Miley Cyrus and Max Azria Team Up for an Affordable Clothing Line for Walmart

06/03/2009 at 10:15 AM ET

courtesy of Max Azria

When Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter page to announce that she “wanted to let yall know i am making a hugggeee announcement at 7 am tomorrow. cant wait for yall to hear the news,” we thought it would be about her upcoming world tour. It turns out that the teen superstar is joining forces with fashion great Max Azria, the mastermind behind BCBG and Herve Leger, to design an affordable line for Walmart. Many of the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria looks are inspired by Miley’s rock-and-roll roots. Pieces will include tops, pants, graphic tees, shoes and accessories, all priced under $20! “I love creating looks that are all about personal expression and individuality,” said Cyrus. “Collaborating with Max Azria has been an amazing experience, and I’m really excited about launching this line with Walmart. There’s even more to come!” She’s even her best model! But don’t run to the store quite yet — Miley Cyrus & Max Azria will not hit Walmart stores until early August Tell us: Will you buy Miley Cyrus & Max Azria’s collection?

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RO on


newlywedemt on

i will buy if they are cute & affordable…i do love walmart deals! :)

Samantha on

I am thrilled about the new line and will definitely be buying her pieces!

thats just silly on

Good i guess….for the teeny boppers

lil on

no. i hae her. (sorry max)

Nichole on

I would buy these clothes for my teenage daughter.. but I’m only 24 and I have no kids :p

Trinity on

I will definetely buy if affordable. She Rocks! I love walmart and her!

Tara on

I was excited until I noticed that there weren’t going to be any dresses or skirts. Now I’m disappointed.

LME on

I just lost A LOT of respect for Max Azria. I don’t know if I can allow myself to wear BCBG anymore after hearing this announcement. What a disappointment.

Sophia on


Fashionista on


The article says:-

INCLUDES pants…. It never said there would be NO skirts- go to school idiot!

Christy on

Yea i will buy it, I support miley in everything she does and I think it is really sweet that she is doing this. And I LOVE Max Azria!

Anita on

It’s a shame it’s through Walmart, but nice that finally a celebrity is putting her name on a clothing line that the “average” person can afford.

Momma on

I Love Miley but would never shop at Walmart……maybe I’ll order a few items for my girls online.

dogfanatic on

i think that its great that she would do that, but i wouldnt buy them if i havnt even seen them yet. im not even sure about the whole walmart thing.

No To Walmart on

How are they going to produce clothing for less than $20 a piece? By taking advantage of people form 3rd world countries! That’s how. My daughter loves Miley but I will not support Walmart in all its ugliness.

Kathie on

if they make em in my size, definitely!!

Eleanor on

I think this is a great idea!! A great designer and a stylish teen should produce some fun clothes.

Ashley on


Eleanor on

I think this is a great idea!! A great designer and a stylish teen should produce some fun clothes.Can’t wait!

a dog on

I like Miley and my daughters love her. I think this was a great move for them, it will be so much easier for all the young girls to be able to afford. Its important to make products more availabe for teens.

t on

what a flippin joke…

A Proud Father on

Haters are funny… Why do some hate success in others? Good girl, good family…, jealousy must be the answer! I know my daughter loves Miley and will likely be excited about the clothing.

people fan on

thats amazing what she and max are doing. But walmart really! I know its cheap but slave labour is horrible don’t support that

MusingLen on

Max, I love you. Please, stop this insanity right now! Miley Cyrus? WALMART? Like someone else said, couldn’t they have at least designed for Kohls like Vera Wang? Ugh.

Kayla on


Mary on

This is TERRIBLE news. I loved Max Azria’s BCBG and BCBGirls line–I own over a dozen of his dresses. I can’t believe he is stooping as low as collaborating with Miley (of all people) and Wal-Mart (of all stores).

Sigh, Max has gone a long way from producing high-quality designer dresses that used to be made in the USA (now they are made in China). Ugh.

aldo on

if its a nice piece, i would deffinetly buy it, after all its designed by max azria, i dont care if it has something to do with walmart and miley cyrus

Just A Girl on

I am so happy that Miley is coming out with her own clothing line, but like many other supporters I question the class that WalMart will bring to it. Why couldn’t she just choose Target or something? Anyways can’t wait to see the new line. Maybe I’ll buy somethin. :-)

Andi on

It’s affordable and Max Azria’s involved? I’m in.

S on

Love BCBG, Love Miley… WOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM WALMART… makes me NOT want to buy BCBG now.. Why spend $300 on a dress, when any person with $20 can buy the same label? If it was Target, it would be far less offensive, but seriously Walmart is the lowest of the low end stores…

Katrina on

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria should be ashamed for lending their names to such a socially irresponsible retailer, not to mention contributing to the world’s disposable clothing problem (which stems from cheaply-made and cheaply-sold products).

fitzie on

Uh Isn’t WalMart clothing being made in factories of child laborers? I’m not so sure I will want to buy from her line if that is true. I like miley cyrus and max azria, but… WALMART?? why?

kayykatastrophii on

The clothes look so cute, but I’m disappointed that it’s Wal-Mart. I can’t understand why she would let such an evil company house her clothing line. They do things she’s against.

You people who are loving Wal-Mart need to get educated on the horrible things it does.

kayykatastrophii on

And sorry LME, but BCBG is hardly style or fashion.

Sam on

probably…i love miley cyrus’s style and i dress really similar. but walmart clothing arent always made really good.

Top Posts « on

[…] Miley Cyrus and Max Azria Team Up for an Affordable Clothing Line for Walmart courtesy of Max Azria When Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter page to announce that she “wanted to let yall know i […] […]

Audra on

I’m soo excited i Love her style and walmart

Victoria on

I love her style so I will definitely be buying her clothes :)

gia on

i can’t believe this but…yes

nicole on

yes! definetly i LOVE her style and max is amzing! so this will be amazing!

Ede on

Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Kmart…they all get their product from the same factories in China. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Target’s stylish facade equals responsible sourcing or sustainability. Walmart is doing more to make the world a better place than most people realize. It is just that in most minds big=bad. In the case of Walmart big=big change coming…

lola on

I will never buy clothing that is made in China or comes from Walmart. Walmart is a horrible company that screws its workers and sources its products from slave labor. For anyone who has ever been out of the country you will see that Europe is all real designer. Some pieces are made in China, but not %95 of clothing like here in the USA. In Europe most everyone has Dior and other high end pieces filling their closet and they can afford it.

The more junk from China that we buy, the less our money and economy is worth. Now that the standard is Walmart, real American- made products are unaffordable and only Americans are to blame. Ignorance is not an excuse. Do you really need 10 $5 tee shirts and 10 $2 flip flops that will fall apart after a few wears?


I’m a big fan of BCBG and I’m sure they will be offering quality and style to every single piece in this new line for Miley, I also belive in this country and I’m sure all american companies importing or manufacturing in China or some other countries around the world are being regulated and monitored to make sure they follow our importing and manufacturing laws.

Catherine on

Well… I’ll take a look while im looking at taylor Swifts clothing line called L.E.I at walmart too

:D on

it there cute ill buy them (:
but i can pull off anything , so yes id probably buy it.

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megan on

I love Miley Cyrus and cant wait for this clothing line to come out!

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ashley on


YAY! on

OH MY GOD….who just wrote it would be good to the “teeny boobers”??? umm what the heckkkk…… im 14 and alot of teenagers will like it too….its not hannah montana its what miley cyrus wears…..

Lori on

I will definitely be going to Wal-Mart to buy the pieces from Miley and Max. I am Miley’s #1 and can’t wait for the jeans and the shirts and what not, so I can wear them to say these are by Miley. Miley rocks and lives 4ever.

Ashley on

Of course i’ll buy it!!!!! But im disappointed that there wont be any dresses or skirts…
:( …But when it comes out I’ll be buyin!!! :)

mooster on

Miley Cyrus and affordable clothing — the tween girls will love it!!!

April on

I like Miley’s style; and if the clothes aren’t too young-looking I might try a few! Even though I don’t usually get clothes from walmart. We’ll see! It’s cool cause I could never ever afford BCBG or anything ha.

Kristen on

I already did(: the clothes are cute,affordable, and comfortable!

shelby on


arthritisremedy on

Miley Cyrus is a charming and talented girl. i think Hanna Montana is the best show for teenage girls.

Mily on

omg! ewWww! Miley Cyrus n Max azria poor max!! n worst wal mart!

Jade on

Yeah i will definetley be buying it. I’ve noticed Walmart has begun to actually get cute clothes like the OP collection and i’m sure mileys new line will sell very well.

Samantha Michaels on

I will definitely buy her clothes as long as it doesn’t say Miley on everything! I am Miley’s biggest fan! :D

kelshyy on

i saw this stuff today!

i dont like miley but the clothes were super cute and i’m 15!
deffiantly buying some!

meowmix on


Kezia on

I bought some of her shoes yesterday! They are so cute!

Brielle on

My local walmart already has some pieces of clothing out and they are very cute!! I bought some shirts and pants. i cant wait to see the shoes and accessories!

Adriana on


Rachel on

I am not a big fan of hers but some of her clothes where cute and i did buy one of the shirts.

Alex on

i love that they are coming together to make a clothing line for walmart because miley cyrus has great style and if the clothes were out now i would go buy me some

Kels on

Love the idea I will be buying her clothes. im so excited!! =D

naomi on

LOVE all the purple stuff in the collection! It is so hard to find cute clothes that are purple and affordable. Keep it coming!

Lea on

Oh my god. I went to Walmart for a DVD plyer and ended up spending soooooo much money on this line. Its so cute and I think the most I spent on one item was 12 dollars.

Its really classy stuff, not too teeny bopper ish. Like, I’m 20 and this stuff is great.

Chase on

i just bought the shoes and the accesories and all the shirts and pants there so comfy and i got it all for under 100

B. on

I got some of her converese yesterday for TEN DOLLARS! :D they are amazing. i love ALL of her new stuff. i am DEFINATELY going to buy more of it in the near future! :D

blah blah blah on

look if you say that you dont like miley what are you doin on here YOU REALLY LIOKE HER YOU JUST HID IT DONT YOU

DG on

Hey Lil- piece of advise LEARN TO SPELL!!! Especially, if you are going to say something derogatory (do you know what that means??).

kerri on

when will she bring this stuff over to the UK. i would so buy her clothes she dresses alot like me the tom boy gone girly type style.

love it:)
please email me if you have an answer to my question:D

Najiyre on

How about a target? I love walmart too but target has more style to their clothing. Hopefully Miley and Max’s line has some style too

Amanda on

Ick I hate Miley! But her clothes are cute! Yesterday at walmart i found the cutest shoes by her!

maya on

love miley love her i pray for here everyday well not evyday

maya on

love her yea boy

sydney on

i love miley’s knew website i have her ringtone.her clothes are awsome.I like the hat.

Kat on

What does Miley Cyrus know about fashion design? Has she even graduated high school? This is an insult to everyone studying fashion design at the college level, IMO.

!!!Alice!!! on

I probably would like some of these clothes, and I would wear some of them to school and out… But I don’t shop at walmart and some other people don’t, so maybe they could sell the clothes at some other stores too…

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Suzie on

I like how Max Azria is trying to target all market groups, from BCBG to Max Rave, and now this. The fact that Miley Cyrus is endorsing it, I’m not so excited about. However, I admit the advertisement caught my eye, and I do like the designs. I don’t like how they are selling it at Walmart (cheap labor and sub=par quality), but I might be enticed to buy it nonetheless.

g-bet on

this is really making me mad..cause i am not a huge fan of miley but i love walmart but the clothes are actually cute and her new song “party in the USA” is actually really good…sooo…its just weird

Nicci on

Wow i never thought i would wear anything by Miley Cyrus, but i went to Wal-Mart last night with my mom and ended up trying on a pair of shoes and Black skinny jeans. I bought both and now the skinnies are my favorite pair of jeans. Great style brand and price. I got both for 30 dollers! :]

SNEAK PEEK: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria’s Design Collaboration « The Fashion Guru Blog on

[…] Miley Cyrus and Max Azria’s collaboration was first announced, Miley played model to give us a glance at what was to come. And now, we have even more of Miley […]

andrea on

I Just Went To WalmartRite Nw And The Clothinq Is BEAUTIFUL AND So STYLEISH And Cheap! Im Thrilled I Hope They Can Put More Cute Clohes And Some Kute Hiqh heels!♥

Miley Cyrus on

he its miley I hope yall love the outfits

Kirsten on

well, i’m not a big fan of Miley. But, wow, her clothes are way to cute. I’m going to try to buy alot of it. She has amaziiing style.

Hitomi on

I wont say I’ll buy it or not,
but I’ll definatly take a look at it when it’s out. I hope that they’ll really be cute and affordable. I hate saving up money FOREVER to buy the clothes I want because they’re hundreds of dollars just to get a simple look.

Samantha on

I will SO buy some clothes!
I hope they come in biggers sizes though,
I mean.. I’m not HUGE but I’m not a size 8 either.

I’ll go look though^^

Cali and Iowa Girls on

Hey Miley its Sashia and Katie! So i just saw your comercial on tv! It was cool so i wanted to check it out! I found this website for your new clothing line! So i will buy if it is a good price and CUTEEEEE!!! (which it should be cuz ur style is so cutee and funn!)

shannon on

I love Miley Cyrus and Walmart too!
I got a part of shoes and a shirt today!
I love them and I am glad that I got them!!!!!!!
peace out!!!!

Le Le on

I LOVE your skinny leg jeans…as a matter of fact i just bought a pair of them a couple of days ago!!!…wish i could of got more!!!

whyyy on

max azria just lost all of my respect. what a sad moment in my life.

MissNic on

The Recession must be EXTREMELY bad for Max to go to walmart.. I mean come on…It’s be a lot of big name designers selling for less and it’s beginning to be really sad.

Monica on

i would totaly buy this line one because im an only child of a divorced parent and this is the same style thats going on in my school you rock miely cyrus

gabby on

i bought some of her cloth i look so cute i them

gabby on

hahahah unless it fits you fat so

Halen on

i love lovee loveee the clothes and i even already have some but why can’t i find the plaid shirts anywhere?? i love Miley and the clothes and i would love it if i could get a plaid shirt :)

zoe on

i hate miley cyrus very much the clothes are okay but if her name is on it i will not by it and i loove walmart but not to by clothes

say so... on

not impressed with the pieces ive seen and dont normally like walmart clothes. :\
love miley tho.

Lex! on

the only reason i will buy clothes from walmart is because of the cute clothes miley cyrus designed! :]

Paris on

thats a good idea i love affordable and cute cloths i also love going to walmart and seeing affordable cute things! If i see something cute and cheap im totally buying! what so ever! LOL

Will on

Yeah, all the stuff just came out here.
I just got a pair of the shoes….
You guys know Converse?? It’s like, a cheap Converse with the same quality, (in my opinion) cooler looking, and they don’t hurt your feet like Converse! And it’s only 10$ a pair..

Angela on

The clothes look very cute but i just can’t stand that girl.

Angela on

I personally am NOT a Miley fan but this is a great idea for teens who can’t afford expensive clothing. I never go to Walmart but I am going there tomorrow to get a few tops and pants because her new clothing line is REALLY cute!

Bea&Emi on

I HATE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILEY “DRUNKY” CYRUS SUCKS!!!!!…(certin things)

Janae on

Deff feel weaa most of uu guyss aree comiing from ! Really don’t liikee thee Girl &nd Deff don’t liikee ” The Mart ” teehee . But thee clothess aree cutee…Not even gonna front :]
xoxo janae

siimplyy jade on

Yea i totally agree w| janae but iDont Likee Miley Cyrus Nor “Thee Mart” ! lol :-D But thee clothes aree kute !

Jadesha on

iTotally Disagree w| janae && Simplyy Jade &nd the rest of You Haterss :-) so step Yaa cookiiess up b4 they Crumble ! Cuzz thiiss girl Roxx ! :-D

btw ; iLovee Miley`ss &nd Max Azria`ss Clothess they aree Hot !

Ducess ;-)

Lily on

At first when I heard she was doing a clothing line I thought “Wow, this is gonna suck!” But when i saw the clothes I flipped out. For back to school shopping I’m going to Walmart to get that entire line.

liss on

is it only at walmart! i want it bad!!!

liss on

is it only at walmart! i want it bad!!!only 20$! wowoow

spongebob on

ofcourse ill buy it.
i saw the clothes and theyre awesome!!

deka on

I personaly love Miley, but I hate Walmart. Ew.

stella on

i luv miley and the clothes so yeah. only thing i dislike is walmart tht store EWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

makayla on

i love miley’s clothes but the only prob is that
my mom doesn’t like what she wears enen though it’s cute

Tammy on

I truelt love Miley’s clothes line. I am in my mid 40’s and the clothes are great. Hope she continues bring out new items all the time. The two of them, Miley and max make a great pair at making lothing for all ages. keep up the good work.

Taylor on

I love Miley Cyrus. She is fashionable(which i love alot) and well she is my role model and so are selena, taylor swift, and demi. Miley’s fashion line is going to be so popular in the us and in euorpe. respect euorpe. so i just want to say i love her outfits and thant is coming from a girl who barely knows fashion but i cant wait till she makes something else up. U rock Miley. Hope u understand that. We love u and ur style. so flash ur own style not just the tv style, ur style. please . ur my role model. well good luck Miley and have a great life.


P.S- U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT :) SIMLE CUZ I AM

Mandy on

miley is amazingly talented and i absolutely love her clothes. i think she could of made some better choices, but she is still a kid and teens like her will all make some bad dicitions. I respect her and max azria and will definatly buy some of this clothes. love ya miley! <3 lol :)

cait on

Well…its cute and all but if shes such a star dontcha think she can afford to work with max and make her OWN store? I would! It would get me bigger $money than walmart :P eww. I mean, how much cheaper can u get???

kaitlynn on


Gabby on

i bought all of the clothes!! i love them!! miley is so talented!! -gabby

kristina on

i bought them today i loved them so cool u guys should get them for your kids thair great and comfy!

cinthya on

i so bought the for my kid she loved them!

cinthya on


Hamstercutie on

Omg I already got it and I LOVE IT!!!!!! it’s so cute and so cheap but the fabric is sorta cheap so wash in COLD water and AIR DRY!!!!!!! 

Puddlefairydogbloom on

Miley cyrus is an untalented…. ……. ……
But I luv her clothes

Jill on

I’m not a fan of mikey Cyrus but the line is rediculously cute and affordable that I just have to get some

shima on

i would love to buy.but i want to ask i’m from it this clothing line will be sell in my country?i hope it’s here.i can’t wait to buy..please sell your clothing line in my country,miley!i’m sure a lots of people here want to buy.keep it up,miley!be the best as a great person

Wendy on

Seriously, it’s Miley Cyrus!!!
Of course!!! Her clothes are totally awesome!


I have already bought miley cyrus clothing..and at walmart….its nice to have shirts at affordible prices thanks to walmart….and miley and max…thanks again Gin in Idaho


i have already bought some of the shirtd snd will buy more…..nothing wron with walmart……thanks miley ands max

Amie on


Miley Cyrus on

Im the designer of these awsome clothes.So give me a call @ 377-4245 if u want some of my cool new hip clothes.=p



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[…] “Miley loves the black fringed vest which she wore in her brand new debate for the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria print shoot.” Miley’s the one preferred border vest can be yours for only $12 at […]

elise on

i bought a whole line of miley cyrus fashion,, i love it!.. keep it coming!.. great job max

H. Bates on

I bought some of the pants from the line for my daughter (black, look like jeans but not) and 2 washes later they were literally falling apart at the seams. I will never buy from this line again. Cheaply made.

desmond on


desmond on

i love her line and her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apple on

Baha. I dislike Miley Cyrus greatly. But I bought one of the dresses today, and I love it.

shawna on

we love your clothes line but why dont you make bigger sizes for those girls that are bigger? we cant buy any of your clothes cause you dont have the sizes we need. Is there any way you can work on that?

Aaliyah Wood on

My kids loves Hanna Montana so much that they are addicted to it. Anyway, Miley is a pretty and talented young girl.,`.

I’m a journalist, give me a fashion line - Delawears on

[…] Thank you Emma, but I’d much rather look like you than smell like Katie Price or wear something the Mylie Cyrus tween crowd is sporting. […]

jazzy on

thata alright i guess…egh

Capricorn Love · on

i always love Hanna Montana because she is funny and she sings very well “

News Alert: Miley Cyrus To Launch Walmart Fashion Line | Estilo That Rocks on

[…] her own fashion line with the help of designer extradonaire Max Azria of BCBG.  According to People Style Watch, the juniors collection will be made up of tops, pants, graphic Tees, accessories, and shoes all […]

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