Kate Gosselin on Her Hair: "Everybody Wants It"

05/14/2009 at 04:44 PM ET

Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

First there was “The Farrah,” then “The Rachel,” and now, “The Gosselin”? Jon & Kate Plus Eight‘s famous mom is known almost as much for her amped up, asymmetrical hairdo as her brood of eight kids — and recent marital scandals. And when the PEOPLE cover-star sat down with Entertainment Weekly recently to talk about living in a fishbowl, she also dished on her distinctive do. While the reality star doesn’t reveal whether she’s actually named the look, she does respond, “It’s my attitude! Everybody wants it. It’s work.” The secret to getting the style right? “I have very, very thick hair, so it’s not going to work for everybody. I’ve seen people come through the book line with thin hair and [it] just won’t work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country.” Tell us: Do you want to try Kate’s look?

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Regina on

God, NO! The whole sticking-up-in-the-back thing just makes her look like she just rolled out of bed! Yuck!

Christine on

I love short hair, but not in your face over your eyes and spikey in the back. Not good.

Susan on

“Everybody wants it?” A little presumptive, don’t you think? I like spiky hairstyles, but why would someone wear that big blob of hair hanging over the face? It is not flattering. She would look younger with something different.

Kathy on

I love Kate, but I hate her hair… please change it!

Sara on

NO WAY! It’s the worst disconnected haircut I have ever seen and the back is not flattering at all!

Tarin on

That long piece needs to be thinned out BAD!! It looks like its just thick and blunt and straight…and it doesn’t belong there. She needs to cut it and thin the ends!!

Dragon on

She really needs to get over herself- That hairstyle has been around for several years!!!!

Sheri on

She looks like she has 2 different hairstyles and can’t decide between them.

Ness on

Wow…she really likes herself.

Elizabeth on

I think it looks bad in back too and she’s sported this for several years – time for a change for her

April on

I love it. It is so easy for a mom (of 8 kids.) My daughter would never fix her hair, so we had it cut like Kate’s. It is tomboy meets sexy.

Sasha on

Sorry, but no! It is not a very attractive cut. Actually , I think it takes away from her face as you cannot stop looking at the back that sticks up!

Monica on

Not really my taste. Don’t like it at all.

germie on

Girl, please you are not all that and nobody is trying to be like you right now.

K Schatzle on

And she wonders why John is cheating on her…..he always tells her that he likes it long!

Jo on

Her hair is as annoying as her attitude… her comment then makes perfect sense.

Sweetmomaof4 on

My hair is very thick and try to get my stylist to duplicate this cut but she has trouble getting right. This picture will hopefully help!!!!

KT on

I personally don’t like her hair do. She is full of herself and it’s a no wonder her marriage is crumbling. Instead of doing interviews about her hair, maybe she should be at home caring for her 8 children. Ugh! Enough about the Gosselins!

Karen on

Her hair looked better before the front became one length. I definitely don’t like the rooster-look in the back.

jeanmarie on

She’s kidding, right? I don’t know anyone who wants her lopped off, hedgehog look. Silly Kate, do you ever look in the mirror?

Bee on

Her delusions are getting worse. That style was hot for a nanosecond when T-Boz rocked it in the 90s.

Angie on

I see that haircut all the time in the south. It’s not attractive. Also, it’s usually the same haircut every woman in town gets because it’s the only one the 1 hairdresser in town knows how to do. Besides, it’s very dated.

Stacy on

And people wonder why he would have an affair? Have you ever seen or heard someone so involved in themselves??

Kristi on

What, rooster head? Why would anyone want that? It’s ridiculous.

Anne on

Call it the “reverse mullet”.

Candy on

Is she joking?! Seriously she needs to get over herself and focus on her marriage and kids!

Steph09 on

More importantly, she needs to lay off the tanning. She looked orange most of the last season.

Lindsay on

Is it just me or is her hair a total reverse mullet? Long in the front and short in the back. It’s so wrong!

Irene on

Um…no. I agree that it “works” for her, personal style is personal style. BUT… NO ONE, ANYWHERE in their right mind would want to copy that. It’s everything that was wrong with the 80. Watch out if her obsession with stone wash jeans, parachute pants and jelly sandals ever gets out!

A girl on

Gee, her hair is as big as her ego.

Danielle on

I can’t stand her hair-do, the back is just NOT cute!

Jen on

It’s a tellum – a reverse mullet! Equally as heinous as the original.

Bye Bye Gosselins on

Her haircut…?

Oh so now this outdated hairstyle belongs to her also?

Melissa on

NO! I think Kate looks good, but I think she would look much better with a different haircut. I absolutely hate that big long chunk in the front…. why? why? WHY?

Rocio on

Heeeeeell no! I want to see the people who say they want this haircut! They probably live in trailer parks. Get over yourself Kate!

Ellie on

I love the show but please Kate change the hair,I hate women who say they have short hair because they don’t have time for long hair,I see it as the wrong answer….I really don’t like her haircut,she looks better and better every season but would look so lovely with long hair,really!

valerie on

this is the first time i have ever commented on anything, but i had to do this, kate hair looks like road kill, looks like an animal just climbed up on her hair and decided to die there, and she just left it like that, horrible

Victoria on

it’s like a reverse mullet…
not attractive at all.

Kay on

Love the show, the kids, the mom and dad – hate the mom’s hair. HeShe always is tilting her head cuz of the hair hanging in her face. Way to harsh a cut. EEEK!

Jen on

She’s full of herself and it looks like a chicken pecked the top of her head.

diane on

Maybe if she “worked” on her marriage as much as her hair, she wouldn’t be having so many problems now.

Karen on

A much softer, more feminine look would better suite Kate. Gwyenth Paltrow has a great new polished bob that would be awsome on Kate. The style Kate has now is too funky for Kate and is meant for a younger girl. Not a good style for her.

Pauline on

Worst hairdo I’ve seen this year! Sorry Kate, 99.9% of us would have nightmares if we woke up with your hair.

Jules on

I agree, that haircut is horrendous. Worst I have seen in a while

Southernbell on

NO!!! It looks like one of her 8 got the scissors. I have always wondered about that mess and just chalked it up to not looking in the mirror.

Christina on

Kate’s hair sucks!!! ITs soo bad especially the spiked up thing in the back and um did she seriously say everyone wants it??? Is she kidding??? Oh and the comment “its my attitude” what does that even mean cuz the haircut looks a bit confused so maybe shes right about it being her attitude. One of the worst haircuts on tv its right up there with dog the bounty hunters mullet

Howright on

Seriously? Because I don’t know anyone that likes her hair. She definitely needs to mix it up more. Reality TV stars are so full of themselves.

Whatever on

I guess she didn’t get enough attention as a child.

Jasmine on

OMG, her hair the is the ultimate fashion NO-NO!!! Girl, I hail from New Jersey, land of bad spikes, bangs and highlights I KNOW BAD HAIR and Kate has BAD(x100)hair!

Alli on

OMG are you kidding. It’s kinda like when you tell someone their hair looks cute but really you’re thinking “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” It’s sad.

Rachel on

She has a reverse mullet! Good grief why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

Rebecca on

get over yourself Kate. not everyone wants your hairstyle or to go on TLC so they can publicly humiliate their husbands.

Kim on

This lady is delusional about a LOT of things, apparently!

Brianne on

I hate her hair, above the other things,her hair is the way too thick; left side bang needs to be “weeded” out. Its sooo heavy! common Kate, get serious, i don’t even think she reads her hate mail. she wouldn’t be so high on herself if she did. errrrrrrrr!

stacy on

i think her hair looks ridiculous!! def not the next Farrah!!

Amanda on

Good god I hope not!!! Just about every woman in NC has this haircut, and I don’t understand it all. Long or short people??

katie on

OMG! Everytime I watch that show I complain about her hair! Someone needs to tell her this look is from 1995!!

Scout on

Has no one noticed this is like a reverse mullet? Kate’s hair is probably the one thing that I have always hated about her.

katie on

I call it the backwards mullet!

Kerry on

I think her hair is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! It looks worse evry time I see it. She is crazy if she thinks every one wants it.

mommie2 on


Lisa on

She needs to get over herself. That’s the last hairdo I would ever have.

Erin on

Her hairdo is ridiculous. Why would anyone want it!!

Rachel on

Kate is beautiful that she could pull off any hairstyle. She looks great!

tweeders on

Its a mullet in reverse. I had that haircut in the 80’s. I think Crissy Hines had it in the 80’s too.

Jenn on

She is cute and I understand needing any easy do with kids but I do not like her hair style. I would love to see it all long or all short, not Edward Scissor hand-ish. Very 80s.

Julie on

Hate it!!!



Phen on

It’s a mullet in reverse.

Debra Mardesich on

I think it is aweful. Who told her it looked good?

Margaret on

She beginning to bug me, but I absolutly HATE her hair. She’s probably a pill to be married to. It’s her way or the highway.

What do you mean “everyone wants it”. That hairdo. NOT.

Maggie on

She’s sooo delusional! It’s like the reverse Mullet!

Shandy on

I think she should either cut it short, or grow it into a bob. I agree it is a VERY confused haircut. I’m sorry…

janet on

No sorry Kate, not everyone wants your hair! Don’t know why you would either.

Holly on

Really…funny. I was just saying to a friend how much I dislike her hair and wondered if she realized what a horrible hair style she has! She’s a pretty lady…update the style…PLEASE

Tara on

Everybody wants it?!?!? Gag! She basically is sporting a REVERSE MULLET!!! And it looks ridiculous!!!

stephanie on


Trish on

Her hair is “not what everyone wants” its a little outdated.

D on

NO thanks! What an ego.

Melissa on

Please, here hair is the worse I have seen in awhile. Was the person cutting it with their eyes closed?

Erica on

It’s a skater boy ‘do from way back in the day! She so needs to get over herself. Not only should she fix her life, but fix that skater boy ‘do.

JuJu on

Can’t stand her or her hair, so full of herself…Team Jon!!

Jackie on

Her hairstylist needs to be fired. Kate’s hair is horrible!!

Cupcakey on

H E Double Hockey Sticks NO!

Lysol Mercedes on

Giiiiiiirl, you must be out ‘yo mind! My weave looks betta than that mess! Mmmm hmmm!

Julie on

Can’t stand her hair!!! Not cute and a little strange.

Khara on

I love the show, but her hair is so foul! It’s way too long and thick in the front, ahh! It drives me nuts to look at her!

MW on

I love Kate but I SO dislike her hair. You are so pretty Kate, but you really need to change your hair!

Lela on

She is living in a fantasy, if she thinks people like it… But then maybe she likes a really bad hair cut… But then Who really cares… I stop watching that show… Her husband is hen peck… she the boss of the house…

Amanda on

Nope don’t want it. It looks like some animal chewed her hair in the back. Not a good look!

Cheryl on

Not everybody! Get a normal haircut and color. This one is not flattering!

britney on

I love the show… but I honestly can’t stand Kate. I hate her hair

dtsquared on

sorry, but no one in their right mind wants that reverse mullet.

mary on

Well..I love Kate and the show BUT I have to say that she’s NOT the 1st person to have her hair that way LOL I’m 26 year old and I soooo had that exact hair cut right after I graduated H.S. in 2001 and kept it until maybe 2003..then it got old LOL oh well….still loves me some Jon&&Kate plus 8

Jen on

She looks mean – I believe she is mean. Her hair does not look good – don’t know why she says everyone wants that style.

Lacey on

I will admit, it was really cute before the long-large-flap of hair came in play. I liked it when she was just long enough to puck behind her ear. I miss the Kate with the pixie hair, that wore her Tanner design shirts while she stayed home all day with the tups. Not this Kate, with he big hair, Ann Taylor clothes and an ego larger then her family. You know, the “Aunt Jodi and Beth” days.

Alexis on

Ellen called and she wants her hair back.

Jill Kennedy on

How self involved is she? Everyone wants it? Not really. I think it looks like a mistake. If my stylist had the nerve to do this to my hair, I would ask for my money back and get a new stylist.

AFmom on

Kate needs to get a hint from all these posts! Get rid of the spikes in back! It’s not a flattering style at all and I am wondering who the people are that she says want to copy the style. I haven’t seen anyone wear it but her.

Libby on

I don’t think it’s overly stylish, it’s been done before, I just think the piece of long hair in the front needs to be thinned out…it’s just like a blob…..

Jenn on

Seriously….she needs to get over herself. I think she had let her fame go to her head.

Bonnie on

Kate’s hair looks like each of the kids took a turn at cutting the back while she was sleeping. Don’t know who her hairdresser is but she needs a new one!

dee on

I am enjoying watching Kate make a fool of herself by bragging that everyone wants her absurd hairdo. It’s like payback for the way she tries to make a fool of poor Jon in public. The man must be a saint to stay married to this sharp-tongued, OCD harpy.

Mary Ann on

I do not like her hair, what’s with the hunk in her eyes. And she is always pushing it out of her eyes. I think she thinks it is sexy…. NOT. She needs a new style. I do like the high lights though. She needs it longer all over, not just over one eye.

Anna on

i agree with everybody that hairdo is so 2001 or something like that it looks really outdated and i dont know who would want it sorry but yeah change it!!!

whocares on

Everyone wants it? lol Yeah if you consider maybe 2 people in the world to be everyone, then sure “everyone” wants it. Could this lady be more into herself? The show and money has seriously gone to her head.

Kara on

LOL! NO! Sorry Kate! Maybe now is not the time to be talking about your hair. Leave your husband and protect your kids, stop exploiting them.

Karen on

What is this…1996? Someone please give her a makeover!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly on

I love her hair! I actually have my hair cut like hers…with my own little flair, of course. I’ve received the most compliments from it! It’s super easy to fix, too!

lynn on

it would drive my nuts to have that many lengths of hair on my head at the same time…..she has a pretty face, but i don’t love her hair.

Lacey on

Well unlike most of the people on here i Love Kate’s hair style! There just jealous they can’t make their hair look that good!!

Deborah on

Her husband seems to like long hair lately….

Her look goes along with her “bossy, take your man’s balls away” attitude..

laura on

Ridiculous looking! “Everyone” wants it??

debbie on

yuck yuck and more yuck

plusrunner on

Kate, 1982 called, and they want their hair back.

Kathy on

I actually hate this hair on her. She has such a beautiful face. I don’t understand the cut. It’s something out of the 80s! And not flattering.

Annika on

I think she is a great mom, pretty and strong, but i do not like her haircut.

Kathleen Dodd on

I am not too sure who wants her hair, the style went out 30 years ago. Ewwwwwww

emma on

Her hair looks like a chicken’s butt. Does any straight man find this type of hair style attractive?

Jung on

i can’t believe her stylist lets her walk out of the salon like that. does she live in a bubble?

MR on

I thought I was the only one who hated her hair.

Cynthia on

I had that hair cut…LIKE TEN YEARS AGO!!!

dk on

Hey it works for her… everyone is sooo dang critical… I would love to see what some of these “haters” hair styles look like! Give it a rest already with Kate and Jon and the kids!

Diane on

Kate has an inflated sense of self-importance. I am thankful and blessed for what I have in my life, I don’t feel the need to imitate Kate!

Lucretia on

@ Tarin & Dragon. . you hit the nail on the HAIR. I’m African American and we’ve been rocking asymetrical haircuts (INCLUDING Kate’s) in our community since the NINETIES!! I wore her cut Freshman year in college (1993) and recycled it in 2005. Tarin – she DOES need to get the longer piece thinned out with a nice razor cut and it should actually be a little shorter. Poor Kate.

Albie on

Shall we say…”A Flock of Seagulls”

Lisa on

I do like Kate, but I do not like her haircut. She looked so much better when it was long. The huge gob of hair on the right side of her head just doesn’t work. I don’t know anyone who would want that haircut.

Roxy on

NO WAY! She looks like she goes to a discount place where the person doesn’t really know how to cut hair yet. And get your bangs out of your eyes! Ah! I want to move them for her.

Laura on

That is the ugliest hairstyle I have ever seen. That fact that she is so boastful about it is hilarious!

MsWings on

It’s a ridiculous look and she needs to go home and take care of her kids and family.

ms on

Ok… I’m a guy… and I think her hair is the worst on TV…

can she not watch herself and see that?

she’s so mean to Jon… If it wasn’t for the kids, I think he would have left her long ago.

Cathy on

Somebody is loving her 15 minutes of fame!

Tara on

It is like a reverse mullet. Instead of business on the top party in the back it is business in the back party in the front. Either way it doesn’t work!

Elaine on

Talk about an ego. I don’t blame her husband if he did cheat because she seems like a miserable woman. Poor kids.

Elle on

I agree she is due for a change but I think Kate’s do suits her. It’s cute!

Jane on

Hate, despise, loathe, scorn, detest, and mock Kate’s hair. Hate the spikey parts, hate the incongruous long part in front, hate the skunk stripes, hate the whole thing – it looks like two different heads were cut in half and smacked together. Ahh – I feel so much better now.

Melissa C. on

She looks like a rooster.

diskobunny on

um, like not everyone. it’s the reverse mullet. no sanks.

Angie on

God NO!! Anyone that wants to look like her is nuts. Just more of Kate obsessing about herself, thinking and actually SAYING everyone wants it. Her HUGE ego talking again. Stop talking Kate!! Your family needs you!

Jena on

I would so luvvvvv her hair!!!!

Clare on

It’s a reverse mullet! Party in the front and business in the back.

Tina on

It looks like a rat ran through the back and fell off.

Meg on

Nope, I really don’t like it.

toni on

i think that Kate believes she is god and everyone wants to be just like her. Well the world does not revolve around Jon and Kate, there are people who have alot more serious problems, then listening to her say everyone wants her hair. And she just has it so hard, I am a mother of 3 so I know what it is like to raise kids, I don’t need her parenting advice or her fashion advice.

Elle on

WTFudge! She actually paid someone to look like this???? This is one of the worst hairstyles from the 80’s!

Jennifer on

It’s a midwest thing. People just have bad taste and hair is no different. As bad as most people know her hair is, she along with an entier population of midwesterners think she looks great. Many of the hair stylist have hair styles too.

Samantha on

Good God NO – Looks like some animal is trapped. She needs to get over herself! I have never seen anyone so into “ME”!

Are You Kidding? on

It looks like it would be very crunchy. What guy would want to touch that helmet?

mary on

cant wait till she tries to grow this out. you’re right, its been around for about 10 years, called a “stacked” haircut.

Sue on

NO WAY would I ever want that style!

Candis on

It is the ugliest haircut i have ever seen! She looks emo!

lizzy on

That is not flattering. Perhaps a sheek bob would be nice but the back looks like she woke up with a chicken butt on her head!

jenna on

Poor Kate. And please cut that mess in the front!

JP on

Sorry, Kate. This hairstyle was popular in NJ when I was in high school (in the 60s). It is a version of the “Sassoon”

People’s writers are too young to recognize it, but surely YOU do.

It’s not that flattering. Kate had more curly hair in her original wedding video – that was very, very flattering.

gina on

Wow Kate! You will do anything to keep yourself in the limelight. (sold out your kids,family, and husband) now you want to say everyone wants your 1980s hairdo? Ah guess I am not anyone then!!!!

Megan on

A little dated, don’t you think?! Have not seen ONE person, other than media hungry Kate, with this crazy do.

Jamie Lynne on

I think that her hair looks like a backwards Mullet… Party in the front, buisness in the back.

ciaobellabows on

I can NOT stand her hair. It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Plus she constantly is messing with the front piece because it’s always in her eyes. People probably tell her they like it because they don’t know what the else to say. Sorry…

Kimmy P on

Seriously? No one has wanted that haircut since 1989. It is like a backwards mullett. Won’t be long until she is staring in an episode of a hair themed Intervention.

Maria on

Wow you’re in love with yourself… good for you Kate! you hair style? questionable? too many things going on. Looks like you couldn’t decide which style so you went for all 3,4…
not sure what’s up with the spikes in the back? bed hair? hat hair? stock finger in shocket?
you need a hair make over badly! decide on short, long, BUT do something about the back spikes. it makes you look like you’re surprised/shocked all the time.

J on

Her haircut is so Emo! She just needs to dye it black to complete the look.

Elise on

Her head looks like an Aliens! Yuk. Looks okay from the front, but once you see it from the back — it is just bad….

Elizabeth on

Never ever ever. It’s not current, it’s not stylish and it doesn’t do a thing for her. She looks hard and she looks old. She needs length and softer bangs. Time to change don’t get stuck in the past because it may have worked for you 10 years ago. A more natural colour would be sexier.
Only my opinion.

AZ Grandma on

HECK NO!!! Don’t like anything about her!!! Hair or Attitude!!!! Still don’t blame Jon for cheating if he did!!!!

Mike Nike on

I think her hair is hot.

Bean on

No way do I want her hair “style”! It’s like some weird kind of reverse mullet!

Meg on

No…just no. This style is not working for her, or anyone else for that matter.

christine on

what is so great about her hair i have hair so what she takes herself for someone else since she is a star.she not the only one who had eight kids one of my friends has 11 she is not a star. she is 35 also a granmother of 3.this is true story.

Kit on

Isn’t it the old Posh Spice hair style?

karen on


Alycia on

Full of yourself or WHAT?!
“Everybody wants it?!” I guess that makes me nobody.
She looks ridiculous. Her hair? Schizophrenic at best. I hate the lowlights. I hate the fact that it’s SUPER short in the back, and then falls into her eyes at the front. How can she see?
If you’re going to have short hair. Have short hair. Not half-short, half-sort of long hair.
Ridiculous, Narcissistic, Suspected Adulteress.
It’s no wonder her husband goes out with other women. I wouldn’t want to deal with that attitude either.
Let’s hope none of her kids inherited it.

WTF? on


Shelby on

It seems to me that having a hairdo like this would take longer to do in the morning than if she would grow her hair out a little and just leave it straight!!

tiffanie on

It’s not a hair style I would choose but it works for her!!

April on

I had that hairstyle…. Seven years ago! Gwyneth Paltrow first had it in the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ which was my inspiration for it. It was much thinner up front on Gwyneth, and myself — and longer but with volume in the back- NO spikes. Kate would look so much cuter with a short bob. The spikes are NOT a cute look!!

Nicole on

I absolutly HATE her hair. I hate it more than any other “celebrity” ever. I would NEVER do that to my own hair!

Christina on

OMG….it looks like a reverse side mullet! Seriously! Who would want that?!?!

Susan P on

Are you joking, this can’t be true. Who in their right mind would want that horrible hair cut? I cannot believe people are calling her stylist to get that cut. I think Kate is a beautiful lady, but that hair has got to go. It looks as though she is trying to grow it out in the front, and she can’t see the back, so, she cuts it herself…LOL…HORRIBLE!!!!

Betsie on

its really butchy NOT CUTE. why not just do a simple bob kate? i guess thats “the trend” in Pennsylvania? really cmon on now, stop the ego trip!

Lauren on

Maybe this marital spat is a stunt for her to be a household name. Before last week, I had no idea who this person is.
Her hair is okay. Definitely not iconic.

Jeanell on

HA..It’s a mod mullet…

Valerie on

I HATE her hair, it’s like the modern day female backwards mullet! I hate how she holds the front piece out of her face half the time, I just want to cut it off! She needs to watch an old episode of her show and get back to who she used to be before she became so impressed with herself!

Jaclyn on

No offense to anyone who may have that haircut~~ I think it’s horrible! What’s up with the back? Looks like one of her kids tried to cut her hair!

Deb on

She really thinks she’s something. Her hair looks like she just got out of bed. ICK! She needs a drastic change.

KittyKat on

Like the color, hate the style. It looks like she’s got two different styles going on. It also needs to be thinned out, it looks too heavy. Hate it!

Brandy on

This is a horrible do! Spikey with the big chunk of blob is not by any means flattering! I thought she was older than she is with the do! Kate you can do better! I love your strong willed attitude as a woman and mother but the hair does not need to be bold or spikey. More subtle is the ticket!

kerry on

looks like she couldn’t decide on which hair-style she wanted…(reminds me of the Goth kid on South Park)

Susan on

Kate would be much more attractive if she was remotely modest. These comments do nothing for her, particularly given their situation of late.

Shauna on

It’s really a very old school cut – I had that cut in the mid-80s. It’s nothing new darlin….and you are NOT exceptional, much as you’d like to think you are.
Perhaps we could call it the “all bossy” in the front and “messed up” in the back – just like you are!

Lori on

I love her hair! It looks great on her.

shidley on

Actually, there is a name for this hairstyle.

It’s called the “Reverse mullet”, and it’s coming to a mall near you.

Robin on

I’d like to buy Kate for what I think she’s worth, turn around and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth. I would never have to worry about money for my family ever again. Get over yourself Kate!! You are the only one who seems to think you and your family are in any way special. Be gone with you!!!

Sandra on

I think she looks good.

Anon on

It’s like the reverse mullet… With spikes… It confuses me to no end.

Emmie on

Oh, gosh, I can’t stand Kate’s hair when it sticks up in the back- that looks like she didn’t realize it was sticking up and yet it is- no, I don’t want her hairstyle! I do, however, want Hannah and Leah, because I think that they are two of the cutest, sweetest little girls ever!! (Just joking about “wanting” the kids!!)(But they ARE very sweet and so is Aaden- I hate it when Colin goes around whacking everybody on the head-
Alexis is cute as can be, but she’s too aggressive for me!! Joel-cute, but he’s his daddy’s boy! I feel for this family going through all the negative press that they’ve had to deal with lately- I hope that things work out for the best- I think that Jon’s a great father and that Kate’s a really good mom. It’s obvious that they love their kids(I’m always amazed at how much leeway Kate gives Maddy!!) Those kids are really good kids and they wouldn’t be if they didn’t have really good parents-

caligirl on

I really like the woman, but the hair do is a NO GO!!! I would never get this hair cut!!

jessica on

Sorry to ruin everyone’s hate-fest on Kate’s hair, but my cousin just got this exact haircut. I personally don’t like it, but leave the poor woman alone. I doubt she went to the interview thinking “How can I talk more about myself? I know! My hairstyle!”. They probably asked her about her hair and she answered. Leave her alone. She’s doing a press tour for her new book and that’s why all the interviews are being done. Don’t judge. You aren’t perfect either.

cb on

Yuck! No thanks! It’s like a reverse mullet.

Suzanne on

I think her hair is the last thing she should be focused on!

Linda on

It looks like a bad knock-off of T-Boz’s (from the group ‘TLC’) hairdo. She’s delusional if she thinks everyone wants the same cut! Couldn’t pay me to try this style, her stylist should be shot! Take the $75K you’re making per episode and have a top notch stylist come up with something better and stop flattering yourself, Kate. As you would say, “It’s soooo annoying!”

Anthony on

You look HOT Kate! Dont listen to these jerks. Color them ALL green!

teenie on

No. I don’t want it.

Becky on

Yes, I really like her hair style. I think it is cute.

Marie on

I think her hair is HORRIBLE! I was all for the “Farrah” and I loved the “Rachel” but I hate Kate’s hair!!!

Jenjen on

That hairstyle is very 1999. I can’t believe anyone would purposely do that to themselves. The color stripes..the whole thing is just so dated.

Sara on

I LOVE her hair! LOVE IT!!

kim on

Love the woman, can’t stand the hair. She’s gorgeous but that hair does absolutely nothing for her. It’s wierd and awkward and seems like 4 or 5 haircuts in one.

Mable on

It’s a kinda goofy looking haircut. You’d think at this point with all the talk about her and her husband, she might just shut up. She does seem quite fond of herself.

Dolly on

The first time I saw this hairdo I thought to myself “what the heck was her stylist thinking….and why did she agree to it??” However, I do disagree with some of you commenting on her family. They are innocent victims of this haircut and should be given a break for having to look at her all day, everyday.

Lori on

She’s beautiful, strong, & stylish. Gotta love her.

ale on

omg people are soo mean!! u wish u had a chance to be brought up on this page!! its her style her life!! let her be!!

Casandra on

I can’t stand her hair. I was hoping she would change it this season.

Cindy on

everybody wants it….that I doubt.
Get over yourself-
I agree with earlier comments-can’t decide what style she wants.

alo on

her “bangs” are waaaaay too long, they need to be cut and shaped… they look really bad.

Ande on

I have this hairstyle (almost, mine isn’t as short in the back, but was at one point in time, and was easy to take care of) I think it is cute and looks great on her….but I do agree that it has been around for many years, before Kate started wearing her hair like this.

dr on

who are you again? why do you think your even famous? your hair style sucks!!!!!!!

Betty on

Boy this woman is full of herself makes me dislike her even more. Go home kate and stop showing up on every story in people.

Jon on

If I were a girl, I wouldn’t try her look.

thurm15 on

Oh please, give me a break. Her hairstyle is ridiculous. Do you really think she has the time to style it every day with 8 children ? She really needs a dose of reality….

Karen on

You mean it’s THAT way on purpose? I always thought it was a cowlick!!

Kalynn on

I think Kates hair has come a looooong way from the beginning of the show….its getting better…and i dont think she was referring to MY HAIR, everybody wants it…she said its my attitude…everybody wants it! I love Kate and the show!!

Amy on

She looks like she was rejected from A Flock of Seagulls, and that says a lot.

Hollie on

Yes Kate, everyone wants your hair. Everyone wants to be you. Get over yourself!!!! There are tons of flattering short cuts for women, this is NOT one of them.

shidley on

Must be nice to have so much notoriety. Most women with even one child can barely muster the energy to make themselves presentable to the world…Whilst Kate gets a personal stylist, free cosmetic surgery, etc.

Why do these mega-families get lavished with so much undeserved attention/praise anyway? Thanks for polluting the earth with all the extra diapers and waste, guys. We really needed it.

ween on

It’s sad when an individual starts out with good intentions and morphs into this hot mess.

Your hair is not attractive. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would ask for a reverse mullet. The color is pretty, the length of the longest part is nice. Grow out that mess in the back.

Being in the public eye has ruined your marriage – um, get out? Live out your contract then shut-down production. I’m sure you’re enjoying the $$, but at what expense?

Delusion does not serve you well. You seem arrogant, self-centered and a less than stellar role model for parents. Get over yourself and re-evaluate your priorities.

Oh, and fix your hair…

Maliah on

Uh, it is right out of the 80’s…Blecchhh!

Amy on

I see some VERY jealous people here…
You look good Kate!

Gina on

Oh, no, no, no! Kate’s hair is undoubtedly her worst physical feature. I think it makes her look about 10 years older than she actually is. NOT GOOD, Kate, not at all. But boy, she sure does love herself these days. I miss the down-to-earth Kate who didn’t wear designer labels and cared most about making sure her kids were well taken cared for.

Rose on


Annie on

Her marriage is on the rocks and she’s talking about her HAIR??? Lady, get over yourself and stop being such a media wh**e already! Sorry, but I can’t stand her on the show and now this? No wonder her husband was looking elsewhere.
Both of them should get off television and focus on putting their life together – they have eight little children that need their parents! Care about your kids – not you! You brought them into the world, now be responsible and help them when they need you most. The best thing a parent can give a child is love for their other parent.

Colleen on

It’s nothing more than a reverse mullet – definitely NOT flattering on such a pretty lady.

Bess on

HAHAHA!! Everyone wants it?? I have only heard how bad everyone thinks it is..

Ram on

Stunning. She’s beautiful/

impoguemahone on

I personally like the hair style, but I think she’s an arrogant snotty twat.

Lauren on

Physically, Kate gets better and better looking every season, but with each new show I keep hoping that a new hairstylist will intervene and fix that horrible haircut! Now it seems, no such luck…

Sam on

I HATE it. She has it right, her hair is thick, and it makes the style worse! The right side looks nice, the thinner portion of it. The left side looks horrible. She needs to thin it out! All I have to say is ICK!

meg on

ummmmm, seriously? she looks like a rooster. not cute.

kim on

I hate it!

Courtney on

she just needs to get over it. Jon and her are having problems and she’s trying to be all cute and funny to cover up the fact that she cheated too. Sorry kate, but ur just annoying!!!

Alice on

She is way to full of herself, Time to get over it!!!!

Jaimo on

I don’t think the spiky part looks good. I wouldn’t want this hairstyle!

lo on

If you like looking like the 80’s

Jen on

I think she looks fine. She likes it, and that’s all that matters.

Jessica on

Yikes! Bad, bad hair. If she would just either grow it out (which would be more attractive for her face) or just shorten it all over. This is just bad. Definitely time for a change.

Amy on

i would like to know who wants her hair…seriously?

Beautiful Locks on

It is the reverse mullet. Business at the back and all wrong at the front. It is the kind of hair that I hope she looks back on in 10 years and cries at all of the photos taken of it. She should shear her head in shame. BTW- I hate it. That is how I really feel.

KateHasZeroStyle on

Dearest Kate:
Your hair looks like a ducks butt. Get over yourself. Tell your hairstylist the same, please.

No wonder Jon….eh…nevermind.

Me on

Wow! no way! I really do not like this hairstyle

Amanda on

It Looks like a reverse mullet!! It’s horrible!

Jennifer on

People Magazine – please STOP giving this woman so much attention. Enough is enough!

Joanne on

That must be a style in the midwest because I’ve not seen it here in Los Angeles. I don’t like it at all. It looks like she’s been in bed on her back for 2 weeks or a rooster gone wrong. I was hoping someone would tell her that it’s not flattering but it looks like that won’t work as she thinks we all want it. Helen Keller would say no to that cut.

Jamie on

LOL! Kate’s hair is a hot mess!

Amy on

Come on! It she that out of reality? Her hair is a biggest joke than she is! Great real, girl! You’re not all that and neither is your 1987 do!

J on

I think she is so full of herself! I personally don’t like it sticking up in the back. Otherwise it is just a normal short cut.

BHG on

While I have always loved the family and the show, I have not been able to stand that hair. It is the spikey part in the back that drives me CRAZY!

tb on

AWEFUL! She is so full of herself….great hair? I think not, maybe OK w/o the spikes, but not close to great. GOSH I cant stand her!

Lorena on

She is so stuck on her self! I can’t stand the way she talkes to her husband. He should not have a afair, He should just leave her bosses butt.

Vee on

I hate it!!! I’m glad everyone else agrees. She needs a hair makeover bad.

Beth on

Please I cringe every time I see that hair it’s so atrocious. It’s like a reverse mullet.

Patha on

It is a reverse mullet… party up front and all business in the back! Not attractive, and she is so pretty (especially since she has become so super fit). Wish I had her body and I have only had one kid. Love you, Kate!

Heather on

It’s so sad, this woman is completely delusional and in dire need of mental health intervention.

Ginger on

It looks like the Rosie O’Donnel disaster cut!!

Amanda on

Hmmm…No, I’d rather have a mullet.

tellet likeitiz on

everybody wants it??? maybe…if everybody really means NOBODY!

Jen on

Love the front, hate the back.

Sarah on

Newsflash… everyone does NOT want the same hair style as yours Kate. Frankly it is one of the most unattractive I have ever seen. Kate’s ego is getting out of control. She really thinks she’s a regular Jennifer Aniston or something…. hilarious!!!

Linda on

Kate has gotten so taken in by the fame she has forgotten what is important, and it is not a mullet cut! When you continue to cut people down they will look for someone else to make them feel better. What a shame these beautiful children have poor role models for parents.

Elle on

HHMMM….. Everyone wants it? Don’t think so. Love the color though.

Flem on

At least the mullet had a certain logic to it. There’s just no excuse for this ‘do, though.

Nancy on

She seems to be one trashy woman whom thinks very high of herself.
I dont knowwhich is worst the bad teeth caps or the horrible hairdo.

Focus on your kids, your 15 min of fame is dimming

Mary on

The woman is delusional.

J on

It’s like a reverse Mullet. I think she is a beautiful woman, but I am ready for her to have a new hairstyle.

Jazzy on

All the comments make me laugh. Thanks for the entertainment. And yes..she sounds full of herself.

amy on

I love the show but constantly find myself thinking “good grief! What’s with her hair?” It looks disconnected, over worked and makes her look older than she is.

Lola on

Actually I think her hair is hidious. Sorry. But if she likes it she’s the one who has to live with it.

Annie on

Two words. Hein. Ous.

Yolanda on

Kates attitude stinks and so does her hair. I would hope that she would care more about her family and her husband right now before her hair.

lauren on

Rooster head is a very BAD look. Her PR people are doing a great job of getting her in the news. How boring…

junie on

Never watch the show, but every time I see a picture of Kate I wonder what is wrong with her hair. I never dreamed this was intentional! Plus she thinks others covet it? Really? Hmmmmmmm…..

Roberta on

I think Kate has alot more to think about these days than her hair. I liked the old hairstyle and the old Kate.

connie on

it looks like a ducks tail feathers to me LOL

TJL on

Just because someone posts a negative comment does not mean that they are jealous. I dont like Kate’s hair, I dont like Kate’s show, and I do not like her attitude…

Amy on

Hate the hair! The front is cute, but the whole spikey back thing looks absolutely ridiculous!! Not everybody wants your hairstyle honey!!!

Kim on

When I see this haircut I get a flashback from the late 80’s. “Everybody wants it”, I laugh at that comment. Uh, love yourself much???

Amy on

“Everybody wants it?” Who is she fooling? That “do” is straight out of the late 90’s. It should have stayed there. Now I feel that she’s so recognizable that people with no clue with start getting her style and think it’s clue. God help us!

kim on

‘everybody’ wants it??? really?? hmmm…not ME! she needs to get her head outta her stuck up butt. it looks ridiculous, like a reverse mullet!!

Dawn on

Are you kidding me? I don’t know a single person who thinks this is a good cut.

Jillybean on

I agree with everyone its old and needs to be updated and the kids need haircuts too!

Raten on

Who cares about her hair… Does she have one blue eye and one brown eye?

Lucy on

I call that haircut “The Reverse Mullet”. I hate it.

Phyllis on

Kate, get over yourself!!!Hair bad, JON very handsome and cute and you will lose him if you don’t quit DEMEANING JON!!! the babies will suffer the most.

Elli on

I have had my hair cut like Kate’s for 4 months now and I love it! It is quick easy and Sassy!

Cat on

She needs to deflat her attitude and hair.

Tiffany on

Sadly, I had a very similar haircut in high school…which was about 10 years ago. This look is dated. But I guess a mother of 8 wouldn’t really be aware of that.

Kate on

Ick- no way. 2003 called and they want their hair back….

MIssy Estes on

Forget the Hairdo. It’s the main reason I don’t watch the show any more. Can’t stand to see that @#$%^&*()_ in her face.

Shiloh on

I think her secret is actually her downfall…her hair is too thick for that do.

Sue on

Heavens NO, the hairstyle is horrible. How can she see? She looks like she is trying to be 15 years old.

MyName on

I once had a store manager who had that same exact haircut…8 years ago. Everybody wants it? Oh please, it’s not your original style. I’ve seen young girls sport that hairdo 10 years ago.

Sally on

Kate has a high maintenance cut that would drive any Mom who is really a Mom crazy…one eye open, one eye covered, hair in your face all of the time? No wonder she’s so cranky!

Moly on

What are you guys talking about? That hairstyle does not look good on everybody but it definetely looks great on her!

Susan on

OMG.. who lied to her. She does not look good I am sorry. She needs new look and stop going to her hair dresser.

Aimee on

Good Lawd!!! Her hair is totally hick. “First there was “The Farrah,” then “The Rachel,” and now, “The Gosselin”?” ??? Biiiiitch Pleeze.

Lynn on

I think Kate is a very attractive woman but i do think she needs to get rid of the haircut. The whole style is so unflattering. She is always pushing the long bunch of hair out of her face. Quit hiding behind your haircut Kate and let the true you show through

Kim on

Typical….it’s all about Kate thinking about Kate and no one else. And no…not everyone wants to look like a porcupine.

Tina on

Her hair would look fine if it wasn’t spikey in the back.

Amanda on

She’d look more polished if she let that bed-head part grow out and stick to a nice bob. Too bad she’s so narcissistic or else she’d actually be pretty and well put-together for a mom of eight. Oh wait…I’m sure they have a ‘team’ for her and ‘the kids’. Ugh…

Candice on

Her hair is a mess!!!! I can’t stand it. I do not believe that “everybody wants her hair do”…
I don’t know who ever told her that it looked good…

Alicia on

I love kate, and in past seasons it looked good, but now it looks like she’s trying to pull of two different styles at one time. there’s just way too much going on in the front, but i love the highlights! I love the show and I hope everything works out. your getting sucked into the curse of the Reality Shows– EVERY COUPLE who has had a reality show ended up getting divorced–stop it now!

KarrinMom on

A Reverse Mullet? Who wants that?

FanC on

Kate says, “It’s work”. Why would someone with 8 kids want a hairstyle that’s “work”?? I personally think it’s very outlandish looking, and I could NOT stand all that long hank of hair hanging down the side of my face. But, if she is happy with it, then she should keep it.

Steph on

Sorry Kate. Reverse mullets were out years ago.

Looks like you were trying to up one on Victoria Beckhams do, only she wears hers better and without that ridiculous spike.

Teejay on

Wow!! You people are vicious! She deserves to have her husband cheat because she has bad hair? Grow up. I have watched her program maybe 5 times – don’t care for her or her husband. The kids are cute – but exploited. Do I think ANYONE deserves to be cheated on – no. Watch what you say or someone may be saying the same thing about you someday. Oh, and I think her hair is cute on her. I don’t want it – but cute on her!

ladyofargonne on

where does people get ideas for articles? judging by most of these comments most people want to pull her hair out. i only raised tow children and i barely had time to brush my teeth.

jill on

Yuck, I cannot stand Kate’s hair!

Lauren on

I really don’t think I know ANYONE who wants that hair! Too spiky in the back and too thick in the front, and I love short hair!

Sil on

THAT HAIR? Oh heeeeeeeeellllll nahhhhhh…..

Lori on

What’s she smoking to think that everyone wants her hair? Uh, I don’t think so!

Leslie on

Everybody wants her hair? wow! she aggravates me, she asks for everything she gets. if it wasn’t for tlc she would be a nobody! She is such a b**** to her husband, i wouldn’t blame him if he was seeing someone else. It always has to be about her.

Amy on

3 words: GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!

Jacquie on

I think they should take a poll cause it looks like no one likes her hair!

Monica on

Heck NO!!! It looks like a combination of a rooster and a skunk! Gag me!

Robyn on

I’m sorry but it’s horrible. It’s a reverse mullet!

peg rue on

seriously?? that’s the worst hairdo ever!



Anna on

To me it reminds me of a mullet, business in the front and party in the back…..get rid of it.

Sara on

It looks great on her. However, this hair cut is not for me! It would not look good at all. Her hairstyle definitely fits her personality.

Ginnie Myers on

Done with the whole Gosslin thing! Put the attention on feeding hungry children or assisting with the returning soldiers from Iraq. Gosslin Schmosslin!

boopsie on

Is she full of herself, or what? Everybody wants it- I don’t think so.

Lilac on


Mona on

God No…Too much going on, it is like a reverse

Lisa on

i think she must have made one too many snarky comments to her husband and he took the scissors to her hair while she slept. this isn’t a real hairstyle and it looks silly.

Adrienne on

I don’t care much for her hairstyle.

another Kate on

Has she never heard of Posh Spice? Victoria Beckham had this hair for years ago.

T on

This is quite possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine that ANYONE would want it, let alone EVERYONE. She is delusional. It’s too bad, because she does have nice, thick hair that would actually be cute in a simple bob.

loopy on

Really like her highlights, but it looks like one of the kids sneaked up behind her with the kitchen shears and whacked a chunk outta there. Sorry, not looking for that hairstyle here.

Jane on

LOL! Who’s “everybody”? Not me!

amanda on

i agree with sara, it’s the most horrible disconnected cut.
it’s not flattering at all.

Jenna on

Kate is not the first or only person to sport this mish-mash of a style. Some 80’s bands introduced it. Duran Duran, Hall and Oates….perhaps you remember Flock of Seagulls? It’s basically a reverse mullet and if she thinks everyone wants it, she’s out of her mind. Nice try, Kate.

AEG on

UM, not really. Sportin’ a little too much business in the front, party in the back, and just as unattractive, a lot like the other famous haircut

heather on

I have never seen her reality show but I have seen this Kate woman popping up on several talk shows this week. She really seems full of herself. She does NOT come across as a “typical MOM” like she wants people to think she is. And as far as her ‘do and “everybody wants it”….what planet is she on? Her hairstyle can’t make up it’s mind.

boopsie on

Look at her teeth…I think she’s had them capped. That’s not bad, but golly-gee-whiz (her words) the money that show is bringing in must be nice!

Sarah on

I think she should grow her hair out. She has sported this cut for a long time.

Jill on

I love Kate but I HATE her hair!!! who honestly wants to look like that!?!?! I thought she was just going through a weird “growing out” phase!!!

Julie S. on


Jennifer on

Actually, a version of this haircut is snickered-at in our area as ‘hick hair’. I think it looks like frightened poultry.


I LOVE HER HAIR =) she matches it and it’s very bold.

Kathryn on

No way! It’s very “Flock of Seagulls”…

Mollie on

No thanks! Did she have plastic surgery to her face, her eyes look different from when she was on her show?

Karen on

I have to say that my hair is similar, it isn’t so thick in the front and I don’t wear it hanging in my face. I also have to say that my hair was cut like this before I even knew who Kate was. It was when people started telling me it looked like hers that’s when I found out about the whole “Jon and Kate plus 8” phenomenon.
The key though is to have it thinned if it is too thick otherwise it doesn’t look right.

Stacey on

Good GAWD NO!!! Are you kidding me? It is sooooo dated!!! Get with the 2009’s , Kate!! I have short hair….and THAT is not in style!

A on

Everyone wants it??????? I went through the 80’s once-don’t need to do it again!

Lisa on

I love the look on her, but know it wouldn’t work on me. It is distinctive and she stands out. I think it’s a good look on her.

shirls on

Kate needs to get professional help, grow up, stop believing
her own press, and rededicate herself to her innocent childern
before it is too late. 8 little souls are at her mercy and she
best get real.

kate on

Ah I don’t want it…….yuck

L.C. on

I like the colour and highlights but I do not like the cut all that much. It looks good on Kate but I think other styles would look better on her as this one seems kind of like a mix mosh of cuts all in one.

Silvia on

This is the worst hairstyle ever conceived. It is a reverse mullet, not flattering, feminine, pretty or sexy. It looks like something that should be corrected not sought intentionally. She needs to focus on her kids and marriage and less on “who wants her hair”.

lika on

who is this “everyone”? this must be a popular hairdon’t in small town pa, but if we saw it here in nyc, we’d know you were from small town pa, or likewise.

honey, it’s the 21st century, move along.

Kim on

Nope…. I always liked her hair, until she added the spikey part sticking up in the back. She’s changed everything since their show became so popular. She used to look like a normal housewife. Now she looks like she’s been bitten by the hollywood bug…. with the hair, weight loss, and more revealing clothes. Sorry but I miss the old Kate!

Not a Fan on

It’s not a good look! Totally not flattering and the part that hangs down in front would drive me crazy!

i cut my own hair on

the reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back.

Marjo on

Who likes her hair? It is YUCKY! Maybe her hair has caused her husband to stray–he kept getting boinked in the eyes with the spikes.

Josh Gibbons on

That’s the style 50ish women wear. It’s unattractive on her and frankly, on anyone. I’d rather see a scrunchy. Doesn’t she have a stylist in her entourage???

Kpsparky on

I am not sure who “everybody” is, but don’t include me. It reminds me of a reverse mullet – short in back, long in front. I don’t really care if your hair is thick or thin, this style is a DON’T.

Lyn on

It’s like a reverse mullet. I can’t imagine anyone asking for that haircut. It’s not flattering on her and she’s a pretty lady.

amyj on

everyboday want its? really? it is a horrible look. she’s such a negative person; always making jabs at her husband and now this?

suzi on

She’s pretty, but the hair is horrendous!

jaddah angellis on

Kate’s hair looks fabulous!!!!

Kristin on

Ummmm, this is a joke right?

Kelley on

Uhhhhhhh…NO. This is the perfect time for Kate to get a makeover. She has a pretty face, she just needs the right hair! C’mon, Kate!

Lisa on

I hate it, I think it makes women look older than they are. Geez, she sure is getting a big head. “Everybody wants it” – not me hon.

Ria on

No thank you! I know you’ve all heard the term “business up front, party in the back”!! This style is totally reminiscent of the mullet in that regard…decent look in the front, a total mess in the back!

Quinn on

I can’t stand her or her hair. She’s a greedy person getting rich off of her kids’ childhoods. Her, Jon, and TLC should be ashamed for not giving these kids a normal life.

Maura on

Kate –

Everybody does NOT want it! Nor does anyone want your plastic surgery – your husband’s hair plugs or the way that you speak to him! Reality check needed!

LOL on

Oh good Lord, Kate. NOBODY wants that hairstyle. This idiot needs to focus on her family and stop complaining about how she hates the media and the attention now.

pinkbiscotti on

That hairstyle is so old. I would not want it. I do love short hair and all but that is not modern at all.

amber on

OH WOW She’s not full of herself is she? I’ll take my boring straight hair over her cracked out looking hair.

what? on

I feel bad for the children, their mother is a nut-bar.

Erika on

Sorry Kate, this style isn’t that enviable. I like short hair, but go ahead and do the Winona Ryder or the Meg Ryan hairstyle. I mean, as long as we’re going to rock mid-90’s hairstyles…
That said, I do love their show, although, I was more of a fan before it “blew up”… I feel bad for this family, seems to have all started innocently and now it seems their fame is spiraling out of control. Money does that to people often times… I’d like to see them turn the cameras off and work on their homelife and raise their kids in private.

mayte on

I think it’s cute. The only thing I think she should do is thin out the long side. It’s WAY to think on that side. But I do like the spike in the back.

kittifromcanada on

funny, everyone who is posting hates her hair, but on Adam Lambert, same style, I’m sure everybody loves it. Interesting. I personally, as a mom, would love this hair cut, it looks easy to do in a very quick time frame.

Eliza on

Denial… I have always hated her hair! She should grow it out and dye it darker.

lin on

She is full of herself. Like another poster stated, that haircut is from the late 70’s or early 80’s. She thinks everyone is trying to copy her, thats hilarious. Too many highlights too.

lori on

ooh love these comments!
glad to see i’m not the only one who doesn’t like this!!

Susie on

I think her hair stylist should have her license revoked.

Lisa on

Quirky hair is good. I’m tired of boring hair styles. Kate’s hair is so weird it’s actually cool. I like the way it looks on her. I don’t think it would work on everyone, but overall I like creative hairstyles. I’m actually surprised she has any hair at all. If I had 8 kids I’d be pulling mine out. I also adore Rob Pattinson’s crazy a*s hair too! He’s weird, the hair’s weird, it works.

Jilly on

Who is she kidding. Sorry Kate, I find the hairdo to be very distracting, looks like you just rolled out of bed and did the front and forgot the back.
By the way, you are constantly harping about how you can’t afford all sorts of stuff, but thanks to the show, you get some perks. You obviously have enough money to go spend it on a stylist and colour . Wish I could afford it and I am a working mom, but no way can I have streaks and colour treatment done professionally.

Nina on

She looks horrendous and needs to just shave it all off!!! Who ever told her that it looks gorgeous was blind!!!!!!!!!

Ann Marie on

Looks like the reverse mullet to me. Ugh! (Sad, because she’s so pretty otherwise.)

diana on


RLG on

Kate, you must be joking! Why would you think everyone wants your hair?

sue1206 on

Her hairstyle sucks..it looks as if it was cut with a lawnmower. Plus like the other lady said it’s time for a change.

amy on

I would have cheated, too.

ashlee on

I had that haircut about 6 years ago. Only I do have thin hair and it worked for me. I think it’s a bit outdated now though. It doesn’t do anything for her face either.

Teri on

NO WAY would I want that weird hair style. I think she needs a new hair dresser.

jill on

I actually don’t want her hair…so not everyone does! She’s…confident.

Donna on

I wouldn’t pay for that haircut. I think she let her 15 minutes of fame go to her head. Let’s see how much more she can exploit herself and family in the media. Kate, get a life for real and go hide in your new home.

Alex on

I like her hair color but for the cut, it needs to go. Time for a change and more flattering style Kate

Alli on

I’m convinced her hairstylist is having a great laugh…kinda like the emperor’s new clothes.

E Lee on

Everyone wants it, huh? I don’t think so. I think her hairstyle ages her. It makes her look like someone’s lame mom trying to look young and hip. Kate, get over yourself! Your hair has got to go!

Violet on

I think she took all of her marriage problems and anger out on her hair. Does she know the word “bangs?” Someone needs to tell her she is a lovely woman, then fix her hair.

Sharon on

Her hair looks just like that Adam guy on American Idol.

Nancy on

Seriously? Why would anyone want it?

Dianne on

This hairstyle was big when I was a kid in the 80’s. We used to call it the ‘blender blow’ Not a style to go back to!

DA on

She would look so much better with longer hair. That style is very outdated and makes her look older. CHANGE IT! The spikes have to GO.

Callie on

A reverse mullet? No thanks.

RG on

I love the show but I HATE her hair.

Smomof3 on

It’s Hairrendous!

Michele on

“Everyone wants it”? Hmmm, if you check the responses on this site alone, it’s running about 50 to 1 against it. If you’re going to use generalizations, Kate, you should say, “Everyone hates it.”

Kat on

Kate’s hair is way too thick in the front. Seems like she is hiding behind the hair.

Kate’s hairstylist need to thin it out. If you are reading this Ms. Hairstylist, try using a razor to help thin without cutting off the length.

Susan on

the mom mullet. business in the front, party in the back. Not a good look.

jules on

Kate, you are quite full of yourself, aren’t you? FYI the 80’s are calling and they want their hairstyle back! ASAP!! you are super outdated and seriously need a better “hairstylist.” you should be so horrified to be on t.v with THAT hairstyle,I know your kids will be, when they get a bit older to have a sense of style. Please for the sake of your kids and poor husband PLEASE PLEASE get rid of your hair.. and the attitude.

tippy on

It looks like the kids took a turn playing hairdresser and cut the back for her.

vicki on

It’s a reverse mullet. Party in the front and business in the back?

Norma on

LOVE IT!!!! She looks great!!

cabanas c on

I agree that she is full of herself. Was quite entertaining on Rachal Ray this week. Had little to say about private affairs which is ok. Was mostly promoting her book. Also she is into crafts for 5 years old. They were kind of interesting but I have no 5 years olds. Homemade ice cream in zip plastic bags and sailing ships out of small plastic storage “bottoms” that we get every day with lunch meat etc. I am sure kids would love it. I have never watched the show but she seemed exhausted on Rachel Ray. Her life is up to public display. But then I heard on TV they make 75K per show..I guess that will help with the bills

jeanne on

Not flattering, not wanted by anyone else! Maybe she just needs more attention.

Shasta on

Whatever! The Rachel was stylish. The “Kate” is a mess. I’m not gonna be calling about it!

Janet on

‘Everybody wants it’? Please, don’t be arrogant or anything.

The back of her head looks like a rooster’s butt. It’s rediculous.

…and I feel bad for her. For all her ‘great’ hair and new perfect teeth & everything else: The smile on that face doesn’t go anywhere near to meeting her eyes.

That is one miserable woman inside.

Danni on

Different strokes, different folks…not me tho’. Keep your hair! :)

Sherry on

There is NOTHING attractive about her hair! I can’t believe “everyone wants it” HAHAHA! Surely she is talking about attitude, NOT the hair! ;)

Maggie on

I think she may have phrased herself the wrong way….I hope that she did not mean it exactly how it was printed. People do tend to copy celebrities and people in the public eye.

linsey on

I think that it sounds full of yourself to think that everyone wants your style. I am a stylist and that short spikey cut was in a few years a go it seems to be the grandma cut now.

no_way on

That hairstyle is so dated…the reason you don’t see it anymore (in general) is because it got completely played out back in the day. I would estimate it was at the height of it’s popularity in like 1999??

Robin on

It’s funny to me that so many of these comments are negative. Meow! I’m just the opposite. Her hair cut is nothing that I would want as it would not work on me at all, but I think it’s striking on Kate. She has quite a head of hair and she would have to have something a little different.

Kate on

It looks like a reverse mullet. Business in the back party in the front! It’s just bad. Come on now girl, you can’t honestly think that looks good…

iburnlovely on

Blech! I HATED that hairstyle the moment she did it! She looked waaaa better with longer hair – or at least cut it into something cool!!!

Robin on

I think it looks fine. I also liked her hair very short from earlier seasons.
I feel bad for this family right now, they were thrust into the limelight and it doesn’t look like they can deal with it. I can’t imagine trying to.
I hope and pray things work out for them all.

As for the hair…. give her a break it’s cute !

vick on

her hair cut is horrible, the dye job is good.

Tommie on

I love watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 but I do not like her hair. I like it spikey all over how she used to wear it. The long hair on her face does not look good on her. Everybody has there own taste. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is one of my favorite shows, I just love all the kids!

Natalie on

Its just like a mullet…except the party is in the front and the business is in the back!

Fran on

How does that woman ever get out of bed in the morning with a head that swollen? She needs to put her family first and her ego trip second!

Beth on

I actually think that the cut looks great on her but I think that it would be very tough to pull off for many women.

Tammy on

Seriously?? I thought she was just kidding. The hair in back looks like Jon cut it for her with a weed wacker.

Pamela on

You’ve got kids, Kate! You’ve got baths to give, sandwiches to make, shoes to tie! Get your hair out of your face!

Kathryn on

Hate to break it to Kate…but she’s not that great. Not everyone loves her. Not everyone loves her. Wow, what an ego this woman has!

Courtney on

You MUST be joking! It’s so trashy!!

Sam on

Backwards mullets are in high demand? who knew? lol!

lisa on

Lord NO! Get over yourself already. NO ONE wants that hair!

justcuz on

definitely do not want that hair. i’d almost rather go bald.

08girl on

Yeah, I’m thinking she needs to rethink the whole “everybody wants it”. Practically everyone who commented on here (on the first page anyway) doesn’t like it – and I really don’t either! Honestly I’m just sick of hearing about these two. All I know is I feel bad for their kids.

Lauren on

Her hairstyle is reminiscent of “Flock of Seagulls.”

Villa on

Hmmm…everybody wants it?

ATTENTION ALL HAIR STYLISTS – GET THIS WOMAN STRAIGHT !! Start sending Kate G any and all other short hair styles that are out there. Kate, Kate, Kate, its just not working for ya.

Dana on

It is a reversed mullut…who would want that?

mrs.nick jonas on

wow r u serious? thats weird looking hair i would never want that…i like how they make it sound like its the most amazing style ever! its butchy!

sky on

I think it matches her great! It’s a very cute, different cut which is awesome!

kristy on

I had “the Gosselin” before Kate had it. Mine just isn’t as long on the one side…stops at the top of my ear.

Got my inspiration from Missy Elliot

Dana on

I HATE it!!!! It looks like a bob from the early 90’s gone horribly bad! I have thick hair, and would never consider that style. I often look at her on the show and wonder if she has had time to style and comb it?

MomofVC on

Oh, please I was so in love with this reality show, but please now with her attitude and seriously…is she for real her hair is not attrative at all, she has lost focus which is her children!!! It is such a shame…

Ms. T on

Kate, get over yourself….you are on a
reality show that will be over in a year …
you are not all that.

Lisa on

Uh, no, everybody DOESN’T want that hairstyle. It looks like someone took a weedwhacker to the back of her head, and that blob hanging over the side looks like it weighs a ton.

DEB on


lisa on

that two tone look is sooo dated, she really is a little clueless with her hair and cloths

KC on

A comment recently said it was disconnected – I agree – like her hair she is disconnected from the truth and reality. May those children make it through to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Ashley on

Looks like a porcupine attacked her in the back and got stuck…lol!

twillis on

No, this isn’t a hairstyle everybody wants. It’s been around for many years. It reminds me of something a small town woman would do to their hair. I like Kate, but I do NOT like her hair.

Kath on

Wow.Really, because I always thought she got her hair stuck in her blow dryer and ended up with that look. Now I find out its on purpose. Yikes.
Well, its nice that she is so happy with it. I would rather shave my head.

john limestone on

Definetly not a cool hairdo for a woman.But heck she’s not mentally stable…run jon runnnnnnnnnnn!!

Hillary on

The first time I saw this style on her I made fun of her. This is the UGLIEST style of hair I’ve ever seen. I hate Kate, she’s a biatch and needs to leave reality tv. FORVER.

Di on

Who cares?

Jo-Ann on

This is a BIG surprise! I can’t imagine anyone wanting that hair cut! It is VERY dated to me

sip on

ummmmm it’s like a reverse mullet.

Vicki on

I started to wear short hair cuts like Kates a few years ago and I just love them. And I think the cute looks great on Kate! =)

Erin on

Her hair is one of my pet peeves; I hate it! I too am a fan of both short hair styles and long, but this one should not be copied by anybody. Please!

Kate on

I think that her hair looks horrible and that she needs to find a new hairdresser ASAP!

christy on

To each their own!! with everything she is going through she has a right to be happy about something!!!!!!!

KateFan on

I do love Kate and think she is great looking . . however, unfortunately this hair style isn’t the most flattering for her. She most probably didn’t say that everyone wants it but as mags are making up lies right and left about her and most old bats love to write in and rag on her . . . have at it folks.

dooozie on

Wow, Kate is sooo full of herself. But, that says it all. She has the same attitude on their show. Her hair might not be so bad if it wasn’t so extreme. Way too think in front, and the rooster back. Yuck! give me a break. Look in the mirror, Kate! Everyone DOES NOT want it…

Kelly on

Something about that do’ reminds me of Jerri from Strangers With Candy. Creepy!

stylelike16th on

Actually her hair is really annoying but not as annoying as she is to her husband.

mimi on

No..no..no…It is a backwards mullet! Chop off the stuff in the front “PLEASE”

Angela L on

Kate…I love your show and your kids but the hair do has got to go. You are a beautiful woman but the hair…I just think man what is she thinking. I know you want something different but why not pick something that is actually in style. Something a little longer…sleeker. No more spikes!!!

SD on

Oh no, everyone does not want it. The front looks great, but the rest looks like a cow liked the back of her head.

SD on

Oh no, everyone does not want it. The front looks great, but the rest looks like a cow licked the back of her head.

Antonia on

I am ethnic, Kates hair is GREAT for an ethnic girl…but it looks like a wannabee hairstyle….kind of CRAZY!!!

Kim Daniel on

I could hardly type I was laughing so hard!!! She is hilarious! I didn’t know she was a comedian! She can’t possibly be serious. So funny. She has 3 hairstyles going on at the same time. It’s pretty funny. She sure is full of herself. And….HOW can she be talking about her HAIR when she should be at home and bonding with her family. She does have 8 kids right? And she is still married, correct?

Hummm…maybe she doesn’t want those things anymore. Maybe being on People magazine is more important to her.

And a hypocrite too, isn’t her book all about her beloved children and the bible verses she wrote in for them. Yeah, right! devotionals….does she know the meaning of the word?

BTW…between People and Kate…her integrity will be nonexistant very soon.

T on


nancy on

.No I dont like it at all…. id change stylists if i was Kate!!! eeekkkk

Kenzi on

I have no idea why everybody it totally bashing Kate. Her hair is sooo adorable but it wouldnt work on just anybody. I love Kate and her hair :)

Irene on

She looks weird and old…get over yourself Kate, really.

Carlynda Langston on

It looks good on her..it’s fun to be different!! Life is way to short to worry about how she should fix her hair!

Liza Barfield on

Oh heck no! It’s a modern day mullet. Except it’s 3 different haircuts on one head!

Linda on

I hate her hair! She has gotten so into the whole celebrity thinking no wonder her marriage is on the rocks. It’s clear she has lost touch with reality. She needs to stay home and be a mother to those 8 kids instead of flitting around the country with her “bodyguard”. I liked the show in the beginning but now it never shows them at home. Of course then we may see the maid/cook/nanny. It’s time for them to stop the show and be parents instead of celebrity wanna-be’s.

Lauren on

I have hated this new look ever since Kate debuted it. It is totally disconnected. It’s too long in the front to be so short in the back (or vice versa). I don’t care about your marital problems but please pick a length Kate!

Cathy on

I don’t want it!!!! She was much prettier when her hair was long.

Ariana on

I think her hair is nice to be honest, but “everybody wants it”?? Come on! I think being on TV has made her quite presumtous! NO wonder her husband is having an affair!

Rosa Estevez on

No way..I dont want this..YIKES & BAD SPIKES

Dre on

Who does she think she is???? Jennifer Aniston???? Horrible hairdo…she needs to do everyone a favor and go away.

Sarah on

she thinks high of herself doesn’t she…she needs to get an update big time

cheatahmama on

geez…full of yourself much…and NO, not everyone wants your hair…and NO, not everyone likes you…I can’t stand their “whoa is me” attitude! They are privledged to do much more than the average family of a few children and all I ever hear them do is complain…my advice to them…get off the T.V. and work on your personal lives…but then again the money would stop rolling in, huh?!?

Carol on

She looked much better when it was short with bangs. I like the spikey look but I don’t like the long glob hanging in her face.

Rena on

OMG. This woman is so full of herself. I couldn’t care less about her hair. She has gotten rich of popping out a litter and now see’s herself as a celebrity that probably loves any attention she can get. She probably chases the paperazzi instead of the other way around.

karen on

Boy, does she kiss herself also!! Who would want to look like her? Her hair looks like a weed wacker went through it!! I would never want to look like her in my entire life!!! She needs to get over herself and save her marriage for her children’s sake!!!

Cathy on

She is not a next door mom anymore ! TLC should cancel the program ! The fun of it was to see how a regular mom was dealing with 08 kids ! Now she has security guys, publicist, hair stylist, etccccc !!

Chelsea on

to a previous commenter-Lacey?-yes, that is exactly it. I am insanely jealous of Kate Gosselin’s reverse mullet. I so wish that I could pull off having something that looks like I got too close to a weed wacker on the back of my head they way Kate does. She wears her ratty dead beaver hair with such PIZAZZ and here I am with a plain old boring hair style. Please, Kate, send me the name of your stylist so I could achieve the same “hair cut by the blind” awesome do’!

Kat on

I seem to remember a similar hair cut from the 80’s. Business in the front and party in the back. Kate’s hair cut is a modified version of the mullet.

Bananarama on

It is a mullet but the business is in the back and the party is in the front…no bueno.

Marissa on

No way Jose!!! Yuck!!! How do you spell denial? K-A-T-E

SPR on

I seriously thought the whole do was a result of growing it out. It looked much better when it was short all over. I especially don’t like the striped color. She has really gotten annoying since they moved into their ‘estate.’

Stacie on

Kate is sporting what I would call a “reverse” mullet. It can be defined as a mullet because it’s business (smooth and sleek) in the front and a party (spiky and shorter) in the back. It’s a reverse mullet because the longer portion is in the front instead of the back.

Either way, HATE IT!

Linda on

I really hate her hair. I don’t understand it!!
Most of the time she can’t see out of one eye. And
the way it sticks up in the back, what’s up with
that???? She is so pretty too, somebody help
her!!!And I hope she makes good choices for her
children and herself.

Angela on

NO way – its like a 2009 mullet…she is quite full of herself isnt she…how she has changed since the show started. Nicer clothes, more make up, high heals when she takes the kids to the dentist…hhmmmm?

lisa on

Oh Kate! You’ve gone Hollywood and are way too into yourself and your celebrityism! Your hairdo sucks. Get over yourself. Remember the first season when you hated to shop and really did focus on your kids?! and now your brother and sister-in-law are saying you are the one that told Joh 6 months ago it was over?? Has it all been worth it?

Cheryl on

Everybody wants that?!?! In her dreams, maybe. That hateful woman has serious mental issues.

Kelly on

I love Kate’s hair – It is very flattering!!

Brandee on


Shonia on

Her highlights don’t blend well, and the cut is a style I was wearing in 1995. I have never been a fan of her hairstyles, but perhaps she has met people who are.

Heather on

A little self centered aren’t we??? I think the haircut is horrible. It would be cuter if she did it either one way or the other.

Carrie on

Her hair is even more annoying than she is.

Billy on

what???? She needs to focus on her family/marriage and not be so proud of her hairstyle…remember way back when Kate, when you were actually taking care of your kids and you probably never had time to even brush your hair, much less wash it?. funny how things change…

Pamela on

I cannot stand her, and hate her hairdo even more. No thanks !!

tj on

Everybody wants it?!! By “everbody” she must mean the 1980s.

Bea Moore on

I can’t stand the back. I hate how it sticks out all over the back. I think Kate is a little full of Kate.

BusyMamma on

I LOVE Kate’s hair as much as I love Kate!

leanne on

Who in their right mind would want Kate’s hairstyle? I think it’s quite comical, actually. I’m sure she would charge for people mimicking her hairstyle.

JulyGulf on

Absolutely HATE any of those short spiky hairstyles. She is attractive but the haircut is not at all flattering.

Judy on

Really??? I think her hair looks ridiculous!

laura on

The long portion of her hair looks awkward like it does not hang right. Not a style I would want to copy!!

hair stylist on

Every time I watch the show I think of how I would blend her hair to make it look like an actual style – it just doesn’t work.

sue on

Her hair looks amazing on her!! I wouldn’t change it for a thing. It’s not in her eyes, the side bang is the style now a days!

d t on

NO !!!!!

Ms. Gosselin needs to think NOW of her marriage and her children … and get her life in order …

I’m tired of her portraying herself as the long-suffering wife … she needs to quit her ‘career’ doing what ever it is that she does, and retreat to their home and finally realize that her ‘career’ is raising eight precious children !!!!! I hope that their marriage can be restored, before she finds herself in much the same situation as the Californian octo-mom …

elizabeth on


Traci on

Everyone wants your hair? Please—I had that hair in 1988…get over yourself Kate…no one envies you..

P on

as a hairstylist i have to say her haircut is horrible!!! it looks like 2 different styles on one head.. she needs to grow the back out some and the front needs to be layered a tad.. i love her..but hate her hair!!!

Sara Phipps on

I bet David Beckham loves it…..

Keke on

Uh. I LOVE HER HAIR!!! No, just kidding :)
That is the worst hairdo I have EVER seen.
I feel sorry for her.

Lesley on

Her hair is horrible.

Dee on


Angela on

Girls want her hair and her man!!!! Look out Kate!!!

celia on

she looked better with longer hair (from her original wedding). It is outdated,and shes just revamped the same style for years. At first I could understand no style because she was busy with the kids, but now it looks professionally done everyday so get some new style!

linda on

I am so sick of this woman being so hung up on herself! It’s so sad that she has 8 beautiful kids at home and she spends all her time getting the latest fashions, tanning, maintaining a “perfect” hairstyle. She is so self absorbed its sickening!!!!

alex on

Kate needs to STOP talking to the media so much. Every day she is giving a bunch of new interviews, talking about her private marital issues with anyone who will listen. It’s so strange. If she really cared, or was actually concerned for her marriage, she would stop feeding the fire and stay home with her husband and kids

Joss on

Original? Can you say POSH?

Amy on

I am a hairstylist and this is seriously one of the ugliest, worst haircuts I’ve ever seen!! It needs to be blended with the front if it’s that short in back. Right now it’s two totally different haircuts and that equals u-g-l-y!

Lisa on

Ummm…huh? The multiple hair styles-in-one and frosted tips is something everybody wants? Who knew?

Nicole on

Perez had the style first

karen on

I love the gosselins ,but i think her hair looked great it was sort of the same style but it was shorter it was when the sextuplets were about 3 she looks so great then and think she should go back to that ..

Sterling on

How egotistical! I hardly think the “Kate” is going to be the next big hair rage. She admits this “style” is “work.” I have to wonder why, when she has eight children, she would have a hair style that would require “work.” She needs to get her family off the camera, and give these children a normal life. Just my opinion…

Crystal on

The front piece that is swept to the side is to thick and to long. It use to look better than it does now.

Rose on

No AMANDA, not every woman in North Carolina has this hairstyle.

christine on

I really like her hair , I had my hair cut last year like it , get many people telling me it looks great, always asking for my hairdressers name. JUst because you dont like her dont have to dislike her hair

Dana on

Wow!?!?”Fame” has really gone to her “head” lol. Its a poor excuse for a bobbed mullet:bob in the front, Pat Benatar spikes in the back.Its completely understandable that someone with 8 kids doesnt have the time or interest to be a fashionista but I don’t see anyone but her walking around with this combination of haircuts. Maybe in PennsylTucky, def. not in the metropolitan area. Sorry, Kate not everyone wants what you have.

Mel on

Kate is a psycho if she thinks normal people like this haircut! Anyone who goes to their hairdresser and says “I want ‘The Gosselin'” has serious issues… BTW, you should all watch the video of Kevin and Jodi on radaronline.com- VERY eye-opening!

Mo on

Everybody wants the cut? The only thing I want is for my hair to never look like that when I leave a salon. I can’t stand that cut. I like her with short hair – but I wish she got rid of the longer part in the front. It looks strange.

Kim on

As a professional hairdresser and avid “Plus Eight” viewer, I have to say that two things have always bothered me on the show. One being the way that she treats Jon like he has no feelings or opinions, but even worse is her hair! I find it hilarious that I am not alone in my thoughts! It has been the same as long as I can remember, and the long side is in major need of some help! It is too thick and blunt, and needs to be layered and thinned out! It is sad to say that of everything she has been lucky to have so far, it is the hair that she thinks everyone should envy…………………

lucy on

Arrogant much? I mean, she needs to get over herself. I’m sure she’s a nice person but really, who says things like that? And then she goes on about how her haristyle only works for “special, thick hair”. I have thick hair, and never in a million yrs would I try that. I guess it works for her, though. But, I dont want to be too mean; Her family is falling apart

Jen on

I cant stand her hair!

Jenny on

I hate her hair cut and the way she talks to Jon.

Brenda on

kate, your attitude just disgusts me. i won’t even let my daughter watch “jon and kate” anymore, because i don’t want for her to think that the way that you talk to jon is acceptable in any way. you have become very egocentric, and your comments regarding your hair clearly reflect that.

Kimberley on

That hairstyle looks like a mistake, not something someone would actually seek.

Lee on

Can you say “rooster?” Bad….just plain bad.

Margaret on

Oh my gosh, she has got to be kidding. What a site,looks like two different wigs. It is too long in the front going round covering her ear…yuk! The back looks as if she got caught in barbwire and pulled.

sam smith on

Really, now, NO ONE wants that hairstyle! What an ego!!

Susie on

No Kate, everybody does NOT want it….

Tina on

i hate her hair! its always hanging in her face..kate get a haircut!

Kate G. on

People! My comment was taken out of context! I merely meant that after admiring myself in the mirror for countless hours, I have come to the realization that everyone wants to be me. You all are just jealous of my career and life. Jealousy is not very attractive and that is why you cant understand true beauty! Maybe if everyone wasn’t so jealous, you would shup up and listen to new beauty tips, money saving tips, and how to get the biggest bang for your kids. I love me, myself, and I very much and will go to the ends of the earth for myself. Marriages crumble easily, “I’m NOT DUMB,” that is why I take every opportunity to stay as far away from those crumbsnatchers as possible. I have big plans for myself. Get a life people!!

Suze on

Maybe she should start working on her marriage than appear in interviews talking about her hair do! Anyways, it’s horrible looking.

Monica on

I do not think that her hair looks good at all! Who would want that long on one side sticking up in the back. Yuck!

Amy on

I had hair like that once…seven years ago when I was in high school and it was popular! Even then, it still looked better! Get serious, Kate…your 15 minutes are almost up!

Jaime on

Um, no. It looks like a porcupine is nesting on her head. A porcupine with bad highlights.

Alan on

she stole that look from a 1989 Salt’n Pepa album

Ryan Bailey on

Everybody wants it….except her husband! SNAP!!

Joanne on

Kate’s hair is horrible. Hte it!!

Sue on

Every time I see this woman I think, “Her hairstylist is lying to her!” It looks really, really bizarre!

Marilyn on

I love the color / highlights. But what I’d REALLY like to see change is the way Kate treats her husband. She interrupts him, talks for them both, answers questions that people try to ask HIM, and constantly gives him withering looks that in my opinion are very disrespectful. The poor guy didn’t sign up for 8 kids, it just happened. He seems to be trying to make the best of it. But she treats him like he’s the hired help! I think they’re supposed to be Christians…. well, the Bible says that men are to LOVE their wives, but wives are to RESPECT their husbands.

Nancy on

It looks like she had a close encounter with a paper shredder.

Choose a hair do. Short and spiky or sleek.

It’s horrible.

Melissa on

Now I remember why I hate her show…KATE. She is sooo annoying/abrasive. Everybody wants her hair? Who? Where?? I’d really love to know…How they have 8 children really is beyond me.

J on

Oh! The horror of the hair. The chunky technicolor highlights are soooo 13 years ago. And, the big wall o’bangs? Please. Shave. Your. Head.

Gabby on

“It’s my attitude! Everybody wants it. It’s work.” The secret to getting the style right? “I have very, very thick hair, so it’s not going to work for everybody. I’ve seen people come through the book line with thin hair and [it] just won’t work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country.” Tell us: Do you want to try Kate’s look?
Yes…it is your attitude…you are too full of yourself Kate…

liz W on

Kate, you live in a fantasy world that is only poplulated by your sorry-@ss beyotch of an outdated style! Once again, “Everybody wants it”….BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!You’re so FULL of yourself and self-absorbed. Can’t wait to see your face when everything CRUMBLES before your GREEDY, MONEY HUNGRY, SELF ABSORBED, SELFISH LIFE!!! The only people I feel sorry for are your kids. There are SSoooo many people who deserve to raise your kids more than you…social services!!! Give them to uncle Kevin and aunt Jodie!!!

jethro on

i know 8 kids will get anyone amped up but she comes across as overly demanding and non-appreciating, basically a b**ch. no wonder her husband needed to get out of that chaos, she seems to relish the limelite and faux celebrity and stokes the situation, definitly opportunistic. the orginial octo-mom.

Lisa Hudson on

Somebody is getting mighty full of themself!

Kathy on

I’ve hated this cut on her for a while now. I especially hate that long section in front. I just want to cut it off! Who told her it was attractive on her? They lied!!!!

Stephanie on

NO! Her hairstyle looks so severe!

Rebecca on

Her hair sucks.

amanda on

yes i want kates hair i love her hair and i want to know how you do it and what i should ask for at the shop to get it done

TAC on

She has a pretty face, but it is a very white trash haircut.

Margaret on

Oh my gosh, she is not pulling the wool over my eyes. What a switch from her husband fooling around on her, and she with her bodyguard. Then going from a sad face one day and all smiles the next saying how everyone wants her hair cut. Her hair cut looks a site. Looks like two different wigs. The back looks as she got caught in

Just Sayin' on

She really needs to get over herself.

rita on

Uh, no. Reminds me of a mullet. She needs to get over herself.

TyLover on

I think her hair looks really good and compared to past shows, she looks much prettier now. That hair do is fashionable and in. I think she is pulling it off very well. And, it’s really no ones business how she treats her husband. No one is invading into your personal relationships. And, if everyone seems to be hating her, why is her show bigger than ever?!?!? Get over it and focus on your own lives, not what the media tells you.

Heidi on

I can’t tell with the birds nest in it. Remove the birds nest and I’ll be able to tell better. I love her, but I’m lost at the birds nest. Is it a hat?

katie on

ugggghhhhhh………. she is so annoying…….she needs a reality check. This is what you get when you receive to much publicity

msb1107 on

I hate her hair now! It looked the best that it ever has when she had it done during the makeover that she got when she had her stomach surgery.

Tina on

Reminds me of the Flock of Seagulls!!

Amy on

She’s kidding, right? It looks like a flobee took over.

Chloe on

You have got to be kidding me. That is the ugliest hair I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know anyone that likes it.

Pam on

Hey Kate,

The 80’s called, is wants its hair back!!!!

Stephanie on

Kate’s hair is adorable. Period.

Maggie on

yeah… Everybody want’s it… GONE!

Trese on

Is she insane….no one wants that hair. From the cut to the color, it looks horrible. She is so stuck on herself.

becka on

Nice coloring. BAD cut. She needs to let it grow out but, she does have 8 kids so I doubt she can do much with it in the morning.

Dar on

Get real. No way would I want that hair cut. She really does think too much of herself. Now John………..

heidi on

As a hairstylist, all I can think of is fixing it! I dont know who does it, but WOW!Kate Stylist: Please take a thinign sheers to that hair!

Dawn on

It’s the reverse mullet, time for it to go…

M. L. Henry on

Hmmm. Cheers to anyone who has the confidence to be proud of sporting the reverse mullet and bragging about it. Do your thing Kate!

Laura on

Her hair has morphed over the years from slightly asymmetrical to some kind of backwards mullet. Go ahead “everybody,” I’ll sit this one out!

Stephanie on

I HAD that hair. Way before her. Back in the 80’s. I beleive Rosie O’Donnell had it too, a couple of years ago. Man, that woman and her unwarrented ego is getting VERY annoying.

Amanda on

PUKE! Who the F wants this chicks hair? Do a poll please. You may be surprised on how many people hate it! Its funky and looks like a ducks ass!

Ciji on

I always thought her hair was a mistake that she couldn’t fix. It looks like she does it from her bathroom on her own because she just doesn’t have time to leave the house!

Thomas on

This haircut is like a mullet in reverse. It is not a good look!

Angela on

No thanks! I like to be able to do different things with my hair. This would not work for me!

glory on

it looks lik she has three diffrent hair cuts short on one side long on the other and spike in back of head she so needs to get it right.

Carla on

No I DO NOT want her do! That is so funny that she thinks everyone wants it…it is so harsh and unattractive. It fits her personality though!

kay on

I’d rather die.

Katie on


niki on

Enough with this woman….she is a bossy domineering wife who is too full of herself. Poor Jon

VDH on

i am soooo tired of this whole bull of her family life… berks county needs to focus on the reality show that is in their own homes and lives .. and children… who does that for u.. no body.

Tracy on

That hair do is so old and tired, just like Kate. She needs to get over herself and go take care of all those kids she chose to have. Kate, quit wh0ring yourself out to the public and raise those kids. Your hair is as lame as you.

carpediem7777 on

Does she really think everyone wants her haircut, kind of self-absorbed isn’t she?

Randa McFadden on

No … everyone doesn’t want that hair style. It is outdated and teenagers wore it when it was in style. Get a grip Kate.

LeeAnn on

I just love Kate’s hair style. I would get it in a second but I have a round face so hair that short isn’t good for me but I certainly have the thickness and I wish I could pull it off. It’s the most stylish cut I’ve seen in a long time.

Tracy on

I absolutely love it. My hair is a little shorter and cut the same way and it works really well. I would love to have hair just like hers.

Jennie on

Actually it looks like a plucked chicken in the back. Kate, your 15 minutes are up, be graceful about it.


What?! Everyone wants it??? You’ve got to be kidding me!! From behind it looks like a man’s haircut and from the front it’s like looking at Benji the dog!! Totally out of style!!!

Beyotch Please on

She has lost her evah lovin mind.

Hank on

Uh….the hair cut is not flattering on her…why would anyone else want it?? It is a “hard” look and goes with her personality….she should soften her look and her mood.

Colleen on

She needs to find a new fresh hair style. This one does nothing at all for her

kateisclueless on

Kate is attention seeking, wants something for nothing and is totally capitalizing off her kids. She went from being a typical mom (which everyone once loved) to a mom who got plastic surgery, dental whitening, body guard, personal trainer, extravagent vacations, tons of free perks and lots of money by selling out her children who will never know a “normal life”. Now she’s going to try to capitalize off of a very unflattering hairdoo….PLEASE!! This woman needs to stop thinking of herself for once and think of what does a normal childhood consist of,,certainly not cameras in their face 24/7. She is a money hungery selfish woman

Anne on

This is not a new hairstyle. Adam Lambert has the same cut, as do many young guys. I have also noticed it is a hit with much older women…but it is not new. It was around long before Kate became famous.

Lesley on

No! It’s bipolar. Bad Mom hairdo in the front and KD Lang in the back. The spike has got to go.

Randi Kidd on

totally NOT a fan AT ALL of her hair..

Kim on

What a beotch! I hate her. No, Kate EVERYONE DOES NOT WANT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!! You are a idiot!!!

Rachel on

Maybe this was the “attitude cut” when Kate was in highschool and she wishes she had been that girl, now she can, T-boz. It’s so Flintstones meets Barnyard Animal bad.

Julie G. on

Heck NO!!! Her hair is horrible…its a washed up tired look that I wish she would change. She needs a change especially now with all the drama, so she needs to start with the hair and maybe her husband will stay home and not be running around with 23yr olds.

working mom on

The hair reminds me of ladies who still proudly wear their spiral perms from the 80’s …..the lady herself is obnoxious so the obnoxiously outdated hair suits her.

beth on

Sorry, but I had this haircut in 1980. I guess my stylist was ahead of her time!

Lisa on

Don’t know which is worse- her stylist or her colorist.

Roxy on

Kate is full of herself!!! Not everyboy wants her messy unkempt hair. She’s nothing special. All she did was have more kids than she needed and is now exploiting them for money. It’s strange now days how some people become popular for no reason.

su on

She’s kidding, right? I mean, does any sane woman want that hair? It’s a backwards mullet! I’ve only watched that show a few times…she is very organized, but she’s kind of mean and terse.

Kate on

Someone, somewhere, must have told Kate that they wished they could have her hair. But they were probably just being nice because they didn’t know what else to say. Who would want hair like that?

Jane on

Most of the women I know between the age of 30 & 55 have some version of this haircut. Until now I didn’t know who to blame……………

m on

is she for real?!?!? this is like a 2 part haircut that they couldnt decide how to finish it!!! please!!! worry about how to raise 8 kids on your own!

Tammie on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair cut. I really want mine like that but I have some natural curl in my hair and my hair dresser said my hair would not style that way. I already straighten it down in the front but the rest is different, I don’t know why it wouldn’t but I think it looks awesome on her.

Zaida on

Really?? Everyone wants “her look” thats ridiculous!! She is so unbelievably full of herself it’s a shame really..And yeah, she has an attitude..right..telling off her husband..sheesh..I wish she would just go away.

storm warning on

Ok i dont know what planet this woman came from, but that hairstyle is old!! shes not the first one to have it. She really needs to get over herself and worry more about keeping her family together.

Julie G. on

Heck No!!Her hair is horrible with all the drama Kate really needs to change the hair. Who knows maybe her husband would stick around instead of running with the kids if you know what i mean.

Janet on

Is Kate a little full of herself perhaps? I, for one, would not want to walk around with a lopsided haircut like this. It’s masculine in the back and feminine in the front. Blech.

Leslie on

Is she joking…her haircut is a JOKE and so is she

nicole on

I just have to say that you might all hate her hair, her and hearing about her but 63 pages of comments about a hairdo is impressive…so what ever you feel about Kate and her hair…she seems to have a following. Good or Bad. Your all just jealous. Try having 8 kids and see if you can even get out of the house. Go Kate!

Lynnielou on

Ok..for the record, I have never liked her. I watched the show a few times and she belittles John and acts like a controlling beotch and pretty much like she is better than him..I dont blame him for straying..its not right, but I cant blame him..this coming from a woman. Also..she didnt ‘invent’ that hairstyle at all..its so like…5 years ago. She is an egomaniac and I am calling it now…they will split up and John will be all the better for it cuz she is a B!tch..plain and simple. I dont feel sorry for her ONE BIT!

Noreen on

Kate’s hair looks dumb. It looks like her hair stylist used a weed whacker and tripped while trimming her hair.

Candy from Canada on

Americans! So typical!

It’s a revised version of the female mullet..

Business in the front and party in the back, lol.

Sorry Kate but it just doesn’t work, kinda like your attitude.

Nic on

Often people say they like something when they feel awkward about the sheer repulsiveness of that thing and don’t know what else to say. It’s unfortunate, because clearly this has left this woman with the misguided impression that her hair is actually attractive and desirable. Anyone can see that it is completely laughable. Someone should let her in on this.

Jackie on

A couple of the women on The Biggest Loser copied Kate and had her hairstyle. Not my favorite. Kind of like a reverse mullet.

Melanie on

I’m renaming her ‘do from “The Gosselin” to “The Tellum” for just the opposite of a Mullet! It’s party in the front, business in the back!

Andrea on

Quite full of herself, wouldn’t you say? Ugh! No wonder hubby wandered!

Suzanne on

Kate is delusional. She thinks the whole world is revolving around her! Her hair — whether or not she is having an affair — WHO CARES??! Now her eight darling children — who she seems to be away from more often than she is with — unless there is a camera — SHE needs to care more about them than fame. She seems to have lost her focus. Her words seem like rhetoric when she is on tv all the time defending herself when she needs to be HOME. I hope she wakes up!

Corbraycol on

Someone give this woman a mirror & a MUZZLE!!!

Shannon on

Sorry but it kinda looks like one of her kids got ahold of some scissors and cut the back while she was sleeping.

So Over J&K+8 on

This haircut is so yesterday. My daughter’s friends had this in MIDDLE SCHOOL 6 years ago. Please get over yourself. And try to be a little kinder. Less shrew-ish.

LeeAnn on

It looks like Edward Scissorhands cut he hair.

I doubt very much that “everybody wants it”

rachel d on

kate gosselins hair is alot like her personality- thorny & butch.

Kelsey on

I’m not wanting her hair cut. I’m pretty sure not everyone wants it. Someone might actually like a cute hairstyle. But it works for her, I guess!

I think with her new found fame and money, she’s becoming a little bit more full of herself, which definately isn’t the Kate everyone knew when Jon & Kate Plus 8 started.

amy on

wow this lady seems to like herself a whole lot! she might want to think about being a little less self focused.

Mary W on

I think the cut and style work for Kate. She’s beautiful and I hope things work out for the best for her family, especially the kids.

Wow on


dfriedt on

I highly doubt that anyone in their right mind would request Kate’s “hair don’t”. She’s beautiful but the back of her hair looks ridiculous.

carrie on

I LOVE Kate’s hair!!! I have been trying to get my hair like hers for a while buy my hair is pretty thin and she said it needs to be thick.

I truly hope that things work out for them. People should just leave them alone.

Jennifer on

I am so completely over her. I will admit to watching all of the episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 but I can’t even stomach it anymore. She prides herself on being such a hands-on mom but who’s taking care of them while she’s making the talk show rounds and doing interviews? I think Jon has gotten a bad rap and if she’s as bad as she is portrayed on TV….who can blame him for needing a night out?

tara on

It’s a tellum…a backwards mullet. I guess she’s party in the front, business in the back!!

Niki on

Heck, No!!! She is dillusional if she thinks anybody wants that outdated look…that was popular 6 years ago…and barely even then. ICK!

steph on

it looks like someone started cutting her hair and didnt finish it and she looks like she got the look from flock of seagulls

Cindy on

Haha. My friends and I joke that her kids cut her hair. No, I’ve never spoken with anyone who wants her hair. Female version of Rod Stewart.

Kylee on

Her hair looks like a tumor

Lucy1982 on

No way Kate i really hate that Look specially whats sticking up. My hair is Beutiful naturaly Curly and long

sherron teal on

I thought she looked better with the thinner version when the show first started, now her hair looks ridiculous, and Hey Kate get a clue NO not everyone wants that RIDICULOUS LOOK! GET OVER YOURSELF, You really need to get back to your family and basics!

Ek on

OMG – is she living in denial.. her hair is so 1992.. ICK

Rachel on

Wow! Umm…how about NOT! That is the ugliest hair style I have seen in a while. What happened to the old Kate!? I don’t like THIS Kate!

rina on

What a bunch of snitty women.

lpb on

Please, my nieces had this style 10 years ago. I have the high school graduation pictures to prove it.

monica on

I hate everything about this woman, the way she acts, the way she treats her husband on the show, her attitude, her hair, and even her kids are brats.

Felisha on

This hairdo of hers reminds me of the mullet in a way….business in the front, party in the back.

Dennis on

Flock Of Seagulls meets Flock of pigeons!!!! Jon’s girlfriend is hotter!!!! WURD!!!!!lmao

Kat on

I love the show but she really is such a snotnose most of the time. It certainly isn’t a new hairstyle that only she sports. Yes, she really does need to get over herself.

Go away on

Seriously. Just go away. You’re a pig.

tippy on


Jon & Kate Seper-Eight

Nancy on

No thanks !

Ariel on

Everybody wants it??? She’s so into herself!!

MelissaJ on

I love the show, and i love Kate, Jon, and the kids. BUT i have to agree that the hair style is a no no. its a major reverse Mullet. It would be fine if she would just thin up that huge chunk just hanging in her face. its to thick and blunt. it needs a few layers in it.

Teresa on

ugh, eww – only christian from project runway can pull off the “deranged parakeet” look….

Melissa on

It’s like a Mommy Mullet. Business in the front, party in the back! I wouldn’t be caught dead.

Laur on


Melanie on

Wow…I think Kate Gosselin needs to check her watch. It’s 14:59–her 15 minutes of fame are just about up.

JC on

Well, I guess I’m not part of “everybody”. I don’t like her “attitude” and really don’t like her hair!
Sorry, Kate, but it looks bi-polar.
I will say, though, that the harsh lines of it tend to fit the “attitude”.

Erika on

no, i dont want her hair. i think she is letting media get to her. she really should watch it.

Erica Magdalein on

It looks like a baby bird in the back, you know, when its feathers are just growing in and its all spiky. You cant have long AND short at the same time. You have to choose one or the other in order for people to take you seriously.

Trish on

Maybe the lameo housewives who have time to stand in a line to get a book signed like her just rolled out of bed hairdo but obviously the rest of the world. Maybe if she’d think about life outside her little bubble she wouldn’t have all the problem she’s dealing with right now. NEWS FLASH Kate the world doesn’t revolve around you or your brood. Get some prospective lady cancel the show,your world is crashing, and you need to focus on your family so they don’t end up being dysfunctional members of society

Mel on

I’m not crazy about the style either. I think it’s out of date, actually. She’s really pretty, but she does need a new hair style.

Lisa on

Sometimes it looks okay.But I just assumed she had that hair style so she could roll out of bed without doing it. It sure looks like that’s what she does. Kate, you definately are missing the humble chip. You might want to get one so that you’re children have a good example.

martha on

Funny!!! When I saw this hair do, I tought what was she thinking, thats the worst hai cut.. It is 2 hair dos in one.. I don`t like it!!!!!

Beth on

I think her hair is really cute! If I had thick hair and like my hair short I would wear that hair style! I bet everyone ripping on it has the same hair style they had 10 years ago! Hate the Haters!!

Kate on

I think Mrs. Gosselin needs to get over herself. She’s at about 14:57 on my clock.

Tracy on

She looks like she has a roof on the side of her head. it’s not attractive. It fits with her abrasive personality. Why would anyone want to be like Kate Gosselin?!?!?!

Brooke on

I bet if someone like Victoria Beckham had that hair cut everyone would want it! Her hair is cute and ya all who want to diss on her need to get a life!

Anne on

I have watched J&K+8 since it started, and have watched Kate’s hair “transform”. I’ve never liked this style and it does not do a lot for her look. My favorite was when she went back to her natural color! I love short hair, but she does NOT have short hair.

Nicole on

75G’s per episode and Kate can’t get a decent haircut?! Surely she can fire her stylist and hire a new one!

Jacquie on

Kate is one of the foulest humans I have ever seen. You reap what you sow.

Nikki on

No, I do not like Kate’s hair.

Ellie on

It’s kind of like a reverse mullet. Party in the front, buisness in the back. BAD idea. She has such a pretty face and that haircut does nothing for her.

jen on


Tracy on

I think someone has lied to her! Again.

lis on

I think everyone has their own unique hair style. And yes I love the color and the style of her hair. It works for her!!! She is the mother of 8 and looks great. I enjoy watching the show and look forward to each and every one.

N. on

Horrible hair! Please dont presume we all want it and please change it!

Adia on

I really like the show, but I really don’t think ANYone wants that hairdo. Every time I see it I wish she would get a new one. Sorry Kate!

Donna on

I like Kate but pick one style!! Spiked in the back, long on one side and short on the other! Make up your mind!

G. on

I do not agree with her regarding the hair! Its horrific and whomever tells her that it looks good is getting paid to say that!

Kelly on

You’re kidding right?!?

Elizabeth on

I am a hairstylist and I think it DESPERATLEY needs thinned out and BLENDED. We talk about it at the salon a lot. It would be way more cute if it was cut correctly. I can’t say blend, enough. BLEND! lol

Minx on


Tina on

Seriously this woman needs to get over herself.
She did not create a new hairstyle. It has been around for years and years. It is horrendous.
I really hope she will just move on from her 15 minutes of fame and focus on the most important thing…HER KIDS. And she needs to move fast before all she has left is her bad haircut.

Heather on

I do have to say, if anyone liked her hair I don’t think I would boast about it, I would just say that occasionally someone will ask me about it. I do enjoy the show, however, I did hear through the media that she is traveling often, that is disappointing. I understand it helps with finances, but, I think she should limit herself. If the roles were reversed she would be very upset with her husband. I DO hope their marriage can survive the latest reports. Regardless of her attitude, she & Jon are married & have 8 children. If he didn’t like her attitude or personality he would not have married her nor have children with her, it was his choice to be with her! Kate & Jon, work on your marriage. Hang up the ALL the media & get working!

Tammy on

Looks like a rooster in the back and the long on one side and short on the other is so dated. Get over yourself. You are not all that! How about focusing on your kids and husband and stay at home?! You spend more time away from your kids doing interviews. Stay home and take care of your family!

Sharon Graham on

The 80’s called and want their hair do back!

Heather on

If, by “everybody” she means “nobody,” then she’s right.

Erin on

Its a reverse mullet! Business in the back, party in the front!

Beth on

she looks so beautiful :)

Sharon on

I actually love it! I think it looks great!

Blanca on

She’s a pretty woman but the haircut drives me crazy. Its just not cute! Its a reverse mullet!

jessie on

sorry but that hair is not cute!its too thick of a chunck in the front,maybe thin it out.grow it out maybe!

kasie on

I dont like it.It looks like the 80s.She also needs to stay out of the spotlight and focus on her family

Julie on

How funny she should say “It’s my attitude!” about her hair…because she’s right. It’s two different styles in one, just like she’s two different people. It’s short: she’s short with people. It can’t decide what it wants to be: she can’t decide between saving her marriage and being a celebrity. It’s seek in front, ratty in back: she’s ratty behind the cameras and sleek with the media.

Yep, that hairstyle is HER!

ks on

She is so annoying and such a whiner!

Jess on

Um, reverse mullet anyone?

mrskiwipayne on

I hate her haircut. And why all of a sudden is she everywhere? I thought they wanted their privacy. You know if they were really concerned about their marriage and family they would cancel the show and go back to leading normal lives. Somehow I don’t see Kate giving up the fame. So much for putting her family first. She deserves whatever she gets.

Natalie on

I personally love the spikes in back, the front is a little too long but overall it’s a cute look for her. My hair is short in back and spiked out and teh front is longer but not as long as kate’s. Whoever doesnt like it, oh well. However way someone wants their hair styled is up to them, no one else.

Mary on

I’m gonna have to pass on the reverse mullet. No thanks…

Natalie on

Oh and also!!! Those who said woman need to have longer hair, think about this. Maybe some woman can not have longer hair. Theres a thing called Trichotillomania and it’s where one person pulls their hair out. So having a shorter hair cut is better so they dont pull all their hair out!!

Megan on

She needs to get with the times and get a modern cut! not in a million years would I cut my hair in that way.
Whatever works for her I guess… she does think pretty highly of herself and I personally think her attitude is getting her in more hot water lately! she needs to realize she’s in the public eye and needs to be a nicer role model for mothers.

cath on

that is the worst do i have ever seen!!!!

Renee on

Wow, she should worry about whoring out her kids, before how “great” her hair looks. =)

Natalie on

Also I wanted to say some woman might decide to have a short hair cut b/c they have Trichotillomania, which is a form of hair pulling. And having a short hair cut will help someone not pull their hair out as much as they would with having long hair! Think about that!!

Skwerl on

That look is sooo 15 years ago.

Kourtney on

I had that hair style back in ’98. Love ya Kate

Gina on

It looks like a modern “Flock of Seagalls” hair-do

Annie on

Maybe Kate and Octomom can get a reality show together. Kate obviously cares more about trivial things like an outdated haircut above her EIGHT CHILDREN and husband! Go home Kate, we don’t like you as a solo act.

Becky on

Nobody wants Kate’s hair..everybody just wants her to go away…

Ana on

No way I really wish she would change it is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

Kellen on

She has fabulous highlights but a trailer park cut. Let’s be honest, does anyone in high society have that cut?

Beth on

Sounds like someone has gone “Hollywood.” Get over yourself!

Sam on

Wow – everyone on here saying that Kate is full of herself – that is like the pot calling the kettle black. Have you people listened to yourselves? Give her a break – I’m sure you are all supermodels right? Too bad there aren’t pictures posted next to names…

mamma on

looks like a parakeet to me

Nikki on

I used to love her hair when the front was shorter and she pulled it behind her ear to get it out of her face. I really don’t like the whole thick on one side and in her face look. I think Kate has changed more than her looks as the show has gotten more popular.

Rachel on

Biiiitch Pleeeeeezzz

Lissa on

Maybe if she spent more time taking care of her kids and working on her marriage, instead of her me attitude. There would not have been the scandals. Her stylist, her bodygaurd, they put themselves in the fishbowl, and now she complains. If you do not want to be in the spotlight, you should have thought about that before being a show about your life with 8 kids. That too was your choice…

Mishka on

Why would I want to look like a discombobulated porcupine?

Linda on

She is such a horrible snob. She has changed so much in the last few seasons – I cant stand her or HER HAIR.

Beth on

This woman is a PIG. No offense, People, but what is God’s name is she doing further exploiting the issues within her family by doing an interview/cover story?! TWO OF YOUR CHILDREN CAN READ, KATE. Do you think they won’t see/hear about this?!?

…And the hair looks RIDICULOUS.

rusty on

Her hair looks ridiculous, she’s a complete narcissist and she should stop trying to be a celebrity and focus on her children. I feel sorry for her husband.

s on

Looks like a Turkey. Gobble gobble.

Chanel on

No, Kate, everybody DOES NOT want your chewed up hairstyle. Please, stop trying to flatter yourself. That hairstyle you have is NOT CUTE, and you would be doing a HUGE favor to yourself by growing that mess out.

frances on

gee if she was a chocolate bar she’d eat herself

Lauren on

WTF?? is this lady for real?

Carly on

I HATE her hair cut. I just want to take a pair for scissors and even it out. She always complains about the kids having thier hair in thier faces….well, Kate is ALWAYS messing with her hair. CANT STAND IT! I wouldnt cut my hair like that for a million dollars!

Vain much!!

amanda on

Cut your bangs, then everyone might want it!!

Heather on

I can’t believe Kate is so full of herself to say that everybody wants her haircut. It’s no “Rachel” that’s for sure! Get over yourself Kate and start looking after your kids!

Gayle on

I Love her hair!!!! don’t change a thing!

Melissa on

It looks like an African American’s haircut. She’s white!! Didn’t she get the memo?

Chelsea on

Her hairstyle went out with the 90’s. It’s so outdated!!

lori on

I think she’s adorable…I wouldn’t personally want the cut, but it totally works on her! It’s cute & funky and looks pretty easy for a mom of many. So many negative people!!!

Lacey on

I think Kate needs to stop thinking so much about herself and get back to raising her children. I loved their show at first but she seems to have let the celebrity status go to her head. And there are alot of women who have much better haircuts than hers..

lobo on

Her hair is ridiculous, she’s self-delusional.

e on

Can’t stand her or her hairstyle… She needs to get over herself and concentrate on here kids.

debi on

Most all of you need to get a grip on your own life. Her hair looks good for her. Just because you wouldn’t wear it doesn’t make her a bad mother or wife. It’s about her hair !

Carly on

That hairdo has been around before!! Like early 2000’s.. Get over trying to bring back an old trend

JAG on

Who cares about her hair. She needs to focus on all of those amazing kids and her husband.

tina on

her hair looks like there’s cactus growing at the back of her head.

S on

I am a hairstylist and cosmetology instructor. If I were to have a student ask me to check this haircut, I would ask them what they were thinking doing it this way. The color, I agree, is awesome, but the cut is definitely in need of some adjustment. That big chunk in the front needs to be thinned out so badly, not to mention point cut throughout and at the ends so that it will lay down and not look like a big hunk of blonde in her face. I am not sure why she thinks the world wants her haircut. I have not heard one person say, “I want my hair like Kate” and I work in both a major salon and a school… I think someone would have come to me in the last four years they have been on the air and asked for their hair to look this way if it were really that popular.

Sarah on

I am a hairstylist and cosmetology instructor. If I were to have a student ask me to check this haircut, I would ask them what they were thinking doing it this way. The color, I agree, is awesome, but the cut is definitely in need of some adjustment. That big chunk in the front needs to be thinned out so badly, not to mention point cut throughout and at the ends so that it will lay down and not look like a big hunk of blonde in her face. I am not sure why she thinks the world wants her haircut. I have not heard one person say, “I want my hair like Kate” and I work in both a major salon and a school… I think someone would have come to me in the last four years they have been on the air and asked for their hair to look this way if it were really that popular.

Jennifer on

I liked it better before. I don’t like the hanging down in the face part.

Dee on

Ok…so at first I loved them…then she just got too big for her britches…
I am sorry that the marriage is on the rocks…I have 6 kids, one terminally sick…its hard I get it…
But please, be nice on camera, be thankful for what you have and if you need to shut down the cameras and take care of your family…really…
and the hair…oh please…arent there real issues to deal with?

Ray on

I’m 15 almost 16, so I’m into the whole “what’s cute and what’s not” mantra. Kate, don’t you realize that wearing 2 different hairstyles is a little unfashionable? I can’t decide if you like short or long hair. Either you grow out the back, or shorten the front.

Christy on

Lord No! Somebody has been lying to you if they said your hair looks good! As if it wasn’t bad enough, you add the streaks! Get a new do Kate!

Deanna on

Sorry, not a good look at all. She needs to grow her hair out. The style is very unflattering for her.

Sharon on

omg, i love her but have always hated the hair. please get another do honey, not everyone likes that, i PROMISE!

joanna on

I do not like the long side or the spiky hair in the back.

Ugh on

It’s a reverse mullet….

Connie on

Oh my god, everybody wants it, please, what a pukey thing to say. You put your children on display, you earn money for that, and everybody wants your haircut?? Quit the show, quit displaying your children for money, and get over your not so attractive self woman!!!
Who cares if you leave your husband, or your husband leaves you, if you weren’t on this show displaying your children and your life, no one would know or care!

LaLa on

Ummmm. No they don’t.

Meli on

nothing about her hair is flattering…my god!! judging from the comments below i dont think “everyone” wants her hair

JJJ on

Business in the front, party in the back. But it really looks like a reverse mullet. Let’s ask Billy Ray what he thinks.

carissa on

i think it looks cute! its short and easy to manage,i probably do it too, cause it gets soo hot where i live.but of course i wouldn’t care what people think , cause they hair probably sucks.They have nothinbg nice to say.

Calgary on

It’s only hair — it will grow. It’s a different look that she is happy to defend, I think, more out of bravado than out of anything that is meant to be self-serving.

I would advise her and anyone who is making their living from the show to fire their publicist and bring in a crisis communications specialist. This is not the time for DIY. Some expertise is worth paying for.

Lisa on

Oh Kate! No, no, no. That hairstyle is like so totally 80’s!

Seriously. That was a bad haircut back then and it still is.

I wonder if she started the rumor about her bodyguard because she was jealous of Jon getting all the attention. Get over it. I know it was a bad situation, but it seems like she’s making many more “in-person” statements that Jon. If she really doesn’t care what everyone has to say, she needs to stop commenting.

martingirl on

Kate hair styles come and go, this should go… stop talking about me me me… talk with your husband, work on your marriage, and oh, it seem your extended family is not real happy with you either…

Lisa on

My brother had the same hairstyle when he was 8 in 1986.

Kristin on

Horrible. Hate it. Every time I see it I cringe. I actually think the front is flattering – but she needs to fix the back. It looks like a mom version of a very bad goth-want-to-be teen hair cut.

Karen on

oh wow… her hair? What a flippin disaster. I wonder what it looks like not done proper, and there isnt anything else she *can* do with it with that huge out of place chunk in the front. I want to chop that thing off.
Her hair sucks big time. and so does her attitude.

Samantha on

What is she talking about? She really seems to only care about herself and her bookline (aka making money)! What about your family, it’s falling apart and all you can talk about is your hair! Get a clue…you hair sucks…and you are about to lose your family! Time to prioritize!

Kelly on

Kate Gosselin’s hair is not cute! It looks ridiculous in 93% of the episodes!

Jen on

It’s just like the ‘pellet’ that all the 80’s skater boys had in my neighborhood….God no, I DO NOT want that cut!!!!!

Sally Norris on

Who is she again?

Misty on

Wow!! Someone really has let this reality tv star act get to their head. Sorry, to spill the beans, but she isnt the first one to come up with it. This “hairdo” has been around for like 5 years now. Its sad to see how she has changed from the mother of 8 wonderful kids to a snotty reality tv star. Poor Jon I dont blame you, I would leave too.

Meme on

Good lord, that hair is atrocious. The front is ok, but it would look better if the back matched the front. She looks like she was standing too close to a fan and got the back of her hair chopped off. That or one of the kids attacked her with a pair of scissors while she was asleep. No one wants that hair don’t.

ellen on


That is NOT cute and its very outdated.

Lyn on

Guess What Kate? Not everyone wants to be you

Diana on

Um, it looks like a reverse mullet.

Jen on

Not on your life. I would go bald before sporting tnat horrendous chop-sh0p $10 hairdo.

Does Kate own a mirror that was not previously in a funhouse? Does she SEE how chunky it is on the right side and makes her face look funny?

Sarah on

Why would anyone want a hairstyle from 10 years ago?

Bria on

It’s the female version of Donald Trumps hair. That big flap of hair just looks so out of place. It’s horrible and I find it hard to believe anyone would want that hairstyle.

lucia on

She gets on my last nerve and so does her hair do.

MaryAnne on

Sorry, but no. Not everybody wants her hair or her spray tan. Get a grip lady.

Chris on

updated mullet… business in the fron, party in the back. but it’s still a mullet.

Butterfly on

She might not be wearing the best cut and style for her pretty face but I am sure her stylist gave her what she asked for.

Mallory on

did anyone stop to think that if you see people who have bought your book with their hair cut like yours and your hairdressers telling you people are constantly coming in and calling and asking for it that OF COURSE she’s going to say everybody wants it it doesn’t mean she thinks evert y single women on the planet what’s their hair like hers and to the person who said jon always says he likes it long EVERY man on the planet likes long hair i got mine cut just above my shoulders not even really a bob i could still pull it back and my fiance said let me know when it grows back it doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love me and long hair doesn’t work for all women. i don’t personally like her haircut but if other people do it’s their hair not mine, better then half long half shaven like that singer did.

Hairapy on

Dear Kate,

I hope you read this. Please change your hair it is not flattering on you. Short is fine, but not when it is done in that way. You would look much hotter with a different style. Keep up the good work.

SK on

Kate states “everybody wants it!” Well count me out of the everybody list. Her hair looks like a bad Posh Spice and Beaker combo.

hahalolz on

is this like the new updated version of a mom-cut? is she going to be given credit for updating capris as the millennium’s mom jeans too?

Marcella on

I don’t like her and I don’t like her hair.

JJ on

My dog has hair like that.

Nadine Williams on

You know she acts so haughty like she invented this great style…OHHH how I wish I could upload the pic of me at 12 in 1984 with the EXACT same cut!! Well without those horrid chunky highlights…I mean can you say Kajagoogoo, Flock of Seagulls and for all those who think some of us are mean…vanity and narcissism are not very Christian attributes!!!

ashley on

no one wants her hair. she is full of it.

Mary Ellen on

I thought it was that way from taking care of her 8 Children ,sort of pulled out your hair look!!,

Emily on

I think its gorgeous. Seriously when you have 8 young children to take care of you don’t exactly have a long time to take care of yourself, especially your hair. Lay off, its beautiful.

PaulaNC on

Wow, doesn’t this look a bit dated? I agree that it looks like 2 hairstyles, and she can’t decide which. So, it’s her attitude? Sounds right….bipolar. That would explain a lot.

Kim Maguire on

Buy the woman a mirror. Obviously she hasn’t looked in one lately!
I can’t take it any longer…..it drives me crazy!

Lori Wheeler on

I think she is really pretty and would look good with a blunt cut about chin level, still parted on the side. I don’t like the sticking up part at the back either.

Amy on

Whatever makes you feel better Kate. Yikers, I think it’s safe to say that no one will be fighting you for the rooster cut. :)

amg on

I love you Kate but the hair cut looks like a bad super cut hair style! It needs to be blended in the front. I think you would look tons better with a pixie haircut! Now that is a sassy do to mmatch your sassy attitude! love ya!

Shanna on

Did anyone else think mullet? but backwards, party in the front business in the back. Either way, shes full of it. You couldnt pay most people to cut their hair like that…except maybe her.

Mara on

I dont want her hair. It actually is snotty that she thinks”everyone” wants it. It looks like its doing three different things. I liked it before the rooster look in the back was done.. and it was more fitted to her face not hanging in her face.

Jessica on

While I don’t really like the doo myself, I do think that finding something you like is ery important. Also I couldn’t imagine going through what she is going through.. the media is insane! Everyone is so mean. I mean what is wrong with being a confident woman, if thats what people are calling being full of herself? What is wrong with her spending time out of the house doing work ( i doubt that she is doing it for fun)? Millions of other women do. And so what if her marriage is in touble, everyone has a rough patch it doesn’t mean they will divorce. People give up way to easy on marriage these days!

Shannon on

It totally does not look good. It looks like she cannot decide what she wants to do with her hair. Time for a new stylist!

Amy on

Everyone wants it and yet she is the only one sporting it? Imagine that. I think ppl must just be so horrified with the (lack of) style and use it as a conversation piece with her.

Rebecca on

Kate, your hairstyle is like your personality – harsh, overly-frosted (who frosts their hair anymore???!!!) and in need of a severe makeover. My advice (1) find a year 2000 stylist who isn’t kickin’ out hairdos from the 80’s when Salt N’ Peppa was rockin that do, and (2) work long and hard on the personality issues. What’s their to be such a first-class crybaby about – you have kids, a nice husband who pitches in and knows how to hold things down, and you now have financial security. Get the giant lemon out of your frosted lip and newly veneere-teethed mouth,and put your overly-tanned hands together and thank God with for all of your blessings. Basically, get off TV and live your life (I turn TLC off when your and your husband’s miserable faces pop up – take note TLC.). I’ll pray for you and your children.

shazza on

It’s like a hens backside on a windy day!

kristy on

I had “the Gosselin” before Kate although my hair not as long on one side.

My inspiration was Missy Elliot. I get lots of compliments on my hair…to the point that I carry my hairdresser’s business card

cheryl on

I hate her hair. The front is too heavy and thick. Needs to be thinned a bit. The back with that spiky patch. Yuck! Looks very strange. She needs a new style.

steph on

I’m not into this hair style, But I think
she pulls it off well. Remember people she has (8) kids and needs something that’s cute, but easy to do
geeezzz is this what the world does to you, “Build you up to bring you down”
Well i guess none on you know that words
come with karma too, so when something
bad happens & you don’t know why.. Look at that rude & hurtful comment!

WPH on

That haircut should of never been done. It’s aweful. Don’t understand why she keeps it that way. The front is cute but the spike in the back is like a hedgehog. I think instead of the public worrying about her marriage they should intervene with a hair stylist that can actually do hair. lets all nominate her for TLC’s What Not to Wear, too.

MiSook on

It’s not cute! It has already been done and it wasn’t so great then. If she really wanted to be fashion forward she should have gone with a bob over a close brush cut or something. And that thick, dense bang looks like it came out of nowhere. It needs a lot of shaping. She should thank her lucky stars hair grows.

M.Dunn on

I like the highlights and the smooth look around the face but not the spikes. It could be raised by teasing of nearly same length hair as in front.
Style is becoming but softer would be prettier.

Shana on

A bit conceited don’t ya think?! Personally I think her hair doesn’t work!

Molly on

Actually, what I’ve been wondering with every episode of Jon and Kate that I’ve seen is WHEN she is going to realize how ridiculous having a giant block of hair tucked behind your right ear looks…seriously: could someone please at least attempt to blend that a little for her? I swear she has NOT seen her do from the side or the back or she would have refrained from believing that ‘everyone wants it.’ Trust me: I had a long shag haircut with some aspects of Kate’s cut (similar to a short version of the Rachel)a few years ago and it has to be cut perfectly to work. And Kate’s? It isn’t.

Mac on

So funny, I had Kate’s hairdo before she did. My husband tells me all the time that she stole MY do!! Ha!

VAN on

IS SHE KIDDING? Remember the half haved head look in the eightis? This hair is that
only worse, I mean she ha the rare opportunity to observe it from all angles since she is on TV and she still thinks it looks good? Honey, remember that uually when you get compliments from other women they mean the opposite

SFcitygirl on

Is she kidding? It only looks good some of the time.

Nancy on

Plz Kate Update it I am not sure who told you it looked good but they obviously lied to you it looks like you just got out of bed and couldn’t find your brush plzzzz update the hair style and loose the tanning this season you looked like a pumpkin

Liz on

Yeah right- my husband would probably cheat on me too if I came home with this hairstyle.

Katie on

I hate her hair. She must get over herself. Did anyone else see she’s bringing the kids on to discuss her marriage woes on National TV? Who does that? It should be just John and her. Don’t put the kids in the middle of this.

kat on

Looking at her hair I’m having a HORRIBLE 80’s flashback.

Gena on

This is another take on Victoria Beckam’s funky ‘do from a few years ago. It’s already been named after Posh. I love the style though, I have the same hair cut (not as heavy as Kate’s in the front though).

karen on

Now you know why Jon doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. She is way to much into herself!! I just hope her little girls grow up to be like her. It’s bad enough Maddy is a spoiled little b**** like her mother is. She is the one twin that is always complaining especially when she doesn’t get what she wants.
GROW UP KATE, if anyone would want to be like you, they need to see a shrink!!!!

Melanie on

I love the color. I bought the magazine so my hairdresser could see the color. The cut not so much. Maybe if the back was not spiked up.

BmadIfyawant2 on

Female “Eminem’s” having been sporting that look since the late 90’s, mamasita. Not new at all.

lily on

“Everyone wants it”? I don’t think so. I really can’t stand her hair.

Sherry on

Kate, I am sorry but the last thing you need to be worry about right now is your hair. I love Jon, but think Kate is the root of all their problem. That’s what greed does for people. I hate your hair. I can’t believe that you as a mother have let all this make you lose sight of what a mother really is. Get, off the TV and put your family back together. Jon, good luck you truely are the one loving parent those children have.

Laura on

Everybody wants it? You’ve got to be kidding me! More like she should sue her hairdresser…it looks idiotic!

Susi on

Two words: “Who Cares”!

sharon on

Hate the hair style.

Bisousette on

With all due respect, Kate but I DON’T THINK SO. Have you looked in the mirror?

Linda on

No Way! You will never be seeing me wear that do and I have “thick” hair too. As for the show, it has gotta go.

Aliooop on

Wow, she has changed or grown into this new part of herself that I don’t recognize. Maybe that “PART” is what let her take on 6 kids and have success with them, I don’t know……but I DO NOT LIKE IT.

I also DO NOT LIKE HER HAIR. AND NOT EVERYONE WANTS IT. I love and have short hair but that hair cut is not that great. Get over yourself, quick, you are losing viewers, I am one of them.


Jessica on

It is way too crunchy looking in the back, kind of hard looking……

Trina on

According to her own brother and sister in law, the marriage was over six months ago.
This was long before a picture of Jon was taken. Six months ago, Jon said to her brother that he has suspicions that Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard. Kate and her bodyguard were on numerous trips for months and I would like to believe that there really is something between them. Because I’ve noticed a big change in Kate’s attitude in the last episodes. Her mind seems to be out of nowhere. Maybe, it was Kate herself or her bodyguard who tipped off the paparazzi to take pictures of Jon to reverse the story and make it look like that it was Jon who cheated. Remember, Kate is a manipulative, smart, wise woman. Her brother said that she wanted to have her own talk show. Maybe this is why she is promoting herself minus Jon. And if she will be portrayed a victim of a cheating husband, she knew she will make be famous. I believe that Jon is the real victim here. He always has been.

Kylee on

Her hair is horrible! Just like her attitude.

Kris on

The 15 minutes is UP!!! The hair is eeewwww……..and “everybody wants it” – oh, kate……….

Shel Nelson on

I don’t want her hair…but I do want her husband!

Christine on


Lauren on

It looks like a reversed mullet!! Party in the front….buisness in the back!! NOT CUTE AT ALL!!!

Stacy on

‘Everybody wants it’? Is she sure about that? Not everyone wants a butch-style haircut, Kate Gosselin. Get over yourself. You’re not all that you think you are. Instead of doing interviews about your hair, try staying home for once, take care of your 8 kids and work on your failing marriage.

Katie on

OMG…is she serious, or just too full of herself really!?

I have always thought her hair looked ridiculous, and how anyone else would want their hair like hers…must be just as crazy as she is!.That is the worst hairstyle that I have ever seen…

Melissa on

Sorry Kate, but I think you are wrong. Maybe some of your fans like it and tell you so or even copy it — but I think that the majority of women don’t. I can honestly say I have not seen one person locally have it.

I definitely wouldn’t want it. Too much going on.

Amanda on

Can anyone say “mullet”!

Cathy on

Can’t stand it. It looks like she ran out of time to get the other side cut. It is distracting and it reallllyyy bothers me. Get it cut properly!!!

brooklyn on

i feel like its totally early 2000’s she has had it forever its time to change it up. i like spike short hair but this one is a mess with the back reminding me of a ducks tail feathers and the bangs are waaay too wide/thick. i would def. NOT want this hairstyle. Conceited much? you are no jen aniston.

Monica on

It’s like a modern day mullet….all business up front and a party in the back, HORRIBLE!

gelly on

are you sick woman? that hair is sick sick sick…

julie on

It is a reverse mullet!

Jodi on

I can’t stand her hair. That whole side that just hangs there. No thanks!!!

Suze on

I had a similar hairstyle when I was 5 and gave myself a trim. Kate get real.

Dani on

Its a reverse mullet, yuck.

Jane on

Not a good look, and quite funny she thinks everyone wants it. Get over yourself!

NJ Viewer on

No. I also dislike the short hair in the top/back. She reminds me of woody wood pecker.

I liked the hair before the top/back was so short

izzie on

youre serious????????

liz on

I like the different colors but I always want to put that big chunk in the front behind he ears or something. She is very pretty though.


People…..you need to stop!it is about the hair not the kids or her relationship! some people are just not nice.

tracy on

I have been watching Jon and Kate since the conception of the reality show, and “yes” Kate is over bearing at times but I think she has a good heart, so the Kate bashing thing is sad!! As far as Jon’s indiscretions Jon did it not Kate!! Her hair however!! Yeah, It could be less harsh. She needs a style that softens her look, she is a lovely girl and a new do is do!!

Nichole on

I would never, ever try Kate’s look. My sisters have had short hair cuts and they have looked much better than this!

Beth on

No. I do not think it is attractive at all. The big plank of hair in the front—????? Don’t get it at all!

Shan on

She needs to get over herself.

Jeni on

Really?? It is so not faltering.

Jillian on

It’s a backwards mullet!

Stacia on

Heck no! This hairstyle looks like too much work. I only have one child and I hardly have time to do my hair. How does a mom with 8 kids have the time to do this? I am more about simple and classy. This hairdo screams “high maintenance”.

I have to agree with the other comments “everyone wants it?”. I think Kate Gosselin is getting too full of herself.

Nik on

I am schocked that she thinks this hair looks good. I have been wondering when she was going to get a makeover. I don’t know anyone who thinks her hair looks good and I know ALOT Of people.

mia on

does everyone really have nothing better to do than sit around and talk trash on this family? its gotten to the point where youre even hating on her HAIR! get over it. your lives must be pretty dull if you have all this time to talk about another family.

Maryanne on

Short hair is not easier to manage than long. I have a bunch of stylists in my family and they all say that any asymetrical cut isn’t that easy to style. I’ve had short and long hair and I had more problems with short. Styling, moussing, gel, curling (or straightening), etc….Long – wash, dry, go!!

As for her marriage, well, that’s something she and her husband need to work on. All these comments just feed into the media frenzy. Are all of you in a perfect marriage or relationship? The only difference between us and them is that their lives are out in the open and on TV. Get a grip people. Stop trying to make things worse by saying her haircut caused Jon to cheat. I guess with the way things are today, we’d rather say mean things about people we don’t know than concentrate on our own dismal lives.

SGS on

It looks like Alexis’s toy alligator came to life and chomped off the back part of Kate’s hair. So to answer the question, no, I have no plans to try that look.

Bobsie on

Further proof that this woman is delusional.

Maydeline on

I kind of like it….and I think I’m attracted to like it not because of the style itself….but because she didn’t go out and just get the style of the moment….she went and got something that fits her personality. Not like everyone else that went out and got the famous “Rachel” or the “Farrah”……she stands aside from the hair norms and I praise her for that. Keep doing your thing and don’t listen to what anybody has to say about it!!!

aironrose on


steph on

I love Kate, but that hairstyle is from the late 90’s.


Sorry but everyone I’ve talked to hates the hair cut. It’s always in her face and she is always pushing that thing out of her face. Who is this hair dresser and why is he still cutting hair!!!!!!!

Sharon on

To each his own. If she likes it, that’s all that matters. However, she shouldn’t say “everybody wants it” because I certainly don’t and after reading these responses, a lot of people don’t.

On the relationship front, there are two sides to every story and I personally feel Jon and Kate need to stop commenting to the media about their problems – it just makes it worse. They need to grow up and deal with their personal business away from the cameras. Every day it’s he said, she said. I’m tired of seeing it on TV and reading about it. They are acting like fools in front of everyone. Their marriage doesn’t stand a chance unless they turn off the cameras and deal with it as a family. Kate does seem overbearing and a bit spoiled. She wears the pants in the family and I think Jon deserves more respect from her. Without him, she wouldn’t have those children and if he did have an affair, she should take a long hard look at herself and how she has treated him before deciding to end the marriage over his indiscretion. When you make the decision to have all of those babies, you need to really have even more respect for what each other is going through and deal with everything together. Inviting the public into their home was probably a very big mistake.

Dee on

I think it is the worst hair style ever!! Who wants to look like a rooster with a comb-over???

pat on

I was looking at some pictures of her just the other day, her hair was a bit longer and I thought, difinitely longer hair, and darker, would be better on her. I don’t know how she can look in the mirror and say, “LOVE IT!” Change is good. Shake things up

d on

That hairstyle was in for 5 min about 4 years ago. I think the official name of it is “The Skunk”.

Maryanne on

Besides, who are you going to believe? The people who are making money by telling these stories to the public, who have been proven to have ulterior motives, or the people who are trying to keep children happy and healthy. I would like to give them all the benefit of the doubt. I honestly hope that everything works out for them and keep the kids a priority.

LAST THING….Kate please grow out your hair!

Jane Doe on

Kate: Check the ego. No, I certainly do NOT want your hairstyle. Why don’t you worry about your crumbling marriage and kids, instead of your hair?

Krystal on

I had it six years ago, when I was 19…

jul on

Perhaps in Pennsylvania “everyone” means no one…it’s a regional thing that only makes sense in Kate’s little corner of the world…kind of like denying your kids the pleasure of eating their birthday cupcakes by rationalizing that they won’t remember tomorrow.

Fifis Mama on

Not in a million years. I think it’s the WORST hair style EVER. Normally, I would not be so catty, but please… “It’s my attitude! Everybody wants it. It’s work.” Could she be anymore full of herself? Here’s thought… instead of running around the country, pimping out your kids, airing your dirty laundry, disrespecting your Husband and Family – HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS! YOU take care of your babies. YOU take responsibility for your marriage. Ugh. She makes me throw up in my mouth everytime I see her. Seriously.

sharee on

Why would she name it I have had this type of hairstyle for the last 5 years, but my bangs are thinner. some old ladies have commented that in the back it looks like a ducks butt, that this hairstyle was even popular back in the ’50s.

Kimberly on

No thank you. I love her but wish she would change her hair, but if she likes it I guess that’s all that matters.

sarah on

it’s a reverse mullet…..doesn’t work either way!!!!

erika on

i didn’t know that she was doing that to her hair on purpose. i thought she just didn’t have time to get it cut.
it’s kind of tacky and she should do something way different.

Ashley on

she’s just really into herself. Her hair is a huge NO, NO (in my opinion). Lately everytime she’s in a magazine, i can’t seem to stand her hair. that huge clump of thick hair in her face just doesn’t look right. it’s just sitting there.
ever since she got her tummy tuck she started to get this huge ego.
I liked her hair last season. The last few episodes of last season her hair did not look like that, it actually looked a lot better.

Kayla on

I would love to like the style but nothing on anyone with an attitude like hers could ever look good.

Robin on

I love short hair, but this hairstyle is not attractive. I would never request it from my hair stylist. Kate’s attitude makes me want it even less. But my big question is, how in the world does she have time to be in the limelight with 8 kids???

Tracy on

Everybody wants HER hair style? God…I wouldn’t be caught in my casket with that “do”. She’s just trying to redirect everything that is going on in her life, which frankly I don’t care about anyway. I have never watched her show and never will. SHAME SHAME ON YOU JON & KATE….children should never be exploited like you have exploited yours on TV!!!!

marshayuki on

Obviously we are not looking at the same hair style. Hers looks like white trash meets punk rock. Not a classic beautiful style.

Chasingamy on

I HAAAATE her hair. Are you kidding me “everybody wants it” you need to get off your high horse, lady. I’m sure in your eyes everyone wants 8 kids and a cheating husband, too – NOT.
Oh and quit being such a controlling B*#&^ to Jon and he might stick around.

Anne on

Kate needs to get off her high horse…most people in America frown upon the fact that she’s selling out her kids for her own personal gain. We do not love her or her ridiculous hair. Get over yourself already, Kate!

wanda on

if you aint got nothin nice to say then dont say anything at all…my mama always said!

mommy to 1 on

Her hair is bad it looks like something salt and pepa had in the 80’s. Get a new hairdresser!

Nicole on

GOD NO! I hateeeee her hair! She looked so much better when she had longer hair.



Nicole on

My sister had that hair style when she was 15 going through a punk rock faze.

Katie Winter on

Can anyone say “Flock of Seagulls”?


Um, no, not everyone WANTS it! She really needs to get over herself. The haircut is really weird, like she cannot make up her mind, which, I am sure is full of hot air anyways. I know, let’s do another new season on “my wonderful hair”. Let’s not….Just another “I am the best mommy, give me the $”, they both stink, her and her hair!

Chris on

No way! Get over yourself already!

angela on

that’s not a new or original style at all… I had a cut similar in style (w/ a smaller side bang in the front) after I graduated high school in 2000. I don’t see anyone with that hairstyle now…except Kate. :)

Kim on

I Like Kate but, I don’t like the hair-do. I like her hair longer better but, I realize taking care of 8 children you wouldn’t have alot of time to mess with your hair.

Kim on

For a woman with so much responsibility and children – it’s amazing how she always looks so put together. I know there are moms all across the country with 2 or 3 kids that find it hard at times to find the time to take a shower. So, I guess when your on TV, you come first. High maintenance hair do – says a lot about a person.

ddddddd on

she looks like a skunk.


You people are really judgemental huh? I think her hair suits her. I wonder what YOUR hair looks like? Easy to judge, isn’t it? I’d cut my hair short if I had 8 children too! I think she’s great.

Tara on

It’s horrible! That hairstyle was popular in the 80’s…not now. I haven’t seen anyone, except for Kate, with that haircut. And the streaks in it! Ugh. Grow it out or cut it all off and decide on a haircolor please.

CAT on


Amanda on

When she first got this cute the amount of hair over her face was less and I think she should go back to that. The cut is cute it just needs to be less in the front…not so much down over her face it’s too heavy.

tabby73 on

Honestly I think you all are taking it out of context. If there have been that many calls to her stylist, then there are probably many people who do want her hair. Guys think about the media and how they state things!~

As for her hair….. It works for her~ Don’t be a hater!

booboo on

I never write to television people, but I found her hair so bad, that I wanted to reach out to her and say “please, get help”.


Grllll, I have fo babas and still have time to do mah har. I can’t belie you won to have that rat’s nest on top of yo head. BAH!

tess on

I think the style suits her, except I agree less in the front looked better. I wouldn’t choose this style for myself, but I think it works for her.

Alisha on

I love it. And I don’t care if she loves herself or not.

Karen on

It’s uggo.

cg on

Yack. It doesn’t look touchable, has no movement or versatility. Its one of those styles that if you don’t style it it looks really really bad. She is rather fond of herself.

Jen on

I think it looks great! It’s all her own, unique look.

Jean on

H-E-double L to the NO!!!

HP on

This haircut would not work for anyone.

It is sad that she is talking about her hair when her life is falling apart around her…

Erika on

Heck…..I had her hair 4 years ago! Nothing new…..been there, done that :-)

Tammy on

Come on Kate get over yourself, that hair do has to go. With all the changes you have made over the years, it time to get a new do!

Mary on

I think it would be easy to get this hair cut.

Just run a lawn mower up the back of your head!

Darby on

it’s a mean lady’s haircut….

Danielle on

I think it looks horrible. What is it anyway? It’s gotten worse every season with that long piece in the front. Aweful!!!!

Debra on

I actually really like her hairstyle! I think she rocks it awesomely! Everyone needs to get off her back, I love Jon & Kate and I know that everyone goes through rough patches in their marriage/relationships, its just a shame that with them being in the public eye they have so many more people throwing stones at them. Whatever is meant to be will be.

Tracy on

It looks like a reverse mullet, yuck.

Suzan on

Good Golly! First her kids, then her marriage and now her hair!! GET A LIFE. This is america, she can wear her hair anyway she likes. So can you!!

Cowgirl on

I don’t find her haircut attractive at all. It looks like a trailer trash haircut.

Carolyn on

No thanks!!! That’s a hair-don’t and not a hair-do.

Trish on

It was a popular style ten years ago.

EMilie on

I can’t stand that hair it is time for a change…she has to keep her head tilted to the side just to see some times… time to get a new hairstylist….so Kate!

Monica on

I really do not like the hair. She has a very pretty face,but that cut doesn’t do anything for her.

SUE on

NO. But it works for her.

laura on

DREADFUL haircut – this woman is delusional – those poor kids…. is anything ever about them or is allllllll about her alllllllll the time?

Brit on

Do not like it at all…..

donna on

why is everyone against Kate? you don’t know how many people have probably come up to her and said “I love your love, I wish I could get mine to look like that”. You people out there who are trashing her are a bunch of know-it-alls who know nothing of what her life is like or what she is going through. you watch her show, but then you trash her. shame on all of you. You go, Kate, God Bless you and Jon and keep your family together.

crystal on


SuziLee on

Yeah she needs to put the crack pipe down. No one other than a trailer dwellin trainwreck would want that mess of a ‘do.

Dee on

It’s always all about KATE, isn’t it? She has a huge ego and I don’t think it just happened after the airing of the show!! Her hair is atrocious!! and so is her attitude. She treats everyone – especially her family- with little respect or regard for their feelings. I think she would be very happy if the show was called KATE – THE PERFECT WOMAN.

Nic on

I don’t watch this show, but I keep seeing articles about her husband cheating and he cheating–what the #@%$! Is she so full of herself that she does an interview about herself, her friggin hair. Sounds like she has alot more to worry about-doesn’t she have 8 kids to take care of. I have one and there’s no way I have that kind of time to worry about my hair. I’m so sick of these people being glorified for mass procreation-mark my words, in the next 5 years their marriage will be over and those kids are going to be the ones suffering. Shame on these selfish, self centered,egomaniacs–OTS ABOUT THE KIDS-NOT YOU!!!!

Erica on

Don’t hate ladies!

Myrna on

Two words:

Tammy on

its cute on you, but i dont want it.


I am so over this woman, she thinks she’S this big star and really she is just a woman sucking as much celebrity out of her kids as she can. THE HAIR SUCKS!! RUN JOHN RUN AND TAKE THOSE POOR KIDS.

Abby on

I don’t know why soo many people hate it, i think its a cute cut.

Fan of People.com on

Everybody wants it???? Maybe if I wanted to become a member of the “Flock of Seagulls” band! Get over yourself, lady….the 80’s were over 20 years ago! It’s U.G.L.Y, just plain ugly!

trish on

Get over yourself and go home to your children!!!!!

Connie on

First, I really thought this was a moral christian family. Guess I was wrong there. I really respected this family and show and loved to watch it. Now I am really not sure about it. I think you have both ruined your testimony.
Now about the hair. It is very annoying you putting your hair behind your ear ALL of the time. I think the flap needs cut off.

Dee on

Kate, I think you got confused nobody wants your hair they want your husband!

Hailey on

I love it! It’s adorable, cutting edge, and sexy all at the same time. Of course it’s not for everyone, but it works for her!

Lauren on

EWWWW!! I do not know anyone who would want that hair cut. It makes her look REALLY old. I think the public interest in her has finally gotten to her, apparently a better stylist needs to get a hold of her.

Honor on

I love the front and the color and I think the back is very pretty was its curled under rather than sticking up, it looks a little softer and not so edgy that way. It looks great on Kate! I was considering trying it, but it wouldn’t work for me

Danielle on

It was bad when Victoria Bekham brought it onto the scene, and it’s worse when Kate stole it from her. Just not a good look on anyone!

Justin on

I really love this cut. The styling needs some help sometime. It looks great when the top spikes are brushed down and not so prominent.

shortcake on

I hate her hair! She is living in lala land if she thinks that’s a flattering hairstyle! Honestly, she needs a new do asap! A regular bob would look way better or something more like what Ashley Judd use to do to her hair is waaaay better!

Angela on

Ok..keep in mind where she lives..Reading, PA. area. Trust me..time lags about 20 years there. I live not too far away, but far enough not to need a stylist in that area..whew! They’re still in the 80s so it makes sense that to her and her “stylist” that cut is current and cutting edge. I used to love Jon and Kate, but now…not so much. Getting really tired of her. It’s a shame, they had a good thing going with TLC and now, it’s all gonna go away. It’s gonna be a shock when they can’t get all the free stuff anymore! Jon…Godspeed…

Marietta on

Good Luck with that Kate it’s not feminine looking at all she looks like a butch lesbian!

Sara on

Umm…talk about retro, and not in a good way. I had that hairdo about 7 years ago. It’s old.

Abigail on

Mojo, of Mojo in the mornings (95.5 FM) in Detroit talked about how he saw Kate Gosselin coming out of the Troy Marriot hotel with her *bodyguard* holding his hand.

Yes, she does protest too much.

Heck, I hold my bodyguards hand every day, don’t you?

susanna on

it’s a reverse mullet

Diane Sonata on

I wonder what Deanna Hummel’s hair looks like?
OK, that was REALLY mean. But it HAS to be better that partridge on her head.
And “Everyboby wants it”? WHATEVER.

s on

The long part on the side is just WEIRD!

Jane on

um, BUTCH?????

Kat on

huh, I have always thought that her hair was kind of cute. Not a style that I would prefer, but it is kind of cute, in a trendy way. I agree that she has had this for at least 1 year if not 2 at this point. But hey, they gals hair works for her, let her be!

somebody local on

She just can’t get enough of herself!

bailey on

i think her hair is cute and it suits her!!!

Brandy on

Too bad she isnt as hot as she thinks she is. The whole time she was on Oprah her hair drove me nuts. I had to change the channel……

stein on

who would want her hair she needs to go comb it and cut it out of her eyes. she is how old?

amanda on

Only a crazy person would want her hair. The short hair sticking up like that in the back is just plain crazy. she is a very pretty girl and is trying real hard to sort of have her hair like victoria beckham but it didn’t work for her. her bangs are just to long. maybe if she would cut them a bit shorter than it would look nice.

Monica on

I had that haircut when I was 19 during my punk phase. It looks like someones having a mid life crisis. Hahaha

Linda Harris on

I can’t decide which is worse her hair or her attitude.

Lisa on

WOW!! what a bunch of haters!! You people amaze me.

1) Her hair looks fabulous and if you could look that good you would, but since you cant, you call her names.

2) If you had 8 children, people would think you are a b*%^ch too. That many young children at one time, you have to have a schedule or chaos reigns.

3) If you dont like her, turn off the TV and go do something with your own neglected children. She may be bossy and controlling but she has 8 kids!! She is doing what she has to do to raise them and keep her house and life in order.

I love you Kate, but now that you and Jon have reached celebrity status, it may be time to back out ot the limelight and let your family heal. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family for 5 years and best of Luck to you and Jon.

Tamara on

Didn’t she steal Pink’s look? I’m pretty sure this was Pink’s hairstyle WAY before Kate did her hair like this!

Christie on

I am shocked to hear Kate’s comment on her hair. I had the same hairstyle two years ago after the cut became famous with Victoria Beckham. (a little longer in the back) Now syles are longer, so I won’t be cutting my hair like Kate’s. Not everyone wants it!

Lori on

Isn’t is just a reverse mullet? Ewww.

Julie on

Great highlights….bad style

K on

NO NO and NO.

WhatsUp on

WOW! You people are mean. I watch the show every blue moon and to say she needs to be taking care of her kids is ridiculous. It’s very easy to throw rocks at others, but I can’t believe the negative comments about her marriage are necessary. Karma people, karma.
I think her hair looks good on her. Would I want it? Probably not. But that’s because it’s not my style. I wish I could have short hair, but it is way too much maintenance.

Chris on

I think it’s out of style.. I had friends w/ that do 5 years ago… It’s old. Time to move on!

wh on

she looks too much like suze orman…but it suits suze, not kate. kate is my age, suze is in her 50’s. she needs to try to look younger, not older. especially when her husband is younger and supposedly dating a 23 year old!

jennie on

her hair is the opposite of a mullet, long in front and short in back! it is also equally as unattractive as a mullet.

Lea B on

It looks like a reverse mullet.. Party in the front, business in the back!

teri on

Really?? It’s cute but i haven’t seen it.

People are preferring long, straight hair from what I can see.

The curly spiral making a comeback.

christine on

I don’t know what mirror she’s looking at!!!!!!

Keesha on

I can’t stand it especially disturbing is the sticking up in the back – looks like ruffled bird feathers. Please, Please, PLEASE change it.

Jane on

OMG no, who wants that hair cut? It’s horrific. That extremely large pice of hair just hanging there off to the side looks so out of place, Like a fake hair clip glued to the side of her head. it is certainly not a crisp transition from longer to the way too short crop of the back. grow it out or cut it all off….pick ONE style!

Dee on

I think “Coach” from Survivor and Kate would make a perfect couple, but they might not be able to find a house big enough for both egos to fit in. I would love to see them have a conversation –one trying to out do the other. And they both have horrible hair!!!!

mari on

Could she be any more conceited?

mom of 2 on

OMG what a Narcissist!!!!!! Run Jon Run…. Take the kids……..

Sabrina on

NO, NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMEs NO – it’s the most no-style style I have ever seen. It looks like a white-trash cut left over from the 50’s. Why someone would like to imitate her look is beyond me

Nat on

Honestly, it’s not as bad as everyone is putting it out to be. I agree, its not the best haricut ever, but if the woman likes her hair be happy for her. Don’t put her down on the internet. The picture isn’t flattering and when your running around with eight kids on a tv show, your hair wouldn’t be “perfect” either. It’s just hair, it’s just rumors, and you all just need to grow up. You are all so materialistic and need a reality check. How about instead of typing all this and bashing another person, look after your own kids and worry about your own marriage. This woman has a family, and didnt want this out put of negativity to be around her. She is a Human Being just like you. And maybe she doesn’t want to be talking about the rumors to take her mind off all this mess. Give the woman a break ..

Becky on

The hair has got to go!! I can’t believe anyone would like it. She is so full of herself!

steele on

Kate should get a grip. No one envies her style, either in fashion or in the way she relates to others. The hair style is very small town, and the tome that she takes with her husband is insulting to him and harmful for her children to ingest. What a loser!

Susan on

I think she really needs to get over herself!!! I don’t know how her husband has put up with her all these years…he is a much better person that she will ever be!! SO KATE…GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

Tara on

It’s very trendy looking. But, I’m afraid it makes her kind of harsh. With all the bad publicity she’s been getting lately, the harsh hairstyle is not helping.
Also, with 8 kids, when does she have time to do all that styling?? I barely have time to put mine in a ponytail.

secret on

She is so LAME! First of all she is not the first person to have that cut. Kelly Osborn had it 6 years ago when she was on TV. This chick needs to get over herself. She makes me want to puke!

Amy on

I’ve had this hairdo for years (before Kate got it) and I absolutely LOVE it! It looks good on her too!

Kristi on

I personally think that Kate is a little full of herself to presume to say that “everybody wants it.” I didn’t read all of the responses here, but it looks to me like nobody wants it. Very few people could pull it off anyway, and she is not one of them. How does she find the time every day to do her hair when she says it’s “a lot of work.” She has 8 kids and a husband to pay attention to. Maybe she should rethink her priorities and push her hair a little farther down the list.

Amy on

Ick. Love the color, hate the cut. Looks like it was caught in a ceiling fan. Dumb cut.

Betty on

Lord no! It’s not even flattering on her!! Wow, she really needs to get over herself. My bet is that the gal Jon is seeing doesn’t market her hair, herself, or her children–thus the appeal!!

What the ? on

This is the most ridiculous hair cut I have ever seen. No wonder her found another woman if he truely did. Who could stand her?

Rebekah on

one word: WHATEVER!!!!!

KM on

I had this hairdo 6 & 7 years ago! It is not unique to her. Granted mine was not so goofy in the front because my stylist is sane! Oh, and I have thin hair which worked just fine. But you can’t keep same ‘do forever you have to switch it up and have fun.

Anita on

This women is in love with herself. I believe we are seeing her true colors. I wouldn’t want her life never mind her hairdo.

Alicia on

Just another example of how full of herself Kate Gosselin has become. “Everybody wants to be me!!” Yeah right. Keep telling yourself that. No, I don’t want her hair, or any other part of her gimme gimme life.

Candace Miller on

She has got to be kidding! Didn’t Victoria Beckman have this hair style or something very similar 2 years ago? Kate you are behind the times!

Sandy on

ew. ew ew ew. that is pretty much the worst haircut i have ever seen in my life. and she isn’t even nice about it.

Jennifer on

If only Kate looked as good as she thinks she does.

Christie on

Uh, no. And hopefully she will read these posts and think twice about making the comment, “Everybody wants it” again.

Joanne on

That haircut is horrific!

Amy on

Her hair is SO bad! Short hair rocks, but this cut is SO dated. The style is kinda comical.


I am sorry but her hair is a mess. She looks like she wants to be Posh or something. I really think the fame is going to her head, because no one is really liking her do!!!!!!

Melissa on

No way. I love watching the show, but always want to give her something to get that hair out of her face. Not a fan of the do at all and don’t see who would be.

Shawna on

First of all the back of her hair looks like a chickens butt. Second of all, I have been wearing my hair like this for years so no Kate, I don’t “want YOUR hairdoo”, but thanks for thinking everyone wants to be you. (rolling my eyes)

playsindirt on

Who are these idiots who want this haircut? She looks like she backed into a fan. I saw teen girls with this hairstyle 10 years ago. It’s not modern or chic in any way. It’s also inappropriate for her age.

K on

Everybody wants her hair? Hmm. She never met me. I don’t want it in the least.

Dawn on

Her hair looks like one of her kids cut it. No way, would I want it…don’t even like her to start with.

Kandy Kane on

GAG!!! She is so effing stuck on herself and needs to get over it! I am so tired of hearing about her. No wonder her husband went looking elsewhere to someone who lives in the 2000’s and not the 80’s with her reverse mullet!

Kimster on

eh, no way!!!

Bee on

You must be kidding !!!! I want to help Kate and give the poor girl a make over

Chris on

I LOVE the ‘do’! I’ve had it since last June and have received nothing but compliments on it! It’s fun and funky and matches my personality.

Sylvia on

Her stylist gets calls from all over the country?!Perhaps to suggest that he learns how to style hair!

EMac on

“Everybody wants it?” Yeah, maybe in 1998 when it first came out. It’s not a current look at ALL.

Heather on

I love wathcing the show. I think the kids are just too cute :) This hair cut, however, is not. I aggree with some other comments. She needs to soften up that big, thick piece in the front. The back needs to grow out a little bit & the front piece needs to be trimmed up & thinned out.

Kate on

Love Kate, everything she says gets taken out of proportion, like this, now she looks like she is arrogant and conceited. When she was probably only responding to a simple question, and commented on how her stylist gets calls from people. Personally- DO NOT like the cut. Its so assymetrical. There is a woman down the street from me who has this, but the front section is tapered and looks like it belongs. I always want to tuck it behind Kate G.s ears!

Jenn on

Are they calling her hairstylist to ask him/her to change Kate’s hair?! That’s the only thing I can think of. I love the show, but her hair is just the dumbest thing. It’s like she was torn between two styles and just said I’ll take ’em both. Ick!

Christna on

She actually pays money for that atrocious do? The color is bad and that haircut is from the burbs in 95. I’m surprised she hasn’t gone for the skunk look – blond on top and dark underneath which is gross too.

Laura on

Kate’s hairstyle (if you could actually call it one!) is completely unsophisticated and looks pretty trashy. Simple is always better!

Lisa on

Why all the hating? A saying in the south goes if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. We wonder why the US is in the shape it is in. We would rather speak hatred and ugliness than encouragement and love. The lady is going though serious problems and you are blaming it on her hair. You need to search your heart and find out why you are so angry!

Cristina on

I dont know who “everybody” is, but it doesn’t include me!

Megan on

I don’t care for it too much, but it does look like it would be easy to maintain. And with 8 kids, I’m sure that that is mostly all she cares about. I can understand not wanting to go completely boy cut, but still be pretty much able to get up and go without a lot of fuss.

Tara on

P.S. Nobody wants her attitude either. She’s delusional.

Allison on

GOD NO! its not a bad job, but needs refining. Not bad though for a woman with 8 kids…maybe two different hairstyles are going on there.

Maryann on

It looks GREAT on Adam Lambert but totally ridiculous on Kate…..she is a little to self absorbed…

Steph on

Isn’t it a little like the opposite of a mullet? party in the…front? business in the back?

kathy on

she did just get out of bed. i know who wants it – her bodyguard. and who doesnt? jon.

Lisa on

“Everybody” would be the people who instead of commenting on a hair style insult and tear down. If that’s not you Cristina then you should just ignore it rather than defend yourself.


HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now that’s funny! She thinks this is “her look” and one that “everyone wants”? PLEASE!

First of all, this “look” is about 10 years old…..didn’t look good then, and doesn’t now!

Besides Kate, I’d hate to mention the only other women that are sporting this look.

She’s an attractive woman, but her hair is not an asset.

JoAnne on

All the haters are jealous.



Odessa on

I LOVE her hair and I have close to the same style. I think it is funky and fun!!!

Diane on

I really hope that comment was tongue in cheek. Her hair looks like a rabid beaver is taking a nap on her head. This reverse mullet says,”Suburban Mall hair in the front, lesbian biker chick in the back.” She needs to grow the back or cut the front. It looks like a haircut in process…..

elizabeth on

GET OVER YOURSELF!! No one wants that spiky hair in the back? Its like the new version of the mullet. Plus it just makes me think it is the hairdo of a woman giving up on her marriage because she prefers to be famous!

Scarlet on

Yeah, she is the most conceited person on the planet! I’m hoping her 15 minutes will be up soon. Her haircut is horrible she looks like a porcupine. You would think with all that dough rolling in she would as least be able to hire a stylist to give her a stylish haircut and a makeover!!

Cass on

Where ya goin with that hair, 1982?

Jenna on

Seriously!?!? What is up with woman? She apparently doesn’t care as much about her marriage as she does about her hair. And how many people actually knew who these people were before the “scandal”?

Rose on

It’s a reverse mullet and I personally hate it. Business in the back and party in the front = bad hair.

Sarah on

I agree with Jenna – this woman needs to be more concerned about her 8 kids and her working on her marriage than her fashion statement. That is what un-deserved fame will do to a person and their family. She doesn’t seem to care about anyone other than herself and that she is all of a sudden a star! Unfortunatley she lives in the same general vicinity as I…Thanks for ruining Central PA Kate!

Kathy on

Kate needs a new do. Please do not include me in the “everybody wants it” statement. I’m fine without it thanks!!

Mary on

Wow. She has a huge ego – and that hair is atrocious!

Anastasia on

Vain Vain Vain!

Enough said!

Tara on

This is the only real hair “style” Kate has ever had. Remember in the beginning of their show, she had no clue about hair/clothes/makeup? This was her first real ‘do, and she’s never changed it since. She thinks it suits her and I’m sure her stylist does get a lot of requests for it.

Sometimes it looks cute and sometimes it doesn’t. She probably should think about a change sometime soon!

Nicko on

Why is this boy in People magazine and who did his hair?

sunnee on

No, no everyone does not want it.

Dee on

Never been a fan of hers, her children are beatuiful and very well behave, or that is what they make us belive on those “reality” shows. I dont think this hair cut flatters her at all, but you tend to go with what you know. I pray for her family, because to be a single mother of eight will be very challeging if her and her husband dont work out. Obviously this show is straining thier relationship. its time to put family first and take the cameras out the home. this reality shows are damaging relationships. we have many examples to go off of. Simpsoms-Lachey, Electra-Navarro, the bachelor and bacherlotte(GO TRISHA AND RYAN) and I belived they made it, because after they go married, you didnt here too much about them. its 2009, its time to put GOD and Family first.

KristinFit1 on

EEEK! Never!

Leese on

I think this haircut is horrible. It is hard, weird and has skunky highlights.
Sad Kate cares more about her hair then her kids…Wow that is a fashion “mom” icon! NOT

Stephanie on

This woman seriously needs to be brought back to reality. That haircut is horrible! She just needs a little bow in the back an she could pass for a Lhasapoo.

Stolynn on

I think John’s hair looks better.

Katie on

Absolutely not, I think this style is so tired and trashy (ring a bell?)


I personally LOVE Kate’s hair. Maybe I am too old, but I have never seen anyone wear this style. I think it works for Kate, but I also believe she is very pretty and could wear ANY hairstyle.

Debbie on

Worse then her hair and her ego is her “Dr. Suesse” hands! I hate the way she holds her hands, it just looks downright weird!
I hope all the damage you have done to your children can someday be reversed! Maybe Jon can find a good woman to help him raise those children. Someone that doesn’t constantly put him down, make fun of him or call him bad to the kids like you have done over the years.
If you were a man you would be called “abusive”.

Sylvia on

NO – Not everyone wants that hair. It reminds me of a turkey with his tail feathers standing up.

Robbie on

She’s off her gourd, she has one of the most dated hairstyles on television. People were rocking that hair at prom in 1997…in OHIO.

Kathleen on

Oh god no…her hair is 10 times of wrong. Sorry…but it is just plain white trash hair, redneck hair. Believe me I have lived in the south…I have seen redneck hair. And skunk stripe highlights are a good look for NO ONE. Who does she think she is kidding, saying women want her hair? Sorry, but pick up any typical fashion magazine (ie Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour, Self, Lucky, InStyle, Elle, Marie Claire, Us Weekly, etc) and I will bet you $10 million that no one in those magazines is sporting any kind of do like that. Get over yourself Kate you are not some mecca of fashion and style.

laura on

Wow, she’s pretty stuck on herself, huh? Her hair bugs me so much. Please BRUSH it!! The messy look doesn’t work with the straight front. We call that ‘sex hair’ and do you really want to walk around looking like you just had sex? Come on!

liza on

That is the fugliest haircut I have ever seen in my life! gag

Willa Cather on

Yeah right. Her backward mullet hair went out in the 80’s. She’s a nut and her hair matches her. I’ll just sit back and laugh at her as I’m sure her stylist does every time she walks out the door.

Lacey on

No, I don’t like her haircut at all. It would look SO much better if she had a straight bob, just let the back spikey part grow out, lady! And get off your high-horse too! Go take care of your children and try to keep your husband at HOME!

Mel on

I hate her hair!!

JoAnn on

It looks bad. Like a soccer mom trying to be hip.

Leanne on

I absolutely do not like her hair. It bugs me and it is always in her face.



Nancy on


1982 called and they want their hair back. She looks like the dude from Flock of Seagulls.

“and I ran. I ran so far away.”

Sing it with me!!

Kate on


cj on

I used to watch the show all the time; I first noticed things going down hill when Kate and Beth were at a spa in Utah, and after an employee said, “Have a good time,” she said, “We will.” The tone in her voice and her attitude really got to me. Since then, I’ve noticed how she doesn’t listen to Jon at all; he wanted her hair long, and she tells him too bad. One episode she had her hair dresser doing that hair cut; she wants it like that, even if the hair dresser doesn’t want to. She takes the kids to the Crayola Factory and doesn’t want them to get messy and makes them leave? Why take them, then? Her attitude when they were going green was horrible, too.

Kate’s not willing to change, and not willing to listen. It’s her way or the highway, and Jon is apparently going to take the highway. He told her he didn’t want to do the show anymore, and she didn’t care. I feel bad for the kids.

Vanessa on

She would fit right in a Flock of Seagulls cover band with that hair cut

Lisa on

Seriously, she needs to GET OVER HERSELF. Her hairstyle is sooooo 90s.

deborah on

It is not her hairstyle! It has been around a very long time. Many woman are bringing it back in style not just that Crabby mommie!

Beth on

#1.Anyone with kids knows that hairstyle is never going 2 work around the house (unless she doesn’t WANT 2 see half the things the kids are doing!); its obviously 4 BOOK TOURS not 4 being a MOM! #2. My 6-yr. old would REFUSE 2 go 2 school if she had “stickin-up hair” like Kate! Her hairstylist needs 2 go back 2 the drawing board if she wants 2 be famous!

Bella on

It looks like an inverted mullet? Seriously!

Debbie on

As it was growing out I just wished she would pin it back, it kept falling in her face. I think if the back was different it would look fine. I think she just does it for attention, just look at her comment “everyone wants it”. Is this show about the kids or her? It seems the focus has shifted.

Allison on

I had this hair do about 5 years ago minus the one side hanging over. I would stick it behind my ear. I got a lot of compliments everywhere I went. I also have very thick hair and it worked great but it was HIGH maintenance to keep up with. I had to grow it out again. It looks easy to fix but I promise you its not. But its super cute!

Christine on

I can’t say I would wear it, but I think it’s cute on her!

kim on

i hate her hair. really loathe it.

Missy on

So, who’s been lying to Kate (again)? I’m kind of thinking the Reverse Mullet/Katie-Don’t is NOT about to hit the Top 10!

Ana on

Please Kate…you’re too full of yourself.
Nobody wants your hair. You’re famous for all the wrong reasons, I don’t like your show. I understand now why your husband would cheat on you.

Sarah on

Hate to be “mean”… but the hairstyle does not work! It’s disconnected, confusing and unflattering on almost anyone… :-(

My Fen Name on

The title of their show should be changed to Jon With Kate, the Narcisstic Mate. The more she likes herself, the more people hate her. As with the hair, the back reminds me of a porcupine in distress.


It’s the most horrible haircute ever!!! She looks ridiculous! Cut that long stuff or grow the rest out!

Donya on

No way, the front of it how it always falls in her face bugs me. I think she is getting to big for her brtiches. I used to love to watch that show cause she seemed real and now that the show has gotten so big it seems it has gone to her head and it is sad and I don’t watch the show anymore and if John was to leave her would you blame him? She talks to him like he is a dog, there is no way I would stay with someone that talked to me like she does him. I admire him for being able to stay with someone who treats him like a dog.

Rhonda on

Sorry Kate, everyone does NOT want your hairstyle. This woman needs a reality check. She needs to be spending her time raising those babies instead of giving interviews and posing for magazines.

Julie on

Everybody wants her hairstyle? Who has been teling her this? They OBVIOUSLY have the wrong crowd. I am glad that she is sure of herself in that hair cut. It defintaly takes someone who is very sure of themself to pull that look off

Crystal on

It’s like a new version of a mullet…and she thinks everyone wants it?!? Give me a break!

Bridge on

I hate it. It looks like a horse mane in the front a birds nest in the back. Wear it if you like but please have it fixed so that it blends in.. And cut Jon some slack he needs love not barking..

fayezie on


Makayla on

LMAO!!!!! My sister had this hairdo back in 1987-88.. Come on Kate.. I DO love the color BUT NOT THE DO!!! Every time I watch the show, I ALWAYS wish she would do something with her hair. The way she had it after her tummy tuck/makeover was way better than the hunk of hair she has over her face now.. Listen to all these people here Kate!!! DO SOMETHING WITH THE HAIR!!!! *HINT* Do it long for just even one show.. I bet you will get the best reviews EVER!!!

sharon on

is this women kidding…she needs to start living in the real world

arabella on

wow there are many things I don’t like about her, but I have to say that her hair tops the list

Sylvia on

This woman needs to get over herself.

Rebecca on

i am a hairstylist in philadelphia, and this is the worst haircut i have ever seen!

KD on

It’s the reverse mullet….party in the front – business in the back.

robin on

She’s very into herself and her hairdo. I think its a weird style and doesn’t make sense. Definitely no “rachel” that is for sure.

Kelly on

Why would someone want to look like a turkey? It has gotta go.

Nikki on

Is she serious?? I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve like it! It’s horrible, it looks like two hairdo’s on one head!

Angela on

High maintanence. With 8 kids a haircut, frosting, a pedicure, manicure etc. This woman seems to only be home when the cameras are on. They are falling apart because they’re being selfish.

Barbara on

i think it looks weird…

S on

I personally think it’s very unattractive.

Marie on

It’s obvious if someone says that their hairstyle is deeply envied that they are going to get some criticism.

Kim on

I love Kate and the show, but I hate her hair…what’s with one side long, one side short and the back spikey…. it might look ok if the long side where cut shorter.

Linda on

Give me a break! That woman’s hair along with her attitude need an adjustment. If Jon did cheat on her, I don’t blame him, she treats him like garbage. She really is full of herself.

Pat on

She looks absolutely beautiful…which is hard to do with little time left for herself. She is doing a great job raising those children and is to be commended for living it in the spotlite, despite the personal problems with hubby. I hope they can work out their differences and reunite the loving couple they were.

DJ on

seriously, Kate thinks this is “her” hairstyle? gwyneth paltrow first had this do back in 1998 in “Sliding Doors” movie!

E on

It looks like somebody with a hedge clipper snuck up behind her.

Annie B. on

No thanks. I think this butch style really ages her, which is a shame because she has such a young face. I think it makes her look older because it’s the same severe cut that was popular a few years back with menopausal women and grandmothers desperately trying to look hip.

Sadie on

A reverse mullet – and a bad mullet at that!

theresa on

business in the front – party in back? seriously.

Sylvia on

Every time I watch this show, my husband cringes, and says the same two comments: “She is sooo mean to her husband” and, “Dude – what’s with that hair?”

Sher on

I don’t want it… not cute at all. I agree, she need to get over herself.

Vicki on

I think her hair was darling when she had it short and both sides the same length. That’s when the sides blend into the spiked back. The spiked look fits Kate’s face and lifestyle, but the long thick side, as it is now, is not attractive. I agree with the individuals that said that it looks like two different haircuts. Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

Becky on

I LOVE her hair. I wish I could wear that style.

Rosie on

No thank you.

Heidi on

I think Kates’ hair is distinctively her and definitely works for her!

Madelyne on

I never quite understood that hairstyle..it’s like she can’t make up her mind between the two…and what’s up with the back? She’s beautiful and she looked really nice when she had long hair…

Sam on

She looks part emo, part mother. Not a good look. She would look good with a cute bob or something at her shoulders.

shoo shoo on

Who wants a reverse Mullett?

shoo shoo on

did someone say reverse mullett?

mollythibault on

UM, no. It’s like a reverse mullet… party in the front, business in the back. No thank you.

Kathy on

Oh my gosh…..get over yourself! I loved watching your show until recently. Your husband is sweet….your kids are adorable….but you are not a STAR. You are just a mom like a LOT of other moms. Your “celebrity” has gone to your head and that is really sad….for you…for your marriage….and mostly for your beautiful children.

Dawn on

What a whack job! Her hair is just as harsh as she is. Who wants that?!

joaquinne on

i think it looks white-trashy.

Laura on

Me no likey Kate’s hair!!!

Katy on

What a pompous jerk. That is the fugliest doo I’ve ever seen!

Evan on

Everyone seriously!!! We’re talking about her hair not her personal life. Taking jabs at Kate and her personal life is uncalled for. Nobody is perfect, so do not be quick to pass judgement.

Meg on

I am just wondering if there is a single comment where the person actually likes Katie’s hair… I personally think it is horrible.

Christine on

Looks like a rooster in back. Think it would be cute if it was same length all the way around with the highlights. This has already been in style at one time before she ever started doing it so why the shock like it’s never been done before…..

Lin on

The only people who would want her hairstyle are middle-aged mothers who are trying to look hip and teenagers going through an identity crisis.

Lisa on

Like, no way! Duh, she has NO clue what she’s talking about because like, EVERYONE just loves my hair the best ya know. *snaps her gum and flips her hair*

This is what you get when you cross a porcupine and a broom.

jackson on

Kate’s hair is ridiculous. She should worry less about her hair and fame, and more about her children and husband. Maybe then, her marriage wouldn’t be crumbling and she wouldn’t be public enemy #1.

Kathy on

Hair aside…this is such a sad story and the kids are the ones who are going to suffer. I used to defend the fact that they had a reality show…thinking what they were doing was for their kids. It’s a huge family to support and this was a great opportunity to give the kids what they needed financially. Now, with the way Kate acts and all of the celebrity, it’s like the kids are forgotten. When is she actually with them? In between book tours and talk show appearances? Kate – look at your children – where would YOU be without them?? It’s like you sold your soul to the devil? How many people in your life do you have to lose before you stop??

cmr on

It’s a cut like this that gives suburban moms a bad style rep. ECH! You’d think with the 8 kids, the wayward husband, and the alleged boyfriend that she would need a less time-consuming do.

Tabbs on

Her hair in this picture looks very extreme in their wedding photos from Hawaii her hair looks really great and that cut I would love to have.

christie on

silly ~ Just silly ~ I agree ~ Disconnected ~ Make up your mind, Kate ~ short or long ~ Not BOTH…

Heather P on

No thanks.

kari on

It looks like an upside down mullet! Enough said!

rach on

If she would brush down the spiked hair in the back, it would look updated and fresh. :)

Meghan on

Everyone is so mean to her. I think it looks good on her. Her comment sounded like she has some ego, but who doesn’t?

VHN on

This is just not an attractive look on anyone in my opinion. But I don’t have my own tv show, either.

Carolina on

likes everybody??????????????????? nop its mmmm

In on

Hey, Kate–when did you get so full of yourself? Was it after all the dr’s donated their time to give you tummy tucks and breast implants? I hate your hair, it’s a mess and I’d give anything to run a comb through it and style it differently. Totally out of date. I really can’t believe you said this, even if you thought it, I’m shocked that are so blatantly conceited.

M on

Ummm…it’s basically a reverse mullet! EEEEW!


It’s HORRIBLE. I can’t believe she said “everyone wants it”!!!

Barb on

Poor Kate, She needs a new mirror. That style, trying to be kind, is, well, not flattering to say the least. It looks like something left over from high school.

Maria Fordham on

I hate her hair. She has gone too hollywood and it’s all about her now and not the kids anymore.
She is putting her wants instead of what’s best for her family. What kind of life will those kids have with divorced parents. The show needs to end.

Denise on

Hate her hair! It’s so outdated and how she can say “everybody wants it” is beyond me. Yuck! It’s truly a bad style.

Carol on

I like Kate’s hair. She has eight kids and she looks great.

Debbie on

While it’s nice to see that Kate has finally come into her own as far as her style goes, it’s unfortunate that her hair hasn’t joined her. She needs to definitely update her hair. Everything else is great. Maybe when she’s in New York again she could get Nick Arrojo to transform her mop into something that doesn’t resemble a reverse femullet!

Kelly on

Get over yourself Kate. Not everyone wants to be like you. God forbid! I would never subject my family to the things you have subjected your family too and your poor husband too. Grow up.

Jen on

I’m a hair stylist and I have had at least 4 women/ girls come to me and say “Do you watch Jon & Kate plus 8?” and I know right away what I am doing! I think her hair is trendy! It’s a twist on the “victoria beckham” that EVERYONE wants! It’s nice for me to have a little switch up every once in a while! I absolutely love Jon and Kate and the kids and I want only the best for them!!!

Jillian on

I had my hair cut like this in the early 90s when I was in high school….get over yourself. You are not “attitude” and you are not hot. Anyone trying to duplicate you should get a new role model. Eeew.

Michele on

You could not pay me to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. And that hair? Worst soccer mom hairdo ever!! She would look so much better with a long bob.

christy on

Instead of Beckham’s fantastic Pob, this is a trainwreck…Bob, Pob, and now I guess this is the Gob???

Lisa on

I like it!I might actually bring a picture with me to my hairdresser for a different look this Summer. I don’t want the spike in the back but I like the look for the most part.
Why is everyone being so mean to this poor girl?
Leave her alone already!

Vicky Walker on

She is too pretty to have such an unattractive hair-do. It is really distracting.

Shaun on

Dear Kate ~

So glad that when you backed into that blender – someone caught you before your entire head got butchered. Those KitchenAid appliances can be fierce. Godspeed.

~ Shaun

TxOutlander on

I hate her hair! She’s an interesting person, but that hair is outdated and makes her look severe. I’d like to see her in something much more modern.

Kathy A. on

Kate is a beautiful woman so I think she can get away with any hairstyle … you go girl !!

Sonja on

I call this ‘a toilet brush style’.

terry on

I love the style. Its looks great on her. I wish I could wear my hair like that. It does not look outdated to me.

rebecca ferguson on

not my cup of tea. i don’t like the front. it’s too long and it looks very heavy. it’s not something i would ever do to my hair.

i disagree. NOT EVERYONE wants her hair cut.

Sheila on

NO WAY KATE! Not everybody wants your hair! It looks like it’s trying to be 3 different styles in one, its horrible!

Alycia on

Hate it! Seems like she can’t make up her mind if she wants it long or short????

Momma on

Euck!! It looks just like the Boy George Hairstyle of the early 90’s….And it’s blond in the front and jet black in the back…It’s really horrible.

I remember when she used to brag about how Jon picked her clothes and she didn’t care about or have any fashion sense…I can see that she’s right….except Jon isn’t picking for her anymore…it’s gotten way worse!!!

Kate…I know you think you know everything..and your way is the only way…and everyone else is …. “Oh,,,my goodness horrible!! Ghastly” etc…but take a little of your own advice…and stop imatating your child…Maddy and get back in touch with yourself and you life before it’s all gone!!!

Etown on

that haircut is fine if u were Pepa from salt n pepa and this was 1986 but if you live in elizabethtown,pa its current yuvk she looks like the back of her head got blown off with a shotgun in her mouth

Anny on

Um, no “everyone” does not want it. I sure don’t. I think she’d look better with longer hair or a different haircut like a pixie cut with bangs or something. That hairstyle doesn’t look good on her.

raindropsong on

I actually like it – though not in this pic. There are a few episodes that I watched in the reruns where I thought it was rather attractive looking.

raindropsong on

Wow, you gus, pretty mean- yeah, I know, the truth hurts and all of that, but to refer to it as “roadkill”, and “heeeeell no”. Thats just pretty Rude!

Heather on

It’s a reverse mullett!!! She is a very pretty woman but the hair cut – that looks like it is left over from the early 90’s – really ages her. It would do her justice to update with something more current.

Holly on

I’ve been wearing this hairstyle on again and off again for the past 3 yrs or so. Everytime I decide to grow my hair out, I decide not to and get it cut back again. I LOVE this hairstyle and get compliments EVERY day!

Megan on

Has someone told her that a porcupine is attached to the back of her skull? Beautiful woman…horrid hair.

marge on

I think her hair looks great. It is a spunky cut for a spunky woman. Wish I had the thickness of her hair.

kd on

i’ll have you all know – i got my haircut like this about 3 months ago & people stop me in the street, malls, etc & ask to take my pix – way to go, kate!

Rach on

How nice she’s able to take the time to scan and critic the people who humbly wait in line for her book signing, noticing that they have “thin” hair while she has such very very thick hair.

Does NOTHING that ever comes out of her mouth sound nice and appreciative? Just for a minute?

bash0209 on

I luv the show, however the hair style has to go.
she needs to grow out the back into a nape style
and possibly a symetrical cut. she will look
100% better.

Donna Manning on

I think she’s pretty and it suits her but I would hate it for myself. That big huge bang and the spikey back is not for me, lol.

Julie B on

I saw this same cut on a woman when I lived in NY. I remember commenting on it to a friend. I tried to describe how it looked and the best thing I could come up with was that she rolled out of bed and had a rooster on the back of her head. My friend said that sounded horrible. It was! The flop of hair in the front drives me nuts too. I just want to run up there and stick a clip in it.

Karen on

Like the color. not the spike! She reminds of a Turkey in the back of her head!! John.. and Kate.. we love you both!Seriously, you all need to think of the kids… They are going to suffer one way or the other… Seriously…. I know we are talking about her hair,but I couldn’t help adding this…. Imagine paying for 8 kids in child support!! I can’t !

Karen on

Geez.. i feel soo bad for the kids. I would take them in! I love those little kids. Kate you really need to get over yourself seriously!

Kaitlyn on

Everybody?? Really, NO! Saying that everybody wants it is extremely presuptious! It strikes me as an unfinished haircut in front and a barbers accident in the rear.
It has always looked unfinished to me. But, as their were huge followers of the step cut years back, (looks like you put a bowl on your head and cut what hung out) I am sure there are some women you will want to get this one as well. Go figure!

Everyone does not want this hot mess hairdoo!

Larissa on

Everybody wants it? Hardly!

jan on

One more reason to hate her even more. She is stuck-up. Kate get over yourself. I don’t want her hair style. Get those long side bangs out of your face!

Annie on

It’s a reverse-mullet.

Morgan on

Hate the cut-it’s horrid. She DOES have awesome color though!

Zaeriuraschi 11098 on

No! Kate’s hairstyle looks a bit… messed up. But this is my opinion, and if Kate likes her hair, oh well.

Nick on

I think shes way to into herself, saying “Everybody wants my hair”, well obviously alot of people dont!

Judy on

I used to absolutely love this show! What happened? Typical case of a nobody having a little bit of fame. In a few years, everyone will have forgotten them. The children will suffer, if they haven’t already.

Christine on

I love her hair, it fits her. I love that she follows her heart and not he trends handed to us by the designers, media and celebrity copycats. I think her hairdresser could razor cut and thin the long side in the front to make it look more swept and less chunky.

Christine on

Yea..I’m not liking the hairdo that much..but in Hollywood, you have to stand out..and she definitely does that with that hairstyle..

Lena on

I love kate and all but her hair is too overwelming. I can’t decide how to even describe it. But it looks fine on her not like ewww hobo ish but not like georgeous.

Mary Beth on

Kate needs a new do, maybe something like Katie Holmes? And maybe a personility transplant,if she has a thing going with the bodyguard I hope he has a lot of self esteem, he’ll need it when she starts chipping away. The kids are adorable and Jon rocks!

Kasey on

What’s that long flap all about? It’s got to go. Kate, if you are out there try to pretend to be a nicer person, A lot of us don’t like you anymore. Watch the clips of the way you were towards Jon before and slightly after you were married and you could realize why Jon might stray. Nobody wants to be treated like you treat him. I never thought I’d say this about a guy who cheats but if it is so I couldnt blame him.


i love how much women hate each other. LMAO!

amanda on

I think her hair looks great and so i think you people should leave her alone and stop gossiping about her hair and by the way tarin it doesnt need to be thinned out and are you and Jon seriously splitting up you cant i love your show!!!!!!!

amanda on

The way she has her hair maybe she likes it

Teressa on

Her hair cut is a HOT MESS!!! She thinks she is a diva. It looks like a reverse mullet!! I hate it!!!

Ann on


Elvira on

I never thought it was cute at all. She realy needs a makeover. She looks like she gets lost in all that hair in her face. Needs to eather go all short or all long.

Chris on

Does her hair even dignify a response? Really, does anyone really care? The situation strikes me as utterly superficial and hypocritical. Surely, a multitude of issues (with substance) exist that have more consequence (and urgency) than self-serving adults who seem only to want to thrive on the spotlight (whether negative or positive). And, if one simply wants to escape from reality for a short while, perhaps reading a decent work of fiction is a suitable alternative. Why does anyone find these people to be interesting?

Deanna on

No way I would want my hair like that -it looks like the rat’s a$$ that she is. Kate I don’t want your hair, I want your man!

Michele on

UGH. What is with that big thick curtain of hair hanging on one side? It might be cute if she had that weird chunk of hair razored to take out some of the bulk. It might actually be a really cute cute if she thinned it out and chunked it up and then flipped out all the ends.

Jeanna on

ATTITUDE? If your attitude is ratted mess! It looks like parasites live in there ..oh …wait .. I’m sorry that’s Kate Gosselin!

Cheryl Conti on

I finally figured it out! I was sitting here really feeling bad for Kate, I mean please, all the gossip lately. So, I was trying to think of a hairdo that would be good for a Mom of 8 with no time for hair in the morning. Then it dawned on me, this is what she has done!, she had her hair “stylist” style it to look the way it looks when she wakes up! How smart Kate! Just tug at a few strands for “effect”, hit it with “product”, voila! You are good to go, lookin all edgy and on-purpose!
Kate should let her hair grow out, get a “wash&wear” do, which can be the sexiest of all! Tousled!

Brian on

Im a 27 year old single-guy and I think it looks hot. She can be my Cougar!!!

Lindsay on

She is just trying to seem confident because her husband is cheating on her. That hair is FUG!!!!! Poor girl.

Valerie on

Seriously?! Who has misinformed this woman that everyone wants this haircut? Maybe everyone at the trailer park! It looks like she’s wearing a mullet wig backwards! If you’re looking for a name for this haircut I have a suggestion for you Kate, how about “THE TRAILER”! I still can’t believe this woman is serious…this is a joke right? LOL!!!!!!

Sarah on

Trashy… not at all classy.

tina on

Ladies, stop haten’ Kate you good for having eight kids!!!!

fran on

kate, get a grip and straighten out ur marriage, not u HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fran on


maria on

I LOVE Kate’s hair Ihad mine cut like her’s and my hair is thin. Iwas told I looked 10 years younger by several people and i am in my 50′

Cindy on

Her hair is almost as annoying as she is.

Jennifer on

I dont love it I think its too thick in the front. Could be worse though. Maybe if she just thinned out the front a bit or something.

Andrea on

You all need to shut up and leave her and her family alone…love the hair cut have it myself and I think she is an amazing person and give her all the credit in the world for doing what she is doing…Good luck to her and her family and the rest of you need to leave the Gosselin’s alone…

Sue on

everyone should leave Kate alone.She likes her hairdo and thats all that counts. If I had to put up with a husband and 8 kids,I would do as I please.

selena on


Shayla on

I love the haircut:) its looks really good on her!! And i love her…big fannn:)) hope the marriage works out, it would be hard on the kids if they split up:(

Teri on

This hairstyle along with her outrageous ego is not a pretty picture.

amy on

I think It rocks you go girl. My hair is done some what like that and I am a mother of 4

anne newton on

this is not a new creation. i wore this style back in the 90’s. it’s actually outdated.

Jean on

Everybody is hating on her because of something that Jon did.I really like Kate’s hair.I love that the back is spiked and the front isn’t.The color looks great on her.

judi bass on

I am sick of Kate Gosselin. I watched the program regularly but do not watch it all anymore. Her hairstyle is a mess and I think all of the notoriety and money has gone totally to her head. Think of the children lady.

joan on

i wounder how do this people look like critizing you you kate , i love your hair, i don’t care what everybody says!!you wear it so well

joan on

i would like to see these peolples faces who critizes your hair Kate, i love your hair and you wear them beautifully. Don’t change just have your regular trim!~!

mom of 3 on

I like the cut on her. while it is hard for busy moms to keep up with hair and stuff this is not a cut for every one even though in the south a lot of ladys have this same style or styles very much like this one . I think if she likes it thatis all that matters.

Katie on

No Thank You! Kates hair is as bad as her attitude. No wonder Jon is looking elsewhere. And people, she is not from the midwest, she lives in PA. Know your facts before you open your mouths. Maybe all the women in Pa would like this haircut. But I doubt that. Maybe on the farm with the other COWS. Sorry Kate, get over yourself before you lose your man.

Jennifer on

The Hairdo is a definete DON’T, even my husband has commented on how horrible it is, and he is usually oblivious.

sue barton on

Everyone wants her hair cut?…I have always hate the cut. She is always messed with her hair on the show — pulling the front part over her ears. It is not the style I like on her. She looked better with the style she had when she started the show with.

Taylor on

I love her hair!!! i have the same cut and super easy to care for when you are a busy mom

lynn on

I absolutely love Kates hair style. If I had thick hair, I would be traveling to her stylist to copy the style. Be true to yourself Kate, that is what is most important!

andrea on

Kate’s hair is GREAT, she looks fantastic.

Brittany on

I honestly don’t liek it at all. Please change it. The spiking the hair in the back with the straight bangs do not look good at all!!

cindy on

your all just jealous because apparently you can’t pull it off!!!!



Fran on

It looks great on Kate but she is right, that style will not work for all face shapes and hair textures.

sherrie on

I love her hair i wish i could fine some one in myrtle beach that does it.In fact I have cut my own hair some what close to hers.

Kay on

For God’s sake, people! She has 8 young children to take care of 24/7. I’d be lucky to have any hair left at all. She looks great, & her self-confidence may be the only thing keeping her going at times.

Nancy on


Christine on


Barbara Gierzak on

I’m sorry, but I read some of your posts, and a lot of you are just plain mean-spirited. Do you have to be so negative. Hairstyle is a personal thing, and not for everyone. I am sure that Kate likes her hairstyle because it suits HER, not YOU! Please try to be more positive, it makes you happier and live longer!

Elizabeth on

Aw, I like her style. I had mine almost like it before I ever saw her, though. I did it with extensions because I was bored with my short hair and growing out is such a pain. My back isn’t spiked, though.

OMG on

Please – Get over yourself. Aren’t your 15 minutes up yet?

robbieg on

Do the words “reverse mullet” come to anyone’s mind?

Angela on

Yeah, everybody wantED it … back in the 80s! Thankfully we’ve moved on!

Hahahaha!! on

HAHAH!!! Clearly some of you out there have NO idea what good hair looks like if you like this!!!!!!! ALL of you need help – not just Kate!!

Laura on

What’s confusing is that by making the comment that it’s “her attitude” one assumes that she is too busy to care…but then shockingly she adds that “it’s work” to get it to look that way! I think it would look better if she just had plain old bed head in the back instead of that Indian headress that appears to be getting taller by the minute!!! BUT…Kate does have a pretty face, regardless of the hairstyle. Long would be very pretty on her…too busy? Wear a pony tail…better than a rooster!

Laney on


Gizzy on

Sorry….but it looks like a baby bird??

Irish Loca on

Have been a big fan of the show but never a fan of that hairstyle — don’t like the way it stands up in the back, looks like someone forgot to finish what they started.

Gabriella on

I do not like her hair at all. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the sides weren’t so thick and big.

Meg on

PFFF give me a break i would NEVER WANT A STYLE LIKE THAT!

Barbara on

Do you people have to be soooo mean!? I wonder what YOUR life must be like to be so negative! Just remember that when you point one finger at someone, you point three at yourself! Kate probably would not like YOUR hair either; but that is everyone’s choice! You don’t need to be so mean-spirited about it! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all! Just keep your comments to yourself! Kate is just fine!

Lorraine on

Judging from the majority of the 1200+ posts already, Kate, your hair’s fan club is not what you believe it to be. It’s rare that I comment on these things, but for you to say “Everybody wants it!” is a bit presumptous on your part, Kate. Try being humble for a change, it may increase your likeability. Acting that way you do is definitely decreasing it.

Karen Payne on

It looks really cute in the picture but I saw her on 700 club and I hated it. I would want someone to tell me if my hair looked bad. She has such thick pretty hair. Maybe she had just cut it when I saw her on 700 club and now it is growing out a little. All I can say is…Dont do that again LOL…jk

Amy on

I had this hair cut in middle school in 1991.
Not “the Kate”, it’s ” the T-Boz”!
Very dated, cheap and unflattering.


Kate…I know you have 8 kids and it may be hard to get out and money is tight but you have got to stop letting colin cut your hair!

cecilia on

I don’t want your hairstyle…if that’s what you can call it.

Elaine on

two words – GOD NO!!

momof 2 on

Unlike most of you on here, I Love Kates hair it’s not a style for everybody but it looks Amazing on her. Shes been getting a little too much criticism lately, anyone who thinks that it would be fine for someones husband to cheat on their wife because he likes long hair and she has short…get a hold of yourselves. I love their show and hope everything works out for this great family!

MRS J on

The style is out of date. I saw more people with her style in the 90’s!! You guys are right- She is so full of herself. . .

JBC on

Not so much. I think she should try a new do for sure. If I had 8 kids and my hair was in my face all the time, it would make be batty. I seriously doubt many ladies want this hairstyle.

JBC on

Actually, her hair is the least of her problems. Like the show, BUT I’d say it was time to let it go and stop the madness. Kate, is the fame and fortune really worth it? Maybe be a nurse again and go back to normal life for the sake of your family.

Lauren on

She has one little short blonde piece near her part line where someone must’ve over lapped the bleach during a retouch and it broke off lol. The longer side needs to be layered and texturized a bit so it has some movement and just doesn’t lay there in one giant hunk. Overall it’s not that bad, it just needs to be tweaked a some so it’s more modern and flattering.

Nikki on

UMMM…..NO! her hair do looks very out dated, and to tell you the truth isnt cute to me! plus her hair do makes her look like shes trying to hard to be stylish. it looks low rent.

Lorie on

Kate is gorgeous but that hair confuses me. It looks like a reverse mullet.

CarrieTheBrantley on

I had a similar haircut in 1998 – I got lots of compliments on it, but it QUICKLY got outdated and I changed it. I think it should stay where it originated – a decade ago. Kate is so pretty, and it makes me sad to see her ruin her natural beauty with her haircut and bad attitude…though she did seem sweeter and more laid back on the Season 5 premier.

Kellie on

My Aunt Carole had that frosted pageboy cut back in the 60’s, and I still hate it!! It looks worse when she puts it behind her ear, because people cannot function with a wall of hair infront of their eyes.

I had to stop watching their show due to the way she treated Jon!! Just becuase you have more kids doesn’t make you a better wife or mother!! CASE IN POINT … Kate!!

starr on

I love the description of her ‘do on “Wonderwall”..they called it a “backward Mullet”, and that is the perfect way to describe it!!
She is an uppity witch, who thinks she is the envy of everyone, and I mean EVERYONE…if she is so great, why is her husband out “shopping around”?? She is SOOOOO mean to him, I don’t think any man could stand her for very long…or woman, for that matter!! Those poor kids, they are going to be mentally destroyed by her nickpicky rules by the time they are 12….

b on

where I come from, we call this the duck but hair cut. That’s because it looks like the but of a duck in the back. (though this is the duck but hair cut on crack)

It’s the most horrid hair do I’ve ever seen on TV – what were those producers thinking? She obviously, shouldn’t be allowed to style herself.

lisa on

I think her hair looks great. She looks great. It looks like she may have got lipo all over her body, but hey, who hasn’t! She looks great. Both she and Lisa Renna look great in short hair.

Debra on

I agree this style has been around quite some time….as a hairstylist, its a fun cut but the the back is a bit to unbalanced with the front and the front should have a little thinning done
I do like the show and I think that counceling is in order for the two of them and correct me if Im wrong but I do not recall anyone mentioning this as an option??

tina on

she needs to get over herself. shes needs to look in the mirror. maybe take a longer look into her soul. all she ever says is “ME”, “ME”, “ME”. people watch the show because those little ones are so cute. it doesnt matter how many children u have, be a mom thats the most important thing.

hes just as bad. he goes to the phillies game and acts like a celebrity. he was down in fl. for spring training saying he was hungry and where should he get food. someone close to me said: where everyone else does and told him to go pay for it.

i know people with more kids than they have, i know parents with more than one set of multiples with disabilities they dont act like this. sad

April on

Looks like she has Bed Head from the 80’s.

asha on

Remember when Rosie sported a similar cut a few years back? It also caused quite a stir.

Little does Kate (and maybe her stylist) realize is that this asymetrical short and sassy with spikes in the back is the quintessential mid-west modern lesbian ‘do! I’ve seen it. They all wear it.

It’s the new mullet!

Janee on

Her highlights are too heavy and the style is dated.I can see a simpler layered cut, longer layers on top with side swept bang. That long bang drives me nuts just watching it get in her face and she is constantly pushing it out of her face..like cut that damn thing already.She needs to let a stylist do a makeover and she needs to work on an attitude adjustment.

Hilda on

My God girls, give her a break. It seems like there are a lots of haters out there. She looks great for having some many children to have care for. NOT including a husband that cheats! For Better or worst isn’t that the vow! NOT nothing else, they both need to stop and look at all those children before anything else. YOU GO GIRL CUT YOUR HAIR ANY WAY YOU WANT, CAN’T SATISFY EVERYONE “BUT YOURSELF”.

Karen on

Monster Kate is so abusive to her husband it is hard to watch. Maybe if she was nice to him he wouldn’t have cheated, she drove him away. Can you imagine what goes on when the Camera’s are not there?

What counts is he’s a good father.

nikki on

I wish everyone would back off of kate and her hair! Who are you to decide how she should have her hair!! I love it and think she looks great!!!

Leslie on

I think that Kate looks great! Her hair is just fine.

Jan on




Tom on

That is a very flattering hairstyle, not new it has been around and modified many times. Sort of a ‘pixie’ variation with flair.

Comments about the crown being ‘up’ are silly. The idea is to have a difference and this does attract a lot of attention.

She can have it flat also. The fringe area is nice and complementary to her. Especially with her phenomenal color scheme. It is alive with contrast and very catchy looking.

Good style Kate, complements to your colorist for bringing both the cut & style together!!

I think the hairstyle and color are super hot!!

Dee on

I love the show and see that trouble is happening in the family due to the information on the news. In my opinion, we should be offering the family our prayers and support instead of talking about a hair style. I personally liked her hair a couple of seasons ago, but to each their own. My thoughts are to the future of the kids and the marriage. I have enjoyed watching the children grow up, and realize that this has been a strain on their marriage too. At this time, I want to offer John, Kate, and the kids, my love, prayers, and hope for a happy ending. Bless you all!

Jessica on

I don’t know anyone who would think that haircut was attractive. A nice swing bob would be very cute on her. I can relate to short hair being easier to manage…it takes a short time to dry and you don’t really have to do anything with it. I have my hair in a swing bob and love it, it’s simple and it’s cute. This spikey rooster look with the big blob of bangs in the front just isn’t an appealing look. I don’t know who would want her hair or her attitude. Obviously the attitude is why her marriage is in termoil. It’s def. time for an image change!

Josephine on

That haircut is 1980’s, it died and let it stay dead because it didn’t work then it doesn’t work now!

For Kate to say everyone want’s to copy her hairstyle just tells me how delusional this woman is!

Go back to the trailer park and get over yourself!



Notorious KMB on

Who told her this looked good?! Who is her hairdresser… so I NEVER make an appointment with them!!!! She needs to pick one CUT and keep it… either short all over to blend in with the back OR grow out the back to work it with the front!!!! I have NEVER watch a person on TV so into herself before.. It should be called the Kate Gosselin Story… guests include her saint of a husband Jon and 8 kids… how do they stand her!!! Get over yourself Kate.. American is!!

Glee on

I absolutely love Kate’s hair. Ive tried for months to get my hair like this.Now after reading all the hate comments,Im not sure. I do not remember this hairstyle from the 8o’s or 90’s, but I do see this style in my area a lot now.

Barb on

Don’t want – her hair, lifestyle, or husband.

Wouldn’t watch her show either!

Carole on

I have watched the show from its beginning and have fallen in love with those adorable kids. Kate has changed so much in the last few years its unbelievable. She trashes Jon every chance she gets. She thinks she is just so perfect and is the only one that has ever had sextuplets. She definately needs to get off of her high horse and come back down to reality. When the public is tired of watching the show and quits buying her books, what then? She’ll be begging Jon to come back to her. Grow up Kate and stay home where you belong to raise your family and quit exploiting them for the almighty dollar. Get rid of that ridiculous hair do.

Lacey on

This haircut is called the shot gun because it looks like you stuck the gun in your mouth and blew your hair off the back of your head. I am a stylist and in no right mind would I ever perform this on a client. I’m sure her stylist gets calls to tell her she’s a complete disaster. However, I do watch the show and I love it. :)

Anonymous on

I lovee Kate, but this hair style…doesn’t do her justice. She’d look a lot prettier if she let all her hair grow a little longer.

Jenna on

Sorry Kate, nobody wants that bad haircut!

Rebecca on

I love the show, and nothing against Kate, but she doesn’t need to name it, it’s got a name – it’s a reverse mullet. And it’s gotta go!

Amanda on

Wrong on so many levels. That hair in no way resembles anything found in nature. Okay in the front–not good in the back–put together–a big ole mess! Why work so hard to look so bad?

Wen on

ok…..I actually do like the haircut and think it works for her, probably because I had the same “do” in 1989. I would love to post the photo to let her know, that no, her style is not what every woman wasnts. Now, on the other hand my significant other hates it.

Samantha on

It’s actually painful to look at…please get a mirror or a new hairdresser!

bubbles on

it would totally cute if she could tame the back!!!!

Greg on

Hairdo is absolutely horrible! Kate’s been fantasizing about herself for so long that all the little gremlins have convinced her that her “do” is to die for…YUK!!! Kate come back down to the real world, shave your head and start all over again.

Pam on

What about people who have had 6 to 12 kids (not all at once) who raised their kids by themselves with no outside help, no outside support money, or were not on a reality T.V. show took care of their kids and raised them to be very fine citizens. These are the moms that should be praised and put on a pedastal, not Kate.

Susan on

She is so full of herself. I have never seen someone who is so self involved. Her hair cut is an absolute nightmare. Why does she think everyone would want it? I believe she needs to go home, take care of her children and stop playing the victim and find a new hair stylist.

Annie on

As a hairstylist, I would never let my client walk out of the salon looking like that. I’m all for a disconnected hair cut, but it’s completely off balance. Her stylist should be ashamed.



Ang on

It looks like a reverse mullet…not good

Kristina on

I hate her hair…my cousin had almost that same look like 20 years ago and we were 8. I also cant stand the women. She is so big on herself and needs to take a step back and realize what being a mother is really all about. She is exploiting her children just to be in the lime light and her poor husband cheater or not is left to tend to “their” 8 children while Kate runs around acting like a complete moron! Ok I stated my case Im good now!!!

cwd on

A spin off from Martha Stewart EEEEEK! let me cut their hair! Scary thought that they might be out on the highway behind the steering wheel!!!

William on

I love long hair on a woman, But I thank it works for her!

susan on

It looks like a piece of carpet hanging off her head

J. Mantz on

Her hair is her business but to give my opinion…I don’t like it. It looks like she slept on it wrong all night and can’t get it to lay down. She’s a pretty lady but, like she said, she sure does have attitude.

mls on

Been there, done that. Had short hair after my son. wasn’t as long in the front but was the same style. Nothing new people, get over it

Kelly on

She really needs to get over herself. Does she think we haven’t seen the before pics of her? They exploit their children to make a living!

Fran on

I like Kate’s hair. The reason it works for her is because she has confidence with it. Also, she has thick ethnic type hair and she can rock the look right. But I don’t think everyone can do it. She probably would look cute if she cut it shorter too though

albaire on

Her style looks good on her. Tasty and hot! Chicks on this site who say otherwise are being crabby and jealous… tsk tsk!

dragonlilli on

ummmmm…… well it seriously needs the front to fade into the back! if it did it would be cute! it’s like she couldn’t decide “swing bob, or pixie” PICK ONE!

Cheryl on

I’m a little tired of the Kate bashing. How can you not love her hair? I think it’s great and she’s never looked better!

Anonymous on

If you gave me the entire Madame ALexander doll shop, the entire Lulu Belle shop, and twenty sextillion dollars, then maybe I would wear a wig the looked Kate Gosselins hair. BTW why did they have enough money for a 1.1 million home but no money to send Mady to a catholic manners school?

Dawn on

She looks like one of those Barbie styling heads where a kids got caught in the middle of cutting all the hair off. Very silly looking cut.

sheila lookingbill on

Wow, I am a stylist, and nobody comes to me and wants a “kate cut” and I wouldn’t put my name on that nor be responsible for it!!Her hair is thick and it looks like a blob of hair sitting on the side of her head! Kate needs to get over herself, her reverse mullet and attitude.

Sansoona on

Ugh. No. It looks like a modern mullet.

J on

She looks like an angry lesbian.

Nancy on

Oh my goodness NO NO NO! I can’t stand her hair style and think that now as she seems to be trying to tone down her image and come across as the softer, gentler Kate that this is the perfect time for her to go with a softer more becoming hairstyle.

Juliette on

I think she would look much younger with long hair. And that “everybody wants it” just makes me hate g¡her more!

amparito on

i think she wears it short because its a simple and easy to care for style. I think she keeps the style so she can stand out for herself and be kate and not just kate plus eight. If it was my hair, i’d probably just add a barrette to the front part that slides down. its probably just practical for her. Since she has 8 kids, she needs to do her hair in about 5 minutes.

artemisahill on

she is lovely !!!!!!
i like her look know than then!!
she looks amazing.

and of course I know she is a fab. person too!!!
mom and everything together

sorry for the a.. ex–h

Nikki conley on

I love this hairstyle maybe a little shorter in the front but other than that I love it….

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You can expect good quality, a wide assortment of products, and excellent customer service.

Melissa on

I love this look. I am growing my hair like hers. Although the right side of my hair still has a lot of growing to do, (Mine is just below the ear), I get compliments on it.

Icha on

Ok, I definitely srpuopt people who wear their hair natural. I tried to wear it natural but I have a lot of hair and the only way I could wear it and have it look nice is if I cut it (my beautician told me this) but I love my hair so I could never do it. Plus, it’s a lot of work since my hair is really thick and it’s long My mom wears her hair natural and it’s beautiful and looks amazing on her. But I hate when people say to wear it any other way but natural is self-hating and it’s unnatural. So are white people who bleach their hair and curl it or straighten it everyday self-hating ? Or the term only apply to girls who wear weaves or perm their hair?i meant to say, it’s, well, unnatural Isn’t it unnatural for white girls to alter the look of their hair, too?White girls wear weaves too what do you call those clip-on things? That’s not real hair.A lot of white actresses wear weaves too!WINTER BLOSSOM you are the same girl who said that you don’t like when black women wear weaves because it’s unnatural so my question for you is why do you care about how black women wear their hair?yeah sunshine same here!

Keifer on

Hate the haircut, love that Keith and Nena are going to Puerto Rico…

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