Sneak Peek: Victoria Beckham Bares (Almost!) All in Emporio Armani Underwear Campaign

01/14/2009 at 12:16 PM ET

Courtesy Armani

First David Beckham famously stripped down to his briefs for Giorgio Armani, and now his wife Victoria has done the same. After announcing several months ago that she would be the latest model for the Emporio Armani underwear line, the ads have finally come out. And the results are simply stunning — moody black-and-white portraits shot by Mert & Marcus that show the lithe mother of three lounging around an unmade bed in her barest essentials. Rumor has it that Posh is under contract with Armani through 2012, so get ready to see a lot of Posh in magazines and on billboards near you for the next few years. Victoria says in a statement, “It’s an honour to have been selected by Mr. Armani to represent the Emporio Armani Underwear brand and to execute his vision with the incredibly talented team of Mert & Marcus.” Tell us: What do you think of Posh’s underwear ads?


Courtesy Armani

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Roz on

Posh looks amazing. I don’t love the new haircut, but it’s working for her in these pics!



Joanne on

She looks amazing.

TTM on

Gorgeous! She has the best body and I love her sense of style!

jk on

she looks like a tranny. boobs lop sided. YUK! what a step down for Armani! blech. I pray the beckhams move to italy…get outta the usa!!!!!!!

Casey on

I have to admit that she always looks…well, not so great in photos, always looking angry and like some giant insect but these look absolutely beautiful. Sorry as I never thought of her attractive.

Christina on

I can appreciate the photography, but Victoria Beckham is not attractive-AT ALL. I don’t get how she is choosen for this stuff. There are so many beautiful women out there. She is sickly thin with obviously fake boobs and a miserable face. I’m disppointed with Armani’s choice for a model and in no way does it make me want to buy the underwear.

Brandi on

She looks good. I’d rather see more of David in his man panties, but I have to admit the woman looks good.

cecie on

Posh looks amazing!!!!

Dan on

Does she ever smile? She is a walking skeleton. Someone feed her.

Jon on

Posh looks amazing in the ads.

Jodie on

VERY classy. I think they are great. They have a real feel of old hollywood glamour. I, too, am not a big fan of the new haircut, however.


I have always ben a big fan of Posh Style and Grace, she look great and all of those haters get a life and stop putting people down like you are in a bucket of crabs. Posh and her family have shown Hollywood and others that they can make it and still stay humble.

Trinspin on

I for one cannot stand this woman. Her nose is actually in the air, literally. She obviously starves herself and has admitted as much. Her fake boobs look lopsided and she does nothing for women except to give them inferiority complexes that we are not as good as she is.. Hate to say it, but we are better than she is – we are REAL.


wow – she actually looks as if she’s eaten a sandwich or two – way to go stick chick!!

mom of 2 on

I think it is degrading that women think they need to be naked or almost naked in a photo to look good. What will her boys think of women when this is what she is portraying as beautiful.

Stacey on

Have to agree with seeing more of Mr. Beckham in the man panties.

hannah on

Her body looks good for having had three children, but it has obviously been airbrushed as I recall another set of nearly nude photos she did a couple of years ago that were distinctly different. That said, I think the photos are lovely, and have made a very plain and ordinary looking woman look quite nice.

Jennifer Gray on

She looks great! I remember reading an article where she says that having had 3 kids had taken it’s toll on her body & although she is thin she’s a mess underneath her clothes or something to that effect. If that is what she considers to be a mess after 3 kids – then I would hate to think what she would like if she didn’t have any kids!!!!


Stacey – I agree with Mr. Becks in the man panties – he is soooooo pretty.

zsa-zsa on

So that’s why she’s got a new and bigger pair of inflatables she’s posing for Armani. Gosh, why are there more and more losers in Hollywood. I miss the old times when only the beautiful and the talented makes it big. Bleh…

hannah on

MIMI – who are you kidding?? Victoria Beckham down to earth?? Seriously?? Obviously you have never actually met her. She’s terribly full of herself and seems to be in complete denial that if it wasn’t for her husband (who DID cheat on her after all, he saw the light!) she would have no career and would likely be worse off than the other Spice Girls, since she was the worst singer of the lot. I find it funny how fans are so blind to the way she actually is. Granted, she’s a clever woman for making something out of very little talent, but she is not a nice person.

a parent on

she looks fantastic!!!!
what is the problem

Liza on

Being a model does not necessary to be beautiful. In the case of Victoria shes beautiful. We love you Victoria

Hong Kong

admirer on

I think victoria should not have cut her hair so short and she should smile more,also it would’nt hurt if she put on a few pounds she could really be a pretty women.

Teri on

Now you tell me WHO lays around on the floor in high heels?!!! You can’t even see the detail of the underwear…this so called “campaign” sucks!!

Bunnie on

That looks like a body double. She’s nowhere near that voluptuous with her clothes on.

Karen B on

I’m not sure she’s deserving of all her fame, and lord knows the woman needs to learn to SMILE in public. But there just is no denying the woman is stunningly beautiful.

Ava on

I understand that the “thin craze” is something that has been belabored to death over the years (thank goodness at least we’re all talking freely about it). But once again, I’ve seen thin people, thin celebrities, who look great and can pull it off. But this woman’s face…her head…her lack of personality all together…combined with her stickly, gaunt frame…is just astonishing. She looks like a robot, like an alien being and again she’s doing that crooked- foot-ankle pose. I agree with others. I would not get Armani merchandise based solely on this ad. Not a fan.

Angiebaby on

Very nice. What woman wouldn’t want to pose for such ads if she looked like that, and the photographer could capture such sensuality on film? (I would in a hearbeat, but I’m rather the polar opposite of Posh.) I think regular women should pose for intimate photos like this more often, if only for their husbands. And only if you really love them and make them sign a release stating your photos will NOT turn up on the Internet.

dave on

Another chick in her undies…. Bares all almost, what’s that statement all about????

Jalcy on

Ok here’s the deal!!! Pictures are great..the modeal on the other hand is average. She has a beautiful body but let’s get real..not so pretty face. And her deal not to smile is getting a bit old!!!!

Marie on

Posh looks good, but would look really good with an extra 10 lbs. She looks like a bobble head right now.

raffi on

I’ve never been the one who hates her or praises her, but for God’s sake she shouldn’t do that… Couldn’t she just be a good wife (as she I am sure is) and a good mother to her children?.. I mean, why does she do that? Even with photoshop she is NOT stunningly beautiful or attractive in the ad… No talent, no beauty… C’on Victoria! STOP it! I am disappointed in Armani…

Erin on

I think Victoria is stunning. And for those who have disagreed, you are entitled to your opinion but to make a mockery out of her is shameful. Posh and I are actually the same size and I eat very well, I don’t throw junk food in my mouth every two seconds, have a strict diet to keep me fit and healthy. More than 50% of America is overweight or obsese. I think the percentage is 63. So maybe its not her thats unhealthy, she just looks considerably smaller next to the average american. I think she sells clothes like no body’s business and is highly respected in the fashion world. She looks amazing!

lmc on

She looks great, More david PLEASE

Nicole on

She is soooo not attractive!!

Margie on

The first picture has been airbrushed for sure.
Where are those bones? She has very ugly bony knees and you can’t see them on this photo.
And those arms?? Suddenly, they are meaty.
What a joke!!!
The second picture looks like she has finally fainted after starving herself for days.

Armani, you are no honey.

jamie on

obviously you didn’t look at the photos very well. of course her boobs are lopsided look at the pose she’s in, one shoulder up one shoulder down. models aren’t supposed to smile, they steal the purpose of the photo because everyone is looking at the smile, and third she isn’t sickly thin, she’s a model models can only be a certain weight before they cannot model. people do your research already. she is stunning in these photos.

Danielle on

Victoria said awhile ago in an interview that she doesn’t smile on purpose. It’s a look she perfected on purpose for the cameras. Of course she smiles when not on display. It’s just a role she’s playing. I’ve always wondered how she must light up a room when she does smile. She is beautiful. I think she should change her modus operandi to smile for the cameras some times at least. When your a star,or at least in the cameras often, you want them to capture a good photo of you,as opposed to open mouthed talking or what ever,so ask many stars on the red carpet why they aren’t smiling,and their just standing there posing. Example in point, the new golden globes photos the other day, how many smiled in their photos on the red carpet? Hardly any.

Cindy on

Don’t like the pics. She’s skinny. an I don’t like the fake boobs. She has such a ugly face especially the nose.

Julie on

Love it! The black and white is amazing and beautiful lingerie is really making a comeback. Celeb stylist Lara Backmender thinks so, too! Check out the Q&A here: ;)

traceyld on


KP on

I think all the people who have nothing but bad things to say about Victoria, how she looks or how she is perceived in pictures – are all jealous. The girls who write all the bad comments are probably overweight, not pretty and write not so nice things out of jealousy. She looks great!!! Very Audrey Hepburn.

angelica on


Colleen on

She looks like she died from not eating!!!

Terry on

I`m just so shock, that so many people think that she is Beautiful…

Where? She is less then ordinary woman. Less then. Her face is not attractive at all.

Her body is ugly, starving body. Ready to drop dead at any minute.

The only thing what is really attractive about this woman – Former M.U. David Beckham.

If she never met and never marry him , no one ever notice her.

Really ugly. Exhausted , Starving blow over proportions desperate woman.

It just sad.

Athena on

Fake sexy is ugly sexy. They all could do so much better than that, especially if they had a really beautiful model instead of her.

Cujo on

She looks like she hasn’t eaten anything in months, great style..but needs to eat more.

jGrrl on

She looks so painfully thin while dressed, who would have known that she has such a beautiful (if diminutive) shape!

JG on

She looks amazing, anyone who thinks she doesn`t, is just hating!!! She is amazing, as a mother and as a person!! I would like to see everyones body and looks that says she aint how…your better?

Beth on

I loke Posh – I think she’s beyond style, but her make up makes her look like some sort of alien. Plus, if she is supposed to be selling underware, then make sure you can actually see it, rather then it hiding in

Lauren on

I think she looks awesome! Go Posh!

Jeanell on

I agree with Brandi about rather seeing David in his “man panties.” I have never thought she was exceptionally beautiful. I do envy her body after 3 kids ( with an abundance of cash and doctor’s help no doubt ) Her hair is HORRID! She needs to grow it out and eat a few cheesburgers..come on, you’re in the US now!

Zoe Moon on

Omigod, her body is amazing after three kids. She is gorgeous. Love her!!

bella on

honestly she isnt that hot at all

susan on

They obviously made her look not as skinny..Such airbrushing.She doesnt even look like her old self when she had long hair years ago.She had half of her nose cut off and protuding upwards.She looks like an elf to me.

pinks on

she looks amazing…especially for a mother of three!

Kristi on

I am so sick of seeing the Beckham’s…all of them. She is super skinny, someone get her some food please!

cha4ya on

I think the photos look great, very artistic! As for those commenting on her weight I am not in knowledge of her bmi – what is it with those who are unhealthy and over weight always downing those who are thin?? I am thin, and believe me I eat the occasional burger, fries from time to time, but I do exercise reguarly and also I do not eat junk daily. I don’t starve myself or do any other idiotic thing to keep myself thin, I just don’t eat junk every day (especially fast food) and I exercise, it’s that simple!!!

John on

A lovely lady, no doubt, but I prefer more fully clothed role models for my wife and daughter, and all women and girls.

danni on

u kn ow when u have one of those moments when ur just stuck looking at something like the tv thats what she looks like i like her better with her eyes closed id love to see her laughing hysterically shed probably look even more gorgeous!!

Annette on

I prefer seeing David in boxer shorts :-)

Catwoman on

I guess money makes you attractive, because she has to have fake boobs for an emaciated looking body, and her pouty face is actually ugly. Who could be jealous of that? I hope the they leave this country and take Tom & Katie with you.BYE

roxi on

There’s a reason they shot her in all that shadow — it keeps her from looking so rail-thin. Great shoes though.

B on

Um….no doubt the woman is beautiful, but has she thought about what her little boys will think when they see her in these photos?

stacey Lu on

Wow…she looks amazing after having 3 kids. Victoria, what’s your secret??

Trish on


jo on

who bloody well cares?

Trish on

Oh and besides, all you people who talk about how sickly thin she is, you are all probably overweight. People who eat all wrong and don’t exercise always have comments about thin people. It’s hilarious. Rather then tell us to eat, why don’t you watch what you throw down your throats and get a little healthier!

Brandy on

She is so beautiful but the angry, blank, model facial expression is tired, no exhausted. I would love to see her smaile since she has every reason to.

nicole on


Elizabeth H. on

Sorry, but truly classy women do not pose in underwear nor do they display fake breasts. It is hard to tell if she’s attractive or not because the woman always looks angry at the world. Who is attractive when they’re scowling? Perhaps if she’d smile now and again, she’d seem more likable. Perhaps she just has world’s worst British teeth in which case, divert some money away from extreme fashion and go to the orthodentist!

Carrie on

She needs to eat a sandwich.

lily on

she looks good, but what about her three sons? in a couple years, when they’re old enough to notice these things, how will they feel about these? that’s a bit too much to see of either of your parents, no matter how hot or beautiful they are!

Stacy on

Wow… I expected so much better, She looks beautiful just naturally… My reaction “eeekkk!!”

Ruby on

The photos are stunning. I love the drama of black & white. I think, though, that high heel shoes on nearly naked women look totally ridiculous. Bare feet in underwear is way more sexy.

Tracy on

She was pretty before she cut her hair & developed that permanent scoul on her face. Now she isn’t even remotely attractive, !!BUT!! I would gladly say she was for even 5 minutes alone with that HOT husband of hers, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sue on

She looks Ok but does the woman ever eat anything!

Rachel on

Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! I think it is wonderful that Armani is using both David and Victoria for his underwear campaigns. Posh is stunning!

Jessica on

Those of you who are calling her unattractive obviously have no clue about high fashion and are all about conventional (aka. BORING) beauty… think outside of the box for crying out loud! Not everyone needs to look like Angelina Joile. VICTORIA IS FIERCE, end of story.

Craig on

I’d do her

Nono on

the purpose of having a model for any product is to show how a product can create a stir among the viewers. i think victoria did that. it does’nt matter whether she is stunning or ugly as long as the product sells, it is the end result. for those who does not like or hates it you looked at her and it did get a response from you whether negative or positive it did not matter, it is not the purpose here.

Rachael on

She is raising impressionable boys and she chooses to be like this for all the world to see? It is too bad her boys must have this in their Mom. No values, no constraints just whatever makes you happy, is ok with me lifestyle choice. Trashy from the word go!

Robyn on

The photographs are wonderful. They are sexy and intriguing. I would love to see Posh and David do another sexy ad together.

reyns on

How is this any different from what she usually wears? Not sue this is news worthy even for a tabloid!

jennifer on

I used to think Victoria was attractive. Now, I think she is hard looking. She looks like a boy. Her skin looks leathery. She has a great body but her face and hair are hard now.

elaine on

nice pics but i cant stand the sour face cow..never liked her since day one of the spice girls..she has the best looking hubby in the world & she never ever smiles & she is to thin, i should know i was anorexic myself, she’s got 3 gorgoues boys & a great lifestyle got everything she could possibly want & she still cant crack a smile im glad she’s moved to america now we aint got to see her sour face all the time.

but like i said the pics are great & i do like her hair it suits her better.xx

Sara on

I feel so bad for their kids!! Who wants their parents lounging around in their underwear for the entire world to see? I don’t care how hot your parents are, it’s still a little much. » Victoria Beckham to Bare All (Almost)! on

[…] Click here to see the ad and let us know what you think. […]

Pamela on

Terry…you might want to learn how to speak english. Also, learn how to use full sentences.

artzworx on


Jordan on

These look way too staged. No one lays like that against a sofa. The first is so posed. She has a very nice body, I’ll give her that, but they and she could have done a lot better.

KawaiiKitty on

one word…. Dead Sexy! ok thats two…

Smurfette on

Granted, I’m only viewing two photos, but they are nothing more “risque” than what’d you see in a typical Victoria’s Secret Catalog. I wouldn’t be embarassed for her sons to see her in the photos. Honestly, can very many of you moms out there say your kids haven’t seen you in your skivvies? I’m no prude, nor do I try to flaunt it around my kid, but she’s seen me in many forms of dress (and undress) because that’s just how life has went. I think that her body looks fine for advertising underwear. Unless the company is selling a plus-sized line, they are going to use thin models. That’s just how it’s done. I like VB fine, just becoming less and less a fan of her hairstyles. They’ve grown quite severe looking recently. I’d like to see her try out the extensions again personally, but if she and her husband like her looks, then so be it.

702 on

Victoria is such a Diva, Diva’s dont smile! shes simply perfect! Dont HATE!..

cherry on

posh looks nice and the picture quality,setup is amazing; love the black and white scene..what a shot!! catches the eye which is the main purpose in ads

freeelove on

I like her, and I appreciate the artistic beauty of it all…

rusdi yanto on

good evening

Emma on

Sophisticated, classy and tasteful…

медицина on

I have to admit that she always looks…well, not so great in photos, always looking angry and like some giant insect but these look absolutely beautiful. Sorry as I never thought of her attractive.?

drunkenhopfrog on

Oh, wow. I think cancer was just cured by this news.

girl on

pig nose

anthony leary on


dolleee on

very posh!

Tina on

Well, her ads look better than Katie’s.

Becky on

Love the ads, just as others have said, I’m not a big fan of hers..I think she’s looks so unhappy ALL of the time..Maybe it’s because she doesn’t eat..No, I’m not jealous, I’ll admit that I need to shed some weight, but at least I smile..

Diana on

I think she looks great and I love her pixie haircut (I was sporting that cut long before she picked it up but she rocks it). All those hating don’t judge unless you are also open to be judged. Send us a photo and we’ll analyse your pimpled faces, chucky arms, budda bellies etc. She’s beautiful in her own way. Who cares if she’s had her boobs done? It’s her body. She’s a good mum and does all she can to keep her family together. If I was in her shoes I would rock what I got and make the most of the opportunities that come my way, no matter what pathetic strangers think.

Brittany on

I want to know where Posh got the idea that she looked terrible naked. I mean she is 90% of the way there in these photos, but she looks stunning! I hope my body looks like that when I have 3 kids.

Anonymous on

Victoria Beckham is not that brilliant. Its the photographer who emphasizes her body!

Nichole on

Thank goodness! It looks like she’s gained a little weight and is that muscle definition I see in her abs?

abecky on

This lady doesnt have an ounce of fat in her body! lucky her!

LC on

I don’t usually care about what celebrities do but these pics of her are really beautiful and I know for a fact that folks negative comments come from there insecurities and low self esteem because anyone can cleary see she looks amazing. On the hand Katie Holmes……no comment.

Omelette on

She looks fantastic – I love these photos – but she’s obviously wearing a push up bra! :-)

Tara on

She looks like a dirty Q-tip

mary on

She looks like Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

Pegasus on

I am soooo tired of seeing the starvation slim, melon chested and over-done Victoria B. She is so full of herself that she can’t be seen without runway clothes, hair and makeup when running errands with her kids!
I wouldn’t buy anything from an influence of hers. She is like a Barbie doll that happens to have blood running thru her veins…though I’m sure that is plastic too.

Sara on

There is no way that these ads make me want to buy the underwear–she is way too thin, with obviously fake boobs that don’t go with her body. The composition and lighting of the photo are good, but she was a poor choice for a model, in my opinion. From a marketing aspect, why would women want to buy underwear represented by someone who makes them look like a whale in comparison?

Nicole on

JK… Her boobs are lopsided because she’s got one shoulder up higher than the other.

I love Victoria. She’s a beautiful woman and a total fashionista! A great choice for Armani!

Fengshui-Health-inBali on

She looks beautiful.

need beauty and health with fengshui

Christine on

I think she looks very beautiful…..prettier than when she is dressed up….and she looks pretty dressed up. I think she has moxy and class.

Marie on

She looks great. I love this hot Italian look

It’s so cool to look Italian

Julie on

I’d love to be that thin after having kids!! No stretchmarks, either! Wow.

But from a marketing standpoint, I don’t get it. In the top pic, she;’s actually covering up the undies. And in the second pic, the bra is almost completely inconsequetial.

Anon on

For all of you Posh Haters!!!!… Wouldn’t you pay for fake boobs if you had the money? I know I would! And for your information it is not just obesity that is a problem. I wiegh 42 kilos and have been trying to gain wieght these past 5 years to no avail so seeing “skinny” victoria in this ad boosts me up! Stop hating you all and if you don’t like this pic don’t comment just find another that you like and comment positively on that one!!!!!!!!

Loog on

I would absolutely wreck that chick

Chris on

I think she’s brave to do this, as I’ve heard she’s really unhappy with her stomach after having kids.

As for the smiling comments, has anyone every watched a runway show or paid attention to other ads like this? She’s supposed to be selling sexy underwear, not granny panties that don’t ride up–why would she grin?

shanie on


Linda on

she looks like a bulldog. She is the most homely, boring woman out there. YUK!

sharron on

Anyone who has had 3 kids and looks like this… my hat is off to her. You go girl!!!

nazirmo on

Victoria and David are made for each other. I would like to see them in a movie. They are both sexy and hot. Hope they stay together forever.

draggy21 on

This is just another acomplishment for the ex Spice Girl. She has it all: the most envious husband, David Beckham, three cute little boys, her own clothing line and now she’s in Emporio add. She looks smokin’ hot in those pictures and represent well the add and it’s creator. I do not think it’s a ”faux pas” for her because she likes to be seen as a powerful woman that she is.

Justine on

Why would anyone think she’s hot?? She looks angry and unhappy all of the time….maybe she should fix her “pig” nose and eat a cookie! She’s only photographed this much b/c of her husband!

kimberly on


Antony on

Posh looks stunning .. she can pull off the high fashion looks where Katie Holmes falls flat

diellza on

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[…] up for Marc Jacobs at the Met Costume Institute Gala, Victoria Beckham bares (almost all) for her second season of modeling in sexy Emporio Armani women’s underwear ads. The ads, which the star unveiled in […]

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