Lauren Conrad Goes Brunette - For the Day! Love It or Hate It?

06/15/2009 at 11:35 AM ET


Lauren Conrad is a California blonde through and through — except this weekend, when she tried out a short brunette bob created by star hairstylist Ken Paves while shooting in Los Angeles. Conrad took to her Twitter page to tell fans about the experience, twittering “Just finished our shoot. I got to wear a brown wig all day. It fun… Kinda like playing dress up.” The star struck poses outside the Marc Jacobs store in West Hollywood for Harper’s Bazaar looking a bit more Posh than her normal self. As sophisticated as Lauren looks as a brunette, we have to say that we prefer her with her normal long blonde locks. Tell us: What do you think of Lauren as a brunette? Should she dye her hair for real?

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Shanna on

hate it!

Stephanie on

she is pretty no matter what[:

Lana on

She looks so much better.

Tee on

Love her as a blonde… however, she is a BEAUTIFUL brunette!!! She is just so pretty :)


she looks good…both ways suit her!!! LOVE HER

A on

Like the color – hate the style.

tan on

I actually think she looks good! I admire someone that’s not afraid of change!

Meg on

Love the brown hair. Hate the fake tan.

Jess on

i love it!

amy on

the color is really pretty on her, but not digging the cut of the wig all that much.

Jess on

Love the color…love the style. She looks so much better brown! She looks more mature and sophisticated and I think she should make it permanent. She will probably be treated more like a mature adult rather than a young blonde.

Krissia on

LC looks hot, love the color

jordan on

looks like a wig

kristen on

Wow! She looks so beautiful!

Sue on

It’s a really fake-looking wig!

Undreyuh on

looks great! i love it, makes her look more gorwn up. fits her well

Hannah on

she looks so much better as a blonde, but a wig is a great way to try out a style/color, I think

claudia on

that is a bad wig, she should have put a skunk on her head instead of that bad looking wig!!

Maggie on

She doesn’t look bad as a brunette, it makes her eyes stand out but the wig itself seems like a disaster – a poorly made wig.

bad wig for her on

She looks great as a burnette, she could totally pull it off and look fab! However you’d think hollywood would beable to afford a much better wig!! It’s sooo obvious that it’s a wig it’s just looks really bad!

Mrs J.P. on

She looks good with either hair color!

Pantha on

She knows people are always taking her picture, why does she always look surprised that a camera is there snapping away. Smile for God’s sake, is your life really that bad?

Kate on

i love it!! it is sooo cute. she should dye it definatley!!

Ash on

i think she looks good!!! i agree that the style of the wig isn’t that great but the color does look really good on her.

LIZ on


giss on

she looks better with the blond hair, but she so pretty :)!!

kelly on


Kaycee! on

I love it! Its brings out her eyes, which are gorgeous.

Jenny on

I did not expect to like it, but I love it! I don’t think she should dye it … be natural … but it’s nice to know she can pull it off!

Julie on

I love the color on her. The hair style makes her look older and more mature. But she should toatlly dye her hair that color.

Ashley on

i think she looks cute.i think she looks good both blonde and brunette.

ally on

hair kinda. shirt, ew!

mel k on

it looks so fake!

Tamica on

like her better as a blonde but the darker hair brings out her eyes.

juddy on

me no likeyy…
stay blonde.

marisol on

better as blondee.

justcuz on

it’s hard to tell because the wig looks really awkward. her facial expression isn’t helping either.

Desiree on

YUK! that is a VERY bad wig.

boo on

love it

soSweet on

She looks like a drag queen

Daria on

Better as a blonde!

holly on

I like the brunette hair, I think it makes her look more mature(but not old). It brings out the blue in her eyes.

G on

The color totally makes her eyes pop even more!

Samantha on

She is gorgeous. I like the brown but you can tell its a wig. A different style would suite her more. I still prefer her blond though.

Shanalee on


Shanalee on


Ali on

I think she could pull it off, though, i do like a blonde

D on


DeAnna on

Wow!! she looks cute! I love it!

missa on

she looks like jessica & elzabeth wakefield from the sweet valley high series

Pamela on

I love this colour on her! It looks way better than the blonde. Her colouring is so much brighter with this colour. She should keep this colour, but change the style.

Steffine on

Way better blonde…

GoddessLu on

OK yuck. Why did she have to (a) pick the ugliest hair style and (b) the boxiest, ugliest sweater to debut a brunette do? Sabotage!

Peyton on


Lauren on

I like it. It is always good to try new styles and colors. I think she looks good.

tori on

She looks great either way. She always stands out in the crowd in a good way that’s why everyone’s always jealous of her.

tess on

I think the color is great, but not crazy about the cut. She is a doll either way. Love to see her having fun and doing so many new and different things.

Dawn on

blond, definitely blond…

maggie on

OMG!!!! she can pull off any look.

unkn own on

I also hate it. I am also not a big fan of her.

Marissa on

She can definitely pull it off if she wanted to. :)

Kiki on

Either way- love her!

Elle on

i think she looks fantastic

Jody on


Samantha on

If her hair was longer, I’d love it!

Raina on

She’s so pretty as a brunette but I prefer her long blonde hair.

Steph on

Love the color, not a fan of the style though. It looks like a wig and the part is weird.

gigi on

probably her natural hair color, lol….

lovin on


emily on

honestly, not that crazy about it. she looks like she dipped her head in coffee beans and a few inches of hair stuck in the can!

Niamh on

Ok, so the wig may not be great but look at the way the colour makes her eyes pop!!

ln on

i love it on her.she looks great.its nice to have a change once in awhile.

Aleshia on

I love it. She looks a lot older and like she has shed “The Hills” look into a more sophisticated business woman. Loving it!

Kristan on

WOW! I didn’t think she could get any prettier but I was mistaken. I love the look.

Baby Girl on

Love Her As A Brunnette!! She Look’s Very Nice!! =)

jesselynn on

I love the hair. Makes her look sophisticated and i LOVE lauren! I think that it would look great if she got it permantly or even in another style.

Nichole on

I REALLY LIKE IT!! It brings out the color of her eyes!!! Beautiful!

newlywedemt on

love the color…hate the style

Dawn on

Love the color!! It makes her blue eyes really stand out!!

Erin on

Love it. Makes her eyes pop!

Dana on

hate it!!!

Calvin on

She is hot and nice either way…

alice on

she is so fake and this color suits her because it looks like the rest of her …fake

kate on

yeah, she looks pretty no matter what

Ann on

The color works… she looks good as a blonde or brunette, it’s the wig that looks horrible. I’m sure more people would like it if the cut was different and it didn’t look so cheap

i eat kittens on

i like it.

Cami on

She looks so lost… Don’t worry sweetie, the brown comes off.

Allison on

95% of women look better as brunettes– this girl included.

Celetra on

I hate it. The way too dark fake tan as well.

jessica on

you look way better with blonde hair.

Renee on

I love it!! It really makes her eye’s POP!!

Ashley on

i love the colr but i also love her long locks!!! im not digging the “bob”!!!

em on

lauren is so beautiful naturally. i feel this color looks really nice with her skin tone but the cut does not look very professional, even for a wig. her normal blonde hair is just as beautiful though. she can pull of almost anything.

Natalie on

She looks great! Either way, blonde or brunette.

Carlotta on

she´s pretty but the hair is boring and too short….
don´t like it:(

2022 on


Cath on

She looks CRAZY. And not in a good way. On the upside, the dullness of the color matches her personality!

sam on

she is just a pretty person but if u ask me i like her much better in blonde

DoubleD on

Love the color, but the not so much the style. Long wavy brunette locks would be beautiful but her blond was beautiful too :) Either way she is beautiful :)

LC on

Hate it!

rock on

The wig is okay. It’s the jacket that has to go. I think my grandma has the same one.

Melissa on

She looks pretty no matter what color. Hate that cut though. The dark makes her eyes stand out more.

donna on

Hate it. Completely wrong shade for her skintone. And it brings out her mustache.

Tiffany on

Love it! She should keep it this color all the time.

Trish on

I agree with what someone said – the brown hair would look better on her skin without the fake tan. She just looks a little ‘muddy’. I kept looking at the hair and thinking it looks great, but something isn’t right. I think her tan looks better with lighter hair, and her brown hair would look better with a more natural colour. Something about a fake tan that is even more obvious with redish brown hair. She is very pretty though.

Sharon on

Who cares? It won’t help her acting any!

Christy on

I absolutely love it! It brings out the color of her eyes and she looks stunning. I agree with some of you who did not like the style but the darker hair tone is very nice.

Katie on

I think the brown sets her eyes off really well, but I don’t think she should change it permanently. She is beautiful no matter what, though.

Sarah on

LOVE IT! It really compliments her skin tone! Blonde is so yesterday…

menochez on

Forget about the hair! That blouse is hideous! and the bag and those shoes…WHO CARES?

Cole on


watermelonchapstick on

She actually looks a lot like Cameron Diaz. Not a compliment.

Charise on

I love it its really cute!!!!!!!

Marissa on

Lauren is just soo pretty! brunette really doesnt look bad on her, but i do like hr normal blonde color(: She rocks whatever!!

Jossie on

she look good as blonde or brunette
so it doesnt matter to me

ajdfkl on

MUCH better as a brunette.

Dominique on

Hate the style and the color.She definitely looks better as a blonde.

fade on

just wish she’d bleach/wax her upper lip…..

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Maryann on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! i’ll miss her on the hills

Stephanie on

Lauren, looks amazing as a brunette. I love it! She looks good as a blonde and a brunette. :)

lynyrd on

Again, the dark hair makes her eyes just pop. Lovelyl. However, that wig is horrid.


i lve it!she lokks like a barbie doll…nd lokks like she matureed more…nd is now a more a grownup nd more responsible kux sumtimes she has hairstlyes dat r for grls in high skoo or sum like i like it!


love it!

brittany on

she looks better as a blonde from laguna beach. young and natural.

Rosie on

She Looks Sooooo amazing no matter what colour her hair is, Love her x

mia on

oh wow! the color looks good. the cut looks ew.

Eva on

no, blond is much better in her face. idont know, but whit this hair she looks totally fake, sorry LC, take that wig off (;

Ashley on

I think she looks so fierce! Rock that brunette Lauren!

sabrina on

she always looks beautiful but looks SOOOOO much better as a blonde

tessa on

i prefer brown and with her normal herstyle! not this haircut and this clothes!

Bella on

Terrible as a brunette. I love her blonde hair!

Sunny on

quoto nick (soprattutto per i filtri apciplti alle foto, faccio la stessa cosa XD ).ragazzi, ogni tanto provo qualche gioco un po’ vecchiotto ma denso di stile e ne rimango ancora piacevolemnte colpito.shadow of the colossus, non sar questo florilegio di poligoni ma ancora in grado di incantare o quando giocai al primo sient hill, graficamente meno d’mpatto rispetto alla serie di re(che si giovava di dettagliatissimi sfondi prerenderizzari), eppure la suggestione artistica di quel titolo (che trovata geniale quelle “oscillazioni” della realt ) era di gran lunga superiore.giusto per fare un ultimo esmepio, pi attinente ai giorni nostri: quando presi zelda twiligt pricess ( il primo zelda a cui abbia giocato, se non il primo che abbia mai visto), speravo solo in una buona storia dato che sulla rete avevo letto molte critiche sulla componente tecnica.ora sar io che sono abituato male, che non conosco la serie appunto, ma a me sembra bellissimo, pieno di poesia e dettagli.poi, sar che sono vecchio (e, non scherzo, credo che sia davvero una componente che incide in maniera rilevante sul mio metro di valutazione) ma davvero non mi sento di puntare esclusivamente sul realismo visivo per giudicare l’aspetto di un prodotto (lo so, sembra un ossimoro ma vi risparmio la speigazione e altre 40 righe di post). che la forza sia con voi e con lavezzi.

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