Katie Holmes's Miu Miu Ad Revealed!

01/14/2009 at 04:37 PM ET

Courtesy Miu Miu

Turns out that Victoria Beckham isn’t the only star with a new ad being revealed today — it’s a big day for the new face of Miu Miu, Posh’s pal Katie Holmes! The atmospheric color ads are also shot by Mert & Marcus and feature the actress against a blazing sky that the label says is meant to evoke “a certain Fellini-esque chaotic excess.” As for the star herself, a statement from Miu Miu explains that she “portrays a luminous icon radiating a sense of mystery and theatricality.” We just know that Holmes has never looked more glamorous, and we can’t wait to see the full set of images as they roll out in magazines this spring. Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s new ad?

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Lori on

Why do people always have to look so angry in these ads? Aren’t they getting paid a ton of money?

Li on

She really looks like an alien. This ad looks like a parody of high end fashion. I prefer Victoria Beckham’s new ads. Same look, better model. I can’t believe I just said that. Sad, but true.

Carmen on

I don’t like her hair all slicked back or something. She also looks so angry!

Michele on

I liked her old nose and natural look better.

Kayla on

don’t like it. snore..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lily on

gosh, she looks like she wants to kill someone

MEL on

you guys are such haters because she looks great!! i’m sure she looks better than all of you guys so leave this girl alone.

Karenina on

She is a lovely mom but a very boring model – did she have a nose job?

Cassandra on

I think Katie looks absolutely fierce!

Jenna on

Katie looks GORGEOUS! I’ve always been a huge Miu Miu fan. Very fun ad…don’t listen to the haters, Katie! :)

Nina on

this is ridiculous. enough said.

Betty L on

I like Katie Holmes very much, but she has changed so much in the past year. Most of the pictures I see of her are stressed, worried and angry. Maybe she’s got too much on her plate, and this ad does not do her justice. She does look angry and so very thin, she needs to gain about 10#.

Frosty on

I really miss Katie’s Dawnson’s Creek days. She’s not even the same person anymore. She was fresh faced and adorable, but mainly she just looked real. A real down to earth girl. Ever since she got with Tom, she’s little miss fashion icon and I think she’s trying too hard to look older. I loved her innoncence in Dawsons. Bring back Joey!!

Gen on

I think she should model for cover girl, this is a little to rough and edgy for her. She is so soft looking.

Allison K on

If the title didn’t have Katie Holmes name in it, I wouldn’t have realized that was her. She could looks so much better than what they did for this ad. Some visions of the ad’s aren’t very well thought out… For a pretty young face, they should have made her more lively, or made her look like she was walking the red carpet… 1/2 crazed doesn’t work well on her or the ad. thumbs down for me.

justlovinlife on

Well, I happen to like it and I think it showcases a different side to Katy…one that is exotic and mysterious. We are all multifaceted, after all.

Del on

Doesn’t look like her at all. Maybe they airbrushed things.

GoodTxGirl on

Whatev – Katie looks fabulous……its called GLAM people…..

Carmen on

I agree with Frosty. Katie looked so cute and REAL when she was in Dawson’s Creek. That is the person who Tom fell in love with. I don’t know why she had to change her appearance so much since then.

Merry on

Wouldn’t you look angry if YOU were stuck with Tom Cruise??

JGT on

There is no way MIU MIU would have sought Katie Holmes for their ads if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise

Keesha on

She looks great! I don’t know why folks think she’s not happy or being held against her will…She’s more famous now than she was on Dawson’s Creek..

nicole on


tiz on

I think Katie looks great in every pictures.Some models must not smile during the photo sessions.It actually varies on what the scene is about.Let me just put it this way,she is not nude.I respect her for that.Yes alot love to pose for front cover,and also barely cover.Many of you who probably forgot to look in the mirrors hate her or any of her pictures,of course,since she married TOM CRUISE.She is classy and everybody knew.They just can’t handle the truth.

SCH on

Sorry, but looks like a kid playing dress up.

KawaiiKitty on

So this is what the highly secretive meetings look like at the Scientology centers… interesting.

stephany on

she looks amazing! to bad shes still with the control freak tom!

isla on

simply classic

holly on

I LOVE IT..she is hot

america on

The best of the Miu Miu lot.IMHO.

Ohioan on

Katie looks possessed, and the dress looks like it has blood spatters on it. Ugh.

kate on

so pretty!!!

it's me on

Katie always looks fabulous,no matter what people say.In magazines or not,it is a matter that her hair is styled this way.And I don’t care what people think of her and her family,I’m not that much a fan of her husband,but I can tell they are meant for each other.They both look happy and the children are healthy.
There is nothing wrong with her face features from her photos.It is just her hair.But I loovved her picture in NEW YORK TIMES STYLE.That was breathtaking to me.I know,because I am in a small modeling company/agency.They will tell you to wipe that grin or smirk off your face.You actually have to listen on how they want you to pose and smile.It is all good in business.The only problem people are having right now is that,they think V.Beckham is the only one can pose and no one else.
Indeed,poeple I might say hate her more now because of who she married to.So what.She is happy all the time she is with him,and you can tell.She just happened to have picture taken on a wrong side and wrong moment.But you can’t blame her or her family.Who wants to be photograph any way when you are having a moment with your own man.It is rubbish.I tell ya.

rita on

I admire that she is modest and conservative unlike most stars that show off toooo much.

donna on


neesi on

I’m going to go buy that dress right now because of this ad…

Sun on

Are you sure that’s Katie. I am having a difficult time reconizing her. What is the purpose of the extra cloth handing down infront of her. It looks like burn rags. Sorry! this doesn’t hold it for her. But I like her.

wendy on

She is better than the previous models and actresses.

zooey on

Im all the more fired up to see more of her
photos. Katie looks drop dead gorgeous.

chefs on

These few lowlives are just jealous of Katie. She has a happy family life and her successful career is just icing on the cake.
She ups Sprinkles,the jeans and other fashion lines,gives Broadway good economy,got raves on Eli Stone and her play and now many are raving and excited on this Miu Miu ad.

pawpaw on

Katie leaves me breathless!

Dan on

She is such a loser

mad men on

She looks luminous and very pretty.
The ad mystery works for her because
she is not naked in your face which i find
tacky when celebrities do the sex overkill.

Melisa on

She looks stunning! Her eyes are smoking hot…with a bit of mystery. The dress does not look bunchy it flows and falls right into place. It’s a whole new look for her it makes her old look say goodbye and welcome to mature, sultry and dare to mess with me!!

flygirl on


bravo on

class act in
and out

nanci on

yeah baby!!!!

Nviteria More on

Stunning! Katie Holmes is beautiful. Love the colors and the dress too.

xanadu on

Hot ad on a hot girl

Millie on

Katie looks great. I highly approve.
Come to think of it we will have more
to look forward to.

lisa on


Enough said

jelise on

Katie looks beautiful

morgan on

what happened to the pretty katie holmes??im guessing tom cruise ate her.ha.
but really she used to be cute now shes just blahhh

ELS on

Is it me or does she look EXACTLY like Victoria Beckham in the new Emporio Armani ad. Creepy!

lasalle on

she looks

Olivia on

beautiful and she is what American class is about.

mermaids on

Its done so tastefully.

What a goddess.

KJordan on

OK, not at all a Tom/Katie fan, but lets call it fair.

She is absolutely stunning. Period…

Long hair, young girl….shorter hair, confident woman coming into her own as a woman/mom/wife/actress.

Let’s give her credit. She is and will be a style icon for many years. And is not full of herself. Some days she looks normal, not angry, not phony….just as normal as the rest of us.

Get over it. She may seem to have it all, but trust me everyone works hard to maintain balance.

Let’s make it a priority for 2009, be gracious. It will help you out with your “not so happy looks” every minute of every day. Find your smile.

KJordan on

And when you find your smile, I guarantee you will help someone else find theirs.

There really is something to the laws of attraction.

kelly on

She looks silly, so not a model… I love artistic ads, such a miss. I am embarrassed for her…

twilight on


karen on

Katie looks amazing.

She sure doesn’t need anyone’s approval in my book. Looks like she has a very happy, sucessful, marriage, beautiful daughter, and is admired by me.

I am humbled.

e on

It is theatrical and moody. I love it. Kate is a gorgeous girl! She is the new “IT” girl – risky and non-conforming!

Wilma on

mama katie is sexy yet in a classy way

cherry on

ad is awful and katie is no model, she looks old, setup is strange and no eye appeal

Dawn LaRoche on

She looks like a Victoria Beckham clone. She needs to develop a different identity because she always seems to be copying VB. Time for a unique look!

Rachel on

Sorry, just can’t take her serious…

surfer on


Mel on

She looks pretty. More like the old Katie before she chopped her hair.

Echizzle on

I enjoyed the entire ad. Love the background(looks like she is in Egypt, her expression, the dress.

Amber Howard on

She looks like a boy!

Hilary on

She looks as pretentious and ridiculous as ever. She has turned into a caricature of herself. From the attention people like Katie Holmes get, and how they take themselves so seriously, you’d think they might do something USEFUL with their lives and pseudo-“art”.

Niki on

Wow! I might be the only one that thinks she looks FIERRRRCE as Ms. Jay from ANTM would say.

jurgen85 on

ketie,looks gorgeous

dorothy on

I Think Katie looks sophisticated and all grown-up, simply beautiful.

girl on

Grow your hair out!!! You look like a boy!

anthony leary on

katie u were hot as jowi on dawson creek what happened? u look like a freak of nature. ugly and just plain boring damn girl get it together as posh for help and stop looking like ur about to invade the planet earth. u look like ET WITHOUT THE HELP OF STEELB

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Tina on

Is Miu Miu a clothing line? Is that the line she’s wearing? I don’t like it.

Stephanie on

I think it’s beautiful! Except that I could hardly even tell it was her.

jjamie on

I find it so very sad that untalented and untrain people get there fame and fortune from marrying famous people and loosing a lot of weight. Eg: Jennifer Aniston would only be “a friend” if Mr Pitt didn’t marry her. Yes, she would have worked a little but never have the clout she has now. Kate Holmes is so untalented that when she came on stage people laughed and then gasped at her weight lose. Just very sad that these women can’t make it on there own. Don’t think the ad will help. She will always be Mr Cruises 3rd wife and I am sure he will have a 4th. Hey, what happened to the house full of kids. Don’t think Katis is going there again.

Patricia on

Katie should change her name to Kathleen or something like that. She is NOT the cute little girl anymore. She wants to be someone else and she’s trying too hard. Since she’s been with Tom, she looks older. He loved her youthful, giddy vigor. Why did she have to change? Maybe this is who she’s supposed to be as an adult. Katie, smiling is not a bad thing. Being serious doesn’t have to translate into being somber. As for the ad, it’s unappealing.

Cally on

Hardly recognized Katie! Is that the look they are suppose to pose while getting paid the big bucks? Gorgeous & great mother, has everything imaginable … why not reflect that look? With all the financial struggles of so many of us, one would think the gals would at least look “happy” doing what they do & making the money they do.

julie Sucheski on

I need airbrushing like that…

Kate on

You guys are all so mean. She’s not supposed to smile it’s a fashion add. She’s supposed to look sexy and intense but beautiful at the same time. Oh and by the way, what difference does it make as far as what she does in her personal time. (makeup or no makeup) This add has nothing to do with her personal life. She’s modeling and she looks great!

Alisha on

I think she’s absolutely beautiful! Of course, I have to admit, I think she’s a wonderful mother and person, so she was already beautiful to me. Wow, lotta haters. How ugly are you?

Barb on

Wow – they look really similar!

Eugenia on

I think she looks AMAZING!! Better then ever!!!

I think she is the most stylish celeb out there right now. She sets trends and takes risks and manages to be conservative but stylish mom/wife.

I think people should stop criticizing her & Tom. It’s there business what they decide to do with their lives and we can’t judge them b/c we don’t know them personally. I think they make a great couple, she has never looked better and I’m very happy for them.

Give them a break!

Kristin on

Toooooo much airbrushing on her face. I would have never guessed that was Katie Holmes… It looks nothing like her.

JR on

Are you sure this is Katie Holmes? holy cow what happened to her?

Tammy on

No biggie – kind of boring looking to me.

kjordan on

I am sure we all looked as “ugly” as her.

She is beautiful.

Eugenia on


Air brushing is part of the business. Get over it.

Its amazing how much ppl criticize this but they still buy magazines. This is art it can be perfect and imperfect there is no right or wrong in art. That’s why its art! Ultimately, its not her that decides how the shoot will go- so if you need to criticize the photo it would be the photorapher, the designer, the stylist. COMON PPL!

Everyday we go around criticizing stars for making so much money, looking perfect or not looking perfect, saying the right or wrong things at the end of the day we make them. We buy the magazines, we go to the movies, we buy the clothes they are wearing. Yes, media influences us but everyday more and more ppl give into it. Its not wrong or right because its a personal choice. So everyone get over the fact that she’s air brushed or that she looks like an alien, or that she’s not smiling. Just enjoy it for what it is- ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suz on

She is looking more and more like Posh. She used to be the girl next door but that look is long gone. Too bad.

elena on

I think she looks great! The mimic of the face has to be exacply the way she is, miu miu is from cats – she has a cat’s look :)

jennad on

She reminds me of gozer in ghostbusters part one at the end of the movie. Gross! Very androginous looking.

Becky on

Wow!! Katie looks fantastic! I wouldn’t normally pay any attention to this line of clothing, but these images are really eye catching, and I like her even more after seeing this. Love her look and the sleek hair – better than usual style with bangs in the face lately. This is a sophiticated, almost futuristic look I’d want to see more of. And yes she looks like a serious alien – someone should put her in a movie with that role.

Wondering on

OK, why does it surprise people when others are modeling and they do not have a toothy grin? Unless it is a toothpaste ad, it doesn’t hardly happen. It is supposed to be this seductive and either a pouty or angry look. Come on! It does not matter that they are getting a fatty check, these women do not eat! They do not get much sleep and most of them “work” too hard! Who could REALLY be happy like that? I prefer the natural look but I have seen others look much worse than this. But who am I to say, I am not a spring chicken nor a model!



revere on

This does not have anything with making a statement at all. It is all effortful bs campaign. Too far removed from her casual, haggard style while in nyc. This time tightly planned as such that it looks cheap and careless posing. She does not have the pizzaz to model, even a sensible motherhood does not even represent any of her real misgivings of the role in the first place. This is tacky.

Rosie on

Well, Kate is gorgeous of course, but the dress is ugly to the extreme.
What’s that thing coming out of the hip? It looks like a burnt dish towel.

kris on

Out of the two pics I have seen, this is far the better one. She looks great in both pictures.

Malia Van on

It’s too sad that Katie Holmes has become a clone of her friend Posh. She’s trying so hard. It’s rediculous!

dajaly on

Where did Joey Potter go? Anyway I switched to the Gilmore Girls!

navdoug on

She’s angry because she was butchering a small animal and got blood spatters on her new dress.

Katie on

that doesn’t even look like her… i like the set-up of the shoot, though

jennifer on

I am so sick of Katie Holmes. She is a dishrag of an actress and very ordinary looking. If it wasn’t for Tom Cruise she’d be mulling over offers to appear on Dancing with the Stars with the other has-beens. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Emily on

She looks gorgeous, as for her looking “angry” haven’t you seen most high fashion photo shoot they always look serious.

Christine on

She looks like she just stepped out of a swimming pool and combed her hair and made a dress out of some hotel towels. She looks stunning, but alot of us have those tricks up our sleeves.

Lisa on

I think both Katie and Victoria look amazing!!!! It is interesting though to see how much Katie has changed since being with Tom Cruise and becoming a mother. Nevertheless, in this ad she looks great. And Victoria always looks great, whether posing for the cameras or just hanging out with the family.

Amy on

Please Katie go home i mean go home …you try to hard to fit something your not…..you 45 not 30 please have you controlling man take a look at you
…please wear some make up and stop cutting your hair you look like a boy….”If i was a Boy” (song)
No one has to hate or be a hater WE all no what time it is…
Just be YOU…

Kristen on

I think Katie looks fabulous. She has now showed us her acting, broadway and modeling skills. I love her and I hope to see more of her.

Jen on

She looks pretty but I’m getting tired of seeing
her every time I open a magazine. She’s been over exposed.

penny on

It’s just a fashion photo. If you don’t like the picture, why attack the model…attack Miu Miu for their marketing strategy. Why is there so much hatred out there?

Sandee on

What or who is a Miu Miu anyway?

Julie on


jl on

Katie is looking more like a prune with each photo shoot.
She and Victoria should star together in a remake of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”. They’d be perfect with their eerie dark and WEIRD persona’s.

Liz on

It’s sooooooo photo shopped it doesn’t even look like her.

lesfriendly on

she looks like a lesbian :D

All Too Sober on

It’s Prada for the Poor! Yeah! It doesn’t matter what Flavor of the Month is being all Twiggy up there. In the end it is still cheap crap made in China…er, I mean in Italy by Chinese laborers. http://articles.latimes.com/2008/feb/20/world/fg-madeinitaly20

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Chris on

I don’t think she really has a say in whether she smiles or not. I think she’s gorgeous, but I don’t like this ad.

For everyone criticizing the people who don’t like it and calling them “haters,” that is the point of this feature on People.com, right? It asked what people thought of the look. Not everyone is going to like it.

As for the fact that she’s “no longer the girl Tom Cruise fell in love with,” I think that you are giving him too much credit. He and his people are completely behind the changes in her–he couldn’t even call her “Katie” when they first got together. His “Kate” is exactly what he wanted her to be.

Joy on

I think she looks too much like Posh. I love Katie and I loved her old “natural” look. I have never liked her short hair. She needs to just be herself and not try to look like Victoria all the time. Victoria is not a pretty girl.

chasity on

She is all grown up.That’s what happened.You don’t want to stick to a young Katie all the time.To be honest,she looks much better now than when she is young.Her looks matches with her age.Well,if you have a lil tot that runs the household,you will never get enough rest or sleep.
You will be tired,looking like an old lady all the rest of the day.
But she deserves,everything,happiness,luck,love.She has it all.
And yes,this may be the space where you can say what you like for an opinion,negative or not,SHE IS STILL ON THE FRONT PAGE COVER or in the MIU MIU Ad.
Chris,I do pity you like a fool.
Stating a comments is completely different from saying negative remarks to a person because of who she married to.And what some of you are just simply hateful.
1.this is her cover shoot not TOM,why include him
2.why bother to even think of their belief,if this is about an ad for magz
3.She is in this ad and you are not.Accept the facts.

Zen on

We are forgetting that this is her photo moments.
The ads said it is moody,mysterious shoot.
Try not to compare her with Victoria Becham.
She does not pose nude to get extra attention.
A lot of models don’t smile and they are photograph barely cover,on the front page cover.
She looks stunning what ever people may think of her.
She has her own inner and outer beauty that others don’t have.
Remember people:
Talents differ and wisely put

ahlyssa on


Savanna on

I loved the new announce of Katie, she is Linda

gambypants on

that girl CANNOT do fierce. check please, send her back to klingon nebula with Tommy.


leja60439 on

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herbaqu on

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David Fanshaw on

She is great! I would like to date her and see why people don’t like her!

David Fanshaw

Jen on

And anyway I’m mad at Katie Holmes for allowing herself to become a brainwashed zombie of Tom Cruise and for not playing Rachel in The Dark Knight. :P

bee on

katie you nailed that look deadon. Art is not as simple as looking throught the eyes you have to look deeper to get to it true form. Way to go katie, I love it.

Staci on

I love it when celebrities go out on a limb and try something new! It takes a lot of guts to put yourself open to being criticized. Go Katie!

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Angie on

I think she looks great!

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[…] Katie Holmes’s Miu Miu Ad Revealed! – Style News – StyleWatch … إوعاك تفتن علي الباك يا جورج ليطلع لك نجيب الريحاني في المنام و يغني أستاذ حمام بصوته البك « From G Youssef.نعمة الباك الإسلامي و سحر الباك الإسل March 17th … stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2009/01/14/katie-holmess-miu-miu-ad-revealed/?cp=all – 107k – Cached – Similar pages […]

News from past few days or Up & Down | Adela´s Blog on

[…] much to pay for a dress! It just came to my mind that maybe Miu Miu is not the brand represented by Katie Holmes or Lindsay Lohan anymore. Instead it is one that suits a passionate fashionista and deserves to be […]

Mia Wasikowsa Blooms in New Miu Miu Ads | Celebrity gossip on

[…] face of Miu Miu’s spring 2012 collection (previous ambassadors include Hailee Steinfeld and Katie Holmes), photographer David Sims reveals the subtle actress’ inner […]

Mia Wasikowsa Blooms in New Miu Miu Ads | Screw Cable on

[…] face of Miu Miu’s spring 2012 collection (previous ambassadors include Hailee Steinfeld and Katie Holmes), photographer David Sims reveals the subtle actress’ inner […]

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