Kim Kardashian Lightens Up: Love It or Hate It?

04/26/2009 at 10:21 PM ET

Freddy Baez/Startraks

Kim Kardashian is as known for her long brunette locks as she is for her enviable curves, but today she hit the streets of N.Y.C. with dramatically lighter hair! The reality star had taken to her Twitter page earlier in the day hinting at the hair color change, writing “Hey everyone I have a drastic new look! I’m gonna twitpic it later today!” And several hours later, a photo did appear as promised with a new note, “I WENT BLONDE!!!! Do u like it?” So help Kim out and let her know what you think of her newly lightened do. UPDATE: Kim took her to her blog later to reveal that the new look is just a wig, but she’s contemplating the change! She writes, “I did a fabulous photo shoot this weekend and they put this hair piece on! I haven’t taken it off since, because I’m really loving the look.” Do you think she should go for it? Tell us: Do you love Kim’s new look or hate it?

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Erin O'Brien on

Kim Kardashian is a dark exotic beauty.
The blonde in her hair makes her look like a J-lo wanna be. She should stick with her roots-and stay dark brunette.

Samantha on

She looks great! It’s summer why not lighten up alittle? Everyone needs alittle change!

#1kimkfan on

NOOO!! i loved kim k as a brunette!! not that she l ooks bad with this hair but her features are better suited for darker hair.

duncanfan on

she’s beautiful regardless but the dark hair is better

jeff brossard on

she definetly looks better with dark hair but either way shes still smokin!!!!!

Debbie on

She is an natural beauty no matter what her hair color. But I like her with dark hair. It makes her KIM.

Shermant on

Her natural hair color is so much better. Her features are better suited with her natural hair color. She doesn’t look the same and doesn’t appear as attractive.

Stephanie on

I prefer her darker locks, but the lighter hair looks gorgeous on her!

aa on

Its really not her best look :(
dark hair looked better on her :)

P on


Abandy on

she looks way more exotic with dark hair… that blonde makes her look like she’s trying to hard to fit in with the rest of hoollywood…hate it

EA on

I love it!! I think she looks great!!! It’s a good look for summer but really it looks great either way.

Makena Notay on

looks good but not nearly as good as her dark hair looks on her!

Elizabeth on

She looks black and like she’s wearing a wig

Misty on

She looks cute.

mandy on

even though she looks better in dark hair i think that she still looks great.

amber on

Do not like it she is so pretty with her dark hair!!!!!!!!!!

Emmy on

She’s definitely prettier with the darker hair. It complements all her features and gives her the exotic look. She doesn’t look BAD here, everyone needs a little change from time to time, but she’s more suited to dark.

ada on

i think she looks gorgeous, but the dark hair does make her look more exotic and unique, cuz j.lo, carmen electra, everybody else has this dirty blonde look, its not unique, and KIM rocks the dark hair! love ya Kim

Pamela on

Her skin tone is way better suited to dark hair. She still looks gorgeous, as she always does, but I prefer her as a brunette.

fiona sims on

I think it looks like a wig

Angela on

First, I wouldn’t call it “blonde” I’d just say lighter. Second, I totally prefer the dark. Her hair was GORGEOUS before, why mess with it?!

lucy12 on

ich…looks like she’s wearing a wig. what’s with that brown spot over her right ear? THank god its just a wig cuz its a horror. sorry kimbo.

christina on

I like her with her dark hair I think jlo looked better with dark hair too

Allie M on

She is totally gorge either way but looks much better with the dark locks!!

Kimberli on

While I admire the courage it must have taken, she has lost that sultry mysterious persona that is so Kim.

Courtney on

nooo…. mayb if she did the eyebrows too

arabella on

I come to to get information about the death of Bea Arthur, one of the greatest talents of all time, and instead the headline is about this, person, who i have no idea what she has done to be famous. I don’t know.. it breaks my heart a little bit

Hate it on

Hate it!!! The color washes her out.

nikki on

she looks like everybody else now…….where’s the originality?

Jessica on

She still looks beautiful but not as striking, which was her signature look.

Sara on

I definitely wouldn’t call that blonde–it’s brown with highlights. Either way, she looks better with dark hair.

TAC on

Hate it! She looks so average. The dark makes her features pop. Now she looks overweight with a really bad highlighting job.

Nettie209 on

Hate it girl you look so sleek and sophisticated with you dark hair. It just doesn’t fit you profile. Lately I myself a natural brunette that used to where my hair blondish went back to my dark hair, in the end you’ll see you feel better in your own skin and hair color… your skin color just doesn’t match it look at your sisters and your mom they r gorgeous as is and once you get over this phase you go back…. good luck, Nettie ~~~ NorCAL

Jimmy Jasonia on

She looks better with dark hair. Plus she needs to apologize to Miss California for insulting her about her answer to Perez Hilton.

Aubryn on

I think Kim is gorgeous, and I can completely understand wanting to change your look every now and then..I just like her better a Brunette. It suits her so much better.

KD on

I agree with Erin, she is a dark exotic beauty, but we all want to see ourselves with another color, so she’s done it, bet she doesn’t do it again.. And she now does look like J-Lo.


I am sorry but Kim looks beautiful with black hair. Honestly I though she was beyonce. She looks ok.

Rachel on

I absolutely hate this look on her. Seems like she’s trying to hard. She’s so beautiful and exotic with the dark hair, there’s really no need to change it.

Liz on

I love it for a summer change!

PGJudge on

Kin is stunning with her beautiful jet-black hair. No need to change perfection.

DEE on

Dark hair is better. She look cheap!LOL!

Darlene on

Kim’s lighter hair color does nothing for her looks. The darker color hair is much more attractive.

rox on

She is BEAUTIFUL naturally DARK!! The blonde makes her look tired:( Dye it back to BLACK!!!!

isabella on

I loved kim as a brunette and still do! But her lighter tone doesn’t go with her features she’s still beautiful but i prefer her as a brunette.

tina on

she looks beautiful no matter what her hair color is

Lourdes on

ewwwww absolutely hate it she is gorgeous they way she is i loved her with brunette hair natural is better!!!!

Laura on


Taylor on

Noooooooooooooo You are the only beautiful brunette we have. Now you look like Beyonce.

Image Consultant on

Kim should stay true to her natural coloring and dye her hair accordingly. This color is not flattering on her nor is the color that she is wearing. Not her best colors

Rick on

She looks good no matter what color her hair is. I prefer brunettes, but I’d still hit it like Gordon Freeman!

L on

I like Kim with her dark hair, regardless –
she is still gorgeous!

anna on

uhhhh she looks super weird she needs to go back to the dark hair!!!! ASAP

Cath on

Looks like a bad wig.

AnGeL on

i thought ur Beyonce…but i like her old natural hair!!!!!!!! GO BACK @ NATURAL HAIR KIMIMIMIMIMIMIM!!!

sarah on

Bad. Bad. Bad. She looks like Hailey Duff. Bad.

Tina on

Who cares about her she is a wanna be. The only reason why people know about her is because of the XXX sex tape she did with Ray J.

lilu on

everyone wants 2 look like beyonce. she shoulda left it dark. shes so unique lookin normally.

Melissa on

Go back to the darker hair. Now she looks like a mall rat. Generic. I loved her look with the beautiful dark hair. I have said many times that I wish I could pull off being that dark. She looks like the J Lo wanna be girls of 5 years ago.
Go back to au natural…it was much more beautiful!

JuicyPrincess on

ohhh no i love her black hair = (
but she’ll always bee beautiful!

lizzy on

the dark hair made her exotic look stand out more…i do think of j-lo when i see this, but she still is gorgeous!

Sara on

I like her dark hair better. She’s the only celebrity I’m comparable to, hair included. I hope she goes back soon :)

erin on

dark hair. definitely.

she looks like she wants to be jennifer lopez.

not to mention it looks totally unnatural.

jade on

Kim is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. Unfortunately she decided to become a blonde and now she looks common and cheap. With her skin tone and beautiful features she should not be a blonde.

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde | News America Now on

[…] Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde […]

Andrea on

Kim looks beautiful no matter what. This is very cute, but I think she is stunning when she has dark hair. With dark hair, she is just so unique and a cut above the rest. With blonde hair, she does look a bit like she’s following the Hollywood pack. Please go back soon!!!

Mimi on

I agree with Erin O’Brien she does look like a J-Lo wannabe…a think she looks better with dark hair it makes her look more exotic and it bring her eyes out more…which are beautiful

x on

J-Lo wanna be is right!

Mindy on

Please go back to your natural color! She is so pretty and I love her dark hair. These highlights wash her out. They do nothing for her beautiful olive skin.

emily on

no way. she looks like all the rest of them. keep it real kim.

Daysee on

I hate it.

Bobby on

I’d still like to put sausage up her pooper while she ate her sister out.

Marisa on

Change it back Kim!!! You are a brunette beauty!

Lissette on

I personally love her dark hair better, however, she is so unbelieveably gorgeous that she looks beautiful as a brunette as well as a blond. It’s a good change and it’s a perfect seasonal change.

Grecia on

I think she is a wonderful person inside and out but i believe this hair color does not suit her because in some odd way it makes her look bigger..not that its bad but i know that she has worked her butt off to get toned and have a fab body….i think she should stick to her brunette hair…but shes beautiful regardless….

jessica on

The blonde makes Kim look more plain jane than the amazing beauty she is. Everyone needs change, but this is one I dont think she should stick with. I admire everything she does, and she’s sort of a personal style icon, but this is NOT something I would do. Who said blondes have more fun??? Brunettes are SEXIER

Robyn on

go back to the dark side…

margaret on

lighten your eyebrows too

olivia on


Sherry on

The dark hair makes her look much prettier….

Melanie on

I think it looks really nice. Change is good!

Cathryn Mazer on

Hate it!

Mina on

Nooooo why did she change her hair??! I’m Armenian as well, and us exotic girls need to flaunt it and be proud of our roots, not cover it up with surgery and hair dye to become just like the rest of Hollywood!

sally on

I think her lighter hair is lovely. Hair is one of the few things in life that we have any control over, so one may as well have all the fun they can in playing with different looks and getting people’s reactions to those looks. Although I like her best in her original dark locks, I think this compliments her quite nicely for a spring/summer look.

Karen on

No.Her eyebrows are too dark with the new hair color.Sorry.

sony_n_lui on

Nooo! she is pretty but there is something about being natural that always looks better!!! dark hair brings out her features…eyes…. and blond hair makes her look a little washed out!!! Go back to brunettt! :)

Bob Chase on

The color is OK, but I’m just glad she didn’t cut it. I love extra long hair on beautiful women.

ate on

i love is nice.she is eastern and lovely

nadine90212 on

Kim looks much better with dark hair
i hate her new look

nadine90212 on

Kim looks better with dark hair

Leila on

I Love her hair when It’s Dark not like a light blonde! why aren’t people Happy with what God Gave em? she looks soo beautiful with her Dark Hair it makes her Stand out more not blonde! JMHO


Better lighten those eyebrows too! They are too dark for that shade of hair, and the dark skin. She looks like she’s trying to be J-Lo

martaa on

it’s not bad-but i think the dark hair was better suited for her skin tone. but i actually kind of like it i must admit ;)

jk on

Just b/c you go lighter doesn’t make you a blonde. You look like you have light brown hair to me.

Erin Blume on

NoOOOOO WAYYYY!!!! Her hair dresser should be fired!!!!!!! She looks soo much older, it does nothing for her!


if your gonna do your hair do your eyebrows too. other wise you look funny. i think this is why she looks like jlo

Ava on

She looks just like Beyonce now. Still gorgeous but I prefer her with dark hair.

cj on

She is an exotic beauty. I like her with the dark hair. Honestly she would be beautiful if she were bald. So, if she wants to lighten her locks for the summer (as lots of us do) I say…good for her!

jen on

I dont think the lighter hair color compliments her exotic beauty. But if she digs it, rock on! It is her choice after all.

Raquel on

GO back to Black or Coffee. Your new look is not so you. It’s like Murphy’s Law “If it works don’t fix it”. If you stay your color take the red out! PLEASE.

Good Luck!

Jacqi on

I actually like it. Its not “Oh My Goodness” blonde its nice and subtle. You can still see her brown hair peeky through some of it, so the blonde gives it the more high-lighted look.

Noura Aljohar on

Although the brown hair looks better on her but she still N.1 of beauty whatever she does.

Lady Melis' on

The color is beautfiul because she is beautiful but her dark hair made her more beautiful because it was au naturale…hopefully she is just experimenting…


She was looking georgeous,attractive & unique in her dark hair, now she looks typical like others

JS on

Jessica Alba??! =\
Dark hair!!!

Sara on

I hate it She is way better with dark hair

Jess on

I love Kim K, and think she still looks raident, but really do prefer her with darker hair… still a real big step she has done, both hair colours suit her though! :) Love u Kim K

Peri on

it is not that it doesn’t look good or something like that – but she is hot and sexy with black hairs.

clarissanash1 on

I don’t hate it, but it’s not my favorite look on her.

ANA on


tweedham on

KK is Hot Hot Hot!!!

beecee on

Her color washes out her face, she was waaaaay better with dark hair, the ‘chola blonde’ is NOT good. (Chola blonde: when chola girls bleach their own hair)

Lupe on

Dark was so much better…still is a very lovely lady with light hair. I guess many of us with dark hair want to try it but it is not for everyone. Now you look like the rest of the girls trying to be blond please go back.

Ashley Stuff on

I love her brown highlights and I think that change is always a positive thing no matter what because you gotta always keep moving! Damn I miss California…The Ting Tings!

Anonymous on

Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

Ally on

that is NOT BLOND. Anyone with an IQ more than 50 can tell that IS NOT BLOND.

vishal sengar on

i just love her….

KikiOttawa on

She thinks that’s blonde? Golden brown maybe, not blonde. But then compared to her almost black natural colour, this is a huge difference. Can’t say I like it though. But then she could shave her ead and tatto her scalp green and she’d still be pretty.

Lee Ann on

I love it, perfect for summer!!!

LT on

Your dark hair is your true sex appeal!

Crystal on

I’m not loving it, but at least her sun burn appears to be completely gone.

charlese on

kim you look great!!! it’s your hair u decide!!

TRacy on

horrible she looks better with black hair please go back and change that colour

Jennifer on

She’s gorgeous no matter what she does to herself. BUT… I’m not loving the blonde. Althought it’s beautiful… those of us who wish we had that gorgeous dark hair are going “WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?!?!”

Lauren on

I am a blonde who envies Kim’s ability to have that gorgeous dark hair. I guess the grass is always greener…she should stick with the dark hair!

meredith on

No No No, she looks like JLO!

Go back to black! It’s better!

The highlights wash her out and look fake.

kathleen27 on

She is looking a bit like Beyonce. I prefer the dark look better Kim.

Laura on

Kim’s lighter hair looks beautiful and it’s a nice change — especially for the summer, but she does look like J-Lo in this picture. It certainly isn’t bad to look like J-Lo, but the dark hair is more “Kim.” Kim is a true beauty and it would be hard for her to look bad!

tifanni on

she almsot looks like jamie lynn spears. i’m definitely gonna say she looks better with her dark hair.

Nathan S on

Why is it that this porn star is on the home page of websites? She has contributed nothing to society except how to have sex in front of a camera and shaming her family. Oh it’s true she’s attractive but lets face it, she’s a bling-boyfriend away from being yesterday’s news.

abi on

I think she looks just like Jessica Alba now, doesnt anyone else thinks so?
she looked better with her dark hair, it made her really stand out, now i think she looks just like every other celeb really.

Alex on

I don’t like it at all… she’s so beautiful with her dark hair… she just looks less than average now…. bad choice! Stay natural!

Kim on

Hate it. Now she looks like everyone else in H-wood.

Laura on

Nathan S … It’s all about the “buzz” when you are a celebrity. For her tape, she made a b-a-d choice! Wow! You must be perfect if you can bad mouth someone you don’t even know. Besides, you’re taking time out of your day to comment which shows you are feeding the machine and keeping her a celebrity. Kim seems like a nice person, so … Great Job!

Farzana on

Kimmy. we LOVE you but…You are a beautiful dark-haired beauty…Go back to what works perfectly.

caroline on

I like the blonde. I t realy catches my eye and draws my attention go her and im just like “Whoa” “Is that who I think it is?” It looks great

Kimberly on

She looks a bit like Jessica Alba

wendi on

HATE IT. Leave the blonde to Kloe. Your mom should lighten her hair, she looks way too old with the dark hair. You look much prettier as your natural color.



lisa on

OMG!!!! i hate it! i luvvvv her dark brown! she should’ve just lightened her tips around her face and underneath! does she wear extensions????

Gwen on

Kim is gorgeous, I just have to agree that she just doesn’t stand out with that WOW factor in lighter hair. It must feel nice for summer to have a lighter change, but she’ll go back.

Anonymous on

In this society people should’nt give a rats ass about what others think when it comes down to your own personal image dark featured or dark haired women have just as much right as do light featured or light haired women so what whatever floats their boats!!!!!!

Rachel on

She is all washed out with that color. I am one to wanna change things up for the season but not if it doesn’t compliment me. Stick with the dark Kim!

Kim on

I like her hair better darker, she looks younger with Darker hair.

Carey on

don’t hate it but she is much better as a dark brunette

kiana on

she looks better with the dark hair

Melissa on

I’m not that big of a fan but I think that she looks lovely.

lt on

your hair looks much better dark-loose the highlights

Kelly on

She is beautiful! However, I think the dark is definitely better. The light hair looks too fake.

Angel on

I just don’t like it at all. It looks cheap and fake. I think she should go back to her dark hair and be happy!

Jon on

Kim’s new hairdo is cool either way!

Mona on

Her hair looks like that of jennifer lopeze, beyounce, if I remember corectly and a few other (same color) do they have same hairdresser? I loved the fact that she kept her hair dark. It was part of who she was and very exotic looking..she was beautiful (still is) the way she was…Why does everbody want to look the same? Look at Susan Boyle, god created her, she’s proud and beautiful. thank you :) (hope I spelled everything right!?)

xtina on

She doesn’t look right at all.It’s a step down. She almost looks like she has a wig on. She needs to change it immediately. Not a good look at all!

whitney on

love the new hair..very cute!

amy on

Kim you should stay with your dark hair,dont looks like you your dark hair make you looks gorgeus now you look like one more

Mel on

HATE it….she looks amazing with dark hair, she doesn’t even look herself…I agree about the J-Lo wanna-be thing….

Joanne on

Kim K is a knockout, no matter what her hair colour. The darker hair is much more flattering and gives her an exotic & sexy look. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pass on that look, but hey – it’s her choice!

Meko on

i love it! she really stands out from the rest of them because they all have dark hair.

takingsolong on

I agree with an earlier post-she looks like a J-Lo wannabe. She should go back to the darker locks, MUCH more attractive!

Maria on

If it aint broke don’t fix it. I personally think you are one of the most stunning brunettes and your hair is gorgeous. You are naturally beautiful just the way you are. You have to do what makes Kim happy but if you want my opinion, you look more exotic and stunning with the dark hair.

Christy on

Big Mistake! I’m a stylist and I have to say it looks like she poured peroxide or Sun-in on her hair. She should have done just a few streaks instead of a full-process, all over color. She does look like J-Lo now. If she wants to keep her Armenian look, she needs to go back dark brunette.

just cuz on

hate it. first of all, she’s not really blonde so much as light brown. but more importantly, it looks really fake and her natural hair color suits her much, much better.

Tammy on

first of all, thats NOT blond and ya, she needs to change it back.

Leslie on

The lighter color looks good on her, but she looks more like Beyonce than Jennifer Lopez.

Sophie. on

I hate when people say this hair color is blonde, this is light brown. She may have put blonde in it, but that is not the color it is now. And I don’t really care what she does with her hair, she looks like trash either way.

Joy on

Good for Kim. She looks good.

lisa on

Dark hair is a million times better.

Tammy on

i bet its a wig. look at the roots!

Natalie on

OH NO!! Kim looks great with natural hair. California is full of bottle blonds – go back…

LisaJay on

Darker is better.
But the light color isnt

Becky on

I can’t believe it! Someone wanting to look like Beyonce–hair and POUNDAGE!!! Eat on, Kim!!!

Jay on

I am Armenian too, we have natural dark hair (well not all of us) i had blond cousine :)
I think Kim Kardashian looks good with new light brown hair, little bit reminds me of Beyonce but Kim is prettier version. She is just Hot girl. Every man’s fantasy now

Mickey Mouse on

Who really cares, there are more important things to read about in todays world……

Dawn on

She looks beautiful! A good choice for summer.

virginia on

Shes beautiful either way but to be honest she looks better as a brunette :)

natasha on

Yeah too J.Lo!!!! Go back to bweing dark!!!!

Joann on

OH NO!! Go back to dark hair. If you want to change it mabe go with a reddish shade. Don’t give into the blonde look! We dark hair girls need to stick together!!

Casey on

It makes her ass look fat… oh maybe fatter!

Jenna on

She doesn’t look as good with that color hair at all. She definitely needs to go back dark.

isa on

Kim, Please nooooooooooooooooooooooo

mochababe73 on

Definitely dark hair. Kim is so beautiful and had to go muck it up trying to be blonde.

Taina on

I think she looks too much like Beyonce and only one of them is enough! Please go back to dark! I know how it is to wanted to try something different, but now is time to go BACK!

Maggie on

Kim….go back to brunette.

bb on

Really don’t like it! She looks better with darker hair. Most of us look better with a close variation of our natural color.

Yayo on

Kim is gorgeous. But I dont like the blonde. She looks much better with dark hair.

kisssa on

I think she looks way better with dark hair,with light hair she looks so much older and looses he personality-more like J Lo wanna be

N.O. Fan on

NOOOOOO! I love your dark hair.


Thumbs DOWN~~~

meljean on

Please go back dark.

jeannette on

Horrible ! She needs to lighten her brows too if she wants to stay light , and to much maintenance when you have dark hair,she looks like she already has roots .Please go back to dark .

lori on

she is a true beauty but i really love her dark hair it makes her the lighter hair doesnt look good on her at all go back dark kim

fabiola on

She is beautiful regardless but I think she looks better with her natural healthy hair!

Caroline on

Like it for summer but not for good. She looks great with jet black hair. She looks to much like Beyonce and not herself.

If anything a new cut would have done her better instead of a new color

lucy on

it looks good both ways. she doesnt need our opinion on what her hair color should be. she can do whatever she wants with it.

Annyah on

She looks better with dark hair….more exotic.Lighter hair makes her look like JLo

Tavia on

The color does make her look like J-LO’s twin sister for sure. I love her with darker hair.

Dee on

Kim is pretty no matter what color her hair is. Its what makes her feel good about herself that counts.

phallon h. on

Nooooooo!! I don’t like the blonde. Dark hair color for Kim looks so much better. Her features stand out much better with brunette.

Lisa Elble on

Now she looks just like Beyonce. She ought to enjoy it for a little while and then go back to her natural color. Everyone likes a change every now and then, but her hair suited her much better when it was dark.

monica on

hate it…her dark hair suits her better

Caitlin on

If she wanted to go lighter, she should have done lighter hues of brown (honey brown). I think this is too light for her complexion, makes her look trashy almost. She’s a beautiful girl and her hair set her apart from other Hollywood starlets.

Alex on

Love it! She lookes way more feminine with this colour!

San on

Ok Kim, that was fun. Now put it back.

cat on

I think she wears it well. She’s a beauty either way.

Carly on

I love Kim Kardashian with dark hair she is so beautiful I think she should keep her dark hair

ssmi123 on

NOOOOO… she looks like J-Lo.. i think the brunette look is better.. sorry Kim..

KimFan on

Definitely like her better with dark hair!!

d on


Jennifer on

HATE IT! I never understand why brunettes with the skin coloring, eye coloring, etc. to look absoulutely amazing with dark hair, think it’s a GOOD LOOK when they go blonde…as a brunette myself, I did a platinum blonde once for a hair show (they were looking for the 90s, Madonna-esque hair – several years ago)and could not wait to go back to brown hair, on some people it just looks outrageously bad, especially with such dark brown eyes (I have those too), it would never be thought of as natural, and isn’t that the point?

maria on


Stacy on

Not everybody looks good blonde. She’s proof.

Gary In Pismo on

She’s gorgeous no matter what color her hair is. The truth be told; she would look better than most women bald. Some women just got it like that. Its a gift. God picked our parents and we’re all the sum total of that union. Nothing anyone can boast or be proud of. It has nothing to do with us. BUT, it does seem like Kim was in the front of the line when it came to looks.

jen on

i think she should go back to her natural look. it looks like she’s tryn 2 look like j-lo or something. switch back kim u look better natural.

Kathryn on

Like the new lighter look. It’s not drastically blond, still has brown in it. Very flattering.

Marcy on

Hate it! She looks so much better with her darker hair color.

danalynette on

She looks so much like Beyonce’. YUCK!
Change it back, Kim! You are gorgeous, this color washes you out!

Carne Asada on

If you look at Kim’s Blog she says its a wig.

BB on

She’s a beautiful woman; however dark hair is much better for her.

Tarell on

I like her exotic dark locks better! Summertime doesn’t necessarily mean blonde. Most exotic locations have natives with dark features. She looks more like a LA beach girl. I used to lighten my hair but stopped the insanity and embraced my dark curly looks.

Adrienne on

she’s gorgeous no matter what, but definitely better with dark hair.

danalynette on


DOnna on

It’s a wig! She didn’t dye her hair!

Renee on

Kim looks great!!

Tara on

I think of her as one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. She has the looks & the bangin body. I do prefer her with dark hair as well. I also think she wears much to much makeup but…. she is stunning!!! Dark & natural is my vote!!

Bad Girl 50 on

She is a very attractive women when she has on Gobs of Makeup which is just about always.
Why does People treat her like a Star she came to fame as the Star of a Sex Tape????

I used to think that People was more credible than the other Rags but I guess I was wrong.

jsp81355 on

If that is blonde hair then I am the flying nun! She’s beautiful anyway, so why mess with her hair this way?

Farah on

Kim is a gorgeous girl. But I don’t understand why exotic brunettes feel the need to dye their hair blonde. Part of Kim’s beauty stems from her deep, dark chocolate locks. She should stick to her natural hair color. She is more exotic and beautiful than any blonde out there. :)

Brooke on

I hate it :\ Why mess with perfection? I’m a big Kim fan, but I have to disagree with this choice. Yuck.

Roxi on

I wouldn’t call that blonde — it’s more like light brown. Not dramatic enough to make a statement. She looked much more striking with the darker hair.

Diana on

I have always admired her for her long, beautiful dark brown hair…It makes her HER…I think she should leave it natural

ena011808 on

I dont like it she looks better with the brown hair now with the blonde she just looks fake like every other girl…

Gloria on

I Think Kim Looks Better Dark Haired. She is Beautiful and can pretty much look great in anything clothes or Hair Color. Kim Can Rock Anything bit I like the Dark Color.

P.Allen on

I don’t like it. She looks like J.Lo. Actually, not as good. Also, whats up with her boobs? She needs some support, they appear to be sagging to her elbows.

Jenne on

I think she looks nice but her natural hair color is the best!

Lisa on

Kim is so beautiful, no matter what she does with her hair. I like it darker, but she’s hot with the lighter color, too!!!!

Alejandro on

She’s beautiful no matter what, but i like her with dark hair better.

Mary on

She looks way better with her natural dark hair.

Maisah on

The dark hair definitely looks better. The lighter hair makes her look older than what she really is.

Frances Bales on

She is beautiful with any color but I prefer her brunette. She kind of looks like Beyonce.

Princess on

i love kim n think she’s GORGEOUS but she def. looks better with darker hair.

Elisa on

I think it’s cute, but I did think it was much better before.

veronica on

I hate saying it but the lighter hair seems to show ever imperfection in her skin tone. Not a great idea Kim, sorry.

AmeeSimone on

Kim is beautiful with her dark features. The lighter look in her hair makes her look older than what she is. Just a few face framing strips of blonde would have looked better than all over her head.

Tiffany on

Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly,
I am no fashion expert, but you do not need one in this case to conclude, blonde is not you. Please, address this immediately, you don’t even look like the same woman. You are still a beautiful woman; however, the lightening up has taken away from your natural beauty. I understand we all like to try new looks, but baby girl, try again….this is not working for you at all.

Dawn on

NO…she looks common now…

dallas on

kin looks so much better with dark hair. a with lighter hair she does look like j-lo keep your on look better for you.

Jules on

her dark hair really made her eyes stand out. I think this is too light. Some caramel highlights would have been nicer vs lightening everything.

Chuck Holden on

The hair is as fake as she is.

Echizzle on

It’s not working. I agree with Jules. Also, is that all her hair?

Gerelle on


Diane on

I think her skin color is darker than usual 4 that color so with that, I think her hair color was already perfect 4 her..she should change it back!! Blonde’s I feel R 4 lighter skinned Khloe, she’d B perfect in that color cuz she’s so much lighter than the rest of the Dash’s..or maybe it just needs so getting use 2:)



Alex on

don’t worry.. it’s a wig. kim let perezhilton know that it’s a wig.

lola on

WHAT IS HER NATURAL HAIR COLOR? I think all three sisters and the mother color their hair darker than their natural color.

Donna West on

why do so many dark people want to become lighter?

T~ on

i dont hate it, but i think she is prettier with the dark hair.

Lauren on

She just looked better in her dark hair! This doesn’t look bad at all, but her Dark hair looked beautiful on her.

whoever on

she looks to much like J-LO…Kim is a natural beauty…stay with dark hair!!

boopsie on

Wow – she looks like Beyonce. She’s very pretty either way, but I do prefer the dark locks.

stacie on

she looks like beyonce – i had to do a double take!

denise on

She looks like Jessica AlbA!

Jen on

Now she looks just like everyone else.

Lovely on

She looks pregnant in this picture . . .

didi on

She looks horrible like jennifer lopez

sandy on

Highlights would have been better than a full color.

Now she needs LOWLIGHTS which will put her natural color back in and keep the new color in but subtle.

DEB on

Hey, girl go back to the dark hair!!!

Lisa on

Her dark hair accentuates her features and highlights her beautiful skin tone. The “blonde” makes her look washed out, and is one of those dime-a-dozen color/styles out there on a multitude of females in the limelight.

Stick with the dark hair; you have a rare, exotic beauty; don’t be suckered into what everyone else is doing!

becki on

I think she is a very beautiful woman. The hair is diffrent but it looks good. Kim do what you want dear i think you are great. From Louisiana and a big New Orleans Saints fan.

Heather on

She looks like Leona Lewis as a blond, yeah?

Bri on

Here dark hair is what distinguishes her from the other blonde wanna bes… JLo, Beyonce…besides brunettes really do have more fun.

Kathie on

she looks like Jennifer Lopez

TJ on


Angela E on

She looks like every other bimbo in hollywood now…but big boned!

Tina on

How low is her self esteem when she has to ask strangers, how pretty she looks are… blonde or brunette…who cares??!!!??

sheesh, get a LIFE Kim!! L

Madibody on

Dont do it girl you have gorgeous dark hair and that will just make you look like Beyonce. she is beautiful but be yourself and original, not blond!!!! You ARE “THE RAVEN BEAUTY”!!!!!

LIZ on

The dark hair was part of what made her so pretty… Fix it Kim you don’t stand out anymore with that hair!!!!!!!

Mz. Betty on

I lIke the colOr. i thiNk the stYle is whaT i doN.t maYb if shE trieD pinniNg it Up in a DiffereNt hairsTyle it woUld looK betteR on heR/

K on

Be yourself. You look great as you are; no need to change.

Andrew on

Still looks like a street walker. The mother is not a good role model for these girls. The funny thing is if Kim and her sisters didn’t wear all the make up and actually wore clothes that fit they wouldn’t be bad looking girls.

melB on

I was thinking she looks like a Beyonce wannabe. Her natural color is definitely better.

M32009 on


Lib on

Were is the option “hate her”? I like her hair darker.

Kim Kardashian Lightens Up: Love It or Hate It? | Talk2Every1 on

[…] Kardashian Lightens Up: Love It or Hate It?… […]

Donna on

Honestly–who cares?–attention seeking semi-celebrity wannabes–obama was Hollywood’s presidential candidate of choice–wouldn’t you think that these so called HW “personalities” would glom on to his message as ratified by this country-at-large re: overindulgence and follow his lead and tone down their extravagence/ shallowness–apparently not.

fofoz on

o m g noooo

sherry on

kim look’s much better with darker hair and with that new look it makes her look old and chubby please kim go back to youre old self .

Nuevo look de Kim Kardashian | Blogcorazón on

[…] People Magazine Escrito a las 19:14 Comparte esta anotación Ingrid Lee más de: Fotos Otros blogs que comentan […]

Penny on

I agree that she looks really good in the lighter color but the darker hair was even better. I guess if your choices are to look HOT or look SMOKIN HOT then you really cant lose :)

missy on

who care about her hair.I swear the clebs will do anything for attention.

Coco on

I love her dark, exotic, natural look….stick with it…it makes her stand out… don’t want to be like every body else, blonde wanna be’s!

Jennifer on

She looks so beautiful with her dark hair. Blonde is so blah!

Lukester777 on

She looks better with dark, natural hair. The blond hair definitely makes her look like she’s trying to be Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce with the blonde highlights.

aphrodite09 on

definately prefer her with dark locks :)

Blair on

i think it looks wayyy to much like Beyonce.

robin on

its a WIG!! she just tweeted saying its a wig. haha!

Kay on

She looks great but should lighted up the eyebrows a tad.

allainjules on

Hum !

Beautiful girl !

lola on

The problem is that her hair is so streaky. If it was a solid reddish-brown and she got rid of the tan it could look very lovely. This just looks trashy

Rod Blagojevich’s Hair Secret; Rihanna’s Tattoo Misspelled | Alpha Male Menswear on

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Rod Blagojevich’s Hair Secret; Rihanna’s Tattoo Misspelled | on

[…] Joel Madden and Kim Kardashian are both blond now, and this is news. [StyleWatch/People, […]

LuLu on

She looks like Beyonce now. Not that that’s a bad thing…but it’s not a distinctive thing. The dark hair is unique

Top Posts « on

[…] Kim Kardashian Lightens Up: Love It or Hate It? Freddy Baez/Startraks Kim Kardashian is as known for her long brunette locks as she is for her enviable curves, but […] […]

harkirat on

something different…change is always good

Crystal on

it’s OK, but I prefer the dark brown hair!

laurenmagees on

she IS leona lewis

Still Life in South America on

Dark hair looks best on her, in my opinion.

Μπράβο στον Δημήτρη Ιατρίδη, που όλα τα προλαβαίνει! « Τσουκνίδα on

[…]  Kim Kardashian Lightens Up: Love It or Hate It? Freddy Baez/Startraks Kim Kardashian is as known for her long brunette locks as she is for her enviable curves, but […] […]

Bill on

Who cares what color her hair is she is HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Christa on

I think Kim looks gorgeous! It really suits her — and since it’s summer, the lighter version is perfect.

mzingayed on

I agree with everyone that says Kim looks great. She looks HOT in it. You HOT, you HOT, if you think NOT, shame on you.

titi on

She doesnt look attractivly kim anymore.
I prefer the dark looks, there’s a mysterious side to it.
This looks like a beyounce kinda pix.
Go dark.

Carol on

Kim is always so fabulous-looking, but i love her signature brunette locks – its her established look!



Mindy on

She is naturally beautiful.. but it’s always fun to try new things.

jk on

She looks so ordinary. Liked her better before

Maria C on


slickfist on

who cares

Kim Kardashian de rubia | Famosos y Corazón on

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Isabelle on

Kim stay a brunette! Don’t believe the hype blondes don’t have more fun!

veronica on

She looks hot,i think it looks real nice,but i have to agree with some of the people,she should stick with her dark hair.i like it better,more natural and sexy

Sonya on

Kim admitted that it was a wig. She didn’t really dye her hair.

:) on

mmm dark hair was MUCH better, but yeh if summers coming around n she wanted to go a bit lighter, mb she shoulda opted for lyk a few sunny highlights…or maybe she should have got lyk a few light streaks on the inside of her hair or something, so its dark on the outside, lighter on the inside… just an idea.
overal its her hair-her opinion.

Leighton Meester Lightens Up Her Locks: Love It or Hate It? « Celebrity Blog! on

[…] is actually a natural blonde who went brunette for her role in the hit show — so unlike Kim Kardashian, she’s returning to her true roots! Tell us: Do you prefer Leighton as a blonde, or should […]

Rebecca on


Rob on

Blonde?…ok. Dark?…Knock out! » Blog Archive » Leighton Meester Lightens Up Her Locks: Love It or Hate It? on

[…] is actually a natural blonde who went brunette for her role in the hit show — so unlike Kim Kardashian, she’s returning to her true roots! Tell us: Do you prefer Leighton as a blonde, or should […]

Roxanne on

Kim is a very pretty gal all around but she def looks better brunette. This look reminds me too much of Beyonce. Not that Beyonce looks bad, in the contrary Beyonce looks incredible but Kim looks much more sexier and sophisticated as a brunette.

Cara on

Se looks too “Beyonce” with the lighter hair

april on

she looks good but she looks better with the natural color of her hair

Ilaria on

She looks better with dark hair, but this is better than the short hair. Long hair suits her better

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: Love It or Hate It? | Living with style on

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[…] Kardashian may have fooled us earlier this summer with a blonde wig, but she’s taken to her blog to assure us that the newly lightened locks she debuted at […]

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: Love It or Hate It? « Celebrity Blog! on

[…] Kardashian may have fooled us earlier this summer with a blonde wig, but she’s taken to her blog to assure us that the newly lightened locks she debuted at […]

bigdaddylove on

i would bang her no matter wat her hair looks like yeeeeah

Leesa on

I love her as a darker brunette i think she really suits dark hair and its like her trademark sorta thing but she still looks stunning!

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[…] no better way to change up your hairstyle without the commitment than with a wig. Katherine Heigl, Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad have all notably experimented with hairpieces–and now it looks like Jessica […]

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[…] no better way to change up your hairstyle without the commitment than with a wig. Katherine Heigl, Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad have all notably experimented with hairpieces–and now it looks like Jessica […]

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: No Joke!! | The Fashion Trends on

[…] Kardashian may have fooled us earlier this summer with a blonde wig, but she’s taken to her blog to assure us that the newly lightened locks she debuted at […]

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