Carrie Underwood's Faux Bob: Love It or Hate It?

03/19/2009 at 04:04 PM ET

Michael Becker/Getty

American Idol‘s season 4 champ Carrie Underwood returned to her alma mater Wednesday to perform her updated version of Randy Travis’s country classic “I Told You So” (with the musician himself). Carrie also updated her look, sporting a new faux bob with her frock by Tracy Reese dress. While it may have looked like Carrie had cut her hair, her rep confirms that her still-long blonde locks were merely pinned up. And she topped it all off with a big black bow! Tell us: What do you think of Carrie’s faux bob? Would you wear it? Vote in our poll below!

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Julie on

I LOVE Carrie, but hated this bob on her!! Her long locks are what make her look so gorgeous – bring them back! For more style tips (including an exclusive with Kim Kardashian), check

Princess on

Who did her hair? Simon Cowell? OMG it was awful. Sorry Carrie. You are beautiful and talented, but don’t let Simon do your hair. Pleasee!!!

John on

she looks good in anything, DAM YOU GIRLS ARE SO JEALOUS OF HOT GIRLS

Janna on

I think Carrie looks gorgeous no matter what! The only thing that threw me off was the big black bow thing she was wearing. It didn’t flatter the look at all.
I still love ya though Carrie!!

Jen on

I agree, I love Carrie, and she sounded beautiful. She should think about remaking that song! It sounded contemporary. But, I told my husband, she looks matronly with that hair! She is too young for that, it just does not fit her. Oh well, hair grows back!

Kyku on

Disgusting! She’s a has been and noticibly getting fat. Fugly.

Laura on

She looked beautiful as always but I really did not like the hair. It was a bit strange. What made her do that? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. She is a beautiful girl and very talented. I wish I looked like her.

dooozie on

OMG, she is gorgeous. She would look beautiful bald. Come on, girls, are you a bit jealous???

Laura on

She has redone the song. It is in her new CD. Carnival Ride I believe. And she didn’t cut her hair. It was pinned underneath. Yes, I agree the bow was not pretty!

Alisa on

I don’t hate her bob quite as much as much as that ridiculous accessory on her head. If she had left her look a little more modern it would have been better received. She looks as though a bird crash landed on her head and got stuck with all the hairspray.

crystal5 on


Sam on

She looks hot, no matter what. I’d like to see the results of your survey divided between male and female respondents. I’ll bet the guys loved it!

kellz69 on

Hated the hair, but man she can sing!

carrie on

For all that said her hair will grow back. I would bet money that it was just pinned up under to look like a bob. Carrie didn’t cut her hair. I think she was just going for an older look. Her hair was ok but I hated the bow in her hair.

OhioMan on


Allison on

I think the short hair would have been fine, it was the dress (especially the fake roses) and the hair bow that looked bad.

joan on

I think her hair looks AWFUL, she must fire her stylist ASAP.

Teri on

It looked like a bad wig. And she has beautiful hair.

slinky on

KyKU, What’s your problem? Are you blind?
She’s gorgeous, with or without the ugly black bow…….


I think that her hair was cute. I love her long hair, its beautiful. But if you had a personal hair dresser that could do anything and everything with your hair without cutting it, you would be experimental. Why not look different ever now and then. She’s beautiful, period!

Julie on

Why can’t we just allow others their own choice, who are we to vote on a choice someone else has made…..whether it is hair, teeth, makeup, boobs, clothes or weight.

Amber Lynn on

Carrie Underwood is so beautiful but not only did that hair look horrible but that dress looked terrible on her! She is by no means fat and that dress made her look chubby. Someone needs to get her a new stylist. There’s no reason for someone that beautiful to go on national tv looking like that. Dont blame her, blame the stylist!

Julie on

I dont like it at all. But she does need to do something with that “big country and western hair” that wears her normally…Just sayin!

Deco John on

LOVE Carrie. HATE the hair. It looks like a blond football helmet with shrubbery attached. Maybe she saw Steel Magnolias: “Just make it look like a brown football helmet!”

Heather on

I love it

judi on

she looked like she had gained 25lbs…between the short hair do and the “poufy” dress!
She should fire whatever stylist lied and told her that looked good!

Jackie on

What were they thinking??

tara on

She was having fun with her hair. We are used to seeing her with her long locks and she was trying something new. And she is so not fat she is beautiful and beauty comes in every size. I am so tired of everybody says cause a person is not showing her rib count thru her skin that she is fat. She is beautiful.

t norene on

I think the bob was a part of the costume…

Audrey on

it makes her look older

Katie on

Fat? Please do not project your own self-hate and body image issues onto this healthy, slim and lovely woman.

Yes, the hair was not great. But the performance was spot-on and she looked great overall.

Kim on

OK, so as soon as she came on stage I told my husband, “What did she do to her hair, I hate it!” Of course he replied, “I doubt she cares whether you like her hair or not.” So we both laughed! Of course he also said, “when you can sing like that who cares what your hair looks like.”

John on

I have watched every show Carry has been on & every single week of idle the year she won! I trully love her style, looks & voice! I’m a senior citizen, but would gladly adopt her in a heartbeat!

John on

My sincerest apologies for spelling her name wrong!

brittney on

Her look was hideous! Her stylist should be fined for it. The stupid black bow looks like a giant spider crawling on her head…

Mrs J.P. on

She is a talented lady but her hair do SUCKED, was the worst!

Karen on

I have never seen Carrie where I did not think how cute she looked. She is so darn beautiful but last night, I was so disappointed. I don’t know who dressed her and encouraged the old fashioned hairstyle but it was awful. That thing she had in her hair made it even worse! C’mon Carrie….you are so beautiful. No more matronly frocks and horrible big hair-do’s!!!

Tracy on

I thought it looked really cute. Nice change!!!

Jennifer on

Definitely like the long hair better on her – but maybe the bob would look decent if it was styled better? It just looks frizzy and sloppy, and yeah, what’s with the funeral-tribute accessory on her head? Blech.


Carrie is just perfect. she is THE BEST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~she totally KNOWS STYLE & CLASS…………………………………………………………………………………………………..HIGH CLASS………………

Tracy on

Remember her long hair is made up of hair extentions, so it’s not her real hair either. She has shoulder length, maybe a little bit longer hair.

lola on

I love the bob look but i’m not to fond of the feather flower thing in her hair! so just take that thing out and it would be adorable!!!

Crystle on

I love Carrie’s cute haricut

Kelli on

Love carrie but didn’t care for the hair style

carrie is truly a blessing from God. on

Her voice is a true blessing from God and for us to enjoy it………and her personality to go with her voice……..she is perfect. Her voice is just AWESOME………..up there w/ Whitney Houston………just a blessing from God.

amy on


linda on

I love Carrie Underwood, and think she is truly one of the worlds most gifted and talented singers. To that point, she should look in the mirror before she goes out on stage, and also fire her stylist. not only was the hair horrible, so was the dress. Your still the best, just look before you leap Carrie!!!!

MsJoanne on

Carrie Underwood is one of those amazingly beautiful young women. This ‘do made her look about 40. It really took away from her beauty.

And what was with that shower puffy on her head?

Whomever did her wardrobe needs a talking to, as well.

Poor Carrie.

On a positive note, man did she sound good. Whew. What a set of pipes that girl has.

Jon on

Don’t really like Carrie Underwood’s new bob, I like her hair the old fashioned way.

linda on

Kyku, how dare you call Carrie fat and fugly. Something must be wrong with your vision. Even though i didn’t like her hair or dress it isn’t fair to attack her personally. I wonder what size you wear?

Jennifer on

Carrie is my all time favorite singer, but I HATED this look on her. She is so beautiful and she was still beautiful, but the hair just did not work. :-(

BEC on


Holly on

Liked the fact that they tried to make it look short. But why did they put the awful black thing in her hair. If they need help to keep it in place surly they could of found something better than that.

Aspen French on

Her hair and her dress had to go. She looked like an old lady with bad style! Even gorgeous people have to be careful about the way their present themself!

Rob on

Her hair was bad, the thing on her head was worse, and that ugly blob on her dress just capped the whole thing off. A fashion disaster.

Tricia on

Who cares?

Kimberlee on

I can’t help think it was someone’s (misguided) attempt to make her look more mature as she sat next to Randy Travis.

heather on

Carrie Underwood is not pretty with or without a bob she needs alot of makeup just to look decent

Texas Mom on

I am SO relieved Carrie didn’t really cut her hair!! I LOVE her long hair and I was about to pass out when I saw her on Idol last night. Whew! Thank God!

Mrs. Brace on

That big, black bow probably hid the “this is a wig” seam or something. She looks good, no matter her hair. Anybody who is negative on this, is just plain jealous.

Stacie on

My goodness…I think you girls need to take a chance and change things up a bit every once in a while…you sound like a bunch of old betty’s…


Carrie is one of my favorite artist, but that hair style was tired. I was not feeling that Bob look. Whoever did her hair used entirely to much hair spray. Don’t rock that look anymore Carrie, you’re to pretty for that. That hair style look like a old woman and the outift was whack! Red & a cream flower on the red dress.. what!!!!? Carrie is very talented & can sing. I love her.

Janelle on

I think that if it weren’t so poofy it would look better! A sleek bob on Carrie would be gorgeous!!!

Texas Mom on

I think it’s funny that people think that just because you don’t like someone’s hairstyle that you are jealous! That’s a hoot! LOL

I LOVE Carrie and think she is totally gorgeous. BUT, I ALSO KNOW that some hairstyles DO NOT belong on certain people and Carrie proved it on Idol last night. Sorry, that’s not jealousy, just a sense of style. :-)

Kimberlee on

I guess it just goes to show that even the most beautiful of women can have a bad hair day.

Kristine on

I think she is gorgeous enough to pull it off… and by the looks of the picture, she did! The fact that society fixates on hairstyles more than, oh say, poise, elegance, or ability is absolutely ludicrous ro me.

Carolyn on

Hair was a cute change for a night, but a flower on the dress or hair definately not both.

Renee on

I am a HUGE Carrie fan but definitely not a fan of this hair style. Maybe she just wanted to try something different? I don’t know but it was awful!

Roseanne on


Ms. R on

She’s adorable … and I love that it’s a faux bob … great for a change, but she didn’t have to cut her gorgeous long hair!

mel on

i love carrie to death but the hair and the dress ain’t workin

Kat on

This look doesn’t do justice to a lovely face.I love Carrie’s long locks better.

Rita on

I don’t like hairdo; but i have no time to look at it. I was just mesmerized by her singing. it was better than her recording. Good job, Carrie. However, the understated version of Randy Travis is what made it classic.

Kallie on

I hate it, but she’s a wonderful singer and performer and totally gorgeous.

Diane on

Carrie is beautiful and she has a beautiful voice, but I like her in long hair much better!!

Jessa on

The problem with the wig is it didn’t look natural. It looked like a hat sitting on her head. Anyone could tell it was a wig.





Linda on



Linda on

I feel that style makes her look as old as my grandmother and the road kill on her head …OMG

luv2laf on

I didn’t care for Carrie’s hair-do last night. But I kind of think her hair-do went with the song she sang. It was kind of old-fashioned and went with the whole “Grand Ole Opry theme.”

Shan on

OK, so people are being asked if they love it, or they hate it, and if they say they hate it, they are jealous? Idiots. They obviously like her in LONGER HAIR, which makes her HOTTER, so HOW is that JEALOUS? BTW, if you read it, it states her bob is faux. Which means FAKE. So it’s not like she’s ready to take the plunge either. And how about this, to all you folks who think everyone’s jealous because of their opinion: I BET SHE DOESN’T CUT IT FOR REAL! Jealous. Pshaw. Boneheads.

Darla on

Loved the hair…hated the bow…

tammy on

As much as I can’t stand Farmbot, Kyku how can you say she is getting fat????

Sandybeach on

The bow’s gotta go!! Otherwise, Carrie, you’re a doll and so talented!

lindar on

I think Carrie’s hair looks the best I’ve ever seen it. It’s very youthful. Why does everyone like long stringy, unflattering hair? I’m not sure I like the black accessory on her hair but it may be someting in style now. She sounded fantastic.

Kristen Waterman on

I liked the bob a lot, but I HATED the black thing stuck on her head. It looked like a Tarantula got embedded!

Dark Pisces on

Carrie Underwood is a pretty young lady, but that look does not flatter her one bit. That is not jealousy. Everyone is not going to agree that her look is the most appropriate. For those who are behind, it is called an opinion which everyone is entitled to. Thank You!

Nana on

I never amazes me how some just go looking for anything where they can post something negative about Carrie –give it up–it’s not working.
Carrie is a beautiful young lady no matter what hair style she has.

Kerrie on

I think she looks gorgeous in anything like someone said, another person said that girls are just jealous – I sure am … LOL! Not into her music but she still looks great!

thomas on

Lol who cares, her hair dont look like that right now, it was only for 1 night… you cant tell me that you never had bad hair for 1 night lol

Jordyn on

i liked carries hair! it was different. carrie looks good no matter how she wears her hair she is the prettiest person in the whole world!

Alicia on

Wow whoever said she is getting fat really needs to think twice and get their eyes examined. What an idiot.

Carrie Bradshaw on

OMG! Was she channeling Sarah Jessica Parker? Awful.

Rach on

Ok, have to admit that I was like Wooh! That was Carrie? Very obvious it’s a WIG…… Who cares…. I loved her VOCALS…. She can make any COVER versions A HIT!!!

mald on

she is freaking gorgeous with her hair any way,. i just think the bow looked kinda dumb,. but she can still pull that off too!

Leslie on

Yup…I agree with most of y’all. I love Carrie, & I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, but that whole look last night just wasn’t working at all. When she first came out & I saw the hair, my jaw must’ve hit the floor! I thought for a minute she’d cut her hair, too. But then I remembered I’d seen people do that before…Sort of tuck their hair under & pin it to make it look like a short little bob. Glad that’s all it was! But yeah…It was just too poofy or something. And that bow just made it worse! And I agree with whoever said it may have been the stylists’ attempt to make her look more “mature” up there with Randy Travis. But, on a positive note, that performance was great! She sounded amazing as usual!


Carrie looks cute… I love her hair actually, just not the bow in her hair. But her performance was incredible so it made up for the bow thing. lol

Estelle on

She’s gorgeous no matter what hairdo she’s sporting. And I think she’s a really classy girl. Beautiful girl, you go, sweetheart!

Cat on

Her face is absolutely gorgeous. The hair sucks. It looks like it feels like straw.



Wilma on

CU is such a beauty BUT the hair, the hair piece and the ensemble looked matronly. It was not her best look.

Lilian on

Carrie reminds me of Camilla – Prince Charles’ wife

Wilma on

PS: For those of you who may not know what ‘faux’ means, it implies that her bob is ‘fake’ or ‘false’. I’m giggling at those of you who are mortified Carrie cut her hair. Relax. It’s just pinned underneath to create the shorter look.

debbsc on

I HATE it!! It looks like all that “Texas Big Hair” that old ladies wear. It definitely doesn’t suit her. Blech!

josie the dog on

thought it was a spider in her hair

Gay on

I am not a big fan of Carrie Underwood. The girl can sing but she does not smile with her eyes and her connection to the audience/her fans seems to very distant. In that respect she reminds me another country singer who also makes me feel that way about her, Faith Hill. As for Carrie’s hair, it looked cute.

Irene on

Carrie is a gorgeous girl but, I did not like her new look. Long hair is beautiful on her. So glad to hear she did not cut her hair this way. I think it made her look older. Anyway, I still love her..her vocals were amazing, and I enjoyed Randy too !

sabacare on

Just try to love her

Julia on

Carrie could shave her head bald and still be beautiful.

Yucks on

Carrie has an UGLY face. Her long hair makes her look a little better. But this hairstyle makes her look HIDEOUS!!

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iso9001kalite on

Megan on

I think she’s a beautiful woman. I like this look on her but prefer the long hair too. Either way, she’s still gorgeous.

CandianGirl on

I love her songs, don’t like the hair, and I think she should leave our Hockey players Alone.

Christine on

The hair is a little over done, she could definately use less hairspray, but what’s with the dead rose? Carrie needs a simpler look to show off her natural beauty.

michaela on

i think carrie has a beautifull face so she can pull off any look, short hair does look nice on her as well as long it’s nice to see carrie is experimenting with fashion instead of always having the same look i love the long curls too but this works for her, being different and using fashion as a statement is a good thing why would you always want to look like everyone else, carrie can pull it off…plus she has killer vocals and killer looks what more can you ask for right?

brawnup on

I love carrie!

Old Goat 34 on

When I saw this hair when she walked out on stage I thought “Oh My God” she cut her hair! Then I realized it was just pinned up to look short and I breathed a sigh of relief.As I watched her I got used to it and thought it was cute and it was that terrible dress she was wearing that was so bad.First thing was it was Red I wished she’d been in that yellow dress she was wearing in the clip they played of her at the Opry.That style and the way it draped on her was was poor,I hope she puts that dress in the trash can were it belongs or give it away it may look good on someone else but not her.

chucksanderson on

It does not matter what Carrie puts in her hair. She is such a wonderful Singer! I still remember her “Try Out” for “Idol”. I knew then she was going to be a force to recon with! It will not surprise me to hear her bestowed Loretta Lynn’s title as the “Queen of Country Music”. SO go ahead and scoff at the dressing in her hair, if that is all you can find wrong with her. I can assure you Carrie’s bank account will not be affected!


SJ on

Had it been really cut, it would not have looked so puffy. A straight bob up near her mouth would be an exciting look for her. You can’t fake it and get the same look – it’s all rolled underneath.

chrisssss on

I think Carrie looks like a Country Music Legend here! Beautiful and mature. Amazing Talent!

timmitoler on

She is so lovely and I thought this get-up was an awful choice.

emmacs on

Its ok – she always looks beautiful, but I think her long wavy-ish hair was better!!

Carrie D on

Not good… Not the hair, but the thing on top of her head that looked like a crow climbed up their and died!
Beautiful gal… But the black dead bird thing ugly!!

Top Posts « on

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juliawo on

Oh my! Old lady hair lol

dawn on

OMG, I did not like the big black bow, it was awful. Carrie is beautiful, but even she should have known to leave the bow off, she always looks so stylish. Hair that short does not become her, a longer bob would have looked better.

Shannon on

Carrie is pretty no matter what. And by the way I am not jealous of any girl! if I think a girl is pretty I admit it.

Cathie on

I loved Carrie’s look. Carrie and Randy Travis were representing the Grand Ole Opry (The Idol Theme of the week)Carrie was doing the Opry Retro look. I love how Carrie always styles her hair and clothing to compliment the song she is singing!

Gus on

I loved Carrie’s retro look on her American Idol performance with Randy Travis. She’s a fashion master! Just a gorgeous girl with a ton of talent and a big heart.

carrie fan on

i think how she sang “i told you so” is what matters more.carrie allways sings her heart out.god has really blessed her with alot of inner and outer beauty.

Carrie Underwood - Home Sweet Home song lyrics on

[…] Carrie Underwood’s Faux Bob: Love It or Hate It? – Style News … […]

Janey on

omg people i totally loved her hair!especially the bow!i thought it looked very classy,even though some people didnt.honestly,i dont see how someone couldnt like it!

Glenda on

This hair style makes her look simple and the dress makes her look ridiculous. You would think being the most famous idol she would want to look her best. DIDN’T HAPPEN!

StephJannetta on

I truely LOVE Carrie Underwood, but when I saw her come out onto the stage I thought “What is up with her hair?” But then as the performance went on, I grew to love it, and plus all I could focus on was her VOICE! The girl can sing and she is gorgous no matter what. And whoever says that she is fat needs to get a new pair of eyes!

Jan on

Loved it all. She didn’t cut her hair….just trying something new. Who cares… me she looked (and more importantly, SOUNDED) beautiful. I like the fact that she tries new stuff…..why not? Her performance was absolutely incredible…..beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.

exaus on

Carrie is the Queen of Country and so if she wants to go retro, that is fine with me. I think she was trying to pull a look off and love it or hate it, she is still Number 1 in my book. When you are the Queen of Country who cares?

rach on

i love carrie so much ..he hair woulda looked better if it wasnt so puffy with that bird on her head..i like her hair straight but she’s gorgous no matter what’s on her head

sota on

Carrie is without a doubt beautiful, but the bob itself was seriously terrible and aged her in an unflattering way…

br on

Wow. She is not fat. Thats insane. And her hair is gorgeous no matter what — and girls arent jealous, just honest. So guys… get over it :)

Brittany on

Carrie you are beautiful.yea i got to say you did look better with long hair but you know what that what makes you you because everybody needs a change.people shouldnt judge you by the way your hair looks or how much u weight…im not saying you are fat trust me your not.i mean that goes for have a amazing voice and I AM A BIG FAN.i love you…..!!!! keep up the good work and dont let nobody tell you diffrent…and everybody that left comments about her hair so what if you dont like it.its her and not you.thanks

mary kate on

i think its cool. u guys are lame

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