Kate Hudson Goes Brunette: Love It or Hate It?

05/22/2009 at 11:12 AM ET

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Hollywood’s top golden girl Kate Hudson is as known as much for her perfectly tousled blonde hair as her dazzling smile — which is precisely why we were so shocked to see her step out yesterday with newly dark brown hair that’s a huge departure from her signature look! And while we think that Kate’s new look is probably for a role, we always love to see stars change-up their look, whatever the reason. Tell us: Would you like to see Kate keep her brown hair for a while, or should she go black to blonde?

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Katie on

Oh gosh! This is just…woah. Not her look, stick to the wonderful blonde Kate.

I do understand if it’s for a role though…

Pantha on

She is so gorgeous as a sunny blonde… but she looks great no matter the color of her hair. That smile is killer!

Shawna on

Part of Kate’s appeal was the fact she was blonde.

Marie on

hate it…. she should have stayed blonde

Hallie on

Awww, she’s my favorite but I think she is better a blonde. :)

Lis on

Blonde! For sure! Plus, blondes have more fun ;)

Linda on

Hate it!! Are you sure it’s her?

Trish on

I love her hair like this, it looks even better darker! :o)

Jessica on

I can’t really tell if I like it or not. This is a horrible picture of her!

Kimberley on

Really don’t like it at all…. she should stick to the blonde!!! It’s more natural and makes her look younger. This ages her!!

Angela on

This is a HORRIBLE picture of her. She is a beautiful woman and this picture does her NO justice. What’s with the double chin? She weighs like 100 lbs! I think she looks better as a blonde but brunettes are better sooo…. j/k!

Kristy on

I think if it was a different pic of her she would look just fine… They picked a bad pic of her to post… not cool

Amila on

Hate it.. She supposed to be golden.

karen on

Love her blonde…I think mostly though, that’s just not a flattering shot.

Anne on

i don’t hate it but shes definitely more of a blond!!!

Kathleen on

Kate looks beautiful as a brunette…it doesn’t matter her hair color…its her personality that matters

Andrea on


Patrice on

It makes her look really old

LingerieQueen on

OOOO NOOOO!!!!! KATE!!!!! What were you thinking???? Part of your sex appeal was not only that you are a confident woman but those gorgeous gold locks sealed the deal!!!!!

AbbyL on


Teodora Chasse on

Blonde……and this shot is horrible.

Tamara on

Some blondes admittedly do look better as brunettes (Mandy Moore and Leighton Meester, I’m looking at you), however Kate’s blonde hair suits her sunny California disposition so well, that I just don’t think anything else suits her as well.


GOD what a horrible pic of her!! and no, the dark hair does her no justice…but it’s the double chin that really really has to go!!

Bill Clintoni on

She looks fat.

Amy on

Kate please go back to blonde..It fits your sunny personality.. I love the old Kate :))

KC on

I’m sure her hair looks great, but the picture doesn’t do her any justice. Who the heck picked that picture to post anyways?

Sta on

WOW, um yeah don’t like it. And her face looks fatter…not really sure this is her!

christy on

Definately not her look! I love her blonde!

Amanda on

Ew, lets forget the hair..let’s talk about the double chin! Yikes, such a bad picture…and please go back blonde…don’t go all Fergie on us!

MRS on

I have to agree – even if I am a brunette – Kate Hudson looks AWESOME as a blonde.
This color does not do her any justice and makes her look older and washed up!
Hope that this is for a role and not her making a change for good.

Jamie on

That doesn’t even look like her…..not a good look..r u sure that is her?

Kat on

Eww….I hate it. She should go back to being a blonde.

Stephanie on

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m a brunette and I’m pro brunette but this is not a good look for her!

It makes her look older. Get your gold back Kate. Stat!

Cat Segar on

i like tottally think she should like forsure go back blode..like definitely. blonde hair is just so like, classic you know?

Go Fish on

WOW – I always thought a darker color made you look thinner not add 10 pounds to your face! I bet she can’t wait to go back to blonde

M Stanley on

YUK! If it’s for a movie she needs to go blonde the second the shooting is over.

naomi on


mikie on

she looks like melissa gilbert a little bit there…

shea on

……..Has anyone thought that she may went Brunette cause shes pregnant or wanting to become pregnant…. no hair dyes when your preggos!! ;)

Lindsay on

She looks like Sara Gilbert from Roseanne in this photo. NOT GOOD!! Get a better picture then we can judge fairly.

Katelyn on

Kate Hudson is absolutely gorgeous despite the color of her hair… beauty is only skin- deep and she always looks so radiant. Not only is she a beautiful, elegant woman, but she is also a good role- model for the young women of today. I suppose now she can officially answer the ever- debated question of whether blondes or brunettes have more fun.

Penny on

I agree with some of the others, I cant tell how it really looks because the picture is so bad. I would like to see one with her smiling that AWESOME smile of hers and I would venture to guess she could be bald and STILL melt hearts!

Heather on

AWEFUL! She is so beautiful usually- what happend?

Tara on

eek. That is not cute. Not cute at all. She’s adorable as a blonde. Nature knows better in this case.

Peggy on

Blonde is best for Kate. She is gorgeous as a blonde. Darker ok for a movie roll but hurry up and get the beautiful blonde hair back. One of my favorite actresses.

blueflier on

in this photo, she’d look bad with any color hair — let’s see her in a decent photo as a brunette, then we can decide.

jennifer on

Nice double chin. The brunette seems to enhance it.

Jennifer on

First of all, they posted a completely unflattering picture of her. Find a moment where she’s standing still and smiling and then let us give our opinions on her hair.

critisizer on

It doesn’t even look like her! What’s with the double chin?
Hope it’s a really good wig!

Kim on

Hate it! She looks frumpy! Go back to blonde.

Tina on

I love Kate Hudson….but love her blonde hair better than the brunette. Sorry Kate!

Nichole on

This has to be the worst picture of her ever. How unflattering a shot!

AJ on

Nope! Stay Blonde!

sharon on

she looks better as a blonde………but its for a movie….she will be blonde again i am sure :)

John on

Is that Kate Hudson or Susan Boyle?

sarah on

she cant pull off the whole Brunette look, as I am a brunette and soooo could not pull of blonde. Some stars can like Lieghton Meester brown to blond and Fergie……blond to brown…but not kate

Eva Carvajal on

I love you Kate, but the pic doesn’t even look like you. You are gorgeous, but the blonde is beter.

TEXAS13 on

This has to be for a role…she looks much better as a blonde. Has she gained weight also?

Liz on

She looks like Susan Boyle……

Selma on

Doesn’t People have the staff to do a 2 minute web search? Please! This look is for a role in The Killer Inside Me which is now shooting in Oklahoma. It is based on the book and Kate is matching the style of the killer’s girlfriend, whom she is playing. So everyone can just calm down now about her hair for pete’s sake!

Denise on

This is a really bad photo of Kate. Since when does she have a double chin?

Pupstermum on

I’m sorry, I LOVE Kate Hudson, but she looks chunky and matronly here. Oh gawd please go back to blonde!

Rick on

So . . . now the curtains match the drapes?

steach on

This isn’t Kate Hudson! Your photographer got duped!

Tara on

Not a fan!! I love the blonde look…it is much more flattering!

Selina on

Rock the brunette look Kate, Rock it!

Sharon on

Hate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany on

I don’t know. She seems to look so ordinary with darker hair.

Sue on

Forget the hair, why is her face so puffy..?

Debbie on

That is a very unflattering picture……it’s possible she could look better from another angle. Blonde makes her look younger.

smgserver on

I like it this way, but I loved her old style ;)

Sue on

Not a good look for Kate.

smgserver on

I like her hair this way,
but I loved her old style

Wendal on


Kat Rose on

Whoah…..so not her. She’s always attractive but stunning as a blonde.

yanelis on

she looks older like this…lets go bac to blonde

Lisa Brumgard on

She is pretty no matter what but I prefer her as a blonde it is just her!

Jeanine on

My friend just went from Blonde to Brunette and I will say what I said to her….ICK! Change it back! Blonde is always better then Brunette!

AnnMarie on

That does not even look like Kate Hudson!

Brooke on

Def. go back to the blonde looks redic. with the brunette hair

dj on

Not to sound mean, but it is amazing what air brushing, & photo shop, can do for pics. We all could look glamorous. hahahahahaha She looks like any Jane Doe out going to target.

Silvia on

Blonde is better.. unless she wanted to be incognito.. brunette is definitely the color, but Blonde suits her better.

Linn on

At least it matches her eyebrows now.

Do blonds really have more fun . . . or more trouble?

Pat on


Iala on

Forget the Hair! What is the matter with her FACE??? She must be on some sort of steroid for a rash or chest cold that has made her swell up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balooon! Yikes!

Nancy on

She is so cute as a blonde. I hope she gets rid of that look soon.

Jennifer on

While I like Kate as a blonde, she does almost fit into the blonde bimbo stereotype. There are millions of blonde women who are super smart, and look super smart, she just didn’t have the look. I like the dark, but would like to see it maybe half way between her usual blonde and the dark color it is now.

Melinda on

I think it’s just an overall bad Picture of her. Maybe dazzled up it’ll look better.

Sherry on

It aged her horribly…she looks so much older.

Whoa on

Whoa… I don’t really like it at all but I do also understand if its for a movie role. Hope she goes back to her natural color soon! Also, I don’t like this picture of her at all, you could have put a better picture of her on here!

julie on

ill. oh my god i love her as a blonde she looks horrible with dark hair.

allie on

HATE IT. It totally ages her and what’s with the double chin?

Rhonda on

Love her, but she looks so drab. Blond is definately her color.

Amber on

Did she gain weight for the role as well? Hate the look.

melissa on

She is one of my fav actresses I love her hair. I think she could pull it off either way but i perfer the blonde. : )

Claire on

Why would People post such an unflattering pic of Kate??!! Vicious!

Tracy on

It makes her look Fat!

D on

Not the most flattering photo of her….at all.
She’s actually quite stunning, not sure about the dark coif, but hey, for a few million dollars, it will do!! LOL.

Mary Bangs on

Stay blonde. The darker hair makes her look washed out.

sydney on

blonde is defintly better suited for her

ellie on

Yuk- I hope the dark hair is for a role

mutinta on



I think she looks better as a blonde. But then again remember, we’ve always seen her as a blonde..some people look great in either shade but she’s definitey a blonde beauty….

BH on

Blonde is so much better for her. I didn’t even recognize her. It actually makes her face look heavier.

Stacy on

I love her but I don’t like this color on her.

Laura on

BLONDE. The End.

kara on

i Thhiink it Looks Good But i Don\t Liike it At All Lols Well MAybe a Lil Bit

Stella on

Maybe she got tired of being type casted into dittzy blonde roles and wanted to prove her acting chops. Either way, the picture is at a horrible angle because it looks like she has a double chin.

Magnolia on

Oh! No, no, no, Katie dear. This is NOT the color for you. Not good. Not good. The camera angle is not helping either.

L on

I think she needs to lay off the sauce, she is looking bloated everytime I see her. Blonde looks much better on her.

Venezuelan on

That pic is not her best… probably another angle would do justice to her.

Misia on

Her face looks rather very chubby with dark hair. Definetaly not her color.

Jan on

PEOPLE!! Get a life. That’s not even her!!! Google her photos. That’s not her nose or chin!!!! Geez. She is way better looking than that EVEN BALD!!!!

Amanda on

I like her much better as a blonde

Rosalind on

The color looks like it might work for her.
I think its just a very bad picture of her.
The angle in which this photo was taken makes her face look really full and round.

Carrie on

This picture goes to show you even the most gorgeous can take a bad picture! Love her blonde locks, this does nothing for her…

Jackie on

I don’t think its her. The face is too fat.
If it is her she looks better as a blonde for sure.

chris on

wow she hot

chris on

i love it she hass a nice ass

Amber on

This is not a flattering pic of her. What is up with her chin?

Kayla on

Hate it, makes her look fat. WHICH SHE’S NOT. She’s beautiful w/ blonde hair.

Jill on

It makes her look older. she should go back to blonde asap

tom on

whatever floats her boat.

Val on

Search “Kate Hudson goes brunette” for better information than we got here regarding Kate’s hair color change. G’day!

Kristi on

It makes her look like an old beat up Goldie Hawn..
Kate’s the hottest ever…go back to Blonde

Rebecca on

Maybe she is going to play Susan Boyle???

Bailey on

I don’t mind it. If it’s for a role, then it’s perfectly fine… who cares about what she looks like when she’s acting? :-) Then again, I’m used to looking at her sunny blonde hair.

Cindy on

That hair color makes her face look fatter, I almost didn’t recognize her….

Candy on

Its probably for a movie role.

RM on

WOW! So not cute. She looks fat!

Indy on

Hate it

Kate who???? on

I don’t beleive that’s her…if it is…she needs a full legnth mirror to see what everybody else is seeing….and then get to the gym and hair salon quick!!!!

me on

so she dyed her hair and grew a second chin? Is that even her?

Julie on

Hard to tell, really bad photo of her. The sunglasses make it impossible to tell how she looks.

FL on

Oh, no, no, no- not good at all. Go back to blonde straight away!!

Karisa981 on

I think this is just a bad picture of her. If we saw her on the red carpet with her hair styled, I am sure she would look better. She is not ready for the camera in this picture1!!! I like brunettes better!

Mariah on

Blonde is way better for her


Either this is a horrible photograph of her, or could she possibly be portraying Susan Smith in a new movie???

Amy on

Some people are meant to be brunette, some people are meant to be blonde. I think Kate should go back to her natural color. However, on the flip side, I think we need to see her all dolled up to get a real feel for the color, not in a paparazzi shot.

Teresa on


Val on

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! Go back to blonde!!!

Stephie on

Is this really Kate? I mean..this doesn’t look like her at all. Either its a horrible picture…or she also gained 20lbs for this role. Her hair isn’t so bad though..

Mallory on

Wow. I think Kate should go back blonde, but this is a very unflattering picture all around so its hard to tell.

Brooklyn on

She should stick to blonde. She’s much prettier as a blonde!

Marie on

Hate it, she looks better as a blonde.

Blue Eyes on

I agree, need to see a better picture of her to really tell. She is a beautiful lady, so it will be interesting. I say…. You go girl!!! Whatever the reason, it’s your hair.

zaphod on

The hair is fine, it’s a nice shade of brown. The double chin is worrisome. How old is she?

Sue on

Kate Hudson is a terrific actor, great mom and a truly nice human being. Get off the criticism. Let her have whatever look she wants. Appreciate her for who she is and what she does, not how she looks! The world would be a better place if we were more positive!

Taraseetta on

I’d like to see her get rid of her double neck/chin. It seems to be showing up every where.

Jen on

I think she is one of the most beautiful actresses there is! I do think the blonde is a better look for her though. However it could be for a new role, if that is the case, right after filming she should go have it dyed blonde ASAP.

Shannon on

It would probably look good if it were a more flattering picture to begin with…

jd on

wow- when did she grow that 2nd chin? haven’t really cared for her since she caused that nice owen wilson to almost commit suicide – that chin proves she ain’t worth it!

lINDA on

Stick with the blonde.

Dee on

She is beautiful as a blonde. Seriously though she looks much heavier as a brunette!

Kris on

This doesn’t even look like her! How could anyone tell? I agree. Get a better pix, then I will decide.

Angel on

Oh my poor thing…. I don’t know who lead her down this path but she needs to back up fast and redo the hair.
It’s not only flattering but makes her look fat. She is a very pretty lady and this doesn’t show it.

Nicholle Perry on


Tug on

The question should be “What’s up with the double chin?”

NYBlondes on

Eeghads. When did she do this???

hayley on


Hot Mama on

REALLY BAD PICTURE!!!! Can’t tell if I love or hate it.

Anna on

Hate it… it doesn’t even look like Kate anymore…

Just Me on

go back to BLONDE!

Jen R. on

I can’t believe People posted this pic of her. She is so beautiful. This is a horrible pic of her! Find a different one to show you jerks. I’d be pissed if I was her.

sarah on

Love Kate no matter what, but you would think a magazine like people could take a better picture of her.

LadyBug20 on


Maggie on

Well you obviously want people to hate it because you posted the most unattractive picture of her I’ve ever seen.

She’s probably better as a blonde but we haven’t really seen a good shot of her new look yet.

Cassie on

Wow! That looks nothing like her. Her neck is in a very unflattering position. It makes her look five sizes larger than she is.
I actually like the hair, though.

Kimberly on

Look! A younger Meryl Streep!

Nichole on

Better as a blonde. Horrible pic of her!

Ray on

See how much control he needs and wants. He, being A-Rod, he must have given her expert advice, after kissing himself in his own home…WOW!!!!!!!

Kelly on

Ugh. She’s so annoying. Now the hair matches the desperate personality…….

Amber on

It’s for her role in “The Killer Inside Me”…it doesn’t look that bad, but I love her as a blonde

Teresa on

A little mustache wax wouldn’t hurt

Mel on

Ugh. She’s just ordinary and plain as a brunette. No good.

Alisha on

Not a Hudson fan at all, but I like it.

Tabitha on

BLAH! Hate it! Go back to blonde!

Shannon on

Get us a better picture of her then I will vote but you cannot tell with this bad picture

Ryan Mayberry on

Am I the only one who thinks a bigger problem is that she grew an extra chin?

Donna West on

Wow, love those chins.

PAM on

I like her better as a blonde….

zoezoeC on

The picture doesn’t even look like her. Looks like she has the makings of a double chin in this photo.

Joe Bob on

Hate it! Did she get an extra chin at the dye shop as well?

Melissa on

definitely blonde

Chantal Bisso on

I usually prefer brunettes (Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Ava Gardner, Penélope Cruz, need I say more ?) – but in the case of Ms. Hudson I have to admit she looks better as a blonde. Unless it is the picture that is bad, double chin, curls à la Shirley Temple, etc. Everything screams: Go back to the bottle !


Looks better blonde!

Diana on

It probably is for a role. She looks way better as a blonde!!



Carmen on

I’m a brunette and trust me , she can not pull it off. She looked so great as a blonde ! And its true blondes do have more fun, but brunettes are smarter…. and pretier !

Julie on

I think it probably looks pretty good on her because I mean she is gorgeous, but this is just a really bad paparazzi photo.

Johanna on

I’m sorry but I must say that this brunette makes her face look fat :-(

becky on

not a good look at all for her

just cuz on

Kate is really one of those girls who should be blonde. It just works on her, where brunette doesn’t. She’s not a cookie-cutter Barbie blonde, she actually has the personality to pull it off.

Sandi on

I don’t like Kate’s darker do. I think it makes her look heavy and ill – like she is washed out. She looks happier and healthier as a blond.

Autumn on

I luv it!!! Life’s too short to always have the same hair color.

Mickey on

“OMG” she looks like Rosie O’Donnell after a very successful diet!!! Eewwww that’s friggn weird!!!

Cameron on

This is just …. woah
Its defintly not her look and she was such a beautiful blonde and so just like natural and she ruined it
:( too bad 4 kate…….

mary on

Does not suit her – I thought it was Katie Perry!

Brianna on

Wow! I think kates hair looks so hot- she really does own this look. Yea her golden locks made her look hot too! but this shows her dark side and I love it!

Melody B on

she looks like rumor willis

cheryl on

I didn’t even recognize her.I think it’s horrible

chacha on

she looks fat in the head

elizabeth on

She looks so fat with the brown hair. It’s definitely not her look.

jaci p on

do i like it? NOPE. HATE it. but it would be hard to take her seriously (in a thriller or drama) w/her usual blonde flowing tresses….

and that’s not a flattering photo of her either, which is hard to do…..

she’ll be back to blonde as soon as its over. in my opinion, its what she’s known for, more than her acting.

Mary on

Kate , what the heck were you thinking….. did you have a mary attack!!

I love you as a blonde…. Your blonde hair made you look sassy…….

kayue on

That is a HORRIBLE picture of her- whether she’s blonde or brunette! (You guys caught her off guard!)

Christie on

She looks so much like her Mom here. I would suggest sticking to blonde, this makes her face look heavier, but we all know she’s very healthy. Just doesn’t flatter her as much..

Sister on

Kate is great bald so this hair color is of course – fabulous! Don’t be so shallow and superficial!!! OMG!!!

cliffnotes201 on

she looks fine with either.
she has no makeup on so.. you can’t really tell.
but, if I had to choose blond

kolliparaemb on

i really likes it.

hailey on

You looked better as a blonde.Dark brown doesn’t suit you,Kate.

apple kate on

go for gold kate!
love yah

indignant2 on

She always looks good but brown is too sombre for her.

marta on

you’re so cute kate but when your hair is blonde… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

moshmonster on

Dahling, go back to blonde right this minute! The brown makes you look tired and grouchy.

Jen on

First I am a cosmetologist and even though she is a beautiful blonde for going dark this is a wonderful way for her to go. There are waaay too many people obsessed with blonde hair lately. If you look at her hair righ tnow it is actually setting off her skin tone without washing her out or being to dark. This is not a great picture I am sure more people would like if they could see how bright blue her eyes will look against this warm brown. Also the stlye is not fitting to her face at all! Be nice people, she can look good both way just take into account that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is never from the person the picture is of.

Chris on

Nothing special here. Would you notice her on the street? Does she look like a star? Maybe all of us are stars! We can all look “this good”!

nadia on

Honestly, this picture is an example of why so many girls have to go blond…because their faces are plain and the only way they can get noticed is to make their hair light. Kate has always been a plain face who had to rely on her hair color to be pretty.

Becky on

I wish I had access to an emoticon that is BARFING to better express how I feel about Kate Hudson…dark or light.

youcouldbelievethis on

Oh dear I don’t liek this look at all.

lucyrupert on

probably the worst photo – brunette could be great for her – but not the right photo to judge from.

Pandora on

I have to say that Kate definitely looks better blonde… and couldn’t they find a better picture of her? You know – without the double-chin???

Carolina on

she looks fat! i like her as a blondie better

Missy on

Did she need to gain a little weight for the role as well? Somethings going on with the lower half of her face…not too cute

aubrielle on

definitely should stick to blonde

Lisa on

I think she’s beautiful regardless but i mean come on people what is this picture of her… I need to see a better one to really see if i like it…

Karen on

Hate it. She is beautiful with her blonde hair. Hope it’s not permanent.

Maggie on

It doesn’t even look like her… But if it is…. I liked it blonde. But I still. Luv her!!!! :)

KC on

Horrible look for her and whats with the neck lately??

Nancy on

I love Kate she is down to earth girl live her Mom I prefur her as a Blonde but whatever she want’s to do is alright in my book.

Cate on

NO, Cate,

You’re cute. You’re a great actress. You have the most enviable smile on the planet.

Why tack on 20 years with a new mousy-brown ‘do? Go back to the blonde, girl.

Cate on

*Kate haha

Laura on

She sorta looks like Susan Boyle in the this pic.. haha

aubrielle on

Susan Boyle?! I LOL-ed at that comment! :D

PB on

Dahling, go back to blonde right this minute! The brown makes you look tired and grouchy.

Carey Anne on

Do not like it at all. Not her style.

Lacey Summer.W on

I agree with the blonde but, the dark hair makes her look old like 62 or 50.

nicole on

she looks better as a blonde.

Judith on

The dark hair makes her face look chubby. Please, Kate, go back to blonde..!!

Elle on

Does she ever wear a bra?

Monica on

Go back to blonde

Maryanne on

Could you have picked a worse picture? Her arms and shoulders look great, but the angle of her face makes her look like she has the mumps. No matter how she looks, she’s great! But, I do prefer the blonde.

JoyB on

Man, that’s the worst pix of her I’ve ever seen. Show us a better one of her as a brunette and then ask the question.



Sophie on

Unflattering picture all-around. She looks like she’s auditioning for the role of Susan Boyle.

Gaby on

AAAWWWW…. i love Kate being a blonde hippie… lol!!! but she’s awesome either way!!!! she’s my FAVORITE!!!!! =)

Phyllis Dunn on

No, no, no!!! I have been a blonde for over 35 years and it is the best color for me and it is the best for Kate.

Susan on

This is the most unflattering picture PEOPLE could have chosen. Shame on you.

Tim Wilder on

She’s never been as pretty as her mother. I don’t care what color of hair she has. Her personality ruins what few decent looks that she has.

Joan on

I think the brown hair makes her face look fat!

nana on

Kate – please go back to the golden locks. The brunette look just doesn’t do you justice!

Katelyn on

It makes her look rly chubby I say stick to blonde

Ivonne on

It makes her face look HUGE and fat! Maybe it’s just a bad pic…Does A-Rod like this look?

Kate is still cute on

I have to agree with previous posters: 1. Who the heck chose this unflattering picture, 2. She’s like 100lb and does not have a double chin, 3. Why couldn’t you choose a nice pic so we could give an unbiased opinion.

All that being I love Kate Hudson and thinks she gorgeous either way but I BLONDE suits her sooo much better!

Stacey on

It’s her…I saw her at the yankee game and didn’t even recognize her. She looks so ordinary- bring back the blond!

alina on

yea…deff signature…now its gone…just like fergie…

Clint on

Umm, it would be nice if it was a gold toned warm brown but honestly from a colorist opinion that’s ephing green. Im thinking she did this herself.

Lauren W on

This just isn’t a flattering picture at all. It’s hard to say with the picture.

Terri on

In my opinion Ms. Hudson has always been just “cute.” This new hair color, for an acting part I’m sure (hopeful), is doggish.

Aaron Stewart on

I got mumps last year and it was really very painful. I have to take some pain killers to ease the pain. `

Ryan Green on

mumps is so damn painfull that i don’t wanna hear about ‘*`

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