SNEAK PEEK: Posh Strips Down Again for Armani!

05/06/2009 at 12:33 PM ET

Courtesy of Emporio Armani

After dressing up for Marc Jacobs at the Met Costume Institute Gala, Victoria Beckham bares (almost all) for her second season of modeling in sexy Emporio Armani women’s underwear ads. The ads, which the star unveiled in person today at Macy’s in New York City, picture the star in a lacy bra and panty set complete with a long ponytail replacing her usual pixie cut. And this is hardly the last we’ve seen the of the star in her skivvies — Victoria will be showing off her sexy side for Armani until 2012. Tell us: What do you think of Posh’s new Emporio Armani ads?

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Rachel on

I love Posh. She has to be the luckiest woman in the world, being married to David Beckham. *swoon*

ida on

She is bony and homely and vapid.

Robyn Karlsson on

I think Posh is amazing, she is beautiful, and she has a wicked sense of humor. I was lucky enough to see her and the rest of the spice girls on tour in Las Vegas and I fell in love with her all over again!

Lorena on

Posh is super lucky being married to David Beckham but it doesn’t change the fact that she really does not look good in clothes or half naked in my opinion. Posh needs to eat a sandwich!!

Lisa on

I think Posh is about the least sexy, attractive woman dubbed “celeb”. Her hubby is a hottie, but she is a nottie. A little home cooking might help get rid of the skeleton look.

Nicole on

I think she looks great. I would have to agree she is very lucky to be married to David Beckham, but I would have to disagree with the fact that she is boney and vapid because she has the perfect body shape. I am jealous! I really like her style.

saal on

I agree with Lorena. she is way too scary thin and she doesn’t deserve a man like beckham.

Trish on

I am speaking solely about this ad – I have nothing positive or negative to say about Victoria Beckham because I do not know her or even ‘of her’ enough to have an opinion.

This ad is really, really cool. She looks almost mechanical and foreign – something out of a sci fi flick (not entirely human). Her torso stands out – therefore the underwear does too. I like it! The photographer and graphic artists did a great job.

Melissa on

I think she’s pretty. I think she’d be a lot prettier if she wasn’t quite so thin and if she’d crack a smile once in awhile!

lem on

you are all haters! grow up and find something better to do than to criticize ppl you are jealous of

kristi on

I think she looks almost fragile. Like she could break at any moment. As for sexy I think she gives it a good try. My husband said she was sexy but, I think she does need to put on some weight at least 10 pounds. She is very beautiful, talented and has a great smile. I hope that she really is stronger than she looks. (more than likely so) she has three boys at home!

blondie on

She is bony and vapid, I agree. I don’t understand why anyone thinks Beckham is hot though.. he’s greasy and empty-headed. They’re a perfect match, really, but neither of them does anything for me.
Have to say though- I think they somehow made her look less bony in that picture. She was very pretty back in the day when she ate sandwiches.

AJ on

Very nice Ad. She’s selling, she’s doing her job, and she looks healthy.

Terri on


I agree 100% with your comments. Just looking at this ad alone, Posh has this beautiful, futuristic look about her and the lingerie clearly stands out. It’s a great ad and I actually don’t think she’s overly skinny – she’s slim, toned and very healthy looking for her size and absolutely doesn’t have that ‘waif’ look.

KC on

She looks great.
Is she a little thin? Yes.
Am I a little jealous? More than a little.

Claire on

I think she has a great body – all she needs is a SMILE on her face!!!

smooch on

haters!!!!! try wearing it!!!!! not!!! i bet all the haters look like a fat pig! she is laughing all the way to the bank.

Lulu on

It’s probably the first time an editor has had to use photoshop to ADD fat to someone.

Fannie Brown on

It’s an attractive picture but relatively easy to tell the “brush” effect and breast implants.

Lori on

I want my body to look like hers.

Laura on

I don’t always agree with her fashion sense and looks too thin sometimes, but I think she looks really good and attractive in this ad.

Lindy on

Good for her, yes she is skinny, but aren’t they all? I think she has great style and doesn’t need her hubby to make her way in the busniess. I wish I could look like that for one day!

Stacey on

Posh is so beautiful. But i think she has gotten to skinny she needs to gain some wait and maybe she would look better not like a skeleton

Tish on

I think she looks good in the photo,she usually look really classy,she needs to gain a couple of pound though but I have to jack his jacket ,she looks great.

Jen on

Victoria is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Did I say she was beautiful? Her husband and boys are beautiful too. She is a role model for all. She looks fantastic in everything she does. BEAUTIFUL.

Kat on

I hope that she is happy no matter what she wears or does. I wish I looked that good (skinny or not) at that age. Good for her!

Nikki on

Brainless, vapid, shallow & anorexic..EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!

c on

I think Victoria is quite lovely, and not just because she’s so tiny. She carries herself gracefully, and most of the time, her attire is classic but also cutting edge.

Rebecca on

Why is it that every picture I see of her she never cracks a smile? Who does she think she is anyways? She is like what, a size -10! My goodness, eat a piece of cake or something!

Teodora Chasse on

Posh Spice is an amazingly sexy woman……she’s got charizma and a true european class.I am an european woman and I am saying it…..and the women that say opposite, are simply jealous;they will never have even 1/10 of what she’s got.And,frankly, she’s got it all!!

lil.bee on

i’m gonna agree with trish… i don’t “know” victoria beckham personally, nor will i pretend to. but i do know advertising and graphic design, and those people are the real stars behind this ad. it’s provocative and alluring. makes me want to buy lingerie right this moment! i mean… don’t you?

Nat on

Great body for a mother of 3 and she
always looks ready for the runway.
I think she looks great in this add.

Serena on

The trouble is its probably not really HER body – its probably been airbrushed to death!


she looks great and is not “too skinny” your prolly just fat and it makes you feel better about your unhealthy self to critize someone who is way more attractive then you. She is perfect and healthy, whoever is making you think that fat is in is deff wrong fat is killing the world.

trsquare on

She’s just far too skinny to be modeling underwear. Something like that needs a curvier model. She’s beautiful, but not in this ad.

Ann on

I think she looks good. She has a very unique look. But I would agree she could stand to gain a few pounds.

Kas on

Incredible! You are all judging this woman based on how she looks!! Telling her she doesn’t deserve being married to Beckham? How the heck would you know what she does or does not deserve. I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t see any of you modeling for Armani. Victoria is what she is and accept her for that. I never bother replying to these things but reading what I have is disturbing. Get a life and judge your own! Trish – nice comment! :)

Katerina on

It’s a good ad and Posh looks wonderful. She is definitely doing her job.
Maybe it’s a cultural thing that I’m not getting (I’m originally from Eastern Europe), but I can’t understand America’s concept of acceptable weight? We criticize any celeb for gaining a couple of pounds and celebrate their “weight loss” once they lose them on the cover of every magazine and talk show. “Wow look at Mariah Carey…she dieted her way to a size zero!”
At the same time we crucify someone for being petite or if you can see their ribs a bit. Its not necessarily anorexia and thats a very serious thing to just throw out there like that.
Whether you are petite, athletic, or have a larger frame, as long as you are at a healthy weight for your height and body type, what’s the big deal? Why the obsession?

Phyllis on

I think it’s great that Victoria Beckham has an attractive body. However, how is she going to explain to her children for posing almost naked? Women can be just as attractive while fully clothed.

jane on

Posh needs to eat something, there is nothing sexy about skin and bones…maybe in Hollywood to land a movie role but they look horribly unhealthy, bones sticking out is NOT SEXY

Fe on

The hair and face are cool, but the body disappoints…sorry.

Ashton on

You are right she does not deserve David Beckham, she deserves better. He has cheated on her multiple times, wonder why she is so thin now? She looks great!

Tanya on

I am a big girl and when I looked at this ad I thought BIT–! But she looks great and all those who say that she does not are petty and jealous. Stop hating ladies. Instead of telling Posh to eat a sandwich, we should shut our traps and stop putting those sandwiches in them!!!!!!!!

ashley on

I think she looks stunning for having 3 kids! I would be huge…haha

Rina on

Gain some weight girl!! YUCK

Andrea on

she looks great, don’t see the big hype about her being “so thin”. Don’t really think people are considering what an actual small person she is, she is short in stature, meaning you do tend to weigh less. Plus when have you ever seen someone posing for Armani let anyone else be anything than thin? It’s the industry, get over it. Besides the photographer did an amazing job with the photo.

Frank on


BQ on

Why does she think it’s ‘cool’ or ‘attractive’ NOT to smile – nice role model!!! To me, I don’t care how pretty she is, she just makes herself look snotty and that’s not a beautiful thing!

lotus on

why does she always look like she’s sucking her stomach in. she’s skinny enough. all i have to say is low self esteem, other than that she’s ok

Susi on

Why doesn’t she ever smile?

Jon on

Posh’s new Emporio Armani ads are really good.

sarah on

you don’t have to smile when you look that good half naked.

Tara on

It’s amazing what they can do to make a person look like what they want. She is anothing more than an average girl next door. (with a pig nose)

David can do much better! Not just in the looks dept. she seems like she is completely shallow and has no personality. David must see something! She is probably amazing in bed!! haha

Anyway, to each his own. I wish I had her $$$$

christina on

i finally figured out why she looks so irritated all of the time…she’s hungry

Nora on

Too much Photoshop. We want real people.

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cmblake6 on

I find her quite attractive. She is lean, but I would not say skinny. Somewhat towards athletic, minimal body fat and good muscle tone. Very nice.

henry on

Photoshop miracles again

hana on

The picture would had been better ith short hair and the brand logo to be upper a little bit

Pamela on

She is beautiful and the add is really nice and well photographed. I don’t want to judge her, but she is too thin. I wouldn’t want girls to look up to this picture and think they have to look like her. Victoria is a perfect model, but she should try to gain some weight.

Pamela on

You want someone to model underwear? Eva Mendes. She is thin, but still has curves, and she has the type of body girls can look up to.

Jessica on

I love Armani and i love Posh. Pure and Simple.

APG on

I think the ad is great! However, she is unrecognizable. If it wasn’t for her name being in the ad, I would of thought it was some unknown Brazilian model posing for Armani! Hence, I think there was a lot of air brushing done.

Jesi on

This only annoys me because just a few months ago, she was saying how everyone envys her looks, but she said she isn’t sexy naked, she said her stomach looked like a deflated balloon or something of the like. Yeah right Posh. Could you be any more fakely humble?

Brandy on

I think she looks great! She isn’t too thin, she has the perfect body. I really like her a lot. Very family oriented and she seems hands on with her kids. Impressive.

Ashley on

She looks good, but I’m so sick of celebs on everything… just because they’re celebs. Bring back the real models!!

too-thin on

I am a mother of two in my mid-thirties and I barely weigh 100 lbs. I am just 5’3″ and I have never been on a diet ever and I don’t exercise. It makes me laugh when I read comments that people like Victoria are not good role models because they are too thin. Has anyone ever thought that they make great role models for those of us who can’t gain weight even if we try? Instead we have to be constantly accused of having an eating disorder. Good grief, is “fat” the only normal body type in America anymore? It has always made me angry that “curvy” is the acceptable standard for a female body type, and that a thin body type is considered “unhealthy.” Not all women, even those who are mothers, can come close to “curvy” even if we eat “sandwiches” all the time. I always appreciate seeing body types that are similar to the one I ended up with. FYI, she’s not the only mother who looks like this and I doubt that eating a sandwich will make her look more “acceptable” or a better “role model.”

lucypawz on

This is one of the absolute hottest ads I have ever seen, and this is coming from a fat girl…breath taking ad.

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Tess on

She is such a BAMF! I love her!

cyndiia on

shes very pretty,and the undergarments are nice too.xD

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Sarah on

I Love Posh, she is not bony but perfectly boned….very beautifull!

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