two the song black and white, and of course satisfaction . He is wonderful, i love you adam.

bille on

This is in response to the 1st comment on this blog.

Of course Adam’s hairdresser should be interviewed. Everything (and everyone) Adam touches is going to turn to gold. After all, doesn’t everyone remember Allison stating on AI Rock Nigh that she went to Adam’s hairdresser? After Allison said that, I, myself, was curious who his hairdresser was. And now I know. I believe he is going to start getting a lot lot lot of business. Wouldn’t you want to have your hair done by Adam Lambert’s hairdresser? I would!

bille on

And oh yeah. My favorite hair on Adam was his audition. OMG. That’s when I fell in love with watching Adam. He just had that “it” factor.

Glamb#19 on

I love his hair when he sang “Born To be Wild” I think he just get a haircut that time! Now is a bit too short I think but still looking good!

sylverine on

Hi – fabulous hair, fabulous person! I like most of his hairstyles, but my favorite is the longer, shaggier, more natural yet trendy look he had at the beginning of American Idol. I like him more wild, less sculpted I guess!

Misty on

I like Adam with longer hair, like when he sang Satisfaction and Black and White. This hairdo doesn’t suit and he looks too much like the drummer for Greenday.

Lynn on

I love all his styles! I wish that I knew how to do all those different things with my hair. My favorites though were the “Tracks Of My Tears” and “Ring of Fire” hairstyles. HOT HOT HOT. I love you, Adam.

Laurie on

I Love Adam in a suit and slicked back hair!

Doug on

Who cares??? This is such a waste of time and bandwith! Isn’t there anything else to report on? Gay or not, this guy is a waste of media space

Jmac on

Adam Rocks! He is just a charismatic, hot guy. My favorite hair style is like it was in the final show. He was gorgous!! Doing “Mad World” he was magnificent and also singing with Queen.

Jmac on

LOL! Doug you jealous?? Nobody made you look at this webpage :-)

jmp on

I am a 54 yar old hairstylist in northrn california and I LOVE Adam’s hairstyle/hairstyles. KUDOS to his hairstylist.

Marianne on

I really love Adam’s style but REALLY disliked this pompadour! I loved his longer spikey “Emo” look. He really looked hot!Please grow your hair back Adam!

Sandy on

I love Adam in whatever style he wears, though this particular pompadour is low on my list. The slicked back pompadour he wore on an earlier episode looked better on him. I especially liked his hair at the finale show, kind of spikey, and the way he had his hair when he wore the white suit. I love him in black and especially the black leather–very Elvisesque!

Maria on

Eh, not crazy for this look, a bit too much it is un natural for his looks a bit of an eek factor – his Idol look -straight side swept hair is most becoming, sexy and appealing.

08girl on

yeah i’d rather not copy his hair-do. i didn’t like him before but now he’s just a moron.

Paula C on

I think he has the greatest head of hair in the business. It always looks great. What I really like is that he spends time and thought on how he looks. “Every girl is crazy for a sharp dressed man’. He is my style guru. I first fell in love with him when he sang “Black and White” on AI. The blue leather jacket, the spikey hair, the beads, and the boots.

Glambertfan on

It fascinates me how one person can have so many different looks. My personal fav is the Emo style.

Lisa on

Adam’s hair is always fabulous b/c HE is fabulous.

fandomatic on

The pompadour gives Adam height, sheds a few pounds and shows off his cheekbones. It’s fabulous, too.

Sylvette on

I’ve liked every hairstyle I’ve seen on Adam. But the one he wore to the Young Hollywood Awards is my favorite. It just screams out to be tousled and played with.

Tammy on

Adam looks good even with no hair! He’s lucky because he doesn’t need plastic surgery.

Lindajean139 on

I like them all. I particulary love the one he sported in Ring of Fire. That was my favorite. But then again I like it when he has it his everyday look and you can see the blue streak. I like the pomp one too it is a bit more formal.

jamie hunt on

I love Adam Lambert. i dont care wat he does to himself i will always love him!!!

Lambert <3er

cindy on

I love the way Adam wore his hair in the finale of American Idol. I like his hair long rather than short. But, Adam can wear his hair anyway and I would love it, he is sooo handsome.

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Glambert 3153 on

I wasn’t really into the Young Hollywood style, but really liked the cut when he took Allison to his hairstylist….they both came back looking fantastic

ks on

hate this style
LOVE the longer emo style
Ring of Fire – perfect
Beth was nice too

hayllie on

i like all of his hairstyles-i like this one a lot though-it has a clean look to it and you can see those sexxy blue eyes-with that manly stern look to them with his sexxy eyebrows!-i also like the look with his hair in his faceand spiked in spots-and so you can see his blur highlight!-i love his colbat blue highlight…wats his favorite color anyway…is it blue?-black?-green?-grey?-silver?-red?-gold?-purple?-pink?[i doubt it…]-yellow?[maybe not…]

Elizabeth on

I agree with others, it doesn’t matter how Adam does his hair, what he wears, or what he sings. He is the “Chameleon King”, and whatever we see today will be changed tomorrow. Watching American Idol this Season grew to be something to look foreword to because each week Adam gave us something interesting, different, and memorable to enjoy. I am going to miss that. While his voice and vocal range are a rare treat to listen to, he is a true visual entertainer with great stage presence. I hope he records his concerts on DVDs for the millions around the world who will never be able to see him live…

Gamer on

All you people think this kid is hot but…. hes gay and like has no usefull skills other then making noise….. Why do people care how his stylist does his hair.

Dominique on

I adore everything about Adam.He has an amazing voice and a unique style.I think he can pull off any hairstyle.

robert on

he’s gay

Dee on

He is beautiful. Can wear his hair anyway he wants, but what he does need, seriously, is a good Dermatologist. He’s hiding alot behind all that makeup. Get help, Adam. You’ll be even more gorgeous.

Edie on

Chris is right. I don’t care for this look either. Liked all the others while on AI though. Especially liked hairstyle for “Born To Be Wild” and “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Although I think I liked natural look when he visited hometown of San Diego best of all.

Ashley on

As much as I liked Adam…THANK GOD KRIS WON!! I mean SERIOUSLY!! Adam totally over exaggerated his performances.

Brittany on


Sally on

I thought his look for the performance with Kiss was incredible. Hair perfection, eyes fantastic, everything.

patti g on

he’s so talented I dont think it matters what his hair looks like!

terry s on

the best hairstyle I lke best for Adam is when he sang Black and White. He just look so endearing and hot at the same time. I cant wait to see him perform again.,


WHO CARES!!!!! about Adam’s hairstyles!

Marty on

So, obviously, People magazine was NOT rooting for Kris Allen to win “Idol”…the articles about Adam Lambert have been excessive since his “loss”, and now we get to hear from his hair stylist! I know Kris is pegged as “the boy next door”, but can’t you show him a little love?

MarCanadaForAdam on

Are you kidding Marty! Kris is “hair” today, gone tomorrow. Adam’s the “mane” attraction. I love Adam’s hair any way that little old head wears it! He’s a hunk! And more than that, his voice is tops! Beautiful! At least Adam took the time and care to choose the right wardrobe, hair style and everything else to go with his Idol performances.

Babi on

NOT that hairstyle…ugh…the worst. What have you done to ADAM? HE needs to ditch this ASAP.
I’m sure he can see the photos.

cablecar on

>>DANNY GOKEY FAN said “WHO CARES!!!!! about Adam’s hairstyles!”

What is a Gokey fan doing in an Adam Lambert page??!! Are you interested with him too? Look for Gokey’s hairstyle article if he does have one.

seth on

MarCanadaForAdam, you are crazy. At least Marty is not bashing Adam. Kris is very good friends with Adam. Stop bashing Kris. We don’t know what will happen in the future. If you people keep belittling Kris I think he will more likely surprise you again with his album sales when released. Be nice.

carlyNYC on

ok i love adam however he does his hair and certainly appreciate that it is part of his self-expression/fun/performance as he morphs into the various characters he plays as he sings. BUT, sometimes those hairstyles definitely detract from his good looks and i sadly admit it bothers me! of course i think he looked magnificent in tracks of my tears (is that typical girl?), but i like him best in the longer more casual styles. actually it’s really more about flattering styles than styles where we all just go wow, how did the stylist do THAT? young hollywood awards, for e.g., or even 20/20, yes great hair but he did NOT look nearly as gorgeous/attractive in that “universal” way we all can appreciate. So Luis, i’m sure we have different tastes (and u R a master) but can u convince adam that sometimes the style is less important than his knock-out good looks?? he doesn’t need that much help!!

Starry on

Love Adam with all his fabulous looks, but, I must say – the style he had on the day of auditions when Simon says “it’s not good news, it’s great news” was perfection – “Satisfaction” when he flips his hair forward and it was so silky and shiney, “Ring of Fire”, his simple gorgeousness in “One”, “Mad World” wow! with dry ice, and that stardust eyes look with his Angel Wings singing “Beth”, I could go on and on……can’t wait for that studded shoulder, detachable tails, blue leather outfit – a true Aquarian!

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Lia on

Adam has it going on when it comes to style. He is an Aquarian like me and let’s just say that we know how to do it all well. Lol Love him to death!

teresa on

i have always thought that adam looks a lot like elvis and this style is hot on him he would look great bald hes just hot and cute and can pull any style off

Sammii on

JUst a comment on Sher’s comment, he ALWAYS looks like “a tall hunk of stardom”. I wouldn’t put it in those exact words, but yes he does. ALways.

Jamie on

Adam is so beautiful!

bodydetoxdiet on

Adam Lambert has great voice and his showmanship is superb. for me, he is already a winner because of his superb performance.

Dirty Frank on

What a bad ass Pomp, i will never watch those type of shows, but must admit that i am jealous of that hair

Carmen Ortile on

Adam Lambert should have been the winner on american idol, he is very talented and is a great performer but he did not win.

jen on

Love the spikey, emo, long-on-one-side look. Do not like the combed back styles, tho’I couldn’t
NOT like him, no matter what.

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