Kristen Stewart's New Hairstyle: Love It or Hate It?

06/12/2009 at 10:54 AM ET


Kristen Stewart hit L.A. yesterday with a choppy black hairstyle that shouts, “I love rock ‘n’ roll.” And if you think that Kristen’s new look makes her a dead ringer for Joan Jett, there’s a reason: The Twilight star has just taken on a new gig playing the singer in biopic The Runaways, which is slated to hit theaters in 2010. The style is a far cry from the tousled auburn locks that she sports as Bella — what would Edward say about the new look? Tell us: How do you rate Kristen’s rock ‘n’ roll makeover?

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Pamela on

I hate it. She looks much better with brown hair. This colour washes her out. Totally unflattering!

Cate on

NO, Kristen.

You look like a drugged-out emo kid. Go back to your natural color, and wear a wig for the movie!!!

Hayley on

The new hairstyle is a total, epic fail. Kristen Stewart fails life

Jeanine on

I like it….brings out the green in her eyes.

Jennifer on

Have you seen Joan Jett??? This look is spot-on for her role. Kristen works it well.

Anita on

She looks much cooler now.

Sophie on

She looks beautiful She always looks beautiful.

Caitlin on

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats all i have to say

Trish on

Regardless of our opinions, celebrities as us all should do what makes them happy! I personally do not favor it but if it makes Kristen smile, that’s all that matters to me.

And regarding reader’s comments to these Style Watch articles, PEOPLE are asking for your opinions not your insults.

The majority of you readers are so childish and full of hate, that is really sad :(

Crystal on

I don’t like it for her but I think it’s great for the part.

KC on

I don’t love the style, but I don’t think it looks bad either.
It’s for a movie role, so why the heck not?!
Rock on Kristen!

Jackie on

I really don’t see why people think she is pretty at all. And this new hair style does absolutely nothing to help her.

Linda on

Why did they cut her beautiful hair and dye it this horrible color? Angelina Jolie had a black and blond wig in her new movie Salt and it looks really good on her. Why couldn’t the powers to be put Kristin in a wig instead of doing this hatchet job on her?

Amber Dragonfly on

Her name is Kristen not Bella, and she’s entitled to whatever color and hairstyle she deems necessary or desirable. Kristen is real, Bella is not! Rock on Kirsten!

Shelbie on

I think she looks better with brown, but its her own hair. I love her as a actress and I think she should stay with brown. Kristen you rock!!

Melissa on

I think she looks awesome! She looks badass and I think it’s kick ass that she isn’t wigging it out for the part. She’s hot.

Toccara on

People….it’s for a MOVIE role….I’m sure that if you had to do something for you’re JOB you’d do it. Gosh….get ya paper Kristen.

Lin on

I think it is great for the role she is playing. Actors change their looks for most films…why is this any different. It’s not her usual style but it works for the film. It’s cool that she would change her own hair and NOT rely on a wig.

Grice on

She looks hot either way. Let the girldo her thing to make her money. No one complained way to much when Demi shaved her hair for a role.

Lisa on

I like it, it dosent make her look so plain jane and baby girl looking. I think it makes her look Foxy.

loveghost on

No, its not look good on her .. I never say hate or eew, I want her to know the truth.. Thats all..

I know kristen hate it and she have no choice because of movie.. I understand how she feels she was cried and grief.. people give her an support.. She will go back to normal color long hair again.. Thats all I know for now..

loveghost on

No, it’s not look good on her .. I never say hate or eew, I want her to know the truth.. Thats all..

I know kristen hate it and she have no choice because of movie. I understand how she feels she was cried and grief. people give her an support.. She will go back to normal color long hair again.. That’s all I know for now..

Fiona on

I love the fact that she went out and physically got into her role as Joan Jett. It shows she is totally dedicated and serious about her craft. I think it’s the easy way out putting extensions or a wig in for a role if you can just cut your hair. Kristen is a real actress compared to all these wimpy wannabes. She is the revitalization of the next generation of actors. She’s showing them how it’s supposed to be done. We’re behind you Kristen! Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll all continue to watch!

Christina on

I don’t think it’s fair to judge an actor’s looks based on something she is doing for a role.

Karen on

ew she totally can’t work that. she is so full of herself too i bet she thinks she so cool ugh she sucks

Pamela on

Hayley, your comment is hilarious. I needed a good laugh.

sarah on

It looks good, she is and egdy girl and the look just plays up her personality

Bitty on

It doesn’t look horrible. It doesn’t look fantastic either. You do what you have to do if you love your job and you want your money. Yes, I think most of us agree that the brown looks better, but there is no need for these rude insults.

Diana on

Although it sports Joan Jett well. She looks horrid with the black hair!!! But then again she seems to have a lack in fashion all around….. did you see her MTV Awards outfit???? I love her acting but she needs to find a fashion consultant! Especially for big events!

TT2 on

In case you didn’t know – this is what Joan Jett looked like back in the day. If you go on the Runaways’ official site, you’ll see that this is what she’s supposed to look like. I don’t know if Kristen would pick this look for herself, but this is for the role and I totally respect her for that. I love Bella as much as any Twihard, but let’s be real. Kristen is playing a role. When she has to be Bella again for Eclipse, all she has to do is dye her hair back and get extensions, just like she did for Twilight and New Moon.

Missy518 on

Love it! Love Joan Jett and am looking forward to the biopic. Smarten up, people. Kristen is an actress and she could not have portrayed Joan with auburn hair.

jen on

It’s just HAIR people, get over it…what makes you all so high and mighty? AND it’s FOR A MOVIE ROLE for crying out loud. Who cares what you all think? She’s the actress and she’s the one making money, get over yourselves!

Debora on

Hate the picture — wind is blowing in her face, hardly letting us see the actual cut.

But, I luffff that she’s changing her hair style for a part! Shows that she’s dedicated with what she does /and/ that she’s getting in character early onish.

I’m sure by what we know of her, Kristen isn’t the sort of person to automatically slip into the role of Joan Jett. The hair lets her feel like a rocker.

Besides, this gives Kristen a new way to bond with her Twilight cast members once Eclipse starts up…she’ll most likely have a wig. ;)

aa on

Although it is unflattering, she looks just like Joan Jett, and it shows she takes her acting seriously. It will grow back, and shes still beautiful

Christy on

Well at least its not a mullet. She is dangerously close though!!

jae on

She’s playing Joan Jett people- of course she has to have this hair cut! And she looks hot! Go Kristen!

Telai on

EPIC FAIL. she looks uglier than ever!

Kate on

She’s a method actress & obviously wanted to transform herself to adapt to the part. She looks wonderful & I am sure it will look even better on screen in the biopic. MUCH better then a wig- how can you transform to play such an iconic individual without making sacrifices for the part. Stop judging her, this is for a role. She is a beautiful person regardless of hairstyle & a talented actress. I can’t even believe this is debatable.

Cindy on

I think it looks the part and does something extraordinary for her eyes!!! I can’t wait to see the “Runaways.” I thin it is so interesting how shy Stewart is until she is acting…then she IS the role dead-on

Kristen on

i don’t like it but I love her and the fact that she is really trying to get into her role as joan jett she is AWESOME I LOVE HER!

Amelia on

She always looks beautiful, no matter her hairstyle. I really think that even though people might not like it, it’s different, it reveals a different ”side” of Kristen. I think it suits her well, and that hairstyle makes her PERFECT for the role of Joan Jett. So even though if it isn’t as flattering, in her movie I don’t think the girl is exactly the girlie-girl. So, I really like it and it’s not her hair that make her beautiful as always.

Lexi on

i like it but brown is sooo much better krissy!!

laura on

if it’s just for the movie, then i get it. Joan’s hair was a rockin’ mess too. Kristin is really cute and has the “dark/grunge” look down. she’s cute, she’s young, she can afford to play w/ her hair. it’s for a movie so people need to start acting like she wanted it this way. get over it people! it will grow back.

Sam on

I do not like it. But I guess she had to do it for the movie. I just hope her hair is back to normal for Eclipse.

Usanee on

you look horrible in this hair-color, please change!!!

Branna on

I don’t like it.. it makes her look way pale! But at least it’s for a movie and not an all time thing. I’d hate to see Bella with black hair in the next movie.!

Lindsey on

Awesome. She’s hot, as always!

Jason on

She looks like a pale heroin addict. I must have missed the point of her movie, because I thought Twilight was one of the worst movies of the last 10 years.

Melissa on

Come on people…give her a break! It doesn’t look bad,its just different! I think she pulls it off just fine, and as soon as she is done filming, I’m sure she’ll go back to whatever style she feels most comfortable with! She is an actress, and after all is said and done, if the role requires a change….shouldn’t we, as fans, support her!!!!!!!!!!

Maia on

I like the color ….But it dooesn’t look good on her. it makes her look like a zombie.She should have just wore a whig for the movie. ew

Ali on

The black hair makes her look cold and unfriendly. She should stick with the warmer colors such as blonde or brown. Black hair + pale faces = yuck!

Madelyn on

She looks cute, but I do like her brown hair better.

Emily on

Actually, I just saw a full-face photo of The Runaways’ lead singer, Cherie Currie, and I think Kristin would be a dead ringer for her if she dyed her hair blonde!

Ash on

Her hair style sucks but its for a movie so therefore wasn’t completely her decision

Maitê on

Kristen looks amazing, she is so beautiful, this new hair style isn’t something that she chose, is for playing Joan Jett in the The Runaways and she looks awesome.
Kristen Rock on.

Jessica on

Who cares what it looks like? She did it for a movie. I’m sure if we got paid what she’s getting paid to do it, we’d cut our hair too…no matter what it looked like!!

Becky on

If it’s for a roll, she makes it work.
She’s still very pretty either way.
But after she’s done filming, she should definately dye it back. It looked much better before.

Maggie on

She looks fine works well, its not permanent its just for a movie… oh and insults are opinions Trish…you’re the one being childish.

lola on

i dislike kristen stewart’s new hair.
and i disliked her old hair.
she looks like such a bum all the time and her acting isn’t good. i’m entitled to my opinion and yes. this is it. they should have never chose her to act in the twilight series.

brenda on

I LOVE IT!!! i think its better than
bella’s look =)
i reallly like this darker look =D
she is SO COOL!

cmr on

1. The dark hair looks awesome with her fair skin and blue eyes.

2. It’s hair dye, people – once she’s done filming this movie, she’ll look like Bella again…CHILL!

Amanda on

I think it looks great. I think shes a great actress and really gets into all of her roles. Love her in all her movies!

Leana on

I love it coz its HOT!!!
Its just not DOne right right now, but when its all dolled up its going to be really Pretty, Edgy and SEXY.^_^

erin on

oh my gosh people.

number one, its for a MOVIE. she is being payed to act as joan jett. i would do it too. it isn’t a permanent thing and really, i doubt she cares if any of you like it or not.

number two, its HER head. who cares if you people like it or not? quit telling her to “go back brown.” she can do whatever she likes.

kdoll on

i don’t think she is even that pretty! Plus, having that black hair makes it even worse.

Leana on

Kdoll dont H8

Vanessa on

I really don’t like it, but if it’s for a movie and she’s trying to please her fans, it’s okay. I think she’s a wonderful actress and I love her. I also think she’s great for cutting her hair in order to play a role. If it were me, I’d use a wig. But, I do hope it grows back before Eclipse. :]

Anna on

Thank you Trish,glad someone said it.To make any movie believable actors/actresses try to mold themselves into the part they are playing,Kristen is no different.Maybe she went this far for this role because she got so much bad press for her playing Bella in Twilight,whatever the reason there is no need to be rude with comments.kristen is a very beautiful young woman and as I have seen she gives her all to whatever part she plays.

This look is interesting(neither good nor bad,just interesting.)

MD on

I loved her hair before,I felt it fit her great…but its hair and everyone else changes so let her be!

sgagne on

It’s not her fault… it’s for her movie. Her hair will be back to normal eventually for her Twilight sequal

Gina on

It’s hair!! It grows back. You haters have to get a life. Really get a life, it’s just hair.

Erica on

she really fits the part of a pot smoker. Washed up.
Maybe she should tan a little.

What a role model Kristen is.Pothead.

ataeman on

This is not a “makeover” it is for her role in her new movie as Joan Jett!!

carmen on

i think she looks cool to me i think she looks nice with brown and black and blonde she will always cool to me i think!!!!!!!!

carmen on

i think she looks cool to me she always does

Jay on

While I think she looks nasty with the haircut, I do understand it. Besides, she’ll need the authentic haircut to make up for her terrible acting skills. Some day people will see that she can’t act at all. I don’t think we’ll see Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett in The Runaways, I think we’ll see Kristen Stewart in The Runaways. If the Twilight Saga wasn’t a book series the movie would never have made it. Open your eyes people, every movie you’ve ever seen her in…it’s the same character she portrays! Ugh. So overrated.

stacy on

kristen yor hair loks horrible i agree with pamela you should wear a wig for the movie and change your hair back to normal you look emo an dead

nini on

will she ave her hair dyed bck for eclipse??
i mean it siuts her a bit.
but brown hair siuts her more
cnt wait for eclipse XxxxXxxX!!

girl 1 on

I don’t like it on her and feel thankful for her that it’s only for a movie role.

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maddy on

i like the color just not the cut

kayla on

i think she has had worse hair do’s before like in her other movie where she is looking up in a pink shirt and a white skirt she there looked like a drugie yet leave Kristen stewart alone its just a job and plus hair always grows out fast

Vanessa on

I love it, she looks like Joan Jett XD

evalynn on

the point of her haircut was to resemble joan jett, which i think she does look like her…
her hair will grow back and she’ll dye her hair back

Rena on

I think she nails Joan Jett and it is perfect for the part. Way to go Kristen! Rock this movie :)

True artist to physicially change and get into a part. I have no doubt that when it is time for Bella to reappear her hair will be gorgeous for that roll as well. She wore a wig piece for Twilight. I am sure with the expanded budget of the upcomming movies they will have great hair and make up and she will have Killer extentions. No worries :)

Dianna on

Love it! She looks great and beautiful as always. excellent choice to go ahead with the haircut instead of wearing a wig, after all she is an actress.

Leanna on

I like her better brown but it’s a good look for her. I think she can pull it off. I think it suits her style.

amanda on

the colour actually isn’t that bad in my opinion.. and it’ll grow back. And plus, for twilight they add extensions to her hair to play Bella anyways… so it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I’m excited to see how she plays Joan Jett

shida on

it looooks awesome can’t wait to see the new movie!!!!!!!

sylvia on

Hey I think she looks awsome and if she wants a new look, more power to her, she rocks it!

Bella Priya on

Oh my god! This is… emo! I mean, it’s just a movie……… right?!?

Abigail on

NOOOOOOOOOOO WAY!!! It just looks horrible now Stewart just messed up New Moon…. WHAT A FAIL U DOUCHBAG!! I still think the producer of Twilight could have gotton a better Bella but I also see their side Stewart does have drama in her. By the way ROCK N ROLL does NOT I REPEAT NOT fit Stewart…

Sunnye on

It’s part of the transformation to Joan Jett come on guys and gals give her a break until you’ve seen the movie.

Paige on

Kristen I think your trying to be someone your not…..and I don’t think thats you.But if you like it you like it….I just don’t think it gose with you.

I’ll always love you though!

melanie on

Saw the back of it yesterday and thought it was a horrible cut. But, wow she looks gorgeous! Makes her eyes pop and her face more dramatic. And yeah, Joan Jett easily!

Brenda on

Come on!!!! If anything Kristen is an artist. Artist get into their roles. So what if it looks like a mullet to some. HAIR will grow back! Its not like she shaved her head bald and tatooed it. Give the girl a break. I say— Go girl!! Your brave and talented and I will definately be waiting to watch anything you turn out!!!

Thea on

It looks like Joan Jett’s hair- and she is doing a part…don’t be so hard on her!

Kayla on

I think I need to see a better picture without her hand in the way, other than that I think it’s okay. She is going to have to watch the way her eyes look, they seem to be radiating gray right now. Whatever makes her happy :)

tiffany on

first, to everyone saying she failed, its for next movie role. I hate it but she had to do it for a movie and for the next movie it will be the same… so chill

annie on

some people are such idiots. the haircut is for a movie. she isnt put down a role b.c the hairstyle isnt “omg totally cute” give it a rest and get a life.

Jazmin on

She’s amazing. She cut her hair and dyed it for a character in a movie. And then when another actor wears a wig, everyone complains…

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Kate on

oh my god… she trying to be the new Billy Ray Cyrus?

Brhea on

woah there Kristen!you’ve gone a little too far.sorry but you do really need to wear a wig.Yikes!

Courtney on

not my favorite but she looks great as usual

jireh on

Kristen rocks!!.. She nailed the looks.! Only few people could still look beautiful with any hair.. And Kristen is one of them.. She still looks pretty.

Stevie on

I find it funny how people say she ‘fails life’ when she’s obviously a successful actresss. Getting her own hair cut like this shows she’s committed. If she likes what she’s doing, that’s all that matters. People can be so pathetic sometimes.

I like her hair.

Laura on

It’s a shame that they cut her beautiful hair. She looks better with longer hair and the color is too drastic for her. Thank God it grows back. So if she did this for her new character then, what can we say???? Hope it grows back fast!!!!! :-)

Melissa on

WEll everyone needs to change their hair once in a while i like it ( so would robert lolzz)

Rachel on


Kelly on

Back when Joan Jett was at the height of her career, all the people hating on her new ‘do would be screaming about how great she looks in it. Though the above picture does not do her or the ‘do justice, other pics I have seen of her in it show that the look is not only a good one for her, its one that she pulls off well. I look forward to seeing her portray one of my favorite female rockers.

lydia on

it works well for the role it is for but i reckon she shouldve worn a wig anyway. loved her nice but messy red/brown hair. now she’ll have to wear a wig or something of eclipse

Shasta on

Well, the good news is she looks like Joan Jett. The bad news is she looks like Joan Jett circa 1984.

queenpookie on

what she look soo much better b4

Maite on

Well in my opinion i think the hair cut is very cool.It has a very rock n’ roll look. i’m a rock n’ roll girl so its my opinion. i like the style it just doesnt look so great on her,.. maybe once its arranged it will look better. As for the hair color, lets just say that with her fair skin it looks great. What is unflattering are the bags under her eyes, they dont show so much in this picture but on other website they sure do. Hard working girl! One thing we can say is she is a GORJUSS looking girl.

Rolina on

You cool…you looks great…GO GIRL!

Misty on

She had beautiful brown hair! Now it’s gone and her new hair is unflattering.

Please let this dye be temporary!

Iris on

I think she looks gorgeous no matter what….i’m still jealous of her.

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brittany on

oka its her head and she can do wat ever she want i bet she dont give a care of wat yall think and to me i think her clothes rock AND IF U DONT LIKE WAT SHE WEARS O WELL

Mary on

Joan Jett hair? I LOVE IT!! You can really appreciate this if you rocked in the 80’s!

brenda on

i think it looks perfect for the role but that hair style is not for her.
She should still to her natural look.

Ashley on

I think it looks good and she can rock any look! So who care what other people think. She’s a great actress and it shows that she’ll do whatever it takes to get into her roles.

j.m.l on the look works for JOAN JETT.because..she does look like her.. but
she doesn’t look like bella anymore..which SUCKS.because to me she always looked like her..not just in the movies..all the time..she should’ve worn a wig for the runaways…they ruined her hair.. and she doesn’t look that happy about her new do either.

Haley on

I really dont like it.. I lke her old hairstyle better. :)

supergirl on

her new hair look looks horrible but this just shows us how much she is into her character

essy on

If we are all kristen fans, we should appreciate her dedication for each of the movies shes in.
This look for the movie is PERFECT
also keep in mind, its only a temporary hairstyle soo she’ll be back to brunette in no time and you must have noticed, her hair grows really fast soo…relax people!

Edward's Bella on

i hate it!!!she looks soooo bad im 4 realz srry kristten but she looked better(a lot better)than now u shouldnt have cut it at all

supergirl on

i personally dont like it but this just shows us how much shes into her character

Brooke on

she looks like she’s on drugs… what else is new?

r palmer on


di on

i love that she’s brave enough to put on a new look for the sake of her craft. it may not exactly be her best look but her bada*s vibe sure does make up a lot for it. besides, i wouldn’t worry too much, she has a really beautiful face. =) kstew’s totally cool in my books.

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len on

the picture scared me to death.

nadjlaa on

omg kristen stewarts hair sucks wat the heck is wrong with her omg wat is EDWARD doing to do about this how is she going to be in the twilight movies she will have to wear a wig unless her hair grows long enough in time i love kristen stewart but her new hairstyle sucks i hope she does something about this

morgan on

It will look much better when she isnt in the joan jett filming. She just needs to brush it out and put it up!

AndroidBoy420 on

Looks great…and this is from a male. And as a male, only my opinion matters when it comes to what looks good on females. Don’t like it? Sorry!

Jenna on

Oh my god, you people have no interest in here. I liked the other hair too. I mean I love her hair now. No one should replace Kristen!

XryanX on


samantha on

i actually kind of like it. and seriously people, calm down. her natural hair wasn’t that deep brown in twilight.

but still… i liked that better than this… but this is still pretty awesome..

Amy on

love the hair so glad she cut it, it looks way better than if she wore a wig

blaine vanity on

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she is still DANG BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blaine vanity on

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but dhe is still DANG BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacqueline on

Its not her best look
but its great for the part of Joan Jett.
it shows she dedicated to her craft
and i admire her for that. shes willing to have drastic hairstyles to be true to her part.
thats awesome!

Electra on

For all you people who hate her hair for her new movie can, CRY ME A RIVER!!!!! I have seen worse hair styles from the 80s. Get a life and worry about your own hair style!!! And for all the people who think she looks like a drug addict,1, Do you speak from experience? 2,are you a know it all or 3,JEALOUS!!! She is NOT Bella Swan, Joan Jet or any other character she portrays in a movie. She is Kristen Stewart an actress, a human being!!
Oh my God its the end of the world because she change her hair and color!! Hair grows back. And hair coloring has been around for many years, do you people shop much???

thepenks on

whatever she doing.. he still look beautiful for me..

wreckah on

Interesting that all of the comments I read were apparently from women. I don’t know who Kristen is, so I looked at several dozen pictures on one of the Web sites that caters to this stuff. She is a very average looking woman and the new hair cut is very average, but is not very flattering to her. She is kind of a dumpy person. Personally, I like informal women, but she is trying to be stylish, but is about 5 years behind the times. Since I have no idea who she is, I might have another idea – she is just a 5 or 6 on a scale of 10.

kirstenstewartfan on

i think she is really cute, because she has green eyes and then you can see them better….i really like the black hair….she is soo pretty

samantha on

Get over it!!
She looks awsome in whatever look.
there are sooooooooooo many actors who pretty much change their body image kristen only changed her hair WHICH IS NOT EVEN PERMANENT SO BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT!!

At the end of the day, when the movie releases we’ll all praise her when she recieved a billion awards for it.


samantha on


Chin on

Omg! I can’t believe it.
I HATE her new hair style.
She looks like an whitey emo girl!
wall. infact she REALLY looks good on her last hairstyle.
Come on!
Put it Back.

Brandee on

I think it looks good && everyone should really lighten up it’s just hair =) Women are supposed to change it drastically & as often as they like…it’s one of the perks!

Bev on

Aah, she’s the best. She doesn’t need our approval. Let’s just wait for the movie — surely, it’s another new side of her to show. Amazingly exciting!

She always looks stunning and gorgeous.

lysa on

she is beautiful and still looks beautiful in that silly hairstyle. But i prefer her with long tresses thought. But that is the joan jett hair style..blame her not kris for that hair craziness

marion on

i dont see why people are asked about her hair. its for a movie. Kris is a serious actress, she is NOT part of the disney kids, shes gonna do big in the future and she took the risk to do that of her hair for a movie she cares about A LOT, so you know you should just all…SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

rona on

the hairstyle made kristen waiter than befor…
but you were beatifl befor that..i love you soooo much

nino on

i dont like it… but i think that kriten is very beautiful and it doesnt matter what kind of hair will she have… she is absolutely georgeus!(though i liked other hairstile)

rona on

i dont like it …but you stil the best…

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Greta Bella on

I love it! It’s her personal life and I hate then all world is just thinking and saying bad comments about her hair. Leave her alone.

Mallory on

I hate it! She looks way better with brown, she just doesnt look right with jet black hair. I hope she dyes it back!

Dina on

she looks ugh…
i don’t know..

gen on

i like more the brown long her!but it dont matter she is always beautiful and sweet!!! i love you kristen

jessica on

Her new hair style has nothing to do with what she wanted. This wasn’t her choice. It only looks like this for the movie. When she’s done filming the Runaways, I wonder what she’ll do with her short hair after, then maybe People magazine will have something better to talk about.
Will it remain black? Back to brown? Pixie cut? Who knows. I hate her hair like this, but this just shows her dedication to playing Joan Jett in the movie.

Gostaste ou odiaste o novo penteado de Kris? « on

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Akira on

as long as she smile..
that will be perfect!

Bekah on

i hate her new hair cut. its definately not her.. if it wasnt like black as night it would loook okay.. but ehhh.. idk sorry kristen i love you hate your hair cut

johny on

well,in general she is pretty and if she decided to wear this new hair style,well its her chose and we must agree with it,even if it those not fit her.:)
ps:i like her new movie and can wait for the release day!;)

Emily on

I have to say I dont like it.

But you are a really good actress and you rock!!!

Diane Sullins on

I love it !!!!!!!!!!

mariane on


Gilda on

Stop it people…!!! You should be proud that she wants to be total in this movie. I know I do. It’s perfect for the role! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Deandrya on

I hate it:[ I loved her long brown hair! Sorry Kristen!!!

gabby!$! on

i think her new hair looks great! her older style was good, but she needed her hair like this for the movie. she so rocks the new hair now.

Kristen Stewart Daily | | Your 24/7 source for Kristen Stewart on

[…] Kristen with black hair? Site published symposium. Let’s voted there. No Related Post June 13th, 2009 Written By […]

Cheryl on

I don’t like it.. it makes her look like she is very ill.

gen on

i like more the brown long hair! but i love kristen no mater what hair she has

Taylorr on

I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. BUT it does match perfecting to her character she will be playing in The Runaways. She’s playing Joan Jett and with this hair do, she will be able to pull it off nicely. But I like her better with Bella’s hair or even blonde hair like in The Land of Women. =)

Kstew’s Army // Because we’re not interested in Hollywood patterns » Blog Archive » “O que acha do novo visual da Kristen?” on

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Luce on

Ewww…that’s all i’m going to say..omg..kristen, why have you done that??..

Camila on

I don’t like it… but it’s part of her job…

Twilighters » Amou ou odiou o novo visual da Kristen? on

[…] aqui para […]

Dany on

she looks soooo diferent that her latest movies…
well, the color looks good…but the style and the cut doesnt…maybe if it changes a little bit with the hair style not the color…she probably looks better…wow! the eyes!
guys! she is gorgeous! doesnt matter what`s wearing…she is absolute pretty!
love u kris!

marie on

she looks horrible like that

Kimberly on

I liked it better the other way, but whatever floats her boat!


I like her hair, that’s all about her job, we can’t decide what she must be look like.

Cáh on

I hate it..I prefer brown hair…it was beatiful…=]
kristen,I prefer your natural hair! ;D

amber on

ok so i know celebs are people and they should do what they want…

but kristen im SAD! one of those HUGE twilight fans and im in love with i really hope your hair isnt a turn off for when you play bella in new moon, your hair was perfect before..

Wes on

Wood! Rock on

emiley on

its not flattering

ariane on

nao gostei do cabelo da kris odiei

mais eu adoro ela sou super fan dela

emiley on

its her life her hair give her some space to breathe its her decision to make but sometimes with being famous comes stress so shes going to do something like that but you know whatever floats her baot

ana julia on

ela ta orrivel

melinda on

I Love it!She looked really pretty with her long auburn hair but she still looks really pretty with this hair do. And she really does look like Joan Jett. I really can’t wait for that movie I love joan jett and Kristen is like my fav actress so that’s a bonus!

Megan on

I think her hair looks horrible and it looks better the way she had it before! She should also stick with her natural hair color, it totally makes her look 100% better! Sorry Kristen!

Sara on

I personally don’t like the new cut//dye.
but if she likes it then, great.
It’s really not what we think that matter’s it what she think’s that’s key.

Natalie on

she need 2 style it
or some thing
is she trying 2 be emo or something

Stephanie on

I think she still looks good. I like this hair style better than her other.

Débora Black on

No NO NO! unflatering all the way! she looks so much better in blond or brown!

Kyra on

Ummmm…. interesting!!! This hairstyle doesn’t suit Kristen Stewart; she should have kept her hairstyle before this!!

sassybook on

i go for both styles but personally i prefer her with her natural color but if she likes it ok.

anthoula on

i have not commented in general about her her role as Bella etc i have not said the kindest but first of all this hair style is for a role let’s not forget that and also i love it it is way better tgan qirh all this hair i see her appearing in events the gone with the wind hair she always tries to fix with her hands cause sth bothers her so i love this it is different and wild and modern much way much better than until now!

Savanna on

haha!! Kristen sucks at life… i hate it she looked so much better with that long hair that she flips to one side to make it look sexier…please go back to that…

Clarissa on

I was tired of her old hair. She looks cute!

robbo on

don’t hate on kstew. she could kick your ass by just looking at you.
its awesome. perfect for JJ

Mimi on

She always looks beautiful… i guess this haircut is a little bit different… i don’t like it for her but she had it for her Joan Jett role… I won’t blame her for that… she only wants to do her job as good as she can!!!!

Novo visual da Kristen « Twilight Saga Brasil on

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Kristen Stewart Brasil • sua fonte brasileira sobre a atriz Kristen Stewart » Blog Archive » People faz votação sobre o novo cabelo de Kristen on

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Lilly on

yikes,its like bambi from the disney movie carrying a shotgun around, just doesnt work, stick to disney movies kris you dont have the acting chops or the looks for this role. sorry kiddo.

Nikki on

she is an actress who is embracing her role of Joan Jett … its an exact cut of how Joan Jett use to wear her hair … I love her long hair but that is not for any of us to decide for her.

Sasha on

I personal hate it!! Only because she looks so pretty with her long brown hair I am going to miss it. But she wont have that hair for eclipse I bet you they wont let her. And if it is still like that she will have to wear a wig!

gigi on

dead ringer for joan jett!

suki on


Jasline on

I love Kristen no matter what. I don’t hate the hairstyle, as it brightens her features so much more.

Aline Sibert on

She looks beautiful. She ALWAYS looks beautiful².
OMFG. <3

27 on

She’s still pretty

runescape762 on

She looked bad as is but now she looks even worse D:

alyssa on

brown is s00000 much better.

she doesn’t look like bella now. T_T

Cassie on

She doesnt look that bad honestly, but i prefer her original style…but she needs to dedicate herself to that character anyway

Arie on

Well… it’s up to her actually. I like the style, but now she’s not fit to play another serials of Twilight.

Adri on

It’s hair..Shes just doing this for her job as a actress. Seems like people are blowing it out of proportion. It’ll grow back. She looks nice regardless. :)

Ivon on


KStew Krew on

She is absolutely beautiful! Those eyes are amazing. She always looks great with any color of hair be it blonde in In The Land Of Women, or auburn for Bella, or black for fun like she was at Comic Con last year. She is amazing and will do a great job as Joan Jett. Emo? No don’t think so. Do any of you know who Joan Jett is and what she has done for women in music in general? Joan is another amazing woman. To all you Kristen haters that are….let’s say JEALOUS….I bet Rob is drooling as we speak and misses her and hates being away from her, but we all know that he appreciates her dedication to her projects and is behind her 110+ %. Kristen Rocks!!!!!

Viktoria on

I like the hairstyle not her….

Yeenzyesha on

I love the color of her hair -deep black, it emphasizes her beautiful skin. But, I don’t like how she cut it short… I love Kristen but for me she looks more beautiful in a long hair.

nikole on

it don’t matter what we think it matters what she thinks she is the one that has to walk around like that. she looks great by the way

Samantha on

I really like it, She’s going to nail that Joan Jett role and she still can rock it as herself..I really like it..

Elizabeth on

I think the haircut suits her, and anyway she is doing it for the Joan Jett role, but even if she decides to keep this look, i reckon it looks awesome. It brings out the colour of her eyes.
Kristen is super awesome ! Rock on Kristen !

rebecca on

I personally don’t like it. Kristen has really big ears, she needs her longer locks. Also, Joan was a hardcore badass rocker chick…Kristen looks like a dirty emo kid.

mang keps on

kristen stewart can rock any hairstyle!!! she’s beautiful no matter what!!

she’s gorgeous and i love that she doing this for a movie she’s so passionate about. remember when natalie portman shaved her head?? that’s love for the art.

Jessa on

at least she’s getting paid, and whatever hair grows. get over it

thejoanneblog on

She looks feral.

Phoebe on

She is georgeous with any hair style.
And no she is not an epic fail, she happens to be one major success at the moment, and always will be with her fans. She’s brilliant.

Dana on

I can’t stand her is.
This hair style just makes things sooo much easier.

kirsten on

the colour is no good for her, but her style is much better now!

Evinha on

It’s beautiful, different and very good stile. I really love it. It’s a woman, not a kid. Everybody is talking about her just because they are used about Bella’s hair. How sad Emmett… “It’s just a game, baby”… Game of money.

Ashlee on

I think she looks great for Joan Jett. I can’t wait for the movie, Joan Jett is one of the best female rock artist out there. My friends and I loved her music.

thashethemevip on


Votação Sobre o Novo Cabelo da Kristen « Twilight Crazy on

[…] o site da está fazendo uma votação sobre o novo visual da Kristen: Kristen Stewart andou por L.A. ontem […]

Lele on

não vou falar que ta lindo…Sinceramente….Ela combina com qualquer cor…Então ta muito legal…Mas ai vai uma dica…pinta por favor o seu cabelo igual da Bella…É mais bonito..Mas ta legal tbm….

Shair on

What is all the big fuss about? Isn’t she an actress who changed her hair for a role. Leave it alone already. I don’t think this is a case of her sitting her stylist chair asking to be made beautiful. She’s trying to look like Joan Jett and brown hair just won’t do that. Geez gossip hounds.

Daantje on

think it’s awesome that she’ll cut and dye her hair for a movie!!! even though it’s not the most flattering look on her, i think it’s cool!

maia on

i like it i think its different why be the same as everyone else and i like the rock look :)

rebecca on

I like it.
She is a type of girl where I think anything would look good. But she needs this for the movie and it looks really good on her. I think she needed a new style this way she can always look and be fresh.
She looks hot that’s all im gonna say.

xandra on

Same as Cristal:

I don’t like it for her but alright for the part.

samamtha on

I don’t like it at all I think her hair was gorgeous before she had it done and hopefully she won’t look like that for any of the the twilight sagas!
but she still is pretty!!

kelly on

I disagree with Sam I think it looks pretty and she suits black hair obviously she won’t have the same hair for eclipse and breaking dawn but owell!

Chloe on

Suits the role for the movie PERFECTLY, which is the point, right? I do prefer her hair before, but the woman needs to work!

Plus…She’s gorgeous regardless.

Kendra on

WOW Kristen I know this is for a role but this hair is horrible.
I mean really!

lillie ridley on

really though guys she did this for a movie role, plenty of actors and actresses change their for a role after she is done shooting she will probably change it back to her natural color, another, cut it more or put extensions in, after seeing pics of who she is portraying they did an awesome job of making her look like joan jett!

Top Posts « on

[…] Kristen Stewart’s New Hairstyle: Love It or Hate It? Bauer-Griffin Kristen Stewart hit L.A. yesterday with a choppy black hairstyle that shouts, “I love rock […] […]

s on

she’s beautiful, but i prefer the old style.

Brandy on

It’s not right! I was (am) the “Runaways” generation.. Joan Jett’s hair was a shag.. Kristen could be a dead-ringer with the right cut.

Trina on

I think it looks REALLY good, yeah it a little messy but thats the look that Janice Joplan had when she was touring and partying so I LOVE IT!

Ron Taka on

I like it ,she,s not only better good looking than before (lovely ,cute,smart,)but”… This look is spot-on for her role. Kristen works it well…”I agreed.

Del on

She looks fabulous! I love Kristen Stewart!

Vanessa on

kirsten looks hot no matter what…its not all about looks people…she has the best personality and her face and body make up for her hair :-P

smiles on

As long as it fits the part for her other movies, then I’m fine with it. It actualy looks pretty good. (:

Mahla on

bold move. what a pro! she’s the only young actress who can play this role. I can’t wait for the Runaways!

andrea on

she looks like a back street cracked out hooker.

jasmyn on

I looooooooooooooooove it, looks totaly awsum!but will miss the old hairstyle,was gr8 aswel.

astri on

wow ~ you’re way way way bettter now. u look so gorgeous ! :) lov it.

astri on

u look cooler. and i lov it. :)

Cindy on

I think it suits her, she’ll make a GREAT joan jett :)

Nad on

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! What did you think you were doing. This is the worst thing she could have ever done!!!!!!!!

Lola on

My opinion is that Kristen should just disappear. Not an insult, an opinion. And I don’t like her hair at all. She and Rob both bother me.

Paige on

this is just…embarassing. what is she going to do for eclipse? it starts filming in what, october?she’s gonna need a wig or weave or extenstions or something, good GOSH!!!that’s just not how it should be

Elle on

It’s awful but that’s the way Joan Jett’s hair looked in the late 70’s/early 80’s…definitely not her best look

Rachel on

OMGG in my opinion this is a really pretty pic… i like ur hair black…and brown…and blond lol idc…ur still my fave actress =]

Nic on

Since they asked…..Edward would not like it….he likes brunettes….I don’t really like it either

Pepi on

Nooo! I think she is gorgeous, she just ruined herself! She looks like an emo and she has way too much makeup. Her hair is too short and I didn’t like the color. I like her hair the way it was during the set of New Moon. One day she has long hair the next she looks like an emo! Argg… Im soo disappointed.. how will her hair look like in Eclipse? She will definitely have to wear a wig!

Jenny on

She looks like a lesbian zoombie lol. She’s cool though I like her

Shelby on

I think it looks cool. It really brings out her eyes and makes her look pretty…. well, she’s always pretty.

tin on

not fit on her..she like an addict.she look stress.but of course she maybe do that because of her role in “the runaways” joan jett…but if she’d go outside she should see herself on the mirror that she look like very devastated…in her shoot on the runaways she’s undestandable in her new overall whether she cut that hair bcoz of the runaways ,shoot or just normal pipol/not popular like us ordinary pipol not in front of the camera..hate yhat look… bella hairstyle and it fits on her

jireh on

she is still beautiful.. she managed the hair and looks very well. She still soo pretty..

makuna on

ooh kristeen ofcourse you look perfect,but your own old style was better….your face is so beautiful that evety style will be perfect on you…….KiiSSSSSSSSSSSSS………………

Lisa on

I’m excited she is opening herself up to a new challenge! I can’t wait to see her play Joan!

rachel on

omg no way that hairstyle is sooooo weird and she doesnt wear it well sorry kristen good luck with getting rob now

Isabella on

I hate it. She looks much better with brown hair. This colour washes her out. Totally unflattering!

sophie on

she looks like a younger kelly cutrone from the hills (peoples revolution)

Janie on

Good lord people, get over it and let go!!!
It’s called “Playing the part”….She’s an actress remember?

jean on

I am always trying to figure out if she is attractive or not. She is way to boyish, she pretty much looks the same as she did in Catch That Kid and Panic Room. Back then, I was like, is that a boy or a girl. She is only attractive when she is done up by the stylists.

Rasia on

wow yea she looks gorgeous she fits the part perfectly

Brittany on

I think it fits her personality! I think shes pretty either way!

Million Dollar Smile__* on

She Looks Always Beautiful

Million Dollar Smile__* on

She Looks Always Beautiful (L)

sarah on

i love it, i mean i liked her old hair to but this is so rad and different. and she kinda looks like joan jett which i think is awsome. cause i love joan jett.

Jane on

i lik it but i think the shade is too dark for her skin but i luv the cut!! It rocks for her new role!!

Patty on

well, if SHE likes it thats all that matters, right? personally, I dont really like it. she was gorgeous as a brunette, and she looked great. i suppose her new style will take some getting used to. fingers crossed that they have it dyed back and stunning when filming for “eclipse” rolls around!

Sara on

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. She looks dead on for Joan Jett but…gosh, it’s just a bad look for her. I thought she looked okay with brown hair but personally I’ve always liked blonde best for her. The dark hair just makes her look ridiculously pale and I think it washes out her eyes.

Bestella on

She´ll always be beautiful nomather what, and I think more people shall appriciate the fact that she gives all for her job and not just for money.

Rogue on

woooow =D
her new hair is awesome :D

mia on

But this is for her new film, right?

Firebird(Orange Mornings) « Pinson’s Weblog on

[…] asked fans to weigh in on the cropped cut, and comments run the gamut. There’s the distressed: “The new […]

ShaNika on

she looks hott. everyone stop hating cause you aint cute at all. Kristen i LOVE the hairr, it looks amazinqq on yu

Dominique on

I love it!It’s something new but I think she should stick with it.

rachael on

i like it but what is she going to do when they make eclipse i hope her hair grows fast!!

Ashleigh on

Kristen Stewart? for the part of Joan Jett? God she looks like a drained cat.
im sorry

Nessie on

I love you kristen but just not the hair anymore..It doesn’t look any good on her or the color. I think she should of just wore a wig and stayed were her beautiful hair. (What about the Twilight movie?! She got her hair cut and dyed!! Oh No!!)

chloe on

i think you shouldnt have cut it.You should have kept your brown hair but as long as it grows back in time for the next twilight its ok.

Ruby on

I think it looks good on her makes her look like a prettier version of Joan Jett and people with the emo comments should look up the meaning of EMO. just cause your pale with black hair doesn’t mean “emo”

Leah on

I don’t really like it that much, but ya know whatever floats your boat.

» Kristen Stewart’s New Look on

[…] People seems to think it screams “rock n’ roll.” […]

andie on

guys, it is for a movie role, she did it for the movie not herself! get over it

Anonymous on

I love Kristen Stewart, but i don’t care for her new hairstyle. Sorry. :(

Taylah on

wow!! i like it, because i know you are pretty and always will be.

Christina on

I think it looks great. She’s a very dedicated actress to change her hair so drastically for this role. You look beautiful as always, kristen.

Sherri on

I love the look for the part of Joan Jett, but I really hope she goes back to a softer shade and cut. The chopped,black style just makes her look “road hard”.

Sarra on

I love her hair. Kristen will look stunning no matter what she does to her hair. Black is a beautiful color for her and it fits her personality as well.

Danielle on

It is for a movie relax
She has too have crazy hair u weridos

Marie on

I would just like to say to all those that hate Kristen’s hair, apparently have NEVER listen to or seen the Real Joan Jett. She’s portraying a real person here people!!! get a life and stop whining over other people’s hair.

Asia on

I love Krissten, she is a beautiful girl but that really doesn’t fit her personality or her AWESOME role as Bella Swan, but she id ALWAYS beautiful!

renata cullen on

she’s beautiful any way

love you robsten

K on

I think it looks great. It’s only for the movie. Even if she were to keep it, I have no problem with it. It looks awesome. You are all just a bunch of girlys that want everyone to look all cute.

Anne Marie on

I know that we’re not judging what’s best for her, but i REALLY like her MUCH better with brown hair..

lala on

she CAN’T pull this look off

Fiona on

ugh i heard thth this cut was nesscary for her next movie or something. The Runwways i think its called.

yshoulducarebithez on

i lyke it she looks totaly emo she looks awesme but she did look pretty before to dough but she looks wicked i love it ^-^

araileney on

i think kristen would even look good in pink hair. i hate pink. she can pull off anylook!!!1

ashley on

umm she had to do it for a movie shes filming the runaways,but yeah it does make her look like a druggie. but hopefully she changes it,gets extensions or a wig or sumthing when they start filming ecsplise,bcuz i dont want bellas hair like that.i will be maaaaaaad.

spencer on

i really hope they dont use her hair like that for ecsplise!!!
do u think they will???!!??

it dosent look that good on her!

Alice on

This proves shes a druggie,

Get the Look: Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett Inspired Style! | Living with style on

[…] failing her hair black to her brand brand new rock ‘n’ hurl style, Kristen Stewart is unequivocally removing […]

Get the Look: Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett Inspired Style! « Celebrity Blog! on

[…] dying her hair black to her new rock ‘n’ roll style, Kristen Stewart is really getting into character. While […]

Cass on

I’m not used to it and it looks kind of weird. I don’t like it because it’s not her usual hair, but since it’s for a movie, it’s alright. I don’t like the style (it looks like a mullet) but the colors cool.

Jade on

I think Kristens new hair is gorgeous! :) She really suits it and it rocks :) She looks amazing with it and i want to get my hair exactly like that now :)

Sarah on

This hair style disgusts me. Have you seen it? Open your eyes people. Everyone’s going “Goth” or “Emo” she used to be so pretty, now she just blends in. She really should use a wig for the Joan Jett movie, the black looks fake and untidy. The only good look she can get out of this hair style is when it’s pulled back.


Ewww… she looks like a druggy! totally isnt helping her cus she already acts like one… But i have to be honest in this pic her hair doesnt look as awe full as it usually looks in other pics… Word of advice… CUT IT ALL!!! jk or am I?

Jaz on

I personally don’t like Kristen’s new hairstyle. Her hair was much prettier when she played Bella. I hope she changes it back when she shoot’s “Eclipse”. Does anybody know if she is going to?

Jo on

I personally don’t like it, and if you watch her latest interview you can tell that she looks a little uncomfortable with it…. but seriously wouldn’t you do that to your hair for lets say…. 1000 dollars?! cause I definitely would…. and you know she is making so much more than that for being in that movie… besides when you have money you can change your hair every day with little thought… just look at britney.. come on her hair didnt grow back that fast.

jocelyn on

i dont like it!!
she should have worn a wig!
she should go back to her natural color!
it looked way better!

Melanee on

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww hate it.. no offence you look much prettier before… plz go back to your normal hair cooler.. it looks as if you are about to rotten… AND once again ewewewewewewewewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Bec.. on

It doesn’t look that bad..
but that picture isnot the best in the world to judge it on though.. Looking throught the other pictures of her hair like that it doesn’t look that bad..

robin cherney on

this is what miss stewart wants to do with her body or hair i will suport her in anyway fan of hers got to understand her more and not just judgeing her and who she hangs out if you are her fands then back off of her and the rest of the cast of the new moon and if they want there pitcher or sigh something or hugs or talk to there fands they will but give them breathing room or space ok

summer on

WTF. That’s all I have to say.

Tasmina on

Um…Kristen Stewart looks waaaaayyyy better in brown but I kind of have the same hairstyle but I got mine before she cut hers…

liz on

I didn’t like it at all she looks bad please grow back ur long and brown hair u look so much
prettier like that makes ur fans happy!!!!

Emma on

It doesnt matter what she does with her hair. If you are one of her true fans. you will like her for who she is on the inside not on the outside. Shes beatiful. she always has been and she always will be.

gemma on

im sorry kristen
i DESPISE it! i just cant think of her the same!its just so diffrent! PLEASE GROW IT BACK PLEEEEEESE PLEEEEESE KRISTEN!
or…..maybe…wear a wig? sorry ; ) i love u KRISTEN (less than b4 tho….sorry)

Kara on

I actually like it. Maybe not black hair, but it does make her look a lot more like Joan Jett. Who gives a f*ck if the girl cut her hair? It’s HER hair, and it grows back. Stop whining like babies already.

Josie on

u look horrible plz change ur hair color

anjanja on

She is awesome, i am her true fan and i am so happy for her

Regiane on

Hate it………

Larissa Gabrielly on

Eu odiei o cabelo dela, era bem mais bonito antes, da cor que era e o comprimento….
Ficou oriivel, pelo menos se fosse ruivo de novo ficaria melhor!!!Ela chegou a ficar feia com esse cabelo, o rosto dela ficou muito estranho….fala pra ela pintar!!!

Larissa Gabrielly on

Fala pra ela pintar o cabeli de ruivo fica menos feio!!!!!!!!!!!ela ficou precendo uma bruxa, esse cabelo num combina com ela de nem uma forma, a não se que fosse ruivo dai fcaria menos bem menos feio!!!!!!!!!!

bianca ferreira de jesus on

eu nao gostei do cabelo dela pois nao combina com ela esta parecendo um bruxa.dei minha opiniao manda ela pintar de ruivo de novo. maringa pr

mia on

she killed her hair. its ruined. she cut off all her long pretty brown hair and turned it into THIS? she looks like billie ray cyrus’s mullet gone emo.

mia on

she killed it. she got off all that long brown hair, into a black mullet. and girls who keep complaining that ‘ITS FOR A MOVIE ROLE’, shut. up. not even the producers of twilight would want her to ruin her hair. but its whatever kristen wants. shes a good actress. but i sure hope her hair goes back.

Anna on

I like it. I think she is pretty either way.

shelby on

i hate it!!! she looked SO good as a blonde there are pictures of her as a blonde and she looked AMAZING i dont know why she didn’t leave it like that with this hair she looks un-approachable

Korey on

Oh my gosh Kriten i am sorry to say this cause u are my favorte actress in the world but u should of kept the old one cause it looks so much better than the one know and i really like it when u looked like Bella in the book and not what u look like know u are beautiful but i dont like the style of the hair i would love if i was a star just so i could meet u cause u are awesome

Pcso on

Kristen Stewart is one of my favorite celebrity. she is just pretty and is very good in acting too.

anominious on

i think this hairstyle looks goth and just dosent suit her.I liked it so much better the old way

haraz on

she looks horrible with black hair and the kind of haircut she have i like her much with her long brown hair

Vienesse on

Do you guys even realize that this hairstyle is something that she HAS to do? She is doing a movie about a rockstar legend(in my opinion) Joan Jett. That is how Mrs. Jett had it and that is how Kristen is portraying it. I think that Kristen was bold cutting off her already beautiful hair and even changing the color for a role. This shows that she actually cares about her job as an actress. I know, I know, a lot of actors/actresses have done this. But I, in my opinion, think that it looks nice. It is different from what she normally looks like. But poeple change their style all the time. Why should it matter that she does? Oh yah, that’s right, people only care because she is a celebrity. I personally think that her cutting her hair would be way better than a wig.


Melay on

i really love Kristen Stewart, she is beautiful and a very very good actress. i am a certified twilight addict.

Kristin on

I totally support her trying out for the Joan Jett role, but really? I mean sure, the black brings out her eyes but her long beautiful brown hair is way more attractive I mean how is the producor of Eclipse going to react when the entire saga she is suppost to have long hair. There are already plenty of pictures on Google featuring pictures of “The Cullen Family” for the up coming Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. What are they going to do? Give her major hair extenstions or hire someone who looks just like her to play her role? Either way I have a feeling that her “new hair” isn’t going to help anything.

fana abera on

i really loves khristen’s hair. it really rocks

Virpi on

I hate it.. but fortunately it’s for a movie role.

Janice Shea on

I love Kristen Stewart and also the rest of the cast of Twilight, they are really superb actors and actresses. Kristen Stewart really shines on the movie twlight.

Korey on

yah trish is right they are askin for ur opinons not insults i dont favor the look but its wat she wants. People say she looks drugged up and stuff but that is because of wat these poporatze does they build them up just to tare them down these poperatzes are sick. sick in the head i think wat if u were kristen. would u like it

Rachel on

Looooove it :D She’s hoooot! <3

sierra on

i think her new hair is awesome and i liked it before to but it is pretty cool and i might get it done like that but proubly not.

Imogen Cooper on

Kristen Stewart is really the best actress for the movie Twilight. I bet that Kristen and Robert Pattinson would also make a good couple. :

Mossman on

Great Post

alex on

I just love kristen Stewart, not because she plays Bella but I think she’s the only real Hollywood actress and doesn’t need to be wearing 8,000 pounds of makeup because she is beautiful naturally and that she still looks good in this style just proves it.

yohannes on

i love her hair very much.really kristen is totally beautiful.

elementy kute on

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