EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Cheryl Burke's Fitness Clothing Line

03/06/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Courtesy Fit Couture

Even if you can’t dance with the stars, you now have the chance to look like one. This Monday, two-time Dancing champ Cheryl Burke‘s new line of fitness wear, Cheryl Burke by Fit Couture, will become available to consumers — and PEOPLE.com has an exclusive first look. “I’ve always wanted to start my clothing line,” Burke tells PEOPLE. “I’m so into being comfortable, and these pieces are just that.” And Cheryl made sure she brought along her years of pro dance experience when creating the gear. “I like to wear layers — pants, tank tops, jackets — when I work out. These pieces move with you. The shirts are extra long so they don’t ride up and the pants have a fold-over waistband that feels snug but not restricting.” Best of all, enthuses Burke, “the fitted jacket with the turn-up collars and cuffs adds a nice flair so you can look cute while you’re working out!” Prices will range from $46-85 for items in the line, which will be available exclusively at fitcouture.com beginning March 9th. — Monica Rizzo

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Cate on

I love Cheryl, and those clothes are definitely cute. I can’t wait to buy them!

Joyce on

We love you, Cheryl! Go girl…

brandi on

i love it that she is pursuing a fitness line, but why is everything so EXPENSIVE!? the clothes are fashionable and functional, true. but i can’t afford to be sweatin’ in $60 yoga pants!

Lulu on

Cheryl looks great! I will def buy some of these products.

shannon on

yeah they look great but i cant pay no 60 dollars for no workout clothes

oopsue on

do u get fat like cheryl did when u put on these clothes?

MB on

I agree with Brandi. The clothes are nice; however, for $60 I can go to cosco and get my self 6 pairs of yaga pants. I go to the gym to sweat and not for a pricey sport fashion show.

Maybe if the economy improves, and I get my regular pay again – I’d probably go and buy a pair just for the heck of it.

Christy on

OOPSUE, your jealousy is showing

Way to go Cheryl! They look real cute. Good Luck to you.

Judie on

Good luck, Cheryl! You deserve every success. Your clothing is very reasonable. I have paid $80 for workout pants at another retailer so keep those price points. Quality will speak for itself. As my grandmother used to say, “the quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

david on

She’s so fat and clearly does not need to be associated with anything to do with fitness, unless it’s swigging beer

SHa on

Oh i’m gonna get some.Is there other distributor for it?Where else?

B.J. on

I love Cheryl Burke but she should at least provide AFFORDABLE fitness clothes b/c most women that are trying to get back into shape are new moms and goodness knows we can’t afford to spend that much money for something we’re just going to sweat in. Besides, I’m not concered about looking “cute” when I work out.

Teddy on

Business Savvy..Good for you Cheryl!Dancing Studios; now her own clothing line?Is it available for men too?

Kelli on

Great, but why would I pay between $46-85 for something I will just sweat on? Also, it’s not very smart to use that kind of money due to the economy. Lower the price if you want sales to go up!

Barb on

I bought her Disco Abs Dvd Workout.It is all worth for your money.Now i wouldn’t mind buying her outfit to go with the workout.

Is it for the whole outfit or per item?

Liz on

I was so excited to see this, but then I saw the prices. $46-$85? I will not be purchasing. I am a huge Cheryl Burke fan, but $50 and up for workout clothes is kind of outrageous. Sorry Cheryl.

LC on

Really this goes to show you can’t please everyone.

It is a good business idea for her and the clothes are nice pieces and yes while $60 is a lot for moms, people trying to lose, this economy etc. again…you can’t please everyone.

Furthermore, anyone who buys cheap workout clothes will see in a short time you will be replacing them twice to three times as often. So really these items in her line IF the quality is sound they are gpoing to be the better investment over cheap in the long run just as the poster who has paid this rate $60 and less for workpout clothes, like I have for workout clothes, in this particular article of clothing you DO get what you do and don’t pay for.

Think that’s bollucks? Go to Wally or Target and get a workout set up from there and then save get something pricer like in her line and come back and report in 2 months. You will believe it then.

And if Cheryl is truly “fat” in your eyes David we’d hate to see your physique buddy.

Stella on

She’s a cow!

Pamela on

Stop judging her! A cow, fat?? You guys don’t even know her! You guys are shallow idiots.

Jennifer on

I agree with a lot of the people saying she is overweight, she is and it’s probably because she is bloated from all of her drinking. Everytime she is on TMZ or footage she is always drunk.

Gina on

She is a big girl and needs to dance more, lol!

Kelly on

Hooray for Cheryl! I love her because I know that everyday women can identify with her. I will definitely buy her clothing.

Chris on

cheryl looks like a man.

jeanie on

I’m the everyday woman and def don’t relate to her drunk a$$.

TJ on

Nothing attractive about her.

Pem on

EWWWW Cheryl is a skank, she is not the everyday woman. Most women don’t put out and drink everynight like she does.

Belski on

Yayy for Cheryl…Her business empire is growing.I’ll definitely check it out!LOL.

Vivian on

The last time I checked Cheryl was on TMZ with her new boyfriend and sober! I am happy for Cheryl. All you haters out there need to get a life!

Amanda on

cute but who can afford it?

Frances on

Why don’t all you haters post a picture of yourselves on here so we can criticize you? I’m willing to bet half of you are fat, ugly, and have nothing better to do than make nasty comments about people who have more money than you do!

Linda on

Cheryl is the sweetest gal, and what a gifted dancer. She deserves all the luck in the world. And as for the nasty posters, get a life. You’ll never look as good as her. So deal with it. Try to rival her success, not gonna happen. I’m going to sit back and enjoy her. WaHoo! She is a cutie!

HeyJude on

Hey David, if Cheryl is so fat as you say she is, look at the picture again, she does have a small waist line. I bet you are one fugly dude, and a fat azz one that has his crack stick out when he bends over. You go Cheryl, you look great.

Frances on

Pem, Frances isn’t my real name… but at least it is a REAL name. GET A LIFE. HA HA HA HA

lala on

Did I miss something? We all need to love a bit more… stop hating.
Cheryl is not fat.
She may drink, and thats her choice, but come on… fat? really?

Kelly on

Why are some of you so hostile? We should be happy for Cheryl to be able to have the opportunity to have her own clothing line. This is a strong testament of her popularity, and we should be happy that someone from Dancing with the Stars gets these opportunities.

Anonymous on

This is for Zhara, why does Cheryl have to settle down? Are they the rules in life, to settle down with a man? Heck, if I want to be single and date, I will. Who are you to tell people to settle down. I love being single, and will not settle down with anyone. I have morals and values in life, and the main thing, I am happy. People are so jealous of Cheryl, because she is beautiful, can dance, and attracts men. If she wants to date, let her. Poor Zhara must be ugly and doesn’t have a life.

Iya on

She got no makeup at all, you can see her freckles.All she had in this photo is some eye shadows.I don’t think that particular hairdo is good for her.I like it straight and all over her face.She is not that photogenic in my opinion.I saw her up close and she look really pretty in person.She also is very pettite and short.Go Cheryl.

For that person trashing up Cheryl about drinking, the only time TMZ caught up on her looking a little tipsy was over the summer of last year.After that never again.Other pros and certainly other celebrities have done the same thing.Stop making up lies about her.She is beautiful inside and out and i can give testament to that.

Tami on

Cheryl ROCKS!!! She is a wonderful role model to young women and a fantastic dancer! I’m so excited to check out her new clothing line!

KatieWWE on

I love Cheryl Burke! Stop hating on her! One love ya’ll.

lucie on

Cheryl should consider getting fit and loosing weight before she starts selling fitness clothing.

Iya on

Why do i get the feeling that those hating are coming from a same person?Jealous much?

teamcherylburke on

Most of these names trashing Cheryl are the same person, lol. A person with serious issues. We’ve seen them posting on other sites using the exact same dialogue.

Too bad what you say isn’t true. Get a life.

Byron on

Cheryl is so HOT!!! Love her on Dancing with the Stars b/c she always brings the house down and gives it her all!!! Why is everyone being so negative? Stop the insanity people just stop.

Katia on

What is so special in this line? For me it doesn’t look any better than Nike, Underarmour, etc. I would say whatever Cheryl is wearing on that photo, you can buy in Walmart. Sorry, guys.

Suzie on

Holla to your girl! Cheryl is a real woman. It’s nice to see a dancer w/ curves.

nannette on

i love cheryl also….come on fat??? you people is what is wrong with teen girls today. cheryl has curves and she is fit. have you seen her abs??? amazing. and her talent is unbeatable. keep it up cheryl. you are my favorite dancer. and my husband loves you. he loces your curves…ha ha ha

belski on

No Katia, it depends on the type of materials you get.You can’t have something like Adidas or Nikes on Walmart…I bet Cheryl’s are gonna be one of top of the lines out there..You pay for the quality and styles.

Cheryl is very successful in everything she does and i wish her all the best…i wish i could be like her.She knows how to give back and that’s why she is blessed.

tameka on

what is wrong with all of you haters? we should be supporting our girl cheryl and all her amazing accomplishments. why we all gotta hate? don’t hate the playa hate the game! cheryl – kick some ass this season! holla!

david on

heyjude – haven’t you ever heard of airbrushing you retard

Linda on

cheryl is not my girl and has no class, and fat

Kathy on

Cheryl runs around town with a different guy weekly. She is clearly drinking and partying all the time, and I have seen her on TMZ several times in this state, being help up cause she can’t stand, slurring her words and cussing to the camera’s. How is this OK for young ladies that look up to her?

teamcherylburke on

Same person back again. Your jealousy is showing.

Simple solution– if you don’t like Cheryl, then leave. Nobody forces you to look her up at all. You act as though you’re forced to put up with her. lol

You’re obviously drawn to her in some way or you wouldn’t keep coming around.

staci on

Those of you who think Cheryl is fat are only jealous. She has an incredible body and is definitely NOT fat. You should be so lucky to look so good!

Isabel on

Cheryl is not nice to her fans. My daughter and I saw her at the commons in Calabasas and she was flirting with all the guys who knew her and when my daughter went up to her and complimented her on her show she had no time and got in the truck with guys and were laughing and blarred their music and peeled out.

Very upsetting that she had time for the guys but not my daughter. Guess you have to want to get in her pants.

Holla23 on

Katy your a dumbass TMZ is posted everywhere not just in your state.

Heather on

Cheryl is a snob and a drunk, not a role model at all. Julianne is much better and Cheryl should take a lesson on being a lady from Julianne. You never see Julianne out drunk or with different men.

Charles on

cheryl isn’t pretty, she’s not fat just thick. but not pretty at all. sorry there cheryl.

Debbie on

She’s average I guess. Nothing special about her looks. She looks a lot older than she is. But I agree with seeing her on those reality shows out and about every night drinking.

Dalante on

she aint bloated from booze, she bloated from a different guy gizzin in her every night

Sheri on

You people don’t even know Cheryl, so maybe it’s time you stopped judging her. Going on and on about her based on crap from the tabloids– she isn’t anything like that.

I’ve been a fan for a long time and I’ve had the chance to meet her and she is the sweetest, most humble young lady. You all don’t have a clue.

Janet on

The clothes look really hot. Can’t wait to get them.

Amelia on

Wow, I can’t believe the comments on her weight! What is wrong with you people. She is a fit beautiful woman and please please stop the weight comments!

Sasha on

I just went on the website and I think Cheryl’s logo is really cool. Yeah CB!

Evan on

You gooooo girlfriend :-)

Jon on


Joannie on

i can’t wait to see cheryl burke dance this season. i wish she would make a tote bag. as a dancer, i would feel so cool with one from her.

Mia on

cool idea. i want a duffle bag…better for gym gear.

tameka on

I would totally buy a t-shirt! Great idea!!!

Elliott on

Cheryl is the best!!! My daughters love to watch her dance. Congrats Cheryl on your new clothing line – Bravo!

Judy on

I would totally buy a t-shirt!!! Are her clothes available only online? Go Cheryl!!!

Jork on

I have met Cheryl too and so as the other pros and personnel from the show.She is nothing but the nicest and the coolest gal you could ever find.Very friendly than any other pros from the show.I thought she’s warmth and very lively,bubbly in real person.

It’s funny that this is suppose to be an article and discussions about her clothing line and some people are here to bash her instead on some other stuff.Sounds like some of you just couldn’t take the fact that she is a successful young woman.

What drinking are some of you guys talking about?I have been with her in a couple of parties and i never seen her drinking excessively at all.

She does have so many male friends that adore and respect her.The last time i checked, Julianne got into more and diffr=erent relationship than Cheryl ever did this last few years.

Cheryl, you go girl!!!!!

Jork on

By the way, the above photo of Cheryl isn’t very flattering at all.The hairstyle didn’t give her any justice at all.She is so much prettier in person.Her freckles are much cuter and adorable up close.

Kelly on

I met Cheryl at a charity event and she was so nice. And she is beautiful in person. I am so happy about her clothes line. I cant wait to buy some pieces. I am so into yoga, so I will definitely wear my cheryl clothing while in total zen. Thank you, Cheryl.

mia on

Namaste, Cheryl!!

Anonymous on

David, You are the RETARD. Why don’t you go airbrush your big mouth. I see Cheryl on television, and she isn’t fat in the least. Only your mouth is FAT.

DWTS Champ Designs Workout Duds | Northern Virginia Magazine on

[…] sound too shabby to me, though the items are a little pricey, with prices ranging from $46 to $85.¬†What do you say, shoppers?  Email This […]

Diane on

OK, Oppsue, David, Stella, Jennifer, Gina, Chris, Jeanie, TJ, Pem & Alicia, step away from the computer…The hate that is in your heart, find a way to release it. Cheryl comes off to me as an ambitious woman who just wants to do what makes her happy. Stop judging her. Remember, don’t believe everything you read in the trash magazines or programs…

Mary K on


Stevie on

BRANDI, . . Guess you should keep shopping at WalMart then …….

Laura on

Another celebrity using their fame to enhance their riches. What’s next a perfume? I’m sick of seeing celebrities trying to make more and more money to keep up with their lifestyles. How about donating more often to those who need it in these tough times? A little selflishness doesn’t hurt, right? Leave the clothing lines,perfumes,etc.. Leave the clothing lines to the designers and stylists and the perfumes to chemists and those who deserve it.

VKC on

Oops, OOPSUE thought he/she had a clue.

Good for Cheryl, I wish the line was affordable.

China clothing on

Thanks so much :)

Kelly on


Beachbody Coach on

I absolutely love this fitness line of clothing. I will be recommending this line to my entire client base!

alex on

hi,your products are very nice!

Pattie on

Cheryl wore a blue long sleeve dress on Ellen yesterday. Where did she get the dress, it was awesome.

trance on

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