Fergie's Mini Makeover: Love It or Hate It?

03/13/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Peter Kramer/AP

It looks like Katie Holmes isn’t the only celeb changing up her look this week. Last night Fergie turned out to the March of Dimes Beauty Ball with a chic new do unlike anything we’ve seen on her before. The newest M.A.C. Viva Glam spokesperson traded her blonde locks for extra-long, stick-straight chocolate brown tresses. And even her signature eyebrow piercing — which she wears as a celebration of kicking her crystal meth addiction years ago — was nowhere in sight. Tell us: What do you think of Fergie’s new hair? Should she bring back her trademark brow piercing?

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noyou on

i like the new hair color but she desperately needs a new style. she looks like Elvira with it long and straight like that. i also like the fresh, clean makeup.

stylista on

I think more polished & sophisticated though a bit older. I bet Josh’s parents are far more impressed with this look. The piercing is tacky. The change says a alot about where her state of mind is, she’s married so probably more “settled.” Marriage “tamed” Christina Aguilera & others & influence their new look. Overall its much better, now she needs to soften the brows ASAP! The shape & color make her look hard & older. There are expensive (but worth it) brow experts to fix this.

LBW on

I don’t like it. It makes her look older.

Mongo on

She looks to old with her hair in that style and that dark. Is is a nice attempt at a drastic change but it is all wrong for her I think, unless she wants to look more mature (old) and conservative.

M on

I like it…it’s more sophisticated.

Annie on

Eww! That is absolutely HIDEOUS!! The first thing I thought when I saw it was “Elvira,” too, just like “Noyou”.

Chrissy on

it’s not the hair that makes her look so bad, it’s all the botox/lip injections/plastic surgery that makes her look bad.

WHY do they do it to themselves?

Cecilia B on

I do not like it. She looks so old and plastic because of all the work she has had on her face. It is sad. Ugly

Megan on

I think she looks like Priscilla Presley (elvis’ wife). This is not a good picture either. She looks very old and like shes had wayyyy too much plastic surgery. I’ve never been a Fergie fan. I personally think she usually looks like a man in drag.

Jen on

Fergie’s recent hair change has made her face look darker and older. I am glad to see that she has taken out the eyebrow piercing though!

Wendy on

I love it! I bet Josh does too. It looks mature and it doesnt make her look “old” it makes her look her age.

Julie on

Ugh – hate this look on her! Not flattering at all and can’t stand that center part. Check out my favs at http://www.iheartheels.com.

red on

i’m just glad she finally took out her eye brow ring. it looked so trashy. i think her hair looks really nice too.

Megan on

GROSS!!! She is ugly to begin with. She looks like a man and nothing she does will ever change that!! she’ll always be a meth head loser!

jg on

can we see an updated side-by-side before and after photo? i can’t even picture her before after looking at this photo…

i agree, though, it definitely doesn’t look like the old fergie. but if she likes it, good for her!

mel on

i like it

Helen on

I love it! I think she looks great!!

brooke on

That looks AWFUL. Why is it 2 colors? It looks like she dyed it black and random chunks washed out. Is it the lighting or what? If it was dark all over it would look good that way though.

Rachel on

Like she could ever look bad!

R23 on

I love it! I think she looks better with darker hair, but I see I am one of few who thinks that!

Lamore on

She looks very stylish. Fergie can rock any look any day.
Kingston, Jamaica

Trish on

I love dark hair, but in her case, I think it makes her face look harsher. She is an attractive woman but I think the shape of her face is softer with the blonde.

julie smith on

i think she looks terrific but would it kill her to part her hair on the side or pull her bangs up once in a while? i’m over the part down the middle already!.

Craig on

She looks ancient and used up.

autumn on

Ole Megan! Please don’t insult the KING’S wife (Ex). Pricilla is a beautiful lady now that some of that botox has gone out of her face. Ferige is just down right U G L Y! I mean U G L Y!

Jenzanne on

She looked old already, now this makes her look even older. She looks like she’s in at least her mid 40’s. Get rid of that middle part.

George on

At least she doesn’t look like a meth addict anymore.

Melanie on

I like it, she looks great.

Barbara on

She’s too pretty to look this dull !

Kelley on

I thought of Priscilla Presley too…in her younger days though!


Hate it.

Jen on

Wow, u guys are ruthless! She looks fine! Actually I think she looks better with straight hair and the darker color fits her skin tone better. Give a girl a break!

Alexis on

I like it. I was a natural blond all my life and recently dyed my hair dark. I am treated with more respect and people are nicer to me. People really are mean and discriminate against blonds. I just got tired of putting up with it. Its nice to not be treated mean, and dark hair makes your skin look younger to!

Karen on

She was never pretty to begin with.. but now she looks old too. Bleh.

Khristina on

Ugh…she just looks AWFUL with all the plastic surgery! The hairstyle does nothing to help. If it were modernized up a bit and not so harsh it might look decent enough. Doubtful though seeing as how all the cutting and injecting she did to her face makes her look waaaaaay beyond her actual years in age.

Morgan on

Love the makeup.. love that she has no eyebrow piercing but hate the hair.

Megan on

I honestly don’t think Fergie is pretty and this hair color, in my opinion, doesn’t look good. About her piercing…I never liked it much.


i like it either way..she looks hot!! she looks a little like presley..

makeovrMANIAC on

i hate fergie’s new look. it reminds me of the mom from the addams family

Josie on

I Love It, I Think She Looks Like Mortisha Of The Addams Family! My Favorite Character!

becca springs on

I liker fergies new look, perhaps a lighter hue of brown but she looks like a polished lady instead of a hip hop hoochie.

megan on

It doesn’t matter what Fergie does she is still going to look like a man….

jana on

def. too much botox
she used to be very pretty. but with all the botox in her face she cant even smile :( too bad

Mamacita on

Not liking it very much.

Stacy on

I say who cares. If she likes it that’s all that matters.

Helen on

I really dont like it, maybe if they would have gave her some sort of style i could have liked it more. But, she looks way to old now

LKunze on

Unflattering!! She looks like Priscilla Presley – and tha ain’t good. I’d prefer her previous look – she looked like a tart but it suited her.

Melanie on

She’s just so ugly… Sorry….

Connie on

She needs to part her hair on the side or something. I was sick of the waves around her face and parted in the middle. I do like the darker color though, and I am glad she took out her piercing. Piercings are old news.

zoey on

She looks ancient. She could pass for Josh’s mom.

katie on

she needs a new hairstyle desperately. i’ve never liked her stick straight hair b/c it makes her face structure even more harsh. she needs to tell her hairstylist to give her some layers and lighter highlights to soften her features.

so no, i don’t like this look on her.

Stormy on

If you crop the picture at the sholders it looks like a mug shot. Not a good look for her.

krazee b on

She looks like an old drunk who smoked all her life

Jenna on

I am sorry…but she is just ugly.

ladycatie on

I’m so glad she took out that piercing – it was the only thing I could look at in pictures of her and I think it took away from her beauty. Love the brown hair!

Maddison on

I am not a fan of her new hair color. I think that it looks awful.

chinos luv on

I like her new hair it makes her lool slimer and her hair looks so much healther.

Samantha on

I think she looks beautiful just a little more polished. Personally I always found she was beautiful with a great body andf gorgeous smile. She does not look like a man in drag, people usually say those mean stupid stuff when they are either insecure about themselves, or just plain ugly, so they never have anything positive to say about anyother girl. FERGIE LOOKS GREAT!

AFE on

EEEEWWWWW!!!! Looks like a cross between Demi Moore and Priscilla Presley. You’re ,uch too young to look that damn old Fergie Ferg!!

Shannon on

Love it!

HTD on

Wow, she is really aging poorly. Her “new look” accentuates the sun damage to her skin and wrinkles on her neck.

Anna on

Hate it – she looks so old. She needs light hair to lighten up her face.

LGrace on

No way. She looks like a 50 year old vampire.

Becky on

I agree with Megan! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was, “What’s Pricilla got goign on now?” I would never have guessed it was Fergie! It looks terrible! Sorry Ferg!:(

emme on

She needs to stop parting it in the middle. Too harsh. Very nice makeup though.


I LOVE IT!!! She looks HOT!!! Don’t listen to them Fergie, keep the look! Change is always nice!

Jennife on

I have to agree with Megan, when I first saw this picture I thought of Priscilla Presley, I think Fergie is pretty, but there could be more she could do with her hair, that could really appeal to her facial features

Lindsay on

I think the new look is more age-appropriate for her. She doesn’t look like she’s trying to be a 20 year old punk.

atalley on

Don’t like her hair…too straight & dark. Her face looks plastic w/ all of the surgery. She does look like Priscilla Presley (too old). Glad she took out the piercing, though. I miss her blonde hair.


I am glad she took out the brow piercing.It made her
look cheap.She is classier without it. I will like
her hair after the dark fades a little (after a few

Jaime on

I don’t like it. It’s too severe. She is so much prettier with lighter colored hair and with some curl to it. The down the middle thing with the stick straight hair and the color make her look too old.

jj on

ABSOLUTELY HATEE IT! Why would she do that? She looks soo much older and GOTHIC! Also, it looks like some sort of Mod Space look. EWWWW

j ho on

A paper bag over her head would look best.

Chanda on

I think that she looks like Priscilla Presley also. She looks soooo much older now.

Maria on

I agree she looks more wholesome without makeup – she also need to cut the length a bit…

Kristy on

I am a brunette myself, but Fergie looks better as a blond. this is too bold for her makes some of her facial features too “harsh”. the blond gives her a softer look which her facial shape needs.

thomas on

wow what a cher hair do…could it be more obvious…shes even doing a cher pose

Cher on

I think Fergie could shave her HEAD & STILL be

Jan on

Her hair is way too straight. She looks better with more volume. The color would look good with a little more volume on her hair :)

Ange on

I always thought she looks like a dude, tranny !! She is very masculine looking no matter what color her hair is !

This color does make her look weird…

sandra on

she looks ridiculous


she look good, I LOVE HER !
even though i love her
she needs to do something with her face
she looks kinda old

mensagrrl1 on

She was getting too old to pull off the eyebrow piercing (the reason for it is part of her ancient history anyway), and dark brown hair looks so natural and good on her!!

sarah on

I love her hair color, the dress is gorgeous but the shoes have to go

micaela on

she looks really old. i like the blonde better. i think the eyebrow piercing was maybe childish but if it was in celebration for kicking her meth addiction then she should keep it!

jules on

she looks SO much better! shes a butta-face, is that how u say it? So the dark straight hair covers her huge face and makes her look prettier- i think. and the make up is fresh and clean too, to play up her eyes.

Ashley on

Her new look reminds me of the Kardashian’s Mother but with longer hair.

I’m not sure whether I like it.
But what really matter is if she likes it.

Sandy on

WOW, as a blonde she was soooo cute but now this hair color makes her look hard and mean

renay on

i hate the hair color, i would dream for her blonde. now eyebrow piercing, whats the deal? i would wear it if i could show that i was meth-free… i doubt she’s back, but, why isn’t she wearing it?

Molly on

She looks like she’s in her 40’s with this new hairstyle! Her previous look was much, much more flattering.

Teri on

HATE IT!!!! She looks 10 years older!!!

dee brady on

I like her hair both ways. I think this is a nice change and no doubt after some time, she will change it again. Not too many people can carry off both light and dark color, but Fergie can.

B.J. on

She looks a bit vampire-ish with the super straight dark hair. I like the lighter hair color on her but I think either color works with her skin tone.

maria on

fergie has had to much plastic surgery & looks older………..period!

Mrs. Brace on

I like that she removed the piercing. I do NOT like the straight hair or the dark brown. The part down the middle – too Cher-ish. She seems also to have gained weight since being with Josh.

Lori on

I think that it’s great that she took out the brow piercing. She’s in the 30’s so I think that it was about time. I don’t like the dark hair though. It does nothing for her. She looked better with the blonde.



Nyla on

She should add highlights. She’s too fair for that kind of dark toned haircolor. But I’m glad she is getting classier.



Brittney on

Not a fan of this new look. It’s not the best I’ve seen her.

Barbara on

She looked trashy with the bleaced hair and facial piercing, now she looks better. Hope she keeps working to find a more polished, natural appearance.

Beverly on

Fergie got the piercing for a reason, maybe she should have kept it. It was a statement of who she is and a reminder of what to leave behind. I would have kept it, regardless of my age.

maryem on

she looks very older like u said!I don’t like it at all it makes her look soooo ugly that’s a big fashion mistake can tell her to change it!!!she looks like cher i think.

anne on

Not a good look for here. She looks washed out and older.

Dragon on

Well elvira is getting old. maybe she wants to be her replacement- ICK- Dark hair is a good look since she is not a natural blonde but trim that crap and give yourself a softer look

Kel on

I think the brown is beautiful on her, she just needs a softer hair style. So if she would maybe cut it alittle shorter with layers and some wavy curls to make it looker softer, she will look alot younger and better. Thanks

Sammy K on

Enough botox and collage, and whatever else she’s got injecting to her face! Her face looks so plastic, reminds me of Caggabe Patch dolls gone bad.

Isabel on

No, I don’t like it very much beacause the type of image she has with style, she stands out more with with either light brown hair w/highlights or a soft blonde color.

Lilly on

This is an improvement but she should go a tad lighter but never back to blonde! That washes her out and makes her look old.

Lola on

color is too dark, hair parted down the middle is oh sooo severe! She is making herself look years older. Lighten up the color a little and a slight side part with some soft curls and our beautiful Fergie will be back!!

Kaiden on

I think it ages her in a Lisa Marie Presley kind of way.

amy on

i think it looks good. makes her eyes pop more.

Tiffany on

makes her look like elvira. ew.

yuck on

it makes her look sooooo old.

i mean look at the chin and neck….bad move, indeed.

she looks like prescilla presley
looks more like a copy-cat than an original

imabe3atch on

she looks like the grudge! she looked wayyyyyyy before!

Sue on

She looks like Priscilla Presley……

Jill on

Love it. The darker color is edgy and fun and probably closer to her real color. Cute change!

T on

I hope this is for an Elvis movie or role, she looks like Priscilla Presley!!!

Lenka Pistek on

She looks old and PLASTIC!!! A lot like Priscilla Presley…

Melora on

Sonny Bono called – he wants his Cher back!!

NO, not a good look for her. As Simon would say, “it is absolutely horrible”.



angie on

I thought it was Priscilla Presley!!
I think this look makes her look much older—older than she is….

reina on

I think she is beautiful no matter what.

Tonya on

She looks fabulous! I think the dark hair suits her!

datingdish on

It’s hard to pull off dark dyed over other shades. Oftentimes the look, no matter how well intended, can look muddy. Sometimes I notice celebrities go too extreme with light or dark. It’s ok to try in between shades, though the publicity might be less.

Suzanne on

Yep, Elvira is the first thing that comes to mind. Lighter is better for her.

ash on

I love it! I also think though this might be a sign of pregnancy or trying to get pregnant. She did just get married, and alot of women dye thier hair back to their original color, so they dont have to worry about hair dye harming their unborn child or their hair being two different colors. This would also explain the eye brow ring missing:)

Nicole on

I really like it. I think she looks beautiful

Melodi on

I prefer how she looked before, blonde and pierced. Josh seems to be a really fun guy, and this look makes her look, well, angry. I am a blonde who tried going dark and cried my eyes out until I got my signature color back. The blonde hides all the surgery that’s for sure!

heather on

Love the new color but her style could be updated. It would be cute curly or wavy.Either way she looks great.

DR on

She kinda looks like Priscilla Presley…. not sure I like it..

Bernadette on

She looks like the former Mrs. Presley! It took me at least 10 seconds to realize it was Fergie! I like the brown hair, just not the wet dog look.

Leah on

No makeover could help

Arnie on

Don’t like her new style. She needs her blonde locks back. Don’t care about the piercing.

Katie on

I really like it! She looks more sophisticated and feminine, whereas before she looked like a rocker.

Lori on

It’s really hard to pull off a middle part. And, sorry to say, Fergie really isn’t doing it, at least in this photo. The hair color? Striking but severe. Again, hard to pull off. Her features need to be more angular. I say go lighter and brighter, young woman! Think chestnut brown, angled bob with amazing highlights. Oh yeah.

Ann on

She looks younger with her old look – pun intended! Yes, Fergie, please bring back old hair and piercing!!!

suzi q on

yuck. didn’t think it could get much worse

Peggy McAteer on

I think she looks like Priscilla Presley..

kelly on

YUCK! I’m sorry but she always looks constipated…

Lyn on

Is it just me or does anyone else see Priscilla Presley??

Stephanie on

I love the new hair color because it makes her look younger, but she needs to get a hair cut!!!! her hair is too long. Maybe she would look even better if she got bangs or something.. :)

kt on

I think it looks great!

Amanda on

First, Fergie has never really been that attractive she has had alot of work done that is obvious. Glad to see her making more mature choices with her style but this is too drastic. She actually looks like Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City, and she is not cute! A bit of the Corpses Bride look going! hmmm…..

Juli on

EWWW – she looks horrible! Across between Elvira and P. Presley. She looks like she is 50 years old!

linds on

OHHHH i love it !!!! she needed something fashion foward and less gheto fab !!

Missy Walter on

She looks like Priscella Presley. But most importantly, her hairstylist should blend in those extensions.

Lyn on

Just went thru previous posts. Clearly I’m not alone in thinking she looks like her.

marie on

Okay. chers mini me. lol. but i love fergie. and she will always be gorgeous no matter.

katie on

i love it! she looks so natural and pretty!

Julia on

I think she is still pretty but she looks a little older with dark hair.

Bobbi on

I hate it; she looks so much older now. She should have stuck with the blonde look…and the eyebrow piercing!

Elle on

Can someone tell me who designed her dress??? I love it…

KALI000988 on

ehh i think its o.k. i liked the dirty blonde better though… but she still is really pretty.

Cindy on

Hate it. Somebody get this girl a makeover!
She looks 10 years older.

Debbie on

The hair color isn’t important. We know they all change that weekly. It doesn’t flatter her at all being stuck to her head. Love the length….longer the better. The makeup doesn’t look natural at all. Her face seems to be quite swollen, also.

juluie on

love it!

Rose Appel on

Not liking it all; the colour is too dull for her, I give u a week and she will dye it back to her original colour. I agree she looks old~!


Louise on

She looks terrible. Botoxed up and hair is too dated and not a nice color. Fergie is not a pretty woman.

Lam on

NOT good.

Suzanne on

YUCK!!!!! Way too old to have it THAT long and straight. The color is ok I guess.

Tavia on

Honestly love the new look on fergie.

robyn on

shes an old hag

caroline on

i dont like it, she makes her self look old and too serious, and she is definitly not a brunette

kgund on

Love the new haircolor, but the style adds 10 years to her. Keep the color, but change up the cut!

Jen on

What! How could you possible like it! I can understand wanting a different look but come on. She looks so old in the face and she looks like she has had ALOT of work that well, how should I say this, went really wrong! She also looks like her hard life that she has had has caught up with her, big time. Wrong look, go back blonde, just maybe a darker blonde.

Raybelle on

I like the makeup and I definately don’t miss the piercing. But, that hair is awful! I think she could make a change without looking like she aged 30 years.

Jennifer on


Magnolia on

Not good. She’s a lovely girl. She looks hard and jaded.

Gracie on

I feel like some lighter highlights throughout would have made the color look more natural- I also think that some pinker blush over a lighter ivory foundation with eye makeup that opens up her eyes would be pretty. I wonder how Fergie would look with bangs. Personally, I like seeing some waves in Fergie’s hair. It softens her features.

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Amy on

I dont like it. Elvira

Lisa on

She was beautiful when she had blond hair who would change her hair it makes her seemto edgey now

Jackie on

It doesn’t matter what she does to her hair, or Katie Holmes, for that matter they need to fix their faces!

Emma on

I seriously think she looks better with blonde hair, its suits her skin tone!

ace on

hate it…i think she’s gorgeous as a blonde but no where near as hott as a brunette…sorry :(

munga on

She looks very pretty in the new ‘do but the old look was much friendlier and warmer. The new look is more business-like. I guess it all depends on how she currently wants to present herself.

Sarah on

She looks like a drag queen as usual- just awful!

Mary on

Fergie is not a preety girl to begin with, her dark hair makes her look old and her eyebrows need to be toned down alot!

She needs to refine her look towards a more elegant look, she looks grundgie…sorry needed to say that…

mandy on

I think that this new look for her is absolutely AWFUL I personally like the old saying ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” she used to be so beautiful. What was she thinking?

Brow Pierced! on

Brow experts??!!??!…. what a waste of money and way tackier than a brow piercing!!
I like the look with or without the piercing!!

ST on

No, no, no. That’s bad. Not flattering at all.

Jen on

Does anyone think she looks a bit like Priscilla Presley? Makes her look much older and her face looks longer. Nice dress though!

kiwicanada on

A little harsh I think. Too Elvira and makes her look older. This look works on Angelina but sorry Fergie, not for you.

agos on

she looks to morticia, i don’t like it. definetly NAY

hannah on

I thought she was Priscilla Presley as well, and that can NEVER be a good thing. Wow, not a good look at all!

pretty.odd. on

I really don’t like this, although i never really loved her appearence. She really needs to look more natural. The eyebrows are a bit too much.

AmandaB on

An easy fix for what was another completely independent “Elvira” reaction! Part your hair on the side, Fergie, and go for a sultry, Veronica Lake look with your shiny locks drifting down over one eye. You could definitely pull that off!

shizam on

It looks more natural but she needs to softenher look alittle, but then again if she and Josh like it thats all that really matters.

Katie on

She looks like Priscilla Presley. In a bad way.

mere on

I think she has always been a hot mess, But this is awful. She seems like a desperate follower.

Rae on

I think it makes her look like Priscilla Presley

Aimee on

Is it me or doesn’t she look a little like Priscilla Presley with this look?

Jenn on

Fergie looks good in anything. It makes me wonder why she did something so drastic. Maybe she is prego….

Mrs. Davis on

Like the makeup, but the hair does look like the Adams Family chic. I think the hair color needs to be a brown… not so dark.

kelmcv on

She looks like Pricilla Presleys “picture”.

Tara on

Elvira’s back!

Door on

Hate it.

Anonymous on

Does anybody else think she looks kind of like Priscilla/Lisa Marie Presley?

Tonya on

She looks like Lisa Marie Presley…. and much older than she actually is. She needs a warm honey color on her hair and natural make up.

dayna on

she looks OLD, like haggard old, and kinda masculine. These celebrities (like Jessica SIMPSON!) need to stop parting their hair in the MIDDLE, it looks TERRIBLE and does nothing good for your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey on

If the shade was a little lighter brown and with a little more volume, it would look less harsh. Not to sound mean, but her face is a little hard, and the dark style really clashes with it. The softer brown would do so much better. Not platinum blonde, or anything like it – just a nice, mellow shade of chocolate brown, with apropos highlights would be great one her.

dayna on

and could SOMEONE get this woman some body in her hair?? good lord! it also needs to be cut.

Melody on

I love it, and I love Fergie. Elvira is hot, anyway. :]

Denise on

Love the colour! Now we need to get her hair some volume!

ronee on

Her color is great, but the style is like Morticia Adams’!!!

zepoll on

She looks like Priscilla Presley now!!!

roxanne on

Wow…she looks like a “younger”/post plastic surgery Priscilla Presley but definitely an old Fergie. Too drastic for her! Go back to the lighter/”funner”/younger style…and soon!!!!!

JoJo on

I think she looks majorly old and it’s too dark

cecilia on

She’s already ugly to begin with, so no matter she does to herself, it makes no difference.

ctnmth on

It makes her look very old. Yuck.

Kelly Murphy Rogowski on

Great color but a horrible hairstyle – far too harsh for her features. With that said, I don’t know to many women who wouldn’t kill to look like Fergie!

VMC on

Since when does Mature mean old? I think it would be fine if the hair was a bit shorter, but otherwise, I like it!

JuneBug on

It is so sad what she has done to her face. She needs to stop cutting on it and stop injecting chemicals into it. Also, her makeup looks too heavy, as does her hair. She looked better when she had lighter, softer hair and fresher, lighter makeup. Why age your face when your body looks so good???

lay on

I like it; I think I was getting kinda tired of the blonde; it makes her look more sophisticated.

Jason on

I don’t like.
I wouldn’t have even known who it was without the article mentioning her name.

K on

I thought it was Priscilla Presley when I first saw the photo.

Jon on

Fergie’s new hair is nice. Um… it’s up to her whether she wants to bring back her trademark brow piercing.

shizam on

She looks more natural, She needs to soften the priscilla Presley look, maybe some bangs. Yea no piercing. But then again maybe she & Josh like it so thats all that really matters.

Babs on

I like the color but the cut is weird.

Vanessa on

No. Her new look fits her. She looks fresh with the brunette hair, everybody is blond so why not change?? And she had the piercing for a long time so it’s ok when it’s gone.

KBW on

Morticia, The Addams FAM-I-LY!!! GOMEZ WOULD BE HOTT!!!

Lissa on

I like the color on her, but it is too flat and stringy.

Totalvicky on

She looks 10 years older. Go back to lighter multi-tonal hair and warmer softer make-up. Unless she wants to look 40 … and I don’t think she does … this look has aged her horribly and there is no need for her to look older than her age.

cami on

It’s her face that makes her look bad…ewww..I’v never thought she was an attractive woman at all!

Cheryl on

SHE IS OLD! She’s too old to be doing what she’s doing . . . and she needs to lay off the botox.

Rebecca on

I think she is in the right direction…Her hair is fried- cut it! I think with the color, she needs a cute refined bob! I am glad she took the piercings out! Everytime I looked at her-it freaked me out!

Carlita on

I think it’s nice, but maybe she should dye her eyebrows to match And she might need to change her hairstyle as well.

Sadie on

I really like it. Would probably like it better about 4-6 inches shorter. It does NOT make her look too old. And, losing the piercing? Wow, wish everyone would grow up like she has!

Evelyn on

She indeed looks older..

Teresa on

I think she needs all the ends trimmed (a LOT), love the hair color, gorgeous eyes, especially without the piercing!

Christine on

The hair colour is a nice change, but a little too dark …but whatever she’s doing to face needs to stop … how much higher can those eyebrows go?

paul on

It makes her look old

elcyd on

I don’t think it makes her look older, Fergie has a ‘mature’ face anyway. Still gives her that edgy look but sophisticated. She looked washed out before, this is a good look for her.

Carrie on

HATE it – what’s up with the straight part right down the middle? that’s how i used to do my part when i was a major dork in middle school.

BJ on

It’s all the plastic surgery that bothers me! Fergie was soooooo cute before!

maria on

I love it! She looks so good! I’d almost not even recongize her. It’s great.

slick on

It looks horrible!!! She looks so old. I agree with many on here – looks like Morticia or Elvira. Go back to your curly brown-blonde. So much better.
Josh must think he went to sleep and is having a really bad nightmare.

Coey on

Better…but still looks like a tranny…

Alicia on

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! She really looks fierce.

Jordan on

I think it makes her look to old but then again kinda pretty!!!!:)

laura on

I like the color makes her look sophisticated and brings her eyes out, however the long straight makes her look like “elvira”. she needs to rethink the style.

rtz on

She looks older and it’s way too long and straight.

Kelly on

Fergie doesn’t look delicious anymore! She looks like an outdated Elvira!! EWE!

Nindi on

When will people realize that A)parting hair down the middle can only be pulled off by a few perfect faces, and/or B)parting hair down the middle is really more for the truly young. Fergie is beautiful, but she’s not helping herself here.

Brooklyn on

I love her hair colour. However, I think it would look a bit better if it was shoulder length or maybe even a bit shorter.

Naomi on

She looks like Booberella from The Simpsons.

Z on

She reminds me of Elvira…

linda b on

She looks much more polished, but the haircut is awful. It’s very stringy,not very classy at all. She’s a beautiful woman and I know she wants to look “edgey” but it can come off looking cheap…

Your Mom on

SOMEbody wants to be Demi Moore….(it looks awful).

nicole jank on

I think it looks hot. Its kinda of a mortia from the adams family look but it looks edgy nice choice fergie

Leeann on

I like the dark color of her hair but it needs to be cut and styled. The long her makes her look way to old

Jonna on

I think it makes her look super old.

noname on

she’s ugly anyway you put it. yuck!

Lori on

YUCK! The hair is just too straight and too dark.
And leave the eyebrow piercing behind… that era is over.

Angela on

She looks old, whether she has blond or brown hair. I think it’s a combo of sun damage, plastic surgery, those eye brows and all that eyeliner. She needs to soften up her makeup and her style to look younger…she’s not exactly 20 something any more.

wonderful on

You people are stupid! She hardly looks old, what are you 13? Put your picture up here and let’s pick out your flaws. She looks fabulous!!! Frosty blonde hair is so old, so cliche, and so out! Rich, dark, glossy haircolor is the new thing!!! I’m a brunette too, and I’m a hair model :)

tiffany bentley on

i like her alot better blonde,the dark hair makes her look alot older,we all wont to look young not older!!but i love her know matter what ,it’s fergie!!ya,know!

Ashley on

No, thank you. She looks like Lisa Marie Presley.

Jess on

She looks like Priscilla Presley.

Jenna on

The new look is not bad it just needs a little styling!!! And she always looked this old you guys are now just noticing it.!

Mee on

I think she looks stunning and I am happy she made the change!

V on

I really like the color, she just needs a haircut… about the botox, here’s a little spanish saying ” cuerpo de tentacion y cara de arrepentimiento”

Shannon on

I do not like it. It does make her look older. She does look like she could play Morticia on the Adam’s Family.

Tori on

I like it. It makes her look more sophisticated and classy :)

Candy on

Hate it! She looks too old.

Amanda on

She looks good. kind of looks like Lisa Marie Presley

sara on

Who cares, nobody !

Nicole on

Whoever said she looks like Priscilla Presley I agree. From a distance I thought that’s who the pictures was of.

Styler on

I love the color! But it is way to long!! I think she would look much better (and younger) with an angled bob that sits just above the shoulders.

Becky on

This look does nothing but bad to her…which sucks because she really is pretty…she looks old…like a cross between Cher and Morticia Adams…wtf Fergie…

kryssie on

she looks like prescilla presley

Mia on

Really not a fan of Fergie but I do like her hair straight but the color is a bit dark for her. Kinda drains and ages her. I guess she just looks more rough

Claire on

Horrible! She is not very pretty to begin with and this hairstyle is doing nothing for her…

Byanca on

I am not sure if I like the dark hair on her. I think the lighter hair mde her look softer. I think the dark hair is kind of harsh. But I like her with out the eye brow piercing

Jess on

i love it….i think she looks hot
good for her

Leslie on

Anything that gets her hair off her face is good. She can at times look very ‘pug’ like with her face all bunched up like Kirsty Alley’s. Here her face looks open and welcoming; doesn’t matter what colour her hair is as long as it’s not on her face like a curtain!

Angie on

I like it she probably thought it was time to change and thats why she went so dramatic with it being married now probably thought it was time for that change.

kim trevlac on

i’ve always thought fergie was ugly, but she just looks like a wax version of an ugly person now. her eyebrows are too arched up and i hate hate hate her nose ! she looks very old, and resembles priscilla presley. her neck and chest also look verrrry wrinkley, ew.

Lori Leary on

I like her fresh new look, good time of year to
do it .
(I think she looks better without the piercing).

julaine on

I agree, she looks like Priscilla Presley and not in a good way either. I would rather she go back to her previous color/look.

sarah stage on

The new cut makes her look older and her face looks shiny/oily. Bad all around.

Jamie on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She looks like a lady.Less makeup looks much better..LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie G on

Fergie could wear a sack and look gorgeous! I think it is a little drastic for my tastes but I still think she pulls it off beautifully.

Not A Good Look on

I agree, with this style she looks like elvira. I like blonde better on her or a softer brown. Something that compliments her. I don’t think she looks very good here.

crystal on

i dont like it she looks so much older!! i like her old look….

Nikki on

I think it should be cut about two inches and have some style to it, she looks like Elvira and she’s such a pretty girl she could do something more “stylish”.

Lauren Abercrombie on


A Mom Who Knows on

It’s none of OUR business.


i agree with noyou, her hair is soo flat. idk it also kinda makes her look old.

Kim Underwood on

Change is sometimes good. Fergie looks classy and sophisticated. After a while, although sexy, the sexpot, skimpy clothed look should be on its way out..especially when rollin into the 30’s + age. Sexy can come in a classy looking package…and she has it!!!

christina on

yikes! don’t like it at all. she looks like lisa marie presley…too rough. she can be pretty but she needs to work on being more classy, not trashy.

Melissa on

I love Fergie, but I think this look makes her look older and hard. I think she’s a beautiful and talented woman, but someone steered her wrong on this!!

Rai on

She doesn’t have a pretty face and she is aging. I think lighter – blonde – tones are much better for her. She needs a softer look, less harsh.

Chloe on

I believe she may be pregnant, due to that fact that she went back to her obvious natural color (matches her eye-brows) and when you are pregnant you can not dye or color your hair, well you shouldn’t.
I think it looks great!

HSR on

FANTASTIC! She always looked washed out as a blonde…Love it!

scott hultner on

doesn’t matter how she looks, from the neck down she is awesome!!

Chris on

I concur with the Elvira comment.

BobaFett on

Not a big fan of this look. The color is just too muddy.
Parting and that particular color… Not a good combination.

wow on

fergie is definitely an attractive woman but, this new hair color makes her look much older and not in a good way. the old hair color may of washed her out a bit but this dark color is definitely not flattering.

mary on

love her hair and fergie

Mickey on

I hate the hair and makeup she looks like a cross between Elvira and Lisa Marie Presley but the clothes are ok! She is a gorgeous girl all she really needed to do was just start dressing more classy!!!!!

Nadine on

Don’t like the Morticia look. She looks older, too.

cathy on

she looks great ,she doesn’t need a trade mark. she is one to all young and old .

Jacqi on

I like the color if it were styled differently. And I think she should keep the eyebrow piercing for the simple fact that its not a piercing but that it is a reminder of her struggle with addiction to crystal meth and the fact that she beat it.

Woo on

Totally Elvira! And it makes her face look older!

v on

HATE IT!!! She looks way like the porn queen, Jenna Jamison.

Dina on

How old is she? She looks at least mid-40s. Something isn’t working right!

Sharon on

Hate it. She has a very unfortunate face and this hair style does nothing but call attention to it. At least with the blond hair she kind of all blended together and her face was de-emphasized.

lori on

I don’t like it. I thought she was so pretty-she sure isn’t now!!

Esmee on

She looks beautiful! Marriage and a new makeover agrees with her!

Lee Ann on

She looks better Blonde,, looks like Elvira….

Ned on

Fergie’s new look is awesome, just as she is. Yet, why do we need to judge people by how they look. It’s giving our youth a bad message. Fergie’s beautiful, whichever “look” that she wears. Perhaps she should be saying, to everyone when they ask, that this change is because she likes how she looks and that it doesn’t really matter what you or I want. That’s the message we should be putting out there. We are all beautiful people, if only we can believe it about ourselves. Why do we judge?

Cat on

Colour is fab but she looks really old looking face is really drawn

Maggie on

I agree, she looks like an old Elvira!

KVD on

She’s looking HOT! I love the hair color! :)

Tracy on

She is the least attractive person this magazine reports on. Her hair color is irrelevant.

Elizabeth on

I love all of Fergie’s styles, but this look just doesn’t do it for her in my opinion. I love the change in color but it is a little plain. I think it draws attention to the flaws in her skin and makes her look a bit older than she is. I think she can change her look for the more sophisticated, “settled down” style without playing down her youthful beauty.

Leelee on

Stacey has a low forehead and whoever told her she should part her hair in the middle should be fired. This girl needs a side part and bangs swept to the side that will hide her low hairline!

blayne on

fire your stylist! the look is horrendous!

Denise on

I think she looks wonderful. People with such negative comments are just plain sad. If you don’t like it, just say you don’t like it. No need to attack her as a person.

RT on

Wow, that new do makes her look old and tired. Lets hope that is just a bad photo of Fergie.

Lisa on

LOVE IT!!!!!!! She’s much prettier!!!

hottie on

i think i like her other look better, i do like the hair color but her hair needs a little lift i think it makes her face look older. one of the great things about fergie is she is not like everyone else and this look sort of takes that away from her

Diana on

She looks like Morticia Addams. Yuck!

Pamela on

i would just like o say that facial piercings have ABS nothing to do with someones “state of mind” i dont know where people get that idea, just cuz she likes to put an ring in her eyebrow does not mean she cant be married or settle down..soo stupid.

pciotti on

I don’t like the dark colour. It’s too harsh and I really wish she would get rid of the center part.

Lyndsey.3. on

I think it makes her look older, but if she is happy good for her.

jen on

Looks good but the first person i thought of was Cher.

Lulu on

Wow! She looks about 10 billion times better! And amen that she finally took that hideous thing out of her eyebrow!!!

Katie on

I am a hairdresser and this is the worst thing she could do to make herself look older. Dark straight hair will always make you look old. Blonde brings youth to your face and lightens up your features. BIG MISTAKE!

Kristin on

I think Fergie looks awesome and love the dark hair!!

Diane Busza on

No matter what her hair color she looks fantastic, very happy and I am glad her piercing is gone now she looks like a lady, can’t wait to see her movie” Nine” and a new solo album and congrats on your wedding Fergie! you look fantastic!

Megan on

Hate it, really hate it. She looked much better before, and I liked the eyebrow piercing. Her previous look suited her better.

angelgirl on

i think that it don’t look like fergie but everyone needs a change every now and then so my friend i love you and rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iufan on

she needs to cut her hair shoulder length or shorter. its starting to look fried at the ends. her hair is too dark. she needs to lighten it to “soften” her features because that color is too harsh. the middle split just isnt working either!

Mai Thai on

She ooks like Cher. The light brown is way better. She is still very pretty.

Maria on

this makes her look older. i do not like this at all. ewww



Tracy knoll on

The part down the middle is too harsh for her face shape. She needs a side-part, caramel highlights, and a decent shorter haircut, preferably with a style that will get all that mess back off her face…brushed back with some layers. Don’t these women ever look in a mirror? She looks like Elvira.

Angelina on

Carrot Top….or is it just me?

Aurora on

She looks like Priscilla Presley. Sorry Fergie!

Lisa on

I like the makeup, but her hair needs some body!

DeeDee on

First glance, I saw Priscilla Presley! Hahaa!

kelley on

wow, she does look old.. those eyebrows, did she have a lift? it looks like it. i thought she was ugly as a blonde, but this is worse :(

Dayle on

I think it is okay. But I like her better as a blonde.

MrsN on

Drag Queen. Fergie is a talented person and seems sweet. I’d llove to hang out with her for the afternoon, but I’d probably have to make a stop at a salon to fix all that is broken here.

lula on

she just put on about 10yrs! hate it


Not good … how old is she again? …

angelica on

Very ,Very beautiful !!. It’s the best look.
Of course, better than before. Keep iy.

Rachel on

I like this look… and why are you people saying to looks older… she’s in her 20’s for god sakes!

I love it and i think it does a lot to her look!


I have never thought she was that pretty.Just cute. Now she is not even cute. And it looks like a bad die job in this pic. It doesn’t do the poor girl any justice whatsoever!

Emily on

Fergie is one of the ugliest stars out there, and she doesn’t need this horrible makeover to make her look worse! I’m sorry, I don’t mean to insult anyone who like it, or her!

Denise on

She looks like Priscilla Presley with her hair like this. I don’t think it makes her look older, she already looked old, in my opinion. In general, she’s not an attractive looking woman… but still, I think this looks better than the blonde look she’s had. I don’t mind the eyebrow piercing – didn’t even notice it was missing until I read that she wasn’t wearing it. Oh, well.

london on

i hate it she should get a new look.

melissa on

she is fine either way she will always be beautiful even if she wore a paper bag

LM on

She DOES look like Priscilla Presley!! I don’t like it at all!

Jp on

I personally aint a fan of eye brow piercings on a great looking woman’s face it’s a turn off if your attractive be proud of that don’t pierce your eye brows


Looks good to me but personally I prefer blonde on the fergalicious. You know how it is – she isn’t fergalicious when the hair is brown. We became too used to Ferg for too long as she was, why screw with a good look?

ND on

Eeeww! She looks way better (& younger) with blonde hair! I hope she changes this color soon!

Marilu on

I like the new look, its okay! Everyone wants to change there look once in awhile.

J32 on

I think she looks very natural. People put way too much thought into people’s looks. Maybe she is going more natural because she’s recently married and thinking to start a family!

Jessi on

I think it looks like a really bad dye job. The cut is too harsh for her…she’s so manly looking, she needs something softer and more feminine. I think a shoulder length bob- dark-blonde with some waves and body to it would look better on her. She looks really old and I don’t even think she’s 30 yet! Ug.

Teri on

Hate ir…she looks like Elvira!

Teri on

Hate it…she looks like Elvira!

Deb on

Is this her natural color so, if she’s pregnant, there’s no hair dye involved???

Just a thought.

Oh, I do like it, except a few curls/waves would be awesome!

neenee on

She looks great. Nice to see that generic swirly blonde vacuous look gone. She is beautiful.

ETSUgal on

I think it makes her look WAAAAAY older. She looked way hotter as a lighter color. She’s hip and she’s cool, she should have good style to match.

Sherry on

I agree with the others that she looks older & resembles Elvira. I always thought she looked manly and this hair style makes her look even more masculine. DOWNGRADE.

Gary on

It’s much too severe. Her face is not soft enough. She needs a softer color and a bit of a curl. I don’t miss the eyebrow piercing.

pb on

It looks amazing. I appreciate people that not only take risks with thier look, but that can pull it off too.

jbferever. on

i do not like its at all.
go jonas brothers.

jessica holland on

I adore it!!!

Amy on

I couldn’t agree more, when I first saw the picture I thought it was Priscilla Presley.

CarLee on

Her face looks puffy and shiney; maybe a little botox. Her hair is too long and stringy and it drags down her face; the color is too dark which makes her look older than she is. The hair color, along with the heavy eye makeup, hides her eyes. I would suggest she stop the botox and everything else and just own, and like, who she is. That’s what makes someone sexy. She’s got everything else going for her. btw: botox only makes you look strange, not better. It’s weird when someone’s face doesn’t move. You cannot show character if you have no expression in your face.

Cristal on

Well I think she look ugly with that hair color and she looks to old she look better before

Jennifer on

I don’t like it at all. As a straight woman, I think she had much more sex appeal and charisma with the blond hair.

maria on

not really it’s not horrible…but it’s too Morticia Adams for me

terry on

Ghastly… she looks like a very old aged Lisa Hartman from the 80s morphed with Morticia from the Addams family.

Susan on


ME on

LOVE IT! I’m inspired and Fergie is truly gorgeous and talented!

b on

i think she looks kinda like a presley…. that could just be me though… but i like the new look. sometimes you just grow out of piercings of it could be she thought it inappropriate to wear for that occasion. i know i take my nose ring out for certain things like work

Jennifer on

She was already ugly. Now it looks like Life dipped her into the ugly pond AGAIN! Double whammy!

cheleg on

She looks pretty, but kind of reminds of Morticia
of The Adams Family. I like her without the piercing.

Benjamin on

I think she looks hot with the new hairstyle. I do miss the piercing though.

savannah on

i think that fergie looks hot !!!

keep rokin that haire gurl!!

Jen on

It looks great!!! She is very fit and this color looks great on her

Veronica on

I agree that she looks a bit like Priscilla Presley. She is probably trying for a new look since she has started a new life as wife with Josh. Her hair just needs to be toned down a little. She looks to harsh.

Alex on

Well I must say I do not like her new hair color at all. It makes her look aged and rough looking. I like how she has straightened her hair and thinks she needs to put some high lights in.

Megan on

Although she’s a beautiful woman, I feel that the length & color really age her. There comes a certain point in life/age where long, straight hair just won’t work for the face anymore. I honestly think this color & style make her look like she’s in her mid-late 50’s. Long hair sometimes draws the face downward making a more “drained” look. Maybe she should go with something more face shaping and cute, like a bob than to really drag her face down and age her looks. Either way,she’s beautiful but I don’t think this style is working to her advantage.

Crystal on

I love it,

Brittany on

EW she looks GROSS….

ko on

her face looks fatter…she looks kinda boring, no more sass..

Liana on

I like the hair…but if only she could change her face…….

Marcia on

She looks like Priscilla Presley before she turned into the Joker(Batman)

Ava on

I honestly like it!! Her eyes pop, she looks definitely more sophisticated. The only thing I’d say is to cut her hair shorter because the long stick straight look just doesn’t work. I think maybe 3 or 4 inches below the shoulder would be perfect for her! The color is amazing though, and the subtle highlights are great!!! Go Fergie! (and YAAAAY no eyebrow ring anymore!!!)

Deb on

I like her in the lighter hair better. This makes her look too rough or something. She is so pretty already, she should just leave it alone. That’s my thought!!

Felicia on

She looks great, as always. I like it dark.



Lisa on

She looks JUST like Lisa Marie Presley!!!!


this new hair style makes her look sick, she looked much better with blond hair. Her skin color is better for blond hair.

cath on

i didnt think it was possible for fergie to be more revolting then she was… shes really outdone herself this time.


She looks to old with this long dark hair. Maybe some highlights in there and not so stick straight. Makeup is luminous and very natural looking. The eyebrow piercing was to prove something in years past. She is happily married to the man she loves. She probably doesn’t think she needs to prove anything now.

Ann Onimus on

Fergie! I thought that was Micheal Jackson in a dress….oops.

mbell on

like the hair color change, needs a different hair style and new make up or something. that sleek straight,down the middle hairdo is not for her.

fergie fan on

Beautiful beautiful, Keep the look fergie, maybe lighten the hair just a bit. you look classy and sophisticated. Th look suits you and I love the “less” makeup look, There are so many negative critasisms, people just cannot look past the outside and are probably not used to see you covered up as much…. Keep up all your good hard work at chainging yourself and keeping yourself on the up…. LOVE IT!!!!

Mel on

She is a beautiful women. So, I don’t think it matters. But I really like it. She could pull off bald.

Jeanni on

She looks like Prisila Presley.

lala on

I think she says she’s 33 but she’s waaay older than that. She never smiles. Anyway she looks old

lindam on

You should have done a poll, letting people online make comments just brings out the nasty idiots.

I like her both ways actually.

theresa on

Love it!!!!

Shawna on

Hate it! She looks older!



sandi on

I like Fergie, and the fact that she kicked the drugs. She has an amazing voice. I did like her as a blonde tho. she went too dark. Maybe lighten it up a little, and not so straight.

Cyndi on

The hair colour is ugly but I suppose it doesn’t help much that she also looks like a man.

twobigboobs on

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mgray333 on

forget the hair, does anybody else not think her face looks strange

tired tonight on

I think she needs a new cut now. Something shorter to make it thicker. She needs a few inches cut off of it, a few layers, and a long side-sweep bang.

Benzino on

When i saw dat pic,i had 2 look 2 be sure it was ma Fergie.Really wish i cud tell her this personally:that hairdo makes her look 10 yrs older.Pls bring back d brow piercing

Stizzle on

I don’t think it looks bad. I like her better blonde. But, the first thing that came to my mind when I seen it was not Elvira, but Priscilla Presley before the bad face job she had.

Marianne on

She is a beautiful woman, but she looks like Pricilla Presley without the plastic surgery. Go back to being blonde.

Tacha on

What a great improvement! Love it!

duttybwoy on

What is Fergie’s talent?

Daenae on

I’m glad to see the tacky piercing gone but I have to say I don’t like this look on her. I think she is gorgeous and doesn’t need to “touch up”. The long blond curls look so much better on her for her face shape and skin tone. Fergie hon, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! :)

Rose on

I don’t think this is very becoming to her. She looks like a combination of Cher/Elvira/old Madonna/Kim Kardashian. It is just too dark and pulls her face down giving her a grim look rather then fun or happy or glam. Something needs to change-lightening the color a bit or shortening the hair or both-anything that would make it look a little less grim. Probably next week though, there will be another change. I hope so, Everyone should have fun experimenting but this was one that went wrong.

Sarah Anne on

Maybe if she doesnt part her new hair straight down the middle, this hair style might be alright.Lips injected for sure!!!And her Lipstick is UGly! She needs more of a pinkish tone!!!

Sharon on

She looks older than her years as it is..and now the dark hair really accentuates it even more. I would go back to a blonder shade to brighten up her face.

Ronni Nicole on

although she still looks pretty, i believe blonde fits her much better..but the eyebrow piercing did need to go.

natalie on

I think she looks great. I love it!!!

natalie on

I think she looks great. I love it!!! The dark hair looks great on her, I bet Josh loves it too.

Louise on

Hate it. She has never been beautiful, but this really robs her of any beauty. Her face looks aged, and chubby. She best dye it back to blonde before Josh files for divorce.

Julie on

I like it. I bet her & Josh are working on starting a family & she doesn’t want to be busy coloring her hair. ;)

Chassity on

she looks just like lisa marie presly. but i think it is lovely on her.

Irena on

this makes her look very old. Back to blond pls!

Erin on

I didn’t think, Elvira, although I see it, my first thought was Priscilla Presley, not the right look for someone as fun and flirty as Fergie

Kelly on

It makes her look older (the hair and the injections), she looks like a cross between Elvira and Priscilla Presley. I do like the makeup though.

azsandprincess on

No Wayy!! I dont like it at all, it makes her look way older and really washed out. she needs to go back asap.

Veronica on

She is a yong beautiful woman and with this color it makes her look so much older.

ClaudiaM on

I don’t like it. But, as someone said before, it’s not a problem with the hair: It’s her face, damaged by botox and surgeries.

sandra on

i dont like it

i like her with blonde hair and curly hair
but she’s always beautiful

Nancy on

I have never thought she was very attractive, regardless of her hair color. I agree with others. She looks older and rougher than usual.

viktorea on

nooooooooooo i love fergie with blonde hair please fergie change it back

da on

She looks ok, a little to old for the Pop Star genre. I always loved her blonde hair. Maybe for a makeover she should try a short sassy cut instead of trying to look like Cher.

ap1968 on

I am a huge fan and love the new grown up look. Maybe a side part instead of down the middle would soften it just a bit. And less makeup is much better.

Valeria on

I love the color, but the hair is too straight. It looks almost glued to her head. And she does look old, but that is due to the smoking and too much alcohol. She tried to use plastic surgergy to fix it, but cigarettes and hard liquor always take their toll. She really needs to cut back on those two vices. That would improve her skin greatly. She’s only 36. There’s still time.

Crystal on

I think she looks really pretty. I definitely like the darker hair.

Shari on

Makes her look 15 years older than she is…..

Alina on

she lost herr Ferginess…where are the “humps”??
idk…she just doesnt look bery original anymore…just like any other hollywood star…she now blends in

Nikki on

I hate it. It makes her look awful!

Gail Reid on

She looks fantastic. Why would she bring back the piercing when she looks this good!

JOY on

I never though of her as being attractive, Still don’t.

the23plunger on

i like fergie with her blonde hair more. she’ll look better in that style if she made it into black soft curls

tabbi221 on

Let me just clarify to Mongo that there is a big difference between looking old and looking mature

barbarae on

She looks like Elvira. Can’t these ladies come up
with their own style? Elvira did. And look at all the copy cats. Go back to blonde and be yourself.

Niamh on

Nevermind her new hair colour, it’s her awful plastic surgery face which draws my attention!

Karin on

Does this chick ever smile?

Blondie on

The hair color way too dark and makes her look years older.The length is okay needs layers to soften her face.

charlotte on

I love it. She looks fabulous!

Pyjama on

I was thinking that she would look nice with honey colored curls.

Lisa on

I think she looks more polished and more classy. I give it a big thumbs up!

Robin on

She looks like a young Priscilla Presley.

Dianne on

I love the color on her, but I would change the style, maybe a little shorter and more body… right now it pulls her face down too much with the poker-straight hair. But all in all, I think this is a good look for her!

jelly on

ummmm, im sort of getting sick of the way-to-straight, pin straight hair. as female with incredibly curly, volumizing hair its not fun..plus i dont like the look i think big hair is the way to go!! lol

abigail on

i love ur hair sis.keep it that way.u look so beautiful and so hapi.

Rose on

Awful, Just awful… What on earth was she thinking.. I hope she tones this down a little!! She would definately suit a role in the Adams family with this look

patidee on

i agree with previous posts … no likey.

Liza on

either way she just looks like an older woman desperately trying to look 21 again.

Ashley on

I absolutely love it!!!!!

Theresa on

I HATE IT! she looks super old with the new hair.

pezled on

I think it’s her hair and looks, so therefore none of anyone else’s business. I also don’t expect her to care how I do my hair or “look.” You people need to get a life.

Laila on

I don’t see sophisticated at all…it doesn’t fit her. LOL, she DOES look like Priscilla Presley…yucky! Try again babe…

G on

Fergie = Trashy!!! Was, is, and always will be. Look at that gawd-awful nail polish…ugh!!

Ter on

She looks absolutely amazing and can pull off anything ! What’s with all you haters? Too much negativity in this world, lighten up. Fergie would look beautiful no matter what she did !

Ms. T on

She looks so old, Missing the blonde locks. :(

leslie on

I love the color but the cut is so long and mundane a very angular swing bob or something with more movement around the face.I agree very Elvira

london on

The color could be a bit softer, but the change itself is good I guess. But if shes so into this sophisticated, married look, her overall style could use a change, too. And i agree with other comments, it somehow makes her look much more plastic.

Heidi on

love iiiit !!!!!!

Randa on

She’s still beautiful, it’s hard for her to NOT be beautiful…but I think it makes her look older…not a good older.

Chrissy on

She is such a pretty woman but needs a makeover. Her look needs to be softened. That long hair parted in the middle does nothing to enhance her look.

Angel on

I love it but she is looking very tired…. much older, not sure if it’s the hair or what.

shotsoe on

yuck, she looks so gross. I can’t believe someone that looks like that has 1 million to spend on a wedding. She looks old like she has smoked to many cigarettes. Meth really does make you age.

BabyDre on

Too severe for an already severe face and features…note to Fergie:- Less is more.

p0go on

love it.
eyebrow piercings are gay

Dee on

I know she wasn’t naturally blonde, but it’s definitley the more natural look for her. The brown her aged her 10 years at least and it being so straight makes her face look so full.

Cheryl Johnson on

She is verry pretty but this is too harsh. Reminds me of Elvira.

WM on

She resembles Casey Anthony, the woman suspected in murdering her own daughter in Florida.

Andrea on

She looks like Priscilla Presley. Creepy.

Kelley on

She Looks Like a Drag Queen…Yuck!

Tiffany on

The color is very pretty, but the cut is a little long. I’m a hair stylist, and I would suggest bringing the length up to her shoulders and adding a little volume and some loose curls. The make-up looks flawless, and the chocolate brown makes her skin look radiant! Nice change! =)

mary on

I like it,looks good.

Linda on

I’ve always thought this woman is attractive only from the neck down. As for this particular hairstyle, it only accentuates her harsh features. She looks better with a softer style.

lori on

I think the darker hair makes her look older. It’s too long and heavy. Is dark her natural color? Glad she took out the piercing though.



Smiler on

I thnk it looks cute but I also think her make up makes her look older or maybe it is just the picture LOL.

Tarell on

I love the darker hair, but it needs some waves in it. Just a little highlighting needs to be done in the front. Plus more tanning will make the color pop out.

Angie on

Makes her look a lot like Lisa Marie Presley…

Jennifer on

EEEWWW!! This look makes her look just HIDEOUS! Change it back, like NOW!

li on

Her hair is fine-her face is the problem. Why does she look twenty years older than she is? Probably from drugs. That’s the price you pay for putting deadly chemicals into your body at a young age.

Joan on

Hair’s too long. Color too dark. Has a very ‘hard/edgy’ look about her. Needs to ‘soften’ up her look. Also, saw her full-length picture in the above outfit. Way too short. Very unattractive.

joe on

Boy, does she look 10 years older with that new doo. What were you thinking?

Yvette on

omg, it’s cher

samanthaxk on

i like it! i think it gives her a more sophisticated look. I thought she looked gorgeous before but she wore too much makeup

lenapao on

Guau! muy bueno tu pop estars,congratulellions….

Jaime on

She looks amazing as always, but I do have to say the hair style and color makes her look old. I think the hair needs another style like more layers or something.

Yvonne on

Lil’ Kim – The “Dancing With the Stars” contestant reportedly owes $979,090 in delinquent state and federal taxes, according to The Detroit News. Uncle Sam, as well as his cousin’s in NY, CA, and NJ, also claims she owes them.

Cathleen on

I like it, although it makes her look older

amber on

Eww I hate it! Fact is Fergie isn’t that attractive anyways, so a new hair color isn’t going to help but she does have a rocking body.

Branna on

I like it, it makes her look older and more sophisticated. I think it was the right time in her life for a change. I mean she just got married and Im sure with a husband like Josh they wont waste any time starting a family. I do agree though she does need to surl her hair or something becasue the long stright dark hair does make her look like Evira. But I like it.

Candy on

She’s younger than me but looks so much older.

Kara on

I think she looks beautiful! The dark hair looks great!

Val on

Oh My, it makes her look MUCH older nad makes her features appear sharp and harsh!All wrong for her!

Madi :) on

I surprisingly like it! Her hair color is nice and looks healthy; the makeover would probably be more effective if she cut it shorter. And I’m really glad she got rid of the eyebrow piercing; it was skanky

Yolanda on

I love the new style but to me it doesnt look like her eyebrows match her hair color!!!!

Shawn on

GORgeous!!! She looks so classy.

Alessia on

I still think she is not very pretty. She has her good days and her bad days, but she is not a very classy lady. To me she looks tacky and trashy. ALthough she IS trying to fit in with hollywood styles. Respect my opinion please. Thanks!

Beckster on

Not our best look Fergie. It does not do ou justice…Better get back to the blonde look while you wer a real Fergilicious~

Karen on

I don’t think it suits her at all. She kind of looks like a mix of Lisa Harman Black and Elvira. She looks too old. That’s just my opinion. It’s too serious for her.

Top Posts « WordPress.com on

[…] Fergie’s Mini Makeover: Love It or Hate It? Peter Kramer/AP It looks like Katie Holmes isn’t the only celeb changing up her look this week. Last night […] […]

dona on

She’s now the spitting image of priscilla presley!

emiiiii on

It seems to me like Fergie is changing up her style, and is becoming more clean and sophisticated.

Sarah Lam on

kind of loving it but she looks weird..

Alice Apondi on

I think she lookd absolutely gorgeous

Junkie1 on

Um…leave it to 1999 Angelina Jolie.

oorvi on

I think she should add a helical curl to her hair. She can see how my tail curls – people say it curls beautifully…and I’ve recently been called gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind sharing some of my beauty secrets with her!

Licks n Wags,

M on

I really don’t like it, she looks weird for some reason. And the hair colour doesn’t really suit her

Kelly on

I never understood all the fuss about Fergie — while she’s a great dancer and talented singer, let’s face it, she’s not the most attractive girl in the entertainment industry. Dark hair, curly hair, eyebrow piercing, whatever — the girl is just not a natural beauty. In fact, I don’t know if there’s anything natural about her. Her husband, on the other hand… WOW. Seriously wow. What’s he doing with her?

Diana on

She looks artificial and looks that she has done something to her face… but her eyes are truly the best thing she has.

Amy Lowe on

Looks like Elvira is back!

Abyssal on

No one cares about Fergie’s makeover.

suz on

The hair color is dark and would be aging if it werent’ for the bit of highlight she has and the youthful length and edgy cut which makes her current and hot (i.e. Demi Moore, Courtney Cox). The face looks cleaner without the piercing, the makeup is a little heavy around the eyes but the lip color looks great. I think she wants to be taken a bit more seriously, which is why most women go drastically from blonde to dark brunette. She’s always been one to go for the “shock effect” and make folks just a bit “uncomfortable”. She’s toning down the blonde, piercing look for a more dark serious one but still pulls off a nice level of “heat”? to achieve what she is so good at, getting her slice of attention.

Jennifer on

Omg i hate it! she looks notlike fergie

I no on

She can try anything she want she will look beautiful…=)

photohand on

She looks 20 years older now.

Emelia on

I like the length of her hair, but i think it’s a little too dark for her. It makes her look kind of old, and stressed out, in my opinion. I think she should dye it dark blonde, part it on the side, and get some bangs.

danalynette on

Like it a lot! Soooo glad to see eyebrow piercing gone- it represents something good, but, HATE that!

rosie on

she should stop getting botox injections. looks like a big rubber doll. horrible! and it doesn’t metter what she wears. she’s not naturally in any way.

jackie on

Dude her hair looks like bad!!!! It makes her look really old and she just looks weird the blond goes better ;)

steph on

I don’t like it

lily on

She looks as though she just escaped from a reservation. She looks awful, but then again she always does.

tf on

Don’t like it.

Squincher on

She looks waaaay older. It doesn’t suit her at all. She reminds me of Elvira, mistress of the dark or Lilly Munster.

Hahahah on

I guess those are the effects of crystal meth. I be josh is regreting the marrige now! Poor guy, way to good looking for her

Debbie on

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate her hair parted in the middle. I can barely look at her because of it…it just doesn’t suit her. Who cares about the color when you can’t get past the style?

Diana Robertson on

I would have brought it a shade or two lighter with more golden tones. She has such great color skin-she should highlight the golden tones in her skin. I love it darker on her-she looks less severe, and softer.

Chelsea on

I think she looks more grown up, more sophisticated. The new look suits her.

Angie on

I don’t like her hair. it makes her look older.

Dylan on

I think she looks a bit older, but change is good. Everyone needs a little something different from time time. People just need to lay off…and quit worrying about it. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

nunya business on

Personally she still looks like a meth addict/user to me..I dont like it!!

katie on

sorry fergie but the hair does not go with your face but the blonde 1 does go with ur face.:(

amy on

I love Fergie but, honestly, she looks tired and old. I don’t think it matters what look she is going with this is what I see in the end. I think she needs a little R&R.

C.D. Carey on

I don’t like this look on Fergie. Too harsh.
She is a pretty girl, and, yes…it is an Elvira look. Taking out the eyebrow piercing, – a good choice. If she is going for a more subtle look, get a good stylist and maybe lighten the hair color. Personally, I like her as a blonde, but she has always needed a different hair style.

nancy on

She needs to do away with that center part and find a hair style that flatters her fuller looking face.

Patty New Jersey on

I love Fergie’s new look. She is so beautiful she
and change her looks a hundred times and she
would still look beautiful. She should put away
the ear piercing she looks better with out it.

Jennifer on

I love Fergie but her hair looks awful….no offense Ferg, but go back to what you were doin before

sheila on

She is one rough looking woman. There is nothing soft about her. She looks like she’s undergone all the things she has.

LAgirl on

You people are stupid. A different hair color doesnt make peope look older. Her face looks the same as before. I think it looks a lot better than the blonde, except for the hair extentions, theyre way too obvious.

Dawn on

She just looks awful – what happened? Is it the brunette? The botox? The straighter than straight here?

As a blonde – she looked hot! Way hotter than this. She looks old now – which I’m betting she wasn’t trying to accomplish.

bklynL on

Great color but not the style- even with a different style I think she’s much more beautiful as a blonde. Her dimensions of blonde were always hot! Go back fergie.

Fergie Dishes About Her Designs — and New Brunette Do — at Her Shoe Debut « Celebrity Blog! on

[…] just footwear that was on Fergie’s mind. The former blonde explained the decision to go brunette. “It’s kind of a new era for me. I’m married, new Black Eyed Peas [album], […]

Molly ♥ on

The color isn’t the bad part– its the length. It looks dead and ratty; I just want to trim off five or six inches of it!

Jordan on

OK. So….her makeover is not exactly what I expected, then again that dark hair is in style now. Can’t she take that eyebrow piercing out already and let it close up? I think that would prove that she really has moved on from her past, but still at 34 or something Fergie is still rockin it!

Nvnfvszs on

xjt1q5 comment2 ,

Aysfqoyq on

L1fNVE comment2 ,

lillain on

thats not her best photo!!!

lillain on

i love it she looks kinda hot!

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