Tori Spelling Dishes About Her Children's Clothing Collection

04/02/2009 at 05:34 PM ET

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Looks like there’s another star designer on the rise. Tori Spelling has inked a deal for a children’s apparel line, Little Maven by Tori Spelling, which will hit stores this fall. The actress and mom-of-two dished to about her chic and casual Hollywood-inspired line. “I’ve always loved fashion,” she says. “It’s one of my big passions in life. When I had kids I knew I wanted to use my flair for style to make stylish yet comfortable clothing for my children. Liam and Stella inspired me to make stylish yet accessible clothing for infants, toddlers, and children.” But style wasn’t the only factor actress considered. “The comfort [and] functionality factor really influences the styles I include in my collection. I pay close attention to what styles and materials Liam and Stella feel most comfortable in, and then I add the stylish element. Plus I love to dress my kids in strong fun pop colors, and that really inspired me to keep the line bold in palette.” So which looks are her kids loving right now? “Liam loves bold bright colors and gravitates to them. Of course, he wants to wear something with a monkey on it, which inspired the monkey hang tag on all the boys clothing. He also loves jeans. So I created the “Liam” jean just for him. It’s the perfect cut, stylish, and comfortable. And I love the LM stitched on back pockets, which stands for Little Maven, but I tell him it’s LM for Liam McDermott!” Inspired by her new baby girl, Tori knew she wanted to take her girls’ designs in a direction that was cute — but not too girly. “I wanted to find the happy medium between dressing Stella too baby-girl-frilly and too sophisticated in style. It’s adorable toddler mixed with Hollywood glam starlet!” Items will retail between $24-$88 in department and specialty stores across the country. Tell us: Will you buy Tori’s clothes for the kids in your life?

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Jon on

I’d buy Tori’s clothes if I had kids, which I don’t, etc.

fghfhu on


Janna on

I would buy anything Tori wanted to sell me! I just love her to pieces. She is so down to earth even from her crazy upbringing. When I have kids you best believe that they will be styling “little Maven”.

Barb on

Would not buy the clothing… kids out grow clothing so fast it would not be worth it… Who wantes to really spend $25+ on something their child will not get much use out of…

Violet on

Not if the clothes are made in China, or in a country where child labour or sweatshops could be used in the factory production of the clothing.

Allison on

I love Tori Spelling and I would buy from her clothing line. I can’t wait!

diana on

WHY? WOULD I nnnoooooo thx LOL

gloria on

Tori needs to straighten out her relationship issues with her mother first before pouring all her extra energy into a clothing line. What a shame her mother cant see the grandkids..If Candy Spelling is abusive to the grandkids, then I can see Tori’s point. Dont mix the kids up in the adult problems. Its not fair to them. Tori also needs to gain some weight. She is looking rail thin. Good Luck Tori with your line of clothes, but you need to focus on her personal life.

gloria on

Hey Violet- You are typing on a computer whose parts were probably made in China with kids hands in a factory.

Tracy on

Too expensive for clothes they will outgrow in weeks…. Why can’t people make decent clothing at a good price point… We would buy twice as many and the sales would even out.,..

Cate on

Tori’s always so stylish, I would DEFINITELY buy her clothes for tots! :)

Mama Mia on

Just another vague attempt by Tori to stay in the spotlight.

mary on

hey violet you are also typing on a computer that doesnt know how to spell labor

Danielle on

I would buy Tori’s Little Maven clothing for my four yr old daughter if it were cotton-especially organic cotton and the price weren’t so expensive. At this moment in my budget I can not afford any of the price ranges from Little Maven’s clothing line unfortunately. The way she describes the clothes sounds like they will be precious.

Lilac on

Children grow so fast, I buy what is practical for each season and the least expensive, unless, I am certain the clothing will benefit another one of my children.
Children dont need designer wear. In this day and age of economic instability, the last thing we need is another designer wannabee with high price tags on their clothing line.

Lori on

Hey Mary, actually labor is the US spelling…everyone else spells it labour. Check before you correct others.

Tori_Hater on

Who cares about Tori Spelling? I am sick of seeing her on your site and in your magazine. She has no talent and should just fade into obscurity. On a positive note, she must have the best publicist on the planet.

christine on

i would buy the clothes but sure not for $88 dollars you gotta be kidding me there kids they grow out of them to fast just to look cute for 2 months.

rita on

You can buy a whole wardrobe at Walmart for those prices.

dawn on

When are people going to realize only one who’s making money is Tori if more and more parents exchanged and recycled clothes they would be amazed at how much money they would save. Don’t get me wrong for certain things it’s great to buy new clothes holiday’s special events but when your toddler is crawling around in the dirt or drooling on them selves what is the point of 25 dollar jeans and shirts?

Callie on

No. Plain and simple. I agree with another poster…they grow out of them so freaking fast it is like flushing money down the drain…now if they were to hit consignment stores…then yes…but def. not new. $24 for what? A onsie? Come on?

kerrie on

Yes, I will definitely check them out!

Cameron on

The price tag is a little high for me. Kids outgrow their clothes so fast that I try to spend as little money as possible on them. And $88 for kids clothes? Please. There are lots of cute things at stores like Target and Old Navy that go from $5-$10, so why would I spend upwards of $25 for something they’ll only wear a few times?

Tricia on

I would buy them.I love Tori and everything about her.



She also sells reuseable cloth diapers!

Annie on

Chick is too skinny. No matter HOW boney, she still A) Looks like a horseface B) In need of bucks apparently and C) Who did that boob job: so lopsided and too fat!

Julie on

For some reason Tori didn’t tell me about this line, hmmmm. Guess she only breaks the big news to the important people?? Read my interview with her here:

Meagan on

Gloria, it’s so pathetic of you to comment on what Tori needs to do with her life. YOU, as well as the world have NO IDEA what exactly went on between her and her mother so butt the EFF OUT. If you’re going to worrying about what other people are doing with their lives then I suggest you learn how to answer a question properly of what is asked. The question was asking if you would buy her clothes. YES OR NO? Not a, “Gloria, what do you think Tori should do with her life??” ANYWAY, I love Tori and would definitely buy her clothes. I think she’s so talented and glad she’s sharing it with all of us. Goodbye :D

Larry on

Her 15 minutes of fame ended long ago. Give it up and she should call her mother. Candy seemed very authentic on the news last week.

Traci on

I won’t be buying an $88 item…but I suppose if the clothes were of great quality I would spend $28…I spend that much on Gap items…but usually I look for bargains

Also…what exactly does her personal life have to do with a new cloths line? I never thought much of the designers personal life when I purchased their clothes.

Tutu Tanya on

Absolutely! My children are grown but I’d buy them for my na mo’opuna (grandchildren). Tori you’re GREAT and you have a beautiful ohana (family)!

dana on

Not everyone is having money problems and is broke. There are some of us that don’t want cheap Walmart clothes that fall apart after one or two washes.

Good for Tori, I am sure it will be a hit

Sereia on

I can’t wait for that, I will buy the clothes for my grand kids.
I don’t believe the problem between Tori and her mother should be brought in here. This is a private matter and that’s the way it should be, we all have problems so do go around and judging people.

someone on

She’s an anoreixc hag who doesn’t belong making “fashionable” clothing for kids.I wonder, will she starve Stella too?

Lisa on

I hope Tori had her husband sign a pre-nup because she’s the only one making the money in that family.

Nancy on

This message is for “Gloria”.. This article was Supposed to be about Tori’s clothing line.. How disgusting of you to bring Tori’s mother into this.. Tori is an Overcomer… She doesn’t whine about what the wicked witch of the west has done to her.. The Spelling’s had it to Give.. God Blessed them with unearned wealth.. They were so greedy and controlling they could not pass their wealth onto their siblings? The father was Stingy with his only daughter.. Now mama is probably mismanaging what is left.. Mama can hold onto the dough as tight as she wants… If she has really been denied access to the grandchildren (as You have said).. so what! Also, it is none of your business about Tori’s weight, either..

sherron teal on

Is anyone out there as sick as I’am with these rich movie stars who never ever get enough money, if they aren’t hocking one thing they are hocking another!

Tori let your mother see her grandchildren, what kind of an example are you setting as a mother when you don’t allow your children the joy of their grandmother? Unless she is a child molester, drug addict or alcoholic GET OVER IT!

Kat on

I would only buy Little Maven clothes if they were made in the USA and if I had a job(layed off). Tori seems to have a unique and flattering style with her own clothes, so I’m sure her infant, toddler and children line, will be very successful.

Good Luck Tori !!!!!!

Teresa on


A.B. on

Sure, I’ll buy it…at a yard sale after the other people’s kids (whose parent spent the ridiculous retail price) outgrows it.

Janel on

Not a chance.

kat on

GG on

Gloria – do you know Tori personally? I honestly think Candy is to blame for all the problems because she comes across as a self-centered capital B. But I don’t know her so I can’t say for sure who is to blame. Second – How do you know where someone’s computer was made? Do you know the company that makes that computer the poster even uses. Thought not.

Nicki D on

I love Tori, but would never spend that much on clothing for my two babies—babies and toddlers outgrow clothing in the blink of an eye, literally from wash to wash, so to spend $88 on an item that will get worn a few times is a waste.

Valeri on

sounds like gymboree.

Christine on

If my budget allowed for it at the time, absolutely! There are so many things I like about Tori and I’m sure her children’s clothing line will be just one more thing.

Amanda on


Anne on

Dean McDermott’s ex wife Mary Jo Eustace, (the one he so cruelly left for Tori) has a TV show called ‘What’s for Dinner’. It’s hilarious, she has an amazing sense of humour, considering everything that has happened to her and she is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t like Dean and Tori. JUST SAYIN!

carrie on

I will buy them if they are priced right. Remember it is childrens clothes not adult. There is no way I would pay $80 for a pair of pants.

Jen on

Tori is one of the most underestimated (& under appreciated) women in Hollywood. Wish you luck T. You are the best!

Rich on

Everything, yes, everything is made in China. A sweatshop job is better than hoping to catch a fly for lunch. Tori is a living doll. Hope this line works out terrific for her. There are people who like to buy nice things for their kids even if they do outgrow them. I outgrow or wear out my clothes too but I don’t walk around naked over it and certainly don’t buy strictly Target or Walmart because of it. Pamper thyself then thy child on occasion, saith the Lord. You only get one first impression, so dress for success.

Lilly on

If I were Candy Spelling, I’d buy some of the clothes and send them to Tori’s kids as gifts. Perhaps then, Candy and the grandkids can visit.

LL on

No, I would not! I like Tori, but I do not like the way she dresses her kids. I have a 20 month old and I dress him in beautiful childrens clothes, both affordable and expensive! You do not have to be a celebrity to dress your kids well and even if its from Tori Spelling M.

Gaby on

I love Tori Spelling! I love her show on Oxygen. I am so happy she came up with a childrens clothing line that is afordable.

Kim on

Man, Tory is one ugly chick … as she gets older she looks even more like her mother. Saw some pic’s lately & she is a skeleton & that doesn’t do her any justice. Her face reminds me of Mr. Ed …. a horse is a horse of course of course. Sorry Tory – genetics have not been kind to you. Good thing you’ve got all of Daddy’s money to make sure you make it in this world, ’cause if you had to do it on your own merit ……

Rachel on

Her prices are no more expensive than the Gap. Now granted, I do try to find bargains when I shop at the Gap, but every now and again I do splurge for my Hannah Banana. She’s wonderful and she deserves it. So if I see something made by Tori that I can’t resist, and must have, than I will get it. I think Tori has a good sense of style. I also agree that Tori and her talent are underestimated. Furthermore, these personal attacks are being made by ignorant fools, who need to get lives and find something better to do with their time other than beat up on the character of someone who is simply trying to do a job. I am sure that they all have things for which their moral compasses sent them in the wrong direction, so to all of you, get up off your soap boxes. And to the those making purely superficial insults, you clearly have no moral compass to stear you in any direction at all. All I can say to you is go to church and try to find God. Go Tori!!

Eagles on

Only people that will be getting these clothes are people that can afford to be tossing money away like used up old paper. Of course people are going to be getting the clothes for their children -they can afford to spend 100 bucks on an outfit for an infant!

chris s on

I would look at her line of clothing, definately. As much as I prefer Walmart prices, I also need quality clothing for my three boys that will last hopefully long enough to hand down and make the most of my budget. And I have to admit, Tori has a lot of style and hopefully will create some great stylish clothes for boys! There are so many cute things already in the market for girls, the boys need more to choose from.

Carol on

I thought the question was about buying the clothing line……Why do ppl need to discuse her mother, her weight, her life. Just answer the question and leave it at that.

I would buy her clothing line if it was to my likeing but not just because it was designed by Tori.

File folder labels on

They might be a bit expensive but very good to look at.

Lise on

I’d have to see and touch the clothing first. I don’t have children, but enjoy keeping my little niece and nephew in fashionable clothing. For a child, I don’t care if they appear stylish if they have fabrics that don’t feel luxurious. Kids need soft comfy clothes that still look good.

lindsay on

Well Tori,
I am sure your baby clothes are cute but to be honest they are WAY OVER PRICED! You want to sell a bunch….in this day and time they don’t need to be at $24 to $88. Working mom’s and dads can’t afford this. Be smart and get the price down much more reasonable. Like $10 to $15 per piece. If not even less. People are hurting money wise. You may not be but the majority of us are. Not to be mean…….but there is VERY FEW OF US WHO LIVE IN BEVERLY HILLS CA. Think this over because I really think you won’t make it with your projections. But I do think you have a lot of talent. Be smart…don’t ask for so much. The general public is who you want to serve. I do hope you do well. But I won’t buy at your children’s clothes until I deem them reasonable.

Jane on

I do not have children it I did might buy them.She’s very creative and very much like her late father.

Kierazee on

I mostly buy my children’s clothing at Wal-Mart…do you think I would pay 88.00 for one item of clothing? I think I might have for my daughters prom dress…

Rita Mae on

Pay attention too your mother she is the only one you’ll ever have.You have no councious to stop your mother from your children. You have no heart only about earning money.

sandy on

I could see my son wearing her line, I love everything about this girl! I would pay close attention to where they are made! will not pay top dollars for clothing made in china.

diane on

i would not buy a damn thing these celebrities are selling. why would i want to make them richer and i’m struggling to pay my bills. get real people.

Lynsey on

I think it’s a great idea but not for the price tag that comes with it, so my answer would be no. Target is just fine for my kiddos until they are older and more concerned about what they are wearing.

Val on

Umm .. VOMIT!

Dana on

I’d only buy them if they were appealing in style and cheap – my decision would have nothing to do with Tori Spelling (since I don’t really care for her one way or the other).

Julie Lowe on

No,I will not!All of these celebs have all this money and they charge $24 to $88 for some infant and childrens clothing?Come on lets down the price a little bit an dmake them more affordable for everyones kids.The economy is in the middle of a huge crisis right now and we are struggling to make ends meet.So why not make them walmart worthy and sale them at a reasonable price.Maybe it is only catered to peopel with money.Shame on you Tori.Your never gonna make a living off saleing over priced stuff like that.Bring it down and donate soe of it to a childrens foundation for less fortunate kids.

Mambo on

I really hope that Tori Spelling’s children don’t end up turning on her the way she has on her own mother. Now that she is a parent, it’s time to grow up, be the bigger person, and put petty grivences behind. Her children deserve to know and love both of their grandmothers. Be careful what you say and do around your children Tori or they may grow up as unforgiving as you.

Beckah on

Well, first off, my children are older so I have no reason right now to buy these clothes but, I still can’t get over what Dean and Tory did to their ex-spouses! REALLY LOW!!!!!! So, I would most likely not buy anything of hers.

Reagan on

I think Tori Spelling is a amazing person and a great mom and really down to earth good luck on your new line im sure it will be great!!!!

Joanne on

I hope her clothing line does well. I also hope that she and her family can take their issues out of the public eye and resolve them. Aaron Spelling must be rolling in his grave as he watches how his wife is treating Tori…..let’s face it – Tori was the light of his life and I think that bothers her more than anything. Since mom now holds the purse-strings, it’s her only way to get the vengence she’s likely felt for many years. Sad……very sad. I hope the McDermott’s shine!!

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[…] a surprise. Another actress becomes a clothing designer! According to PEOPLE, Tori Spelling has a deal for a a new children’s clothing line, Little Maven by Tori […]

6 FIGURES:) on





fanny on

tori, go for it girl.

money lover on





maria on

I will buy her clothing for my daughter for sure…..I love her and I am sure the clothes are adorable……

Judith on

My youngest is 14, so buying those clothes are not for me. It’s too bad, there isn’t a more inexpensive clothes line(from Tori) for people who don’t have a lot of money to be able to buy her clothes…..

Layla on

I like Tori, and I think her clothing line would be cute, but I just can’t justify spendung even $24 for one item of clothing for my toddler son who outgrows his clothes in a few months. And we have no money problems, and the reason for that is that we have always been mindful of how and where we spend.

Heather on

I would buy anything Tori OR Dean sold. I love them both, they are the ultimate couple! I hope their show comes back on…they are so much fun to watch!

sonya on

I would have to say no I would not buy in her line not because I don’t love tori but because how expensive! Kids grow too fast and in this economy she should re-think her prices.

Windi on

I would Buy clothes from her line but I think with tough economic times she might need to consider the prices of her pieces and offer free shipping on merchandise total of 100.00 or more to draw customers in. I am a Mom of two and I Love clothing stores that offer these deals it grabs my attention! Plus anything to help such a Great Family You Have my Support Go Tori!!! Good Luck!

megan on


Chelsea on

I would totally buy her clothing line! I’m sure it’ll be cute, even if it’s $25+. And gloria, maybe you should judge someone you actually know. There’s probably a lot of things you don’t know about Tori’s relationship with her mother, and it’s really none of your business to say anything about it…just my opinion.

Unto us a Child is Born! | Delusions of Grandeur on

[…] Tori Spelling Dishes About Her Children’s Clothing Collection … […]

Melissa on

Yes I will definately buy clothes from Tori’s Children’s clothes line. I can’t wait till this Fall!

Carli on

I have a 2 and a half year old little girl and a 1 month old little boy, and I would love to buy Tori’s clothing for them. I know her designs are going to be amazing and full of color. I love dressing my kids in bright colors and not the typical light pink and baby blue. Unfortunately, kids grow way too fast and for the middle class the line is just too expensive. I’ll still probably purchase a few Little Maven pieces for them maybe for special occasions, birthday or Christmas.


I will absolutely buy her clothing for my child. She’s awesome and I love her style.

bootysnatcher on

Umm….seriously??? You women trying to down grade Tori are pathetic…especially the one talking about her boob job and calling her horse face. Grow up, evidently you are just jealous! The question was simple…buy the clothes or not buy them….I love Tori and her show and her books! She is a good mother and she seems a good wife too. Her family is so cute.
She is very talented and her time in the spot light is not over yet!
In saying all that, I would buy Little Maven for my little girl. I would also buy it for my son but he is in a size 6 and the line doesn’t go that big for boys. People are so cheap….and Wal-Mart?? Seriously??? Yeah, they have gotten a little too expensive for their clothes, I mean it’s Wal-Mart…not a name brand store…so just spending a bit more on clothes for your child isn’t too bad. I will buy them as soon as they are out! I am excited to see my little girl in them! Go Tori!!!

stormy on

I agree with bootysnatcher the ???? was simple buy or don’t buy! Me of course I Love Love Love Tori and I believe she knows what she is doing! Are they a little to much yeah but that just means I will have to budget and limit myself on what I can purchase! I can not wait YEAH!

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Ellen on

I would buy her clothing. In fact, I would like to know which department stores will have her new line so I can check out the baby clothes for my first due in Decemember

cheryl on

i cant wait for the line to hit the stores ill definitly be checking it out the prices sound great and i love her style. luckily i have a 2yr old!

erika on

i would so buy her baby clothes if i had children! lol cuhs she has good taste n stuff.. i watch her show “tori & dean” its AWEOSME ((:

Rachel on

I would love to buy Little Maven for my kids. By the way I have 5 and think $25-88 is not bad for nice childrens clothes! They are only little once and the good clothes you can always pass down to a friend or relative cheap kids clothes just don’t hold up! Tori’s kids are always dressed so cute. I can’t wait to see Little Maven!

La la on

Wow, just got on Bloomingdales to check the prices. What kind of person pays $80 bucks for child’s sweater?! Thought she might be a little more down to earth than that, babies only stay in their clothes maybe a month. Guess some people don’t have to deal with this recession!

Lynn on

I would buy tori’s clothing line. They are sooo CUTE!!!

Terri Hoffman on

I think the clothes are really cute, but I’m afraid they’re too expensive. My daughter has 4 children under the age of 7 and could never afford to spend that much. If someone would design a line of children’s clothing and sell them at Target, I think it would prove to be a more profitable venture. But — good luck, Tori.

Amanda on

I would love to be able to buy clothes from her clothing line, but normal everyday folks like me just can’t afford clothes from her clothing line. Kids just grow to fast to spend so much on.

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jeannie on

I love the clothing line, have two little grandsons. Depending on the price I may not be able to fit her line into the budget. Even if I can’t buy any I love watch everything that Tori does.

nicole on

i love to know where i could buy her clothing

shasta on

I would totally buy tori’s clothes for my boys. I love finding new comfortable clothes for my kids and that are affortable. Can’t wait too see the clothes.

Alice on

I know Bloomingdales and carries them.

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Steffani on

i would sooo buy her clothes for my kids.

Bliven on

Great Post

Gail on

I just purchased an outfit for my grandson yesterday at the Goodwill.Brand new… still has price tags attached.The MFG. suggested price on the shorts ($38.00), knit top ($30.00), and knit Polo shirt ($40.00).The outfit plus extra shirt is cute,the quality is excellent.Too expensive for my budget, never could I afford to spend $108.00 for them.I paid $6.00 for the three items.Needless to say I was thrilled.I washed them and he tried them on this morning.I am sure he will get lots of wear out of them.

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