EXCLUSIVE: Even More Katie Holmes for Miu Miu!

01/15/2009 at 02:39 PM ET

Courtesy Miu Miu

Yesterday, we showed you one of Katie Holmes‘s striking ads for Miu Miu, and today we have another image from the Spring 2009 campaign exclusively for PEOPLE.com readers. The star shows her flair for the dramatic, put to excellent use in her recently-lauded Broadway turn, putting her outstretched hand to a flame. We can’t wait to see the full ad campaign after seeing those two gorgeous images!

Missed seeing Katie’s other ad? Click here!

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Me on

It’s stupid. I don’t see how this ad is artistic at all. Anyone who has a team of make up artists and hair dressers ready to take care of them, better look damn good!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise we’ve got a problem.

Besides I am sure I am not the only one who thinks Katie has turned a bit weird since marrying Cruise. She is always walking around with no make up on and now when I see her, even with make up on, I can only think of how ugly she is…

Rebecca on

Some people are desperate for attention. They will do anything to get it. Even go as far as putting their hand in fire haha…

I don’t get this ad. And I don’t get why they chose Katie for it either. Maybe she’s the problem in the picture. No company should use celebrities with issues for advertising. It doesn’t make you sell more products by putting weird people on your adds. Much to the contrary!

Kristi on

I agree…she is weird. I remember being so cute and loveable when she was on Dawson’s Creek. Now she just looks so old and plain jane. I don’t get her clothes, hair cut and lack of make-up. I certainly do not get this ad either. I would like to see a picture of her smiling. She really is a pretty girl…can you believe she is only 30(ish)? She looks like she is 40+ years old!

Kim on

Why are her and Posh suddenly twins?? It’s a bit much and totally not “normal”. Bring back Bettie Page /Marilyn Munroe body types. REAL women have REAL bodies!!
These fashion designers are targeting celebs that can afford to get thin and no one else. Shame on society and this bs we call ” in fashion”.
Yeahh for Wal-Mart!! :)

ericka on

Wow… Victoria Beckham for MiuMiu and Katie Holmes for Armani….or was that the other way around???? It is almost scary how alike they look in the two ads… Is it just me or do they look completely p.o.’d? I don’t find this sexy, or sultry….they just look mad!

lori on

Wow! That airbrushing is a work of art!

sgox on

Why do these ads make me think of Sigorney Weaver in Ghostbusters? Zoooooool…..

sue on

Why is she trying so hard to look like Victoria Beckham?

YOU on

I find it interseting that people have so much to say about celebrities like they KNOW them. How can you judge Katie Holmes for not wearing makeup and being “weird”. Give her a break !!! She’s a working mother. And she is not the girl for Dawsons Creek anymore. SHE IS AN ADULT. TEND TO YOUR OWN LIVES PEOPLE!!!!!

Anna on

God there is so many bitter people out there, i pity all of you.

Yes, Katie and Victoria Beckham look a bit alike in these ads, but it’s the same photographer’s/stylist’s.etc behind the shots,they both look AMAZING, and absolutely worthy of the money they got paied!

The ads are well done, and if you want cheesy smiles, well then people go and look at an GAP campaign, dont look for it in a high fashion brands ad’s because that is NOT fashion, end of!

And perhaps if you went out and spent your day more productively, than calling Katie Holmes ugly, and dissing on Victoria Beckham, you would be happier with your own life.What you give out is what you get back, so if all you have to give is hate, then you are the ugly one’s in the end.


Karen on

Oh my god. This is not for Katie Holmes. She doesn’t look sexy when she trys to like now. She should stick to being a mom.

Huh! on

The woman is 5’10, slim and fit enough to run the NYC marathon. Are you? Who says make-up is required, she’s got healthy lovely skin and she obviously takes care of herself.
As for smiling…which model smiles on the runway? I’ve seen plenty of shots of her smiling when she’s with her little girl.
Lay off you fatsos and weirdos!
Don’t let the weirdness that is Tom Cruis sully your opinion of her, though I doubt she cares for any of our opinions.

Holly Wright on

I think she looks okay but what’s up with the bad posture? I’m with the other posters, unless you are advertising sports related product, ditch the celebs. They don’t do add anything to the product, if anything they discourage people from purchasing.

Jackie in Dallas on

I’m not going to comment on Katie here, I’m going to the root of what bothers me most about this…

Can someone please tell me what Miu Miu is? Can you tell from the ad? Maybe if I were a celebrity or Hollywood insider it would be obvious, but it certainly isn’t to ME.

Advertising, to be effective, has to “brand” your product, or set it apart and distinct from your competition. I can’t see that in this ad, at all. Is it the clothes, the look, the makeup, the shoes, what? And what does sticking her hand in the flame have to do with anything?

From an artistic point of view, it reminds me of too much “modern art,” where the artist tells you pretentiously that if they have to explain it you, you aren’t worthy to own it. I’ve seen great art, including Picasso, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. and toured the Lourve, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many others all over Europe and the US. I can “feel” Picasso and some of the good modern artists; the point of art is to elicit an emotional response. However I don’t feel this (except repulsed)!

tcyb on

She is wierd looking and needs to stay home.

LF on

Mmmmmm KKKKKK! Where is Katie Holmes?? I like the old her before the Tom Cruise!

laurie on

Katies old nose was much nice. Now it looks pointy close up. Why does everyone try get a Nicole Kidman nose? Even hers if redone! Nobody looks natural anymore, it’s too bad. I can’t tell half the blondes in hollywood apart anymore, they all look the same, fake. Katies nose makes her loook old and boring. She’s trying to be a diva but she’s just a very average looking girl if you ask me.

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Me on

Complete photoshop to the exstreme!!! I have to disagree. I think this is very well done beautifully artistic. It conveys passion strength and beauty. However, I agree that the fashion industry needs to get real. Beauty is a structure of various elements. Curvy women, petite women are just as beautiful as tall women. The majority of women in our society are 5’2 to 5’5. These are the women that are buying your clothes designers.You need to start using role models that mimic what’s really out there.

Jackie in Dallas on

Yes, I know. Before anyone jumps in…Miu Miu is a designer with shops all over the world. That doesn’t negate my points at all. It isn’t even the remotely bit obvious what is being “sold” in this ad. Advertising actually can be an art, but to me, this is just trying too hard to be art, and forgeting that the point of advertising is to sell!

alana bourque on

If this is ugly, then I want be ugly too!

alana on

If this is ugly, then I want to be ugly too!

Mary on

She looks just like a Steppford wife…wait a minute…she is. Scientology recruiting!!!!

Kylie on

I think she’s trying too hard for Tom. Her acting & singing is horrible. Without Tom, she’s nothing. No one finds her attractive. She looks too old & plain for her age even with all the designer clothes she wears. You just can’t polish a terd…

Mel on

She looks fierce!!!
The girl is one of the nicest people around,
and she’s a natural. She does not need to go out everyday with tons of make up. That is a added value my dears.

Ali on

She’s ugly.

layla on

I totally agree with Jackie in Dallas!!! You need to go to the basics. What is the advertising about? Is the face of a celebrity going to help bring attention to the product? Well obviously not in this case. All I can see is that her hand is on fire and she seems to be enjoying it. And than I look at her and realize it’s Katie Holmes. Which reminds me of Scientology and a couple more and more desperate for attention! You’d think that after all these years Miu Miu would have learned a thing or two…

missy on

I think she looks great! Dawson Creek Days are so over! A little different that what we are used to seeing but I think she worked it!!!

Minnesota on

I understand everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but give Katie a chance. She’s come a long way from Dawson’s Creek to Mrs. Tom Cruise. If you don’t like the way she pose for Miu Miu, why did you even bother looking & posting your comments. I mean you must like it enough to glance at it.

Kasee on

I think she looks pretty actually. Granted I agree that if you don’t already know what Miu Miu is this is not going to help you, but I think perfume ads are even more absurd. I understand that everyone wants to embrace all shapes and sizes, and we should. But that’s ALL shapes and sizes!!! I am six feet tall and a size six and I eat healthfully (with the occasional slices of pizza or a beer thrown in) and move a lot. I’m not anorexic, I don’t live on a treadmill that’s just how I’m built. That doesn’t mean I’m not a “real woman”. You don’t have to put others down to make yourself feel good.

Jon on

I don’t really miss seeing Katie Holmes other Miu Miu ad.

Penny on

I am quite happy with my life, am wasting no more time than you, AND SHE STILL LOOKS WIERD! She is just as freaky as her husband. I think he brainwashed her or something. In the early marriage pictures she was a recluse and always looked so sad, now she is out more and super wierd!

layla on

The fact that from ALL the models in the world, the beautiful new faces coming out, Miu Miu decided to choose Katie is plain WEIRD. I don’t get it!

Heather on

Forget Victoria Beckham… she looks more and more like Tom Cruise everyday. Gross.

Lupe on

So much for the “Posh-wannabe”!!! She looks so ridiculous and stupid, it’s unreal.

Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent | Gossip Street on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to People magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

nana on

Photography wise I think the Armani pictures with Victoria Beckham are a lot better.
Model wise Victoria does it naturally and Kate struggles, she doesn’t communicate anything and that is BIG problem in advertisement. She looks tired, boring and needs a good posture class, I guess that’s hard when you see how Tom holds her for pictures…The same way he did with Nicole…He posseses them… I am glad Nicole has a life now.

T on

I think all of you are just a little jealous, she’s gorgeous and looks it!!!!!

Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent | Celebrity Gossip on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to folks magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

Amy on

Does Katie Holmes and her actions really effect anyone in here on any sort of level? No? That’s what I thought. So why all the bashing? She’s an adult and can marry who she wants, believe in whatever religion she wants and pose for any advertisment she wants. It’s her life – leave her alone.

chrissy on

I’ve always thought Katie as beautiful.
Not to mention, I’m comfortable with myself, to say so. I see all of these negative comments, and think “Wow! Look at all of the girls, who have so much self-doubt, attack someone who is seen as lovely, talented, and successful.

When you grow up, and you start appreciating yourself and your self-worth, you will also see others in a new light. Keep in mind, that shade of green, that you all are in, doesn’t really compliment your own beauty.

Vicky on

I will say that this ad is MUCH better than the other one she did. The only thing I don’t like about this ad is that it appears that she is slouching. I think it would be better if she looked more poised. I still like Victoria Beckham’s adds better.

lisa tocci on

Kate is alot older than she was, when she was on dawson’s creek… I think she is a beautiful woman….

~Q~ on

I’m just wonder why when Victoria Beckham did the same add she was gorgeous. But when Katie Holmes does it it’s airbrushed. If you ask me Victoria is air brushed as well and her ad disturbs me more than Katie’s.

- on

I like the colours, I like her makeup, I like the dress .. but the hunched shoulders coupled with the out of place hand-in-the-fire ruin the ad.

Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent | Gossip News and Rumors on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to citizens magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

Tammy on


kjordan on

Why is everyone so miserable with themselves they cannot be happy for a beautiful, successful lady whose is now grown up and has maintained a loving marriage, motherhood, and a career, and is flourishing in so many ways.

Everyone claims to look for the good, but there are some nasty hearts out there. Time for 2009 to be the time they look in the mirror.

Beauty also comes from within as well. And by the sound of these emails, there are some pretty awful ugly people out there.

taylor on

i think she looks old…..very very old and like bitter….i dont know i just dont like her pictures i think victoria did it better

ari on

anna, I agree with you. Give her a break and do something better with your lifes, you are not perfect!!!

steph on

i agree with everyone this picture is weird yesterdays was a little bit better!

Crystle on

I think all celebrites are desperate for attention even Posh spice should keep her clothes on what a skank

neesi on

The only thing I can focus on in this ad is her nostrils! Does anyone else feel the same way? I am not drawn to the clothing that they are trying to sell…

NormaDesmond on

To those who say we can’t slam her without personally knowing her, etc., etc.:

Katie Holmes is an “actress”. She IS a product. She makes a living by essentially selling herself. This is why celebs sell baby pictures, wedding pictures, scandal stories, etc. They are marketing THEMSELVES. So we, as their target audience have the right to comment on them. Trust me, Katie, et al would be REALLY worried if we DIDN’T talk about them (good or bad) – that would mean the product wasn’t be selling.

Now, that said, the girl looks like the light has gone out of her eyes. She never really could act anyway. She’s probably just another prop for the Cruise corporation… LOL

And “Posh”? Gross. She’s emaciated! No curves, just sharp, jutting clavicles and hip bones. Blech. She doesn’t even look like a woman anymore. It’s a shame – she used to be such a pretty woman… now she looks like she got stuck in a food dehydrator. She’s a HOT MESS.

Ollie on

Hey, I agree with the person who said give us the Marilyn Monroe type back. The stars nowadays look so sunk-in and unhealthy! As for the comment that says “can you believe Katie Holmes is only 30ish?” Maybe being married to an old man makes women appear to be older than they really are. She is merely a creation of the old Tom Cruise Scientology factory….pity!

sarah on

I love Katie, but I don’t like short hair she has. She should grow out her hair longer. It makes her more prettier.
This fashion ad is not my type, too dark. Katie should pose for better pictures than this.

Hannah on

These ads are tacky.

=) on

Thank you Norma!! I feel the same way – just because we feel a certain way does not mean we are jealous! I could name a list of several other celebrities I find beautiful and would make a better ad. My dislike of this ad or her as a model is not a product of envy!

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[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to People magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

BellaBlue on

It seems to me that Tom Cruise is out there to find these tall women with some potential to be more and marries them to market them and boost their careers. That is what seems to be the case here. Same with Nicole Kidman. After he is finished with his venture he dumps them like hot potatoes and moves on to the next one so he can do the same. I wonder who will be next? But, please, Tom, no more jumping on Oprah’s sofa. Jump out of an airplane or something more civilized like that!

revere on

This woman not only has an image and pr problem but from scruffy looking walks around nyc with daughter Suri who looked tired majority of the time accommodating her mother’s loose schedule with unseemly haggard look accompanying her looking busy look, seemed to me that this ad managed to have lost its translation somewhere. What’s become of this crazy woman. Her choices of stints have been a far cry from a celebrity starus. Tom should start rethinking about her too.

Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent | Celebrity Gossips & News on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to People magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

A on

Well said Anna.

claire bear on

could it get any more stupid, it looks like a scene from an old sci-fi movie

Rosie on

Is she wearing a folded-up trashbag?
That’s what it looks like.

Marie on

What we have here are marketing geniuses. Take all you people who love Katie…they have captured your attention. Take all you people who hate Katie….they have captured your attention. Now, like some of you have asked “Can somebody please tell me WTH is Miu Miu? They have captured your attention. So, for all of you Love/Haters out there, you have done exactly what they have wanted all along…they have captured your attention. GET IT…GOT IT….GOOD! Now you know what sells. Good job Katie and Victoria. You not only have made millions but so have the geniuses who have marketed you. By the way, you are not so dumb yourselves.

Katie Really Is A Robot! | on

[…] Source [?] Share This […]

kris on

Why are a lot of people bashing Katie? If you don’t like Tom, fine but don’t bash her. I view her as quiet and not shy. I don’t see her as weird because since marrying Tom Cruise. It seems a lot of people are judging Katie based on Tom Cruise actions which he has since apologized for or tried to explain. The guy is very intense and passionate but I don’t view him as weird. Katie is very pretty only as of late has she looked tired probably due to her busy schedule. Also, I see her as very elegant and classy. I may not get the Ad but I think Katie looks great. We need more positive people.. so tired of all the negativity.

gretchen on

“tend to your own lives”?? you’re on people.com, the entire purpose of it is to look at celebrities lives. hypocrite? yes.

Ron on

I agree with Marie. These are marketing geniuses. I know, I have worked with them. They will even go as far as to get your comments going by initiating the comments about their advertisement. They just pretend to be one of you. Then, you see they have a tumbling effect with the audience. Comment after comment whether good or bad. It gets their product known, talked about and then sold. Hate to say it, but these models are merely props to them, however, they are compensated for it, so, don’t feel too sorry for them. Don’t hate them because they are beautiful. They don’t hate you because you are ruthless. They may pity you because you are not them but they don’t hate you.

AB on

Her facial structure is amazing. I think she’s absolutely beautiful… And even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t want to throw harsh words around. Why poison this world we’ve all got to live in?

Andy on

I don’t see Katie as trying to please Tom; for crying out loud, she did a theater show, ran a MARATHON (Yes, all 26.2 miles of it, for those condescending individuals who can’t run that distance, so much for pandering for her man’s happiness!), happily married with a beautiful child … why are all people jealous of strong, confident and successful women? Katie is beautiful in her pictures; she has developed her own fashion style over the years as do all women. I have to totally agree with Marie and Ron — the ads are the result of marketing geniuses.

nicole on


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sahar on

What a woman. An angel….

Mandy on

I think Katie has the money and the connections to keep herself beautiful however, she looks like a man in this photo!

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Ljones on

Strangely enough she still looks like a
creepy stepford wife.

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Alex on

I don’t understand why you guys can’t lay off of her. She’s not doing anything to offend anyone. Now, her husband might offend some with his views but it’s not Katie who is mouthing off about everything. She’s just working and raising her daughter. Leave her alone. Jeez.

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samantha on


beth on

few of these envious miserable loonies wish they look like Katie Holmes


chef on

She looks amazing and bringing the real style in fashion also old glam and elegance of Hollywood

republican on

Stunning but then again Katie is also a natural beauty even with no makeup she is so lovely
and wears anything yet she is beautiful.

patty on

Hot & sexy even with her clothes on.

rockets on


meatball on

For some reason Holmes reminds me of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn!

KawaiiKitty on

Oh look! Another picture of a secret scientology meeting! I’m so happy they finally decided to share what they do and what goes on there.

That was awfully nice of her to share…

also, I’m just glad she is wearing make-up! no matter what anyone says, everyone looks better with some on!!!

frugal fashionista | on

[…] Off the Cuff has another look at Katie Holmes for Miu Miu […]

Vi on

Love the concept but seriously question the choice of model. Katie, er, Kate, has no place here. It pains me to say it but Miuccia (always one of my favorites) loses points with me and cred with a lot of people for this one.

Another observation... on

Both Katie & Victoria look too gaunt; neither of them looks smart/chic. They both look as if they could use a few good meals. IMO, Katie’s ad is symbolic in the sense that she CAN “take the heat” b/c she has had to take all the heat since she met, married, had a baby from & is still married & living w/Tom Cruise. GAG! Her ad is supposed to be creative & artsy however, I don’t care for it. I think Katie looks better when she dresses to go out in the evening w/Tom; she seems to have more of her own style & confidence. Victoria just keeps trying to “shock” everyone. She looks like a very thin piece of board w/two hard baseballs for her chest. And, Victoria rarely smiles & shows her teeth…I wonder why or is she as unhappy as she looks? FYI, I am neither hateful, fat, ugly, old, or mean, I just don’t care for these photos especially b/c Katie can’t make up her mind whether to look like her friend Victoria or her hubby Tom. She should just be herself that should be good enough for anyone.

Hollywood Gossip » Blog Archive » Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to People magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

Julie on

I think Katie is a gorgeous, classic beauty. I like the artistic slant of this ad, too. Her face is almost Greek-inspired. However, if you’re trying to sell fashion with this ad, you lost me. The dress is the last thing I looked at…and it’s not the greatest fit for Katie, either. Also, somebody PLEASE tell this beauty that it’s OK to have good posture, even when you’re tall.

Mel on

Entertainers/celebrities are everywhere we look. They are pushed on us by the media. Even FOX News has an entertainment bit. It’s crazy. People are interested and it obviously sells otherwise there wouldn’t be the push. Will Katie make me want to purchase something from Miu Miu? No. That’s a personal choice. We all have our favorite celebrities and she just doesn’t happen to be one of mine.

Kelley on

Katie is such a beautiful woman, but this is not her. it seems that she is trying too hard to be something she is not.. Victoria. I get it people change, but its not good to change into a carbon copy of your friends. She should let her hair grow a bit.

robyn on

You’re all awful. This work is fantastic. Mert & Marcus know how to photograph. It’s expressive and she looks great, clearly great advertising for 2009.

rosinka on

It is amazing to what length people need to go to feel good about their despicable bodies, all of you out there criticizing someone who obviously looks better than you. Katie looks good, healthy, like most of you people could if you would eat a little healthier and walk 20 minutes a day. GET A LIFE.

baby on

she looks gorgeous! i pity all the haters!you are just jealous because you dont have it all…beauty,body,money and most of all a wonderful life, with a handsome hubby and a beautiful daughter! kudos to you katie!!!

Katie Holmes: Miu Miu Magnificent | Gossip Tube on

[…] by Mert & Marcus and released to People magazine, the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie posed against a blazing sky and with her hand […]

Teena on

These ads are so freaky!!! SOOOO SEA ORG SCIENTOLOGY!!! No wonder Tom let her do them!! They are so NOT her!!!

Tika on

I believe Katie Holmes is adorable and has a classic style that suits her. I seriously doubt that anyone posting their negative comments to People.com actually have any idea what Katie or Tom or Victoria, etc. are really like in person. I feel very sorry for those of you posting nasty comments, as I have to wonder what it is that makes you seem so jealous of beautiful and/or successful women….

Brännhet bild på Katie Holmes för Miu Miu — CHIC on

[…] Nu har det släppts ännu en bild från Katie Holmes vårkampanj för Miu Miu. Bilden är hämtad från Peoples hemsida. […]

Fernando on

New years 2008: my little brother Chris dropped dead – a moving testimony to a brother with asperger’s syndrome, by zen peace. Asperger’s is a mild form of autism that often goes undetected. Chris was a doctor and a dentist, married to a control freak and he had money mad, freeloading, conniving and manipulative relatives. Inhouse vigilance and support for doctors within the high functioning autistic spectrum is called for.

Commencement Invitation and Graduation Invitations for Graduate | Graduation Shoppe on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: Even More Katie Holmes for Miu Miu! – Style News … […]

Amy on

You know, the people in charge of the ad itself chose the outfit and background, makeup, hairstyle…everything. They chose how they wanted the brand advertised, not Katie. She did not have a nose job. People are so judgemental. I agree, she is not on Dawson’s Creek anymore…she’s all grown up people. She is not going to look like a 15 year old forever. Who would want to?

Heather on

Why is she sticking her hand in fire. You would think that would be pretty painful and she doesn’t seem to notice. She is a pretty girl, but I think she needs to gain just a little bit of weight. When she was on Dawson’s Creek she was so cute. Now she just seems pretty plain…Still love her, though. She is a great actress who needs to do some more movies. Oh yeah, in Mad Money they made her look like her old self and it was great.

Katie Really Is A Robot! | on

[…] Source Bookmark It Hide Sites […]

elenaluna on

Afternoon Fix: J.Lo Explains Wedding Rings Don’t Go With Trashy Dresses | Latest Celebrity Stories on

[…] All right, Katie Holmes, you’re such an edgy fashion model and we didn’t see any fire in Posh’s Armani ads. So you win the fierce-off or […]

Camille on

Guuys. Its FASHION ok?
Fashion is a art, and in art, you can do anything that you want. Its free to your imagination,…

For me, I find the face of Katie so sharp and strong, and she’s got a pretty good figure.
In the other picture, she looks very perky, or cute, and beautiful skin. I don’t see where do you get that Idea that she looks angry??..

no sens of Fashion here!


1ephb on

She’s from my hometown of Toledo Toledo

Elizabeth on

Is it just me or should Katie Holmes be auditioning for the role of “Medea”?

petergrantfineart on

Enjyed visiting this site. A lot of fun.

When you have time visit my art blog:


thanks havea great day!


annette on

sexy in a classy way..so regal

Megan on

Well i like Katie Holmes and personally i think she looks amazingly beautiful and i am glad that she is the new face of Miu Miu.

VB and KH are 2 different beauties and should not be compared!!! Beautiful… well done Katie

KATIE HOLMES - NOT MIA, BUT MIU | Fashion Designer on

[…] Source: People.com […]

Anna on

I think the photograph is pretty. HOWEVER, recently I’ve gotten annoyed with seeing movie stars in positions that real models used to have. We see enough of movie stars, I want to see real models in ads. Also, I want to see real actresses in the movies, not just the pretty people who get acting jobs because they are pretty (jessica alba…etc. etc. no offense)

Terry on

Hey..wait a minute, Tom has recently come out in public of late looking much “lighter and tighter” in the face, and my first thought of seeing this pic was that she looks like Tom now. He’s looking younger, and she’s looking older: get it?
She did not need any plastic surgery and that pointy nose; she was just fine before. I just wonder what her parents must be thinking……
And I agree with the people that said these celebs put themselves out there, they are going to get both positive & negative reactions at times.

Terry on

Also, to Anna, re: Katie getting a nose job
Just google: Katie Holmes plastic surgery
then look at the before and after pics

She looked just fine before, she did not need any plastic surgery, but did it anyway. Looks like Tom now..

Antony on

With everyone already making fun of Katie for being a weirdo Scientologist and Tom Cruises robot, why would Miu Miu make her look soo ridiculous in these ads?? Can Xenu protect her from being burned?? (seems to me she and Tom have already been burned – by the media! and rightfully so!!)

Kiki on

Instead of looking natural and pretty Katie decided to go with Miu Miu and play even further into how weird she and Tom are. She could have had some pretty unassuming relatable ads but instead this.

I think she’s asking for it.

Harry-O on

Oh you art naysayers are just slow. Brush up on your mythology and classic art, this pic is fab and plays up her perfectly executed acting. So Shakespeare-nouveau.

Angelwink on

Oh Boy, this post is for the poster named “ME” your green eyed monster is out in full force tonight, Claws and all…..WOW your jealously is VERY transparent! This picture is BEAUTIFUL and VERY ARTISTIC! Obiously you don’t know to much about the Fashion World or Art….Why are people such haters for someone that they dont even know? I sure hope you don’t have children to teach all of your “ugliness” to… no wonder you wont even leave a real name…I would go work on yourself image a little bit. God Bless

Angelwink on


Angelwink on

Yes Anna, I agree with you 100%! whats with all the ugliness here? JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!!!!


[…] Source: People.com […]

Polycarbonate on

girls usually love to hear celebrity gossips, they are always into it :,`

Hailee Steinfeld: The New Face of Miu Miu | Celebs, News and Gossips on

[…] Tory Burch and See by Chloe. The young star joins a roster of famous Miu Miu faces, including Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst and Chlöe Sevigny — although she’s probably the only […]

While You Were Illustrating What It’s Like To Be Married To Tom Cruise on

[…] of Katie Holmes in a Miu Miu ad campaign have been surfacing over the past couple of days. They’re really artsy. Or cry-for-helpy. […]

Kashiko on

Cheryl Kirkwood – Thank you Kate so much for the wonderful ptuicres. We have some great memories now. Not only of the actualy ptuicres themselves, but of the day that you spent with our family. You have captured some wonderful visons of Katie, Katie and Bobby, and now my entire family. I am looking forward with excitement to the wonderful ptuicres I can expect of Katie and Bobby’s wedding day.You have an incredible talent Kate .thank you for sharing it with us.Cheryl

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