EXCLUSIVE: Audrina Patridge's Divine Rights of Denim Ad

01/23/2009 at 10:54 AM ET

courtesy Divine Rights of Denim

She might not be launching her own eponymous line like her Hills costar Lauren Conrad, but Audrina Patridge is making a mark in the fashion world by striking a pose for Divine Rights of Denim. The reality star is the face of the line’s Spring/Summer ’09 ads — which she also helped merchandise and style. Audrina’s ads will be hitting magazines starting in March issues, but we’re bringing you this exclusive image — just for PEOPLE.com readers. Divine Rights of Denim is already a star-favorite brand, with everyone from Audrina and Lauren to Jessica Alba having been spotted in the label. But with prices mostly under $100, the jeans are also a possibility for the non-celebs among us. Shop the line and check out other celebrities in Divine Rights of Denim at ardenb.com. Tell us: What do you think of Audrina’s ad?

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Alice on

That doesn’t look anything like her at all!

jacks on

Looks like the girl should eat a cheeseburger, too skinny!

Hil on

Those look very much like acid washed jeans, say it isn’t so!

Monica on

She looks like she had something done to her upper lip. It usually looks very thin and not so much in the add.

Lis on

What did she do to her mouth?????

Oh, Audrina…what is happening to you? :(

kk on

with the amount of airbrushing that is done now a days, we might as well go back to the painted ads of the 50s!

NANA 83 on


Darcy on

I think she looks pretty.

Bridgette on

She had her teeth fixed and it changed the way her mouth looks. She also dyed her hair darker. I saw a picture in another magazine after all the work was done. She looked really good, but I hardly recognized her.

Angie on

She looks like Jen Bunney in this pic.

steph on

i like the way she looks she looks pretty

Britt on

She looks gorgeous! And yes, from what spring ads I’ve seen, looks like acid wash jeans are making somewhat of a comeback.

tess on

You can barely see the jeans. You can’t really see the style of them at all in this pic. It’s a good pic of Audrina and I think she is really pretty and I hope she does well, but I would have thought this was an add for the bedding or maybe the bra. Oh, and who uses a phone with a cord anymore???

Tini on

Does anyone ever have anything positive to say about anyone! HATERS! I thought this was supposed to be a “new day” and everyone should support one another. If you can’t say anything positive, then keep your opinions to yourself. Audrina is beautiful…

Jessica on

I think she looks amazing… As always. I’m glad she’s getting some publicity now, instead of LC everywhere.

JG on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Audrina Patridge Models ‘Divine Rights of Denim’ | Audrina Patrdige : Just Jared on

[…] Audrina Patridge Models ‘Divine Rights of Denim’ The Hills star Audrina Patridge takes front and center in the latest Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign for Divine Rights of Denim. [via People] […]

Abby on

looks like they photoshopped her eyes so that the bottom whites aren’t always showing. looks better!

Kerrie on

This could be great news. Maybe now with the added income, the girl can finally go buy herself an upper lip! It’s disturbing to see her smile with no top lip.

Renee on

She looks like Shannon Daugherty…

stupid to make someone the face of your campaign but that campaign show no resemblance…

Tracie on

I think she looks nice.
The jeans, however, are terrible.

Aine on

She does look like Jen Bunney! She had implants in her lips! she’s not that pale either…I tink she looks pretty but she looks lik a cartoon character

Tracy on

Unfortunately, she’s a sell out like all the rest of the “reality” stars…I highly doubt her “fame” will go any further than this.

Nachosmom on

Pretty girl but always looks like a skank.

Mary on

I don’t even recognize her

Ohioan on

Bad jeans. Bad pose. Bad airbrushing. Who talks on a phone with a cord anymore, and who arches her back like that while lounging on a bed? This is just bad, all the way around, and looks like something that came out of the 80’s.

bob on

This is EXACLTY like a rolling stone cover B.Spears did. I think she looks good, though.

Lauren on

Forget how she looks, check out those horrific jeans. What is this – the 1985 look?

jolissa on

She looks beautiful. I love that she kept her make up soft and didnt go hoochied out. I love those jeans!!!

Issy on

Eat something quick !! Too much airbrushing makes her look fake !! How bout a real woman ?!

kiley on


CelebrityGossipSpot.com » Blog Archive » Audrina Patridge Models Trendy Line of Jeans on

[…] girlfriend of Justin-Bobby is striking a pose for Divine Rights of Denim. The reality star is the new face of the line’s Spring/Summer 2009 […]

Richie on

Audrina MARRY ME! You look gorgeous. Love those jeans. Make any for us guys yet?

Kim on

I think she looks pretty and the jeans are pretty cool..

Joseph on

My sister loves your jeans. Ignore the haters. They probably can’t fit their bigg fat butts into a pair of jeans even if they tried. You’re beautiful Audrina.

katie on


Chrys on

Hey you guys are pretty mean on here…I like the add…she’s HOT!

Audrina Partridge debuts a HOT new denim ad. | Wiz Kid Reports on

[…] Partridge debuts a HOT new denim ad. Jan 23, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Gossip People Magazine has just debuted Audrina Partridge’s new ad for the clothing brand, Divine Rights of […]

Lisa on

Ahh you look so pretty. I love those jeans! Did you design those yourself? Hoooootttt.

Lauren on

I personally think she looks good. I like the picture.

didi on

uh duhh, it’s call PHOTOSHOP people!!!

Presley on

She has an ugly mouth normally; looks like they plumped up her lips.

jessica on

She looks pretty although I don’t like the jeans being shown in this ad lol. She looks nice though, good for her.

Morgan on

They could’ve done better.

Rhonda on

I love this ad. Can’t wait to see it in the magazines.

jessica on

i think she looks gorgegous. good for you Audrina.



Deanna on

I think she looks amazing. She’s not too thin. Anyone who says she is…is just jealous!!

Athena on

This picture look nothing liker and yes she is wat to skinny> how do these companies expect to sell clothing to average (size 8-14) woman in the US when all they show is people weighing under 100lbs in their clothing? this is why young girls have so many issues

Anon on

The people who say she’s too thin are jealous, fat pigs. You look great, Audrina!

Lori on

I think Audrina looks good. Not sure if it’s the make-up or touch-up used, she looks different around the eyes and mouth, but still none the less she looks awesome!

Celebs Are People Too » Audrina Patridge Models Trendy Line of Jeans on

[…] partner of Justin-Bobby is distinguished a poise for Divine Rights of Denim . A being star is a new face of a line’s Spring/Summer 2009 […]

Brianna on

The first thing I look at is not the jeans and that’s not a good thing. If they had not told me this was an ad for the jeans I probably wouldn’t have guessed that was the product.

janie on

OMG I love those jeans. You go girl. This is a beautiful ad. Congratulations.

Rocky on

WHO’s mouth and nose, cuz it isn’t hers.. This looks nothing like her. Actually if you look at the nose down it looks just like Heidi. And her head isn’t as big as it really is. They must have cropped it.

Melissa on

Beautiful ad Audrina. This is the sexiest ever. You’re the one girl who isn’t fake like the others, and you deserve all your success. Where can I buy your jeans at? They look super cute!

plp on

Audrina is a beautiful girl, although I do have to agree, either it is bad airbrushing or something bc her lips are not that big….She is a beautiful woman and glad she’s getting some notice now. Hopefully these jeans are not the star of the line, they are a little 80’s, I am lloking forward to what else is in the line though! Keep up the good work Audrina, you are fabulous!!!

jamie on

Looks like Shannon Doherty

amanda on

I work at Nordstrom’s and I’m a huge fan of your jeans. We’re so glad you teamed up with Divine Rights of Denim. We love this ad Audrina.

your Nordstrom’s team.

jackson on

Wow. You look amazing. I’d buy a pair of those jeans just because of you – and I’m a dude lol. Sexy Audrina.

angie on

Ahh Audrina you look amazing.

jjcojeda on

I think she looks fantastic. I would love to have a body like that……..!

Lauren on

I hate it when people say others are too skinny. Who are you to judge? If you don’t know that there are different healthy weights for everyone, then be quiet. No one needs others to tell them how to eat.

lisa on

She is drop dead gorgeous. Audrina has thee cutiest jeans out, I have 5 pair I love them I am jazzed spring line has More. You go girl. xo

lisa on

I love you so much. Audrina you look fantastic, I heard you do modeling here and there, WOW this is great stuff and jeans are TO DIE FOR. happy for ya GF ..

Chesca on

I love Arden B! I’m glad they carry the line… gonna check it out soon!!!

ina on

divine rights of denim is at arden b? I LOVE ARDEN B!

Tori on

Divine Rights is also at Nordstrom’s. I love their jeans. They make my big butt look ten times slimmer ha ha! Audrina looks amazing!!

Henry on

She looks gorgeous! I’d let her have my babies lol

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[…] This is what Audrina looks like rolling around in bed with only a bra, some ugly jeans and…a phone with a cord?! […]

Xola on

Lesson of the day: Sell yourself out, get a fat paycheck.

… the girl looks lovely, too bad her own mother wouldn’t even recognize her.




Audrina Patridge Models Trendy Line of Jeans | Bloids.com - Latest Celebrity News | Latest Celebrity Gossip on

[…] girlfriend of Justin-Bobby is striking a pose for Divine Rights of Denim. The reality star is the new face of the line’s Spring/Summer 2009 […]

tt on

um, actually those pants are hideous and would probably be to big for me, she is soo empty behind the eyes, and you all are right, normally she has no upper lip and horse teeth, err it is like painting a terd

Audrina Patridge Models Trendy Line of Jeans | Hollywood Gossip is Great! on

[…] girlfriend of Justin-Bobby is striking a pose for Divine Rights of Denim. The reality star is the new face of the line’s Spring/Summer 2009 ads. Audzo also helped with the merchandise and styling of […]

jaydie on

pretty hot ad there missy. love those damn jeans!

carl on

hard on! gorgeous. stunning. everything and all that!

Top Posts « WordPress.com on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: Audrina Patridge’s Divine Rights of Denim Ad courtesy Divine Rights of Denim She might not be launching her own eponymous line like her Hills costar Lauren Conrad, […] […]

Bobby on

Love how you woekrd it here, hey my sister is a size 30 and shes stoked and happy with her booty bc od how good they fit.She wears them over and over again. style for her sizes are great. good work girl, theyre side pocket ,with 3 buttons no zipper, pair that cuffs w a hem, shes a Boots or heel dresser. she too loves you. thanks again.

Melanie on

Hi Audrina, I’m super small like a size 24/25 and your jeans totally give me the booty I dream about lol. My best friend is curvier, wears a size 29/30 and loves the flares! its in instant slimmer. Keep up the good work. We love divine rights of denim and audrina!!!

JKL on

What a BRAIN CELL she is, thank god she’s good looking.

Audrina Patridge’s Divine Rights of Denim Ad « InternetPopular.com on

[…] People No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI […]

Toni on

put some clothes on…..

Keisha on

You are all a bunch oh haters!!1 Stop the hate. The girl is beautiful with a banging body which explains why she got the gig!! LET HER LIVE PEOPLE!!

Holly on

She is very pretty in this picture, but we do need to start defining beauty by what’s on the inside too, not just what we are attracted to on the outside- or what we wish we had. Beauty is mind, body and spirit, connected.

L on

very pretty!!! Tho that looks nothing like audrina..

DubaiPrincess on

She has obviously been extremely airbrushed. It is amazing what these people can do to a picture now. Many changes made to her that is obvious because in real life she is not an attractive girl.

ray on

She looks pretty, but those jeans are awful!!!

Anonymous on

She is not too skinny! You can’t see her ribs or anything. I swear some of the overweight people out there have a hate vendetta against us skinny girls. Some of us are naturally that way. I’m 5’8 and would have to eat five cheeseburgers a day to get up to a size 8. And yes, I eat, sometimes more than my husband. I exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s what’s important, not your size.

Miron Lovric on

I guess she should bare it all and be done with it, she would look much better showing the whole lot in her birthday suit. Miron Lovric 30/1/2009.

annamarie Silvestera on

Why can’t you get these jeans anywhere? Try looking for yourself. They are no where to be found….weird, right? If anyone finds them let me know!!

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