Taylor Swift & L.E.I. Team Up for an Affordable Dress Line -- $14 and Up!

01/29/2009 at 05:37 PM ET

courtesy Peggy Sirota/L.E.I

As if selling millions of albums isn’t enough, Taylor Swift has teamed up with teen favorite L.E.I. to produce a line of sundresses for Walmart. “I love dresses,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “And I have always had this dream to make an affordable sundress line.” Taylor first teamed up with L.E.I. last year to star in their denim campaign, and now the Walmart brand will be releasing her dresses on February 1st. The singer, who will also star in the ads, looked to her own life for inspiration when it came to design. “I started brainstorming what I would wear this summer, on tour or hanging out at festivals when its hot outside,” Taylor says. The result: a collection of lightweight jersey dresses in bold colors and girly prints for just $14. “I was totally adamant that I wanted [the dresses] to be affordable. With my headlining tour, we are offering $20 tickets everywhere we go and I wanted to approach the sundress line in the same way,” says Taylor. “To have cute dresses under $20 is something I am really proud of.” Though the star prefers more comfortable fashions, she does love designer gowns for the red carpet. “My absolute favorite is the dress that I wore to the CMAs this year. It was the Kaufman Franco glittery one,” Taylor recalls of the dress that landed her on best dressed lists everywhere. “I love dresses that sparkle and that was the epitome of sparkly — it was like a walking mirror.” Before gearing up for her tour, the singer will be hitting the Grammy Awards on February 6th and while she doesn’t have her dress picked out yet, she does have a designer in mind, “It has always been my dream to wear an Oscar de la Renta gown. So someday in my life I will wear one.” Oscar, are you listening? Tell us: Will you pick up one of Taylor’s dresses?

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saudia on

I love Taylor she’s gorgeous and the dresses are cute <#

Kaci on


yayyy on

i lovelovelove taylor and i am definitely going to be buying some of these dresses :)

Kaley on

taylor swift annoys me…i don’t get the hype surrounding her

Kaitie on

OMG… I’ll so be checking out her dresses!! <3

I love Taylor Swift& what she wears. And I also love how she wants to make them affordable for everyone.!!! =]

tromba on

Victoria Beckham designs dresses that sell for thousands. Taylor will make a thousand times more money @ 10’s of dollars each.


Mary on

I refuse to buy anything from Wal-Mart.

SoNotHollywood on

Kaley and Mary, no one cares if you don’t like Taylor or Walmart. Sounds like you’re too good for the rest of us on here, so you can take your happy @$$es and keep walking. Don’t let the doggy door hit you on the way out! ~

Marisela on


MEL on

i like taylor swift but i’m not a huge fan of hers or walmart clothing, but the dresses do look pretty cute!! i will check them out! :)

Amy on

I will so go and pick up her dresses for I totally love Taylor so so muchies!!! she is totally awesome!!! She rocks!

lilkunta on

@ 1st I was like “NOO NOt another celeb clothes line that is overpriced & the person themself WONT wear!”.
However Im glad Taylor is just endorsing a line for LEI and Im very very very glad that the prices 4 $14 . $14 is very reasonable.

Alicia on

I will totally buy one of her dresses. I love that she is thinking about her fans and also about this recession we are going through. Taylor Swift is a bright girl and a great role model for young girls everywhere. Everything she has achieved has been by her own merit.

mo on

i already got one of them. they are adorable and i love love love the prices.

megan miller :) on

Love love love these dresses
cant WAIT for them to come out
they look soo comfy and cute :))))))

Tricia on

I don’t like dresses or Taylor Swift.

Babe on

She is freaky looking. Her eyes look wierd. No I’m not jelous but seriously, you call her singing talent? NOT!

Michael on

Why is Taylor going to the Grammys? She is not nominated for any awards, so why is she going? She is trying to sneak her way into the grammys since she is not good enough to be nominated. The girl is pathetic and desperate. She is one of the worst singers in any genre, and for her to even attend the grammys is an insult to their prestige.

Jamie on

I will definately check them out. Cheap + cute = my style.

Wayne on

She is just milking all the money she can out of her fans while she can. She is a terrible singer and will be knocked off her pedestal as soon as the next hot thing comes around… because anyone can sing better then her. She sucks. Period.

Anne on

I wouldn’t pay 1 cent for anything made by her. She is fake, and cannot sing. She is also over-exposed, arrogant, and annoying.

teena on

i love Taylor swift she is the best and im defently going to be wearing her new line! LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!

TIA on

She is the worst singer in any genre of music. Period. The only people that like her are teens. Pathetic.

lola on


Julia on

Taylor sucks and she cannot sing her way out of a paper bag.

Camilla on

I adore Taylor’s style and will be sure to pick up quite a few pieces from her collection.

Cutie on

During these tough economic times, I’ll definitely buy Taylor Swift’s dresses…Why not??

Heather on

Awesome!!!!! She is soooooo beautiful! I will buy for sure!!!

Cheryl on

I think it great and just remember the plus size people we like to wear that stuff to… Thank you and good for you your young and do what you want now.

bree on


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HollyP on

I will definitely be looking for the line to show up at our local store.

Chrisstina on


Sarah on

Her concert tickets are WAY more than $20, try $60

Melinda on

i love the dresses, i just got back from walmart! i’ve been wiating for someone to start a line of affordable cotton dresses! I hope to see more!

Megan on

The Walmart near me already had one of her dresses out and it was so cute that I had to get it. Plus the choice of colors were great and I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with!

People: Taylor Swift Won’t Be Lonely on the Road « Taylor Swift Fansite on

[…] the extravagant set, the singer – who just launched a line of affordable dresses at Wal-Mart – says she’s mindful of the tough economy, so she plans to start ticket prices […]

Jerry on

What I want to know is where are the dresses made? In these economic time, we need to buy american made! If it is sold in Walmart, chances are it isnt’t made here!

Judy Tomasulo on

I love Taylor Swift’s music and I’m thrilled that she’s coming out with a line of clothing….I just wish it wasn’t associated with Wal-Mart. I appreciate that the price will be affordable but Wal-Mart has long been associated with underpaid employees, putting mom & pop operations out of business, poor service and poor quality.

Mariah on

$14.00? Designed be TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!
I will def be buying!
But I’ll need some cowboy boots too… :)

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Gladys on

I think she is neat. She is a positive role model for young girls.

Bre on

Seriously, you can sing.. so that automatically means you should sell slothes, LEI sucks and so does Taylor Swift.. she’s not talented and not pretty.. there are WAY too many “celebrities” that are selling ugly clothing lines and trying to become more popular. Stick with what you know and stop trying to do like 800 things; Perfume, clothes, shoes… just stop it and sing your lame songs.

Bre on

P.S. Walmart is killing the economy and job so you should prob no go there. have you seen the crap they put their employees through.??

Kim on


Tayh on

I saw the dresses yesterday @ WalMart. They are so cute and the price GREAT!!! Definitely a must for this spring and summer!!! My daughter, Nikki will wear them (different colors).

Rae on

You know I usually don’t post comments, but being a mom of a little girl some of your comments have bothered me. First of all she is a young girl that works very hard and so what if she has to do what it takes to make her dreams come true and reach her goal. Are you perfect? And there are plenty of other “famous” singers that cannot sing very well either. What happened to this world? Is everyone just mean and out for themselves, she’s not on drugs and she is a good role model. in all the negative and dark things in this world if her smile can make our children smile, that is good enough for me! Taylor, keep up the good work!

Erin on

i strongly dislike taylor swift!!!!
GO JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky on

Yes, I would buy them, IF I were younger & slimmer…

lola on

They are PROBABLY MADE IN CHINA for that price and since they are at Walmart. Go ahead and buy them if you want a recession. I will buy my MUCH better and MUCH cheaper dresses at the thrift shop and sometimes couture. Thanks!

ALY on

I love Taylor. She is probably the most down to earth person in the “hollywood” rush. Her style is kickin’ too!

Olivia on

I love Taylor and i am going to try to get one

Miranda on

I really want to buy these dresses, but I dont live near a Walmart and I cant find them online. If anyone finds them, send me a link!

megan on

i absolutely love taylor swift and the clothes that she wears, especially her dresses:) and not to mention they’re like fifteen bucks!?
Even though i never shop for clothes at walmart, i don’t really care. They’re cheap and they’re soo adorable.
i will definately be checking them out.

megan on

i don’t understand people who come on here talking about how much they hate taylor swift.
well that’s great and you have every right to hate her, but you don’t have to go on here talking all this stuff about her… she’s arrogent, annoying,ugly and she can’t sing? WHATT?
really well i don’t think she’s annoying, i think she’s brilliant. if you think she’s ugly, then wow you must have seen some pretty dang gorgeous people in your lifetime, and obviously she can sing if she’s sold out at almost all of her shows, sells millions of albums and gets oh i don’t know… HER OWN CLOTHING LINE!

and do i see you doing all of these things?
most definately

Alexa on

I love Taylor Swift and I love her new dresses they are so different and so awesome. Taylor Swift is my fav singer,celebrity,and my favorite person. Im young its really cool that talor goes through the same problems that i go thrrough. I look up to her and think that she is great. The one thing that stinks is that the dresses dont fit me:( bummer!
but there stilll amazingly Cuteeee!!!

Alexa on

I love Taylor swiftt! I think She is an amazing person and role modle. I have all of her cds and i know all of her songs. I would give anything to meet her. She goes through the same isus that i go through so i look up to her for answers. She is smart, beautiful and she has a real voice.i love her new dress line but i cant fit into any of the dresses:( bummerr oh well.
Taylor Swift Rox!!!

Elizabeth on

OMG i would soooo buy one of her dresses she is so amazing, shes just so down to earth and making dresses for fourteen dollars SHEESH you dont see that every day its amazing i love taylor swift

healiz on

Where can you get the dresses? at walmart, they don’t have the full collection :(

kelly on

I bought one of her dresses last week and I love it!

Maggie on

Walmart sucks and I’m really sad that Taylor Swift would stoop so low as to support a corporation ruining our country town by town…

countrygirl555 on

Taylor has such style!!

bum bum be dum « Unconditional Love on

[…] bum be dum Spring sundress line by Taylor Swift. Dresses for under twenty dollars, and putting them on makes me feel so preetty. Available at […]

odalis on

i love them i cant wait till they come out i will buy like a ton of them!!!!!!!

Katrina on

OMG!!! I LOVE L.E.I!!! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! HER CLOTHES ARE SO CUTE!!!!!! I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO SEE HER IN PERSON!!!! I LOVE L.E.I!!!!! BEST CLOTHES IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

liya on

wow!! thats soo nice of her.when most of da celebrities go for unaffordable and uncomfortable dresses to sell she goes for cheap, pretty comfortable and affordable clothes to wear…thats soo like her. luv u taylor!!!

omg on

I love her and her dresses


i love her dresses and her style is so cute

Caitlin on

I definitely want one so I’ll at at least look at them and hopefully get one ( or more )! I’m a huge fan of taylor!

Caitlin on

I am so checking them out I love taylor and her clothes and every thing else! It’s awsome that she wants to make awsome dresses affordable! I think it’s an awsome idea and a walmart is being built like two minutes away from my house!

Amanda on

Ha ha ha ha, that Mary kid sounds like my best friend, she loves Wal-Mart, but she makes fun of it!

– And to let people like Mary know, Wal-Mart is an affordable, and nice place to shop; so you should shop there! :D

Lori on

It amazes me how people bother to leave comments, when they don’t like a person. Why go out of your way to leave a comment on someone you supposedly don’t care for? Whatever!!! On the clothes being available at Walmart. Who doesn’t shop there, it’s the perfect place. For those of you who think your to good to buy clothes from there or actually the dumb ones. I be d**n if I am spending my hard working money to an outfit that is similar at higher price at a more distinguish store! Not to mention making the stars richer and richer. It’s just clothing, everyone wears them. It’s not like your special, because you an idiot for paying more. Grow-Up and face reality. God help this world!!!

Lori on

One more thing, to the ones that are going to comment on my comment. Do yourself a favor, move on no one cares about your negative comments. If your that sad, go get yourself a prescription like the rest of the world does when they are miserable like you! Have a joyful and fulfilling day everyone. I know I will. “Oh, and thanks Taylor Swift for being a descent human being by providing us with affordable and quality clothes.”

Catherine on

exactly……So u see my point exactly!

winky on

i love these sundresses by taylor swift.they are amazing, adorable cute hot anything you can describe them.i cant wait to get another one of these dresses and i also cant wait to get her blue and white boots that say taylor swift.

arthritisremedy on

everyone loves Taylor Swift. what a beautiful face, body and voice.

CADY! on

ok so i’m a total taylor fan and everything but it gets me all depressed when i see her because i know i will never meet her because i’m REALLY POOR! but i hope i can buy a dress or something that would be really nice

Miley Cyrus on

Love your dress Taylor!

Your BFF Miley

hope98 on

I love taylor swift and her music cause i relate to it. and i love her clothes I got to choose what clothes i wanted and i chose all taylor swift. and taylor is really cool.

Anna on

I love every single dress that Taylor Swift wears! This is fabulous that they can be both beautiful and affordable… YES!! i AM SOOOO BUYING HER DRESSES… i just need to find out where from!!!

Rosie on

were can I find this dress Ill pay anything for one I had one but I had to get rid of it now I am looking to buy more… So is there a site or a store I can go to?

akakakak on

taylor swift is my friend i mean we went to the same high school and BTW she does not annoy you you annoy me so stop being a nose man idiot me & taylors secret code! :)

alternative medicine on

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[…] Taylor Swift‘s new sundresses at Walmart will cost $14 and her first major headlining tour, complete with multiple costume changes and a fairy-tale castle, will kick off on April 23. Kellie Pickler will open all dates of the 50-city Taylor Swift Fearless Tour. […]

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[…] by Swift herself. Hearing Taylor’s name entangled with a clothing line throws us back to her sundress collection at Walmart nearly a decade to go. We consider this the ultimate throwback […]

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